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  1. plambeck

    Offshore I only got one bite - 5/16 on the Eclipse

    Another one on the Shimano Flat Fall. Nice Work!!!
  2. plambeck

    Shimano Teramar Tuesday?

    I would highly recommend it. You get to try out the new Shimano Teramar rods paired with Toriums, Trinidads, and even the TranX. Shimano reps are there if you have any questions about the products or fishing in general. Great way to use the gear before a purchase and you are going to learn...
  3. plambeck

    Punta Colonet Goes OFF

    Headed out on the Pacific Queen on Friday 3/25. Arrived at Punta Colonet at sunrise. Limits of yellows for me and my two buddies by 9:30am. I ended the day with 4 on the surface iron and 6 on the yoyo. Color didn't matter. Boat ended the day with 150+ Yellows. Also pulled on some 10-15lb bonito...
  4. plambeck

    42 Big Bugs with Best Buds

    As far as soak time... by the time we pull the set of nets, its usually time to go pull them again. Usually takes 30-45 min to pull each set.
  5. plambeck

    42 Big Bugs with Best Buds

    Report is for the weekend of 2/27-2/28 Two day limits for myself and my two buddies Chip and Andrew. Hooped Catalina Saturday and Sunday on the West End. Yes, we had a multi day permit. Same spot I have been getting limits all season. Bait: macks. Water temp: 63. Soak time: 30 min. Depth: 100+...
  6. plambeck

    Offshore Bluefin off La Jolla

    Shimano Flat fall is a must have. The Shimano Colt Sniper has been working great too when the fish are toward the surface.
  7. plambeck

    Offshore Yellowfin 7 miles out of DP

    Shimano Flat Fall has been killing the tuna. Nice Job!!!
  8. plambeck

    Offshore Bluefin go wide open- Dana Point

    I always head out then south or north depending on the conditions. Work the temp breaks...
  9. plambeck

    Offshore Bluefin go wide open- Dana Point

    Report is for 7/9. Not sure if 5 miles off the beach is considered inshore or offshore? Yellowtail fishing has been insane but it was time to get back on the tuna. Didn't take long. Found the biggest foamer at 7am all to our selves. Every cast on the jigs. Shimano 10ft teramar and torium 20 with...
  10. plambeck

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    It is clearly short. Game Warden is just doing his job. Why would you even post this?
  11. plambeck

    Offshore Brutal Overnight 9/26-27

    Condor likes to play it safe and catch rat yellows!!! Also hard to fish to with 37 tanglers.
  12. plambeck

    Offshore Dana Point OPAH!!!

    It's almost like you know what you are doing! Good job Bud.
  13. plambeck

    Offshore 08/07/14 east of 226 murder!!!

    That qualifies as a murder? Couldn't find your own fish?
  14. plambeck

    Offshore Summer Slayfest

    Fishing has been on fire this summer. Lots of triple hookups and paddy's loaded with wide open dorado and yellowtail. Find a good zone and work it hard. We have plugged the holds on every trip. Here are some recent pics. All fish were caught within 20 miles of the harbor. If anyone has a boat...
  15. plambeck

    Weekend tuna and yellows Dana Point

    Cedar plug on the spinner is classic. Thanks for the report!
  16. plambeck

    Offshore Eclipse is on the Yellowfin

    Small fish and most on the jigs is my guess.
  17. plambeck

    Offshore Intrepid offshore report 6/21

    Tough fishing for a 6 day... can't even imagine.
  18. plambeck

    Fishing on the "Breakaway"

    Nice Killbag...
  19. plambeck


    85 ft with squid and fish on the meter!!!
  20. plambeck

    Offshore CONDOR weekend 2.5 day yawner

    Not a fan of the Condor. Thats all.
  21. plambeck


    Not sure what the skar on the fish is from, Seal or Shark I assume? And yes, local boys.
  22. plambeck

    Monster Long Beach and Bass

    Sandbass are so delicious guys, no reason not to keep them if they are legal. Filet with a gas mask and then cook until DDT is gone. Best to marinate overnight in the toilet. Enjoy
  23. plambeck


    Left Dana Point Tuesday 6-17 at 10pm. Made it to San O and passed 10 squid boats as we headed south. Arrived at the spot at 11pm. Metered around for an hour and dropped the hook at 12pm. First bite at 2am on the balloon 20ft subsurface, one ounce egg sinker and a 6/0 with two "Frozen" squid...
  24. plambeck

    Makos, Yellows, and Seabass Fever

    Fished yesterday and the seiners were a problem. Managed two fish while most I talked to at the ramp got the skunk.
  25. plambeck

    C-Bass Carnage

    Others are putting the wood to them also...
  26. plambeck

    Makos, Yellows, and Seabass Fever

    Fished Seabass 6/7 6/8 6/9. Three days and three seabass. 48, 49, and a 50lber all weighed at the Dana Point fuel dock. Dropper loop with 60lb p-line, 7/0 hook, 10oz torpedo and and two squid did the trick. Fished various squid beds south of Dana Point. Fish caught between 5-8am. Fished Makos...
  27. plambeck

    need help picking a boat for summer 1.5 day

    Go with the Pacific Queen, Islander, or the Grande. Not a big fan of the Condor.
  28. plambeck

    Easy Limits of bugs

    Long Beach! There are no lobster in DP...
  29. plambeck

    2/22 - Maiden run to SCI

  30. plambeck

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest Ending Dec 20th, 2013 - Woody Hunting Knife

    With the "Woody" you are sure to penetrate all that thick hair.
  31. plambeck

    Hooping on the Helena with Capt. Dave Hansen

    Great price for everything included in this trip!
  32. plambeck


    Thats good fishing?
  33. plambeck

    Win a new PENN Torque Lever Drag 2 - Summer Species Photo Contest ends August 26th

    30+ lb Yellowtail and Monster Bluefin from a 1.5 Day this Summer!!!
  34. plambeck

    Offshore I'm headed out on the Condor monday 8/5

    Not a fan of the Condor. Counts are way down. Goodluck though.
  35. plambeck

    Offshore Pacific Queen BlueFin BloodBath

    3-4 feet of 30lb floro with a uni to uni knot. It is all about having the right rod. Fish a shorter rod so you have more leverage on these fish. One guy fought a 60lb bluefin on a 8ft terez rod for over an hour. Would have been a different story on shorter rod. Nose hook the dines. Bait...
  36. plambeck

    Offshore Pacific Queen BlueFin BloodBath

    Trip of a lifetime. Fish Bit all day long. Trollers went off 5 min after we put them in at grey light. Threw in the baits and put 3O+ tuna on the boat. I had 3 tuna from 25-40lbs on the boat before 8:30 am. Hit some kelps for steady action on the Yellowtail from 10-30lbs and a few Nice dorado...
  37. plambeck

    Pacific Queen BlueFin BloodBath

    1.5 day trip. 122 Bluefin, 70 Yellows, 9 Dorado
  38. plambeck

    Pacific Queen BlueFin BloodBath

    Trip of a lifetime. Fish Bit all day long. Trollers went off 5 min after we put them in at grey light. Threw in the baits and put 3O+ tuna on the boat. I had 3 tuna from 25-40lbs on the boat before 8:30 am. Hit some kelps for steady action on the Yellowtail from 10-30lbs and a few Nice dorado...
  39. plambeck

    Dana Point Yellowtail

    This fish was not 4-6lbs. 13lbs on the digital scale.
  40. plambeck

    Dana Point Yellowtail

    Caught this Yellowtail about 1/2 mile from Dana Point Harbor today on a Swimbait. Strong uphill current and wide open Calico bass fishing when I hook this beauty. Find the bait, and follow the terns. Never thought I would catch a Yellow this close to the harbor!!! Was going to run offshore this...
  41. plambeck

    Which 1.5 day boat out of San Diego

    Pacific Queen and Grande are top two 1.5 day boats for me. Islander if the other two are booked. Avoid the Condor!!!
  42. plambeck

    The Thunderbird 6/7

    No Reason to fish a shitty boat. Drive to Dana Point or SD. The Fury out of Dana Wharf Sportfishing has overnight trips scheduled for June and July. You won't be disappointed!!!
  43. plambeck

    Catalina Yellows on the Fury

    Yellows are biting local out of Dana Point. Dana Wharf has been landing a few every day. Time to get on the water guys.
  44. plambeck

    what to expect

    Expect a long boat ride with no bites. Give Dana Wharf Sportfishing a call. They are landing local yellows almost everyday and the bass bite has been killer for 10-14 inch calicos. Don't waste your time or money out of Davey's Locker. They are happy catching blue perch all day at Catalina.
  45. plambeck

    Catalina Yellows on the Fury

    Fished the Fury today on the 5-5 trip over to Catalina. 12 passengers... 27 yellows 8-15 lbs. Had them chewing real good for about an hour. Got three on the surface iron and one on the bait rod with a dean. Finished the day with wide open bass and cuda fishing. Great captain and crew as always...
  46. plambeck

    wasted my day on the pursuit (5/25) the slowest boat in the fleet

    Hop on the Fury out of Dana Point. The 5 to 5 trip fishes Catalina. Great boat and crew!!!
  47. plambeck

    Greg Trompas helps recover my stolen boat

    Did you have a lock on your trailer?
  48. plambeck

    EPIC Halibut 5.10.13

    Wow, Killed It!!!! You know your shit
  49. plambeck

    Win a Pair of AFTCO Transom Bibs - Caption Contest - Ending May 14th, 2013

    Son... You really put the wood to them!!!
  50. plambeck

    Dana Conditions

    Bass fishing is WFO right now... throw the plastic or pic up some live chovies and fish the kelp!!!
  51. plambeck

    Can't let you guys have all the flatfish fun...

    Way to force feed them the pitchfork!!!
  52. plambeck

    Even when you do everything right...

    Wow, was on the SD today and saw you guys at the islands. The wind was howling and it was capping pretty bad today. Pretty rough for a 14 footer, glad you guys are safe and sound. If EVER any boater fears for their safety, they should immediately put on their life vests and make the call on 16...
  53. plambeck

    4/26 Update for the Nados

    Fished the San Diego today with 52 other anglers. Some experienced... most not so much. Boat ended up with three yellows(all on bait) off our first stop. Tough to get a bite today. I fished 20lb with a 1/0 hook and fished 50+ perfect baits today. Tried butt, belly, and nose hooking the deans to...
  54. plambeck

    Big Sandys on the Chew 4-13

    Ten years ago you could catch as many as you wanted of those size sand bass out of DP.
  55. plambeck

    Fin bait or squid ? Season jig colors

    Color doesn't matter as much as being in the right place at the right time. A lot of people worry about iron color when they don't have a clue how to fish bird schools or yellows in general(not saying you don't). Everyday is different out on the water and it is the good fishermen who are able to...
  56. plambeck

    San Diego 4/6 coronados

    Good choice with the surface iron!!! Best way to hook a hungry yellow and always a fun fight on the long rod. Well done ><>
  57. plambeck

    Sat 4/6 Big Redondo Red

    Find a hoopnet?
  58. plambeck

    Quality Yellowtail at the Coronado Islands

    We put a nice day together. Run and Gun style fishing. We landed one fish this way. Multiple spots of fish were popping up at one time but would quickly disappear. Decided to head up swell and drift from the light house and wait until the birds showed us where to huck the surface iron. At one...
  59. plambeck

    Win a new PENN Torque Lever Drag 2 - Spring Species Photo Contest ends Apr 15th, 2013

    The New Penn Torque would have made landing this Yellow a little easier.
  60. plambeck

    Offshore First of the season - HUGE Opah

    If you don't know what it is, don't gaff it, kill it, and eat it. Its that simple. You guys made a huge mistake killing that mola mola!
  61. plambeck

    Yellow tail at Rock Pile 03-26-13

    Prob more like 25lbs, but nice job getting in on the action. You picked the right day. Today was slow as the reports showed.
  62. plambeck

    Accurate Caption Contest ending March 21st, 2013

    Accurate Pliers, when you can't afford to loose a grip!!!
  63. plambeck

    Sharks lots of um

    Make sure to tail rope your leopard sharks and drag them a few miles behind the boat before bringing them aboard like John did. :rofl: Seriously though, no need to kill and eat a leopard shark unless you suck at fishing. Plenty of other species out there that are uglier and taste 10000% better...
  64. plambeck

    Shimano Introduces the New Stella SW - Caption Contest Ending March 11th, 2013

    With the new Stella SW you won't be the one yelling, "Give me back my fish!!!"
  65. plambeck

    Win Free Tickets to the LA Boat Show - Feb 7th - 10th

    We're starting to take some waves over the bow, good thing we got the fenders out...
  66. plambeck

    Every Drop

    Tacos were amazing as always. Flour, egg, breadcrumbs with seasoning... YUM. Happy Holidays!!!
  67. plambeck

    Every Drop

    Got on them good today 12-21-12. Launched out of Dana Point. Dropper loop with squid was what we were fishing, pretty simple. Drift was perfect in the morning. 200-300ft Left them biting after about 5 quick drifts because we had enough meat for tacos. Also went hooping tonight 12-21-12 and...
  68. plambeck

    First nite this year long beach

    Nice Job Dave. We still need to get out and get some DP Bugz!
  69. plambeck

    Oh hell yeah

    Nice job with the quick limit of quality lobster!
  70. plambeck

    West End Catalina no bueno for us

    Local spots have been on fire.
  71. plambeck

    Scored Again!The Halibut fishing after the Halibut Classic

    Nice Job. Nothing wrong with keeping six butts as long as you really need and are going to eat all that meat. Looks like you guys found them stacked up pretty well. Too bad you couldn't have made it out for the tournament. Bounce Balling or Bait???
  72. plambeck

    Dana Point Lobster Still Crawling

    Calico's bit on Sunday too. 15 fish.. all in the kelp. Most on the bone waxwing!!! They haven't quite moved to the deeper hard bottom spots yet. Yes, you can catch calico's year round folks, and on the waxwing in 62 degree water is just as fun.
  73. plambeck

    Dana Point Lobster Still Crawling

    Went out wed night 11-24-12 with my buddy Travis and hit the local spot that continues to produce. This season has been my best in ten years with limits or near limits every night. Seems like it is easy to get limits down in SD, since the party boats constantly put up big numbers, but DP is...
  74. plambeck

    Dana point harbor

    Agree with the statements above. Would also put a lock on the trailer so someone can't just hook her up and take off. Have a good one, still plenty of good fishing and lobstering up and down the coast.
  75. plambeck

    Bubba Blade Caption Contest - Introducing the PENETRATOR - Ends Nov 23, 2012

    The Bubba Blade Penetrator... So sharp she didn't even feel it.
  76. plambeck

    DP 11/16/2012 Before Noon

    Let me know when you want to go!!!
  77. plambeck

    DP 11/16/2012 Before Noon

    In shallow at the Tits? Heading out next weekend, usually don't have a problem getting them to bite down that way but wondering what general area you fished? Were you able to make any squish? See you out on the water. Will post a fishing and lobster report next weekend.
  78. plambeck

    Dana Point Fishing and Lobster Report

    Ya, they were still chewing in the kelp forests. As far as lobster, there are some spots out there that commercial guys don't fish. Just glad we had such a killer offshore season this summer. We needed it.
  79. plambeck

    Dana Point Fishing and Lobster Report

    Went out sunday night 11-11-12 for a nice night of hooping. Was planning on heading out with Mr. Hansen but something came up. Decided to take my own boat out since I already had everything ready. Was only able to find one friend available since most are far away at college or working. Baited up...
  80. plambeck

    Yellow Tail: Spear Fishing Video

    Sick!!! Looks like a ton of tails and a ton of fun.
  81. plambeck

    Dana Point Lobster Double Limits Plus Like Always

    Ya, it was flat calm all night long. Great weather lately!
  82. plambeck

    Dana Point Lobster Double Limits Plus Like Always

    Report is for sat night 11-3-12. Same lucky spot as always. Ended the night with 15 legals. Two legals in the first net and it was steady after that. Crawl shut down when the moon came up like it always does. It's all about pulling toward the belly button, Haha. Time to melt some butter. Took a...
  83. plambeck

    SMB Lobster

    Is that tail detached from that one bug?
  84. plambeck


    Did you spray them down with the hose? Fresh water kills them.. you probably already know that though. Nice Job, It's easy when you know what your doing!!!
  85. plambeck

    Dana Point Lobster- The boys are back in town

    They continue to crawl. My secret honey hole is in 20-35 feet. Being able to read the fish finder and drop the nets next to ledges, caves, and reefs is key. Good luck and be safe out there.
  86. plambeck

    Dana Point Lobster- The boys are back in town

    Well, after a few months at my new home down at SDSU I made my way home for a night of hooping. I'll make it short. On the water sat night 10/20 just before sundown like usual. Baited with the usual concoction and launched with two of my friends from high school. Made the short run to our honey...
  87. plambeck

    Offshore Grande 1 1/2 Thurs. 8-16-12

    Was on the trip with 4 of my friends. WFO bow to stern, every bait that hit the water was bit!!! All five of us were hooked up at once. I ended up with ten fish. we ran out of bait at 4pm but nobody complained.
  88. plambeck

    Offshore Warm Water!

    Fish are already here!!!
  89. plambeck

    279? TO 209 AND BACK TO DP

    Left Dana Point on Friday 7-27 at greylight and ran about 15 miles out and then headed south. Only a few small kelps out there with nothing but bait and mola mola on them. Saw one small mako. Dragged the marlin jigs for two hours while looking for the magical patty we never found. Water got...
  90. plambeck

    'nother seabass report

    Seabass eat the 40 and 50lb, why not use it?. One solid nick in 12lb and its game over. When you fish for ten hours and get one shot at the school, it feels good to know your line isn't going to snap!!!
  91. plambeck


    Ya, I have a good job and I pay for it. My parents aren't rich either.
  92. plambeck


    Forgot to mention that the wind was blowing all night and it must have been nice with the heater on in a 40fter while we froze our asses off. We should have dressed a little warmer to say the least.
  93. plambeck

    stripper in the surf

    Must have been surprised when that came through the whitewater!!! You keep it???
  94. plambeck


    Caught this toad with the fleet, you know where. One bite, one fish. Ate a small glow in the dark white iron with a couple fresh dead pinned on. Fish hit the deck around 6:30am after fishing all night. Only saw two other fish caught. Boat pressure has slowed things down but the fish are still...
  95. plambeck

    J P Butt

    Dana Wharf is always the best choice
  96. plambeck

    this years fishing

    Hold on... let me ask the fish, haha. But im with ya partner, we havent a solid shot at kelp paddy fish in US waters in a few years.
  97. plambeck

    Here We Go

    Lets go get some bugs!!!
  98. plambeck

    Epic Hooping in Long Beach 1-18-2012

    Well done!!! Its all about the conditions, something most people never understand.
  99. plambeck

    Dana Point... 60 Bugs in 4 trips!!!

    Lobster sandwich and lobster tacos were amazing!!!
  100. plambeck

    Dana Point... 60 Bugs in 4 trips!!!

    Went out last night(wed) and hit up the honey hole with my brother and my buddy. Conditions weren't perfect but we just wanted to get out on the water. Ended up with SIXTEEN legal lobster, with two nice ones. Crawl shut off about 10pm and we called it a night shortly after. Thats 60 bugs in 4...
  101. plambeck

    Dana Point.. Break out the butter

    The conditions were good enough last night that I decided to go get some bugs. After calling around I finally found someone that wanted to go. Baited up like usual and left the harbor just before sunset. Made the quick run to "the spot" that has been producing double limits lately and set the...
  102. plambeck

    Goats in Dana

    Who is that kid... he looks familar.
  103. plambeck


    Why would you keep that... U can do better!!!
  104. plambeck

    It's Christmas eve... Butt

    Didn't weigh it, but it barely fit in my bait tank!!!
  105. plambeck

    It's Christmas eve... Butt

    She inhaled a sardine in 40 ft of water!!!
  106. plambeck

    It's Christmas eve... Butt

    Just unrapped my first present in 40 ft of water. Flat calm, beautiful day on the water. Doesn't get much better. Happy Holidays!!!
  107. plambeck

    Dana Point breakwater

    30-40ft on the outside
  108. plambeck

    Double limits + out of Dana Point

    Don't worry, there were three licensed fisherman aboard last night.
  109. plambeck

    Double limits + out of Dana Point

    Took advantage of the good conditions and got on the water just before sunset. Went to the same spot we got 19 legals last trip and we wern't dissapointed. They were crawling from sunset till we left. It was a little choppy at first but the the offshore winds kicked in and made it glassy...
  110. plambeck

    DP Butts

    My buddy shot this one (20+lbs) today while free diving, they must be moving in with the full moon.
  111. plambeck

    Dana Point Bug Control

    Just shows you can still get limits in the middle of the season :beerbang:
  112. plambeck

    Dana Point Bug Control

    PM me if u guys have any questions, i've learned a lot from this website and am willing to return the favor.
  113. plambeck

    Dana Point Bug Control

    25-35 feet... macks, salmon heads, and giant squid, short soaks tight to structure.
  114. plambeck

    Dana Point Bug Control

    Short and Sweet.... Left Dana Point Harbor just before sunset and made a quick run to "the spot." Dropped the nets and ate some burgers as the sun slowly disappeared below the horizon. Pulled the first net once it got dark and it was game on, legal in the first net! We had limits for two by 8:00...
  115. plambeck


    Went out of Dana Point today, the storm really slowed things down.
  116. plambeck

    Local 3/1/11 Rockfish Opener

    Dat's how you do it. Nice Job!
  117. plambeck

    Newport Beach Kayak Fishing Video

    Ha. Up side down spinner... at least u werent fighting a tuna.
  118. plambeck


    Jeez, you must have a secret spot? No way those came off the breakwall.
  119. plambeck

    Dana Point Harbor

    WFO... eels that is. Decided to fish the harbor today since it was a bit choppy outside the brekwall. Picked up some anchovies and tried fishing bait while throwing some little platics. Enjoyed watching countless boats exit the harbor only to turn around and head back in two minutes later. Some...
  120. plambeck

    Offshore APOLLO 2/4 - 2/5 Berkley sponsored Colnett

    I was on the Apollo for this trip, fun fishing with u Bob. It was my first 1.5 day rockcod trip. I would highly recomend the Apollo if you are thinking about one of these trips. The bunks are huge, captain and crew were amazing, and the food was the best I have encountered on an overnight boat...
  121. plambeck

    Dominator at the Colonet on 2/5

    Here are some pics from my trip on the Apollo.
  122. plambeck

    Dominator at the Colonet on 2/5

    I was on the Apollo that weekend. It was my first 1.5 day rockcod trip. I would highly recomend the Apollo if you are thinking about one of these trips. The bunks are huge, captain and crew were amazing, and the food was the best I have encountered on an overnight boat. I caught my limit of...
  123. plambeck

    Dominator or Apollo this weekened?

    Thinking about giving it a shot this weekend, anyone else going on either of these trips? Do I need to buy rockcod rigs or can I just tie dropper loops? Also, how deep do they fish and how much lead am I going to need to get down? Any comments help, thanks.
  124. plambeck


    Nice catch. I am sure those fish are getting eaten up. If you dont need the fish for family, catch and release is the way to go. When 25 people on a 3/4 day boat to Catalina only catch perch either the boat sucks or...???
  125. plambeck

    Yellowtail at Catalina, anything else?

    Caught a nice halibut on a sardine yesterday off the kelp just outside seal rock. Calicos were also on the chew on the hard bottom spots.
  126. plambeck


    How far do the overnight rockfish boats go? What area will the Sea Adventure II most likely be fishing?
  127. plambeck

    my christmass jingle report... if you can figure it out

    Are those nets legal to use, just wondering?
  128. plambeck

    12/05/10 Stormy but Worth it.

    Nice job, its nice having a secret honey hole.
  129. plambeck

    Broke down, but got a big goat!

    Saw you out there, was wondering why your friend was doing circles around you. Nice Sheephead.
  130. plambeck


    Went out today, fishing was kinda slow. Watch out for the red tide.
  131. plambeck

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    I'd be better off using a nightcrawler than that thing!
  132. plambeck

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

    No fish can resist a man that master-baits, especially if he's wearing Gargoyles!!!
  133. plambeck


    I'm surprised it didn't sink your boat?
  134. plambeck

    I have officially got the Bug

    Went out last night, saturday, out of Dana Point again, only managed 5 legals for our efforts. The crawl was really weird. They were crawling like crazy for an hour after sunset, pulling nets with 5 0r 6 bugs wasn't uncommmon. Then it shut off super early, about 8:30, called it a night at 10...
  135. plambeck

    Exploratory Success

  136. plambeck

    I have officially got the Bug

    sorry, it won't let me upload the pics.
  137. plambeck

    Angler needed

    lets go, call me up!
  138. plambeck

    I have officially got the Bug

    Went out tuesday night 10-26 out of Dana Point. Found the right spot and dropped the nets before sunset. I didn't have high hopes since the moon was still pretty full. Little did I know the moon wouldn't come out until about 9 or so. The crawl was early and steady untill the moon ruined...
  139. plambeck

    Finally got a big one! Dana 10-22-10

    Thinking about going out tonight even with the full moon. Thats a nice bug. Well done.
  140. plambeck

    epic late report

    Did you get the bones on rapalas or bait??
  141. plambeck

    Awesome First time Lobster Fishing

    Where did you guys launch from?
  142. plambeck

    Lobster Love

    We used salmon heads and macks... I like the salmon heads because you dont have to rebait as often. I put two heads in each cage and then fill the empty space with macks. You can tell if anything has been in your net by looking at the eyes. They usually eat the eyes first. Hope that helps.
  143. plambeck

    DP Bugzilla?

    Good job, were you guys on the jetty too, or some other spot?
  144. plambeck

    Lobster Love

    Hey wats up. No I sold the livingston and upgraded. I miss the livingston but am very happy with the bigger boat, 19 Foot Robalo.
  145. plambeck

    Lobster Love

    Its no secret spot, there were about 20 other boats there, its called the jetty.
  146. plambeck

    Lobster Love

    Went out last night out of Dana Point with 9 hoops and some fresh bait. Found the right spot and dropped before sunset. Steady pick on the bugs with two larger ones that wanted to crawl. They stopped crawling right at high tide and we decided to call it a night with 12 legals. All were big...
  147. plambeck

    Offshore Opah, YFT, BFT and YT 9-12-10

    Thanks for a fun trip, cooked up some of the opah last night, boy was it delicious. Fun fishing and a great day on the water.
  148. plambeck

    Western "Gay" Pride?

    Should have grabbed on and got a free ride back to the harbor. I hate when people wait till the last second to change there course, stupid move.
  149. plambeck

    SD Bay Spotties + Hard Hitting 'lil WSB

    I guess I have caught more WSB than I thought!!! LOL
  150. plambeck

    Is it Legal to use an Infrared Camera

    Thanks for the info, I was waiting to use it before I knew it was legal, good thing. I saw some guy selling deep nets like that on craigslist, thats how I got the idea. Is there a certain depth regulation because some of my nets are stretched out and much deeper than others.
  151. plambeck

    Dana Point south 7/23

    Is there a size limit on those suckers?
  152. plambeck

    Is it Legal to use an Infrared Camera

    All I did was take the upper ring off of one nets and the bottom ring off of the other and zip tied the two nets togther with like 30 zip ties. Is that legal??
  153. plambeck

    Is it Legal to use an Infrared Camera

    Is there any regulation on how deep the hoop nets can be? Is it legal to combine two nets to make one super deep net?? Im not talking about the depth you set them at to clarify.
  154. plambeck

    Offshore Dang I forgot to put the trailer in the parking lot

    they were reserving their spot on the launch ramp so they didnt have to deal with all the crowds when they got in.... duh
  155. plambeck

    1999 19 foot Robalo Center Console

    Hi, I am looking at a 1999 19 foot Robalo Center Console for sale and was wondering if the boat was made out of the same mold as the 1999 trophy since the were both owned by Brunswick at that time???? Any imput on this boat and if it is good?? Please move this if its not in the right place. Any...
  156. plambeck

    1999 Robalo Center Console 1920

    Hi, I am looking at a 1999 19 foot Robalo Center Console for sale and was wondering if the boat was made out of the same mold as the 1999 trophy since the were both owned by Brunswick at that time???? Any imput on this boat and if it is good?? Thanks, Alex
  157. plambeck

    DP: Chance at WSB

    How do you know it was a WSB????
  158. plambeck

    fathers day wsb

    Wonder if that great white had a bite out of it.
  159. plambeck

    Late cbass report Weds/Thurs

    Super sick boat and nice fish.
  160. plambeck

    Whistler action Good!

    That seal really thinks you are just going to hand him a free meal!!
  161. plambeck

    D.P. south = sucks

    Fishing has been tough out there. Once the conditions improve it will be game on.
  162. plambeck

    Sunday night Amigo overnight

    I might be interested.
  163. plambeck

    HUGE T came into Oceanside yesterday

    That would have been interesting on my boat.
  164. plambeck

    Finally got one !

    Nice heard you asking for a place to weigh that beast. Live mack?
  165. plambeck

    I'll see a Gnome riding a Unicorn before I catch my next WSB......

    Caught a short c bass off salt creek today. They are there.
  166. plambeck

    Dana Point Tresher.

    going out tomorrow, I cant believe that whale died.
  167. plambeck

    Dana Point Tresher.

    This is the first one I have kept. I guess I will wait till I catch one over 200 on my 10 foot boat so I can waste a bunch of meat. I release 99% of the fish I catch. Dont get mad at me.
  168. plambeck

    Dana Point Tresher.

    I know you can tell where it is. I dont care. Its not really a spot, just where the bait happened to be that day. The fish tastes great by the way.
  169. plambeck

    Dana Point Tresher.

    Took my buddy out from Florida on Saturday and tried to get him on some fish. The plan was to head to laguna and fish bass. Never made it around the point. I spotted some terns working and tons of bait boiling on the surface. I stopped the boat just to see if I could make some bait on the...
  170. plambeck

    late report- KONA GOLD

    good job, saw you guys out there, was able to land one on the San Diego.
  171. plambeck

    Catalina on the Waverunners

    Yep. I saw that guy on the jetski at the rockpile all by himself on sunday, I was on the San Diego that day. Managed one of the 14 yellowtail caught for over 50 people. Very slow that day. Wonder if he got anything?
  172. plambeck

    San Clemente on The SeaHorse Tonight!!

    I would have to skip school?
  173. plambeck

    Boat Ho list for 2009

    Name: Alex Age: 16 Boat: 10 ft livingston I will pay, clean, and wont complain, your boat, your rules. Days Available: weekends, week nights Experiance: Fishing is my life Drink/Smoke: no/no Contact info: Pm me anytime.
  174. plambeck


    Hey, if you ever launch out of Dana Point, I can help pay for gas, bait, etc. I know how to fish and am reliable. I'll help clean the boat and all that.
  175. plambeck

    Jumbo squid trip tonight from Dana Wharf

    That was a great trip, pretty much wide open. I think everyone had a good time pulling on those inksters.
  176. plambeck

    Boat Ho list for 2009

    Name: Alex Location: Will meet you at Dana Point Harbor Age: 16 Boat: 10 ft Livingston Days Available:Weekends, weekday nights(Hooping) Experience: I love and know how to fish, and hoop. Drink/Smoke: Neither Contact info: 949-290-2069
  177. plambeck

    Boat Ho list for 2009

    Name: Alex Location: Will meet you at Dana Point Harbor Age: 16 Boat: 10 ft Livingston Days Available:Weekends, weekday nights(Hooping) Experience: I know how to fish, and hoop. Drink/Smoke: Neither Contact info: 949-290-2069
  178. plambeck

    West Coast guy nails Montauk Stripper

    Went their two summers ago. Caught porgies and had that restaurant cook um. Really good.
  179. plambeck

    O.C. buggin - VIDEO, What a sunset!

    nice job, i think i saw you on the water that night.
  180. plambeck

    Hooped OC tonight...

    went out last night out of dana point and scratched six. crawl was slow.
  181. plambeck

    Need help?

    I am a strong sixteen year old kid looking to help you catch some lobster. I am located near dana point and have been hooping for three years on my little boat. I have been fishing for my whole life and know a lot about the sport. I have all of the stuff and can help with gas. I see a lot of...
  182. plambeck

    Here's the first net's tally

    Went out of dana point last night. Pulled 10 legals and about 100 shorts by 9:30 and called it a night. Little rough for my boat!
  183. plambeck

    A few Hoopin' Questions

    Is there any restrictions on the size (depth) of the hoop nets. Can you make them deeper?
  184. plambeck

    Offshore 209 Monday... None report...

    was out at the 279 today for nothing. :(
  185. plambeck

    Offshore 1.5 Day 160 miles out = the best trip of my life! 7/9-7/11 WFO!! Islander ROCKS!!!

    Nice work. That is my favorite overnight boat that i have been on. I had an insane trip on the islander last year. Food is the best! Cant wait to get out.