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  1. Cago

    Predator rolling bag

    Recently got this last week. Reading other reviews, the biggest complaint was that pulling a tray out, caused the ones on top of it to collapse into the void. The soft shelves it comes with is not rigid enough to support on its own. Ordered some 1/4" king starboard and took some measurements...
  2. Cago

    Penn 20 VISX silver

    Brand new in box. Spooled with 80# power pro. $480obo (SOLD) Reel is in La Palma 562-307-4074
  3. Cago

    Phenix BD PSW700M

    In good condition 700M 15-40lb $150obo
  4. Cago

    Some rods for sale, Fenwick, Daiwa, Calstar

    Sold Rods were inherited and selling for a friend. All appear to be new and in excellent condition. All rods are OBO Fenwick Pacificstick Supreme PS270C 7' 12-30lb $60 Daiwa VIP870 7' 15-40lb $80 Calstar WC-196-6S 6' Spinning 10-25lb $150 This last one is custom 7'. Looks...
  5. Cago

    Pelagic Mens button down

    New. Size L. Washed but never worn. Too big for me. Its more like an XL. $65 new in store. $40
  6. Cago

    PB big butt

    First trip of the year. Launched this morning about 6:30. Went to Nachos because fishdope reported live squid. Was going to run to the island if he had it. Nope, no live squid. Guess we’ll stay local. Got to the spot and about 45min later after a few sculpin and sand bass I get picked up and the...
  7. Cago

    rod holders for rails

    Excellent condition. For rails 1-1 1/4”. $20 each Text only 562-307-4074 Located in La Palma
  8. Cago

    Riffe 110x Euro speargun

    Buddy bought this, used a couple times and hung in the garage the last few years . Dont think hes even taken a fish with it. Needs new bands. Otherwise excellent condition. $400 Located in La Palma
  9. Cago

    22gal Kodiak tank

    Used bait tank. Has cutting board lid. Leaks a little at the drain (slow drip) Fittings are cracking. I would seal it permanently with 5200 or a plug. We’ve been using it as is besides the leak with no problems. Otherwise a decent tank. SOLD Location: La Palma
  10. Cago

    Bow Anchor roller 11”

    Sold 11” in length and 1 3/4” inside channel. $20
  11. Cago

    Fathom rod clamp bolts

    I have a DH rod that I want to mount my 25N to. Problem is the carriage bolts it comes with are too short. Can I get longer ones? If so, where from?
  12. Cago

    Fold out futon bed

    Full size. NEW cover on it. $100 Located in La Palma, CA
  13. Cago

    WTB GO7 Gimbal knobs

    Need a set of knobs. Perhaps someone flush mounted and has a set they didn't use. PM me please.
  14. Cago

    Simrad GO7 structurescan issue

    Installed my GO7 XSE about a month ago. First time out with it, everything was working as it should. Although I would lose depth at a certain speed, the picture and everything was good. I figured I needed to adjust the transducer to fix the losing depth issue. So I lowered the ducer which fixed...
  15. Cago

    Toyota Tundra rims and tires

    Set of rims came off 2010 Tundra. Excellent condition. Only 2 have tires still mounted. See pictures for wear on rubber. Still lots of life left. Only about 15k miles on them. 275 65-18 $200 obo FYI, this is for 4 rims and 2 tires. Not a complete set.
  16. Cago

    Long Beach report

    Went out yesterday 10/31 to hit some local spots. Buddy gets to my house at 5:30. Tells me he forgot the squid at home. Ugh. We weren't planning on getting bait at Nachos so this is all we were counting on. Drive to his house in LB and get the squid. Stop at 7-11 for ice. Damn! forgot my coffee...
  17. Cago

    Catalina 9/3

    First time out to Cat on the new boat. Launced out of Davies and got bait at Nachos. Half scoop of pretty week sardines with 6-7 macs mixed in? Is that normal? We got bait there last weekend and no macs in there but it was very strong bait. Read on here that macs will damage the sardines if...
  18. Cago

    Alpinestars stage motorcycle jacket

    Leather jacket. Size L 44/54EUR. Small scuffs in lower back. Still very good condition. Has removable liner. $180 obo SOLD