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    IM A Detroit Lions fan,and i figure streaks were meant to be broken....and its time for a change..someone new to lead the N.F.C NORTH...Detroit has sat in the basement for far too long...LETS GO LIONS AND PULL THE UPSET!!!!
  2. J

    looking to buy motor

    anybody out there willing to sell a motor for a 16 ft moark bass boat...shoot me some info and price and let me see what you got..
  3. J

    50 horse

    looking at a 50 horse sazuki (new) for a 16 ftr it worth 5000 bux????
  4. J

    float tube

    Need some help,need the bar strap with the mesh for my float tube....i dont now the official name,but if anyone has one to sell,or know of a way to get one,please hook a fellow tuber up....for a caddis navi 2
  5. J

    float tube

    anybody not using a float tube or anyone with some info on how i can find me the foam bar that has the mesh to keep the tube from collapsing.sorry dont know what there called,,,in dire need,,,got a major itch to get out on the bay and pierce some lips..