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    Shimano Teramar and Curado 300DSV

    There are a ton of calico's and and several yellowtail that disagree with your claim! :-)
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    Shimano Teramar and Curado 300DSV

    Hey Gang clearing out some more tackle! Rod is a 9ft Teramar TMC-X90MHBRA rod its in excellent condition other than some scraping around the lure keeper. $125.00 Curado 300dsv (grey one) its has some rash but works very nice with excellent free spool, it has 50 Power-pro on it $125.00 Will...
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    Shimano Replacement Parts

    If you strike out with Shimano get in touch with Southwestern Reel parts in Texas, they have everything even that are normally discontinued from manufacturers!
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    Yamaha F350 Engine Cowling

    Free Come and get it!
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    Offshore Bass fishing Santa Cruz Island

    Hey Manny! It's funny I was reading your report and thought these guys did the exact same trip we did, then I realized it was our trip! :-) thanks again for coming out Saturday and being patient with the new rules! Cappy
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    Stage clarification for the landings

    Hopefully it comes sooner than stage 3 for you Guys in Diego, Sea Landing boats in Santa Barbara county got the green light to start running trips again starting this weekend!
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    Three Shimano baitcasters for sale

    Three Shimano baitcasters. Two Citica 200DSV 6-1 gears and one Citica 200E with 5-1 gears. Reels are well used but still wotk fine, all three are missing the little plastic cover on handle nut $110.00. Price is for all three! Reels are located in Camarillo. Contact 805-794-4821
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    Yamaha F350 Engine Cowling

    Bump with lower price, can bring to Fred Hall show 3/5/2020
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    American Spirit Rod For Sale

    bump will be bringing to the Fred Hall show Thursday
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    Penn Fathom 25n Two speed for sale. Price Lowered

    bump will be bringing to Fred Hall Thursday
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    Penn Fathom 25n Two speed for sale. Price Lowered

    Bump with final price reduction, if I can't sell it for $200.00 I will just keep it!
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    Penn Fathom 25n Two speed for sale. Price Lowered

    Thanks for the offer, but I really have no use for either.
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    Penn Fathom 25n Two speed for sale. Price Lowered

    Would consider trading for a Tranx 400ahg
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    American Spirit Rod For Sale

    I have a brand new (still in plastic with tags) American Spirit ASO-870c graphite composite red. 7' rate 15-40lb $60.00 Please email for pictures 805-794-4821 Located in Camarillo, work in Oxnard
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    Penn Fathom 25n Two speed for sale. Price Lowered

    Selling a brand new in box Fathom 25 narrow 2 speed model FTH25NLD2 Final reduction to $200.00 Please text for pictures 805-794-4821 Located in Camarillo, work in Oxnard would consider trading for a Tranx 400ahg
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    Yamaha F350 Engine Cowling

    Used engine cowling for F350 outboard. A few small cracks and scratches but still very useable. See pictures. Need space FREE!! Please contact: [email protected] or text at 805-794-4821.
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    halibut or bass out of Santa Barbara Harbor

    Head out of the harbor on a about 250 degree heading for about a mile, look for traps in 60-80ft of water. Lots of bass and once and a while a stray halibut. All you need is 4-5in Big Hammers to get it done! Captain Larry
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    Yammy mechanic

    Thumbs up for Pacific Marine, yes they are busy (for a reason) but if you plan ahead and make an appointment it’s no problem.
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    Shimano Tranx 300 for sale

    Where are you located?
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    Repower Question for 1998 2510DV

    I know its not the same boat but, I repowered my 2000 Hydra Sports Vector 2390 with a Yamaha F350 in July of 2008 It replaced a 2000 Evirude Ficht 225. So a fairly big weight difference but I went from a top end in the low forties to a top end in the low sixties! and a cruise burn of 1.8-2.2mpg...
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    I'm not a fan of Parker boats....but

    Or just use those motors till they die!
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    How do you like this electronics set up?

    Too overwhelming, that scares me!
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    Robalo R180 and 200 Owners: How did you set up your bait tank?

    Kurt, check out the Kodiak PF27, it will fit perfectly under your leaning post and keeps a scoop of deans real happy. Captain Larry
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    WTB 16.5" Galvanized Rim Six Bolt

    Hey Rich, I’ve got two galvanized rims laying around in decent shape, also in Camarillo. Larry
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    If you had 1000 to spend on a FF/transducer.....

    Hey there, I have the 1870f Furuno and love it! Mine will read bottom at 50mph in 100ft of water with the Airmar transom mount ducer. Captain Larry
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    Found Rod San Diego Bay

    Hey Gang, this past Saturday while competing the San Diego Angers Bay open I managed to catch some bodies bait caster combo near the mouth of the Shelter Island launch ramp. It looks pretty fresh like it hasn’t been down there very long, the reel still works but I’m sure its going to need...
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    OBB Roll Call

    Myself and Bryan Davis will be teaming up to represent the 805!
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    WTB: Shimano Citica 200e

    Hey there, I have a brand new in box Citica G7 (very similar to E) I will sell for $80.00. But it is located in Camarillo..
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    Raymarine Smart Pilot Plus (for parts)

    Hey Gang, I have a Smart Pilot Plus for Sale for parts. Course computer went haywire. St6002 display is good working order. Fluxgate compass is good. Comes with a brand new digital linear feedback sensor from Seastar solutions. No pump! $400.00obo 805-794-4821
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    Yamaha 350 HELP PLEASE.....

    Hey there, you might give Allan/Joey at Pacifc Marine repair in Ventura, I know its a long ways but they have a lot of experience with Yamahas including the F350's, mine had a electrical glitch that was cured by a special dialectric grease from Yamaha. I have a first generation F350 with almost...
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    kicker mount W T B

    Got one that will handle up 15hp $25.00
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    15hp Johnson with Bracket

    it was stored with cowling on. Ive got pictures, can I texted them to you?
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    15hp Johnson with Bracket

    Hey Gang, I have two stroke 1987 15hp Johnson longshaft outboard with auxiliary bracket for sale. However It isn't running but turns over "not seized" it is in ok shape, but has been stored outdoors so it is a bit weathered. Asking $100.00 for both! if you know these motors I'm sure you could...
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    Yamaha F350 Cowling

    I have a used cowling for a Yamaha F350 V8 for stroke for sale. Has several cracks in it but is very usable and does not leak! Can use as is or with a little fiberglass knowhow you can make it like new. These cost $2400.00 new but due to condition I will sell for $300.00 obo I can text pictures...
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    $75 - Shurflo Bait Sentry 800GPH Bait Pump BNIB

    Randy I will take it! I work in Oxnard right off the freeway. Check your inbox for my phone number. Larry
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    Shimano/Daiwa/Penn Rods/Reels

    Bump with price reduction!
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    Shimano/Daiwa/Penn Rods/Reels

    Doh! I was in San Diego last weekend, but no I seldom ever go to Orange county
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    Shimano/Daiwa/Penn Rods/Reels

    Price Reduction! Reels: NIB Shimano Casitas 150HG 7.2:1 gear ratio $80.00 NIB Shimano Citica G7 7.1:1 gear ratio $70.00 NIB Penn Fierce FRC3000 spinning SOLD Rods: Daiwa Coastal 701MFS Inshore Spinning Special 7’ new with tags $40.00 (2) Shimano Calcutta (Washington) 820XFA 15-25lb 8’ used but...
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    NIB Shimano CiticaG7

    Hey Gang, I have a new in box CiticaG7, never had line on it or touched a rod. Looking for $85.00 or trade for a good working Calcutta 400 with level wind, cosmetics are not important but must be in good shape mechanically. Reel is located in Camarillo, will ship on your dime,
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    FS inshore rods

    pm sent for terramar rpd
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    WTT NIB Shimano CiticaG7

    Hey Gang I have a new in box Citica G7 to trade. looking for used Terramar 8ft mh or equivalent or a Calcutta 400 (cosmetics not important just needs tofish good) thanks! [email protected]
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    Hey there, any interest in trading the terramar for a brand new in box Shimano Citica G7? Thanks Larry
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    Explain the Trolling Motor

    Trolling motors are very important, mine puts out 350hp :-)..
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    Tourney Prep

    Good stuff Gang keep it coming! P.S. seldom get to pre-fish but my tourney gear is dialed and bundled at least a week in advance otherwise I get twitchey! Oh and I am usually worthless at work the few days before tourneys ...Captain Larry
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    Half day/ 3/4 day passes for sale

    Hey Gang I won a bunch passes this past weekend in a raffle but don't really have the time to use them. What I have is three sets of half day passes for two including rod rental on the Daily Double out Point Loma Sportfishing, asking $50.00 per halfday package. Also I have one pass for one on...
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    Diawa Inshore Rods For Sale

    Hey Gang, I three of these rods for sale: I have two CC701HRB rods they are 7ft 10-20lb trigger rods and one CC701XHFB also 7ft trigger rod 12-25lb. All three are brand new nver fished with tags and plastic covering on the cork. They retail for around $85.00 asking $60.00 or all three for...
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    WTB: Shimano Calcutta CL 820 XFA rod

    Ship where? Ive got four of them..Captain Larry
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    Boat Cover For Sale

    Came off a 21ft Grady White center console Made by Baxter & Cisero of Newport Beach Two piece cover fits under T-top Dark blue in color with no rips, rot, or mold. Used only two years, excellent condition! Was $1500.00 new asking $300.00obo Located in Camarillo Ca.
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    Custom Boat Cover

    Came off a 21ft Grady White center console Made by Baxter & Cisero of Newport Beach Two piece cover fits under T-top Dark blue in color with no rips, rot, or mold. Used only two years, excellent condition! Was $1500.00 new asking $500.00obo Located in Camarillo Ca.
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    Shimano Teramar deck hand style

    Hey There Ive got two them $100.00 ea Need reels too?..Captain Larry Located in Camarillo.
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    Shimano Terramar/Torium Combo's

    Just crappy cell pics, I am not computer savy enough to post. I can text them though..Captain Larry
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    Shimano Terramar/Torium Combo's

    It is, unfortunatly its sold..Captain Larry
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    Shimano Terramar/Torium Combo's

    Hey I have two jig/live bait set ups for sale: I have two TMC-80h rods (20-40lb) with torium 20's on them$200.00 per combo (do not wish to separate reels from rods) Rods are in Camarillo Ca I will be bringing the combo's to the Fred Hall show Weds/ Saturday. I will be in the Big Hammer...
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    11/26 Winter Days

    Thanks again for letting me jump on with you guys, I really had a blast fishing with you guys!!!!!..Captain Larry
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    Cedros Isalnd June 9-12

    See I told you guys it would run you! Congrats on the 10lbr you got one over on ol Cappy! Fishing with me might not ever be the same! See you next month!..Cappy
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    White Sea Bag

    Weve all been there when we needed a fishing fix!..Captain Larry
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    Shimano Terramar/Calcutta Combo's For Sale

    I will be in the Eric's tackle booth at the Big Hammer Lures table..Captain Larry
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    Shimano Terramar/Calcutta Combo's For Sale

    Hey Gang, time to get rid of some extra gear. Combo #1 is a Shimano Terramar rod model# TMC-X80H with a Calcutta 400 reel with livebait handle. Rod is in used but excellent condition, real has scratches but is smooth! Sold! Combo #2 is a Shimano Terramar rod model# TMC-X76MH with a Calcutta 400...
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    Calcutta 825 FA (WASHINGTON STATE)

    How much are you asking for the remaining 825s?..Captain Larry
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    Trailer Rims

    Hey Gary, I have a couple I can part with. They a fair amount of oxidation on them but not rusty.. $20.00 for both of them. Also I will be down at shelter Island for the big bay tourney next weekend if your interested..Captain Larry
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    Trailer Rims

    Hey there, are you looking for rim with tires or just the rims?? and do they need to be perfect or is some oxidation ok?..Capatain Larry
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    S A N T A C R U Z Island 8.13.11

    Glad you guys came up to visit us in the 805! its nice to see somebody else taking advantage of the big Island the way we do, as most never fish the white water around here..Oh and tell Ceez we managed to land a 9lb goat on the Hammer on Sundays trip!..Cappy
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    Team Basstic - 24 Hour Fishing Expedition - Dawn to Dusk to Dawn

    Must be nice to be young! Did you you guys stay up on PV the whole time, or did you go outside and fish your way back down?..Cappy
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    Hey There, are you anywhere near Newport Beach?..Thanks Captain Larry
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    Garmin GPS Antenna

    It has the cord between the module and the GPS and the power/data cord comes with it..
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    Garmin GPS Antenna

    Hey There, the Garmin module I have is a GA30. Check with Garmin it may work? If so $40.00 shipped..Captain Larry
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    Garmin GPS Antenna

    Hey There, I have one but Im not sure what model. I will get back tonight and check, Its was used on my old gp120 for a month before the unit died. So needless to say it almost new and its comes with a power data cord too. will respond this evening with moderl..Captain Larrry
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    Hey Gang, anybody know where I can find CorrsionX/ReelX in the sqeeze bottles these days? None of my local tackle shops stock it anymore, and nothing seems to work as well to keep my saltwater baitcasters bearings from rotting out..Thanks Captain Larry
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    Santa Barbara 1/8/11

    Hey there, P.M. sent..Captain Larry
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    No reds taken

    Hey There, I believe Nic is in the cow cod closure area, so no shelf rockfish can be retained or something along those lines?..Captain Larry
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    Presidents Day Santa Barbara

    Don't own a digital, took a couple with the cell phone but I am computer challenged..Cappy
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    Presidents Day Santa Barbara

    Hey Gang! fished out of Santa Barbara today with my buddies John & whitney, we ran south and fished the stuff off Carp (mostley 18-30ft of water) for a good pick on nice mixed bass, no mosters but big Calico went 4.5lbs and big sandy went 3.5lbs, we finished up with 45 bass with at least 10-12...
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    Favorite knot for braid to mono or flouro?

    I use back to back Uni knots on everything from 10-65lb Power Pro, 10-12wraps on the braid and 5-6 on the flouro or mono..Captain Larry
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    Team Basstic - San Diego Spotted Bay Bass Madness - Two New Videos!

    Good stuff guys!! as wierd as it sounds, I need a smaller boat! Oh and Evan, "buy a belt dude!"...Cappy
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    Hotel Circle Question

    Thanks for the responses gang!
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    Hotel Circle Question

    Hey Gang! Were coming down for the Big Bay open in two weeks and again the following weekend for round one of the SWBA. Anyways we usually stay at the Premier Inn (think cheap) but we are considering maybe something a tiny bit nicer? (still on cheap side) So the question is, for those of...
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    So,who all is fishing the Sd Baybass tournament?

    Team CalicoHunter will be down representing the 805!...Captain Larry
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    Santa Barbara 1/8/11

    Hey Erik, it was a little sloppy, but not too bad. Had wind out of the East in the early part of the day that made for perfect drifts for where we fishing, them it switched to the south and pretty much shut things down! 8-12knts most of the day..Cappy
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    Santa Barbara 1/8/11

    Hey Gang! Water in the low to mid fifties means Santa Barbara Time! Took my buddy Scott out for a casual run below the harbor (carpinteria area)fishing the reefs & hard bottom areas in water from 18-65 ft of water with the stuff in 25-30ft being best. Despite 53.5 degree water the bass are...
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    Lobster at Anacapa 12-12-10

    It was truely epic weather out there yesterday! I made it back to Ventura Harbor from Forney's (west end of Cruz) in 1hr 22min while everybody (but me) slept!..Captain Larry
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    Of Bass...con fotos

    That fish Brians holding looks like a sandico hybrid in the picture, glad to see somebodies getting them!..Captain Larry
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    How big is she?

    Hey there there's a little formula I refer to as the Turner formula, which is pretty simple and pretty acurate (try it some time guys) and average built calico that measures 21in weighs about 5lbs and you get a pound per inch above that, again assuming average fish without a 1lb octopuss in its...
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    Outriggers for sale

    Hey Gang the tuna are on their way! I have a pair of 12ft fiberglass Precision outriggers for sale. They are in great condition and are already rigged with everything you need except the bases, however if you have a pair of flush mount rod holders laying around I will trade you the bases...
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    Late PCYC Tourney Report For 6/5-6/6

    Hey Gang! Me and my buddies Matt & Steve fished the two day annual PCYC Grand Slam tourney this past weekend out of Channel Island harbor. This was our 5th year of participation, our normal mode of of operation is just concentrate on what we do best "Calico" as we hoped to defend our Calico...
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    PCYC 2010 II

    I like the idea of a local tourney, its all about making the best of what you got! Would probably ask for my entry monies back if opened it up to Cat! A trailerable boat with 500+ mile range! Captain Larry
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    Out Riggers For Sale

    Price reduced to $200.00 excellent shape!
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    Garmin GA30 GPS antenna

    Garmin GA30 antenna and power data cord, used for about a month. $40.00 [email protected]
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    Shimano Trinidad 30

    email sent back :-)
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    Shimano Trinidad 30

    Very clean with only a few tiny scratches $240.00 with box/manual..Can e-mail a picture if needed Reel is in Camarillo. [email protected]
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    Out Riggers For Sale

    12 foot fiberglass Precision out riggers for sale, they are in excellent shape!. Come all rigged up with the ropes/rings/snubbers & clips, all you need is the bases for your application..reduced tto $200.00
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    Santa Barbara Local 2/13

    Hey Gang, Got a little for fun trip in yesterday out of Santa Barbara with none other than Big Hammers lures Pete Wolf his son Pierce and Pete’s brother Greg. I decided to run us south to check things out for some upcoming trips I have scheduled, needless to say the early morning bite was...
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    Santa Barbara Local Report For 11/14

    Hey Nathaniel, check your pm box..Cappy
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    Santa Barbara Local Report For 11/14

    Hey Gang, With the blow we had Friday and the dismal forecast the decision was made to hide along the Santa Barbara county coast. So I met my buddy Bryan at S.B. harbor at 6:00am and see what kind of day we could squeeze in. The ride down to Carpinteria was fine, and while it was a little...
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    Killer Bassing 10/17

    Hey Gang! Had a really fun trip Saturday, did a just for fun trip out of Channel Islands harbor with my buddy Scott, making our way south we fished from the Deep Hole to BS rock (just North of the top end of Zuma) The bass bit a little on the Hole proper in the grey, but soon as the sun...
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    Welcome Aboard PhotoG

    Hey Jesse welcome to the black shirt Army!..Captain Larry