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    Moving sale

    What do you have for the backyard & garden? Pots, Garden tools??? Robbie
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    Nauta Flexible Outboard Fuel Tank - 9 Gallon

    I'm interested, How much?
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    Fillet Cutting Board

    I'm near Knott's Fairy Farm. Sorry, not going that way any time soon. If you come up to Dana Point, I could meet there.
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    Fillet Cutting Board

    I want this and one of your wallets. send me your info. Thanks, Robbie
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    Blackman 20’ fish machine diesel

    How Wide on trailer & how long from tip of trailer to bop of outdrive/prop?
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    Blackman 20’ fish machine diesel

    sooo, how much for the dream
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    Catching Bluefin for cat food

    Crap, I go out & bring out at least 60# fish ice, My problem is I usually bring back ice & no fish!! LOL, What's worse?
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    Up to 24 ft boat cover w or w/o a T-top

    where you located? interested
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    Misc. stuff **SOLD**

    if battery box & battery is ava?
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    Inshore Good luck charms at Izors 6/4

    How hard was it to get them on the boat on the launch ramp? I want to take mine, but not sure if I could do it by myself.
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    Lead Weights

    so how much lead for how many Jig heads? Do you have a picture of the jig style?
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    Lead Weights

    want to trade raw lead for Jig heads? How much lead do you need?
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    What do you have left oil the oil change stuff, I live up by Knott's
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    Islands Brief Coronados Visit

    Ask the people that came off the boat up in san pedro/Palace Verdes. Never heard if there ws drugs when CG found the boat
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    Yamaha water pump kit

    where you located? what size motor
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    What is this lobster looking thing?

    oh yea, right
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    Izors 1/22 Good grade

    What kind of life jacket does your lab have? I need to get one for my 10 month old lab.
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    Large dog crate & pad

    big and strong enough for a 1 year old lab in the back of my truck?
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    Spare tire for the trailer ST185/80R13

    I will take this if still ava.
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    Char Broil wireless meat temperature thermometers

    I will take it if ava. 562 713 0668
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    Baja BMW Moto

    PM me Stu, I can't figure out how
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    Lead molds/ San Clemente

    I'll take them if you don't have them sold.
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    Starboard Door with SS piano hinge

    562-713-0668 thanks
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    Starboard Door with SS piano hinge

    I would like to meet you next time you come up. What beer do you drink?
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    Starboard Door with SS piano hinge

    I am up in OC. I would like it but won't be going that way for a while.
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    Baja BMW Moto

    Still AVA?
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    Baja BMW Moto

    can it be registered in Kali?
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    Powerwinch Sportfishing 450 Windlass

    $300 and I will take iy away. where you located?
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    Lowrance HDS12m Touch Gen2 - SOLD

    Call me @ 562 713-0668' I am in Orange Co.
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    -simrad gps antenna

    how much and what model is it
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    Davies & Sunset HH Launch Ramp.

    That's what she said!!!!!
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    Rims and tires x2

    what size rims & tires
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    17 foot Bayrunner

    Where is the boat?
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    Cory And His Wife Update

    Fintastic !!!Good News
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    Prayer request 02-01-20

    Prayers for your wife & Family
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    C-map West Coast & Hawaii.

    Thanks for the GREAT DEAL!! Lets do
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    C-map West Coast & Hawaii.

    Sorry, Is it still available.
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    C-map West Coast & Hawaii.

    Where are you & I'll take it ava?
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    Random Boat stuff!! Check it out!!

    how much for 39 x 16 pad & what colors 36 x 14pad & what colors
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    Random Boat stuff!! Check it out!!

    What size Helm Pads are they?
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    Anyone else getting a constant webpage alert?

    mine has not worked for about 5 days. today is the first time it would open up to forums
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    Record time buggin at Cat! 12/21/19

    Merry XMAS a little early.
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    Anchor, chain, rope

    I have a used once, Lewmar 22# claw anchor. I went a different direction. I would let it go for $60.00
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    Red Riser Hoop net / Pot Puller

    can you take a picture?
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    Deck storage box from invader 183

    What is the size of the base?
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    Airmar Simrad TM275LH-W Transducer

    still have this for sale?
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    is this still ava?

    is this still ava?
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    Offshore Boat fire off Santa Cruz Island 30 dead?

    Makes me think about any overnite boat & sleeping downstairs.
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    StingRay Hydrofoil

    What size does it fit? I have a F150.
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    Maxwell RC8 12V Windlass - $600

    How big is the anchor? How Much?
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    Yamaha ss 15 pitch prop buy or trade for knife

    How much for the 3 blade PowerTech prop
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    Simrad/Lowrance TotalScan Transducer

    how about 150? I take it for that
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    Anchor Rope,BBQ Grill, $160

    How much for BBQ? $40 & I will buy it. 562-713-0668
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    2/23 isthmus

    Also went over on Saturday night near the Isthmus, monster current. ended up with 2 legal & 2 short. lost 3 hoops due to kelp stringers traveling with with the current. stayed overnight on anchor. got up & recovered 1 hoop. hooping between 150' & 200'.
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    38” Grand Turbo Stainless BBQ / Grill

    What are the dimensions for hole to mount ?
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    Offshore Fishing in SD after a large hurricane swell

    The big surprise will be if the weathermen are wrong with the path of the hurricane. it's been a long time since a hurricane came ashore in so cal!
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    Solas Stainless 4 blade prop

    I will take it. Call me @ 562 7130668
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    What are those damned tuna feeding on?!?!

    When on the Tomahawk 1.5 thursday, bluefins were puking out 3-4" chovies, Rad trip.
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    So your kid wants a dog…

    My grand kids would love a Gecko. I'm up by Knots Berry farm. Is it still ava? Thanks, Robbie
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    Hooping at Cat 2-13-18

    We were between 80' & 200'. Quite a site to see. I was thinking thats why the bugs were not crawling. too muck to eat with all the squid there. Calico's were biting.
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    Hooping at Cat 2-13-18

    Went to cat to hoop up Valentine Dinner. got over around 8:oopm (kind of late). started dropping the nets & here comes the squirts. started out slow, then charged the boat. Hooping was not so good, 4 total with 3 shorts & 1 keeper about 2 lbs. with got lots of squid to freeze up. oh well better...
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    For sale West Marine Handheld VHF- Hot spot book +maps

    Interested in the books. PM me with the prices Thanks, Robbie
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    1/15 Izors and long beach breakwall

    crap,just got my license with 2nd rod stamp
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    WTB- Yamaha 15P Prop

    Stainless? how much?
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    Found Ambush Hoop Net at Catalina12/30

    i was hooping with friend near ship rock & Eagle Reef around 1 am & lost one of his nets. it was a knock off ambush. lower section of rope (100') white, upper section (50') white with blue stripe. PVC Bait Tube. If this sounds like it might be his, I can get his Go ID number. Thanks For Reporting
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    FURUNO RSB 0093 Radar Dome & 1623 Display

    Bump, Lawrence Elite 7 chirp, $225
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    FURUNO RSB 0093 Radar Dome & 1623 Display

    Lowrance Elite7 Chirp lowered to $250.00 come & get it
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    150 YFT?

    Once upon a time (1984ish) there were monster sized Longfins (Albacore) in that area. They were upwards of 70#s. Anybody else remember? Half day trips were getting them!
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    FURUNO RSB 0093 Radar Dome & 1623 Display

    Nghia, you are only 35 miles from me. I could deliver the Radar if you want it. Call or Text @ 714 316 4542 Robbie
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    FURUNO RSB 0093 Radar Dome & 1623 Display

    Upgraded my radar & fish finder. Selling the used stuff. I have a Furuno RSB 0093 Dome, Includes all needed cables, uncut & in good condition & a Furuno 1623 Display with cover. Right now I only want to sell the Radar as a set. Looking to get $500 for the set. Also have a Lowrance ELITE 7...
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    Offshore Rpt.-Sun.-08-13-17 Dorados on the Ducky!

    I saw you out there being hooked up. I was in the 3rd boat to show up. We got 5 Dodos & 3 rat yellowtail on the bigger patty. We never saw your patty. left there & continued on to Cat. Ended up with 6 more yell0ow tail 9 bonita, 23 short barrys & 12 keeper Calicos. Those patty are few & far...
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    Late report for Wednesday 5-31-17, Horse shoe

    Took my Triumph 215 out for a solo run. Went & got a 1/4 scoop of dines from Nacho & went out to the Shoe. I am new to this boat & can not figure out my Lorance Elite 7 fish finder. Drifted in 105' of water. 1st was legal sculpin, next was a rockfish. BAM, something big!!. took about 5-10...
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    yamaha prop wtb

    is this still 4 sale?
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    yamaha prop wtb

    I'll take it if ava. 714 316 4542 Robbie
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    Yamaha SS Prop

    Still ava? 714 316 4542
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    Looking for furuno 1623 radar monitor

    I am looking for a Furuno 1623 radar Screen. Mine was removed from the boat during repairs at a tire shop. looking for one that works. Thanks
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    Guess The Weight-Win a Okuma Metaloid