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  1. yellofvr

    Got a free knife, check out this site.

    So I was looking for a net for the upcoming trout season, came upon this site bought a really nice pvc net. I signed up for their test and review thinking yeah right these things never work. Well a few weeks later a really badass fillet knife came in the mail. Just wanting to share with you...
  2. yellofvr

    Seeker 270 guide replacement.

    Just wondering if removing the stock stainless guides with something lighter would make the rod feel "better". I know it glass but will lighter guides make it feel more lively?
  3. yellofvr

    Predator tackle bag questions

    I really like the bag seems well made, but the sides are not reinforced so it sags. Also when you remove one of the trays it kinda collapse onto the next level. Kinda sucks, I really think the sides need reinforcement. Does the okuma nomad have this problem? If not I'll return this bag kinda...
  4. yellofvr

    WTB tiburon P21 frame

    Anyone have a Tiburon P21 frame that want to sell hit me up thanks.
  5. yellofvr

    rolling tackle box

    What rolling tackle box you guys using. Looking to spend under 150. I've had a shimano shoulder box for like 15 years but getting tired of carrying it.
  6. yellofvr

    Saltist 20 LD good or bad?

    Thinking about getting a Saltist 20ld, how do they compare to Avet SX and the Fathom. I Fondled all three at turners and was digging the Saltist the best. It was way smoother than the SX, all though the fathom was just as smooth. What you guys think?
  7. yellofvr

    torium 14 freespool sucks

    I already cleaned and relubed the bearings but it still don't free spool good IMO. Last time fishing it I had to help the Dean take line of the spool. My newells and diawa's flyline way better. Any upgrades to make this thing free spool better?
  8. yellofvr

    Drag upgrade Newell P332F

    Any suggestions for my P322F drag upgrades. I used it this past Wednesday on a 900m throwing a popper and the drags were getting jerkey on the second YF. Also any bearing upgrades? Any input would be appreciated.
  9. yellofvr

    Offshore Late Dana BY report

    Fished last Thursday with my Buddie Wayne, he fished Wednesday and lost a big one at color and wanted revenge. Got a half scoop and off we go only 6/8 miles off. Tried halcos and rapalas for nothing, so we reverted to slow troll dean's bam fish on within minutes hell ya nice 40lber. Next my...
  10. yellofvr

    07/08 Duck killing pics.

    Here are a few from the season.
  11. yellofvr

    Wister this sat 11/18.

    Well I finally got a draw for wister and its a #2 :cheers: Ill be there on friday night if any b/der's are gonna be there stop by my truck is in my avitar.
  12. yellofvr

    Offshore Dodo's & Tails 8/2 East End of Cat

    Just got done cleaning fish. Super tired. Launched out of Davies got a half scoop of deans from nacho great bait only around 10 rolled all day. Planned of hitting the 14 mile bank never made it that far. Seen some boats around 5 to 8 miles off the east end of cat. Went over there to investigate...
  13. yellofvr

    Carpenteria State Beach??

    Im heading out w/the family and some friends has any body fished this beach before. Let me know.
  14. yellofvr

    B/D sighting in AZUSA.7/6

    A little wile ago i seen a 1999 2000ish ford f-150 black and silver w/a red b/d sticker you were going into the edgewood center who was that.
  15. yellofvr

    Rinse your fillet's?

    I just caught some yello's do you guys rinse them in fresh water? Or just put them in the freezer right after filleting, Thanks in advance.
  16. yellofvr

    Corrosion protection on jigs??

    On some of my jigz the hooks are rusted and the paint is flaking off, What can i put on them to help w/that? Salt X? What do you guy's use.
  17. yellofvr

    Prowler on 6/30!!

    Ill be on the boat any other B/D's going on that trip?
  18. yellofvr

    Check out this site.

    Rate my camel
  19. yellofvr

    Chrome bass on the PREMIER 6/2!

    Well did my first party boat this year on the kick ass PREMIER, Been reading about the cuda and bone heads the have been chewing along the coast. So my supervisor and i jumped on the Premier, Danny was in the wheelhouse today, Mitch was on the grill and deckhand dutys and Andy was the deckhand...
  20. yellofvr

    B/D sighting in glendora!

    On monday 5/15 i saw a silver tacoma 05,06 pulling a bayliner w/a red b/d sticker on the back going north on grand ave @about 8:00 who was that?
  21. yellofvr

    Cat 5/6

    Left daveys @ around 7:00 got a scoop of mixed deans and mini macs from bills,Got to the island a little after 8:00 fished the front side.Started W/a popsicle on a spro bucktail no love tried deans no love then i put a 2/0 and a 1/4 slider and a popsicle started landing calicos I was fishing 20#...
  22. yellofvr

    CAT on sat??

    Goin on sat morning out of l/b any buddy boats??
  23. yellofvr

    What Jig rod for trout?

    Im in the market,What do you guys recommed?I fish Kencore's for bait I have a 3''4''5'' w/sedona 500's and 750's.I was thinking like a phoenix or kencore give me some info like model#'s and opinions like get a glass rod cause it has a softer "bounce" or grafight cast farther or get a 8''er.Let...
  24. yellofvr

    New Dick

    Well I've been lurking for a while now and gotta start posting. Didn't fish last year due to new job. Use to fish out of Pier point alot on the premier and so cal. Anyways this is a kick ass website some funny shit on here. What happened to BOTD? Gonna stop by the booth on sat. to pick some...