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  1. vellocity

    Shimano Tranx 500 Handle Choices?

    do you have the part number for these black knobs? Thank you!
  2. vellocity

    Tranx 500 HG w/clamp

    PM'd you. I'll take it
  3. vellocity

    Price Drop plus FREE SHIPPING to a business address Calstar Rods 2 custom

    Highly recommend this seller.. Meticulous packaging and shipped UPS as promised.. Thank you
  4. vellocity

    Ray Jarvis Memorial Trip 10 Day Countdown

    Hey can I buy a Large T-Shirt for my Dad? He and Hollywood Jarvis had a "good fella" kinda bond back on the RP days, almost 10 years ago now. I miss that old Gumba!
  5. vellocity

    Looking for fishing boat advice

    Pacific Queen. IMO the best drifting boat for the long soak. ask the crew on how to fish that drift, very important. good luck!
  6. vellocity

    Offshore 8/4/2015 - Bucket list, Check...

    Congrats Ali! The Dream has been accomplished and the fish story will live on forever. have Misuse post a picture of the belly meat sashimi!
  7. vellocity

    Offshore Blanked again. Friday PM session.

    I've been lurking the website. When are you back in town ZZZZZ?
  8. vellocity

    Silver Baja Special Tyrnos 8II

    PM'd you on the Tyrnos.
  9. vellocity

    F/S Avet EX 4/0 2 speeds w/ rods to match.

    hey guys selling my gear, not in Hawaii enough and they keep collecting dust so to thought i'd post here since these rods are short West Coast bait fishing style combos making it perfect for Jetski and Kayak fishermen. easy for gaffing or kage around leader time. i use short leaders so i can...
  10. vellocity

    Good times on the ski!

    oh man, making me all J!! wishing I could get in that purple water too!! gotta love how well the ski operates at gaff, no prop to cut you off, just nice circles sooo smooth! looks like the 2 speed is working killa! those Avets are very good reels. I epoxied hypalon tube (the black foam...
  11. vellocity

    Last Weeks Action! (first time posting)

    sick video edits! congrats!
  12. vellocity

    Ahi action on the ski

    smooth killah!! Westside style!! looks like you had the inside area all to yourself while the Memorial Day madness ran over each other on the outside! with your stealth setup you gonna run into a triple banger one day and I can't wait to see that video!! can't wait to get back on the islands...
  13. vellocity

    090812 P.D.L.

    congrats!! looks so beautiful laying on deck!
  14. vellocity

    Waianae hot spot

    nice work!
  15. vellocity

    Only 1 bite

    congrats, nice fish! das some classic Kinimaka right there! eh i like sample one ahi lure when i come back in early Sept!! ALOHA
  16. vellocity


    on a Livingston!! thatʻs awesome, nice fish!
  17. vellocity

    7.10.12 Ahi off the ski

    haha Ethan! i totally remember you showing me how to tie a PALOMAR knot and you told me to fish the La Jolla Yellowtail with a TLD 20/40! hahaha the worst combo ever!!
  18. vellocity

    7.10.12 Ahi off the ski

    yah Garrett! i like sample one of your AHI lures when i get back! Tell Kinis auwe on his gaff jobs lately!! hahaha!! love the photos of Kinis sitting on your Ahis! congrats on your fish last week! yah Lips!! when we going offshore for BFT on your big boat? Heard the local overnight...
  19. vellocity

    jetski ahi 7.15.12

    nice job!! sounded like fun action, seeing the fish rolling the surface like that must have been heart pumping!! canʻt wait to see your video footage! CONGRATS! Kelʻs turn next! yah Scottie we all know youʻll get one off the ski too!
  20. vellocity

    Mahalo all

    yah Issac! das awesome milestone for da paddlers!! raising the bar as always! get Kinimaka on one ahi too!
  21. vellocity

    7.10.12 Ahi off the ski

    Ali!! gonna hit you up with an email for my order! i need to get some electronics for the anchor fishing... mahalos
  22. vellocity

    Word got Out

    nice one Kekoa! you need to get Lachelle to pull on one!
  23. vellocity

    7.10.12 Ahi off the ski

    Visiting my family on Oahu for a week and had a chance to chase the Ahi from the ski. Got some good intel from the boys who have been having a good season so far so I launched out of Waianae the dark at 4am and headed straight for the numbers. With a new 4.5 month baby i could only fish til...
  24. vellocity

    Solarez Fly Tie UV Resins

    hey guys we have been getting only great feedback from all of you regarding our new Fly Tie UV Resins!! check us out! we are also continuing to reformulate our Neo-Rez UV cure wetsuit and wader repair. super flexible and perfect...
  25. vellocity

    Fly tiers NEEDED for Fred Hall Long Beach

    hey guys! we are looking for fly tiers that could sit in our booth and showcase their skills using our new UV curing glue at the Fred Hall show in LB. PM me if you're interested? Aloha Nelz
  26. vellocity

    North Shore Mahi

    right on for owning up Joe. i love your big fishbox on the back end, perfect for settling down those spastic Mahis! good luck to you guys.
  27. vellocity

    Jetski run off North Shore 12/04/11

    Been back home on the islands for the last month outfitting and getting our Lifesled ski in order to start promoting PWC fishing and other recreational uses here in Hawaii. so i'm looking for all you PWC fishermen!! hit me up and let's HUI together, talk story, talk rigging, fishing...
  28. vellocity

    North Shore Mahi

    hey Joe i'm the jetski guy. really, i need a bike flag to go fishing? it wasn't that rough out there that you "had to keep track" of me and the RIB. you're fishing the buoy on a weekend, figure it out, you ain't gonna be alone. and i wasn't yelling a "rated R Hello" over to you when you ran...
  29. vellocity

    Shimano IX 4000 spinning reel NEW

    new never opened $15 can ship at your expense 858 349 9248
  30. vellocity

    FISHWORKS Outerwear pullover jacket SIZE M

    ****SOLD **** size M can ship to you at your expense excellent condition, used only on 3 LR trips $75 858 349 9248
  31. vellocity

    powder coated 20 rod holder w/ wheels

    **** SOLD **** sick rod holder.. powder coated beauty sad to see her go! $75 858 349 9248 probably pick up only, it's a solid piece.
  32. vellocity

    plastic tackle trays (all NEW)

    selling them all together.. can ship to you at your expense figure $2 each so $10 for ALL 858 349 9248
  33. vellocity

    velcro jig bags

    selling them together.. can ship to you at your expense i don't remember how much i paid.. $10 for both 858 349 9248
  34. vellocity

    heavy yoyo irons

    they are the SALAS 6x large not to be confused with the Salas 6x jr
  35. vellocity

    HEAVY BIG yoyo irons

    sold thanks chingaling
  36. vellocity

    Squidco Reel Covers BUY the whole LOT!

    okay thanks i'll let you guys know
  37. vellocity

    Trinidad Clamp

    it's been sold thanks!
  38. vellocity

    Squidco Reel Covers BUY the whole LOT!

    i'll let you know if it falls through.. dolphin7 hit me up first thanks!
  39. vellocity

    Burns Wahoo bombs

    ****SOLD*** selling as a set new never used, rigged with braided wire ready to fish 2- Burns Bombs 2 jigs for $15 858 349 9248
  40. vellocity

    Glow yoyo jigs

    *** SOLD *** 1- Salas 7x Glow 2- Salas 6x jr glow 1- Sumo 6 glow grn/yellow/white 1- Sumo 6 glow chrome/green mackerel 1- Tady 4/0 glow blue/chrome 1- Tady 4/0 glow blue/white 1- Tady 9 glow blue/white 8 jigs for $32 858 349 9248
  41. vellocity

    heavy yoyo irons

    **** SOLD*** most are new never used! selling as a lot, will not break up 1- Salas 6x Blue/white 1- Salas 6x bleeding mackerel 1- Salas 6x purple / white 3- Salas 6x scrambled egg 1- Salas 6x white 1- Salas 7x blue/white 8 jigs for $36 858 349 9248
  42. vellocity

    Wahoo JIGS

    ***SOLD*** most are new, some have been on 1 LR trip.. well cared for.. no rust selling the whole lot, will not break up some are rigged with braided wire leaders these work! you need a bunch of these if you wanna catch a wahoo cause they bite better straight tied to mono which means losing alot...
  43. vellocity

    HEAVY BIG yoyo irons

    **** SOLD **** 3- PL68 scrambled egg 1- PL68 blue/white 1- PL68 Glow 1- Salas 7x SUPER green/white surface iron 1- shimano knife jig 7 jigs total for $35 858 349 9248
  44. vellocity

    Surface Irons

    **** SOLD ***** selling by the whole lot.. will not break up get them all, it's a deal! all these are pretty much new never used.. surface irons 2- candy bar unpainted 3- Salas 7x light GRN/BL/WHT 1- Salas 5x light mackerel blue/white 1- Salas 5x light egg 1- Tady 45 egg 1- Tady 45...
  45. vellocity

    Accurate six shooter handle (small)

    **** SOLD **** perfect condition i'll also throw in the reel seat clamps $20 858 349 9248
  46. vellocity

    Trinidad Clamp

    barely used.. mint condition $25 858 349 9248
  47. vellocity

    rolling metal work shop cart

    24" by 36" by 32" high 2 shelves heavy duty 858 349 9248 $30
  48. vellocity

    Smitty Belt (small) and Black Belt

    can ship to you at your expense 2 black belt non padded $10 each 1 Braid (blue one) $10 858 349 9248
  49. vellocity

    Jerry Brown Hollow Spectra (misc spools)

    JB Hollow Spectra taken off some reels that i sold last year.. spectra is relatively new, used 1 season.. 1 spool of about 300 yards of JB 80# hollow spliced to about 200 yards topshot of JB 60# hollow 1 spool of about 300 yards of JB 130# hollow (new never used) 1 spool of about 100...
  50. vellocity

    Squidco Reel Covers BUY the whole LOT!

    hey Stano! i don't go fishing at all so yah i guess you can say that! just keeping some local gear.. all LR stuff gone!
  51. vellocity

    Squidco Reel Covers BUY the whole LOT!

    pending sale to Dolphin7 thanks Jim! 1- XL 6- L 3- s/m 2- 30-50 size reel Chark Bait Covers $30 for all 858 349 9248
  52. vellocity

    Accurate Long Range Reel Bag LARGE

    **** SOLD **** large enough to fit 4- 50 size reels and 5- 30 size reels $40
  53. vellocity

    Need Tree Trimmer

    i went and had the job done with Gavin on Friday.. really great job, i highly recommend him for anyone looking to get their trees trimmed.. Decorus has some really great trucks.. i was very impressed with his operation! thanks for all the help guys!
  54. vellocity

    Need Tree Trimmer

    thanks Mike! stupid pine trees are for the mountains, not SD!!! but i think bringing them down will be outside my budget!
  55. vellocity

    Need Tree Trimmer

    love all the hookups.. thanks for all the help!! fucking stupid tree.. i just wanna take an axe to that thing and bring it all down!
  56. vellocity

    Need Tree Trimmer

    cool.. thanks for the info.. have you personally used him?
  57. vellocity

    Need Tree Trimmer

    i need a BD hookup! i need a tree trimmer! i live in Clairemont Mesa.. off Clairemont Mesa Blvd. west / 805 if you know anyone, or this is what you do please hit me up! 858 349 9248 front side: back side: thanks in advance!
  58. vellocity

    Shogun Seeker/Accurate Guadalupe trip update

    sick Chad!! good luck on your trip.. looks like perfect timing for you! there last day at the island looked fun!
  59. vellocity

    Shogun Seeker/Accurate Guadalupe trip update

    it looks like ZZZZZ hasn't skipped a beat!!! looks like fun fishing at the 'Lupe Shogun style!
  60. vellocity

    Offshore 8-29 YFT, Albies

    awesome Lee! nice grade! thanks for the invite, next time count me in!!
  61. vellocity

    Just moved to Moana Pacific

    there are some HOT HOT chicks in your building!! my buddy moved in there a month ago(East Tower) and afternoon poolside is epic!! not to mention the winebar in the Design Center! go fish poolside! da Tuna stay biting
  62. vellocity

    greetings from hawaii!!!!!!!!

    awesome trip Alan! shoots i wish i knew you were in town.. i was in Hawaii for a month!! could have took your family longboard surfing in Waikiki or something!! hopefully you brought your tools and serviced ALL of Jess' reels!!?? how the heck did you get a No Friend's tee?? that's our...
  63. vellocity

    8.21.08 Stand Up Paddle FISH

    just got back from Hawaii, fished only a handful of times all year....jonesing to PULL on something.. called some locals, got some insider info that only few can get.. got lucky and got to pull on something! back home cutting fish on my lawn by 8am!
  64. vellocity

    The Fever Gets Worse

    i just read this.. so jealous! awesome and congrats!!!
  65. vellocity

    Mahi Huntahs on Oahu!!

    yup Ethan, you taught me how to tie a Palomar knot!!! :notworthy 4 years ago i didn't even know what a Yellowtail was
  66. vellocity Reels Open 2008

    congrats on another successful trip!! great pics!! and congrats to David Fay and his 300#!! that's LARGE... he's a great guy and i like his style, he's a very smooth fisherman! he was a hotstick on our cow trip a few years ago
  67. vellocity

    Mahi Huntahs on Oahu!!

    came home to visit Mom for Mother's day... waves flat so we go fishing! rigged the ski to do some Mahi and Ono fishing brought back a Daiwa Grandwave 20 and a Shimano Corvalus 300 that i don't use in San Diego... then went to Sport Authority and bought 2 shitty cheap $29.99 Shimano rods to...
  68. vellocity

    2.7.08 La Jolla, i miss you!

    yeah.. it's a stand up paddle surfboard.. you stand up paddle to the spot, sit down and fish... initially i was paddling in standing up but water kept flowing over the fish and it revived back up and started flopping around and dumped me back in the water.. gave up and ended up having to...
  69. vellocity

    2.7.08 La Jolla, i miss you!

    the only Clint i knew used to drive a lil RED convertible MG that we used to try and fit our boards in and go surf Westside! haha! hey i just flew back home.. i'll be here til mid March for sure.. i'll PM you my cell # this board is my 10' Ellington.. i know Blane though, i'm gonna help...
  70. vellocity

    2.7.08 La Jolla, i miss you!

    you guys are classic! yeah you stand up paddle out there, sit down and fish.. pretty zen out there with just your board and feet dangling in the water.. paddling back with a fatty on deck made it kinda difficult...the fish was still kicking and flapping as i was hitting the beach!
  71. vellocity

    2.7.08 La Jolla, i miss you!

    it's been awhile since i've gone fishing.. i've been in Hawaii for the past 2 months and i haven't fished probably since mid August of last year, but a good friend caught a fish yesterday so shit i figured why not try catching one from my stand-up paddle surfboard? at 630 AM jumped in at the...
  72. vellocity

    11-16-07 357 lber!!! caught on the AA.

    how about Lon and his 277.9# only good for third? while his dad wins the jackpot at 308.8# ?? the OTR guys, Lon, Matt, and Greg are cool peeps! we fished with them a couple seasons ago, funny watching them spend all day in their OTR ball hugging fishing harness, haha! the OTR charter on...
  73. vellocity

    Royal Polaris Davis Boats 10 day 11/2007

    good stuff Brandon!! good times once again on the RP!
  74. vellocity

    Heavy Fluororcarbon

    Steve why chance it? go with what's proven... expenses shouldn't be an issue at this point and seeing how many trips you take.. you're gonna have probably 4 fishing days in the zone and 361 days to think about it. i wouldn't chance shit. i've learned my lessons the hard way and have read...
  75. vellocity

    Red Rooster 3 Accurate 2007

    wish i was going with you Ray! so when you hook your COW i could be there to turn UP your pacemaker! solid report as usual David! sounded like an emotionally tough trip all around.
  76. vellocity

    Report from the Angler 10.23

    or.........a young guy can get ADOPTED by a rich dad who owns his own mortgage company and is good poker player! dad, you went fishing and you didn't take me??
  77. vellocity

    Offshore Apollo 5 Day Guadalupe Island w/ 10 PPL!!

    JJ's the man at the Lupe!! and good to see Drew still working hard, or hardly working! looks like you guys scored the YFT!! congrats!:High_Five nice lobster bait in the kill box too!! LOL
  78. vellocity

    LJ 8/25

    there has been some TOAD calicos on the chew in LJ lately!!! what jigstick did you wrap Jay? it better be 9'3" or longer!
  79. vellocity

    Where rod Clamp on Shimano Trinidad TN16??

    i got a TN16 reel clamp. barely used as i only used my TN16 one trip.. PM me, i'll sell it
  80. vellocity

    Board fishing Cardiff -- Bonita Bite On - Pics

    looks like FUN!! i've been fishing LJ kelps with my stand-up paddle board too! way too much fun! tell Linda that i said hello!! -Nelz
  81. vellocity

    Offshore Sunday 08-19 Fish hunt.

    yeah 3 is better than 0 and we'll take it! thanks again for the invite Lee! wow, what a beautiful boat!
  82. vellocity


    TUNA WRANGLERS is on Discovery Channel tonight.. you can see what it looks like from a plane view
  83. vellocity

    Offshore Follow Up to Fish with Wahoodad on the Pacific Queen

    whoa, i didn't know Justin's working the deck on the PQ! sweet.. congrats on a great trip Albiedad showing the peeps how it's done!
  84. vellocity

    Offshore Sharkbit 8/12

    thanks for the time.. that's a BIG yt if you're holding it and it looks big.. where's the pics of the bad ass boat?
  85. vellocity

    Offshore 8/11-12 Bright and Morning Star

    yeah Reider! dude, when are we gonna fish... hit me up..
  86. vellocity

    Offshore 8/12 W-Fly Saltyballs Trix

    Smokey smoking them! nice carnage boys!
  87. vellocity

    FREE! Windsurfer To good BDer or....

    thanks for the offer.. gonna pass on this one.. thanks again..
  88. vellocity

    Offshore 8/6 with Surf Doc

    better luck next time Stano! those Heineken knockoffs are pretty good.. what time did you eat your bagel and cream cheese? haha!
  89. vellocity

    Offshore Sat 8/4 killin' chickens

    awesome Bill! congrats!
  90. vellocity

    K&M OFFSHORE, San Quintin

    going for the REPEAT performance KillStick!!! slay 'um
  91. vellocity

    Searcher 5 day...7/24-7/29

    sounds like fun Ken!! congrats!
  92. vellocity

    $65.00 Mexican Fishing License ...

    i paid $65 + tax at Seaforth Landing last week..
  93. vellocity

    Offshore Full speed YT action

    toads on long rod, epic!!
  94. vellocity

    any Cabo suggestions??

    thanks for all the help guys.. i'll give some of these guys a call.. any tips on how to fish the beach on light 6# test tackle? what kind of whipping lures should i bring? or just use Gulp like beach fishing in California?
  95. vellocity

    Speaking of ZZZZZ

    he's in down in CR poking drunk sunburnt tourist as they breeze through Playa Dominical. you could stay he's still fishing, but with different live bait now!
  96. vellocity

    any Cabo suggestions??

    thanks Mike i will definately check into Victor and see how the inshore fishing is doing next week.. is there fish to catch if i bring my lightweight beach spinning gear?
  97. vellocity

    any Cabo suggestions??

    solid Jay thanks for the info.. hope you got some of that little south we just had..
  98. vellocity

    any Cabo suggestions??

    going to Cabo on Tuesday for a week.. any suggestions on fishing there? not really going there to fish, but i'm interested for a day maybe.. i don't wanna catch marlin. i seen enough marlin.. yuk. maybe like Roosters? who's the charters for those?
  99. vellocity

    suggested 15lb reel and rod for local lineshine yellers

    Daiwa 20 SLX cheap and works great for 20# match that with a 800XLH and you should be set! never seen a line shy yellowtail though... it's all about your bait.
  100. vellocity

    Mexican fishing license

    $65 plus tax at Seaforth Landing..
  101. vellocity

    Spicy Seared ALBACORE Sashimi w/ Crispy Onions and Ponzu Sauce!!!!

    hands down the best way to eat Albacore if you are a raw fish lover! Spicy Seared Albacore Sashimi with Crispy Onions and Ponzu Sauce! 1.5" thick albacore filets, coated with shriracha hot sauce (1 tsp sriracha) 1 whole red onion, shaved thin and barely any oil and fried till crispy 1...
  102. vellocity

    306 lb AHI??

    that used to be the best part about fishing on Oahu.. you'd hear the size of someone's radio fish, then see the fish at the auction block later that night and it's usually WAY smaller than they called out over the radio!! i hope there are 300# swimming around Hawaii, that would be too cool!
  103. vellocity

    Offshore Just Because

    congrats! you guys slayed them! we need to CHARGE and make that RUN out there Terry!
  104. vellocity

    Offshore 7.23 SurfDoc still FLOATS!!

    talked to Big Stano 10pm Sunday night after he'd been drinking ALL day and ALL night.. after a few call backs and trying to understand his drunken slurs we made plans to meet him at Glorieta bay at 8am, wait, 6am, ok.. 7am confirmed! i wake up at 5am in the morning to 4 voicemail messages from...
  105. vellocity

    306 lb AHI??

    the fish auction block is like the lottery.. you get the right fish at the right time and you make $.. most of the time they fucking work you and give you shit prices for all your hard work. it's supply and demand.... then you got the boat name recognition game to play too.... when you...
  106. vellocity

    Check that stuff out!

    wow.. that is a dream to have a trip that run into those.....that BITE. in '05 on the Gun, we saw them down at the Uncle Sam bank in late May. 150-200# models rolling on micro bait. we spent the whole day and almost two wells of bait trying to get them to bite.. Norm was literally CRYING over...
  107. vellocity

    Owner Matu circle hooks, or Flyliner hooks, ring or no ring.

    like David said, don't swing on a J hook. crank the handle to come tight and it'll set in the corner like a circle hook.. so far i've got the corner every time.. i think to get the corner you have to have good bait management when flylining.. feel your bait, when you get picked up...
  108. vellocity

    What to put on a Calstar 870-7'

    oh 870's are nice rods! Daiwa SLX 40HA... $119...good price get the 4.9:1 ratio one, not the 6:1 excellent flylining bait, surface iron reel, and great yoyo ratio speed for local fishing..
  109. vellocity

    07-19 Fishing

    yeah Terry's good people! i'm sure you guys will slay 'um!
  110. vellocity

    07-19 Fishing

    good luck Lee! i'm Terry Upton's friend! he talks about your boat all the time and i finally put your name and BD together and figured out it's you!
  111. vellocity

    Offshore Limit 7/16 SOUTH

    need Mex License and he's good to go.. he's here til the 31st. going to Cabo with Mano. Mano comes home tomorrow too. it's ON.. 4 fishermen, that's 20 chickens! haha!
  112. vellocity

    Offshore Limit 7/16 SOUTH

    good shit Stano!! shit!! Skipp and i woulda scored today!! let's go tomorrow! pressure? what pressure? you got LIMITS!! patch? what patch? you got LIMITS!
  113. vellocity

    pics and story of big tuna

    dude, just buy the Royal Pelagic next.....or at least let me know when you plan on taking one of their trips...i'm down for some Mainland Mex gems!
  114. vellocity

    pics and story of big tuna

    fucking aye Matt!! that's some impressive shit right there... beautiful Ahi!! remember big Chuck Weber from our Lupe trip?? haha, he was on my last 8 day on the RP!!! same ol Chuck pooping out tired and not being able to finish off his YFT's!!! haha!!
  115. vellocity

    Seeker 6 day aboard the Excel

    thanks for the report David. didn't get a text this AM so i figured you had your fish all accounted for.. next time though!!
  116. vellocity

    How much 130 hollow on ex40/2

    i think i got 450yards 130JB hollow all the way to the top.. then caught a fish on it, then it sat down even there is like space at the top for more..
  117. vellocity

    what's the shelf life of Mono....or Flouro?

    thanks everyone.. knowledge is power!
  118. vellocity

    what's the shelf life of Mono....or Flouro?

    i got P-Line and Izor from at least 2 seasons old... and Seaguar topshots from at least 2 seasons old too... stored in the dark closet.. what's the shelf life of mono and Flouro?
  119. vellocity

    2007 Thom Hultgen Memorial 8 Day

    yeah Moses is good shit.. we had a 5 passenger trip to the Lupe when he worked on the Apollo.. he was good fun, it was like an all crew trip... good crew is what make the trips fun hands down..
  120. vellocity

    2007 Thom Hultgen Memorial 8 Day

    looks like you guys SCORED! congrats on a great trip.. yeah Moses....balls out, ass out, wide open fishing! looks like good times!
  121. vellocity

    report by Bill

    that's a FATTY TOAD YT you got there Cuda/Hoo/YT Killer! it probably smoked your 4/0! congrats!
  122. vellocity

    RP Father's Day Report 6/16-6/24... Hollywood and Friends 2007

    yeah he's told me about some of his Hollywood glamour days!! must have been some cool ass parties back then when everything FLOWED freely
  123. vellocity

    American Angler 6-15 / 6-22 - Pictures

    nice pics Jim! hard to stop and take pics in all the YT mayhem huh? looks like you guys got nice weather at Cedros, i'm still recovering from the wind burn we got for our 2 days there..
  124. vellocity

    RP Father's Day Report 6/16-6/24... Hollywood and Friends 2007

    here's the tee shirt that Ray made for the crew, returning passengers and future Friends... thanks Ray! i think we need a yellowtail jumping on next year's tee so our Tuna fishing can gets better!
  125. vellocity

    American Angler 7 day 6/15-22 Report

    thanks for the offer!
  126. vellocity

    American Angler 7 day 6/15-22 Report

    nice report Steve.. good job on working through the slow bite at the Rocks... at least Cedros made up for it! we took good care of Ray for you
  127. vellocity

    RP Father's Day Report 6/16-6/24... Hollywood and Friends 2007

    you're not getting away that easy Hollywood! post your report and all your pics... my dad had a great time thanks to you and Salty Chris.. you guys made my dad's trip a blast and he really enjoys your company..
  128. vellocity

    RP Father's Day Report 6/16-6/24... Hollywood and Friends 2007

    fished on the RP again this year for Father's Day with my dad and Ray "IronThrower" Jarvis, better known on the RP as "Hollywood" cause he's always looking so good! Okuma sponsored the trip, but for me it was a Hollywood and Friends 2007 trip as there were 5 of us from last year returning from...
  129. vellocity

    Catchy Tackle American Angler 2007

    thanks for the report David.. i'm in Scotty's office right now stealing wireless internet trying to get some last minute emails done and i couldn't resist a last minute fish report check.. leaving on the RP in about an hour!
  130. vellocity

    so far, so slow for the boys on the AA

    sounds like a tough trip... Cuda's probably in heaven killing YT's on the long rod though.. hopefully Alijos picks up... on Monday morning it will!! fingers crossed!
  131. vellocity

    Fresh news from Shogun

    thanks for the reports Shelly!
  132. vellocity

    Shogun Fans June 7th 2007

    thanks Shelly! 100# yft on the iron, sounds awesome to me!
  133. vellocity

    4 day on the excel lots of fun 05.28 thru 06.01

    good job, nice grade of fish! where's that pic of the 42# WSB!!?
  134. vellocity

    what does torque do for a reel?

    Daiwa Saltiga and Shimano Trinidad both have 6.something to 1 ratios, but the Saltiga seems like it has more torque under load... someone told me that torque has something to do with the angle/cut of the gear teeth.. and yeah, major difference with 6:1 vs. 4:1 ratios.. 4:1 is my choice when...
  135. vellocity

    Even a blind squirrel gets an acorn now and again

    yeah David! start her up, it's ON now!!
  136. vellocity

    Handle for SLX 20/30/40 SHV?

    i've seen peeps put a trinidad handle on the SLX.. for what i don't know? the $50 handle for a $80 reel? your power what i understand comes from the cut of the gears.. that's why your saltist can crank under load and the SLX handle turns but the spool doesn't
  137. vellocity

    5/19 Title defense

    sick one Brad! sweet beach photo... major kills going down!
  138. vellocity

    Oh Shit! Killed another thresher 5-19

    thanks for the filets!! i had some tonight! fresh T-shark kabobs on the grill.... awesome!
  139. vellocity

    1,500 yards of 80 lb Hollow..........

    for my EX 4/02 i put 130 JB hollow spliced to the top with 80 JB hollow(200 yards) i did this cause 80# was too expensive to fill all the way and i was only planning on fishing 60# short topshots with the EX.. maybe 80# at most.. but this way it was cheaper and you'll be baiting(going in and...
  140. vellocity

    1,500 yards of 80 lb Hollow..........

    yeah no shit Steve.. lemme borrow a few of that for my 8 day with Hollywood Ray! i'll try my best to repack your spectra from hanging on a June BIG BFT!
  141. vellocity

    torium 20 with 9 foot jig stick?

    40# bait setup .. if you like 2speeds something like a JX/2 on a 6470 50# yoyo setup .. something like a TOR20 or 30 on a 6465H
  142. vellocity

    torium 20 with 9 foot jig stick?

    there are big differences between 3 day trips and 5 day trips, especially the timing of the 5 day trip.. 3 day summer trips you might be offshore the whole time chasing tuna and paddies and your above setups are more than fine... but you still might run into good grade BFT or BET, again time of...
  143. vellocity

    torium 20 with 9 foot jig stick?

    i use a TOR 20 on my Ulua with 50# izor and stupid tight drag.. put a deep bend in that rod and turn it's head... fish will not take drag and your hand never comes off the handle ever.. i'm gonna use a TOR 30 on my ulua this year though.. the line comes off the spool alot easier and i'm...
  144. vellocity

    Sato Crimper and Crimps

    thanks Corb.. for sure the AC guy reads here? ok, maybe not.
  145. vellocity

    Sato Crimper and Crimps

    i'm not using it enough to keep it.. but i like them, super fast and stealthy so check it out.. comes with a little booklet of directions. SOLD the crimps, only Crimper and booklet for sale now.. READ it WELL.. i...
  146. vellocity

    4:1 vs. 2 speed with high ratios

    i gotcha.. like i said above in my first post.. similar spool sizes of TLD 15 4:1 and Avet JX / LX 3:1 low gear strickly bait fishing, i just don't know if the 25% difference between the above reel ratios are even noticable when hanging a fish on 40# i understand Avet's marketing concept...
  147. vellocity

    4:1 vs. 2 speed with high ratios

    thanks for the replies.. yes i understand the formula. but does that 25% difference (4:1 vs 3:1) warrant having a 2 speed for 40# class reel? or even worst, less than 40# like those little small Avets.. i mean you can't even keep the rod loaded when you go into low on those little 2 speeds i...
  148. vellocity

    4:1 vs. 2 speed with high ratios

    i got a ratio questions.. i know the difference between my TN20 6:1 ratios vs. TLD15 4:1 ratios when on a fish... major night and day.. Avets say their JX and LX 2 speeds have a 6:1 high and 3:1 low ratio.. and even more.. a Tiagra 12 has a 3.9:1 high and 1.7:1 low that's a very low...
  149. vellocity

    LJ yt and wsb May16

    sounds like all of La Jolla heard you! congrats on the double whammy.
  150. vellocity

    Live Teahupoo

    that's a shame.. they ran out of time in the contest window dates and had to pay ALOT of money just for this extension to get this last day.. and it's shit.. i hope they start scoring for the finals.. if it does pick up like forecasted it will be crazy... like 4' then 10' bombs!
  151. vellocity

    Live Teahupoo

    incoming heavy swell.. could be nutz by the end of the comp, plus conditions look already iffy.. one of the few places in the world that can be onshore and it will still barrel cause it surges so hard..
  152. vellocity

    Live Teahupoo

    the forecast is good for the next 3 swells down there.. it's gonna be nutty tomorrow and sat
  153. vellocity

    5/14 MIA Yozuri

    and island yellowtails too.. i haven't flylined a sardine since August last year and my 8 day LR trip is coming up in 30 days!! so.........if you want BFT in June, i need bait fishing practice!! let's go!
  154. vellocity

    5/14 MIA Yozuri

    call me when you ready to KILL one.. your BBQ is crying for fish... i mean my BBQ is
  155. vellocity

    RP April 2007 17 Day Open

    looks like you had alot of fun Brandon! that's a long time on the boat! congrats!
  156. vellocity

    EX 30W

    you should see how LOUD my EX 4/02's are, they are the original first ones.. shit sounds like a grinding machine, sounds like the clicker is ON always.. it's the best troll reels, you can probably hear the clicker go off from the galley! we've had crew reach down and try to turn the clicker off...
  157. vellocity

    Old news but...

    Brian Sims is an awesome guy, congrats to him! i walked over to the 105 during the DATD to hopefully see some familiar faces and revisit some great memories from our 10 day and the boat really looked like shit! what a joke.. i feel sorry for the fishermen who regularly fish the boat.
  158. vellocity

    OTW Report 5/4/07 Exploding TLD 50II

    $238 for 20's $248 for 30's and $50 for tiburon handles
  159. vellocity

    Seeker Blue EX blanks

    they don't have the whole line up.. looks pretty picked through the popular seeker blanks.. didn't see the ones you're asking for, which i think are the popular blanks. they had alot of 20-30# blanks and the heavy short cue sticks like 6455XH there might have been a 6465H in there, i was...
  160. vellocity

    Shogun overnight yellowtail trips

    let me know i'm down to go.. good south swell this weekend and upcoming week, so no fishing for me..
  161. vellocity

    Shogun overnight yellowtail trips

    are you kidding me? a chance to ride the Shogun and there are only 9 peeps going? and the epic price? it's worth it just for the honor of riding the boat and meeting the two Capt. and crew! i went on a 8 day with them once and only had 16 anglers and with a boat that wide it got lonely at the...
  162. vellocity

    TOPSHOTS....."serve" 'um or crimp 'um?

    sweet! send me plenty examples of 25' 40# seguar flouro topshots so i ca make sure they look good! LOL LOL LOL
  163. vellocity

    TOPSHOTS....."serve" 'um or crimp 'um?

    sounds interesting Justin i'm always down to learn something new! can you post pics?
  164. vellocity

    Yo yoing

    4 day in August, you'll probably get south of San Martin on the beach somewhere. 50# mono, stiff rod, buttoned down drag, salas 6x jr. in scrambled egg or blue/white works good. 6x if deep water and plenty currrent. if you don't get bit on the drop, you will on the wind in. i go to the bottom...
  165. vellocity

    TOPSHOTS....."serve" 'um or crimp 'um?

    here is something more to talk about.. this is JMO, but... i think it's most important to serve tight, then saturate with activator and the glue will soak deep down to the topshot....bonding everything together. when i was learning how to do this, i read that some people glue first then...
  166. vellocity

    TOPSHOTS....."serve" 'um or crimp 'um?

    the serve is just there to hold the hollow connection in place under slack line conditions.. the holding strength comes from the chinese finger cuff. if you fish a long topshot, shit shove the mono up like 10' into the hollow. like you said, the serve 1/8" or 1" up the mono side does...
  167. vellocity

    Seeker Blue EX blanks

    which two did you get??
  168. vellocity

    Seeker Blue EX blanks

    i was confused.. the way Joey described it that it was like a blacksteel(composite w/ glass tip) blank(which i love) but blue with more lifting power... they couldn't get the blank consistent so they discontinued it and made the SS blanks. like i said, i don't care for the colors but at...
  169. vellocity

    OI Report on the Matador

    sweet pictures!!!!
  170. vellocity

    Seeker Blue EX blanks

    anyone have any bad feedback with the discontinued Seeker Blue S blanks? i know why they are discontinued, just wanna know if you like them or not? Squidco's got all the Blue blanks for like $49 personally i don't like the color, but shit, i can build some rods for less than $100, so i'm...
  171. vellocity

    TOPSHOTS....."serve" 'um or crimp 'um?

    i use a bow string serving jig for my hollow to flouro connections.. i use 20# spectra for 40-80#topshots, and 30# spectra for 80#-150#, i don't make those sizes anymore :( 20# spectra makes the serve really stealth and thin, really key for your 40# stealth topshots.. and the JB glue penetrates...
  172. vellocity

    TOPSHOTS....."serve" 'um or crimp 'um?

    that topshot is gnarly huh? must of slipped, then caught itself again, so lucky! or maybe just mono stretched out? like i said in the other spectra post, i had a single crimp pull out, but a failure on my part, not the a failure on the system.. i didn't learn it right and blew it...
  173. vellocity

    "re-packing" spectra

    i wasn't talking about a line winder in my post.. i'm talking about winding in a baitless hook after a long soak. if you wind in correctly then protected finger pressure is fine. i've never had one dig. drag pressure is key too 1/2 to 3/4 strike on initial hookup when the fish is all nutz...
  174. vellocity

    The Fuel Price War

    PM me your number.. tried calling it the other day... the gas lines at Costco suck donkey balls.. who owns AM/PM? they've got alot of my money damnit
  175. vellocity

    TOPSHOTS....."serve" 'um or crimp 'um?

    mono to flouro connection with a crimped sleeve is pure ghetto!! gnarly, i can't believe the boat connects that way? i don't blame you for not trying that one, talk about using flouro for stealth, then they connect you that way? it just goes to show that the cow bite of '05-'06 was going off...
  176. vellocity

    "re-packing" spectra

    sorry but from what i was taught, you do NOT cross hatch across the spool. this creates the gaps and pockets that will cause spectra to dig deep. i was taught to make sure you wind in evenly across to not create the lumps and gaps, paying close attention to how it stacks up on the sides of the...
  177. vellocity

    5.1.07 Virginia Beach boyz slaying some YFT

    shoot the porn stars, screw the celebs
  178. vellocity

    5.1.07 Virginia Beach boyz slaying some YFT

    ha! i think team chronic.. nah, Morey.. he's our No Friends East coast rep too.. (actually only VB, he don't do shit)
  179. vellocity

    Rockpile weds.5/2

    if you go, word is that the fish moved up to south kelp today.. good luck
  180. vellocity

    5.1.07 Virginia Beach boyz slaying some YFT

    look what the last storm brought to my redneck boyz in Virginia Beach! they slayed some nice 40-45# YFT and some nice quality Dodos! i don't got complete details, but they told me they fished 20 miles off Hatteras on the Fin Seeker w/ Capt. Tiki Bob. too bad they are gonna probably COOK...
  181. vellocity

    Fished Pokai Bay in early April

    rods never left the rodholders on my dad's boat either! actually that's not completely true, when you hook up on the corner pole and it's rough, you bring the rod off the transom and forward so you don't get WASHED out of the corner.. i guess they never taught you the Portuguese Pump!? left...
  182. vellocity

    LJ over the weekend

    nich fish Chris!
  183. vellocity

    Dad steals the show @SCI 4-22

    that's a TOAD! congrats!
  184. vellocity

    Photos of Our Last Big South Swell

    Sunny has a house in HB pics are insane! thanks
  185. vellocity

    day at the docks

    the ULUA that J.Akuhed wrapped for you is fricken INSANO!!! so crip dakine brahhhdahhhh.. love the colors..
  186. vellocity

    day at the docks

    good to see everyone there.. had a great time with Ironthrower and his son walking around and checking out the other LR big boats.. Intrepid looks narrow for it's length and it sits way high out of the water in the transom, Indy looks beautiful and wide! i love the Q but they need some paint...
  187. vellocity

    Lajolla Blows Up!! today!

    good fishing out there today! congrats!! saw one kayaker get one around 7am..
  188. vellocity

    Tadpole 8days aboard the Shogun

    looks like a very FUN trip to the Rocks!! awesome boat! Shorty's da man! congrats!
  189. vellocity

    Transporting catch to Oregon?

    we've had great service from Five Star fish processing you should just call them with your questions and shipping qoutes. 619 299 9996 we have shipped fish to my Aunt who lives in Portland, OR. through 5 star. my dad travels back to Hawaii after each trip we take.. we ask them to freeze the...
  190. vellocity

    Making wahoo bombs

    yeah Hollywood, those bombs look killer.. hopefully we get a chance to use them!
  191. vellocity

    Avet jx or lx?

    i know, sorry.. :o i've only been on 5 LR trips..... and i fish a upgraded TLD 15 for 40#, so who am i to have an opinion? :notworthy
  192. vellocity

    Avet jx or lx?

    i make it very easy on myself... i just listen to what the good guys say works, what you guys say to do, and i leave all the experiementing up to you guys that do it the best and spend the most time on the water working out the kinks.... i don't have time to fuck up, i go one big trip a year...
  193. vellocity

    Avet jx or lx?

    listen to Wahoodad, he's the king of Long Range....i'm just a wannabe follower with way, way less water time.
  194. vellocity

    Avet jx or lx?

    you're right... you are ok with a JX if you fish a short topshot, but i personally don't like taking a reel all the way down deep into the bottom 1/4 of a spool of spectra.....especially when you long soak, then get bit.. the extra spectra of a LX will keep you out of the bottom 1/4. worst...
  195. vellocity

    Avet jx or lx?

    i say if you're fishing Lupe, the LX.. more 60# JB hollow on there... at Lupe it can be a long soak to get a bite....and when you're that far out and get bit, well you know what happens... at Alijos, the JX.. you don't have to soak as far away from the boat to get a bite. either one would be...
  196. vellocity

    K&M reports, SURF & FISH.....southswell!

    sweet Kelly!! thought it was gonna be WINDY today?? hopefully see you soon..
  197. vellocity

    Shogun - on the water report- 4/08/07

    awesome job! thanks Shelly!! SKYPE is good stuff, i use it alot for work.. it will be sweet when the LR boats get faster connection speeds and you can get the boat on a live webcam report!!!! i hope they find those Yellows on the Bank! Shorty and your Hubby's got some good spots, 2 years ago...
  198. vellocity

    I need 8 rods.....simple, not fancy

    you put in BOLD that you would pay for all materials? of course you would! whether it's plain wraps or fancy wraps, it takes time.. i know how long it takes for simple wraps and i don't want to know how long it takes to do those creative stuff these bad ass guys are wraping these days! i do...
  199. vellocity

    any one on the RP Father's day trip June 16th?

    you remember the long rod huh!? handing off to my dad 50-65# YFT's on the Ulua! he's gonna get worked this year, i'm gonna have him begging no mas!! no, straw hat guy is salty 'ol Chris Petterson, remember his red suspenders? Bill is the REAL SaltyDawg here on BD.
  200. vellocity

    any one on the RP Father's day trip June 16th?

    would love it if Frank drove our trip!! worth the price of admission just to see him snap at someone at the bait tank for scooping more than one sardine, or worst, dropping one!!!! LOL would love to fish with you Bill!!! someone gets out of line, you can throw them off the boat!! ;) what's...
  201. vellocity

    Who would've thunk that?

    haha, you got me........but April's Fools is Sunday!
  202. vellocity

    Who would've thunk that?

    haha, you got me........but April's Fools is Sunday!
  203. vellocity

    any one on the RP Father's day trip June 16th?

    i meant to say pony tailed, red suspender wearingChris Petterson.. he's the salty dog on the rail, and yeah, he's got a very salty sense of humor!! i like the guy! sorry BajaDreamer, one day i will be on your trips though..
  204. vellocity

    any one on the RP Father's day trip June 16th?

    yeah Steve come and join us next year, Ray is really fun and i can't wait to fish with ol salty Chris Petterson! i think these 8 day trips are perfect for variety.. hopefully this year we can get it ALL like last year. plus i like it cause i won't need nothing bigger than a Alantani upgraded...
  205. vellocity

    any one on the RP Father's day trip June 16th?

    it's been a long time since i butt hooked a sardine.. my dad and i are booked on the RP 8 day trip, June 16th-24th.. looking forward to fishing on such a great boat and crew....and with Ray "Iron Thrower" Jarvis again! anybody else booked on this trip?
  206. vellocity

    San Quintin Report, K&M Offshore

    yeah Kelly! shoreline calicos!! see you maybe Sunday/Monday pending swell/weather.....
  207. vellocity

    1.5 day Apollo big Yellow good Codfish

    congrats you guys! JJ's good people!
  208. vellocity

    Combination surfing/long range trip

    doesn't the Islander have a boom so they can dump the shark cages for their shark tours at Lupe? David, i'll go if i can bring my ski !?! no need to paddle, no more noodle arms......Nativi, catch like 40 waves per session... guys who fly into Nativi will be bummed... my 8 day last year had a...
  209. vellocity

    Hawaii rods guys SUCK!!!

    no, dip it in saltwater and it will season it and shrink it more. i use spectra to pull the tag end through the wraps to end the tuna cord....and unwind the tag endso it pulls through easier and lays flat under your wraps..
  210. vellocity

    Aloha Kona Fishing Report Dec 18-Dec 27 2006

    some people will never understand the kinds of weather people on Oahu will fish in.. especially right now, mosquito fleet trying to get some RED meat for New Years Eve!!! Double ball lineup, tradewinds, NW swell.... have fun!! :rofl: better yet, trying to turn the corner at Kahuku point with...
  211. vellocity

    Royal Polaris 11/13-23 2006 10 Day

    nice photos Brandon! sounded like FUN!
  212. vellocity

    Fall 2006 Hoodad Shogun trip

    congrats on your trip David!! great pics!! sounds like that YT bite was epic!! gotta love those! we fished with Dave Fay last year on the epic Cow bite, he was great company and fun to share the rail with.. good bait fisherman.. looks like he upgraded on his Ipod from last year! and deckhand...
  213. vellocity

    UFC 65 Hughes vs GSP

    these are a little better quality.. UFC 65 Matt Hugues vs Georges St Pierre EXCLU: UFC 65, Vera vs Frank Mir
  214. vellocity

    UFC 65 Hughes vs GSP

    for those you didn't get to see complete DOMINATION and complete domination by SD boy Brandon Vera...
  215. vellocity

    Shake, Rattle and roll

    my parent's house was jumping! power out for more than 14 hours for us on Oahu.. 6.7 magnitude, gnarly.. heard on the Big Island the Kohala Sugar mill smoke stack fell down! bummer
  216. vellocity

    I didn't catch a 375 pound Tuna

    that's sick Griz!! solid! shit.. i'm in town til Monday, waves really fun on the upside but if it's variables again, i might be surfing in front of your side... solid swell Sat.. da NS season has begun.. and shit for you guys Ahi season ain't over yet! that's some fucking damn good...
  217. vellocity

    10-6-10-9 San Quintin K&M Sportfishing

    yeah brahhhdahhh.. you guys killing it again!
  218. vellocity

    OK the new boat to me

    sweet, no front windows!! don't need to worry about blowing them out when we hit the double ball lineup chasing birds... that's a fucking huge boat! sick!
  219. vellocity

    spirit of adventure 9/28 to 10/3/06

    glad you had a great trip Alan! i know i wouldn't have the balls to fish that little blue reel! awesome photos
  220. vellocity

    help first time to island of Oahu

    go Haleiwa and fish with Griz, he has a charter boat called the Foxy Lady docked in the harbor.. search him on this forum.. don't fish out of Kewalo Basin, no fish on the south side.. late June is usually a good time for fishing and weather/seas normally very nice and hot snorkeling, go to...
  221. vellocity

    10-3 Nados

    good job Jay!!
  222. vellocity

    Q 105 9/20 - 9/26 With pics!

    glad you picked away at them Mark! that sounded tough, 1-2 bites an hour! stoked you enjoyed the Q and crew..
  223. vellocity

    Are Avet drags best left dry or greased??

    grease um.. grease Accurates too.. no more jumpy drags after the 3rd day on a long trip..
  224. vellocity

    Gawd, I hate Martyball!

    running on 3rd and long... nuff said..
  225. vellocity

    yellowtail collar

    i soak them in teriaki sauce for a day skin side down on a bbq grill on medium-low heat.. you'll see the fatty meat start bubbling.. eat with chopsticks when you can start picking out the meaty sections..
  226. vellocity

    50 lb YT-proof

    Bajangler? gayz: 2 mins of fame over.. close the thread already....i'm tired of looking at the replies and having to see the photo of the guy on the pier who's caught a bigger YT than me!! so jealous, that's an insane catch!!
  227. vellocity

    Top Gun Tuna Pics

    yeah.. and Ali responded, so he's on his own? cause you guys start alot of shit and jump on many new BD members if they say the wrong thing.. so kinda good to see everyone get roasted every once in a while.. what i really wanted to say was.. nice Cows!! love the long Allison fins on those...
  228. vellocity

    Top Gun Tuna Pics

    oh shit, his boys are gonna back him up now... hey Ali, they might talk to the moderators and try and get you banned!! and i'm gonna borrow one of those laughing things from Whalestail's post
  229. vellocity

    SDAngler where is.....

    yeah, where is it Mark!!?? let's see some pics!
  230. vellocity

    YO's 11 Day

    good luck Brandon! what do you mean get ready? always ready! just pack clothes!
  231. vellocity

    50 lb YT-proof

    that's a lifetime fish right there!!! fat fucker too! good job on backing your story your 2 mins of bloodydecks fame is over.. thanks for your concerns on our dicks, but that's just kinda GAY that you're thinking about it..
  232. vellocity

    Tossin rod choice

    700H is perfect.. we use 6465H, cause we also use it as yoyo rods.. 50# string no less. we like Tn and Tor 30's.. plenty of spectra backing incase you hook an accidental 170# yft like ZZZZZ did while fishing wahoo! :notworthy well, at least you didn't pull on a 800M, cause that's a...
  233. vellocity

    6 days on the "Q"

    sweet report! nice catches on the homemade junk! i like the boat and Brian Sims is awesome! congrats!
  234. vellocity

    K&M Offshore,San Quintin

    thanks for the report!!!!!
  235. vellocity

    50 lb YT caught off Crystal Pier 9/21

    that photo looks ancient! look at how much sand San Diego had back then....
  236. vellocity

    UFC 63

    Dailymotion - Share Your Videos hughes vs. penn 1 and 2 is at the bottom
  237. vellocity

    Why is this site running so SLOOOOOW

    blame ZZZZZ then.. he's going and not going, all within a span of 10mins :rofl: i was gonna skip work just because he was gonna skip.. it's more fun when we do it "yeah brahhhhdahh style" next weather break we're on it..
  238. vellocity

    Other prochallenger rebuild

    nice tutorial once again!! at least then handle nut lock is METAL, not plastic like the ones on the TLD15's that crack and split when you lock them down!! when you down by Noah's give me a call, i live off the same exit, but west instead of east... i'm using torium offset handles with your...
  239. vellocity

    prochallenger rebuild

    nice tutorial once again!! at least then handle nut lock is METAL, not plastic like the ones on the TLD15's that crack and split when you lock them down!! when you down by Noah's give me a call, i live off the same exit, but west instead of east... i'm using torium offset handles with your...
  240. vellocity

    Why is this site running so SLOOOOOW

    you do suck.. i wanted to go fishing....but i also had shit to do... shit if we went BD would still be running SLOW... weather looks nice too! don't listen to Jason anymore..haha! shit we suck.. Misuse he still talking to us? we'll make it up to him next time... he gets more...
  241. vellocity

    Fluorocarbon and Long Range Fishing

    thanks Branman we were struggling trying to make it work for mono-spectra.. but that's what JB hollow is for!
  242. vellocity

    Red Rooster 5 day Sept19th-24th

    sounds like a tough pick, but at least you got your licks in!!! good breaking in the JX 2 speed!!! congrats Chad!
  243. vellocity

    Fluorocarbon and Long Range Fishing

    sweet.. that's it..
  244. vellocity

    Fluorocarbon and Long Range Fishing

    super simple to tie.. with respect to those who have more experience with this knot, i'd be stoked if they could show us how to tie it.. and i should clarify more.. Rose Splice, Rosey Splice is what i was refering to....for joining 2 lines together... beautiful mono-mono, mono-flouro...
  245. vellocity

    Fluorocarbon and Long Range Fishing

    sounds like you are READY!!!! sick info! yes! gets me amped just reading all about it.. one thing i'd like to add... i just learned the Rosey Splice, or Rosey Knot(a knot taught by Roy Rose of the Royal Polaris)... hands down the best knot ever for joining two lines together! mono-mono...
  246. vellocity

    UFC 63

    well, the new UFC fans got to see how good BJ Penn is when he's not GASED......pretty sad that BJ was too tired in round 3 to even hold his hands up... BJ schooled Matt the first 2 rounds, even GSP said it at the end of the fight...there are alot of holes in Hughes standup and ground game, but...
  247. vellocity

    50 lb YT caught off Crystal Pier 9/21

    i believe the YT story.. i just want to see a 50# class YT, i've seen only 2 in the past 3 years fishing LaJolla. both caught by kayakers, one caught in 12' of water off Blacks.. i know it's possible. the dorado story, i don't believe...but i heard about it, does that make it true?
  248. vellocity

    UFC 63

    yeah and yeah, but i don't know what's harder? waiting for waves or nailing down Roach to show up... let's do it.. more souths coming... small one Monday, then Wed of next week.. Mex would be best.. i'll call him..shoot him and Ross
  249. vellocity

    I watched a guy catch a fish.

    shit kinda miss seeing such big ass GOLD 130 reels!!! cannot catch fish unless you got GOLD reels!! and "break 23 for a radio check" "ahhh Mahalo for da radio check" haha! good going Jesse!
  250. vellocity

    50 lb YT caught off Crystal Pier 9/21

    i'd like to see photos!! just like the story of someone who caught a 15# dodo night fishing from the beach at Simmons(just north of Windansea, La Jolla) a few weeks ago...
  251. vellocity

    UFC 63

    yeah i was out all morning... black board w/ red-white inlays/black bottom. fun, not big but fun was better
  252. vellocity

    Is any one else BD running slow?????????

    probably cause they and Stan was fishing today!!
  253. vellocity

    UFC 63

    holy shit! Melvin Guillard is fucking bad ass mofo too!!
  254. vellocity

    UFC 63

    BJ Penn vs. Matt Hughes word from da Big Island is that he's trained harder than ever before... hopefully 5 rounds will favor him as it will go the the ground and you will see how good he is on his back.. shit this is gonna be damn good!!!! worth every damn penny and i'll thank pay per...
  255. vellocity

    BIG of these days....

    good luck Ken!! Indy just brought in the 5th largest YT recorded from the SD boats... another 80# model from the Lupe!!!!!!! yeah, keep fishing less than 40# gear at Lupe and Alijos when these monsters lurk down there!!!
  256. vellocity

    Avet vs Shimano TLD?

    Alan upgraded my TLD 15's with carbon fiber drag washers... they now can easily fish 40-50# short topshots.... those 15's have so much capacity when filled with spectra and the 4:1 gears are good for bait fishing.. they are great inexpensive reels...
  257. vellocity

    K&M/BD trip score HUGE WHITE SEABASS!!!

    holy shit!!!! what a fucking JOKE!!!! you guys freaking OWNED it!!!! hope to see you in 3 weeks Kelly!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh, how was the waves? haha! i better text ZZZZZ and reserve some filets!!!!!
  258. vellocity


    oh yeah, the Eagles!!! they are gonna get talked about this week FOR SURE!!!!! :rofl: :rofl: blew a 17 point lead, WTF!!!!
  259. vellocity


    yeah, two weeks for the Chargers to stay FOCUSED.. would love to see them tested in a few tough close games to snap them into reality, keep them grounded and focused on playing consistent all season.. consistency will be key and not looking to far ahead, cause you know ESPN and everyone will...
  260. vellocity

    Monday 9/18

    same i think.....we'll be leaving from SI around 430am give us a shout... i don't know his boat name, but we'll give you a shout out.. just call out for vellocity, his boat is a 29' white stringari pilot house center counsel with a tower on the roof.. i'll be in the tuna tower for most of the...
  261. vellocity

    Monday 9/18

    who's going? i think we're going tomorrow with my friend Mitch.. wanted to know who's gonna be out there Monday looking for the mammals and yft...
  262. vellocity

    BIG of these days....

    i think i remember Brian Sims saying the south end of Lupe is where they got it.. 40# on the flyline!!! wow! had the last of the YFT last night David!!! ono-licious!!!
  263. vellocity

    My summer in PV

    HELL YEAH Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you GOT what you went for!!!!! that is a freaking beast!!
  264. vellocity

    BIG of these days....

    well, i figure two trips a year to either Alijos or Lupe, one of these days it will happen... i don't get WON anymore so i missed this giant yt report.. my dad called me and told me someone caught my dream fish........ well actually, it was 16# too small... :rofl: :rofl: 84.4# fish of a...
  265. vellocity

    Leopards on the Swimmy

    fucking sick!!!
  266. vellocity

    8 Day Alijos Rocks/tackle recommendation

    -calico bass setup(in case you stop on the way home to break up the travel) -30# light bait - TN 16 800L -40# bait - TLD15 w/drag upgrade 6470 -40# bait - TN 20 6480H (days you need to cast away from the boat) -50# yoyo/wahoo -TN 30 6465 (also to make bait at night) -50#...
  267. vellocity

    Accurate Royal Polaris 6 day trip 2006

    thanks for the fish David!! ahi poke, ahi sashimi, spicy ahi... ono brahhhhdahh!!
  268. vellocity

    World record claim

  269. vellocity

    Offshore 9/11 Ouch

    got your call for Sunday Stano but had ASR tradeshow from Friday thru the weekend... went on Mitch's boat and Jason drove us from the south area all the way up to the north area for more ouchy conditions.. windy but the swell was at least down.. we got a couple yft on mammals and a couple...
  270. vellocity

    Cheers Gentleman, To The Gaiders Getting STOMPED On at HOME!!!

    that's a fricken good one! Marty ball doesn't look so bad when the Charger defense plays like they did tonight!!
  271. vellocity

    Dear Dad from Raider and Nation

    and yesterday was a very GOOD Sunday for the Chargers too!! haha!! and you got a new avatar from tonight's highlights too..
  272. vellocity

    Dear Dad from Raider and Nation

    it's been a long summer of shit talking to wait for this moment huh Stano!!!!! still got 4th quarter Raiders!!!:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :nutkick:
  273. vellocity

    Offshore 9/10 182/43

    good job Chris.. we did it today in tougher conditions though.
  274. vellocity

    Offshore 9/11 Ouch

    spent the whole day in the Mitch's tuna tower getting all burnt and salty.. tough day for sure.. would have been a hell of alot easier to find the porpoise without the whitewater wind chops!
  275. vellocity

    Reel Set-up for jig stick on 5 day

    south of San Martin = 50#mono for surface iron... that's what some good LR fishermen have told me and you won't see crew fishing surface less than 50# for yellows... tight drag....not stupid tight, but tight tight.. fishing 50# you don't sit there, you just turn it's head and never stop short...
  276. vellocity

    So Cal Scorpions Womens Football

    definately don't drop the soap in the locker room on this team! or at least be the fastest on the team...when in doubt, RUN!!! haha!!
  277. vellocity

    my 1st 5day on shogun

    the Shogun is a awesome operation, too bad big Robert and bigger Justin are no longer with the boat!! the last thing they wanna do is fish the bottom, they got great reputations to uphold.. someone's gonna get a 100# YT from Lupe one day, let's hope i'm fishing 50# when it bites!!! LOL
  278. vellocity

    So Cal Scorpions Womens Football

    haha!! i got season tix.. my hommie plays for them.. it's her first year.. #21, Beltz.. the hottest and one of FEW heteros on the team! (cough-cough) women pro football, so if you go to the game remembering that then it's fun.. the free safety #22 Duece Reyes is a animal.. she's on every...
  279. vellocity

    my 1st 5day on shogun

    pretty fish... good eating too.. Sushiboy, quality size on light line! congrats
  280. vellocity

    9/6 biting yeah brah dah

    yeahhhhh brahhhh dahhhh... at least water warmed up a little that was sweet watching David beach fishing for fish smaller than the bait he uses! haha! he's gonna loop 'em at LUPE!! we should have stowed away on the boat, just come up from below when the anchor drops...
  281. vellocity

    San Quintin - labor day holiday

    haha! i could start my own website too.. it would have me and JimmH, wait....he went back to tupperware.... oh, i hear on the weekends there's a couple of copycats, bummer if they are zipping all over the place like PB'ers do! sorry.. alias names are lame... drop him back off at the...
  282. vellocity


    biggest J hook the boat has for those big scads 100#mono, no drag, no less i say, there are monsters down there!!! let the boat tie your setup.. i like 50' mono topshot to spectra for deepwater dropperloop fishing... 200'+ depths you got alot of mono stretch and belly in the line if you...
  283. vellocity

    40lb Bait Rod

    blacksteel 6470 is my favorite 40# bait stick.. i want to wrap a 610 next... i love that parabolic bend, easier on my dad..than those graphiters(sorry calstar lovers) i also built a blacksteel 6480H for a 40# bait stick for when it's really important to get that cast away from the boat....
  284. vellocity

    San Quintin report by Capt Kelly K&M Offshore

    gnarly Kelly! you guys rule.. i'll be down there with the boys one of these trips!!
  285. vellocity

    La Jolla 08/31 AMs - dos lambigos

    instant karma has repaid you for C&R'ing those little YT rats!! i especially loved that high triple sommersault C&R toss this morning!!! flicking them away like they're a nuisance!! haha!! congrats Adi.
  286. vellocity

    LJ 8/30:A Three Hour Tour

    wasn't me Jay! usually fish the EARLY grey till about 9am... bummer on the dogs...they've been ruthless lately!! at least you enjoyed a beautiful afternoon out looked so nice today.. see you out there soon!
  287. vellocity

    8?30 LJ Chewy hamachi

    congrats Andy!! nice grade too!! we had one furbag almost reach over the rail and grab one that was partially showing in my footwells.. freaking scary shit and it was only a medium sized furbag.. all the bait in the world out there yet they are so damn trained to follow us..
  288. vellocity

    LJ 8/28 Morning & Afternoon

    yeah, seals have been relentless lately!! so much bait around, yet they choose to harass boats..
  289. vellocity

    stick to match reel

    Ray you've very quickly become an extreme TACKLE HO !! i say the smallest reel you fish on your 10 day in Oct. is your Accurate 870 and JX 6/3 and no less than 40#
  290. vellocity

    Offshore Dolphin II 2 day

    yeah Ethan! good job on getting it done!!!
  291. vellocity

    Offshore Still out there. 8/27

    Redneck is a bad ass boat!!! i drool over it every time i launch from Dana.. take that boat to Hurricane Bank, then trek over to the South Pacific for some surf, then around Australia, then to Indonesia!!! screw fishing, that boat belongs doing surf charters!!!
  292. vellocity

    First Hawaiian Marlin and Ono's

    nice Kajiki Jack!! when i was a kid, my dad and i were pulling a similar size marlin into the boat over the stern/swimstep....i couldn't get away fast enough and got my left foot pinned against the fish box with the bill......just a graze from the bill and you'll be dealing with some nice...
  293. vellocity

    8/27 LJ Evening Yellow

    sweet Brad!! Skipp's outta here next week so we'll get out there for the morning before work sessions.. good fishing this morning.. he went 4 for 7 on some decent grade of fish... no surface action, all bait.. not even a puddler to throw the long rod at..
  294. vellocity

    LJ 8/24AM some sort of bass

    it's a small BSB.. brown sea bass w/ juvenile spots
  295. vellocity

    Shooting follow up

    that's gnarly.. such a beautiful coastline
  296. vellocity


    that's a gnarly transition from hypalon to blank w/ flex coat!! that's beautiful work !!
  297. vellocity

    Excels schedule

    yeahhhh brahhh dahhh.. let's try them if we can get something that works for our schedules!! you like all these fun stuff that they like to try huh? me too! at the Lupe last week!
  298. vellocity

    What reels for five day?

    Chad go straight to Noah's and get your JX spooled with JB 60 hollow all the way to the top! top it with a 1/2 a spool(37') of Seaguar 40-50# flouro... you'll be on such the long soak and you'll feel your bait way better with a short topshot.. you'll be so set up! Tor 20/30 is fine.. just...
  299. vellocity

    8/19 Another shitty day of halibut fishing

    Brad you're da MAN!!! very impressive!!!
  300. vellocity

    8/18 Lovin' LJ...but no buts!

    well, you said you were on your way to your Halibut grounds.. i ASSumed you went north.. shit, that plastic over your meter is fucking ghetto.. reminds me of my grandma's house and plastic over their couches!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  301. vellocity

    8/18 Lovin' LJ...but no buts!

    sweet Brad..!! have to join you guys next week.. wierd fight cause you were probably in 20' of water.. poor fella had no where to go except eat sand.. you really know how to start a weekend crowd!
  302. vellocity

    La Jolla 'But

    here you go... congrats!!! the butt probably ate a firecracker that was eating your mack..
  303. vellocity

    Vagabond 3 day Aug 13-16

    great job Chad!!! sweet looking photos!!
  304. vellocity

    Offshore 8/16/06 Fishing with the AMBUSHER

    a friend that fished below the 371.. 4 seiners and the overnight fleet in the area.. bigger dodos there.. not much bush. 425 had lots of bush but small grade dodos no tuna for them, but good # of dodos and YT..
  305. vellocity

    Daiwa Grandwave?

    i like them... GW's are great for tossing light baits...
  306. vellocity

    Fluorocarbon top shot connection

    you can also chinese finger cuff/overhand knot the solid spectra into the hollow spectra sleeve.. no need for bimini knot to loop for the solid to hollow connection.. way cleaner the way Jerry Brown suggests.. you just feed 2-3' of solid into hollow sleeve(i feed 4-5' of solid into hollow...
  307. vellocity

    8/13 Another day at the beach

    fucking Brad!!!!!! very nice!
  308. vellocity

    8/9 LJ with Ice Ice Jr

    the kid's a natural!!
  309. vellocity

    aug report K&M Offshore, capt Kelly

    sweeet report!!!! can't wait for the video footage.. Dennis, sorry to hear about your rods....did you like my Ulua? so fun. i love that thing. can't wait to read the STORY in da mag! weather looked crypt!
  310. vellocity

    TN 16 and 20 drag upgrade!!!

    thanks for the info Alan!
  311. vellocity

    TN 16 and 20 drag upgrade!!!

    do it's very easy.. HaraSan from SenorTuna posted a very informative tutorial on how to do it.. just follow it along and you're set! or send them to Alan Tani.. he's a fellow BD'er and does great work.. just search Alantani to...
  312. vellocity

    Point Loma 8/7

    yeah Stano! fresh Hamachi's!
  313. vellocity

    How do you maintain your reels?

    follow Alan Tani's reel tutorials and do the servicing yourself.. very informative and very easy to follow
  314. vellocity

    How do you like your Accurates?

    you can't beat the drags on Accurates.. but to use the drags to it's fullest you need to fish heavier line, or just use a Torium to get the job done... i fished 40-50# short topshots on my 270's when i had them.... i sold my 270's cause i had 870's and 665's doing the same jobs in the same...
  315. vellocity

    8/06 AM rats and a rogue wave!

    i was surfing Casa's this morning from 7 til about 12noon.. a few solid sets from a BIG south swell that hit Tahiti last weekend(7/31-8/1) there was a tandem orange yak with two guys trying to fish bass on the shelf of reef of an outside wave called Shay's(just north of the Casa's wave). i...
  316. vellocity

    What's the verdict on the SX 2-speed?

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: never said anything about the SX 2speed being a waste, everything has it's place and purpose.. go back and re-read what i told MY FRIEND Ray. he's using 30# on his SX, which is perfect...i'd personally use 30-40#short topshots if i owned one.. i think the SX 2 speed is...
  317. vellocity

    What's the verdict on the SX 2-speed?

    that sounds perfect Ray! 30-40# flouro topshots is all you need for that reel. 660H is perfect too... you don't need a 2 speed to catch 8# yellows, but you want it for those big BFT we ran into in June!! use your 870 for Wahoo.. just slide 50# izor into the hollow and use the reel as your...
  318. vellocity

    Eating Tuna - Anyone concerned about Mercury

    not to piss anyone off but i'm going to stick to scratching my nutz :rofl: :rofl:
  319. vellocity

    Offshore My pussey hurts.

    sorry to hear that Tim.... sore pussies are usually a good thing!!! you still got a sweet ass boat!!!
  320. vellocity

    Offshore 7-27 Video Report From Miss Kellie

    need to get the photos off my cell phone :eyepoppin
  321. vellocity

    7-29 & 7-30 - Boat & Yak report

    sweet adventures! i bet ALOT of Tecates died this weekend....congrats guys!
  322. vellocity

    Offshore 7/29 lots of tails & Dorado

    sweet job Bill!! that's a fatty tail!
  323. vellocity

    Offshore 7-27 Video Report From Miss Kellie

    sick Jason! and from a digital camera too!! and where's the live audio?? would be funny to hear it, yeeeahhhhh brahhhdahhhz!!!
  324. vellocity

    Shogun Team Redondo 2006

    i like the report guys!! i need to join in on the fun soon!! and thanks again for the feeesh!!
  325. vellocity

    2 day Dolphin II- $375

    Ethan Skipp and Ross are in Tahiti.. i might be on an overseas business trip that weekend in Aug....i'll know if i can go next week..
  326. vellocity

    Offshore Limits Dodo/YT 7/27 Get Some!

    i used to do that like 3 times a week at my favorite spot.. straight west of where i live :) Tor16 w/ 800XLH that was a solo gaff shot... the Miss Kellie you gaff your own fish! :rofl: i just forgot how to go to bed early enough to wake up to go fishing at your spot! shit, Jason leaves...
  327. vellocity

    Offshore Limits Dodo/YT 7/27 Get Some!

    a short 10' 25# Flouro topshot-chinese finger cuff-glue- 60# JB hollow spectra.. the big ones made it to the kelp every time, you just do the La Jolla kelp trick and when he gets to the kelp, freespool it, let it swim out a bit, then start pulling again and it CUTS through like a warm knife...
  328. vellocity

    Offshore Dodos just stairing at us around 302

    bring your Riffe and Death_To_ 'em!!
  329. vellocity

    Offshore 7/25 Limits Dodo, Limits YT

    hey bro, where was the call to come Pelican some fish?? haha!! just kidding...i'm still eating ZZZZZ's mahi's and Reider's Albie! nice quick work out there!! congrats!
  330. vellocity

    Big dog afternoon

    nice Ono Jack! that's big size for Hawaii! we used to get fooled all the time when a big Ono would strike so hard and pull so much drag on the initial run that we'd be thinking/hoping/praying it was a big Ahi....then the drag slows down, then it comes straight to the boat and you know you...
  331. vellocity

    Update on the 2 speed SX's...

    just had a really good conversation with ZZZZZ and i guess i need to clarify cause he is right..... you don't need a 2-speed reel for 15-30#... short pump it and get those cranks in....more line getting back on your spool anyways with a higher ratio... what are you gonna do? short pump in low...
  332. vellocity

    Update on the 2 speed SX's...

    i checked out the SX 2-speed at Noah's the other day.. Tony was showing it to me and it is SICK!!!! IMO, the SX 2-speed cranks better and smoother than the SX 5:1.. something to do with the handle.. i even feel the same way between the JX 2-speed and JX single speed.... the 2-speeds seem...
  333. vellocity

    RED ROOSTER 3 7/28-8/1

    not going fishing in the Fall?? you gotta be kidding me right?
  334. vellocity

    For Nelz aka velocity and who ever else LOL

    oh and don't overlook the Aku(skipjack) in Hawaii... bleed them, and get them on ICE.. really good sashimi and poke! we basically commercial fished the Otaru Aku(big skipjack, 20# +) you got the best and most consistent prices for Otaru.. if you start selling, the trick is LOTS of ice and...
  335. vellocity

    For Nelz aka velocity and who ever else LOL

    oh hell yeah.. Genki's da bomb!! it's so good for how cheap.. it's definately not the BEST, but it's straight up MEAT sushi eating.. no fancy shit, just plain slabs of fresh fish.. lots of times the tuna is imported. local Ahi doesn't alway support the market.. the best is still going to...
  336. vellocity

    One open spot

    no way! i'm first at the list now.... take it up with Brad bro... you haven't been hanging out on the beach fish sessions, you're OUT.. plus you haven't been surfing in years, you've lost your NC status completely.... and i think were you live is so north it's considered OC ...
  337. vellocity

    just got back from alaska!

    awesome trip Alan!! sweet photos! and yeah, i was one of those guys calling out, "where's my reel guy???" hope you enjoyed your vacation, now back to work!! your reel job!!! (pun intended)
  338. vellocity


    maybe we should have told the BIG guy to stop drinking beers and go to practice and maybe help win some games for our Padres?? just because he owns the house on the beach doesn't mean he own's the fishing hole!! haha!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: i surfed the hole at lunch time and the...
  339. vellocity

    One open spot

    thanks for pulling for me David.. looks like it'll be a miracle now....but it looks like my work is too shuffled to jump on anyways.. you guys will kill it a Lupe or offshore.. i'll be there to greet the boat when you guys return.. i want fish to eat!! i'm not stupid, i know where the...
  340. vellocity

    Waianae Ahi

    Jack going to Hawaii in mid August.. my dad was amped on your offer so let's make some plans.. we'll get that Bertram all wet in the Kauai Channel!! if the mangos are still hanging from the trees then the Ahi season is still on!! haha!
  341. vellocity

    7/12 LJ Big boneheads and a Yellar

    very nice Andy!! way to work through the bonies..
  342. vellocity

    7/11...back on the yak

    yeah Brad! hope you didn't try to stand up and fight this one, or yell for a gaff!! good job on the Tuna trip too!
  343. vellocity

    Which hook for local yellowtail?

    i think he's talking about when you catch a fish on NON ringed hook when you get a wedged corner jaw set sometimes the line frays when the knot slides around in the hook eye, rubbing the sharp part.. some brands have really sharp edges where the eye of the hook ends at the hook shaft. really bad...
  344. vellocity

    Three dog night, well afternoon LOL

    congrats Jack! looks like you're getting your groove on over there... those water photos bring back good memories! coming out of Waianae harbor we took a RIGHT turn 90% of the time, so i grew up deep in the trough of gnarly seas out by the CO bouy up to the double ball lineup.. believe it...
  345. vellocity

    Offshore 7/4-7/6 Islander...yakker stands up!

    yeah Brad! you'd be a cool guy to fish next to at the rail!! don't get the long range bug man.. your wifey will kill you! at least at LJ you're in cell phone range!
  346. vellocity


    yeah.. we should surf more.. Pali's is the spot though.. wedgers.
  347. vellocity

    8 day Royal Star report, finally

    shit is that Cuda??!! i could have swore that was SHAQ!!! fresh off a 4th NBA Championship, getting a little fishin in!!! nice report Corbett!! that TN14 worked flawlessly, thanks!!
  348. vellocity


    let's do it tonight. surf the little rip bowl with the Fish, then beach fish the hole.. or better yet.. fish in the sun, then surf before dark.. bite kinda slowed when the sun went behind the marine layer.. bringing a little shovel, digging sucks.
  349. vellocity

    K&M, San Quintin, 4th july week

    sweet report Kelly! looking forward to one of your trips soon!!! BradZZZZ's got me all pumped up.. surf, dive, fish = FUN TIMES!!!
  350. vellocity

    What really happened on the RS 8-Day

    thanks David! that was my point about the 15-20# line class at Alijos.. we had guys drop way down to get a bite, but it was not needed if we were still picking away at it on 40# flouro.. i find it very hard for myself to stay with my gameplan but i keep plugging away fishing no less than...
  351. vellocity

    8 Day Trip Comments And Observations

    the biggest thing i learned from the RP is that my Ulua was built to fish 50# Izor and stupid drag tight on the Cedros YT....and all you gotta worry about is not straightening out your 7X treble hooks!! those hooks are weak! you CAN deck a 20# YT in SECONDS when he eats a jig 20' from the...
  352. vellocity

    Trinidad 14 drag upgrade?

    i sent my tn14 to AlanTani for a carbontex drag upgrade before i left for my 8 day.. fished it with 60#JBhollow to a short 25# flouro topshot.. caught a 55# BFT and the reel performed insane.. the drag never faded and it was buttery smooth when the spool was getting dumped!!! the next day i...
  353. vellocity

    What really happened on the RS 8-Day

    congrats Mark! fun times down there at Alijos!! sick photos! you guys are crazy fishing 15# and 20#! the fish of the lifetime lurks down below there!! the world record YT lives at Alijos and would be tough to get him fishing that shit!! haha!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  354. vellocity

    Q-105 eight days trip, 6/24-7/2

    sounds like you absolutely killed it at Alijos!! congrats!! Brian Sims is one cool Capt.!
  355. vellocity


    yeah Harry! come back down for more action!
  356. vellocity

    Is Kitty back yet? Where is her report?

    wow! she kicked ass!
  357. vellocity

    Royal Star 8 Day.......We're Back.

    sick photos!! looks like fun times!! fucking huge wahoos!!! you guys get him on the troll or were those bait fish?
  358. vellocity

    Royal Polaris, Father's Day 8 day 6/16-6/24

    thank you, i'm very fortunate to be able to fly him up here to make these fishing trips! yeah i hooked and handed him alot of fish, and i do it all the time with him.. i get more joy watching him in pain and taking photos of him! he'd be tagging his # on a fish on the deck and i'd be handing...
  359. vellocity

    Cutting a calstar 540 to 9 feet

    yeah tn20 feels perfect on mine too. inshore fish got no chance, too much rod.. i wanna build a 540 just for LJ. all i said was someone passenger stole is Harnell prior to our trip. and i wanted to give my Ulua i built to him cause he and the other guys made my trip w/ my dad awesome. you...
  360. vellocity

    Cutting a calstar 540 to 9 feet

    yeah, i found that out on my last trip! using 50# and yanking hard on some good YT i straightened a few 7X trebles!!! hook only one barb and guaranteed straighten that hook out... dangerous for the deckhand gaffing...opppps! i don't fish 1/2 day or 3/4 day boats so i passed on building the...
  361. vellocity

    Report 6-27 Royal Star 8 day

    it's a scratch bite at the Rocks.......can't wait to find out who's the DUCKS and who's the hotsticks on this trip!
  362. vellocity

    6/28 Big Corbs on the chew

    single man at the the wedding party too! sounds like a fun weekend!!!! you guys know how that plays out!!!!! my friend's got one.. fun but kinda bank.. gets old quickly too..fucking lot harder than a RC car to drive and tough to get mastered.. super fun though.. we did Del...
  363. vellocity

    6/28 Big Corbs on the chew

    fucking sick! sick little deeeeeep hole right there.. surf school had little kids getting sucked out in the rip yesterday! haha!! perfect micro right handers were grinding off the north part of it groms would have been stoked.. RC surfer would have killed it!!! check...
  364. vellocity

    6/27 Spotfin, Beanage, Slabs

    sick info Brad.. your spot was packing only slabs for me and my pops.. big fuckers, really fat shoulders.. he got like 4 YFC and a few corbina, one of them was a really fat one, kinda spooled him almost to the knot.. so fun.. lots of bean down there too..
  365. vellocity

    Dolphin 6/27 AM 1/2 day and a HUGE calico.

    try 50 years old, and like Jason said, maybe even 60 years old!!!! the guys at Hubbs Institute said a 20# cowcod are like 50+ years old!
  366. vellocity

    Dolphin 6/27 AM 1/2 day and a HUGE calico.

    less kelp, big ones now probably more reachable! nice release! that guy was probably older than your dad!
  367. vellocity

    San Quintin 6/24 -6/25 Giant Calicos

    some serious calico damage you guys did!!! i like the orange faced one, sick colors!!! you guys slayed 'em! yeah good choice on going for trophies! you can catch yellows here in LJ anytime
  368. vellocity

    Offshore Qualifier 105 6/22-6/24

    Mikey in the galley! cool shit! Brian is not so bad either! haha! good job.. i like that boat too
  369. vellocity

    Royal Polaris, Father's Day 8 day 6/16-6/24

    yeah that's the size.. perfecto for the kite, that shit would barely make 5 mins out there before it got blown up on.. fucking thing looked so perfect skipping along the water as they let the kite out.. i would have loved to be controling the kite rig as they let the kite out, making it jump...
  370. vellocity

    Royal Polaris, Father's Day 8 day 6/16-6/24

    yeah ZZZZZ, sardines on the double trouble for the BFT.. only got 3 guys up on the kite for the BFT, those lucky fuckers all got the toads!! shit if we could have made squid at the Rocks every one of them were guaranteed bitters.. they would be boiling on the squid as the kite was going out...
  371. vellocity

    Royal Polaris, Father's Day 8 day 6/16-6/24

    thanks guys.. all the good info i get from the guys here on the site really helped me to prepare for everything and anything.. still learning, bring it on, keep it coming! time with my Dad was epic, he's ready for more and likes the variety trips more than the cow ones. 60# hollow JB is the...
  372. vellocity

    Royal Polaris, Father's Day 8 day 6/16-6/24

    Long journal report for those interested, and if you like photos, stay with me.. Our Shogun trip was canceled and we got bumped over to the Royal Polaris! Wow, what a bummer to miss a trip on an awesome boat to ride another awesome boat with a reputation few can match. Got down to the docks...
  373. vellocity


    haha! sick.. gonna bring my dad up there up with us? haha, my dad is prolly gonna want to eat BSP too!!
  374. vellocity

    RP 8 day

    shit, you had me going last night! thought for sure you'd call Andrea and Scotty today!!! fag! gonna take my dad beach fishing tonight.. i'll meet you there? fuck it.. we'll fish the beach for the first few days till the weather settles down, then we'll kill it offshore and at the stones...
  375. vellocity

    Great fucking weather for our trip!

    thank god we're heading south and going DOWN HILL!!!! sucks to be traveling up the line INTO that shit!
  376. vellocity

    RP 8 day

    trying to recruit BradZZZZ to join us!!! i'd honestly say he's like more than 75% so ready to go fishing on this 8 day!!! come on ZZZZ! we'll make a daily mid day sat phone call to our companies and make sure it's all good!
  377. vellocity

    Qualifier 105 advice or reccomendations

    Brian is awesome.. you will like the boat.. big and it'll seem like the fishing area goes on forever.. feels like you can throw a bait from the galley door!
  378. vellocity

    tackle list for georges trip?

    25# 800xlh/tn14 30# bs670/tn16 40# bs6470/upgraded tld15 40# ulua 9'3"/tn20 50# bs6465/accurate 870 4:1 50# bs6465/tn30 60# 765ml/tib'd tld20 2speed 80# 765m/tib'd tld 30 2 speed 80# 6455xh/ex 4/02 (trolling) 100#bs6463xxh/exw 4/02 whoops... on the wrong 8 day trip! i think i get...
  379. vellocity

    SHOGUN 8 Day Report

    in pic 2 i can't tell which light blue shirt is Tom, looks like you had twins on your trip!! i love pic 2, you pass under my rod when i'm fighting a fish you get a rap on the back of the head.. T-"ouch my head!!" N-"whoops, sorry my fish just did a big headshake!" i also like this one...
  380. vellocity

    RP 8 day

    iron thrower, see you at the bow!!! my dad will also join us... hopefully we'll get a sample of this BFT at somepoint of our 8 day trip!!! or find our own BFT down at those banks south! see you Friday morning! Nelz
  381. vellocity

    avet pro ex 50/2

    hi Alan, thanks for the informative tutorials! my project is all my Avets when i get back from my trip!! one question.. do you think it's possible for me to cut out my harness lugs? probably keep the base of the lugs there to keep the gap filled though huh?
  382. vellocity

    SHOGUN 8 Day Report

    yeah, that's a good one Brad.. i wanted to bring my own kite rig and was thinking the same.. 80#hollow to 60#mono....ex4/0 whadda you think Chris?
  383. vellocity

    SHOGUN 8 Day Report

    sounds like a great trip Chris!! did you meet Tom Kelleher? very nice guy, wierd humor, hope you teached him plenty! he was one of our May trip transfers when our trip got canceled.. can't wait for our trip! just finished wrapping my ULUA! i got a till Friday to get all those kinks out!
  384. vellocity

    Mahi mania and a few small Big Eye

    nice job getting that boat all bloody Jack!!!! those shibiko are so good eating!! don't forget to fry the center bone with garlic salt, so much good eating there!!! it's so wierd to me that you're fishing the whole water column in Hawaii!! we never fished with a fish finder when i was there...
  385. vellocity

    Shogun; any news?

    missed the Shogun, they came in early! got to watch the Excel unload a 5 day catch of some oversized YT and a few solid 40-50#YFT!!!
  386. vellocity

    Shogun; any news?

    Indy sounded like they had a great trip! i'm sure the Gun got their licks in too! gonna see to the boat come in tomorrow! AA arrived at the Rocks this morning and on their report looks like they found some good YFT! photo of a couple of 55-70# models!!! leaving next week Friday on the...
  387. vellocity

    Ahi !

    nice Ahi!! that photo is sweet!! 220# in a private boat looks exactly as BIG as i remember it!! ...and not small like how they look on a 105' LR boat with a 32' beam!
  388. vellocity

    The skunk is off, Doggie style

    good eating right there Jack! congrats! water looks sooooo beautiful and blue.. looks like a hot burn your barefeet on the deck day too!!! are the 100# Ahi's around yet??
  389. vellocity

    Cutting a calstar 540 to 9 feet

    i ordered a Seeker 540 blank from Squidco last week.. waiting for it to come in still.. 6" off the butt, 3" off the tip to make it 9'3" from what i was told.. please da vets please chime in before i make a mistake too!
  390. vellocity

    Keeping your catch in Hawaii

    Jack, would be so sweet for you to meet my dad.. he was pretty well known Waianae fisherman from the early 80's til mid 90's.. in the early 80's six over 100# fishing around R and S bouys were common!! later years we'd have to go farther out to get them! he'd read the early morning matoru...
  391. vellocity

    Keeping your catch in Hawaii

    and when you're ready to go on a LR trip let me know.. my dad and I have 3 big LR trips planned this season, starting with a 8 day on June 16th on the Royal Polaris! let me know Jesse, i got enough gear for 3 persons..
  392. vellocity

    Qualifier 105???

    Capt. Brian Sims is super cool.. the boat is big and fishes big, lots of room to fish. solid ride in rough water.. and most importantly, they just did some major upgrades and installed RSW fish hold! call them
  393. vellocity

    Trinidad 14 drag upgrade?

    do you need an drag upgrade for the tn14?? stock feels fine and i'm gonna fish 20-30# really short topshots and 60# JB hollow..
  394. vellocity

    #35 wsb jacked by sealion @ dana landing

    i know you're not supposed to but i gill and gut yellowtail on the Dana boat ramp(it feeds the sea gulls and crabs!) and one day the big bull knothead swam up and stole a 20# YT from me. nearly shit my pants and he almost knocked my down!!! this guy is one big big dark brown MOFO!! now i...
  395. vellocity

    Torium 30

    i've thought about that, but what do you do about the spectra getting all twisted? my dropper loop setup kept getting rocked during a big YT bite, i kept losing mono and re-tying a new loop.... and very quickly i was into spectra on the drops and the hollow spectra got all tweaked and twisted up..
  396. vellocity

    Torium 30

    yup. i like the 20 better, a little easier to grind on, perfect for shallow water yoyo. i had a accurate 665h, yes it stopped the big YT's but the bigger ones still broke 50#. hell they stretched and broke 60# and 80# on the dropper loop no problem at the Alijos Banks.. i think it's super...
  397. vellocity

    Torium 30

    i agree, a 50-60 YT near structure will rock just about anything on 50# though.. i have Accurates and Avets but who wants to fast crank that all day.. to me their handles are not as balanced as Shimanos. many use a Tor30 or TN30 for LR yoyoing cause it's got a killer smooth wind and very...
  398. vellocity

    Torium 30

    i have the Cal upgrade drag plate on mine and i fish 65# spectra backed w/ 50# topshot for LR yoyo fishing.. works fine.. but Shimano's been doing that side plate free upgrade since the Fred Hall shows that pretty much do what the Cal drag plate did..
  399. vellocity

    Long Range Jig Stick

    i was going to wrap a seeker 540.. any thoughts or feedback? thanks N
  400. vellocity

    50lb. Kayak White

    the both of you have been catching fish of a lifetime!!! all in the last 2 months!!!!! congrats Aaron & Julie!!!
  401. vellocity

    May 2006

    ouch! the long rod looks painful!!! i wanna try! full speed YFT, looks epic!!! looks like you guys owned it!
  402. vellocity

    Anyone here no about herniated dics and bad backs??

    situps, upper and lower ab workouts with a yoga ball and stretching.. losing weight and more stretching.. sounds impossible with the pain but it worked for my dad.. my dad had 2 buldging lower discs that were pinching his ciatic nerve causing him major pain shooting down one side of his...
  403. vellocity

    RP 8 day trip, June 16th-24th

    no one.. they helped fill up the next two 8 dayers on the Shogun..
  404. vellocity

    LJ Evening Kayaking

    nice one Larry!! can't win the Avet contest unless you got little miss Leila in the photo bro!
  405. vellocity

    RP 8 day trip, June 16th-24th

    who's going? any BD'ers?? my Dad and I have been bumped over to this trip as our Shogun 8 day that was to leave next weekend got canceled due to a group cancelation.. lame but it will be my first trip on the RP!!
  406. vellocity

    shimano tld 15 rebuild

    WOW!!! 40-50# SHORT topshots! and a 4:1 ratio!! i think i might re-examine my setups for my trip and bump them up a line class or two, or three after you're done with mine!!!!! i might seriously bump my accurate 870's out cause they're 6:1 ratios... thanks Alan!
  407. vellocity

    Shimano shimano tld 15 rebuild

    WOW!!! 40-50# SHORT topshots! and a 4:1 ratio!! i think i might re-examine my setups for my trip and bump them up a line class or two, or three after you're done with mine!!!!! i might seriously bump my accurate 870's out cause they're 6:1 ratios... thanks Alan!
  408. vellocity

    Cherry Poppin time!

    T-shark kabobs on the grill !! marinated in italian dressing mixed with teriaki sauce and some Shirachi chili sauce!!! i was actually AMAZED that it tasted so good! first time eating shark..
  409. vellocity

    Doing the happy paddle times two

    you guys RULE!!!! awesome team!!!
  410. vellocity

    Non-Thresher Report - The Curse Lives

    all their tails are sore from whacking all those rapalas and baitomatics! stano will have more than enough stink steaks for you Ali!
  411. vellocity

    Wahoodad / Royal Polaris Reports!! Day 1

    B-Raddddd!! owning it.. looks well over 205#!! one more day to fish!!! 05/09/06 Hello everyone, weather today is flat, overcast sky's, and a light breeze. Our morning was a bit slow, with one fish landed. Brad Baron was the lucky angler to land the fish of the morning. It was a...
  412. vellocity

    Need a 30lb & 50lb setup.

    i'd say depends on what you want them for? baiting, jig fishing, surface iron? both line classes require different setups for the above mentioned.. also, if it's for local fishing or long range trips? 30# seeker blacksteel 670 7' rod Torium/Trinidad 20 or 16 spectra backed with 50# JB...
  413. vellocity

    LJ 5/10 Tiburon Assist

    yeah Jay! good job on the assists.. your T day is your next! Dan the Fireman on the Yellow Whaler!... 381# that's insane!!!
  414. vellocity

    Cherry Poppin time!

    yeah Stano! fun times! thanks again... first time shark'in, those things pull pretty hard... thanks so much, i had a great time! we got him on a 60# 100' topshot on a 4/02 EX... other guys using much bigger gear... then we see a guy weigh a similar size T that was caught on 30# and a TLD...
  415. vellocity

    any BD'er got hookups at Acura Dealership?

    thanks for the heads up guys! i'll PM Full Pop
  416. vellocity

    Wahoodad / Royal Polaris Reports!! Day 1

    looks like a fun, fun fish killing trip!!!! still banging away at fun size YFT and a few COWS!!! damn boat's not posting too many photos, sat connection might be tough, but they did post a few photos!! i think these fish make the RSW cutoff!!!!!(5-6 days) yummmmy!!! 05/08/06 Hello...
  417. vellocity

    Coronados 5/7/2006

    yeah Travis! that's a TOAD!!! bring on the season!!! tell Chris congrats!
  418. vellocity

    Q105 10 day! bring it ON!!

    BOMBS and Sea Strike 33's away!!!! a couple of :cow: :cow: would be sweeet too!!!!
  419. vellocity

    Q105 10 day! bring it ON!!

    just booked my dad and i on the Q105 10 day trip for late Nov!!!! talked to Brian Sims this morning, he sounds like he's ready to get the season started! RSW getting done right now and will be in effect !! Sashimi grade Tuna!! time to gp fishing on "the best fishing platform ever built"...
  420. vellocity

    LJ went T-sharkin in the yak...

    just asked you if you had 100# spectra on your Avet, that's all... no need for the kick in the ballbags.. haha! many would take your WSB over a T-shark everytime!!
  421. vellocity

    LJ went T-sharkin in the yak...

    sick!! congrats! wow, you have 100# spectra spooled on your MXJ huh? or you just trying to win the Avet picture contest?:rofl:
  422. vellocity

    White Seabass Release and Recapture Facts (Please turn in heads!)

    thanks for the info.. took a rain check on the visit when i dropped a WSB head last week, told them i wanted to included my Dad and scheduled a visit for May 19th!! anyone wanna tag along you're more than welcomed.. probably going in the early afternoon
  423. vellocity

    Wahoodad / Royal Polaris Reports!! Day 1

    wow!!! they fricken banged the YFT up yesterday!!! 05/06/06 Hello everyone, weather today was overcast, with 15 knots of breeze out of the northeast, and very little sea. We traveled most of...
  424. vellocity

    Shogun 3-Day May31-June 3

    we'll let you know! i'm on that 8 day Shogun trip.. hopefully we run into solid Albie and small BFT schools on the way down.. last year same time, same trip, we found Albies and BFT 200 miles out of SD on the way down to Alijos.. hoping we find them on the way down again!
  425. vellocity

    Wahoodad / Royal Polaris Reports!! Day 1

    day 2 and 3 on the banks.. looks tough.. time on the rail...the only way you'll hook one.. plenty of time, a week more to fish for them! 05/04/06 Hello everyone, weather today was overcast, with a stiff northeast breeze at 18 knots, with very little sea. Fishing was tough again today...
  426. vellocity

    any BD'er got hookups at Acura Dealership?

    looking for a new and/or used Acura SUV no, it's not for me! for the lady..
  427. vellocity

    Cingular Customers, do read if needing new phone

    hey Dru which cingular store is the one you're talking about?? clairemont square? clairemont mesa blvd/clairemont dr. or across from Cheetah's? clairemont mesa blvd / Mercury need a new phone
  428. vellocity

    Wahoodad / Royal Polaris Reports!! Day 1

    Day 1 at the banks Brad ZZZZ already in the books along with Brian "TunaKahuna" Leaman! sick!! 05/02/06 Hello everyone out in web-land. We arrived to Hurricane bank at 06:15 hours. Roy made a tour around the bank to find out where most of the life was. Once we dropped the anchor it...
  429. vellocity

    LJ 5-02 yak attacks shark

    ohhhhhh someone's got a NEW SPONSOR!!! photo incentives!!! nice fish Brad! sick action shots!!
  430. vellocity

    Allright, Who's going to share some info on the "Yummee Flyers"???

    they are currently all on the RP! haha
  431. vellocity

    Dreamer 5.1.06 LIMITS OF SEABASS

    Swazi.. your boat is sick!!! fishes really big, lots of space.. thanks again!! Nelz
  432. vellocity

    Shimano TLD 10 and 15 Lever Drag

    Alan let me know if you wanna try the Avet washers with mine!!!?? it's a new TLD 15, i want it hotrodded for 40#! you're the reel guru here on BD! :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy
  433. vellocity

    Shimano TLD 10 and 15 Lever Drag

    i fell upon a new TLD 15 lever drag.. cool little reel.. is it worth hotrodding?? after reading another great tutorial by Alantani on the Shimano Charter Special(which looks very similar) i'm amped to fix mine up.. what do you guys think? anyone using these reels ?? i love bait fishing...
  434. vellocity

    Jerry Brown 60# hollow..... is SICK!

    getting ready for Alijos.. 3 weeks to go!!! hoping the water warms up! just finished topping off both my Accurate 870's with JB 60# hollow spectra.... cheated and overhand knot-glue-fingercuffed the 60# hollow to the existing 65# solid JB.. now i got probably well over 450 yards of...
  435. vellocity

    "Musubi" GOOD

    your new avatar fricken RULES... :notworthy :notworthy you're amping!!!! one week from now we'll be reading RP reports from the Bank!!!!! shit man.. you're over SPAM.. you need to start starving yourself cause you're going to be eating 5 start meals for the next 18 days straight!!! don't...
  436. vellocity

    "Musubi" GOOD

    ask Stano about teri Spam musubi!!!! two bites it's GONE
  437. vellocity

    LR line cap?

    when you say big YFT, i think big YFT is relative.. big a few seasons ago was a 200# fish. after last season, big is 250-300# people were grumbling if they didn't get a cow.. i will be amazed if i ever hook a fish over 200# in a 8-10 day normal LR trip.. if you're talking about the last...
  438. vellocity

    Tady/Candy Bar Lures Merger

    thanks for picking mine out Kevan! got mine yesterday, don't know shit about them but yeah i believe everyone that say they catch fish! can't wait for a surface boil!
  439. vellocity

    4/20 varriety

    18 days on a boat with no punani, BUT killing COWS.... me thinks 18 days will go tooooo fast!!!
  440. vellocity

    4/20 varriety

    what about drinking beer in Brad's jacuzzi with NO chicks? is that gay? i'll bring beer, who's bringing the chicks? or are we gonna recruit from YahhhhhhGUYS tonight? or bring a nice shirt and recruit cougars from EnFuego's? haha!!!
  441. vellocity

    4/20 varriety

    maybe your internet buddies will come visit you again.. this time we need a cooler of beer on the beach when we post up on the deep hole spots! all the nuggets jog on friday evening before they pollute themselves at night!!!
  442. vellocity

    4/19 Licks

    i was TRYING to get the photos for you.. i got the story though!! late, late night.. she's on my couch drinking a beer!!!!
  443. vellocity

    4/19 Licks

    ZZZZ that was super fun, thanks!! never really got into surf fishing, but shit that's fun.. your house pre-party was epic, then the hookups with those prego fish!!!! ZZZZ squeezed a fresh baby out of a prego slab and fished it!! poor thing never even touched the ocean and it already had...
  444. vellocity

    4/18 North County evening

    hey what are you using? i bought a little spinner(4-6#) like 2 years ago to catch corbina at scripps pier.. can i use that? call me.. gotta borrow all the other terminal stuff though... i'm down..
  445. vellocity

    Gear Choice for Albies?

    on a sporty there is nothing like a picky bite and everyone is fishing 20-25# and some newbie drops in with 15# and proceeds to take 30-45 mins on a 25# albie! i say no to 15#, unless you're willing to pull hard and lose the fish, or when the fish move on and the boat is waiting on you...
  446. vellocity

    Huges v.s Gracie

    i've trained w/ gi for 3 years, then went to vale tudo.. my experience for sure is less than yours, but for him to use a gi wouldn't it give Hughes far, far more advantages? when training vale tudo it's much harder to control your opponent when like you said, he's all sweaty.. this is too...
  447. vellocity

    Huges v.s Gracie

    yeah, i agree.. Baroni's pretty one dimensional..standup.. but still pretty very very impressive on his feat.. don't you think UFC is pushing it towards a more exciting standup fights now though? 3, 5 min rounds to get the damage done? i hear fans booo when fighters are on the ground...
  448. vellocity

    Huges v.s Gracie

    i'm so interested to know.. how is Royce using his gi to his advantage against someone who is not?
  449. vellocity

    Huges v.s Gracie

    the bottom line is this fight will be a novelty.. ok, maybe not a novelty, but one to test the ages.. like Ali vs. Tyson, Kobe vs. Jordan in their prime, would be interesting.. i'd eager to see Gracie's standup strikes.. Gracie is not a KO artist, look at the his records posted above...
  450. vellocity

    Huges v.s Gracie

    roll with gi, roll without and have your sparring partner keep his gi on.. you will have more offense than he will.. you can control him better, you can trap an arm alot easier, more chokes when you use the gi. how the gi helps Royce if his opponent is not wearing one, i want to know...
  451. vellocity

    Huges v.s Gracie

    the gi is only a disadvantage.. in Jiu Jitsu, both fighters use a gi and you have submissions using the gi to choke.. this is MMA.. the gi will only be hot for Royce and more opportunities for Hughes.. Hughes is in for a 3 round decision.. and IMO the UFC is protecting him.. BJ's return...
  452. vellocity

    Huges v.s Gracie

    Gracie lost to Sakuraba about 5 or 6 years ago.. Gracie has not fought any of the new MMA guys... and both Renzo and Rodrigo Gracie have lost to BJ Penn..
  453. vellocity

    A few hours well spent

    nice job Jesse! i used to love the North Shore beat down!! waves over the bow and bridge and buck it up all the way up to Kahuku point.... then enjoy turning around and surf it all the way back home...we used to love the following sea when it was really rough, the corner poles used to...
  454. vellocity

    UFC 59

    i agree with Carlos 110% to the novice eye, Forrest look quick and fast and like he was pressing the fight...but the reality is he never landed nor inflicted any damage on Tito... you gotta love PPV cause of all the replays.. they need the judges to watch replays too it seems!!! i was really...
  455. vellocity

    UFC 59

    Hughes should have never taken this Gracie fight.. if BJ got Hughes' back and tapped him out, what to you think Gracie is gonna do? Hughes is in for a big, big surprise.. but..... if it goes to a decision, Hughes will win cause of the current UFC point system and the fact that Gracie will...
  456. vellocity

    UFC 59

    i tried to sit out on this one but......bottom line is that UFC point system sucks shit.. Tito won because he did put Forrest on his back in the 3rd round, had he not done that Forrest would have won cause he did press the 2nd and 3rd rounds... plain and simple.. hate the rules, don't hate...
  457. vellocity

    Rod Question...

    3X.... i built the 4X just for the Kite, on recommendations from the LR vets.. PM me.. i might sell a few of my BIG setups.. i think i went too gung ho thinking my dad would like this COW fishing, but he's rather go on 8-10 dayers and hook ALOT of fish rather than a few big bites a day! -i...
  458. vellocity

    LJ 4/13

    Damnnnnnnnn Art!! that's alotta silver fish you're holding! didn't recognize you without your Bloods bandana!
  459. vellocity

    Nelz Sighting

    shit Stano you dick! yeah fucker, i'm getting old.. don't make me pull up archive boogie photos when it was all about the $! Big Rock sucked, i only caught like 3 shitty waves.. blew it thought it was gonna be bigger, i shoulda went fishing! hey Jarrod, i didn't know it was you, your lense...
  460. vellocity

    5 day tackle

  461. vellocity

    5 day tackle

    just 3 rods?? that is bare minimums.. seriously, if you're going on a 5 day borrow, rent, steal more rods/reels.. be prepared for everything.. -40# surface iron -25# bait rod -40# bait rod -60-80# 2 speed dropper loop rod -50# yoyo rod -60# 2 speed bait rods i like to have...
  462. vellocity

    So George..............

    don't smoke...... VAPORIZE...
  463. vellocity

    SHOGUN 8 DAY MAR31 to APR8

    you got some TOADS!! beeeeg one on the flyline too!!!! congrats!!! hope it picks up for late May!!
  464. vellocity

    For those who were asking- Shogun 4/02/06

    thanks Shelly.. too many drinks last night, didn't make it down there this morning.. thanks again for all the updates!
  465. vellocity

    For those who were asking- Shogun 4/02/06

    anyone got a ETA for them tomorrow(Sat morning)?
  466. vellocity

    Rod ID

    whoa!! someone's going for more distance!!!! i'm going to have a PLEASURE watching you on your yak trying to gaff a fish with a 9' rod!!! hehe!
  467. vellocity

    New toys for PV and some pics of my crew

    Gernsey! sick photos!!! i'll get my ski on your big boat and TOW Willy into some BIG BIG Bombs! no more paddling! have fun in PV!
  468. vellocity

    For those who were asking- Shogun 4/02/06

    thanks Shelly! please keep the reports coming! hope they find the BIG YT on the bank!
  469. vellocity

    Offshore CAT 4/1/06

    sweet! i knew you'd find the right kind!!
  470. vellocity

    Accurate....Cast Control ?

    sorry, i should actually ANSWER your questions cause i had both to compare.. yes, the cast control does work.. it does/can slow the spool down in freespool.. no, i don't think it's worth the upgrade... i ended up selling my 270 and 870 with the cast control..
  471. vellocity

    Accurate....Cast Control ?

    cast control only gives it another "hole" to get saltwater into the guts... they upgraded the cast control clip from a rubber O ring to a plastic clip, so the knob doesn't fall off anymore.. but still, i'd say the cast control is not needed... like Misuse said, the spool is too heavy...
  472. vellocity

    Toyota Tundra? Good For Pulling 21 footer?

    i have a 4wd trd tundra.. fine for everyday driving.. but i'd say NO on a 21' boat.. they suck at towing my ski and filled with 4 adults... the worst thing about Toyotas are the brakes!! being able to stop 6,000 pounds should be just as important as pulling it... IMHO
  473. vellocity

    More hook questions

    Jesse live baiting Ono on our 10 day trip was an unreal experience for my dad and I... they hit the baits so hard and the hookup ratio sucked!! we learned from the boat when they hit it, don't set the hook too fast cause if there is tension on the intial hit they will/can cut through the...
  474. vellocity

    Your Favorite Sushi Joint

    Hey Jack.. how's Hawaii treating you?? don't worry, the 5 weeks of shit weather is NOT common... i was home for the whole month of Feb. and ate at Genki Sushi at Waikele shopping center 3-4 times a week!!! the sushi train is the bomb!! no suspense, just sit down and let the sushi train go...
  475. vellocity

    Your Favorite Sushi Joint

    i gotta try that place! i'm right there, i live off north Limerick Ave towards the 52.. i never even thought to try it... ghetto shopping center area fooled me.. i like Niban... Clairemont Mesa / one block east of 805... in the Souplantation center.. epic Hamachi sashimi.....butter...
  476. vellocity

    Offshore Codding 2 day 3/18-19

    yeah Stano! holding it down wearing surf trunks on a boat in March!!!! when's the fish taco night at the house? get Mano's mom to make the beans and rice!!!!!!!!
  477. vellocity

    Seat Upholstery

    keep the phone numbers coming guys.. i'll call them ALL! thanks
  478. vellocity

    Seat Upholstery

    thanks! i gave her a call but was qouted $250 per seat! (i have 2).. OUCH.. looks i need to go south of the border!
  479. vellocity

    Seat Upholstery

    want to get my seats of my Waverunner re-upholstered.. anyone know of a hookup in San Diego? maybe someone's got a TJ connection?
  480. vellocity

    Huges v.s Gracie

    Royce has recently been fighting without the Gi i really hope Royce kicks Hughes' ass... but i guess i'm still biter that BJ Penn lost the decision to George St. Pierre and doesn't get his due chance to kick Matt Hughes' ass AGAIN for the title... you can bet Vegas that NO ONE expected BJ...
  481. vellocity

    Recent Surf Shots [56k Warning!]

    oh oh.. i can't wait for all the sponge bashing that will follow these pics!
  482. vellocity

    Recent Surf Shots [56k Warning!]

    photos are sick.. digital is the way to go! PM me if you're interested in shooting for our companies.. No Friends and Elemenohpee... web stuff, future packaging stuff, and i'll hook you up with all mags we work with for editorial stuff..
  483. vellocity

    Ready to Fish? Shogun Schedule 2006

    ahhhhhhhh, YES I DO!!! thanks for the motivation Shelly! can you please order me one of those YT that Bruce is holding up for the 8 day in late May? just tell Shorty we're coming back for MORE!!! i'll go visit Andrea this week!
  484. vellocity

    surface poppers for Yellowtail?

    got your message ZZZZZ, i'll go get some Owner trebles.. maybe the added weight might be good so i can get a little more distance?
  485. vellocity

    surface poppers for Yellowtail?

    thanks Andy, i totally missed that thread you started!! didn't check the boards too much while i was gone.... but hey, great minds think alike!??! haha! i can't wait to try it! you know how it is out there, sometimes they just don't want to go for the iron wiggle! got that aluminium...
  486. vellocity

    surface poppers for Yellowtail?

    thanks Matt.. yeah, i just wanted to try 'em out here in LJ.. some RARE times they're crashing and they don't eat surface irons, megabaits and i just wanted to see if the surface popping action might start 'em up? the ones in LJ get finicky at times.. probably 1 hook is enough huh? might...
  487. vellocity

    surface poppers for Yellowtail?

    raided my dad's tackle box and brought these surface poppers back from Hawaii.. he uses them for Jack Trevalle(Papio/Ulua) do you guys think these plugs would work for YT? casted into boils, or even slow trolled? i put that silver surface jig(size of a 7X) in the photo for size...
  488. vellocity

    UFC last night , USA vs Canada

    yeah you missed some insane fights! and yes, i'm a Penn fan and i'm backing up the local Hawaii boy and the "real champ" was robbed! major tough loss... i don't know what the judges saw but BJ Penn fucked the shit up of George St. Pierre. BJ won the first 2 rounds clearly by doing more...
  489. vellocity

    1/16 Q105 weigh in!

    more like $3500 when it's all said and done.....tip for the crew and extra stuff...there's always extra stuff...
  490. vellocity

    SUA - Where's the report???

    that's just bite ever and he's sleeping???? what are you thinking Georgie!? if the boat is stopped, my line is in the water.. that's what i paid a lot of money to do and my expensive gear is getting used!!! can't catch 'um if you're not trying.. haha!!!
  491. vellocity

    SUA - Where's the report???

    congrats George! da monkey's off your back! enjoy the fish guys! ahi poke $5.99 a pound, fresh everyday here in Hawaii! been eating da good shit every day!!!!!
  492. vellocity

    Going to Oahu end of July

    Live Bait used to be the one of the few charters that would go early and "make bait" and carry live bait while fishing Waianae... nothing wrong with Waianae and Makaha.. just don't look too Haole, don't leave your bright rental car filled with stuff to steal... the "batu" freaks will get...
  493. vellocity

    UFC 57

    Jerry you da man! UFC is protecting their intrests....can't blame them, they do a good job sensationalizing the whole thing with the new reality show.. MMA is relatively new here in the US and we only watch what they let us watch.. Pride is way way gnarlier, way gnarlier international field...
  494. vellocity

    UFC 57

    Pride supposedly is making a big push here in the USA and it was UFC's best bet to get Tito and BJ back into UFC before Pride picks up too much domestic momentum... i "heard" BJ's happy with his new UFC deal. pretty sure the major sponsors want a "good ol white boy" as a UFC champ over a...
  495. vellocity

    UFC 57

    Stano- save your money..... watch it at home, cheaper beer, go to the Old Plank to slap a few guys around to take your aggression out and use that ALL money you'll be saving to go on a LR trip! let's see, quick breakdown... front row seats + beers + titty bar + beers + VEGAS + beers +...
  496. vellocity

    Blank Selection

    thanks! now i just need to put these rods into USE!
  497. vellocity

    Blank Selection

    don't mean to thread jack...but really quickly... David, are you saying cut it down? or cut it down because he listed 6' rods as is first choices?? i just built a couple more 3X's and a 4X and i cropped them longer than stock at 6'4 w/ #16 tip.. when i built my first 3X built it LONG(6'4)...
  498. vellocity

    Yield on the big tuna processing

    agree with you 1000% RSW is the ONLY way to go if you plan on eating it.. RSW = cut 'um yourself Misuse style in the yard!!!! frozen brine - thaw - fish process - re frozen = shit... never again for me.. frozen brine what you are going to trade, donate, or outside of the time window...
  499. vellocity

    1/23 cold roaches...

    with the extreme low tides we've had the last few days i've seen guys diving just off the ledges at SunsetCliffs getting limits of bugs.. nice size ones too... and yeah it's COLD.. probably like 55-56 10' down
  500. vellocity

    TLD 20 II for 50#

    i seen a stock TLD 30 catch a cow on my trip....the guy was using a 60# topshot to bimini(double line to hook).. i got a cow on a TLD 30/tiburon frame upgrade and short topshot 60# flouro. i did the tib upgrades to both a 30 and 20 at Ken's custom reel, expensive upgrade and i'm still...
  501. vellocity

    DP again-a double 'but-load

    very nice fish A & J!! you guys spend alot of quality time together, congrats on both! see you LJ
  502. vellocity


    he's a RAIL guy now.. so it's Mr. UseDaRailAngler to you fags... or Mr. SmartAngler no more harness shit.... jealous he gets to fish again... and shit, have fun bastard!
  503. vellocity

    What do you prefer?

    hahaaa! was that after she told you to turn your head and cough? :High_Five
  504. vellocity

    What do you prefer?

    who gives a shit about records? just kill the biggest fish however you can... then EAT it of course.. and Stan's NOT FAT! when you drink BEER and your stomach is as HARD as that guy's, that's NOT FAT, that's beer muscle..
  505. vellocity

    Kobe's 81 a good or bad thing?

    exactly.. the amount of animosity against him and YET he STILL performs... many would have crumbled away a long time ago..
  506. vellocity

    Kobe's 81 a good or bad thing?

    and the Lakers will make the playoffs this year.. they will most likely lose in the 2nd round to Spurs or Suns. coming out the All Star game the Lakers will be a way better team but they will still suck until they get rid of Odom Pistons are the ones to beat though
  507. vellocity

    Kobe's 81 a good or bad thing?

    everyone needs to STOP trying to compare MJ to Kobe.. MJ had Pippen Kobe has a dumb ass named Odom so until Kobe has a someone like Pippen on his team nothing can or should be compared.. we all know if Kobe had Pippen(in his prime) his numbers WOULD be WAY more crazy than it already...
  508. vellocity

    Seeker Black Steel 50# rod for Pro EX 30W?

    what are you targeting over there? that's a mighty reel you got, so i'd say a way stiffer rod.. i got my EXW 4/02 on a 6463 XXH and i use it to fish 80-130# the EX30W is crazy strong and more of a 80-150# reel for west coast style tuna fishing
  509. vellocity


    i agree, the 6465H's got some backbone to stop that YT from getting into the rocks!
  510. vellocity


    my setup is 6465H Seeker Blacksteel TOR 30 w/Cal's Drag Plate 65 JB spectra, w/ 70yds Izor 50# i use a 80# hollow JB 8' sleeve to connect spectra to mono.... nice and smooth connection especially when you've lost a bit of your topshot and you begin casting into it. wahoo and yoyo...
  511. vellocity

    flex coat over plastic tape?

    yeah, i learned the hard way and now i clean all surfaces with denatured alcohol before i flexcoat... oil from fingerprints suck if you don't use alcohol..... makes for a nice smooth take..
  512. vellocity

    flex coat over plastic tape?

    thanks why not on a space between the guide wraps? i surfed Nubes yesterday on the low with the little twinny fish, super fun
  513. vellocity

    flex coat over plastic tape?

    i use colored plastic tape to mark my custom rods i build and on my factory rods.. my custom rods are black on black so i need to mark them so they're easier to find. i was wondering if i could flex coat over plastic tape?? you flexcoat over fish stickers, i don't see why you couldn't do it...
  514. vellocity

    Stolen rod on the Q-105...

    that's a real bummer.. especially after a longer LR trip when you spend more time with these other fishermen and had such a great time together.. the bottom line is that no one misplaces other people's shit in their stuff, and IF they DID they would have called the landing well before having...
  515. vellocity

    upgrade Avet 50 handles

    here's a couple more photos showing the handle apart.. drill out the hypalon after the epoxy cures so the hole stays and doesn't stretch into an oval.. my SDS 50's and 50W are ready for BATTLE!! no more slippery handle!!
  516. vellocity

    upgrade Avet 50 handles

    haha!!! :finger: just come by next time you go to Noah's.. i'm wrapping those 3X and 4X rods right now so everything is out in the garage.. it seriously takes like no more than 5 mins to do.. only the end part of the handle needs to be slipped screw i'll get a couple more...
  517. vellocity

    upgrade Avet 50 handles

    haha!! only a true SHORT TS guy would see that!!! that spectra sat down another 1/4" into the spool after a few cowfish.. Kevan from Noah's had that reel spooled to the brim and it sat down that much!!! gotta top them off!
  518. vellocity

    upgrade Avet 50 handles

    i absolutely love the new TiagraA handles... nice and gripy i hated my Avet aluminium handles and knew it was going to be a problem for me and my dad on our cow trip.. so i went to Home Depot and got a couple pairs of those rubberized gloves and cut the fingertips off.. -the leftside...
  519. vellocity

    Yummee YFT on EXCEL

    i guess no one knows how to fish a yummy w/ balloon in flat, no wind conditions except Gary Aoyama?
  520. vellocity

    New Lowrance FF crapped out

    did you go to Rosecrans or Dana Landing? i bought mine at Dana but returned for warranty at Rosecrans, way more busy and the older ladies didn't care much.... i told them my unit didn't powerup and they exchanged it right there.. they took my unit and gave me one straight from the box...
  521. vellocity

    1/16 Q105 weigh in!

    she needs 6 more to run with a minimum of 14 passengers!!! Jamie, i'm 75% right now, with good upward momentum! i got a tradeshow this weekend at the convention center and i'll have a better scope on work commitments.. i'm finishing up a couple of 3X's and a 4X so i'm planning on sneaking...
  522. vellocity

    Q105 - Fish Seeker, Hustler style 1/6/06-1/16/06

    congrats! very impressive beastmaster you got! i came down this morning to check it out and even frozen that damn fish looked like it was gonna burst at the seams!!! i'm sure many LR guys would take the 320# and 2 bites over 12 bites of 200# fish! awesome job!! fish of a lifetime!!!
  523. vellocity

    Yummee YFT on EXCEL

    i wonder how he did it with the balloon cause it looks like it's glassy with NO wind? how the hell did he get the setup away from the boat? the conditions in the picture looks like you could barely fly the kite.. i tried the yummee w/ balloon and could only get it to work when there was...
  524. vellocity

    1/16 Q105 weigh in!

    went down this morning to talk with Capt. Brian Sims and watch the weigh in.. quick numbers... 21 over 200#, many were in the 220-250# range big fish were- 320# beastmaster that looked like it was bursting at the seams! 292# longer than the beastmaster but skinny(if you can ever call a...
  525. vellocity

    Last chance 10 day on Q105

    bring your 3-5 day gear, you WILL use it to break up the traveling on the ride down and back call Dena at the Q office, tell her you need big gear for the cows! she'll set you up completely.. bring 6/0-9/0 hooks of your choice though.. the boat uses Mustad 2005 circle hooks and i...
  526. vellocity

    Last chance 10 day on Q105

    thinking about jumping on too! i say just let the boat outfit you... i was on the boat in Nov. and they will rig you up for the big fish and they have everything you'll need for what's happening down there.. the boat wants you to catch big ones as much as you do so they'll make sure you're...
  527. vellocity

    Thursday evening audio report from the RP..

    this is PAINFUL to keep reading these reports from down there!!! aaarrrgghhhhhhhhhhhhh Excel's got some big'uns too!
  528. vellocity

    the BIG FISH are still THERE!!! 1/9/06

    hey Matt! how you been? what ever works, i'm down!!! we had a great 10 day trip in late Nov, my dad worked out and trained all summer and he kicked some cow ass on our trip! but yeah, he still loves looking for those big YT.. we learned alot on that big fish trip.. i want cows and he...
  529. vellocity

    1/11 La Jolla: YT put on a show!

    `nice Andy!!! as always... no waves means time to go fishing!!!
  530. vellocity

    Fishing La Jolla

    yeah, the ski setup is banned from La Jolla.. too noisey and the rich homeowners petitioned for the ban.. paddle people are next.. too many colors and it lowers the property value cause every morning the horizon is filled with rainbow neon colors!:eyepoppin muhahahaahaa:rofl: Tred...
  531. vellocity

    Fishing La Jolla

    yeah, go to the kayak websites for help. the paddle crew only post their reports here to show off how good they are.. :notworthy :rofl: :rofl: and the ones that post here are really GOOD! DAMN GOOD!
  532. vellocity

    the BIG FISH are still THERE!!! 1/9/06

    oh shit, Brad beat me to it.. there it is about the Excel... you can't go but maybe your alias can?
  533. vellocity

    the BIG FISH are still THERE!!! 1/9/06

    the stripers have been down there too.. i think on our trip around thanksgiving there were like 5 hooked/released/intentially broke off.. i think Excel had a stellar trip on the big fish in early Dec and one day they hooked like 50 of them? maybe someone else can elaborate more..
  534. vellocity

    the BIG FISH are still THERE!!! 1/9/06

    oh shit, how cool would that be to flyline a skippy right there in the mix of everything??!!! 12/0 7691 hook would be sweeeeeeet!!
  535. vellocity

    the BIG FISH are still THERE!!! 1/9/06

    i think the other term they used for the LR spot was "the BIG fish zone" the 2 day ride down they pump you up for "the BIG FISH ZONE" then you get there and it's everything they hyped it up to be and MORE!!! alot MORE! come on ZZZZ, Jan 25th-Feb 5th on the 105. you can play sick from...
  536. vellocity

    the BIG FISH are still THERE!!! 1/9/06

    absolutely waxing them down there!!! when will it end? not even trying to follow the LONG LR trips, these are just the 10-15 day trips! from the Excel website Hello Anglers, Today was our first day of fishing and had beautiful weather to do it in. Sunny skies, light...
  537. vellocity

    spline finder around San Diego

    thanks Ken and Don i'll give you guys a call.. i have them marked, i just wanna double check..
  538. vellocity

    **TORSA v. BOSS**

    i tried it on my last LR trip.. one dude went to a fishing store and got every shimano GOLD reel they had to get ready for this trip(prior to this trip his biggest fish was from freshwater!!)... he had Tiagras, Torsas, and Trinidads.. he was so pimping and he let me try his new Torsa30...
  539. vellocity

    Allright, i Concede, David, Brandon your right

    i don't care how anyone catches them, as long as they catch 'um and they share the fresh RSW tuna like you do!!!!!!!!!!
  540. vellocity


    no i wish but they don't sell it here... but it's basically red Alae Hawaiian rock salt and crushed dried red peppers.. tell Jason to go to Nijiya Market on Convoy(when he goes to Noah's) and buy the fresh Ogo seaweed instead of the freeze dried seaweed in that mix. ask Jason's sister...
  541. vellocity

    Q-105 came in

    sounds like an awesome trip!! Congrats!! Brian Sims is the man!
  542. vellocity

    Hey Arne...what goes well with WSB?

    FK'NBrad!!!!! surf still too fun to go fishing!
  543. vellocity

    Halibut Schmalibut

    way to go guys!! wet ass people who paddle rule! if the surf would ever drop i can go fishing again!
  544. vellocity

    Fresh Fish

    thanks for the RSW chunk!!! it's already GONE!!! epic quality! waiting for the report!
  545. vellocity

    Jan 1st.. they're back on the BIG ONES!

    we had spicy tuna, poke, and sashimi for dinner tonight.... DONE DEAL... thank you very much..... RSW tuna..... Best Ever!!! ENOUGH SAID...
  546. vellocity

    Surf's up a little

    they were doing TOW INs at Mavericks today!! beeeg size
  547. vellocity

    LJ 1/04...Game on!

    yeah Brad! good going and congrats on the great start for you and Andy
  548. vellocity

    spline finder around San Diego

    hey guys i live in the 858 anyone have a spline finder i can use for a minute? having a hard time finding the sweet spot on XXXXH and would like to double check my XXXH ones before i start building them.. thanks in advance Nelz
  549. vellocity

    Vellocity getting pitted

    yeah Omar's still the #1 worker there.. Ross running NF, and i do the LMNOP side. PM me and i'll give you his info.. i'll help you push it through as he's pretty slammed with customs.. he works at X now and does all our customs..
  550. vellocity

    Vellocity getting pitted

    yeah Nate! LMNOP's doing live and well.. boards being made overseas in Taiwan for the past 3 years... it's just me left and the two riders Skipp and Ross.. the bizz is doing better than ever, from that massive 22,000 square foot building in Oside to now out of my home office.. and of course...
  551. vellocity

    Vellocity getting pitted

    yeah guys! it's all about ENJOYING the ocean and LIVING.. i don't care what you ride or how you fish, as long as you love doing it and you don't go about it with an ego attitude... i spent over 10 years going in and out of California and never knew inshore/offshore/longrange fishing...
  552. vellocity

    Jan 1st.. they're back on the BIG ONES!

    from the Q105- DAY 7 - SUNDAY - JANUARY 1, 2006 Today was epic big fish fishing. Ten over 200 lb and 32 total. Bring the big gear we are back in business. - Brian DAY 6 - SATURDAY - DECEMBER 31, 2005 Today we were on school size yellowfin for the...
  553. vellocity

    Vellocity getting pitted

    i'm a kook! hahaaa! for the past month all i can think about is those damn big fish down south!!! and maybe this is premature but it looks like they're struggling to get on them down there and i'll probably pass on the next 10 dayer Jan 5th.. New Years Resolution is to get over these...
  554. vellocity

    Vellocity getting pitted

    dude i'm faded right now... big night in downtown, being a naughty boy right now, at the Omni hotel using some nerdy guest's computer checking the BD reports, how sad it that!!!!!! i love this fricken shit, and this hottie on my lap says i'm gay for looking at fishing shit... after tonight i'll...
  555. vellocity

    Vellocity getting pitted

    my boy BradZZZ posting this shit and now i gotta deal with all you fags that wanna try and prove how much cooler they are??? yeah sometimes when the conditions allow i get to drag my dick when i get pitted.. i've seen waves and barrels that would make you cry and shit your pants so get over...
  556. vellocity

    well....Day 1(Dec 29th) in Cow Town is in the books

    well......i'm sure many have been waiting for the first reports of Cow Town... they are back in the zone since the holiday break and it seems that they have not tracked them down on Day 1 yet. i've got my fingers crossed that they find them like how they left them; BITING!!! wish them LUCK...
  557. vellocity

    First LR Trip...

    yeah!!! i was at Seaside, NJ for Labor Day weekend! there was a pro event that Jason Bitzer put together, sweet event but no waves, what's new? i don't compete anymore but was on my way home from Europe with Ross McBride so we stopped through to check it out.. bring your TN14, i'll let...
  558. vellocity

    First LR Trip...

    on a 10 day i'd say if you got it, bring it.. take your TN14 and your bass rod cause you just never know what kind of fishing your trip will end up doing.. weather changes, you're going so far, you already own the gear, you might as well take paid for the trip, might as well...
  559. vellocity

    Niihau and Kaula rock

    70# shibis for New Years... EPIC!!!!
  560. vellocity

    I know nothing about long range fishing

    i remember Todd's pad down in Wailua.....early-mid 90's when Taylor Steele and the whole Cali crew used to come down and stay with you guys and Benji's too.. those were the good ol innocent days when everyone used to cruise in Benji's and Jack's houses... surf, break the river, mud football at...
  561. vellocity

    I know nothing about long range fishing

    thanks Jesse yeah i talk to Mike every once in a while, i figured for sure you'd know him.... he's been super busy with his new job and his fishing time has been cut back hard.. as you know, he's also been fishing off his kayak and when he comes down to San Diego that's when we meet up...
  562. vellocity

    18 day INDEPENDENCE JAN 5TH - 23RD

    never rode it yet and hopefully will someday, i can only imagine how EPIC it must be... pretty simple facts, 112' by 32' of pure luxury and they obviously know how to catch big fish... all of them catch fish, all of them are quality operations, and some with more amenities than others...
  563. vellocity


    Gates was defended very well today. Chargers are pretty simple.. when LT doesn't get going, THEY don't get going... and now i'm beginning to believe when Lorenzo Neal isn't playing that's bad news too! hard to get the ball to Gates when they're going 3 and out each possesion.. amazing how...
  564. vellocity

    I know nothing about long range fishing

    what's up Jesse i grew up on Oahu, my dad had a green sponson 27' Yellowfin named the Brandi Elua, and we fished all of Waianae and around the corner to your side... we fished from the '80's until he actually sold the boat in '94 to some divers in Haleiwa... i wonder if the boat is still...
  565. vellocity

    First LR Trip...

    i wrapped a Seeker Blacksteel 6463 XXXH for my SDS50.. i liked it alot and used it for 100-150# topshots.. if fact i liked it so much i just bought 2 more of those blanks and a XXXXH for my kite rod.. but seeing that you look like a Calstar guy maybe the 760H? that's what i saw the most...
  566. vellocity


    KC was the better team today no doubt... they dominated in the conditions.. but, i wanna know how Schottenheimer got out coached? we already know Marty's Schotty calls before but i didn't see any bad coaching decisions today? against Miami yeah, but today? KC simply dominated.
  567. vellocity


    where was LT? did he play? i could have swore that was someone else in #21
  568. vellocity


    LIGHTS OUT on the first down of the game.....
  569. vellocity

    Got Rail?

    NO DOUBT- the rail SUCKS!:finger: tell that guy NOT to try it! writing this as i start to build two 6463XXXH and one 6463XXXXH RAIL rods w/ NO GIMBALS!!!! (just picked up the blanks tonight from Squidco!!) sorry, no IGFgay records for me or any one of us.... and to keep up with the...
  570. vellocity

    Pro 30 N JB Spectra

    i think it's same size as the 4/02 narrow and i got 400 yards of 130 JBhollow cause i was too cheap to buy the expensive 80#hollow.. i say get the 80 JB hollow for sure, they splice in 200' of 130#JB just for your connections and more strength around deep color
  571. vellocity

    anyone pull on the 6463XXXXH??

    sweet.. thanks for the review..
  572. vellocity

    12/19 LJ...smell the glove

    Hubbs institute should start a BSB tagging program... for sure these guys are hooked a couple of times a year and at least we can identify them.. and yeah, Brad is da MAN.. he's hooked everything imaginable out there at the corner.....and i do mean EVERYTHING... you name it, he's killed...
  573. vellocity

    Solo Run to LJ Manana 12.21.5

    try getting OUT of Mission bay entrance first.. tomorrow it will be breaking INSIDE the jetties guaranteed.. it's actually one spot that might be surfable and not closing out
  574. vellocity

    anyone pull on the 6463XXXXH??

    thanks for the replies guys.. i'll wrap a 4X next! were the shogun kite rods with the big windon guides or the regular aftcos? cause the BIG guides felt like it softened the rod ALOT, almost feeling like the 3X.. this is in the tackle shop of course.. thanks again
  575. vellocity

    Buying a new truck...

    wideopenbite i like your avatar and your PROFILE!!! i drive by everyday looking at the lifted '05F150 doublecab FX4!!! PM me if you got any DEALS going as the December month is closing soon.. been there a couple of times in the last 6months and talked to a few jerks actually.. i think i knew...
  576. vellocity

    Monday 3 hour run

    Kawakawa is more of the mackerel family...kinda like a Bonito, really dark meat, heavy bloodlines.. that is a BIG Kawakawa model, they are usually small like 1-3# models and more of a nuisance on Oahu.. how you so cal guys treat skippies is how Hawaii people treat Kawakawa.. nice catch...
  577. vellocity

    Pro 30 - Merry Xmas to me!!!

    you're stoked Art! Merry Christmas to you! haha! i saw some serious COW death on those new 30's! i think there were 3 guys who fished them and i think the biggest one was a 230#....the guy had a med length(75') topshot of 100# w/ a 200# leader(the boat setup)
  578. vellocity

    anyone pull on the 6463XXXXH??

    i have one 6463XXH and three 6463XXXH's wanna build a XXXXH kite rod anyone get to pull on one during this epic bite?? if you have, with the bigfoot aftco rollers or the normal ones?
  579. vellocity

    All I have to say

    people laughed 7 weeks ago when i said Colts would be 13-1 after they played us!!! where's that BD member that had Indy's updated record earlier in the season as his signature?? he needs to update it.. 13 and ONE!!!!!!
  580. vellocity

    AA 12/16 6 am

    that's what Maui's all about.. and if you met some of my Maui boyz they could have hooked you up with the dakine dakine...
  581. vellocity

    AA 12/16 6 am

    CudaKiller, tell me about shorecasting in Hawaii again.... haha!!!! you made my dad's day talking about shorefishing in Hawaii! remind everyone that fishing SUCKS in Hawaii!! the locals ATE it ALL!! just think, you were on Maui too(slightly better chance at hooking something)... if you...
  582. vellocity

    AA 12/16 6 am

    George "Kick Stand" Daniels?
  583. vellocity

    Best 1/2 Day Boat

    SHIT, how the hell did my name get in the mix ?? not like i'm trying to snake you on a prime shoulder loin piece of Sculpin.. hahaaa! jeeez.. first Donnie McNabb, now ME...:rofl:
  584. vellocity

    HAHA! tracy just called.......

    ahhh you fuckers! haha!! forgive me for my weakness on fresh RSW sashimi grade TUNA! and you will never believe me if i told you that i never ate COOKED tuna until i came to California!! i guess we never had the chance to find out cause everything was ate RAW!
  585. vellocity

    HAHA! tracy just called.......

    more like from another planet!! hahaa.. ok.. CudaKiller's got one side of the shoulder loin, i got DIBS on the other side.. RSW tuna.. yummmmmy
  586. vellocity

    Shogun Big Fish 12-11-05

    wow!!! what a dream fish! going into the FULL moon phase it should slow down a little(just like our trip(Nov13-23)... BUT....sounds like it's far from being over down there!! wish the Shogun could extend their Dec26th trip to a 10 dayer!
  587. vellocity

    12/11 Point Kelp

    straight Cuda Killing! damn, i never thought anyone could dwarf StandUpAngler like you did in that lovely sunset photo holding hands! haha!!! shit next time let me know you want fish... i'm all about spreading out the fresh fish to da boyz!
  588. vellocity

    Sun Morning LR boat reports.

    thanks for the combined report... hope they stick around for another month! fingers crossed and sitting on pulling the trigger on another trip.. too damn awesome of a season to not go for it..
  589. vellocity

    Where are the long range boats fishing?

    firemen make good money, yes? no? i have a few friends who work in East County Santee and he tagged along on a few extended surf trips with us... perfect for long range fishing trips.. i also have family in Hawaii in the Dept.....and they all have side jobs they work on the "days off" and...
  590. vellocity

    PRO 30-Wide Capacity

    i went to Noah's.. give Kevan a call and a chance to match any online deal.. i got a comparable online deal on a 50 SDS which i filled to the brim with #200 JB Hollow i'm super stoked on the new Avets..
  591. vellocity

    Where are the long range boats fishing?

    it depends sometimes.....then sometimes it depends...
  592. vellocity

    Where are the long range boats fishing?

    10 day long range trip minimum.. and it's safe to say that none of the LR boats will tell you exactly where it is to minimize the traffic and hype... you're a fireman, you got the time to take a nice long trip and fish in luxury so go book a 10-15 day trip now!
  593. vellocity

    Reel Suggestions

    Tor30.... cal plate upgrade if you're gonna fish 50# on it.. minimal maintenence and it's very reliable.. the key is you said fishing in Baja.. i wouldn't want an Accurate down in Baja with all the sand and stuff.. Accurates have a very small tolerance in their reels and one sand grain...
  594. vellocity

    Bad news for poeple who surf

    epoxy boards are suck IMO....too much floatation and it doesn't flex like a normal surfboard.. the technology is great but performance is everything.. If you're interested in reading some of these comments and speculations, go to and go to the "General Discussion"...
  595. vellocity

    12/6 before work Yellowfish

    i think what i tied at your Izor booth was a double double reverse alleyhoop trilene slam dunk and one! 4 legs into the eye seems good for a contest, but not good for actual fishing.. nah, i tied double uni and double san diegos for jigs....and i never decide on which one until i start the...
  596. vellocity

    RP 11/25 - 12/05 Pics

    WTG Branman! sounds like a lifetime of memories on that trip... hard to remember it all and seeing the pictures make them all come back.. thanks! that last photo with the guys straight rod pulling at color gives me flashback nightmares! i wish i had 2 left hands like that guy? one...
  597. vellocity

    12/6 before work Yellowfish

    you bastard! we paddled out in my Hawaiian Koa Canoe! oh shit wait, there is a guy out there in a canoe... we were in float tubes! i hope your teeth fall out, or you need a major filling to DRILL OUT! go catch another "something" off the bottom!! and yeah, that's an epic squid tip
  598. vellocity

    12/6 before work Yellowfish

    you know Brad brings his short topshot system onto my rig and i said "not on my fucking watch kid!" "these fish are keying in on heavy mono leaders that weigh a bait down and makes them swim sluggish.... why would you ever wanna a livelier bait that gets bit better Brad??" edit: i guess i...
  599. vellocity

    12/6 before work Yellowfish

    Jaydog that's a damn good fricken idea!!!!
  600. vellocity

    At it again...

    Shimano's price fixing needs to bend over and back up against Ali's avatar! hey Mark(SDAngler), PM me on what you had to get done to make your Ti16's work better? thanks
  601. vellocity

    LJ 12/05 coffee and hamachi

    trevor you and travis need to get out there.. you'll be back home by 2nd period for sure!!!
  602. vellocity

    What rod for Avet 4/0 2speed

    what are you talking about? rehab that shoulder of yours and let's GO! what about paddling? get out there for the greylight..
  603. vellocity

    is the pro 30 narrow available yet

    i really love short topshots but i still don't need 48# of drag on a 30Narrow.. plus fishing short topshots would mean "using" your drag more to compensate for the lack of stretch.. when i say using, i mean using the drag curve, not just slamming it to strike to stop a fish.. 48# could pull...
  604. vellocity

    What rod for Avet 4/0 2speed

    what 4/0 2 speed is it? the EX narrow or the EXW? i would assume it's the EX narrow because you're looking for a 40-50# stick? i have both 4/0's and i fish the EX at 60-80# for bait(765M) and 60-100# for dropperloop(6460XH roller guide)... and for my EXW i fish it 80-100# and a backup...
  605. vellocity

    12/3-12/4 No YT in La Jolla

    how DARE you cook Hamachi Andy it's gonna be a LONELY Monday morning out there...
  606. vellocity

    is the pro 30 narrow available yet

    i'm glad someone agrees cause i wasn't trying to flame or anything.. it was just my opinion on these new Avets, which again are bad ass.. i predict there will be alot of 4/0 EXW's going for sale soon.. i was thinking of selling my 4/0 EXW but it worked flawlessly on my recent trip which i...
  607. vellocity

    is the pro 30 narrow available yet

    why someone would need 48# of drag on a size 30 narrow?? the 4/0 EX narrow has PLENTY of drag to fish 60-80# bait and 80-100# dropper... i have 2 of these and they are perfect for the above.. 48# of drag on a narrow sized reel w/ less line capacity just doesn't add up to $459 to me... why...
  608. vellocity

    Reverse Trilene Knot?

    ahhhh.. it never crossed my mind that Trilene knot and Izorline would factor into it.. haha.. opps!
  609. vellocity

    Reverse Trilene Knot?

    just got back from the Tackle Days at Fisherman's Landing.. Wahoodad, Grabowski, and Tim did an awesome long range presentation.. Brad you'll be stoked to know that i tied your Reverse Trilene knot you taught me in a double lined 3 turn version(4 legs into ring, instead of 2) at the...
  610. vellocity

    Abreojos 11/25-11/28

    looks beautiful down there Art.. glad you got to pull on something!
  611. vellocity

    Exell report from the HB.. first report..

    let's go again... 10 day illness.....nirvana
  612. vellocity

    Q105 is among the cows

    time to get suddenly ill for 10 days and bust out the plastic
  613. vellocity

    Reverse Trilene Knot?

    i used a reverse trilene taught to me by BradZZZ.. worked sweet and passed it on to others that were on the boat...they liked it as well.. real easy.. don't know the goods of the knot but it worked on all my big fish caught on 60#, 80# and 130#.. 150#+ i aluminium crimped the hook.. i'll...
  614. vellocity

    298 and 283 came on this

    shit if we go to yeahguys fishing is the last thing will be on my mind... nobody going to the tackle days at fisherman's landing on Sat?? starts at 9am.. i just found out about it today from Tim at SwiftyAdhesive.. let's talk fishing there instead? SUA let's meet up tomorrow to get your...
  615. vellocity

    Twosday in LJ

    still coming over to borrow "that hat" Arne! i'm on to your fav fishing hat powers
  616. vellocity

    Twosday in LJ

    see you out there on your yak tomorrow Stano
  617. vellocity

    Twosday in LJ

    Arne i'll be over in the dark morning to borrow your hat.... HOLY SHIT.. i was looking at your cooler thinking that's a fucking BIG cooler with a 20# bag of ice on the fish and the bag of ice looked small... i knew they were big but not that BIG BIG.... cow town in LJ!!!!! spooling 50#...
  618. vellocity

    298 and 283 came on this

    i'll go.. i looked into the trip and it said FULL? i'll need a sat phone for internet for sure.. let's test the cruiser tomorrow..
  619. vellocity

    298 and 283 came on this

    yeah i tried Brian Sim's ulua alot actually.. he's so fucking cool he let me try anything i wanted to try..... skipping's kinda hard if you ask me.. winding in the skips make for some shitty loose line on the spool.. definitely hard to keep casting good long casts.. i would save up the...
  620. vellocity

    LJ 11/29

    good man! nice work... see you tomorrowAM we'll have alot of tuna really soon to buy more lobsters from you... the fish will be ready to pick up soon.. sorry it missed the holidays and the family though.. easy spicy hamachi receipe -hot sticky Hawaii type rice -nori sheets, nice and...
  621. vellocity

    298 and 283 came on this

    go to Yogi's on a Friday night.. you'll fucking see.. best hottie talent around in NorthCounty and you'll be yelling "BOIL at the corner" all night..
  622. vellocity

    Twosday in LJ

    whooooooo one of those tails looks like a thicky
  623. vellocity

    Twosday in LJ

    nice job Arne!! the race to the WCW finish line continues! had to take my dad to the airport this morning... who's doing the paddle tomorrow??
  624. vellocity

    298 and 283 came on this

    let's do it Brad.. your reports fucking rule.. so true your descriptions.. i can't even remember all the stuff i's just rolled into one big blurr.. i think i yelled BOIL like over a hundred times in the 4 days!! the other passengers were getting soft by the end of the 2nd day...
  625. vellocity

    6463XXX or XXXX rod for 15 day trip?????

    i'm new to this too but i listened well to the vets and what they used... i really liked the 6463 XXXH.. if you use the rail the longer rod can keep solid pressure without the rod bottoming out on the wide rails of the bow, especially the outside part of the rail.. my dad didn't like the...
  626. vellocity

    RP arrives in the ZONE

    day #2 is history from the RP reports 11/29/05 Hi folks; Weather consisted of twelve knots northeast breeze in the morning and 8 knots out of the northwest in the afternoon. We caught 17 tuna today of which approximately 12 were over 200#. The grade of fish we are catching is sensational...
  627. vellocity

    THE RP REPORT 11/15-11/25

    WTF is right! i also got lucky i got mine on 60#...would have been different if a 300# bit and i would have wasted an opportunity of a lifetime.. but it gets frustrating trying to get bit and i'm like a A.D.D. fisherman, always changing, always trying to be different than the other 25 or so...
  628. vellocity

    298 and 283 came on this

    on a Friday night for sure.. tuna fish guaranteed.. freshness not!
  629. vellocity

    298 and 283 came on this

    130#JB hollow backed for more capacity, then splice 100' of 200#JB hollow for more strength and abrasion resistance for the most stressed part of the battle around the boat.. the best feeling is when you get the 200#JB wound onto your spool.. i did this with all my 30 sized reels.. on my...
  630. vellocity

    11/28 LJ:Before and after pix

    i knew it.. next time i will listen to you Andy.. the fish gods smiling upon da Iceman..
  631. vellocity

    Sunday AM New Seaforth

    i'm over the fish fry.. too greasy, taste like fish and chips anywhere.. i like spicy hamachi and poke hamachi better.. sounds like we got more shots at them too thanks to Iceman keeping LJ alive for us..
  632. vellocity

    298 and 283 came on this

    i never saw a bit(pun intended) of difference on our boat in the Flouro vs. Mono dept... i saw women soaking nearly dead sardines with 200# cable mono that looked like phone cord coming off the tip of the rod get BIT right next to me.. in fact both women caught COWS on my trip.. lots of...
  633. vellocity

    Sunday AM New Seaforth

    Ice- yeah i'll still do yoyo duties, probably once a week though... gonna wind down the fishing a bit and get back into my surfing.. didn't want to break my dad's back trying to get up to LJ in my fish mobile.. hookup yeah i had to miss this swell cause my dad's still in town until...
  634. vellocity

    Sunday AM New Seaforth

    i don't know? i thought it was that light orange/white vertical striped looking rockfish? i'll tell you how it tastes in about an hour though.. trying Damon's receipe.. thanks
  635. vellocity

    Sunday AM New Seaforth

    took my dad for the morning 1/2 day ride with RJ at the helm. sunny and clear, but choppy sea sick seas.. yesterday must have been downright horrible.. 4 barely short lings 3 barberpoles 2 reds 1 large boccacio 8 or so small whitefish slow fishing... lots of moves, no current but...
  636. vellocity

    Brad ZZZZZ made the UT this AM

    Stano what the hell is vCash and why do you only have 25 when everyone has 500? what did you buy beer with your vCash?
  637. vellocity

    Pics from the Halibut Tourney Today 11-26-05

    yeah Stano! congrats! go chargers!
  638. vellocity

    Brad ZZZZZ made the UT this AM

    smokey you missed the Ahi Poke at Misuse's parents house the other day... i hear you been owning the North County Poke business!
  639. vellocity

    PV next year, anyone interested?

    AMEN to that one Saluki!
  640. vellocity

    PV next year, anyone interested?

    oh yeah, i forgot.. i'm interested in PV next year.. Ali you need crew?
  641. vellocity

    PV next year, anyone interested?

    i'm not invited to this party either but I HAVE done the above as a kid fishing in Hawaii... 8' swells? that's a doable day in the Kauai Channel off Kaena Point.. just ask Bertram31 in a few months after he gets settled in on Oahu, he's in for some fun when the tradewinds kick in and the Ahi...
  642. vellocity

    Accurate Reel max drag at strike?

    so true.. never a need to go pass strike! from Alantani's rebuild on the Platinium 2 speeds the internal drag knob looks similar as the single speeds.
  643. vellocity

    BIG THANKS to StandUpAngler for the AVETs

    i'm a FULL ON tackle ho so SUA's gear was in good hands.. looked after, taken cared of, spray bottle washed after each day, corrosion X'd and ready to go back to him..
  644. vellocity

    Accurate Reel max drag at strike?

    Accurates kick ass! wish i could afford those Platinums! those are winches! i almost got a gaff in a 150-160# on my 10 day trip with a 870XM and 40#! the most fun i had the whole was like a cat and mouse/david and goliath with that fish, long stale mate battle trying NOT to wake...
  645. vellocity

    THE RP REPORT 11/15-11/25

    WOW!!! congrats... i prayed for a 5th day in the big fish zone on our trip but "others" wanted fricken VARIETY.... fucking blew it.. our Capt. had cows on this mind but our other gay passengers wanted fucking sandbass? what kooks.. your first day in the big fish zone we were sliding up...
  646. vellocity

    What I'd like to see from Avet...

    hey Rick what about Avet handles similar to the Tiagra A type handles?? the handles on the big Avets are slippery while in the heat of battle... the Tiagra A handles are epic, big grip, easy to wind down on.. thanks Nelz
  647. vellocity

    BIG THANKS to StandUpAngler for the AVETs

    big props to George(SUA)!!! he lent me a Avet 50wide and Avet SDS 50 for my 10 day(doesn't hurt to be over prepared) i used both as back ups the 50wide with 150# momoi long shot straight tie to hook the SDS as a backup short topshot setup.. if felt great to know these reels were ready...
  648. vellocity

    It's a bird's a's..........

    absolutely fricken unbelievable.... 300# when it hit the deck no doubt and in a few months the smaller one would have been 300# for sure!! there are 350#'s swimming amongst those fish for sure!! go get 'um Branman!!!! they'll be eating the paint off the boat for sure!
  649. vellocity

    OMG Santa Accurate and Seeker came home

    you're supposed to handline in Hawaii!! it's called the Portuguese Pump... one guy does it all.. leave the rod in the rod holder, left hand pulls the line from the stripper roller to the reel while the right hand simutaneously gets a crank... haha! the fish will see that bling-bling and...
  650. vellocity

    11/23 LJ The rumors of my death...

    see you tomorrow AM Andy with my dad on the back seat!
  651. vellocity

    Q 105 Nelz and his Dad

    i did, hard work and after 4 drops and someone hooking one on bait i quickly changed setups.. good luck..
  652. vellocity

    Q 105 Nelz and his Dad

    thanks Brandon. the crimp flew back and cut the the crew's hand inbetween his fingers.. it slingshot back through the guides and hit him where he was palming the reel spool.. again, it broke off when he was pulling straight, like a tug a war, not a bend in the rod.. the hollow spectra...
  653. vellocity

    Q 105 Nelz and his Dad

    i think i'm realizing that crew bag on all the new shit and new styles of fishing long range cause they don't use them, nor can a boat afford to set up passengers on a boat rig this way... whether or not they KNOW the benefits or results very questionable, but either way they support what the...