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    Lake Mead holiday

    I made a trip out over the holiday weekend and fished solo Saturday and Sunday mornings. Action was pretty consistent and I wound up with a couple fish each day in the 3 hours I devoted to fishing. The rest of the time was towing people in tubes etc. since it was a family oriented trip. Best...
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    san diego 3/4

    Scheduled to head out tomorrow morning. Forecast is looking like it's starting to settle down. What everyone think about the weather?
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    Australia / New Zealand

    Going to both places in late September. I would love to do a full day charter in both countries if possible. In Australia we will be in Sidney and surrounding area. In New Zealand we will be in Keri Keri. Any suggestions on who to use that supplies gear etc. ? I don't want to bring mine over ...
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    fish id

    Went float tubing in mission bay 7-6-14 and we caught two of these along with the usual bass, ray etc. Looks like some type of wrasse but not sure. The other one was a little longer-maybe 10" and it had black bars going vertical right near the lateral fins/gills.Weird little sharp bucky...
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    el capitan

    Anybody been out to el capitan in san diego lately? any inside intell? Mike
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    el capitan in san diego

    Anyone been out there lately? Might be going this weekend and looking for info. Thanks
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    Yellowstone and ST. Anthonys

    Leaving Wednesday for two weeks. Anybody been out that way? What are the "don't miss this " type of things to do? We will have our dune buggy and quads for St. Anthonys but were wondering about other things. Thanks for any help/ insight on this.
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    1 st trip on new boat

    Went to the Coronados on Saturday for our cherry popping trip for our new ( to us ) sled. 20' Mako CC. Weather was nice-ride out was fairly smooth and were greeted at the middle grounds by a small pod of porpoise-a good sign? Water was reading about 68 and real blue. Started off slow with a few...