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    talica 12 with phenix...

    Looking at the phenix 760h or 760xh also possibly Terez to use with a Talica 12. Recommendations?
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    Daiwa proteus 80 mh or hf

    Looking at the daiwa proteus 80mh or 80hf For local yellowtail. Recommendations from those who have used them.
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    black diamond reel seat issues? anyone experience?

    anyone experience issues with the black diamond reel seat coming lose? On the black diamond 700h the reel seat comes loose with a shimano trinidad when on a fish. Had it tight, fighting fish and it loosens. Are the real clamps also required?
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    phenix 760h or 760m?

    looking at phenix 760h or 760m for yellowtail. Any recommendations for which one to go with?