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    Plier wrapping? And double pliers sheath?

    Anyone in south Florida that is wrapping?
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    2004 Cabo 35 Express

    Went and ran the boat yesterday. Have some maintenance records but not all. Engines were serviced by the owner's Caterpillar mechanics since the day it was brought to Texas. The oil is changed every may no matter if we put 100 hours or 50 hours on it. Had a head job on port engine last year. All...
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    2004 Cabo 35 Express

    1800/1900 rpm at 22-25 knots.
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    2004 Cabo 35 Express

    Getting brand new bilge pump and fish box pump this week
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    2004 Cabo 35 Express

    Still have it! Getting it ready for the summer
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    2004 Cabo 35 Express

    Still available. Will entertain all offers. Need it moved. 45' Viking in my sights
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    "Go-To" Trolling Lures Region Specific?

    Texas Gulf Coast: Pink Manns 30+, Purple Manns 30+, Pink medium/large marauder, purple medium/large marauder
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    GoPro Camera Pole

    I have a 5 foot piece of bamboo and the roll bar mount
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    2004 Cabo 35 Express

    Still available. Shoot me an offer. Will not get offended. Need her gone before summer. We have a new boat in sights
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    2004 Cabo 35 Express

    Boat is still available. Give me a call @ 9792166181
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    2004 Cabo 35 Express

    Shoot me a PM might be able to work a deal
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    Christmas Parker 2520

    I have always been a fan of the pilot house parkers. Not that many people run them in my area (Texas gulf coast)
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    2004 Cabo 35 Express

    I will be able to get it all written down tomorrow. Weather hasn't been good all week so I will be on the dock all day
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    2004 Cabo 35 Express

    Don't be afraid to shoot me an offer will take no offense
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    2004 Cabo 35 Express

    2004 model with tower <2000 hours on cats New batteries and smart charger 3kw Transducer Simrad 10in touch screen Recently compounded and waxed More fish have been on this boat than any other offshore boat in Matagorda Located in Matagorda Texas Call or text (979) 216 6182 Asking 285k obo
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    Okuma vs Avet.

    Avet all the way! There's a worlds difference in quality
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    Tackle storage

    Plano hydroflo boxes. The water proof ones hold in moister and will rust your tackle. Also for storing leaders but you a "worm bag" it does wonders
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    Win a PENN SSV-10500! Contest Ends November 11th

    Matagorda Tackle, Matagorda Texas
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    looking for a deckhand?

    Hey man Im the same age as you. I would suggest making some business cards and flyers and going to the docks and introducing yourself to the owners/captain. My boat maintenance business started off that way and its expanding faster than ever with just the good word of mouth! Go luck man!
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    vicious fluorocarbon

    Its very brittle. I use seaguar.
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    Thinking about a 4 Runner

    Yes. Toyotas are tanks. Me and a friend pulled a 26 foot glacier bay with a Tacoma that had a broken leaf spring.
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    boat motor, what size

    Yamaha or Suzuki. The only choice as far as outboards
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    Anyone try Seaguar Kanzen Braid?

    Try Fins never look back
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    Whats your choice of filet knife?

    What kinda fish???? I like the 8in similar flexible boning and the 12in cimeter
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    Whats your choice of filet knife?

    Same people than make forschner
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    Clean reel bearings?

    1. Soak in Paint thinner 2.blow out with carb cleaner. 3. Spin bearing 4. Soak in Paint thinner 5. Blow out with carb cleaner 6. spin bearing 7. let bearing sit on towel until dry 8. Oil with royal purple or pack with grease
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    Sharing Expenses

    When I go fishing on someone elses boat I always make sure I leave AT LEAST half of the cost. Its just common sence.
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    How to increase knot strength

    I have had good luck with the albright. You just have to make sure that in cinches correctly
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    Who makes the best hooks?

    Mustad and Hooks Plus. I use mustad on my Khale, Circles I use Hooks Plus on my trebles. Hooks Plus hooks are extreamly cheep but are extreamly strong and durable. They are black nickle finished and are 4x strong. Some hooks in the package you may get maybe a little...
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    Whats your choice of filet knife?

    I have always used a Dexter Russell but am now switching over to Forschner. What do you use?
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    tackle bag recommendations

    Get a small heavy duty marine bag
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    How do you clean EVA?

    Warm water and mild soap (dawn)
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    It depends on how much you use it. I would say for a charter captain that runs 3 or more a week to replace it about every 1 1/2 to 3 years.
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    How do I remove green crud from reel?

    I would use a weak brass brush then wash it off with Simple Green. After polish it up with mothers then a rinse with some more simple green.
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    Bilge Pump into aerator

    I found a old bilge pump of mine and was wondering if you could turn it in to a aerator? This is the pump Rule 800 GPH Round Automatic Bilge Pump - 12V - 20RS. I already have a aerator right now (keep alive), and was just wanting to mess around and see if I could turn it into one.
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    Did Anyone See This?

    Wow.. thats cool