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  1. 2nafinder

    Howard Hill Longbow

    i have a Howard Hill ‘Big Five’ longbow in very good condition that I may be willing to trade. Things I would consider a trade for: Glock 20/G20 SF Higher end frame pack: Mystery Ranch, Kirafu etc 45LC wheel gun Shoot me a PM with what you have Located in San Diego Thanks for looking
  2. 2nafinder

    A26 advice sought

    So last year I talk a good buddy of mine into getting into hunting. He got a left over tag made it out a few times with me last season and had no luck. So this year I talk him into applying to the CA draw. Well I am very glad he did because the lucky guy got the random draw on the tag I’ve...
  3. 2nafinder

    Archery gear- San Diego

    For sale: (1) new left hand 5 arrow Tight Spot quiver SOLD (2) Carbon Shaft Straight AZ easy fletch $25 each. Slightly used. 53A04FF7-90C8-4572-8DE7-631B3F0D315F by 2nafinder posted Sep 26, 2018 at 5:31 PM (2) Aluminum Shaft Straight AZ easy fletch. $25 each. Slightly used...
  4. 2nafinder

    Wanna trade some heavi-shot?

    TRADED..... Thanks for looking
  5. 2nafinder

    Heavy shot for trade

    TRADED..... Thanks for looking
  6. 2nafinder

    Trinidad 16 w/ extra's, lots of pic's (Sold)

    Im selling a TN 16 in almost new condition. It has very little wear. It comes with the gold Shimano reel clamp and it comes backed with spectra. 300/firm I live in San Diego so buyer can pick up or I can meet them half way. PM me if interested. Thanks for looking
  7. 2nafinder

    sticking a turkey with an arrow:...

    ok guys so heres the question..... where do u put the pin on a turkey???? im up in my stand today for a afternoon hunt, i got fresh turkey tracks 20yds from the stand. Ive shot one with a shotgun but never with the bow. If one comes out ill give it a try. Also what broadhead should i use???? I...
  8. 2nafinder

    Deer gone crazy!

    The first vid is from a couple days ago at the national zoo. YouTube - Baby deer escapes Lions at the National Zoo part 2 I came across these too..... YouTube - Deer Jumps Into Zoo Exhibit, Wrestles With Polar Bears YouTube - Sturgis 2007 Near Deer Hit! Who is the biker?
  9. 2nafinder

    afternoon/evening report from the hill

    Well I got up there about 2pm or so, no other hunters to be found. I walk in to a windy warm afternoon in the stand. The temp did start too drop as the it got closer to dark. All I had walk by was a small bobcat thats been chasin the quail around in the area. Seen this guy a couple times already...
  10. 2nafinder

    gas price boycott

    I just recieved an email that had a pretty good idea in lowering gas prices. Here it is: Let us make the gas companies get in a price war!!! How are we going to do that you may ask? Well let us boycott two of the major companies. If YOU stop buying gas from Shell/exon. The loss in there sales...