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    Thanks for the support. I just can't conceive doing something like this to another person. I'm moving on and taking the high road.
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    Only reason I posted this experience is to warn other members. Yes, lesson was learned. Shame on me for trusting another member. What a great fucking world we live in.
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    The drift sox with shipping was around 30 bucks.
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    His home address.
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    Wasn't sure where to post this. Thought I would use a form that has a lot of activity. I wanted to make sure that as many members as possible saw this warning. I have bought and sold my fair share of personal boat items through the years using the classifieds form. I have had nothing but...
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    Oregon vs Stanford

    I would put Oregon up against any D1 school any day of the week. They would hands down win the fashion contest. Stanford played them just like Alabama would play them. Pound the ball and keep it out of O's offense. Go Bruins, Outerbanks
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    If you think I'm putting the cover on the boat. Your mistaken. This things going till mid November. Outerbanks
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    Offshore Top Gun 80, building confidence one angler at a time!!!!!

    Brian, You had me on the floor laughing. Sounds like that crew is burned out to say the least. Outerbanks
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    Offshore One and Done Paddy Fishing Short of 302 8/20/13

    If you could give these paddy tails another year of life. Then you could use your gaff. Just saying. Outerbanks
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    Ab diving 35 years later.

    Yeah, That was cool. Thanks for sharing. Outerbanks
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    Misc Boat Stuff for sale

    Brand new in box Xantrex Truecharge 2 20amp battery charger. $225 OBO 2-10" Stainless cleats $20 OBO 200' X 1/2" 3 ply anchor line $100 OBO Two heavy duty stainless steel pumps $200 OBO Outerbanks 805-302-3330
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    Reliable fish bag 20" X72"

    Thanks Mike, What do you think your Tuna capacity is and what size bag did you end up with? Outerbanks
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    Reliable fish bag 20" X72"

    Thanks Ali, I guess I need to think bigger. I need a bag that can fit a minimum of 25-25lb tuna with ice. I may have to think about a swim step mounted fish tote or custom make one. My 25' diesel parker has a small uninsulate hold between the engine box and bait tank. I wish I could use it...
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    Reliable fish bag 20" X72"

    I need a fish bag and was wondering if anyone out there has any experience with these bags. I also would like to know how many 25 lb tuna with ice I could expect to get into a 20"x 72" Reliable fish bag. Thank you in advance, Outerbanks
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    Offshore what happened to fishing manners?

    Stop giving info/locations to FishJoke and Bob Banyon sp and these boards for starters. That will thin a lot of these so called fisherman out. Outerbanks
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    More WSB, no yellows, & a etiquette ?

    If your with a bunch of boats. Not cool. If your all by yourself, having a good time with friends and enjoying a good bite and a pb'r or cattle boat pulls up and lays into you. I would show him who's number one. Christ, there sure are a lot of guys out there these days who think they own the...
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    My Los Barriles boat choices?

    El Loco Dos. Julio is the bomb. My Wife and I spent many many days with him and his deckhand Enrique. Very Very nice man and alway very professional. Outerbanks
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    sportboat name changes

    When I started fishing Albacore back in the mid 70's out of San Diego the Miss L was one of the boats running one days just like the rest of the fleet. I saw it in Santa Barbara in the early 90's and it was called Sea Hawk. Merritt upgraded to the Sea Hawk XLV which is now the Black pearl. Not...
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    sportboat name changes

    Salado 85,Mascot VI, Big game 90, Chief
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    sportboat name changes

    Thanks for all the great pics and info guys. Brings back a lot of memories of when life was simpler. Back then, we had a real yellowtail season at the islands and some great albacore and bluefin years as well. Outerbanks
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    Offshore Albacore Outlook for 2013

    As long as you have a decent boat on a trailer and are not afraid to tow,tow,tow your boat. It'll be a great year
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    Saltwater Team Defiance Albacore Flashback...

    Well at least they look happy. LOL
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    Misc. Boat Stuff

    Ladder Back Helm chair and pedestal. SOLD Electric Marine Head $200 OBO Reduced 805-302-3330
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    Xantrex Truecharge 2 20amp Battery Charger

    Not sure Derby, I'm sure you could find that info on the Xantrex website.
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    Xantrex Truecharge 2 20amp Battery Charger

    Neil, Says it right on the box. First pic. 20 amps per battery. Up to three batteries.
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    Xantrex Truecharge 2 20amp Battery Charger

    I have for sale a brand new in box Xantrex Truecharge 2 20amp battery charger. I decided to upgrade to a inverter/charger prior to installation $225 OBO Outerbanks
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    Relentless Auction Jan 11

    What was the original name of her. Looks like one of the old Ashley boats. Outerbanks
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    Massive Black Marlin on Release

    Awesome pic. Not sure why you would gaff a fish like that. It really isn't necessary to do stuff like that anymore is it. Outerbanks
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    Furuno 582L Fishfinder

    Furuno 582L fishfinder for sale. SOLD
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    Parker Bulkhead Steering Station

    Parker Bulkhead Steering station. Includes, Hynautic steering pump, throttle and shift controls, engine on and off button, 10' hydraulic hoses, 10' throttle and shift cables and mounting brackets. $600 obo. 805-302-3330
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    2007 Parker 2520 XLD. Twin 150 4S $65,500

    You just bought it. What's up. Outerbanks
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    65 Gallon Offshore Baittank

    Jack, PM sent to you. outerbanks
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    65 Gallon Offshore Baittank

    Neal, Nice tank. Looking for a single 65 gallon. Thanks, Outerbanks
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    65 Gallon Offshore Baittank

    Looking for a 65 Gallon Offshore Baittank. Please pm me if you have one for sale or know of anyone who wants to sell one. Thanks, Outerbanks
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    Offshore Diawa Pacific Friday 6/22/12

    Thanks for the correction Jim. My Bad. Wiping out Baby Yellowtail doesn't sit well with me. Hopefully these 1 1/2 boats are driving away from them. Jerry, Sorry to hear about the poor trip. Bad weather and no fish is not fun. Cheers, Outerbanks
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    Offshore Diawa Pacific Friday 6/22/12

    Let me get this straight. You guys put 166-6 to 8 lbs yellows on the boat. Am I missing something here. Outerbanks
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    1st Albi of our year report

    Nice work Mark. Fucking hardcore. Yeh, All the Longfin are out to the West and up your way these days. With all the sieners, tuna pens, helicopters, spotter planes, gunboats, sportboats, visas, traffic, smog and people. No wonder there by passing San Diego. Even if that fish shows up down...
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    Parker 2520 Bow Rail

    Parker 2520 bow rail for sale. $600 OBO Outerbanks
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    Nados YT - 5/9/12

    Good job Guys. I like it.
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    furuno & Garmin

    How's two fresh $20 dollar bills sound. I'll through in a seminar on surfing HB. Outerbanks
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    Parker 2520 boat cover

    Looking for a boat cover for my parker 2520. Thanks in advance, Outerbanks
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    Don't Go To Hooks Sportfishing!!

    Let's not forget about the misleading fish counts from the Big 3 down in Deeggo
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    Misc. Boat Stuff

    New price on 2nd station.
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    Texas Swordfish (day and night)

    Congratulations, 60 Lb Swordfish. Great accomplishment. Next time release it.
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    Floscan for sale

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    Navionics or C-map

    New chartplotter in the future for me. I've only have experience with C-map. Any pro's or con's to one or the other. Thanks in advance, Outerbanks
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    Misc. Boat Stuff

    New pics of 30 amp shore power cord.
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    Triple Axel Baot Trailer

    25' Parker. Brakes don't work
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    Triple Axel Baot Trailer

    Triple Axel Boat Trailer for sale. Good condition. $1000 OBO Outerbanks
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    Misc. Boat Stuff

    Rails are custom and were attached to port and starboard side of cockpit.
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    Parker 2520 xld fenders

    Thanks for the comebacks. I had the 8"X20"s and they looked small. But I guess I had it right all along. Thanks again, outerbanks
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    Parker 2520 xld fenders

    Just bought some taylormade 10"X26" boat fenders for my parker and they seem a little big. Any parker owners out there using these. Thanks, Outerbanks
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    Misc. Boat Stuff

    Parker 2nd station bulkhead mount with throttle and shift controls including 10' cables, hydraulic steering with 10' hydraulic lines and on and off bottons. complete station. $600 OBO Thanks for looking, Outerbanks
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    WTB Boat Trailer

    Looking for a #10,000 + GVWR double or triple axle galvanized boat trailer for my 25' Parker. If you have one or know someone who is selling, please PM me. Thank you, Outerbanks
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    WTB Diesel Farallon or Parker

    Al, Thanks for the info. I looked at the one in HMB a few months ago. The boat was used commercially. I think he's asking to much for it. The other I've seen advertised and am not interested in it. outerbanks
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    Volvo diesel mechanic in Marina Del Ray

    Thanks Briggs, What about closest mechanic or mobil mechanic to Marina Del Ray
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    Volvo diesel mechanic in Marina Del Ray

    Any recommendations for a Volvo Diesel Mechanic in Marina Del Ray. Thanks in advance, Outerbanks
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    WTB Diesel Farallon or Parker

    Ben, Thanks for the reply. I am looking for a DV.
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    WTB Diesel Farallon or Parker

    I've considered getting away from diesel and going to 4 stroke. This boat is a MV. I need a DV
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    WTB Diesel Farallon or Parker

    Thanks Peter, Very determined
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    Trailer for 25' boat with 10,000 gvwr

    I may know of one. What kind of boat is is for. Outerbanks
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    Offshore WFO - 1 1/2 Day Pacific Queen

    Nice report. Get that boat up to the Central Coast. It's going off Outerbanks
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    2000 Davis 25' Rock Harbor Diesel For Sale

    Wow, shows pride of ownership. Nice rig.
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    Santa Cruz - great day on water

    You northern boys have all the luck this year. Nice Job