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    Rocky Pt. Yellows 10/27/14

    My kid and two buddies worked Rocky Pt. for lobster last nite and yellows to day. Lobstering tough due to the offshore swell coming is dropping...Wed looking pretty good...they hooked into 4 yellows using macks...landed 2 of the 30 pounders....lost two near the boat...the fat lady...
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    Catalina Combo Report 7/21-22

    Loaded up the Parker 25 bait tank with squid from Nachos and off we went for the east end..scouted the Avalon bank for kelp paddies..found one with no one home..ran up the backside as far as Salta Verde with milky water (damn s/w swell), chop, some rain and overcast conditions..fished the spots...
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    Coastal Halibut Diving-101

    ...Flatties are moving up shallow all along the coast to spawn..coupled with a good grunion run May 10-13th and May 25-28th, now is a good time to plan a filet run...My experience is that a day or two before a scheduled run, the grunion gather out in slightly deeper water prior to going ashore...
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    Offshore 0 on Ridge but Big Catalina Yellowtail

    Sat/Sun...Cruised in the dark down to the 277 from Long Beach..ran long for a half day for 0 a desert out there...turned north in flat calm cobalt blue water and suddenly had 4 battlewagons coming down on top us from different directions...??? whazup? then, a marlin came up on the...
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    CA Gas Tax Refund $ for Boat Fuel purchases

    ...Reminder to new boat owners or forgetful old are entitled to a cash refund from the state for boat fuel used on water and not on state highways...go to: on "Public Services" tab and go to Gas Tax Refund... ....two forms need to be mailed plus keep your...
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    Divers plus Ship Rock = Seabass

    ...Ran our 25' Parker over to Catallina Mon/Wed for some free diving...backside vis wiped out by south swell but, fishable with 5 or 6 boats strung out along east spots..worked our way up the island with milky vis..Avalon dead and no shoreboat after 7 pm??.. ...Tue evening, we dove several spots...
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    Is Ship Rock, Catalina inside the MPA Zone?

    Can't tell from the poor maps I have access to...looks like Bird is ancient history but wondering about spearfishing at Ship Rock?
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    Catalina: Spear Tournament & Found Hoop

    Ran over in heavy fog Friday pm to compete in the L.B. Neptunes Fall Classic spearfishing competition...very glad to have a gps/radar combo on board...dove the meet Saturday with good vis in many spots, lots of bait around and no sightings of pelegic fish from the Isthmus to the West end and...
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    Giant Squid Bonanza: 8,031 caught

    If you haven't tried night time fishing for the big Humbolt squid, it is lots of fun and a great way to give the kids an adventure to remember...Counts las night were: Dana; 1,803; LB Berth 55: 1,000; LB Marina: 1420; 22nd St.: 2,180; Redondo: 905...other good news: the small market squid are...
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    Yamaha Outboards and AM/PM Gas?

    Bought a 25' Parker with 2003 4 cycle outboards..Arco gas is 26 cents a gallon cheaper than the Chevron station...any negatives to using Arco gas over Chevron? Thanks for any advice..had diesels before, so, now I start the learning curve all over again...
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    C.G. DUI Checkpoints the 4th...

    Beware mixing alcohol and fishing over the 4th..Coast Guard is setting up to do checks on fishermen, divers, sightseers....08 percent while operating a boat will cost you big time...and, make sure your four flares are current and floating gear is readily at hand..not good enough to have it, but...
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    Any Reputable Trailer Repair Shops near Long Beach?

    Just bought a used 25' Parker pilothouse and dual axle Pacific trailer.. trailer brakes lock up when in reverse...any recommendations for reputable shops in Long Beach vicinity or L.A.? Thanks
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    Juneau Boys..Parker up for Auction!

    Would bid myself if I had the time to tow it to CA..:) check out: in the boat catagory..$7,000 bid so far..looks like the 25'er..
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    Good Yanmar Mechanic for Engine Survey??

    Have first dibs on a repo..Need a good diesel mechanic with computer to plug into a 2001 300 hp diesel to determine condition and hours...Thanks for any recommendations you can provide..Long Beach area..
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    38' Twin Diesel Uniflite-$10,000

    This is a 1979 Coastal Cruiser with the big side glass windows and flying bridge. It is a project boat with Volvo TMD40 diesels with 1500 original hours. One engine runs fine and one needs replaced or rebuilt. The hull is sound and was redone with epoxy barrier coat prior to coating with...
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    GW sighted off Doheny State Beach 6/1/08

    A 15'er came up behind a boat just off Doheny Beach yesterday. It was in the prop wash a few minutes, then, went back down and disappeared..probably thought the surface disruption was a school of barricuda, which are in off Dana and Newport currently... heads up when hunting halibut over the...
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    Do Great White Sharks visit Alaska?

    After I posted warnings to divers re several great white sightings by divers at Catalina Island (Los Angeles area) seveal weeks ago, we lost a swimmer to a great white near San Diego this of people training for endurance contests, were offshore swimming when the white came up and...
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    Two good Sites for Alaska Trip Planning..

    Check out FishAlaskamagazine for stories and info on numerous fishing sites thruout Alaska..for reviews by others who have stayed at lodges, B&B's, cabins, etc, type in the name of the accomodation and the state, followed by the words: Trip Advisor .....This site has great recommendations and...
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    A Heads Up for White Sharks at Catalina

    If you do any diving while fishing at Catalina, stay alert...there are two or perhaps, three big ones cruising the frontside and scaring the hell out of the dive charter customers...word is that several tank divers were screaming like babies when they saw the size of these critters....for full...
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    It is white shark time at Catalina

    Heads up when you are diving at Catalina...there appears to be at least two or more big ones cruising the inside currently. Sunday, the Sand Dollar was at Blue Cavern Point when a big one showed up and divers started jumping aboard at record speed...George, the captain, came out of the...
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    Crackerjack's Nifty Tip for Flying w/ Tackle

    Just read the latest issue of Sportfishing magazine..Capt' Andy was in it with a great tip on using your Foodsaver sealer to prevent chipping of your lures and compacting your stuff when flying...perhaps, he would be gracious enough to share it again with Alaska buffs on this site...:)
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    Yellowtail on Paddies Below Catalina

    This morning, the yellowtail broke wide open on kelp paddies just below Catalina Island...yellows to 35 lbs taken at 33.13/118.04....with albies and some bluefin in the San Clemente Canyon just below SCI, it would be wise to troll with some mini-jigs if you are out there paddie...
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    Great White hanging out at E/End Catalina

    free divers need to stay alert while diving the east end light area...a great white came up and took a seal swimming in the chum line of two gals who were fishing for wsb near the eagles nest on the east end...a day or two later, the Avalon Harbor Patrol witnessed another seal being eaten by a...
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    Yellowtail still present at Catalina 12/20/06

    The boats landed about 15 yellows on the backside today. Conditions were flat with little wind..the fish were taken in 75' of water on a rising tide with current...the productive areas were from Eagle Rock down to Whale Rock..some squid scattered along the back side but , no real concentrations...
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    Sports Authority 25% off Coupon..

    Today's Long Beach Press Telegram (and, probably other local papers) has a 25 percent off coupon with apparently, no limitations and applies to your entire purchase. It is only good Thanksgiving Day. New Penn 50-wide anyone?
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    Many Lobster Gauges are Inaccurate

    Check your gages with an accurate measuring device..Many gages, especially Promar brand, are 1/32" or more, short of legal..The manufacturer won't pay your citation, although a judge might throw out the ticket in the interest of justice....
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    Big WSB Showing at Catalina

    I dove the backside on Sunday and had some good sightings of White Sea Bass. At a sand and big boulder spot called, "Sid's Outside", I saw one school of 12 to 15 fish, in deep water that had to be close to 70 pounders...When the sunlight reflects off their scales, they look like giant silver...
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    Can Kayaks be Launched at Salt CreeK?

    Want to try some O.C. free diving off my kayak. Can I take spearguns and a kayak in at the Salt Creek parking area? Best place to launch in that area?
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    White Sharks T.V. Special

    On Thursday 27th, Channel 58 KLCS will show a special on white shark attacks on boats and people along the California coast. Having survived a confrontation with a 15 1/2 footer, I will be eagerly sitting on my couch with my popcorn and speargun....
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    Freedivers: share trip costs on my boat

    Am seeking a few freedivers for spearfishing trips to Catalina, SCI; starting in May and a Cortez trip in the fall. Boat: 38' twin-diesel flyingbridge with 10' inflateable shore boat. Share fuel, mooring, ice and bait costs. Slip in downtown Long Beach near new restaurants and Aquarium. Contact...