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    Wilderness Unlimited (W U)

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    What say you........

    I've seen a Mexican wolf on eagle peak!came to the call, and just didn't fit the coyote bill, big round ears about 160lbs, i.d.before you squeeze
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    New Bobcat Ban

    Treehuggers SUCK!
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    How to build an Electronic Duck Butt Feeder (Pulsator)

    I've built two about five years ago and the still running strong! Thanks again Marcus
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    Kids camo

    Hey everyone I've got a kid water fowl jacket my son is grown out of, some long sleeve shirts, couple pairs of pants, real tree I believe, willing to trade for bigger or give to a kid in need! Pm for details.thank you
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    new hunting blind check this out..pretty cool

    I thought about making something like this year's ago, dumbass!
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    Offshore Pacific Queen Bluefin and Yelowtail 7/22

    Wide open yellows on the 425 today!, me and tell guys flipping killed it fish to thirty, was sic!
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    The Big buck Controversy

    I had a warden with a land owner beating on a trash can lid during a deer hunt in julian think its the same warden...acted like I was in the wrong for hunting twenty yards from a fence line...guy was a real jerk...Love cliforina
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    Multi colored swimbait bait pours.

    ive been trying to pour three colors but im having issues with black on the topouts like the plastic wont stick,any ideas?
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    Predator call recommendation

    i just got a foxpro it,but i use the primos lil dog,hotdog and i kinda like the sounds of the mouth calls better,more real,when you blow them get real gutaral sounding growle in to the call the more emotion you put in the more results you'll get,theres a great video out there...
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    Kirkland Whirlpool Chest Freezer

    Do you still have, if do I've got 90$ call me, mike mookini (619)713-3332
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    Limits of ducks

    U guys got some awsome waterfowel in the northwest Was there a couple times last year , what a place to be.
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    Ok here's the wall hanger

    Looks likeyou put a nice poke on'em
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    Can you kill a Mt. Lion on an Indian Res.?

    Them indians shoot at game out of the trucks, mission grande,f#$&@ winners met one of the so called elders of the tribe, got to talking about taking my son Turkeyhunting and the guy says yeah come on we shoot from our cars,i was dead quite, and said thats not to cool, and the old man shit all...
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    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    Just wait till they get u on the dock after a long nite of hoopin, those mf'rs, treated my like I was running drugs ,chinese imagrents,coke ,pot,oh yeah and short bugs,even after going threw the boat for a hr or more and lookin at my anal reportcard, I'm going back to texas, my grandfather told...
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    VISTA Irrigation District slaughtering wildlife

    Its just a matter of time before there taking Popshots from the air, I've already seen a forrest helicopter , with a guy hanging out the door with a blackgun...over a canyon in san diego county God bless amerika,politicans and rust
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    .270 ammo

    Give me a call got some cheap 6197133332
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    7.62x39 ammo

    U still got them
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    looking for 300 mag.ammo

    I got three boxes of fusion 180g,let me know if you want them I life in san diego
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    Mossberg 500 Barrel and stock for sale

    Do you still have avaiable,619 713 3332 call me if u do,mike, thank you
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    I have a kids bow to donate

    Glenn, my name is Micheal,I recently gave a boy a friend of my Son his cheap lil plastic compound, my Son wanted to share with him, As I said the bow is junk,.but I was very happy thay my Don made the choice To give to him, if you would be so kind I would like to get him one that he could...
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    AZ Mt Lion hunt trees Jaguar!!

    i would bet myballs,that ive seen a mexican wolf in sd back country
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    sweatlining at Wister

    no doubt,and the process there is...well...a process
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    for sale or trade

    That sounds good,how many do u have,and what do you think is fare Give me a call (619)713-3332
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    Treestand. Cabelas climber model

    if you still have it I'll take it (619)713-3332
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    for sale or trade

    three boxes of fusion 300 win mag 180 grain,20$per one box swift scirocco bonded 300 win mag 180 grain 30$ four boxes of 300 win spent brass for reloading 20 for the lot. two boxes of 40 cal hallow point lawman brand 10$ a box two boxes of 357mag cci 15$ a box,will trade for 223,22-250 or shot...
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    Anyone's game cam catch this deer?

    Dirt naps by toyota
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    Urban coyote

    Is there anyone here that knows how to set a wire traps Or know where I can get traping equiment? I have a coyote in my neiborhood raising hell,got one of my chickens, And I need to return the favor, other than sitting on my roof with the bow all night long, any help would be great
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    First cat encounter...

    The word I've got is there some 73 collared cats From palomar to old Mexico, keep your wits is all I can say..
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    To all you Dove hunters going out tomorrow...

    Started, on highline canel,saw one bird in the first 45 min,made my way north east of wister,got a limit by ten am But,wasnt like the years gone by lots of shooting from The feild or parking lot I should say,got pepperef a few times But thats the norm for the valley, I'm sure the later...
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    Looking to trade

    I live in san diego, were are you at,i can get oak,and ucaliptus,will you pick up? [email protected]
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    Offshore Clay Shooting

    Three miles and your good to go....per of last week no need for steel shot either ,ducks cant feed at a hundred fathom
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    Feds trying to "exterminate" local wild pig populations

    These people are to much...i had a dfg officer tell me The feather I have in my truck is an eagle feather..i said are you sure it Is not from a turkey wing???? And you are a dfg agent??? WTF!!!7!
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    45ca bullets

    what is your asking
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    Adventures In Bow Walking

    My Bow sits better then the Dog....
  37. verminater

    gun dog

    Thanks,Mike its nice to get meet aswell,great to Get the skinny without a bunch of fluff,neen out of town, I'll call you next week if thats ok with you.....
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    Bowhunting Video ! 4x3 Mule deer

    your the man...nice video...good job
  39. verminater

    Honker having a bad day...

    hunting starts a little sooner this year
  40. verminater

    little help with a idea i have :)

    Id be willing to do some coyote hunts for you guys ,san diego area have extra guns......
  41. verminater

    How many are interested in a dog training day/seminar?

    I would be intrested in this,Im sure you want more than just myself to attend,if you do slot a time let me know please...
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    gun dog

    hes a british lab a little under two,very eager to learn ,using the ten min ret book lots of help, just looking for some tips on improving him
  43. verminater

    gun dog

    I'm looking for people to get together for training,tips on training,and maybe just willing to help one another with dog training and the alike? If anyone has intrest? fire away ...I would like to get together and see if we can help one another????? Thank you all......Cant pay for the rainey...
  44. verminater

    Can't believe its been 2 years already...

    Cheers to you and your Dad
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    Legless lizards

    i pull my got that one in the bag
  46. verminater

    Legless lizards

    Im going out this weekend if I see'em I get em for you....
  47. verminater

    R they Still Gobbling in cleveland?

    Thats no shit, if you want to kill em Don't talk to them
  48. verminater

    .44 Magnum - all blowed up real good

    Hope there were no injurys,that looked very bad
  49. verminater

    compound bow for trade

    Send me a pic to my phone 6197133332,i have a bow u might be intrested in I will send u a pic of the bow I have and see if it will deal Thanks ...... Verminater....
  50. verminater

    Duck/Goose hunting gear!

    Do you still have the goose decs? 2x?
  51. verminater


    Duncuns gunworks escondido,thought I had number... Sorry...good outfit should be able to help you out
  52. verminater

    Things for sale

    Forty,for bobble head breeding dek,fifty for the primos bmobile, I will post pics in the next 12 hrs, and fifty to sixty for The jacknthebox.....thank you for your intrest...
  53. verminater

    Waterfowl Regs, tips and tricks

    Built the duck butt and very pleased with the outcome Awsome project workx great cant wait to see ducks Over head going to be great, spinning wings and duck Butts in the spread.......sic:2gunsfiring_v1:
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    You can always start hunting over fresh bait site
  55. verminater

    Things for sale

    I have some hunting items I would like to sell I have turkey decoys,1 primos Bmobile,1 jake breeding hen both with Motion heads,1 Foxpro jacknthebox preditor decoy with Raccoon decoy,also have a bounch of dove decs, will post pics If anyone has any interest, Thank you.......verminater
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    Coyote hunting

    pac out what you wack
  57. verminater

    Free meat to a good home

    Is there a local F.H.F.H. around in the area?
  58. verminater

    Valley Yote Hunting 12/6/10

    I have not used the montana yote yet but, I have used the skin on some sticks and it drew a yote with in 8yds,got that one with the pump gun,all I did with that is female invatation and the yote saw the skin and bought it lock stock and barrel, if you do get some time like I said before shoot me...
  59. verminater

    Valley Yote Hunting 12/6/10

    would you be in to doing some hunting in the san diego area?looking for some new blood to hunt with. I have calls,no electronics just use mouth calls although I do have a jackinthebox,montana yote ,and a skin for a dead dog last year I set on legs and makes a pretty awsome decoy...anyone? let me...
  60. verminater

    my waterdog

    That would be great,Let me know when and where and make a plan,I would like to get all the insight I can to get my dog where he is confident in himself and me...thank you
  61. verminater

    my waterdog

    went to the valley this weekend,There is a good number of ducks I saw,Took my pup out with me, been training with the help of the 10 min retriever book and very happy with the progress of my dog.I dont remember which one of you guys turned me on to the book, but thank you The book has alot of...
  62. verminater

    2010 Boat Ho List

    looking for some new blood with hoopin for bugs,in san diego,anyone?have boat,hoops,bait,beer,gas,and 50/50 split..........
  63. verminater

    RIVER DUCKS~!!!!!

  64. verminater

    Waterfowl Regs, tips and tricks

    Marcus, I building the duck butt,I didnt see you call out for a fuse in any of your connections? do you think its not needed? thank you for the parts list and the how to....very cool
  65. verminater

    Hunting contest roll call!

    Im in, are you still taking entries?
  66. verminater

    AR-15 Upper Receiver-For Sale

    do you still have this?
  67. verminater

    Hunting contest roll call!

    Im in
  68. verminater

    Fave pencil Poppers

    if you can find them diawa td pencils......very rare I cant find them
  69. verminater

    Coyote Calls

    there is no art to pushing the play button
  70. verminater

    duck butt

  71. verminater

    duck butt

    Is there anyone out there that has or has access to the duck butt info/ material list that was posted this last year I would be very greatful if you could help a brother out......thank you Verminater:_diarrhea_:
  72. verminater

    anyone hunt hollenbeck canyon in jamul???

    to many mexicans to hunt that area
  73. verminater

    Summit Viper Ultra climber

    do you stilll have the stand?
  74. verminater

    Wolf 7.62X39 ammo

    pm me I will buy the stuff from you if you still got it no B.S.
  75. verminater


    I got 100 cash money
  76. verminater

    How to ID Ducks

    good stuff thanks
  77. verminater

    WSB 1st worth killin

    from my bayliner capri!!!!!stoked out 7x babyshit green check it out in my profile image
  78. verminater

    1st time success on the BIG lizard

    I tried to grab one a small one in Texas,.....not a good idea.....
  79. verminater

    WSB 1st worth killin

  80. verminater

    WSB 1st worth killin

    got my 1st legal wsb in the backyard on thursday of last week, the after work trips are start ing to pay off
  81. verminater

    Who has a .223

    do you still have this stuff?
  82. verminater

    Deer Hunting Blinds and Tree Stands

    i took some cordless tools down to a couple spots and made a cheap ass stands out of natures own, small platform,just take a little folding chair with me and its bad ass. just a litttle time and effort.
  83. verminater

    Need a rifle for my daughter. Trade?

    I have a left handed savage tack driving .243 in very good con ajustable rear leaf fixed front blade,could it be a deal in the making? p.m. me if you have a intrest. Verminater
  84. verminater

    Another day at Catalina

    I would be thankful for any info you would give me in my pursuit of those fish,I had one come unbuttoned in L.J. last week. Thank you
  85. verminater

    snakes... booooo

    I got some snakegards at turners that I wear all the time real nice and about 40 bucks check it out.....good luck
  86. verminater

    say your prayers varmint

    looking for some new people to hunt coyotes with in the san diego area and the valley aswell have a few good spots with dogs that are not to savy on the distress calls and want to keep it that way if theres anyone intrested :2gunsfiring_v1:me a line.....thanks
  87. verminater

    Bad encounters?

    last year I ran into 13 mexs off of the beaten path in jamul they just trashed my spot...made them pick up all the crap,then walkd them to the road and sit in there hands.MADE The call to our upstanding bp and they told we cant come and get them but thanks for your effort have a nice day...
  88. verminater

    Anyone want to Turkey Hunt this season

    everybody and there mother. goodluck to all
  89. verminater

    Turkey stuff

    Ive herd rumor that you can bow hunt a week before the shot gun season? anybody herd this one???
  90. verminater

    predator calling

    keep trying kid!!!!!!
  91. verminater

    How to build an Electronic Duck Butt Feeder (Pulsator)

    sneekie ducks will die
  92. verminater

    Where's the Ducks?

    3ducks last week,gonna puddle jump this weekend