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  1. wii888lo

    condolence to the mdr kayaker
  2. wii888lo

    under gunned?

    leave the 400-500 reels home 200-300 rods and walmart has a rod for 9.99 pic isn't me
  3. wii888lo

    anyone on the pac queen 3 day trip

    helping a friend to find out what happen .... or if anyone has info plz lmk so i can get it to him tks all
  4. wii888lo

    80lber yt landed at lupe

    pic speaks for itself
  5. wii888lo

    donkey? is it the right term

    40-50lb yt are called toad what u call a 80lb? pics speaks itself was caught at lupe
  6. wii888lo

    number 26 is an idiot

    number 26 on the excel is an complete idiot ...selling fish at the asian market $3.99 a lb won't be enough for the ticket
  7. wii888lo

    25 people rescued from sinking boat off San Clemente Island

    25 people rescued from sinking boat off San Clemente Island glad they are all safe
  8. wii888lo

    jig box thought i share

    i am no way affiliate with the company ...thought i share what i saw
  9. wii888lo

    bluefin at the colonet

    eclipse caught a 15lber out at the colonet today sure we will see pic after they come back tmr ... hope this season is as good as the last few years
  10. wii888lo

    san deigo bait question?

    haven't been out to san deigo for a few months only been fishing out of long beach n ventura going there for this weekend 2 day trip what kind of bait do this have at this moment squid or fin bait so i know what to pack for hooks tks all
  11. wii888lo

    had to share

    all it need is a grill n it is set to go
  12. wii888lo

    Eclipse overnight 5-04

    1 day overnight trip for $205 12 needed to leave the dock boat fishes 28 4 booked need 8 more to go baitwraps will have jigs to give away grab ur rods and stop internet fishing forks n possible fins trips Fishing the Coronado Islands/Baja coast to book...
  13. wii888lo

    talica 10ii good enough for colonel?

    a neighbor of mines just started fishing after he saw me with so many fishes last year ...he only have 1 set-up and its a talica 10ii with a phenix psw 700h he's planning on a 1-1/2 day colonett will he be under gunned? with 40lb topshot? i personally use a talica 12ii and psw...
  14. wii888lo

    houston we have a small problem

  15. wii888lo

    star vs lever for yoyo?

    a talica 12ii vs a trini 20a ....i was thinking of adding another back up reel for yoyo..i been using a talica 12ii and have trini 16a but never used the trini for yoyo ....the trini was mainly used for casting surface or sometimes live bait ..... my question is would u use a trini for yoyo...
  16. wii888lo

    shimano evair or xtratuff?

    which one is a better boot?
  17. wii888lo

    Shimano thunnus tu8000ci4 power pro line cap?

    is it me or am i tripping ...i look at shimano website and this is what they gave me ...doesnt look right
  18. wii888lo

    bait wraps candy bar 112 surface irons

    20 each and shipping is 3 dollars 2-7 and shipping is 6 dollars .....
  19. wii888lo

    bait wraps

    these are surface irons 20 each and will ship on ur dime
  20. wii888lo

    shimano torsa 20 n 30

    what line would u put on a torso 20 or 30 .....i was thinking 65 spectra on the ts 20 and 50 mono and on the ts 30 80 spectra n do 60 mono..... what do most ppl use these reels for ? jigging or live bait ...or what would u use it for? anybody has one plz lmk as i am new to tuna...