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  1. Carson Dunwell


    Carson Dunwell submitted a new listing: Scammers - Scammers Learn more about this listing...
  2. Carson Dunwell

    LP Wishbone Carbon Fiber Rod

    Carson Dunwell submitted a new listing: LP Wishbone Carbon Fiber Rod - LP Wishbone Carbon Fiber Rod Learn more about this listing...
  3. Carson Dunwell

    Stella 20ksw for sale

    I have an older Stella 20000SW for sale or trade. Just serviced by a local shop. Got all new bearings on the reel. Wanting $700 for it. Will trade for a Silver Avet TRX or EX 50w. Also will trade it for 2 long Winthrop Butts. Text me at 713-598-5054 with any questions.
  4. Carson Dunwell

    Calstar GF7455XXH AND GF755XXH

    I am looking for a couple of Calstar Blanks. Either the GF7455XXH or the GF755XXH Please let me know if y’all have any. Text me at 713-598-5054 if you have one you wanna sell. thanks, Carson
  5. Carson Dunwell

    Trade TAC50 for Avet 50w or 80n

    I have 2 tac 50s, been on 2 boat rides each. I am wanting to trade them for either an avet 50w or 80n. reels must be silver. Will take both TRX and EX models. If you have one, shoot me a text at 713-598-5054. thanks, Carson
  6. Carson Dunwell

    Some new Talicas

    I have some Talicas for sale. 4 Brand new Talica 25 2speed All spooled with 600 yards of 60 diamond hollow. These do not have boxes. All tools and shorter studs are included. 1 BNIB Talica 50 2speed Spooled full of 80lb solid daimond. Im wanting $600 each for the 25s and $900 for the tac 50...
  7. Carson Dunwell

    LP wishbone rod

    I’m looking for an alp wishbone rod. New or used. Shoot me a text at 713-598-5054 if you got one. Thanks, Carson
  8. Carson Dunwell

    3x Winthrop Adjusta-Butt #2 Black

    I have 3 used Winthrop Adjusta-butts for sale. All 3 are black short #2. I am selling for $250 each or all 3 for $650. Shoot me a text at 713-598-5054 if interested. Minimal scratches other than where they lock in the rod holder. Carson
  9. Carson Dunwell

    Another Scammer

    I recently was given contact info from a fellow BDer, Nick128, about an individual selling an Accurate BV2-1000. I reached out to the individual and we struck a deal. A few days had passed and nothing ever shipped out. The scammer then proceeded to make a fake label so I could “track it”. Long...
  10. Carson Dunwell

    Hooker Electric

    I am looking for a silver hooker electric reel. 50W, 70, or 80w penn or Shimano. Shoot me a text at 713-598-5054 if you have one. Thanks, Carson
  11. Carson Dunwell

    Or FS Penn 80 VSW

    I would like to trade or sell my Penn 80 VSW. Looking for a 50w, 70, or 80w in SILVER only. Either Penn or Shimano. text me at 713-598-5054 if you have any offers. Would much rather Trade than sell. If selling, I would like to get $700
  12. Carson Dunwell

    Shimano Talicas and Tyrnos reels

    I have 2 Shimano Talica 25s and 2 Shimano Tyrnos 30s for sale. Looking to trade the Talicas For Accurate BV2-800s only Talicas are each spooled with 400 yards of 100 pound multicolor J braid with 100 pound wind-ons. Tyrnos are each spooled with 300 yards of 80 pound spiderwire braid with 200...
  13. Carson Dunwell

    Used Talica 50 II speed

    I have a used Shimano Talica 50 that I am interested in selling. Was thinking $750 and will ship on your dime. Full of 80 lb diamond braid. Text me at (713) 598-5054 with any questions you may have.
  14. Carson Dunwell

    Penn VS 70 x2

    I have a Penn VS 70 that I would like to maybe part ways with. I was thinking $500. it is 9/10 cosmetically. No line is included with the reel. Ship on your dime thanks, Carson
  15. Carson Dunwell

    2 Brand New Lexa 400 HD

    I have 2 brand new Daiwa Lexa 400 HD just spoiled up but never fished. They were spoiled and put right back in the box. Text me at (713) 598-5054 for pictures. $225 each or $410 for the pair
  16. Carson Dunwell

    Shimano Tyrnos 30 II

    Got 2 Shimano Tyrnos 30 II for sale for $225 each or $420 for the pair. Text me at (713) 598-5054 for a faster response. Make me an offer.
  17. Carson Dunwell

    Accurate BV2-1000 Black

    WTB a new or gently used BV2-1000 in all black. Please text me at 713-598-5054 if you have one Thanks, Carson
  18. Carson Dunwell

    Penn VSW 80

    I have a Penn VSW 80. 500 yards of 250 pound braid. 400 pound mono top shot. Looking to trade for a 70, 80, 80W or 130 in silver. Just not a fan of the color. Pictures below $700 obo
  19. Carson Dunwell

    Avet TRX 50W

    Looking for an Avet TRX 50W
  20. Carson Dunwell

    Daiwa Saltist 35 2-speed

    I have a Daiwa Saltist 35 2-speed for sale. $200 8/10 cosmetically. 9.5/10 mechanically Been used but not abused. Cleaned and oiled after every trip. Last service was in January of last year. Text me at (713) 598-5054 for pics
  21. Carson Dunwell

    Silver/Blue Accurate BV2-1000

    I want to sell my Accurate BV2-1000 in Silver/Blue. $625 Fished for less than a season and cleaned with soap and water after each use. 9.5-10/10 cosmetically and mechanically Shoot me a text at 713-598-5054
  22. Carson Dunwell

    Older TLD 50 LRS

    Wanting to trade for or buy a older Shimano TLD LRS 2 speed to match the one I currently have Thanks, Carson
  23. Carson Dunwell

    Batson/Calstar Blanks and Gaffs

    I have a few blanks for sale Also willing to trade for reels Rod Blanks: 2- Batson RCLB70ML 7’ 20-40 : $65 each I have Winn Grips, Alps Centra Silver seats, silver gimbals and slick butts for these: $75 each rod 1- Batson JDGLB70L 7’ 15-30: $170 I have Black Winn fore and rear grips, Alps...
  24. Carson Dunwell

    Matching Set of reels

    I’m looking for a matching set of 4 reels for kingfish and snapper fishing. Avet MX-LX, Daiwa Saltist or saltiga 30-50, shimano torium 20-30 sized reels. Only black, blue, silver, gunmetal reels. Text me at 713-598-5054. Thanks, Carson
  25. Carson Dunwell

    Accurate BV2-800

    I am looking for a new or gently used Accurate BV2-800 in blue/silver Pm me or text me at(713) 598-5054 Thank, Carson
  26. Carson Dunwell

    Looking for an Avet T-RX 50 W

    I am looking for an Avet T-RX 50 W in either silver, blue, or gunmetal. Preferably in good condition with minimal to no boat rash. Scratches and nicks are fine just no salt corrosion. Willing to trade reels or pay in cash. PM me or Text me at (713) 598-5054 Thanks, Carson
  27. Carson Dunwell

    Daiwa Sealine Tournament 50, 50W, or 80w

    i want to buy a Daiwa Sealine Tournament 50,50W or 80W. Text me at 713-598-5054 Thanks, Carson
  28. Carson Dunwell

    Looking for a 50 or 50w

    I am looking to get a 50 or 50w in decent condition. Preferably silver, black, gunmetal, or blue. I have a bunch of reels that I would trade for it. Text me at (713) 598-5054 for pics of reels Thanks, Carson
  29. Carson Dunwell

    Gold Trini 30

    i have a pretty beat up Trinidad 30. This reel was completely abused by its previous owner. I have been using is for land based shark fishing since I got it in October. This reel was very rusted so I tried to clean it up as good as possible. The color is faded across parts of the reel. I had it...
  30. Carson Dunwell

    2 Cheap Trolling Combos

    These are Daiwa Sealine Tournaments 30s on Davis Big Game Rods. They are spoiled with 600 yards of 30 pound momoi diamond mono. These reels are very beat up with some boat rash, but they are still very strong. I have only had them for a couple of years. The previous owner sadly didn’t take care...
  31. Carson Dunwell

    Winthrop Adjusta butt

    I want to get an all black or silver Winthrop adjusta butt. I would like to trade a couple of reels/rods and a little cash. Thanks, Carson. 713-598-5054
  32. Carson Dunwell

    Daiwa Saltist Big Game 30 2 speed

    I have a Daiwa Saltist Big Game 30 2 speed for sale. This reel has been serviced by Daiwa 4 times since I got it. A great reel that I only rarely use. The clicker mechanism is very iffy. I have sent it back to daiwa and every time they say it’s foxed, it breaks again. Most people don’t always...
  33. Carson Dunwell

    Avet HXW or Accurate BV-800W/1000

    I would like to buy either an Avet HXW or an Accurate BV-800/1000. Or a similar reel like the Seigler OS. Only black, silver, gunmetal, or blue reels. Willing to pay cash but I would also like to trade as well. Maybe even a few reels plus some cash. This reel will only be used for pitching...
  34. Carson Dunwell

    Shimano Chronarch 200E7 for sale

    I have a Shimano Chronarch 200E7 for sale. This reel is in mint condition but there is one small blemish on the handle. I have used this reel maybe 10 times. I always clean my reels with soap and water after use. Text me at 713-598-5054 or pm me for pics. I am not doing this on a computer so I...
  35. Carson Dunwell

    Daiwa Saltist Big Game LD30T

    I have a Daiwa Saltist Big Game LD30T. 9/10 outside. 10/10 mechanical. Had serviced in June of 2017. I haven’t caught a fish on it since. All I have used it for is to fly my kites. It is a great reel with plenty of drag. Similar body and materials as a TLD but a little better looking with the...
  36. Carson Dunwell

    Daiwa Sealine Tournament 50 or 50W

    I am looking for 2 Daiwa Sealine Tournament SLT50 or 50W. I want to get 2 that are in similar condition. Text me at (713) 598-5054 if you have a reel. Thanks
  37. Carson Dunwell

    Marlin Pitch Bait Rod

    I live down in Texas and I was just curious what line class and length rod people use. I will be using a tiagra 30w but I’m not sure what length rod to get. I was thinking maybe a 6’ 30-50 would be a good middle class with enough tip to pitch but still have the backbone for that 200-300 pound...
  38. Carson Dunwell

    Daiwa Saltist 40H for sale

    I Have a pretty beat up Daiwa Saltist 40H. It has been used as a charter reel for the past 3 seasons. $90. Ship on your dime. DM or text me for pictures at (713) 598-5054 Thanks, Carson
  39. Carson Dunwell

    2 Okuma Convecter 30 Levelwind

    I have 2 Okuma Convecter 30 Levelwinds. One has 300 yards of 65 pound braid. The other is empty. Good condition. $40 each or $75 for the pair. Will ship on your dime. DM or text for pictures. Text me at (713) 598-5054 Thanks, Carson
  40. Carson Dunwell

    Penn Senator Special 114H and 113H

    I have a Penn 114H special 6/0 Senator and a Penn 113H special 4/0 Senator for sale. 114 has new 50 pound Momoi mono. The 113 has no line. $60 for the 114 and $50 for the 113. Will send pictures if asked. Text me at (713) 598-5054. Thanks, Carson
  41. Carson Dunwell

    400g Jigging Rod

    I am looking for a 400 gram jigging rod for snapper and small Amberjack. Preferably under $175.
  42. Carson Dunwell

    Daiwa Sealine Tournament 50W or 80W

    I am looking to buy or trade for either a Daiwa Sealine Tournament 50W or 80W. I have the 20s, 30s, and 50Ws from this series and I want to continue the matching set. Text or pms only. (713) 598-5054. Thanks, Carson
  43. Carson Dunwell

    In need of 8 wt Fly Reel

    I have recently acquired an 8 wt fly rod and I need a reel. I am willing to trade anything from a curado, to a chonarch, all the way up to a saltist or Trinidad. If possible, I would love to get a Hatch 6 plus or 9 plus. I am also in need of a 12 wt reel. Somethin like the Hatch 11plus Thanks...
  44. Carson Dunwell

    Avet T-RX 50 or 50w

    I want to buy a fairly nice Avet T-RX 50 or 50w. Preferably blue or gunmetal. No red, purple, or green.
  45. Carson Dunwell

    In need of 50, 50w, or 80w

    I am in need of a 50, 50w, or 80w reel. Not to old and still in working condition. I am only looking to trade for it. I will be trading mostly medium to small reels like a Trinidad 30 or a Saltist 35. I also have some old senators I will trade as well