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  1. Cago

    Dead BSB found by diver

    I saw one while diving at the bottom filleted in Palos Verdes.
  2. Cago

    Harley-Davidson Fishing trips?

    I can't go 5hrs but can go 3 😆
  3. Cago

    Offshore Huge bluefin out of Newport

    I was on the boat when the 364 was caught last week. Caught on frozen flyer on a balloon. 50 sized Avet. Loaner rod from the charter master. One, maybe two fish lost. Passengers were experienced and had the right gear.
  4. Cago

    First time overnight at Catalina...

    Just show up and get a mooring first thing. Then go fishing. Im going sat-sun this weekend. Two Harbors - Free Spool
  5. Cago

    Chasebaits Ultimate Squid

    Caught this and a bunch of rockfish. Tip it with squid.
  6. Cago

    Guy tries to run a train into the hospital ship in Port of LA

    Heard he used to captain the El Dorado and Fury
  7. Cago

    Orange County's Launch Ramp Status

    Davies and Sunset Aquatic were open as of yesterday. 3/28
  8. Cago

    Long Beach Bait Barge (Nacho)

    Nachos is open as of this morning
  9. Cago

    Does anyone actually know? Launch Ramps, etc.

    I work for the City and LB ramps are open. Just confirmed with the super.
  10. Cago

    Are Long Beach boat ramps open or closed due to virus?

    My friend that works at LB Marina says they are open.
  11. Cago

    Cleat install without through bolt

    Toggle bolts?
  12. Cago

    Moon phases, what do you guys think?

    Read "In the gray" by Mark Wisch. He talks about moon phases. A couple days before and after a new moon are good. Night time is bite time.
  13. Cago

    Kodiak 22 gallon bait tank

    1/2 scoop yes. Full scoop we'd get lots of rolled baits. They get crushed at the bottom. Got a 32 gal PE and it holds a scoop great.
  14. Cago

    PENN Fathom SD 25n, 30 and 40 on sale $110

    Gonna pass for now.
  15. Cago

    PENN Fathom SD 25n, 30 and 40 on sale $110

    Penn excluded from the 25% off.
  16. Cago

    PENN Fathom SD 25n, 30 and 40 on sale $110

    Have any Torque 15 2sp for sale? :-)
  17. Cago

    Eldorado Sportfishing

    My guess is they will call you tomorrow afternoon. I have my own thoughts on why they wait til the last minute.
  18. Cago

    Eldorado Sportfishing

    They just called me the whole weekend is canceled
  19. Cago

    Eldorado Sportfishing

    Im supposed to be on tonight fishing tomorrow, using my BOGO. Friend of mine called today and they said we are a go. . I dont see any outer islands that are going to be fishable. I suspect they will call at 5:30pm to say the trip is cancelled.
  20. Cago

    United Composites Rods? Who uses them?

    CE800 XF CE Mega CE Monster RUS 76 HP 76 Predator 76 Viper
  21. Cago

    Vacuum Sealer Machines

    Just got a Vacmaster 215 and its awesome.
  22. Cago

    Offshore Limits at the Butterfly 11/16

    Nice job. I was out on the Sea Adventure 80 in the area. Think we saw you?
  23. Cago

    Offshore Aztec 3 Day SUPER COW!!

    Which boat? I leave on a 3.5 day Thursday too. SA80...
  24. Cago

    Predator tackle bag questions

    I mean plastic.
  25. Cago

    Predator tackle bag questions

    They are plastic.
  26. Cago

    Saturday nights alright for fightin'! I bring my paintball gun and have had a friend bring a pellet gun before. Was on a full day boat a couple weeks ago and the capt sat up top...
  27. Cago

    What’s your Cow BFT plan or outlook for the Fall?

    I'm on this trip, it is sold out. I've been on one DH trip before and it was 1 camera man. We didn't do well that time so it never aired. LOL I'm geared up for this trip and hope we find some jumbos. Probably my last offshore trip for the year.
  28. Cago

    VISXS 20 what would You spool it?

    That's what I did.
  29. Cago

    Please dont touch my drag

    Ive only had a Capt ask me what line I had. Told him 25#. He pulls line to check drag and says its perfect. I set on a scale the night before every trip. Ended up getting rocked anyway. Also cant stand the ‘Fresh One!’ guys. Just fight your fish. I dont say shit other than ‘Im on’ to whoever is...
  30. Cago

    united composites question

    My 800 Monster has a 16a mounted on it.
  31. Cago

    Predator rolling bag

    I thought about this too and was thinking about putting a diagonal back there.
  32. Cago

    Predator rolling bag

    11.5W x 11.25H x 7D. Shelf spacing is 2" apart.
  33. Cago

    Predator rolling bag

    Recently got this last week. Reading other reviews, the biggest complaint was that pulling a tray out, caused the ones on top of it to collapse into the void. The soft shelves it comes with is not rigid enough to support on its own. Ordered some 1/4" king starboard and took some measurements...
  34. Cago

    Offshore CONDOR 3-Day: Best. Trip. Ever.

    Great trip! Gonna have to stop in for some hooks and tips!
  35. Cago

    Penn 20 VISX silver

    Brand new in box. Spooled with 80# power pro. $480obo (SOLD) Reel is in La Palma 562-307-4074
  36. Cago

    Kodiak/west marine bait tanks

    I had a Kodiak and it was identical to the WM one. Sold that and got a Pacific Edge 32g. It was cheaper too.
  37. Cago

    What size top shot for casting poppers on conventional?

    I had 75yds of 50# mono put on before I went on a popper trip. It was a nightmare. Maybe it was the light weight of the popper but I kept getting a springy bundle of mono bunched up on my reel. I stripped it off on the boat and tied my braid directly to my 100# leader to the popper. Much better.
  38. Cago

    yellowfin and skipjack hooks

    I was using Mustad Demon 2x circle #2. The 2x did start to straighten out on 20# yft. Did manage to land 4 but took it easy on the pulling after seeing what the first one did. Go 3x
  39. Cago

    United Composites Elite Series

    Just picked up an 800XF last Thursday and used it on a trip over the weekend for my 20# bait. Went 4/4 on 25# yellowfin. Casts a sardine well paired with a Trinidad 14a. My new favorite stick.
  40. Cago

    30lb live bait rod

    809H is a great 30# stick
  41. Cago

    Phenix BD PSW700M

    In good condition 700M 15-40lb $150obo
  42. Cago

    Some rods for sale, Fenwick, Daiwa, Calstar

    Sold Rods were inherited and selling for a friend. All appear to be new and in excellent condition. All rods are OBO Fenwick Pacificstick Supreme PS270C 7' 12-30lb $60 Daiwa VIP870 7' 15-40lb $80 Calstar WC-196-6S 6' Spinning 10-25lb $150 This last one is custom 7'. Looks...
  43. Cago

    Chicago Bears dropshot rod

    Very nice. And Go Bears!
  44. Cago

    2 Speed For Surface Jig Fishing BFT

    Was on a private charter and the boat rod to throw poppers was a tac12ii. 80lb braid straight to the 100lb leader. Im looking to get a Penn equivalent.
  45. Cago

    San Clemente 6-2 big butt

    Congrats. Welcome to the 40# club :cheers:
  46. Cago

    Pelagic Mens button down

    New. Size L. Washed but never worn. Too big for me. Its more like an XL. $65 new in store. $40
  47. Cago

    50visx rod clamp screws

    I ordered these for my Fathom when I needed to mount onto a deckhand rod. Not sure if your 50 uses the same. I did have to file a flat side on the carriage head to fit in the reel seat. Carriage Bolt 18-8 SS...
  48. Cago

    UC jig stick 8' recommendation for surface iron?

    CE Monster. I also replaced a Seeker 6480 with it.
  49. Cago

    Fathom reels

    Same here
  50. Cago

    PB big butt

    We did for the next hour or so. My buddy did hook one that felt like a halibut but came unbuttoned after about a min. We were in 120ft.
  51. Cago

    PB big butt

    1.5oz. I think it was the heaviest they had.
  52. Cago

    PB big butt

    Bouncing it off the bottom while drifting.
  53. Cago

    Big Butt landed on Sunday

    Yeah buddy. Good times with some good homies.
  54. Cago

    PB big butt

    Thanks guys. Still stoked.
  55. Cago

    PB big butt

    Yes, Crystal
  56. Cago

    PB big butt

    First trip of the year. Launched this morning about 6:30. Went to Nachos because fishdope reported live squid. Was going to run to the island if he had it. Nope, no live squid. Guess we’ll stay local. Got to the spot and about 45min later after a few sculpin and sand bass I get picked up and the...
  57. Cago

    Daveys locker t-bird

    Oh hes back with a new name. Guarantee it.
  58. Cago

    Pacific Coast Sportfishing Festival ?

    It's very small. Some deals around. Got some Xtra Tuffs and a UC rod for a deal.
  59. Cago

    Torque Longer Rod Clamp Screws

    For longer bolts get Carriage Bolt 18-8 SS #10-24 x 1-1/4" From
  60. Cago

    Torque Longer Rod Clamp Screws

    I had to buy longer ones and then file one of the heads flat. Do a search on one of my threads. I might have extras.
  61. Cago

    the 20 visx

    Awesome! Ill be in contact real soon!
  62. Cago

    the 20 visx

    Man, would love to send you my new 20 to put line on and set drag. What do you charge for a service like that?
  63. Cago

    Tuna (lots) jumping outside Newport Harbor this morning!

    I was on the Victory today. This gentleman scored this on a 200g glow flatfall on Fathom 40 2spd. Pretty awesome to see these fish in our backyard. Came it at 60#
  64. Cago

    Tuna (lots) jumping outside Newport Harbor this morning!

    The Victory is advertising to bring tuna gear just in case. Im on it tomorrow. $60
  65. Cago

    WTF!! Dana Point Trailer Parking Lot Mess

    Its the worst parking lot Ive ever seen. The shape and size of the lot make it difficult if not impossible to go from aisle to aisle looking for parking. I know a guy that had to park his trailer and truck in two different spots.
  66. Cago

    rod holders for rails

    Excellent condition. For rails 1-1 1/4”. $20 each Text only 562-307-4074 Located in La Palma
  67. Cago

    EZ weights are BACK!!!

    Pretty slick. Going to order a few.
  68. Cago

    Appreciation for 22nd St. Landing

    Left my new Fathom and UC rod on the Ultra this year. Didn't realize until later in the day when I went to rinse my reels. Called 22nd st and they said Capt. Jacob was out and will call me back when he hears from him. Got a call later that evening that my rod was in the office.
  69. Cago

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    Not much different than fishing mono. Just follow your bait and lines. Only time I’ve ever been tangled like that was in a wide open bite and someone’s yellow went ape shit close to the boat and wrapped about 5 of us. I had about 50yds of line in a nest with others. DH tried to untangle it and I...
  70. Cago

    Don’t fish the Thunderbird out of Daveys Locker read below.

    Im just glad no one got their lines cut. Karmas a bitch and she gotcho ass!
  71. Cago

    Squid for sale anywhere?

    Was at Cat yesterday. No boats selling yesterday and Nacho only had small sardines which the fish didn’t want a part of. Last week it was hard to make them ourselves. Got them to come up but they were skittish from sea lions and dolphin everywhere. Couldn’t scoop em or jig em up.
  72. Cago

    Cleaning Your Fishing Hat

    That’s why I started using scotchguard.
  73. Cago

    Cleaning Your Fishing Hat

    I use this and throw it in the washer. Then hit it with this spray. I now use ScotchGuard. All hats stay like new. Hat Saver 2 Cans Stop Sweat Stains
  74. Cago

    Beautiful 197 pound bluefin on International 16VISX

    Going to be my next reel. Congrats on a really nice fish!
  75. Cago

    Pictures of fixed mount, high thrust kicker brackets.

    Boat is at the storage yard so no interior pics. There is a battery box behind it and it's installed with big fender washers. IIRC the bottom bolts are above the floor so no issue there.
  76. Cago

    Pictures of fixed mount, high thrust kicker brackets.

    Here's what we have. Looks like the one you have.
  77. Cago

    Radio issues

    Pretty much the same thing happened with my radio. Could hear people but they couldn’t hear me. Bought a new radio and took a look at the antenna. The solder came loose. Re-soldered it and all was good.
  78. Cago

    Simrad GO7 XSE Settings

    No problem. Good luck!
  79. Cago

    Simrad GO7 XSE Settings

  80. Cago

    Simrad GO7 XSE Settings

    You can choose what to delete when you do a restore. Just uncheck your waypoints. But do an export first!
  81. Cago

    Simrad GO7 XSE Settings

    I don't think the waypoints get erased if you do a default reset. It's pretty easy to do a backup of the waypoints just in case. Let me know what settings you want and I can look at mine.
  82. Cago

    Riffe 110x Euro speargun

    Buddy bought this, used a couple times and hung in the garage the last few years . Dont think hes even taken a fish with it. Needs new bands. Otherwise excellent condition. $400 Located in La Palma
  83. Cago

    Overnight out of San Diego this week - what gear

    Got limits on a Caivo megabait jig. Changed out the stock treble for a 7/0 Aki Twist. Bait fishing was #2 hook and 30#FC. As soon as we saw they were wide open eating anything and everything the crew suggested going to 40 and even 50# and then it didn't even matter. They ate everything with a...
  84. Cago

    Tow rig ??

    Tundra and call it a day. Towed a 7k travel trailer up the Grapevine to the Sierras a few times and no problems. I do have airbags that stabilizes the ride. Those make a huge difference.
  85. Cago

    (9/17) 1.5 Day on the Pescador - BFT

    Is Jacob running the boat?
  86. Cago

    My Parker 2120

    Korea! No wonder I haven’t heard back from you lol.
  87. Cago

    Heads Up -- Deals on Reels NOW

    Gary is the man. Love going in to chat with him.
  88. Cago

    Rant for the day...

    The whole ‘Im havin trouble posting pics so just text me.’ is such horseshit. Its 2018, figure it out. Its literally in the reply ‘upload a file’.
  89. Cago

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    We fished for about an hour upon arriving to the Isthmus. The kids got antsy and wanted to go to the beach so we did. It was my sons 8th birthday so it was mostly a beach/beer/bbq trip.
  90. Cago

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    Think I saw you drive by the stringline? I was next to another parker and we called out to the guys on the boat not knowing if that was you or not?
  91. Cago

    Camping Catalina advice

    Blow up raft is what we use for our shoreboat. From the stringline mooring its only a 20yd paddle. Theres a youtube vid on how to get on a mooring.
  92. Cago

    17' Boston Whaler Montauk owners, step inside please

    I had my 22gal and 32gal on a rubber mat. The kind you line drawers with. It only moved on the heaviest of chop. 99% of the time it doesn't move. I have a transom mounted rule pump screwed into the hull and filled with 5200. Also have my ducer on a stern saver.
  93. Cago

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    Looks like it would work.
  94. Cago

    Driveway from hell. Pls help!!

    Yup. I work for the city and its most definitely city owned. Id try the casters first then build ramps.
  95. Cago

    Catalina Crossing to Two Harbors

    Sunset Aquatic or Davies. Both have bait available right outside the harbor (Nachos). Hate Danas parking lot. Its configured all funky. Ill be heading over with another boat (2320) Saturday morning. Maybe Ill see ya at the bar for a cold one.
  96. Cago

    Mobile boat mechanic Long Beach?

    These guys left their card on my truck at the ramp. Never used them but keeping their info for the future.
  97. Cago

    1 foot @ 7 second intervals ???

    What website is that?
  98. Cago

    Please remove this thread

    Holy moly what a beautiful boat.
  99. Cago

    Need insights on how to repair killbag

    I dont know if this will help you, but I repaired a pinhole from a spine with pvc shower liner and pvc glue from Home Depot. Maybe try that glue?
  100. Cago

    Trition or Gail Force

    Triton because RSW fish hold.
  101. Cago

    Fish dope map and MPA in La Jolla

    Yup. Create the waypoints of the boundaries and then make it a route and it will show up as bold lines.
  102. Cago

    The Southern California Angler - Brandon Hayward

    I have ‘The Local Angler’. Is that what you’re looking for? Edit- nevermind. Guess there is a southern ca angler book.
  103. Cago

    Loaner gear on PQ

    Good to know. I plan on booking a trip in September and only have a 60# rig and no 80#
  104. Cago

    Catalina 7/14/18-7/15

    We were on the front and managed 4 yellows and lost 4 more. Son and nephew both got their firsts.
  105. Cago

    What’s South Shores Ramp Like These Days?

    There is a channel. Stay between the buoys. Its dredged in the middle and shallow on the outside edges. Still lots of trash, branches and such.
  106. Cago

    First trip to Catalina ... any input?

    I've rented from Joes rent a boat. Same price as a mooring. Important thing to note: Their mooring lines are short! They won't reach all the way to your bow. You need to gaff the line out of the water and loop a dock line to it and then cleat it off. Didn't realize this and it was hectic trying...
  107. Cago

    Transom bilge pump mounts

    No issues at all. I was worried about the same thing but its been fine for the past year Ive had it.
  108. Cago

    Transom bilge pump mounts

    I have the transom mounted pump too. I think its 800gph feeding a 32gal tank. I wired it to a switch on the helm. You need to be careful with your inlet hose that it does not have any dips in the hose that can create an air lock and kill your bait with no flow. I see you have some bends on top...
  109. Cago

    Catalina Aluminum Project

    That’s awesome
  110. Cago

    Kids and Cuda

    Good job Unc. I used to be hesitant to keep cudas. Then I decided to try one. Its great eating on the bbq. I don’t understand the bad rap they get. I encourage you to try it if you haven’t.
  111. Cago

    Need help Penn Fathom

    I have mine on a UC HP76. 65# Max Cuatro 40# flouro.
  112. Cago

    Slime stick galore at the shoe 6/15

    That was the Olive Crest Pro-Am with Angler Chronicles.
  113. Cago

    Slime stick galore at the shoe 6/15

    Ha. Thats me in the black shirt. Fun day. We didn’t run into any cuda at Izors.
  114. Cago

    Bait tank hose?

  115. Cago

    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    Just sent a donation to CCA. Put me in line please.
  116. Cago

    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    Just to be sure...Press power button for a second or so til the light turns on. It will blink a bunch of times then go solid amber. Next flip the lever to active. Led turns solid green. Now hold the power button and the led will flash from amber to green back and forth. This is fine mode.
  117. Cago

    UC Rod 60#

    Have my 40 Fathom on a 76 Predator. Haven’t caught shit with it yet though lol
  118. Cago

    Any Advice

    So we went. Left LB Saturday at 5pm to Avalon to spend the night. Major bump and arrived 2hrs later. Headed to SCI at 5am and was only able to cruise at 17-20mph due to some wind slop and wanting to preserve our sardines. Took about 1:45 to get there. Fished frontside for a lot of bones and one...
  119. Cago

    Munchkin Squid at Cat

    How big is the squid right now?
  120. Cago

    Where do you stow your throwable PFD

    On top of the helm behind the windshield.
  121. Cago

    Any Advice

    Ill let ya know. Going to SCI Sunday in a 21’...
  122. Cago

    Braid Recomendations for Fathom 25N LD 2

    375 of 65# Maxcuatro
  123. Cago

    Just when I thought I was over it. Here it comes again: seasickness.

    Another thing. Don't get drunk the night before.
  124. Cago

    Just when I thought I was over it. Here it comes again: seasickness.

    Bonine for me. I take it the night before I go to bed. Then take when I wake up. Then take another about an hour into the trip. And dont think about it. Me and a friend both said that when we did get sick we thought about it a lot. Am i getting sick? I think im gonna barf? Where should I barf...
  125. Cago

    Catalina aboard the Ultra.

    Nice report. Ultra is a nice boat. Heading out with them again tonight.
  126. Cago


    7/0 or 8/0
  127. Cago

    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    Would be happy to donate.
  128. Cago

    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    Yes I have to hold the power button to keep it on fine mode too.
  129. Cago

    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    Just got mine. Pretty nice. Can't wait to use em on the water.
  130. Cago


    These guys are pretty much the only place I've found them. Or Performance Tackle.
  131. Cago

    Fujinon Technostabi Binocular Deal 12x32

    Just ordered. Thanks.
  132. Cago

    Bait Tank Type

    Its a Parker.
  133. Cago

    Reel Recomendation

    X2 for In the Gray
  134. Cago

    slow fishing BUTT rewarded!

    Nice work! I also got a nice butt on the Ultra in March. Nowhere near your size but took JP. Going out with them boys again Memorial day.
  135. Cago

    Pacific Voyager and Mirage Charters

    Interested. Let me see what I can do.
  136. Cago

    What makes a good radio

    Ive done this before and never get anything back.
  137. Cago

    2003 Carolina Classic / KAMD300 (Completely Rebuilt 1/2018)

    Beautiful boat. Someone will be stoked.
  138. Cago

    Farnsworth bank Lately

    Was there Saturday. Slow all around the backside.
  139. Cago

    Landing Net Requirements

    Yes 28.65. General. Except as provided in this article, fin fish may be taken only on hook-and-line or by hand. Any number of hooks and lines may be used in all ocean waters and bays except: (a) San Francisco Bay, as described in Section 27.00, where only one line with not more than three...
  140. Cago

    22gal Kodiak tank

    Sold. Thanks Lou.
  141. Cago

    Surface Iron rod.

    I have a new Fathom 25N star drag coming today. 142 shipped with the promo code at woodbury outfitters. Going on a Seeker 6480.
  142. Cago

    22gal Kodiak tank

    Texted you
  143. Cago

    22gal Kodiak tank

    Used bait tank. Has cutting board lid. Leaks a little at the drain (slow drip) Fittings are cracking. I would seal it permanently with 5200 or a plug. We’ve been using it as is besides the leak with no problems. Otherwise a decent tank. SOLD Location: La Palma
  144. Cago

    Squid light recommendations

    I have this light from amazon. Used it once and it worked great. Was able to get the squid to float after about 20 min.
  145. Cago

    Californian tri-helix vs Daiwa proteus

    I have a 30-80 7’6” XH Californian Tri Helix for sale if you’re still looking. Pretty much still brand new.
  146. Cago

    Looking for this drain for aft bait tank.

    Thats a pacific edge tank.
  147. Cago

    Shimano Trinidad 12A and 14A Capacity

    14A got 300yds of 65lb MC
  148. Cago

    Bow Anchor roller 11”

    Pending to David^^^
  149. Cago

    Bow Anchor roller 11”

    Sold 11” in length and 1 3/4” inside channel. $20
  150. Cago

    Dakine Kill Bag Reviews

    For guys getting punctures from spines, I repaired my Boone bag. Go to home depot and get the pvc shower liner. Comes in a small sheet. Pvc liner glue and you are good to go.
  151. Cago

    Best lunch site by Fred Hall Long Beach?

    Thought Roscoes closed down? It was overrated IMO.
  152. Cago

    2016 Wellcraft 220 Fisherman

    Hey update your boat Bio :appl:
  153. Cago

    LED based squid lights

    Got this for cheap. Was skeptical because of the small size but it brought the squid up just fine.
  154. Cago

    UC Rod for live bait 40#

    Is it? If its more a 60# rod I have a 40-2 reel to put on.
  155. Cago

    UC Rod for live bait 40#

    I was recommended the 76 Predator, so thats what I went with. Haven’t fished it yet though.
  156. Cago

    Looking for 2 Speed Reel

    You can get a new Penn Fathom 2sp for around 200. Check the Penn forum.
  157. Cago

    Fathom rod clamp bolts

    So they work great. Just a small modification needed and 2 small washers. I had to file a flat spot on the head just like the original. The new ones a 1 1/4" inch. Just mounted to my rod and they are perfect length. Now you'll see that the square part on the new head is thicker than the...
  158. Cago

    Fathom rod clamp bolts

    They are arriving today
  159. Cago

    How to stop squid from egging in my tank

    I feel your pain. On our built in tank, we had an issue with the squid attaching themselves to the overflow tube causing the tank to fill. Water overflowed into the the bait tank light and into the bilge. The bilge pump was pumping water all night and we didn't notice until we woke up to go...
  160. Cago

    Penn fathom 2 speed

    Yes. My buddy is still waiting for shipment. Been a week.
  161. Cago

    Fathom rod clamp bolts

    I was able to find some stainless carriage bolts from an online supply house. Ill have some extras so if they work well I can send to others.
  162. Cago

    Fathom rod clamp bolts

    Awesome. Thank you.
  163. Cago

    Fathom rod clamp bolts

    I have a DH rod that I want to mount my 25N to. Problem is the carriage bolts it comes with are too short. Can I get longer ones? If so, where from?
  164. Cago

    Penn fathom 2 speed

    It still works.
  165. Cago

    2016 Wellcraft 220 Fisherman

    This boat is cherry. Literally looks brand new. Joe takes great care of his stuff. Definitely fishes like a larger boat. And it hauls ass. New owner will be stoked!
  166. Cago

    Pelagic Gear's short fitment

    I have the tactical shorts and they fit true to size.
  167. Cago

    Penn fathom 2 speed

    Just ordered a 25nld2 and 30ld2 from manventurepost for under $200 each.
  168. Cago

    Fold out futon bed

    Full size. NEW cover on it. $100 Located in La Palma, CA
  169. Cago

    87 whaler Montauk bait tank help

    Its an Aquasport
  170. Cago

    87 whaler Montauk bait tank help

    Like in my post in that link above, I still haven't bolted down my bait tank. Still riding on the rubber mat. Only had it move on one occasion during rough seas. It slid a couple inches. Just keep an eye on it or slow down. Now if you wanted to bolt it, this is what I did to mount a pedestal...
  171. Cago

    WTB GO7 Gimbal knobs

    Need a set of knobs. Perhaps someone flush mounted and has a set they didn't use. PM me please.
  172. Cago

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    Its nice meeting new people that like to do what you do. Ive been on charter boats and met some really cool dudes that I wouldn’t mind fishing with again. I always get home after and say to myself ‘man, I shoulda got that guys number.’ Even if its to get on another sport boat with.
  173. Cago

    Deadbeat fishing partners

    Took an old coworker out. Bought bait, he didn’t offer. After fishing we got back to my house. I get the buckets out and he sticks his hand out for a shake and says alright man, that was fun, gotta run now. And gets in his car and leaves. He still asks when we are going out again. Yeah, ill let...
  174. Cago

    Rpt.-12-19-17 SCI Lings, Reds, Coppers w/Pic's.

    Always killin it. Well done guys.
  175. Cago

    Xmas special trip aboard the Eldorado

    That's a nice boat. Bring earplugs to sleep at night. The engines are loud as sh*t!
  176. Cago

    Pickup Bed Rod Transport Ideas

    I like it. Simple, lightweight and easily removable.
  177. Cago

    Pickup Bed Rod Transport Ideas

    Subscribed. I also have a crew cab tundra and usually wrap the ends in a towel that rests on the tailgate.
  178. Cago

    Thunderbird tonite

    5.5 seconds :eek:barf
  179. Cago

    Suggestions for live bait?

    Squid for sure. Went out for rockfish last week and they wanted nothing to do with the finbait. Dropped a frozen squid down and instabite.
  180. Cago

    More about Guadalupe Island reels

    Just picked up a Fathom 40 2sp loaded with 80 braid. Have it paired to a 30-80 rod (Californian Tri-Helix 8’ XH) Good combo?
  181. Cago

    Rod selection

    Seeker Black Steel 6480. Use it for Colt snipers and irons.
  182. Cago

    How to avoid getting seasick?

    I take a Bonine before bed the night before and one more when I wake up. Occasionally if it's bumpier than usual I'll take another tablet mid morning. By then I'm good. We also keep ginger pills on board. That helps too. My twin brother had a bad experience when we went on a 3/4 day. It was...
  183. Cago

    budget spinner

    Daiwa BG5000. My buddy uses it as his only reel and has caught numerous yellows and 3 of them were 30+. Fishing 25#-30# flouro. It was about 120 from Turners.
  184. Cago

    Check out my 3 month old Lexa 400HD

    Here is my year old Lexa that I performed a maintenance on last night. Fished weekly or at least a few times a month. Now, when I first got it, I opened it up and regreased everything with marine grease (Yamalube) and Cals drag grease. Always rinsed laying on the grass with fresh water. Then up...
  185. Cago

    Deck boot recommendations

    Xtra tuf 6"
  186. Cago

    Catalina Sat-Sun

    Another thing you can do in Avalon if they are full is call the Joes rent a boat. They rented us a mooring for the same price. Only thing is you have to tie a dock line to your bow and loop it through their mooring line. There is no 'wand' to grab up there. Quite hectic for us as we didnt know...
  187. Cago

    Clamp on Extended/Standard Fishing Rod holder - 316 Stainless

    Installed mine today. I have 7/8" rails so I had to get shorter screws and wrapped the rail with some extra pvc sheeting cut to size.
  188. Cago

    Catalina Island- great fishing until--

    Haha now that's funny.
  189. Cago

    Catalina Island- great fishing until--

    It must be something with the photos making it look farther. These guys came and anchored at my bow yesterday and after went tight on their anchor were, I'm not kidding about 10ft away. They reset to this spot which was about 20 yds away but looks more like 75 in the picture.
  190. Cago

    Clamp on Extended/Standard Fishing Rod holder - 316 Stainless

    Need to get the boat tomorrow to see what size rail is on it. Need some of these...if Roger didn't buy em all! ;)
  191. Cago

    Tuesday 150, Rocky Point, Redondo BW

    Bummer. We landed 6 on Saturday. Going out Saturday but will probably head to Cat since LB will likely be a parking lot.
  192. Cago

    My Parker 2120

  193. Cago

    My Parker 2120

    Roger! Boat looks great. Youve put a lot of work into it. One day we will have our Parker :cheers: - Marvin
  194. Cago

    Conditions at PV and Legal White Sea Bass

    Nice report. Yeah Ive been to Pedro bait twice and both times told me he doesn't sell half scoops, only full. Then says well its the same price anyway. Well which is it? Last weekend sold me a full.
  195. Cago

    Deck chair and Magma grill

    Sell the grill separate?
  196. Cago

    Only two weeks left to take advantage of Navionics rebate on new fish finders

    They've been dicking me around on my rebate. I gotta call them Monday.
  197. Cago

    Avalon Shoreboats

  198. Cago

    Avalon Shoreboats

    The private boats are limited to 5 passengers. Line gets long doing 5 at a time. Wait times were 1hr at 10pm.
  199. Cago

    Catalina Launch

    Never had a problem leaving my truck at Davies for a weekend at Catalina.
  200. Cago

    Two Stroke Oil?

    WM oil when it goes on sale. 2 for 1.
  201. Cago

    What are you towing with?

    2010 Tundra 5.7 4x4
  202. Cago

    Saturday's Forecast (would you go out)

    I use and
  203. Cago

    Saturday's Forecast (would you go out)

    I'm also going Fri-Sun. Windfinder shows wind from 2-9 with gusts to 10 around 5pm. If you're on the front, wind will be blocked by the island. Looks good to me. We'll be in a 21fter.
  204. Cago

    Hoping to fish So Cal with the Family

    Give Long Beach Marina a call. Might be able to get a guest slip.
  205. Cago

    Saturday Catalina Trip

    Good to know. Thanks.
  206. Cago

    Saturday Catalina Trip

    Good report. Did you mix the sardines and squid in the same tank?
  207. Cago

    Simrad GO7 structurescan issue

    Its usually on 455. I was in the middle of playing with it and it just happened to be on 800 at the time.
  208. Cago

    Simrad GO7 structurescan issue

    Well after a few trips out and spending some time playing with it, it was in fact the range setting that was off. Set it to auto and everything was great.
  209. Cago

    Simrad GO7 structurescan issue

    Ok, looking at my screenshot, I think I might have figured it out. It's zoomed in too close. I'll try again next time out.
  210. Cago

    Simrad GO7 structurescan issue

    It looks the same whether stopped or moving or outboard tilted up. Im thinking maybe its a bad transducer, since it worked the first time out and hasn't worked since. Going to try one more adjustment and get more screenshots next time I go out and then contact Navico if issue persists. When I...
  211. Cago

    Simrad GO7 structurescan issue

    Installed my GO7 XSE about a month ago. First time out with it, everything was working as it should. Although I would lose depth at a certain speed, the picture and everything was good. I figured I needed to adjust the transducer to fix the losing depth issue. So I lowered the ducer which fixed...
  212. Cago

    TWO Harbors Mooring Question

    Should have no problem getting one if you get there early. Check in as soon as you get there to get your reservation, then go fish.
  213. Cago

    Good deals on RTIC coolers

    Already sold out of the 45 and 65. Lame
  214. Cago

    If you had 1000 to spend on a FF/transducer.....

    Just installed the GO7 in ours. Was having trouble reading bottom at first. Then lowered the ducer about 1/2 inch and it can read bottom now at 23mph. But think the side scan is looking funky now. Need to get some screen shots up. So far I really like the unit.
  215. Cago

    Bait tank mounting on a Whaler

    Im also getting ready to do something similar for mounting a table pedestal. Going to drill larger holes and fill with epoxy. Then drill and tap for a helicoil.
  216. Cago

    Bait tank mounting on a Whaler

    We have a tank just like that (Kodiak 22 gallon) that we don't even bolt down. The weight of the water holds it fine. We put down some rubber mat underneath it to prevent sliding but have done without it too with no problems. The rubber mat is the kind you put at the bottom of drawers.
  217. Cago

    Toyota Tundra rims and tires

    Set of rims came off 2010 Tundra. Excellent condition. Only 2 have tires still mounted. See pictures for wear on rubber. Still lots of life left. Only about 15k miles on them. 275 65-18 $200 obo FYI, this is for 4 rims and 2 tires. Not a complete set.
  218. Cago

    Who Has Onboard Music And To What Extent

    We have 6 kenwood speakers and a Fusion RA70. Music is always playing while fishing.
  219. Cago

    Offshore Rpt.-02-26-17 2 day Relentless and my first Tails of 2017!

    As usual, outstanding report. Nice job.
  220. Cago

    18 Foot Gregor Built Thread!

    Such an odd turn of events. Works on it for 5 years, gets it in the water once and wants to sell...smh. :confused:
  221. Cago

    Ed's Jigs.........some will say they catch rockfish.

    So how do we fish these? The how-to link is broken.
  222. Cago

    What did i find?

    Torpedo? Yup, just looked at it again. Definitely a torpedo. Be careful!
  223. Cago

    Anyone Fish Catalina Lately?

    Was there last friday and Saturday. Managed a small yellow and a few goats. Got outta there before the weather turned Saturday night.
  224. Cago

    Catalina 11-6

    Thanks for the report
  225. Cago

    Long Beach report

    ^ouch lol
  226. Cago

    Long Beach report

    Went out yesterday 10/31 to hit some local spots. Buddy gets to my house at 5:30. Tells me he forgot the squid at home. Ugh. We weren't planning on getting bait at Nachos so this is all we were counting on. Drive to his house in LB and get the squid. Stop at 7-11 for ice. Damn! forgot my coffee...
  227. Cago

    Preferred Kill Bag

    I also have one of the Boones bags. Had it loaded with fish and it held up fine.
  228. Cago

    Catalina 9/3

    We also put new anchor chain on Friday night and learned that we only had about 100' of rode. Need to get more next time. We could not anchor in a lot of spots. Thing is, not sure how much more rope can fit in the anchor box.
  229. Cago

    Catalina 9/3

    First time out to Cat on the new boat. Launced out of Davies and got bait at Nachos. Half scoop of pretty week sardines with 6-7 macs mixed in? Is that normal? We got bait there last weekend and no macs in there but it was very strong bait. Read on here that macs will damage the sardines if...
  230. Cago

    Offshore Finally broke through...

    Will let you boat so we are pumped.
  231. Cago

    Offshore Finally broke through...

    Nice report. Heading to cat this Saturday for my first time fishing yellows.
  232. Cago

    Alpinestars stage motorcycle jacket

    Leather jacket. Size L 44/54EUR. Small scuffs in lower back. Still very good condition. Has removable liner. $180 obo SOLD