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    Tijuana Airport to Loreto

    I am flying out of Tijuana on Volaris to Loreto in a few days. First time. I have a rod tube and plan on taking one 8 foot pole and two 7 footers. Also checking a bag with 3 reels and terminal tackle. Is there anything special I need to know to do this? It seems pretty straightforward on the...
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    Headed to Loreto May 11-15

    Hey everyone! Headed down to Loreto May 11th, and wondering if I should bring my own gear? I'll find a captain once I'm down there, but need to know if I should being my own gear or if they will provide it? Any advice is appreciated!
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    Upcoming San Quintin

    I am headed down to San Quintin on 2/21 for five days. Anyone have fish reports for this time of year? Thanks.