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  1. js_lind

    2021 Ballast Point 8 Day - Excel

    Pretty special to hit the Rocks and Guadalupe in one trip and have great fishing at both spots. Congrats.
  2. js_lind

    Red Rooster 5 day fishing report

    Glad you guys had a great trip. Guess I'll see you Saturday. I'm on that trip too.
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    Royal Polaris Location

    Hurricane Bank
  4. js_lind

    NOMAD TACKLE/SEAGUAR 9 day on the Red Rooster .. Nov, 3 - 12 Roll Call

    There’s a good chance that we will get a shot at the BFT. I am bringing my heavy gear for sure. 9 days Provides a good opportunity to hit both the ridge and/or the Rocks as well as the local BFT grounds.
  5. js_lind

    NOMAD TACKLE/SEAGUAR 9 day on the Red Rooster .. Nov, 3 - 12 Roll Call

    I'm on the trip with you guys. Will be down Monday afternoon and heading to Miguel's for dinner. The current trip got a nice slugs of YT on the way down and they are currently at the rocks trying to scratch up some wahoo.
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    Stick baits and poppers

    Sometimes they stick!
  7. js_lind

    Go FundMe for Jesus Companioni

    Wishing you a speedy recovery Zeus!
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    Looks like quite a few BD members will be on the 11/3 trip. I'll be down there the night before. Probably have dinner at Miguel's. Let me know if you would like to join us...
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    That's awfully nice of you to say. I agree, fishing with the RR crew is great. Really looking forward to this trip....
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    Correct this is a new trip. Last year this trip was scheduled as an open 8 day. This year its a 9 day Nomad / Seaguar sponsored trip. I was on the trip before this time slot last year. We spent the majority of the time at the ridge, had limits of good grade YFT and really good wahoo...
  11. js_lind

    Offshore Top Gun80 Multi Day trip cancelled

    Red Rooster left Thursday morning. Spent the night in pyramid cove, fished YT there in there Friday morning And landed 15 between 15-25lbs. When the weather backed off a little they ventured out and had a huge afternoon boating 22 BFT over 100lbs including a couple cows and one super...
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    Red Rooster III - 3 Day 8/18-8/21

    Here’s a great potential opportunity. Our Red Rooster 3 Day trip, Aug 18 – 22, has only 12 anglers on it and it needs 16 to get the green light. I think we will get another few anglers, but regardless it promises to be an EXTREMELY LIGHT LOAD. The price is $1,300 for possibly an ULTRA LIGHT...
  13. js_lind

    3 Day Local Bluefin Gear

    Just got back this morning from a 3 day. Brought 20-100. Got one on a Mak 8 with 50lb spectra and a short 30lb top shot of pink youzri and 5 on a Saltiga 20LD 50lb spectra and and 12 yards of 25 lb Seaguar Premier. Handed a a couple more off on the 25. All these fish were 28-38lb. Zero flat...
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    Red Rooster - Blue Fin

    They end up with 44 for 15 guys in 2 days. Big fish were 142 lbs and 135 lbs. Most fish were hooked on 30lb...
  15. js_lind

    Red Rooster - Blue Fin

    Enough with the f’n CV! How about some positive news? Rooster is on some fish quality BFT near Collonet, on their way back from a 16 day. Fish to 80.
  16. js_lind

    Red Rooster, Nov. 2019 Accurate 11/8 day video

    Dead skippy = wahoo chum
  17. js_lind

    Whatcha think "Lower Banks" mean?

    The RR was fishing the Jaime Bank outside of Cabo when the landed the 2 Supers. Jaime and Golden Gate Banks are high spots outside of Cabo.
  18. js_lind

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Looks like the lower banks ARE going off!!!! Another super this morning on the RR. If you have been waiting to book...
  19. js_lind

    If the Lower Banks go off-

    Here is the Roosters Super landed this morning...
  20. js_lind

    Phenix PSW700M & PSW700H

    SOLD. Thanks Paul.
  21. js_lind

    Phenix PSW700M & PSW700H

    2 - Phenix PSW700H 20-60lb. $150 each 1 - Phenix PSW700M 15-40lb. $125 each.
  22. js_lind

    SOA 10/23-11/2

    Thanks for the report. Did you guys troll any Nomads along side the MagTrak?
  23. js_lind

    Great Wahoo fishing at the ridge

    Here's a 76 lb'r caught last week trolling a DTX on the Red Rooster than won the trolling JP.
  24. js_lind

    Red Rooster: 10/20-10/28 Report

    Returned yesterday from a great 8 day trip on the RR. I was stoked to be fishing with my son who was working the trip. We left the dock with 17 passengers and 7 crew. Ethan was running his first trip to the ridge. He did and spectacular job! It's going to be hard for him to duplicate this...
  25. js_lind

    Oct 12-19 Searcher trip report

    Nice job!
  26. js_lind

    First time on the Intrepid, Dec. 10-20, 2019

    I disagree, The boat now rides rides like the smaller vessels in the fleet. It Rolls quite significantly. Like I said, “depending on who’s in the galley...”. Brain was not on the boat for my last two trips.
  27. js_lind

    First time on the Intrepid, Dec. 10-20, 2019

    It’s not the same as it used to be. Only one crew member who has been on the boat for multiple years, ride is not good since the stabilizers have been removed and depending on who is in the galley the food may or may not be that great. After 11 years, I have decided to move on.
  28. js_lind

    Offshore Constitution 2. - 5 Day 9/26-9/29 - Super Cows

    Thanks again Dave. It was my pleasure fishing with you guys and it was the least I could do. Hope to share the rail with you again soon. Heading out Sunday on a Red Rooster 8 day. Wont be keeping many fish as my freezers are pretty full. Hoping to get a few Wahoo. Hit me up if you want...
  29. js_lind

    Red Rooster 10/20-10/28

    Just booked the RR day 8 day trip departing 10/20. Looks like a light load! Anyone here on the trip?
  30. js_lind

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    Here's a pretty cool one....
  31. js_lind

    Offshore Constitution 2. - 5 Day 9/26-9/29 - Super Cows

    Short story: 40 ish small YFT and SJ. 4 BFT, 105, 250, 313, 325. Got a a last minute invite to fish a charter with only 17 anglers aboard the Constitution. Boarded Thursday evening and spent the night in the Harbor as our starting point was only 15 miles from the point. Friday we scratched...
  32. js_lind

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    Nope! Quote from the crew: "He was in full on attack mode! Definitely going after the angler." Nuts. I don't recall ever hearing about anything like this before.
  33. js_lind

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    Had to hit pretty damn hard to do that!
  34. js_lind

    Watch the Rail at the Lupe

    As on any trip, always pay attention to your surroundings, but particularly when on or near the rail at the Lupe. On a trip that returned this morning, it was reported that a male GW came out of the water in an aggressive manor towards a passenger who was leaning on the rail. The GW was...
  35. js_lind

    6 day red rooster september 20-26

    Yup, watch the Charkbait video from their recent trip and that will show you how hard you have to pull...even in some cases to just end up with a head;)
  36. js_lind

    Red rooster 3 9/26 - 10/4

    Find this dude, Jason, when you get on the boat. Tell him this is your first long trip and he will set you up. Don't be afraid to ask him to select a bait and cast you out from time to time until you get the hang out it...
  37. js_lind

    Guadalupe Shark Video

    Awesome footage. Thanks for posting!
  38. js_lind

    Special Alert and Opportunity on the Red Rooster III

    Sold! Looking forward to it.
  39. js_lind

    Guadalupe Island trip report

    Agreed LB is the best CM, period. Heard good things about you, too SP from the crew as well:cheers: Hope you got one on the heart!!!
  40. js_lind

    Vagabond Bluefin...another lesson learned

    Awesome!!!! Nice work. WTG!
  41. js_lind

    Missoula to Flathead Lake 9/1-9/9/2019

    Heading up the 200 and the 83 through Seeley, Condon and Swan lake is a is a solid plan. Beautiful drive with lots of water to stop and check out on the way. I'll be is Missoula and Kalispell the week before you. Will be spending a little time on the Bitterroot and a couple days trying for...
  42. js_lind

    Roll call.... Red Rooster III... Aug. 17-23... 6 day... LARRY BROWN

    Good luck! Ask Art and Jason about the tuna heart fishing on the last Lupe trip.
  43. js_lind

    1.5d bluefin.. where are they fishing right now?

    Take a look at The 1.5 day fleet as well as a couple of the LR boats were off Ensenada today. Several still in the area and several now moving north.
  44. js_lind

    Offshore Shogun 1.5 4/25

    Nice job, pulling it out in the bottom of 9th inning! Appreciate the report as my son and I will be on the SG Monday. Hoping for the best! Did they bother with the rat yellows or just concentrate on finding the BFT?
  45. js_lind

    Bitterroot River Report

    Your timing will most likely be good. Probably be blown out well into June just like last year....
  46. js_lind

    Bitterroot River Report

  47. js_lind

    Bitterroot River Report

    We'll be on the BR next week. Looks like its shaping up. Most of the low elevation snow is gone, the flows have stabilized and the boat ramps are accessible. Cool overnight temp are helping to keep it from blowing out. Hopefully the forecasted rain will be will be light.
  48. js_lind

    Guadalupe Permits 2019?

    Confirming, it sounds like the Rooster will have permits for next season.
  49. js_lind

    Offshore Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    Already making Saturday night dinner plans:)
  50. js_lind

    Offshore Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    HAHAHHAHA....was thinking the same thing. "You get what you pay for". Wouldn't be the first time I got something for free that ended up costing me in the long run...
  51. js_lind

    Offshore Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    Yup! Think I'll keep it simple... one bait caster and a couple colt snipers
  52. js_lind

    Offshore Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    976 report states limits of tuna and limits of dodo....
  53. js_lind

    Offshore Constitution Bittersweet part 2.5

    Oh Boy...2 trips in a row! Used to love this Boat when it was under the previous ownership. I guess I'll find out first hand. Got invited on a charter leaving tomorrow:eyepoppin Couldn't say no to a free 2.5 day. Trying to keep an open mind.
  54. js_lind

    Frozen Squid in PV

    Nice one!! Based on your response, I've decided to bring some frozen squid down with me. I'll have a soft sided cooler which will basic be empty anyways. Thanks for the idea!
  55. js_lind

    Frozen Squid in PV

    Heading down to PV in a couple of weeks. Last year we were unable to make squid during our entire trip. This time around, I thought it would be a good back up plan to buy some frozen squid in PV just to make sure we have some in case we face a similar situation. Anyone know of a fish market...
  56. js_lind

    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Yes. Fished the Success last weekend during the full moon. Fishing was tough, but all 6 guys on board got one over 150lb. Only one cow for the trip. The operation was awesome! Carey worked his ass off until the last minute. On our last day of fishing, we hooked our final fish at 8:00pm and...
  57. js_lind

    Fishing the RonZ

    I've caught everything from striped bass and BFT in Cape Cod, ling cod and yellow eye rock fish in Alaska, to yellow tail and calico's in So Cal on Ron-Z's. Ronnie was an awesome dude and he created a great lure. That's him in my avatar with a 250b fish we caught on a 2oz, 10" light green lure...
  58. js_lind

    Lupe even better

    Thank you.
  59. js_lind

    Lupe even better

    I'll be on the trip leaving the 4th as well. Haven't got down to 3 rigs, but I have also reduced my quiver significantly. 2 - 60's, 3 - 80's, 1 - 100 and 1 - 30lb bait maker. For those who have been on the previous trips; did you make bait at night. Might be able to cut it by one more...
  60. js_lind

    Probably not the correct forum, but...

    Prayers sent. Hoping for the best for you and your Mom.
  61. js_lind

    RR3 12/13-12/23 10 Day Thoughts

    Yup, those are my photos Chark Bait is using on their site....
  62. js_lind

    RR3 12/13-12/23 10 Day Thoughts

    Thanks Kenny. Looking forward to using the rods, hopefully I get a chance to put them to the test!
  63. js_lind

    Let see you best yellowtail

    Not the biggest of the bunch...but very memorable for me as it was the last year the long range fleet was able to fish the Lupe and my last trip to the Lupe.
  64. js_lind

    RR3 12/13-12/23 10 Day Thoughts

    Thanks for asking... 254 BFT caught off Cape Cod in June of 2012. Caught on a Van Staal VS250 spinning set-up, 90lb leader and a Ron-Z lure. Landed in an hour and 45 minutes. Ron(in the picture with me), who has since passed away, was on the boat at the time. It was a pretty cool experience...
  65. js_lind

    RR3 12/13-12/23 10 Day Thoughts

    Thanks Steve, I appreciate the advice and well wishes. I am definitely not going on the trip with expectations of getting a cow. Just looking for a chance! Knowing you'll be watching I'll try and not disappoint!:)
  66. js_lind

    RR3 12/13-12/23 10 Day Thoughts

    Had my heart set on a cow trip, so like I said previously, I decided against the RR 10 day. Got an invite from a friend to fish the Royal Star 14 day trip leaving with the rest of the fleet on 12/26. I was finally able to figure out how to make my schedule work so it looks like that's the trip...
  67. js_lind

    RR3 12/13-12/23 10 Day Thoughts

    Thank you for the responses and the PM's. After discussing the matter with several people, and giving it a lot of thought, I have decided to pass on the 10 day trip. Good luck to all to those of you who are going, I hope you have a great trip!
  68. js_lind

    RR3 12/13-12/23 10 Day Thoughts

    Just found out the Intrepid 13 day trip departing 12/8, that I was on, has been cancelled due to a blown engine on the current trip. The only other trip which I could possibly make work with my schedule is the RR3 10 day leaving on 12/13. Obviously this will not be a cow trip, but since I have...
  69. js_lind

    MAK 20 SEA

    I got 580 yds of 130 on mine.
  70. js_lind

    Intrepid on the Big Fish

    Yup it's still a 13 day trip. My bad. See you there.
  71. js_lind

    Intrepid on the Big Fish

    I guess even a blind hen can peck a cornel of corn every once and a while8-). I'll be on the 12 day leaving on 12/8. Hope the big ones stick around! Off to another good start with Soda Pop getting things going first and we've been rolling ever since with 15 on deck from 50-240lbs, most in...
  72. js_lind

    Offshore Shout out to the Tribute

    Was supposed to be on the trip tonight with my 2 boys, but unfortunately the trip was a last minute cancellation...was wondering what happened to cause the cancellation/damage?
  73. js_lind

    Offshore Islander 9/26 to 29 trip: Going the Extra Mile

    Nice report. I am a big fan of the Islander. I had my best 1.5 day trip ever on the Islander back in July. On a charter with only 16 people we processed over 3200 lb's of bft. Great boat, great crew!
  74. js_lind

    Offshore Islander 2 day trip Aug 19 - 21st

    The Islander runs an awesome operation. Definitely my favorite 1.5 to 3 day boat.
  75. js_lind

    Late Intrepid 5 day report Aug 9th-14th

    Tuttle, Thanks for trying. A wise old timer told me long ago "you can't help a guy who already knows everything". No need to waste anymore time of your time with this guy.
  76. js_lind

    Late Intrepid 5 day report Aug 9th-14th

    This is pretty pathetic, but I can't refrain from commenting. I was on the trip right before the trip in question and had the exact opposite experience of the OP. Jesus ran our trip as well and he did a great job for us. We went to the Islands and also had a travel day down and back. At the...
  77. js_lind

    Offshore Local bluefin tuna (We need Help)

    There is no way the CBD is interested in any compromise period!!! Look them up. They are an anti-access extremist group led by a radical. Do some research on these guys and you will have a different if you are a lifetime outdoorsman!
  78. js_lind

    Potential NOAA Bluefin Ban

    This petition is brought forth by the same group of anti-access liberal douch-bags that successfully closed a large portion of the Glamis sand dunes using selected science which convinced the BLM that the dunes were home to an endangered weed. When it was all said and done, and a study...
  79. js_lind

    Offshore Islander 1.5 day - Fishing 7/21

    Absolutely. I would say that 10 of the 15 will never catch fish that large again. And for all 10 it was their first ocean fishing trip of any kind! Btw the way the fish bit 40 flouro all day. Early on some of the fish were hooked on 30lb mono rent rods, but we quickly changed over to 40...
  80. js_lind

    Bob and Jamie's very preliminary Tac Glue testing

    Real world testing; Just got got back from a trip using this set up on two Accurate BX2-500, 60 Jerry Brown with 40lb Black Water Flouro leader. 6" insertion glue only. Both rigs held up to extensive fishing. Rig one hooked 9 fish, landed 7 and 2 pulled hooks. 3 of these fish were over...
  81. js_lind

    Offshore Islander 1.5 day - Fishing 7/21

    We were fortunate enough to have a group of 15 close friends and family fishing on a private charter aboard the Islander 7/21. Half of the group were kids under 17, and 10 of the 15 had never caught a saltwater fish, there were only really 3 experienced anglers on the boat. The trip was...
  82. js_lind

    Offshore "Any word on that big tuna being caught"

    Nice job! BFT can be a bitch. I fought one for 5.5 hours and lost it. Great job hanging with it...
  83. js_lind

    BX2 30N line class?

    Thinking 60-80 and matching it to a super seeker 1X3 That's exactly the rod that I have my BX2-30 matched to. I use it for 80 mostly, but have also fished it with 60. Have caught fish to 150 with this set up. Fortunately no issues for me...
  84. js_lind

    Intrepid gets WIFI

    Great News!!!
  85. js_lind

    Gatun Lake

    We booked with It's a little more expensive than others but the boat was very nice, the gear was good, all the Panama's you could want, and the guide was awesome. I would go with them again in a heart beat. Picked us up and dropped us off at our hotel in the city...
  86. js_lind


    I have fished the RP, Excel, Indy, and Intrepid all in bad weather. Both the Indy and Intrepid ride better than the RP and Excel, with the Intrepid best of all. I think the combination of stabilizers and bulbous bow make the difference.
  87. js_lind

    Offshore 425 Yellowfin 80 Bluefin and...and...and...SA80

    Nice! Hope you left a few. We are leaving this evening on the SA80.
  88. js_lind

    Sea Adventure 80 1.5 leaving Oct. 7

    Just booked it. See you Sunday.
  89. js_lind

    Cape Cod BFT

    The fish weighed in at right around 250lbs.
  90. js_lind

    Accurate Boss BX2600N Blurple

    Is the 600 spooled with spectra?
  91. js_lind

    Oceanside 95 3.5 Day

    "Thinking about it because of the crazy low price." In fishing the SD fleet, you usually get what you pay for. If you decide to go make sure your expectations are realistic....
  92. js_lind

    1 1/2 day on the Polaris Supreme

    Way to go Tommie. You guys are on fire!
  93. js_lind

    Offshore Polaris Supreme 2 Day 7/6-7/8

    Hey Tommie, Thanks again for the great job you guys did helping us get what we did!
  94. js_lind

    Offshore Polaris Supreme 2 Day 7/6-7/8

    I caught my fish on an Accurate BX2-500 spooled with 60lb JB hollow and 25yd of 40lb Blackwater FC, 3/0 Owners ringed circle, on a Calstar GFGR 875H. The fish were biting the 40 lb FC. I am sure they would have bit the 50lb FC as long as you could get the bait in the zone.
  95. js_lind

    Offshore Polaris Supreme 2 Day 7/6-7/8

    After hearing about the recent bluefin bite, I decided to take my son on a quick trip before he was out of commission for the next 4-5 month with high school football. The Polaris Supreme added a last minute 2 day trip because they had to cancel a 5 day. The schedule worked for us so we jumped...
  96. js_lind

    When the going gets tough...

    Good luck Dave!
  97. js_lind

    Panama Adventure via Intrepid

    Hey David, It was a pleasure sharing the experience with you and the rest of the group. Here are a couple more pics...
  98. js_lind

    One Day Aboard the Intrepid in Panama

    Here are a few more pics
  99. js_lind

    One Day Aboard the Intrepid in Panama

    Below is a excerpt from a journal I kept while on the Intrepid in Panama. This report is from just one day. What an amazing trip and a fabulous experience! On this day the three of us John, Jeff and Rick stayed with the mother ship to relax and experience some other activities offered on...
  100. js_lind

    Panama/Intrepid Long Range on Steroids

    Thanks Jamie, Getting ready to board the boat. I'll post a report upon our return
  101. js_lind

    Panama/Intrepid Long Range on Steroids

    In Panama sitting on the hotel balcony looking at the Intrepid moored at the entrance of the Panama Canal. We board in at noon tomorrow for the last trip!!!
  102. js_lind

    Panama/Intrepid Long Range on Steroids

    Looking forward to sharing some of the same experiences...we leave tomorrow for the Intrepid's final Panama trip of the season.
  103. js_lind

    excel accurate 16 day 3/27 late report

    Great photos. I was surprised to see Mike Pritchard on the this trip. Talked to him a month or so ago and he was scheduled to be skippering the Intrepid in Panama this month...
  104. js_lind


    Look forward you meeting you guys upon your'll be returning the day our trip is departing. I had heard the trip before ours (which is sold out) had quite a bit of open space. Glad to hear you guys were able to make it happen. Should be a great experience!
  105. js_lind


    Update on the trip down; Thur. February 23, 2012: A quick stop yesterday for a handful of Yellowtail to give us some Hamachi along with fresh Yellows for the BBQ and some crew fun with the light tackle, then back on the road to the tropics. We have been blessed with excellent weather so...
  106. js_lind

    Intrepid in Panama - Let the Adventure Begin

    It all comes down to "too each his own". I am sure there are plenty of nice fishing lodges in Panama. I have heard good things about both Tropic Star and PSFL. Would like to check them out some day. I also looked at the Westcoast Fishing club which runs a true mothership operation where the...
  107. js_lind

    Intrepid in Panama - Let the Adventure Begin

    The boat has a 1:00pm appointment today at the fuel dock in Ensenada where they will be fillin her up and then straight to Panama...Hope to hear some more feedback on the ride down.
  108. js_lind

    Intrepid in Panama - Let the Adventure Begin

    The Intrepid departures tomorrow morning at 0600 for Panama. If you haven't heard they will be running 5 - 8 day trips out of Panama City beginning in the middle of next month. We went to the dock this weekend to stow our rods, reels and tackle on the boat for the long ride down. Really...
  109. js_lind

    jigging question

    Exactly. Happened to me when I was jigging for rock fish and ling cod and ended up hooking a 150lb halibut. I landed it, but having to manage the braid as it rubbed on the fore grip and against my hand wasn't the best situation. But, you should be fine on a 2 day trip...
  110. js_lind

    Quick trip to PSFL

    Awesome photos. Can't wait for April!!
  111. js_lind

    6yr old - 3-5 day trip?

    My kids started fishing in the ocean when they were 5. Started on the half day boats and worked up to 6 days over the course of a few years. My youngest caught his first bluefin, 33lbs, on the Excel at 8. The crew always made sure they were taken care of and most all the passengers went out of...
  112. js_lind

    Tuna JIG N POP in 2011

    Great pics! I need to get a few Heru Skipjacks from you for our April trip to Panama aboard the Intrepid...
  113. js_lind

    Accurate ATD 30 Topless w/ spectra

    Is the ATD still available?
  114. js_lind

    Big Roosters in Puerto Vallarta

    Very Nice! What poppers did they hit?
  115. js_lind

    Poll - Small Accurates

    I have 2 BX2-500's, one for 40lb and one for 50lb. Both with 65lb solid spectra and a short section of JB hollow for knotless top shot connections. To answer your question: the shifting mechanism on these reels is great. No binding or difficulties shifting between high and low speed, super...
  116. js_lind

    Need lodge suggestions

    Check out False Island Lodge. It's located outside of Sitka, about 1.5 hours by boat. Because of their location they have the advantage of being able to fish on the inside if the weather is rough. This area is not within range of the rest of the Sitka fleet. We went in June and had great...
  117. js_lind

    Spangler Knot

    I used the spangler knot on several trips this season. No failures. Best two fish were a 75lb and an 80lb yft on 40 lb blackwater at Guadalupe. I like the knot. It's simple and easy to tie, but I have not fished it on any line over 80lb.
  118. js_lind

    7 day report - mixed bag

    If I am on a trip and I see fish aren't being bleed, I just pull a gill myself. No big deal...
  119. js_lind

    Capt. Andy Cates is not Leaving

    Congrats to Derek. He's a cool guy to fish with. He has done an awesome job helping both my kids get personal best fish on a couple of different trips.
  120. js_lind

    Ranger 85 - 2.5 Day 9/25-9/28 Now Available

    What was a limited load sold out trip now has two openings. Scheduled for early departure on Sunday at 7:00PM, returning Wednesday morning. Two full morning and 2 full evening bites. Excellent boat with an exceptional crew, just read the recent BD reports. $495. PM or Call John (951) 204-2011
  121. js_lind

    Gold Avet LX 6/3 two speed

    Nice reel! Good luck with the sale!
  122. js_lind

    Yellow Fin @ Guadalupe

    Looks like the first trip of the season to Guadalupe on the Royal Star scored good numbers on premium grade YFT. Two weeks and counting til we leave on the Intrepid. Hopefully...
  123. js_lind

    Cape Cod BFT

    50+ boats out, 2 fish caught. One from boat from Truro, 49+1 from Chatham. I think I made the right decision...
  124. js_lind

    Real Deal Fishing report!!!

    Reel Deal does a great job. I got the fish in my avatar fishing with them. In addition to having excellent boats/gear/knowledge, both Bobby and Elena are very nice people. If you are planning a trip to the cape, give them a try. You can't go wrong!
  125. js_lind

    Offshore Long Range 1.5 Day

    I think I am going to jump on with my son. Never fished the PQ. Only thing that concerns me is 33 guys on a 85' boat, but what the hell it's only a day and a half.
  126. js_lind

    The boat "Erik" capsizes, one dead, others missing

    Poolman, thank you for the continued updates...
  127. js_lind

    New Web Site for The Excel

    Thanks for the heads-up. Been looking at the old site for a report on their current trip...wonder why they changed the site address?
  128. js_lind

    Cape Cod BFT

    Yeah, a really nice "coffee grinder". Van Staal VS250B with a Van Staal rod 80lb hollow with a 90lb leader. A very nice, smooth set up and a little more fun and challenging than a 70W:)
  129. js_lind

    Cape Cod BFT

    Yeah, me too! I thought 45lb west coast blue fin(my largest bft before this) were tough to catch, but now I really know what a tough fish is.
  130. js_lind

    Cape Cod BFT

    Fished out of Pamet on 6/10 aboard the Reel Deal with Capt Bobby Rice and RonZ. For those of you who don't know, Ron makes a great swimming soft bait, and Bobby runs a exceptional 2 boat charter service. We caught this fish on a white RonZ 10" bait outside of Chatham. Tough fish, took 1 hour...
  131. js_lind

    best tackle shops in the OC area!

    Chark Bait in hb. Very knowledgable staff, good selection for offshore fishing and very competitive pricing!
  132. js_lind


    Where is the $25 coupon posted?
  133. js_lind

    Gearing up for Panama

    Hey Tor, are you on Larry's trip?
  134. js_lind


    my son jason and i are goin soo it looks like its a definite go
  135. js_lind

    Constitutiton 1.5Day

    Hey Darryl, Jason and I are in. Looking forward to fishing with you again.
  136. js_lind

    Constitution 1.5 day

    Nice Job Darryl! Are you guys running a trip the day after Thanksgiving?
  137. js_lind

    Offshore Back to back overnighters on the Producer

    Nice job coach. Congrats. Looks like you got your fair share considering its be a poor season as best.
  138. js_lind


    DBD, A couple of guys call you out for what you are...a scumbag bustin' the chops of a kid who is trying to make a few bucks selling a few things online and now you all of a sudden you are talking about roll models and wishing the kid good luck. It's clear you are a looser with nothing better...
  139. js_lind


    Hey Douche Bag Dom, Get a life. :finger: He's a 13 year old kid who loves to fish and is trying to make a couple of extra bucks for a fishing trip. I do know him and I know he would out fish your sorry ass any day of the week. Mind your own f...king business! Best part of living...
  140. js_lind

    Shimano Curado 300 Type J

    Looking for the Japanese version with blue spool and power handle. Anybody have one for sale?
  141. js_lind

    Offshore 2.5 Day 7/11 - 7/14 on the Constitution

    Sorry for the tough trip. That's the way it goes some times. I've had a couple of really tough trips already this season as well. The only really good trip we've have had out of 4 was on the Consitution in early April when we had near limits of yellows on a rock cod trip! I'm also sorry to...
  142. js_lind

    Intrepid 8 Day 6/26

    Thanks for the report. I have my first trip on the Intrepid coming up in two weeks. Can't wait!
  143. js_lind

    Offshore 1 1/2 day albies on the Indy

    Nice fishing with you Dean. Let me know your fishing schedule and maybe we can get together on another trip. Even though there were a few knuckleheads, there we also some cool guys as well, but it should be pointed out that "That Guy" was wearing a bloodydecks sweatshirt!
  144. js_lind

    Seeker Mint G6470 for Calstar gfgr700h

    I've got an extra factory wrapped GFGR 765L I would be willing to trade if you are interested...
  145. js_lind

    Da Tuna Killer Wins the Jackpot

    Late report for the Independence family trip fishing the islands 5/8-5/9. Fished Saturday @ San Clemente Between Pryamid and church rock for all the calico bass you could want and assorted bottom fish for those who chose the dropper loop. We moved to Avalon harbor Saturday evening and after a...
  146. js_lind

    Offshore YELLOWTAIL on da Constitution 1.5 Day - 4/2-4/2010

    Greg forgot to mention one more cool aspect of the story; the rod, reel and jig which was lost over the side and ulitmately recovered, was hooked up on a yrllowtail the very next stop not 5 minutes after being recovered! The fishing gods were smiling. Thanks again Joe! Great boat, great crew =...
  147. js_lind

    $225 islander collnet 1.5 trip 4/2-4/4

    Only 4 confirmed so far...anyone else in? Great boat, great crew, great food stateroom accomodations on a 1.5 day trip for $225!
  148. js_lind

    Super Seeker Greenie BFG Special

    I'll take the 670-7 if the offer above falls through.
  149. js_lind

    Holiday vs Grande

    We decided on the Holiday. We'll give the Islander a go another time when our schedule permits. Thanks to all of you for your helpful comments! Not bad, over 20 replies and only one know-it-all a-hole comment...there's always one on every boat!! Thanks Again.
  150. js_lind

    Holiday vs Grande

    The Islander is a great option, but our schedule isn't open for those trips. I can only sneak away for a couple days anytime between 9/29-10/2. The Islander is running a 5 day trip at that time...Thanks, good thought though...
  151. js_lind

    Holiday vs Grande

    I am posting here because I am hoping to get feedback from those of you who have ridden the LR boats as well as either the Holiday or the Grande. I have been spoiled on my last two trips by the Excel and most of my recent trips have been aboard the larger LR boats. I now have an opportunity to...
  152. js_lind

    Offshore Pacific Star 3 day---- 1 CLASS ACT...

    I fished the Pacific Star last month and the entire crew was totally professional and worked very hard to put us on the fish. In addition to the other positive commnets above, I would like to add that the boat was in spotless condition. Also, Shane spent extra time with my 11 year old son not...
  153. js_lind

    Offshore 10/1 Rampage Charter

    First report here. Chartered the Rampage with my family 10/1 out of Dana Point. Left Dana Point at 0500 with great dines. Head over the 209 to the 181. Got a double Skippy strike on purple and rootbeer feathers at around 0900. From 181 to 182 got a another Skippy double on purple and pink. Kids...