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  1. bmachale

    Three Roller Trollers 40-100 lb Various

    Three roller trollers. Various types. One is custom. 60.00 for all three Text 760-458-1468
  2. bmachale

    Two Sabiki Rod and Reels 50.00

    Two 7' Sabiki Rods with Reels 50.00 Text 760-458-1468
  3. bmachale

    Vintage Fenwick PB60C Boat Rod Mint 75.00

    Vintage Fenwick PD80C Like New. Beautiful rod. 75.00 OBO Text 760-458-1468
  4. bmachale

    Custom Marlin Caster 8' 125.00

    Custom Marlin Caster. Nice rod. Strong but with touch. 125.00 Text 760-458-1468
  5. bmachale

    Cal Star Graphiter 765xl 20-50 Custom 100.00

    May be a little short by an inch. 100.00 760-458-1468
  6. bmachale

    Three Graphite 7' rods 20-30 lb Custom 200.00

    Three &' Graphite rods. One is Seeker Black Steel 970-7 20-30. The other two are similar in size but were blanks made custom to match the Seeker. One rod has a couple of chrome guides where the gold got damage 200.00 for all three. text 760-458-1468 Light Strong and Attractive rods
  7. bmachale

    Two Shimano BTR 7' 12-25 Sinning rods 70.00

    Two Shimano Bait Runner Spinnning Rods 7' 12-25lb Like new 70.00 for two Text 760-458-1468 If you want more photos ask
  8. bmachale

    Two Penn Carnage Rods 100.00

    Two Penn Carnage Rods Look practically new 7' 20-50lb mono 30-65 braid Troll Boat Cast 100.00 for both text 760-458-1468
  9. bmachale

    Seeker 820 May be 2" Short

    Great rod Casts great. Strong. 100.00 text 7604581468
  10. bmachale

    Curado 300 reel and rod

    reduced to 200.00
  11. bmachale

    7-12" marlin tuna dorado lures #3

    Thanks. Glad you are happy. Sold
  12. bmachale

    Shimano Curado 200 DPV nice shape

    Ttp 100.00. Will sell separately
  13. bmachale

    Shimano Curado 200 DPV nice shape

    125.00 Text 7604581468
  14. bmachale

    Two Okuma 20 Solterra

    Okuma Solterra 20. One does not have a clamp. 190.00
  15. bmachale

    Two Okuma 30 Solterra

    Two Okuma Solterra 30 225.00
  16. bmachale

    2 Okuma Solterra 20

    Two Okuma Solterra lever drag reels. Great for trolling or boat rods. 200.00. 7604581468 text
  17. bmachale

    Shimano TLD50 2speed. Nice

    175.00 Text 7604581468
  18. bmachale

    Avet MXL MC no clamp

    Avet MXL MC. No screws but it has the clamp. 165.00 Text 7604581468
  19. bmachale

    Avet LX MC 2 speed Silver

    Avet LX MC 2 speed. Some nicks from use. Great operation. 300.00 Text 7604581468
  20. bmachale

    Avet MXL MC blue excellent condition

    See the pics. Great operation condition. A few nicks 175.00. Text 7604581468
  21. bmachale

    Avet HX5/2 MC Raptor. Blem

    Avet HX 5/2 MC Raptor 2 speed. Considered a blem because the purple is not consistent. 300.00 Text 7604581468
  22. bmachale

    Okuma Cedros 15 lever drag and Okuma rod

    Heavy Okuma jigging rod and Cedros 15 lever drag. 250.00 Text 7604581468
  23. bmachale

    Curado 200 DHSV and Okuma Citrix 701 rod

    Rod is like new. Reel is in excellent condition. 125.00 Text 7604581468
  24. bmachale

    Okuma Serrano200w and Citrix C-C701mh

    Okuma Serrano 200w and Citrix 701mh. Fantastic condition. Great inshore combo. 135.00
  25. bmachale

    Curado 300 reel and rod

    For sale a curado 300E reel and a Volatile VOL80-7 rod. A super combination for almost anything in our local waters. 250.00 for both. Text 7604581468.
  26. bmachale

    Inshore rod and reel curado 200e7

    Shimano Curado 200E7 and Shimano VTC 66MH rod. Great basic setup. Both rod and reel are in great shape. Text to 7604581468
  27. bmachale

    10 (Ten) 6 inch bullet resin head lures

    10 (Ten) 6 inch Resin head lures. Various color. Flash wings. Includes 7 lure mesh case. 60.00 Text Bob 760-458-1468
  28. bmachale

    5 Hi-5 Marlin Dorado Tuna lures. 2 Pakula. 1 Magic Lure

    I have 5 (Five) Hi-5 Lures from Cabo San Lucas. @ Pakula soft head 12" in purple/black and Petrolero. And one 7" pearl bullet head in B-52 skirts. Includes the 6 lure case Text Bob at 760-458-1468 100.00
  29. bmachale

    Zukers Tuna Clone Sevenstrand 10 lures 65.00

    I have for sale 11 tuna lures. Zukers. Tuna Clone. Sevenstrand. Includes the 7 lure mesh case. 65.00 Bob Text 760-458-1468
  30. bmachale

    6" Resin Head Lures #1 Tuna, Dorado Yellowtail

    These lures work just like Zukers Lures, only you can replace the skirts. Resin heads will last forever. I have caught albacore (yes, a long time ago) yellowfin yellow tail dorado and even a marlin on 6 inch resin head lures. 10 lures plus the case. 75.00 Bob Text 760-458-1468
  31. bmachale

    4 (Four) Archer Bars 12" Bar 7 6" squids 90.00

    I have for sale 4 (Four) original Archer Bars 12" Bar 7 squids per Bar 2/3/2 configuration. Green Black. Includes Two Carry Cases. &60-458-1468 Text Bob This is for four bars. Two cases. Pictures are of only two bars, one case.. They are all the same. 90.00
  32. bmachale

    4 Super Bars 5' total length 3" hoochie

    4 10" Super Bars (two pictured) 10 total hootchies. 3 lines. Terminal line has a snap swivel 760-458-1468 text 60.00 for all four.
  33. bmachale

    2 Super Bars 5' total length 4" hoochie

    2 Super Bars 4 lines. 14 hoochies. 15" bar. Total length is 5'. Terminal Has a clip for chase bait. 760-458 1468 45.00 for both. Includes mesh case.
  34. bmachale

    7-12" marlin tuna dorado lures #3

    various sized lures various weights Marlin Tuna Dorado A couple are rigged. Includes bag. 760-458-1468 120.00
  35. bmachale

    12" 14" Marlin lures #2

    12"-14" Marlin or Dorado Lures. Everthing you need for SoCal or Mexico. Various colors and makers. Most are rigged. Includes the mesh case. 760-458-1468 text 245.00
  36. bmachale

    12" 14" Marlin lures #1

    "12-14" Marlin Lures. Most are rigged. With the mesh case. Various makers. This is an instant collection of all you need for marlin/dorado in So Cal and/or Mexican Waters. 220.00
  37. bmachale

    Tuna Marlina Dorado Lures #2

    Asst Tuna Marlin Dorado Lures Various makers. Some rigged. 75.00
  38. bmachale

    9" tuna/marlin/dorado lures #1

    Asst Tuna, Marlin Dorado, lures. Various makers some rigged. $75.00
  39. bmachale

    2004 Seaswirl 2101 WA

    Is that a joke? I can add more what do you want?
  40. bmachale

    2004 Seaswirl 2101 WA

    760-458-1468 text
  41. bmachale

    2004 Seaswirl 2101 WA 26,900.00 See the add on Craigslist 1295 hours on a 150 HP Yamaha Four Stroke.
  42. bmachale

    Fishing for opinions on SeaSwirl Striper boats.

    The new stripers have a very very small bait tank. It is on the corner as an after thought like the Sailfish boats. Earlier madels (2014 and before? I think 14. Maybe plus or minus 1 year) had the bait tank in the center of the stern. Not huge. But good enough. If you are looking at new...
  43. bmachale

    Wanted: Parts for Sahara 4000FD

    I am looking for a rotor with bail assembly. If yu have a Sahara 4000FD and the insides are shot but rotor and bail work well, then I would be willing to pay a reasonable price for those parts. [email protected],com Thankyou
  44. bmachale

    Moving from Newport OR to Eureka, Ca.....What to expect?

    Stay out of the forest. It belongs to the pot growers. Don't want to accidently find a grove. What happened to CA? How could things change so fast? I guess that is what happens when you have a one party system
  45. bmachale

    WTB Vinatge Fenwick Rod Tubes and/or Socks

    Aluminum with logo or the brown plastic tubes. The tubes for the older line fiberglass rod series, Pretty much anything that does not say HMG or graphite types of rod.
  46. bmachale

    WTB Vinatge Fenwick Rod Tubes and/or Socks

    Hello All, I am looking to buy older style Fenwick Rod Tubes. Aluminum, Plastic tube, or triangle style. If interested please PM me with style, length, and how much you want for it/them. If you have a damaged or warped tube, that is fine, too. I would pay for the end caps. Any original socks are...
  47. bmachale

    WTB Vintage Fenwick Rod Tubes and/or Socks

    Hello All, I am looking to buy older style Fenwick Rod Tubes. Aluminum, Plastic tube, or triangle style. If interested please PM me with style, length, and how much you want for it/them. If you have a damaged or warped tube, that is fine, too. I would pay for the end caps. Any original socks are...
  48. bmachale

    WTB Fenwick Rod Tubes or Original Socks

    Hello All, I am looking to buy older style Fenwick Rod Tubes. Aluminum, Plastic tube, or triangle style. If interested please PM me with style, length, and how much you want for it/them. If you have a damaged or warped tube, that is fine, too. I would pay for the end caps. Any original socks...
  49. bmachale

    TruLine Dynamo L-90 Two piece spinning rod

    Here are some pics.
  50. bmachale

    TruLine Dynamo L-90 Two piece spinning rod

    I have a TruLine dynamo L-90 two piece spinning rod. Has the old no twist/wrap guides. Brown color. Can anyone please tell me about this blank and whether it is worth anything? And what to line rating is? Thank you, bob
  51. bmachale

    Broncos vs Chockers

    I wonder if their record possibly 1-7, could effect the vote on Measure B?
  52. bmachale

    knots for 80-100lb flouro

    What about spangler or palomar?
  53. bmachale

    Lack of fresh water washout at most public boat launch ramps

    LOL. You are right on all, but when water is available I am one of those people who wash after launching. I hate replacing brakes every two years. It's the boot over the piston.
  54. bmachale

    Lack of fresh water washout at most public boat launch ramps

    I love the trough idea. Simple and fast. Oceanside and Dana have wash downs. Pay for it, but worth it. As far as waiting until you get home like the rest of us, by the time you get home most of the damage to the brakes trailer and engine is done. you can wash them, but it is just to make...
  55. bmachale

    Straggler Jigs - Anybody know anything about them?

    My Dad and I used them in the 70s. worked great on the troll. We did not have live bait. Caught calico bass, bonita, barracuda, and yellowtail. Still have them and use them today for all of the same. They work great
  56. bmachale

    Fathom 25N Two Speed Big Enough for These BF?

    and use a circle hook
  57. bmachale

    Browning silaflex Magnum 114971 8' 2 piece spinning rod

    As stated above. Tight original windings. Excellent guides. Solid real seat. Cork grips very clean. 50.00 Ono. Up or down.
  58. bmachale

    Vintage browning silaflex car alloy diamond spinning rod

    As stated. An 8' 6" spinning rod. Very good condition. As a vintage rod or as a long spinning/surf rod. 50.00 or best offer.
  59. bmachale

    Offshore 7/12 skunko report

    just east of Utah. It is called Colorado
  60. bmachale

    Offshore 7/12 skunko report

    the 312 is about 5 miles south southeast of the 209
  61. bmachale

    Best Mackeral Sabiki

    Nobody wants to answer your question. And I don't have a definitive answer either. Seems to change from trip to trip. Sometimes small. Sometimes bigger. I really don't think it matters much...
  62. bmachale

    Anyone think of shooting one of these huge blue fin at gaff ?

    By the time you get him next to the boat he will be quite done. Unless you are using 130 lb test and associated gear. We got one 150 last week and hit him with two gaffs and into the boat. No problems
  63. bmachale

    Avet LX Question

    What size reel is the Avet LX considered. Like a size 16 reel? Thanks Bob
  64. bmachale

    Wanted: Rod wrapper

    If any of your guys in the Rod wrapping group know of a used power or good hand wrapper i would be interested If a hand wrapper I would need a dryer too Thanks, Bob
  65. bmachale


    That is some bright shit
  66. bmachale

    Making Mackerel Out of Mission Bay

    Thank you.
  67. bmachale

    wtb ultralight reel

    I like that sahara
  68. bmachale

    Making Mackerel Out of Mission Bay

    We are planning on launching from Mission bay this week. Would someone please tell me where is the most reliable place to make mackerel a night near the harbor entrance? Thanks to all. Tight lines.
  69. bmachale

    Three dead when wave flips boat.

    Don't know how this can be a surprise when you put 7 adults in a 15' skiff. I do not get the decisions people make.
  70. bmachale

    Oceanside Offshore and lost transome saver

    Fished out of Oceanside for Blue fin on Friday June 24. Fished from 15 miles off the power plant to the 312 and 209. And inside of both high points. No sign of blue fin anywhere. No radio reports of fish caught or sighted. Water was nice. 5-10 kt wind out of the south south west. Temps were...
  71. bmachale

    need recommendation for mammoth area (Camping)

    Is that camping?
  72. bmachale

    wtb ultralight reel

    The amazon site has Ecooda CZS 1000 for 41.98. If you want to be daring the Aliexpress site has a SeaKnight SS1000 that is 33.98...
  73. bmachale

    Offshore Fish movin out!!

    LOL. The albacore wish! They are already in Oregon
  74. bmachale

    Yeti hopper

    Kareem Korn said: ↑ How much are they new? 299.00 lol
  75. bmachale

    Human Nature?

    It is the new way in America, if you can't find work just go on disability Nobody ever checks, unless of course you are on national TV..
  76. bmachale

    Anyone need one more to fish tuna tomorrow(Friday 6/3)?

    We are going. Two of us on a Seaswirl 2101 WA. Heading out of Pt Loma.
  77. bmachale

    Slow Trolling Bait

    I use circle hook with drag as light as i canto keep line from going out with clicker on. I use lever drag reels. Not rocket science. I you want to hold the rod then do it that way. I'm sure it works. Anything will work. Fish the way you are happiest. We leave them in the rod holders.
  78. bmachale

    input on striper boats I have had a 2101WA for 12 years. Love it It handles offshore water great. That does not mean you should go in a small craft warning, but we have been out 50 miles in a swell and wind and were still fishing. The link is to the Striper Owner's club...
  79. bmachale

    Have you ever trolled a surface iron?

    4 to 4.5 knots. If you know you will be trolling them then you can put on a ball bearing swivel, and 60-80 lb leader. That eliminates twisting the line, and the speed will also help then to not spin. Keep them in the water. Trolling works best with heavier 6-7 inch models regardless of make.
  80. bmachale

    Have you ever trolled a surface iron?

    We trolled Stragglers along the kelp beds in the 70s from Laguna to Coronados. . No bait tank. Caught yellowtail, calicos, barracuda, and bonito. Did it couple years ago off south kelp coronados islands and caught big bonito and yellowtail. Good method while searching for marks, moving...
  81. bmachale

    Bull Shark eating GT at his feet!!!

    Was that 1000lb test? Coral and weight and still on the hook.
  82. bmachale

    Greenling keep swallowing the hook

    Use circle hooks
  83. bmachale

    WTF!! Damn junk rods...

    I will take them off your hands. No reason for you to have to fix them. Send me a PM.
  84. bmachale

    4' & 5', & flying gaff, tail rope all by Aftco, Large Boat Net

    oooooops glendora never mind I'm in North San Diego good deal good luck
  85. bmachale

    Proposal to make Fish Descenders Law

    You guys have absolutely no sense of humor. And are not able to see facetiousness at all. I think it is a great program. And a great opportunity for you to make the most out of your fishery. Why would i not want something for free, just like you? Good luck with your give away. Go Trump. I...
  86. bmachale

    Drones as spotters?

    distance on most is a mile. from a boat you could do it if you kept the boat moving with it. you would need a darn good display to see much
  87. bmachale

    Proposal to make Fish Descenders Law

    I think you are a little late to worry about that in Washington. I think your ship has sailed. i still want one
  88. bmachale

    Proposal to make Fish Descenders Law

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd I still want to get in on this. I'll pay shipping. Somebody please get hooked up with an extra and send me one!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is location discrimination. I demand descending device equality!
  89. bmachale

    ***FREE*** Descender Devices!

    I can't make the halibut opener but I would really like to have a Seaqualizer. Any way to get in on the freebee?
  90. bmachale

    Bluefin on the troll ?

    You will get a lot of different opinions on this. Generally speaking, blue fin a less likely to hit a trolled lure compared to albacore, yellow fin, skipjack and bonito. That does not mean they won't hit a trolled lure, just less likely. They seem to prefer cedar plugs on the troll. Does not...
  91. bmachale

    The Padres Suck!

    BUILD US A STADIUM DOWNTOWN OR WE ARE LEAVING. MAKE THE TAXPAYER PAY FOR OUR STADIUM OR WE ARE LEAVING. IF YOU WANT US TO STAY YOU HAVE TO INVEST IN US. Do either the Padres or Chargers have a winning record over the last 5 years? Seems to me if THEY expect the people of San Diego to invest in...
  92. bmachale

    Offshore Bluefin visual proof

    I am afraid I am more on Dallas' side than to other. If you are going to post "POST". If you do not wish to share then don't post. And yes, I do have fish dope. And I stand by what I said.
  93. bmachale

    WTB: Right angle rod holder inserts (?)

    I have 2 I will sell for 15.00 each. Ill need to get picture to you. Send me a text to 760-458-1468.
  94. bmachale

    Oceanside launch ramp closed this Sat.

    Stupid idea. It is a harbor.
  95. bmachale

    Anchor Choice

    I have the manson
  96. bmachale

    Anchor Choice

    I have one like it. It is great. Grabs first time every time. Sand or rock. Would not buy anything else.
  97. bmachale

    Shimano Difference between flatfall and coltsniper fall?

    I believe that the flat fall is to be fished on the "fall". They flutter on the fall and that is the action that attracts the bite. It does not work as well on the retrieve. The colt sniper type is used on the retrieve and get it's action from the retrieve and the rod tip/action you give it...
  98. bmachale

    Do you have one of these on your boat?

    I don't know if that model is built to support your filet table.
  99. bmachale

    Best AGM batteries these days? need help

    That craigslist battery does not have screw posts. Is that right? I saw agm batteries at fred hall for 750.00 group 27 but they were 100.00 off so just 650.00 lol i doubt they sell many of those
  100. bmachale

    Sardine Population Continues to Collapse

    they said we would not have sardines last year I am not worried, yet
  101. bmachale

    What would you pay for the perfect Surface Iron???

    I am not a jig expert. I have many, but they are not my go to lure. But it seems to me if a jig maker takes his jigs out and uses them on the water and catching fish to find the "One" that swims the best, then could he not make a mold of that jig and reproduce it consistently? Then we need to...
  102. bmachale

    Q about fishing the lower Owens next month

    What type and color of sierra slammers do you prefer? What other lures did you use on the owens? thank you
  103. bmachale


    I did not win. I am walking out of your press conference
  104. bmachale


    I am in. Panthers 31 Broncos 13
  105. bmachale

    Sea Water Temp Gauge

    Seems like a transducer to me. Suck my pie hole Jarrod. It may be a stand alone but he made it sound like it comes with a transducer.
  106. bmachale

    Hooker Intruder Homage

    I saw his post on FB. Went on Ebay. Checked under JRI Custom LURES and Hooker Intruder lures. Only listing I have seen is an original original for 172.00. What are they listed under?
  107. bmachale

    Sea Water Temp Gauge

    I want to know why it does not appear any company makes a high quality temperature only gauge that displays .01 and can be calibrated. Why should we have to buy a temp sensor and also pay for depth? I have two sounders that give me great depth already. I want reliable temp only. I believe...
  108. bmachale

    Looking for a Yamaha tech around Oceanside

    Seawitch Marine in Vista does excellent work. 760-724-3323
  109. bmachale

    FYI the stories are true- dont buy off brand spectra

    Who, what when and where?
  110. bmachale

    Hubbs lies revealed?

    More pseudo new sources spilling their propaganda. Who are they? What is their agenda? So many "sources" for "information". That is code for crap. Bias. Agenda. And, once again, crap.
  111. bmachale

    Even LA doesn't want the Chargers

    The stadium is in Inglewood. That idiot has nothing to do with it. Except to get his face out there on a issue that does not concern him as the mayor of LA. The only people dumber than him are the reporters asking him about the issue. Maybe they should track down the mayor of Inglewood and...
  112. bmachale

    Overfishing worldwide worse than thought

    what is a newser? So many funky "news" sources today that you cannot trust just one outlet. And no, I did not click on it, Jeef scared me away
  113. bmachale

    Avet SX MC Silver For Sale 150.00

    I have an AVET SX MC for sale. Silver. Right hand. Braid under mono. One tiny nick on left side. Does not have standard reel clamp. comes with a J R jones Cork Puppy clamp. Handle is black as is the lever drag handle. matches up nicely with the Cork puppy which is also black. text 760 458...
  114. bmachale

    WSB in Carlsbad

  115. bmachale

    Avet SX 5.3:1 Purple/Black for sale 140.00

    Avet SX for Sale. Multi Colored Purple and Black. Power Handle. not bought as a blem was made by owner this way. Only scratches are on top near clicker button. No box or paperwork. functions correctly in every way. Braid under mono. Vista, California North San Diego County Thank you, Bob
  116. bmachale

    MXL 5.8:1 for Sale 120.00

    Sale pending Thank you all
  117. bmachale

    MXL 5.8:1 for Sale 120.00

    I have an AVET MXL 5.8:1 right handed reel for sale. Includes clamp. No box or paperwork. 120.00 The clicker does not work. The clicker button does move but the clicker does not engage. either it needs a new spring or new clicker piece inside. Everything besides the clicker is very very...
  118. bmachale

    Cow Cod and Black Cod in Mexico

    If you are fishing in Mexican waters and have a DFG declaration form for returning with rockfish during the closure; can you also possess cow and/or black cod. Thank you one and all. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  119. bmachale

    Standard horizon gx1700

    very cool. and a good price
  120. bmachale

    Pier Fisherman Hits Drone

    That is one tough drone. How did the line stay out of the props. And he may cats like a girl but he does it very well.
  121. bmachale

    Marlin at Newport Pier today

    Third picture is awesome. He was pretty friendly.
  122. bmachale

    Florocarbon Leaders

    Fluorocarbon is pretty stiff. So that should not be a problem. Some will say it is a world of difference. And without it you are not catching anything even if you have fish in the box. I see it as a positive tool to increase my chances of catching fish. Can I catch them with straight...
  123. bmachale

    Why cant this happen in So Cal.

    California Coastal Commission. People here think Oil Rigs are bad for fish. I guess they have never fished a rig in the Gulf. Of course, they make the rigs be destroyed when they are done, killing thousands of fish in the process. But that makes sense to "Them". So stupidity is not reserved...
  124. bmachale

    Red/blue cabin deck LED lighting.

    I put in blue under the gunwales and did not like them. I use them while underway at night heading offshore so I can keep an eye on people and gear aft. They are too bright when I turn around to check on things. Replaced them with red and I am much happier. Seasense 18 led waterproof boat...
  125. bmachale

    We're doomed

    I like it. Population control is the only answer to almost every problem that is occurring in the world today. Hunger? Have less babies. No water? Fewer people taking it. No jobs? Fewer people competing. Poor people? Have fewer babies. You will have more money and food. Middle East...
  126. bmachale

    Will drones revolutionize fishing?

    My wife bought me one for my birthday. I have played with it and the camera view. Can't see shit on my IPhone 5 screen. So that means I would have to get a IPad or something similar. Another 550.00. and as he said, air time is only 20 minutes. So in my 21' cockpit I would have to find room...
  127. bmachale

    We're doomed

    There are two issues to be discussed. Actually three. Global Warming is number 1. But they have ditched that term and changed it to "Climate Change" to meet what is actually happening at the moment. Nice way to hedge your bets by "them". Then there is man made climate change. That is number...
  128. bmachale

    3 Wahoos for me on first try. 500 miles south as it's drying up here locally

    I mean specifically towing a boat there. I know you can get there by a boat underway in the water
  129. bmachale

    3 Wahoos for me on first try. 500 miles south as it's drying up here locally

    Do they have anything that actually resembles a launch ramp for a 21" private boat? Can you even get there with a private boat?
  130. bmachale

    New Lures, check, know the area, check, new line on reel, uh it should be fine

    What pound test? And who made that line? How much fishing you did this year? All that has an effect, but seems to me that less than a year old should not be "shredded". Unless you are fishing twice a week or more. I could be wrong. Don't kill me y'all.
  131. bmachale

    Calling all Hoo killers..

    The above is good. But from what I have been able to see for working san deigo county area: 8-10 knots the yo zuri bonita 60-100' or the x rap same distance back off the corners these dive to the depth they are rated for marlin lures in the usual pattern surface purple black, tony the...
  132. bmachale

    can i use 6'6" - 7'2" for trolling?

    you can troll with whatever length rod you want. Rollers only necessary for really really big fish. A gimbal is nice to keep the rod facing the correct direction in the holder. You can get a gimbal with a rubber cover for fighting the fish.
  133. bmachale

    Slim Pickin's 10/7 out of Dana Point

    Or worth being kept. What is wrong with people
  134. bmachale

    Offshore Cortez Bank 10/7

    Nice yellowfin in tough conditions. You kept 50 yellowtail 4-8 pounds? That had to be a typo
  135. bmachale

    F me here we go again. Oregon shooting

    It appears to me to be a terrorist attack based on muslim sympathizer who hates Christians and Jews. And while he does fit into many of the categories of the other cowardly loser shooters, this one looks like it is combined with some sort of support for islamic jihadists. Check out the info...
  136. bmachale

    Sick of the awesome reports!

    We have had as many skunks as we have had great trips this year. And while I would love to catch a blue marlin or wahoo, MOST all who go out to fish for those do not catch them. But we you see a pic or story with one you think everybody must be catching them. They are not.
  137. bmachale

    Oceanside bait ? ? ? Need help

    500 am is usually right. They were open earlier when the bite was hot. Last I heard they only had small anchovies, but that changes too. If you can find someone with fihdope maybe they can give yoiu an update. One ramp at west side of harbor. parking is 8.00. Washdown cost 50 cents for...
  138. bmachale

    Offshore Dana Point 9/30

    Died during fight just may be a code word for "we wanted to keep it and don't want any shit about it"
  139. bmachale

    Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3 ducer advice

    Yes it is a chrip ducer.
  140. bmachale

    Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3 ducer advice

    I bought the same unit with a 50-200 transducer. Should have bought it without a transducer as I am gonna end up buying the HDI 50-200 455/800 anyway. So IMHO, but it without a transducer and then get the best transom mount HDI unit. If you are looking for a 50-200 after buying a unit without...
  141. bmachale

    Limit fishing on Yt. ""Who did it"""???? PATHETIC!!!

    Sport boats. Can't live with them, sometimes can't find fish without them. It is a love hate relationship.
  142. bmachale

    It now illegal to own a stove

    That's what we get for living on the west coast and voting for liberals
  143. bmachale

    Spearfisherman Makes Headlines with Huge Marlin

    Don't like it. Sorry to all, but just can't get behind this.
  144. bmachale

    Ringed Circle Hooks

    Turner's has the 3/0 ringed
  145. bmachale

    Offshore DP 8/30 YT and Hammerhead

    I want to know what kind/lb of leader you were using that you kept him on that long.
  146. bmachale

    Lowrance 7 chirp 50/200

    the website might also have a demo program
  147. bmachale

    Lowrance 7 chirp 50/200

    I think a demo dvd is available from lowrance
  148. bmachale

    Offshore If I hear "chunk" one more time...

    Telling everyone who will listen that they are "on the chunk" makes them feel they are experts and are helping the less fortunate in on their "secret". Had one guy last friday say "they want the small baits today", after we had caught 12 on large. I guess we have to give them their moment...
  149. bmachale

    Kill Bag Repair

    Maybe replace zipper pull with zip tie if it still has the zipper part still has a loop on it. Seal the seams with 5200 or silicone. Sounds like you need a new bag
  150. bmachale

    A Bit About Bait

    We have been very lucky this year with great fishing and great bait. Trolling has been very ineffective. Without the bait we would be watching all these fish and getting skunk. Three months ago we were warned there would be a shortage of sardines. Just imagine how this bite would have gone...
  151. bmachale

    Dana point or Oceanside Launch Ramps Question.

    It really depends on where you wish to fish. If you are going to fish off Oside then it is better to drive there than boat there. When you gonna launch? Barge at Dana PT is 24 hours. Oceanside opens at 400ish. But the trip in boat is shorter. 8.00 to park at Oside, but it may be more if you...
  152. bmachale

    Andros clicker?

    On the solterras you can lighten the force to engage/disengage by taking off the left side and adjusting the tension. Not sure if that applies to the andros, but easy to check
  153. bmachale

    O'side 8/24

    Oceanside "scoops" seem to be smaller than San Diego scoops. But the Oceanside bait has been good and reliable all year, so it is not time to start complaining about the size of the scoops. and they did change their normal hours to 400 am from 500 am. That was very helpful. And since the...
  154. bmachale

    Yellow Fin Tuna 10 Miles from Dana Point Monday AUG 24

    Glad you caught a fish. And even better that you only took what you could use. 15lb test flouro? 30 or 40 is what most have been using.
  155. bmachale

    Please Don't Drive Through the Kelp!!!

    I bet he did not think his post would go this direction. Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  156. bmachale

    Shimano Counterfeit Power Pro

    Does it say Power Pro on the spool? there are many braids that are not name brands on the market. If they say power pro then it is wrong, but if it just says 8 strand braid then it is not counterfeit. The second part is if it is any good.
  157. bmachale

    Lowrance HDS 9 Gen 3

    It has a feature to return it to factory settings. Then you can start over. If you reset it and it does not work then it is possible you have the transducer mounted wrong or you have a defective unit.
  158. bmachale

    Dorado From Mexico Declared by NOAA an At-Risk Species

    That's nice. And NOAA and the Worlds AQUARIUM has what authority to enforce Mexican Laws and/or intercept poachers in Mexican waters?
  159. bmachale

    Offshore Sunday oside tuna and rant

    You did it all wrong. What you needed to do was hang a fish. Then a dozen boats would have come over close enough for you to whisper your problem, and if need be throw a line onto their boat and make them tow you
  160. bmachale

    "Trails" on Lowrance

    I find l like the trail feature? why do you not the trail is useful for going back over ann area you were fishing before. especially finding a "lost" paddy. why do you not
  161. bmachale

    Offshore Sunday oside tuna and rant

    I would have helped you
  162. bmachale

    Offshore HH to 277, plus Make your bait last longer, a lot longer

    And a 90 gallon tank might have something to do with it too
  163. bmachale

    Which Chart/Mapping App for Iphone or IPad.?

    Fish alerts has a simple app, but it does not allow for navigation. it will show your position and your position in relation to the mpas. SCAIS also is an option. Chartplotters are pretty cheap
  164. bmachale

    Offshore Wide open yfin 8-18 and a boat off the trailer

    I never release the eye hook on the trailer until the stern is in/over the water. My buddies laugh at my insistence on this item, but I will not ever change it. Great job on the fish.
  165. bmachale

    Out of oside today fished offshore about 10 miles

    Light gear is fun. No doubt. And how you enjoy fishing is way more important than any body else's opinion.
  166. bmachale

    Offshore Pedro To Dana 8/16

    Respectfully, if you go offshore 30 lb outfits (if you have them) really should be the minimum you use. You never know when you might hook into a 40 lb dorado or tuna. But I am glad you guys got two for the boat anyway.
  167. bmachale

    SOLD.....Reliable Fish Bag BNIB 30x60

    I'm after Tom. Bob 760-458-1468 in Vista.
  168. bmachale

    Out of oside today fished offshore about 10 miles

    Why do you go out fishing for tuna and put a rod in the water that won't catch (efficiently or effectively) the fish you are fishing for
  169. bmachale

    Fish Hard!!! La Niña predicted for 2016

    Just plain crap. Stop trying ti jinx us and fish
  170. bmachale

    Slow start to our Catalina week!! One dodo!

    Start your day from catalina near a kelp BED and make some macks Then head out
  171. bmachale

    WTB/WTT for Okuma 15 LD

    Looking for Okuma Cedros 15 Lever Drag. Not the S series.
  172. bmachale

    Offshore Friday Oceanside

    South of Oside was dead, too. But I did meet one guy who had 1 yft and 1 dorito.
  173. bmachale

    Offshore Friday Oceanside

    Same thing happened to us yesterday at Oside. They all moved to Dana PT. They forgot to leave a message.
  174. bmachale

    Offshore Friday Oceanside

    Same thing happened to us yesterday at Oside. They all moved to Dana PT. They forgot to leave a message.
  175. bmachale

    Launching out of Oceanside

    The fish moved to Dana
  176. bmachale

    Dana point? Or Oceanside?

    Dana oceanside was pretty dead on Friday
  177. bmachale

    LR boats need to be fishing North of San Diego right now

    NO Long Range Boats inside of 20 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay out where you belong
  178. bmachale

    Not catching on July 6 302 425 9 mile bank

    weird don't know what to make of that temp breaks good side bad side fishy side desert side left fishy area to go to non fishy area with better temps crazy i guess it is me the 425 should have had great signs of life That's fishing and again congrats to you for your success and...
  179. bmachale

    Not catching on July 6 302 425 9 mile bank

    It is a funny year so far. Lots of fish in the area. Lots of reports of catching fish for a few boats. But it seems that you really have to be in the right place at the right time. May be luck. May be superior fishing skills. IDK for sure. Thing I found weird was the water temp at the 302...
  180. bmachale

    oceanside fishing spots need help newbie You can buy those two charts from Baja Directions and know all there is to know off Oceanside.
  181. bmachale

    oceanside fishing spots need help newbie

    that was good info you can PM me and I'll let you know how to get them all
  182. bmachale

    Not catching on July 6 302 425 9 mile bank

    Stop the boat at daylight 4 miles short of the 302. Dropped in the trollers. Saw a group of dophins trolled them for a while for nothing. 7 miles short of 302 water was 69. Dropped to 68 or less at high spot. Nothing going on at 302 so went south towards 371. Water temp dropped rapidly...
  183. bmachale

    Mexican license Near Mira Mesa

    Could someone please tell me the nearest place to buy a Mexican fishing license in the vicinity of Mira Mesa. Thank you
  184. bmachale

    Favorite hook for live squid?

    7/0 circle
  185. bmachale

    Gf and buddy looking for a new rod

    I'll give it to your buddy, too. I am not a homophobe. I think I am required to be that way now. Rainbows to all.
  186. bmachale

    Action Alert! State Hatcheries at risk of shutdown!

    Keep voting for those Northwest Progressive democrats..
  187. bmachale

    Tuna Crab

    I want to fish there. What was that bass with the weird markings.
  188. bmachale

    Gf and buddy looking for a new rod

    I have a new rod for your GF. LOL
  189. bmachale

    Outkast Fishing Tackle

    Order has shipped
  190. bmachale

    Outkast Fishing Tackle

    In fairness of disclosure and follow up. I ordered something yesterday. Was not able to specify color. Ryan from Outkast sent me an email I had not seen yet. so he called me to find out what color i wanted. Said it would go out today and I would have it in the next 1 to 2 days. Can't argue...
  191. bmachale

    Offshore Oceanside 6/22

    Great idea thanks
  192. bmachale

    Outkast Fishing Tackle

    I wish I had read this yesterday. I placed an order in the afternoon. Nothing big, but what i needed. Guess I will have to wait and see how that works out.
  193. bmachale

    Sportfishing near Carlsbad? Oceanside Harbor, Oceanside, CA
  194. bmachale

    Koi-Eating Heron Needs a New Home

    The heron must go and the egret
  195. bmachale

    Bait situation from Dana Point to Point Loma

    Bait was mixed sized sardine and mackerel at Oceanside. Very healthy bait. The problem was no kelps at the 209 312 or inside towards Oside. And the bluefin were very very very boat shy.
  196. bmachale


    Very Impressive. Haven't seen that many halibut in years.
  197. bmachale

    Offshore June 10, 2015 YFT again.

    was that a paid advertisement?
  198. bmachale

    Slappy the Shovelnose Guitar Fish

    dumb ass saw that coming
  199. bmachale

    DIY Reel Spooling

    I have my son hold the spool with a screwdriver through it with oven mitts, That's cheap
  200. bmachale

    Squished It.......New Tuna Killing Erratic Flutter Jigs

    I believe the most effectively strategy is to give them to me to test. Anybody can give them to a prostaffer and say they work. The real test is having someone like me use them and catch fish. I suck at fishing. But I have lots of lures. I will be waiting for the PM to show in my box asking...
  201. bmachale

    Fishing license bill filleted

    Not to generate revenue on this one, it is because they hate hunters and fishermen. They want to end it.
  202. bmachale

    Offshore Tribute Tuna

    good job sounds like a man crush to me
  203. bmachale

    New to SD

    do you have a boat
  204. bmachale

    How to revive Irons?

    Rick at Bait wraps will take your unique kicking jigs and put a new finish on them in his unique style
  205. bmachale

    Found Abandoned Rig now up For Sale

    How do they ever find the landing or launch ramp?
  206. bmachale

    Offshore Acres of Tuna and the RTA gets them to bite...

    It appears someone thinks you are the googan. Nice fish
  207. bmachale

    Revo toro 50, volotile, phenix,gloomis

    where are you? thinking about volatile
  208. bmachale

    Paddle board Calico bass Fishing - Baja

    Very impressive fish and angling. I suppose I am the only one who does not know where the trip went. Buttttttttttttttttttttttttt, where was that? Thanks
  209. bmachale

    Offshore Just a reminder, Don't be a dick.

    A great message from Ali and what this site was created for long ago. Sharing info. Offshore info is not really giving up a "secret" spot. The paddy will move from those numbers fish will move and the odds you are going out the next day to the same spot are poor unless you are a charter...
  210. bmachale

    BloodyDecks Finger Salute

    The salute went away with full nudity and BOTD. Change is not always good. In fact, it is seldom good.
  211. bmachale

    Going out oceanside for hali/thresher/wsb but where?

    No white sea bass near Oside reported. Up north near San clemente one was boated last week. Halibut slow all over the area Threshers have not shown up yet. Off Calsbad power plant inside of the canyon in the more shallow water.
  212. bmachale

    Vehicle Back up Cameras..... what's your take?

    How would you keep the camera in the link from being stolen?
  213. bmachale

    "Bed liner" or roll on coating for boat interior?

    Maybe it was paddy killer who posted it!
  214. bmachale

    "Bed liner" or roll on coating for boat interior?

    Guys on the Stripers owners club have used Kiwi Grip with great success. I think someone posted his whole project on this site too. Search Kiwi Grip here and see if it comes up
  215. bmachale

    Help reduce halibut bycatch!!

    soon as they put in that pipeline to bring California water I will help them. Just kidding, sort of, I sent the letter
  216. bmachale

    A Word to the Wise

    I have a valve/sea cock on mine. Can close the intake. And I have tested and checked handle.
  217. bmachale

    Is Population Control is The Solution to California's Water Problems?

    I hope you guys are happy with your fish are more important than people idea. I know you have dreams of rivers full of salmon and steelhead and you on your boat with a full limit. But the people who are helping to protect the fishy water, salmon, steelhead, and delta smelt have a dream of you...
  218. bmachale

    Bait Barge Tipping

    Just wait until you can't get good bait for whatever reason. Then you will not mind paying 25-30 for a half scoop. Very hard to make sardines and/or anchovies on your own. Macks yes, but sometimes they are not small enough or can catch enough for a whole day. Appreciate the fact you can get...
  219. bmachale

    Is Population Control is The Solution to California's Water Problems?

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, North versus South. That war never really ended.
  220. bmachale

    Is Population Control is The Solution to California's Water Problems?

    But I agree with Tap, too. Those people in Sacramento have mismanaged infrastructure for 40 years.
  221. bmachale

    Is Population Control is The Solution to California's Water Problems?

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tax system encourages people, especially low income to have children. Welfare system does too. Then there is the person's who do not necessarily have permission to be in the country group. Why do we take extra people to load down our water supply, roads...
  222. bmachale

    Cedar City Utah Area

    Any body have some advice for fishing for trout in this area? I prefer to fish streams or rivers. The size of the fish is not important. Most all would be C&R. Thanks
  223. bmachale

    panfish technique/bait question

    any worm under a bobber works and they love watching the bobber bob when it gets bit
  224. bmachale

    Fishing Mexican Waters

    Because they are F,,,ed up. And don't tell me about how it is their country and we have to follow their f,,,ed up laws. They do not follow any of our laws, and have no respect for the US,. They take action against US angler's when they are angry about some regulation we or the agreed parties...
  225. bmachale

    Yikes! Hungry sea lion drags fisherman overboard

    Just like a bad/aggressive dog who has attacked a human, time for that one to go. And then the next that hangs out next to boats waiting for his handout. Seems like a lot of humans in California too. Hmmmmmm. Maybe it's the government?
  226. bmachale

    Warning! Launching in Oceanside

    I remember when the Oceanside Boat Harbor was for boats. Seems like it is an RV park now. And a special event spot. Boat Harbor for BOATS?
  227. bmachale

    Anyone ever fish in Spain?

    Or maybe just try google hasan lures.
  228. bmachale

    Anyone ever fish in Spain?

    If you do facebook try this guy. I believe he is in spain and fishes the are a lot. If you don't do FB let me know and I'll try to get you in touch with him.
  229. bmachale

    transducers....50/200 or 83/200? Salt or Fresh water?

    Still does not chirp, but really does not matter. It is what makes him happy that matters
  230. bmachale

    transducers....50/200 or 83/200? Salt or Fresh water?

    GEN2 does not have chirp, you have to buy the chirp stuff for another 500.00 or so. Gen2 is old technology, already. It ain't easy.
  231. bmachale

    Another Anchor discussion,, really,,

    I have a Manson anchor. I love it. Holds in all bottom types. Only anchor I would own.
  232. bmachale

    Offshore reefs This company has a complete set of charts for all of SOCAL and Baja Coastal and Offshore. Has LAT LONG coordinates and heading and distance from specified harbors. An outstanding investment. The book is the best...
  233. bmachale

    For Sale. 2002 Parker 2320 Pilothouse

    that is a great cover who made that and how much did it cost? thanks glad you sold it
  234. bmachale

    Yellowtail Bycatch

    What make and model is that flat fall jig. Looks thicker/wider than most
  235. bmachale

    transducers....50/200 or 83/200? Salt or Fresh water?

    gen3 also supports forward looking scan with additional transducer
  236. bmachale

    transducers....50/200 or 83/200? Salt or Fresh water?

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm not completely sure. It reads like it. But when I asked about it at the show they said the LSS transducer was extra. If it does have the LSS transducer then I think it is a good deal. But to be on the safe side, I would call them before I ordered and make sure. Also...
  237. bmachale

    transducers....50/200 or 83/200? Salt or Fresh water?

    For 1500.00 the Gen3 does not come with the LSS (side scan) transducer. It is another 500.00. It is Chirp and ha the dow scan. CHIRP is down scan, and all Chirp 455/800 show the down scan image. product descriptions (Garmin and Lowrance) may say Side Scan loaded in the software but you have...
  238. bmachale

    transducers....50/200 or 83/200? Salt or Fresh water?

    Not to complicate this discussion any further but The new Lowrance Gen3 has 50/200 and 83/200 options. 50 is more for salt. It also has built in Chirp at 455/800khz and really cleans up the presentation. This is the future of sounders in my humble opinion. The Elite 7 Chirp has all this too...
  239. bmachale

    San Diego Bay 3/9

    In 1983 I was in the Olddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Navy boot camp in San Diego. As we were marching across the bridge to the main side the entire channel under the bridge that give access to the Marine Marina was filled with red crabs. Made me so wish I was fishing instead of marching.
  240. bmachale

    AIS- and I'm not talking Insurance

    DHS and Customs wants it to happen. They are still trying to figure out how to make it happen for all boats. In the meantime, there is an app called Smart Chart AIS that uses your phones GPS to provide some AIS info to you and transmit it to others, including C, B and Immigration. Having this...
  241. bmachale

    Interesting article

    Nobody has mentioned than most of our lures are used less than 25' deep. So color has practically not disappeared at all. Trolling lures way less. Surface jigs way less. Deep drop jiggers swear by blue and white. Don't know why that is so true. Maybe shades of color matter. So it all depends...
  242. bmachale

    lowrance warranty stinks

    The Lowrance reps will be at Fred Hall in three weeks. They will be trapped there and cannot get away from you
  243. bmachale

    Yamaha 130 - Shift Issue

    If you are worried about the crossing then buddy boat with someone else going across the channel. I am sure that there will be someone you can find that will match your schedule. Why take a chance on hope or luck when you already know there is a problem. Just my .02.
  244. bmachale

    Poll: Low Profile Baitcaster Shoot Out: Who's got the nuts?

    Caught this on a curado 200DSM. I love the older curados. 200 or 300. A 300 on a private boat can handle any local yellowtail or schoolie tuna. Can handle anything. Okuma komodo are great too.
  245. bmachale

    Poll: Low Profile Baitcaster Shoot Out: Who's got the nuts?

    Caught this on a curado 200DSM. I love the older curados. 200 or 300. A 300 on a private boat can handle any local yellowtail or schoolie tuna. Can handle anything. Okuma komodo are great too.
  246. bmachale

    Side Scan

    It's a sunken boat. I think. Looks like a 12 footer. Aluminum. No oars or outboard. But a tackle box under the second seat
  247. bmachale

    HDS 7 Gen 2 Touch, Structure Scan HD, P66 Trandsucer

    What direction did you decide to go?
  248. bmachale

    Fishing reels not allowed as carry on anymore

    Fishing reels can be a very dangerous threat to the security of the aircraft
  249. bmachale

    Light in a bait tank?

    The deep dark ocean at night does have not sides, and always has some ambient light. The bait barge has large soft nets and are open to ambient light night or day, even through the slats. And you don't get to see their die off. What does a light hurt. It also gives them the opportunity to...
  250. bmachale


    So first no swearing, then no total nude pics, now no girly pics at all. And all the whining and fighting. Does anyone left on this site remember why it was formed? There was a site for fishing reports run by a boat repair place in San Diego. Their "moderator" would remove everything that was...
  251. bmachale

    Wahoo wire vs heavy fluorocarbon ( 130 lb + )

    why not make the hook set a stiff rig out of wire and use fluor or mono?
  252. bmachale

    'Domes to 267 Sunday 10/19

    Were you trolling the whole time and what were you pulling.
  253. bmachale


    How do they troll? And how much do they cost. Looks like I should have some sort of wahoo lure in my bag of tricks even around here.
  254. bmachale

    People who run P.E.T.A.

    An animal activist and a racist. Interesting combination. But the anger and hatred are all liberal attitudes.
  255. bmachale

    Poll: What Did These Fishermen Do Wrong?

    Looks like they should have gotten rid of the dog and kept the seal.
  256. bmachale

    If you were leaving San Diego

    I think if I were going to retire and was looking for the best in economic advantages (no income tax/low cost of living), being close to the ocean, have a wide variety of fishing styles and species, and close to big game offshore fishing, South Texas is the hands down winner for me. Only bad...
  257. bmachale

    Marlin Marlin Marlin!

    I still do not see how someone goes to all the trouble and expense to hire Dave Hansen then sleeps while they are supposed to be learning something from him. And how do you lose three lures on one hit. And only land one fish. Maybe the pic with the remora says it all
  258. bmachale

    Offshore New Lame-Anne

    No really. I think that this just kind of explains it all. There is not a need for any other attack on the sport boats. Their OWN idiotic justification and excuses for bad behavior kind of sums it up without any body else saying a thing. What a dick
  259. bmachale

    Trailer light problem

    I think it is a ground wire gone bad/bad connection, or one of the wires running down the trailer has worm through and is making contact with the trailer. I had a problem with the ground cut it back made new connection did not work correctly the reason was I did not cutit back far enough...
  260. bmachale

    Dana PT Mackerel

    Any new intel on where to catch mackerel in the early morning around Dana PT? Tried red buoy and green buoy for no luck. Thank you
  261. bmachale

    Great white shark attacks kayakers

    They probably hooked him and he was angry. everybody knows that GW do not attack swimmers or kayaks unless some bad fisherman has done something to make him angry
  262. bmachale

    Offshore Fat Lady Warming Up 10/1 Report

    Must have something to do with the daylight getting shorter. It is all very strange. Water has not changed that much. Temps still good, but they do appear to be/have abandoned us much earlier than anyone thought.
  263. bmachale


    Now that is useful talent. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  264. bmachale

    Offshore Solo Marlin Adventure 9/28

    and not really a very good idea. Somebody had to say it
  265. bmachale

    New diseaase spreading, Long Range Wasting Disease (LRWD)

    Real men fish within 50 miles.
  266. bmachale

    FS: One tray of Ed's Jigs....$50

    I was just checking. Facetiousness and sarcasm sometimes are lost when texted or placed by typing. And others who may look might not know you are kidding. OK. Continue with the fun, men!
  267. bmachale

    FS: One tray of Ed's Jigs....$50

    I assume that is you two being facetious?
  268. bmachale

    Offshore Sea Trek 3/4

    I say this post is from the deckhand covering his ass and trying to make the boat look great when they know they are going to get blasted for fucking up. I could be wrong, but I am just throwing it out there. What kind of name is that? What kind of attitude? Sport boats usually catch more...
  269. bmachale

    Offshore 9/20 Wide Open YFT and Dipshits at 277

    Way to go on the fish. Glad you and your dad had a great time catching. It is way better than we did on Friday. People will always show up with stopped boats on a weekend. Just have to live with it. If they set up upwind and drift behind you then they are being courteous as they can possibly...
  270. bmachale

    Offshore Late report wife got first dodo

    Good for her. When I first read the title I saw wife got her first dildo. Well I guess we know where my mind is.
  271. bmachale

    Offshore One Stop Paddy shopping....Tuna and dodos 9/14

    Not a white cap in sight. Wind could not have been that bad. Good job on the fish.
  272. bmachale

    Mackerel off Oceanside?

    Are there still big schools of mackerel off of the Oceanside pier area or more towards the Barn Kelp? Thank you for your help
  273. bmachale

    island YT

    What Island?
  274. bmachale

    Seeker Black Steel

    As they said. The welds break on the ring. They are very pretty though
  275. bmachale

    Shimano Feeling pretty sad with my new gear...

    I agree with all of the above. There is nothing wrong with the reel. It is a beautiful powerhouse. But, I think that you should take it back to where you bought it and let them know the rod THEY sold you does not match the reel foot and demand a rod that does. Respectfully, of course. You...
  276. bmachale

    bait dieing, need help with bait tank.

    NOoooooooooooooooooooooooo Get an 800. And a scoop is all you can get on a good day. We put a end capped PVC pipe with 1/4" holes drilled in it on the inlet. really improves overall water flow and the bait does great.
  277. bmachale

    Tuna Fishing without RSW

    Why not bring 20lbs of ice on ur own and put it in ur assigned bag?
  278. bmachale

    Oceanside launch

    The harbor entrance is not hazardous. They just dredged it. It can be hazardous in big swell but there is none now. Bait barge just to north of launch. no hazards going in or out. Nice ramp. with good docks.
  279. bmachale

    Dana Point or Mission Bay?

    If you are going to fish American water go to Mission Bay. If you plan on going into Mexican waters go to Shelter Island.
  280. bmachale

    And we wonder why we are losing the war...

    Proudest Accomplishment: “Seeing our team sign up more than 750,000 new donors for the Democratic Party in just 8 months Socialist bastards. DNC. ACLU. What more do you need to know.
  281. bmachale

    Missing Boat/ Safety First

    I hope he and the two chicks we doing it while they waited. Gotta use your time wisely.
  282. bmachale

    What Are They Going TO Do

    More LONG Range whining. Go ahead and Bieber me. I don't care. You guys whine more than the Washington guys. Just fish on it or buy a boat.
  283. bmachale

    Flood lights

    coastal night lights
  284. bmachale

    Offshore Bluefin and Yellowfin 7 -28 at the 209 (video)

    The gunwale is short/low. Nothing to lean against. But it seems to work for them.
  285. bmachale

    May be old news, but Mexico might not be the only place you can't catch Bluefin

    I say the most important factor is it only bans catch in US waters. Which would do almost nothing to help the population. Does the US even have a commercial seining operation in the pacific? The percentage of pacific blue fin tuna taken in US waters is less than 1 percent of the total world...
  286. bmachale

    Catch more fish!

    LOL. Good luck with that. All accurate, but your expectations are a little high for these people. I hope all read and heed.
  287. bmachale

    Offshore Dana to the 279 then down off Pendleton 7.22.14

    Hey Joe, Nice try. And tough going on the wind. Do you think that your temperature display is accurate? I don't doubt what it showed, but I am perplexed by the huge drop in temperature from earlier this week and last week 71 -72. That's quite a swing
  288. bmachale

    Need Advise : Fishing deep while drifting a paddy

    I like one deep just in case. Have one deep, one 20' or so and one on the surface. Keeping your finger lightly on it is fine or Use the drag to just keep there just tight enough so as to not let line to continue to go out and put it in a rod holder. When the line starts to go out the clicker...
  289. bmachale

    Spray nozzles over side of LR boats.

    So this is a simple idea and should work on a private boat too?
  290. bmachale

    Offshore On Our Way to the 209

    Spear fisherman should NEVER enter the water when other boats are already fishing. EVER!
  291. bmachale

    Side scanning sonar

    Go with Lowrance HDS Gen 2 series or Simrad. But I do think that affordable is relative to how much expendable money you have. They are not cheap. The Lowrance HDS-7 Gen2 (not touch screen) runs around 1300.00 with Structure Scan. It does come with a nice installed mapping program but I do not...
  292. bmachale

    Spotlights needed

    I have stryker go lights mounted on my hardtop. Works ok. The problem is that any light you get will have a beam width that is very wide. They are not exactly focused directly forward. Your spot light is probably more focused forward than anything you will be able to mount. "head lights" are...
  293. bmachale

    Offshore Wayyyyyy to many private boaters seriously.

    It is not just googans. Had a "6 pack" (really too big for a 6 pack) 40' named the Courageous out of san diego pull up to a paddy in between at least 6 boats and stop 20' from the paddy and start fishing. No drift. Just stayed right on it. The problem is when there is that many boats out and...
  294. bmachale

    Fishing the slide rig...

    your drag is too tight
  295. bmachale

    Surfer Runs Over Shark

    it was just a baby
  296. bmachale

    Pacific Warming Does Not Meet El Nino Criteria

    Maybe, maybe not. It is only 10 days into July and just about 70 or over in all the off shore areas. Seems like an El Nino to me. Call it a banana if you want, just send me YF, Dorado, and big eye
  297. bmachale

    Catalina Squid

    Channel 11 for the squid boats
  298. bmachale

    Any fishing report from any of the oc/ la county piers?

    I don't know of any place that has fishing reports for piers. Just pick one and go and enjoy the time with your son. Last report I saw there was large concentrations of anchovy near the Oside pier. There should be lots of mackerel in the area for him to catch. Good Luck. enjoy the time with...
  299. bmachale

    oceanside bait barge

    I have been buying half scoops at that price for two years or more. They usually do not sell 1/4 scoop unless you are a kayak. it is all getting more expensive just be glad you have the option of live bait at all if you want to complain about the cost of something at Oside Harbor, start...
  300. bmachale


    You cannot fish from piers in Redondo or any where. A blue fin might attack a swimmer.
  301. bmachale

    Massive Anchovy Schools at Scripps Pier

    Very cool glad to see the population is so healthy nice ass no boobs
  302. bmachale


    Really? Special sunglasses for a multi day? Are they different from sunglasses for a 1/2 day, 3/4 day, or 1 day. What if I have my own boat. different sunglasses for that too? You multi day/long range guys need to give it a rest. Take a bunch of different rods, reels and hooks. Get on the...
  303. bmachale

    Manhattan Pier CLOSED to Fishing

    We don't know they were chumming. Maybe yes, maybe no. We also do not know that they new it was a great white. But if they did know, they could be in trouble. Regulations require cutting the line as soon as you "KNOW" it is a great white. even though I do not see how it is a good idea to cut...
  304. bmachale

    HELP>>>>My Seats are Browning on top.

    clean with sea choice or starbrite non-skid deck cleaner. Treat with a good marine vinyl protectant. Get a cover for the boat and cover it all the time you are not using it.
  305. bmachale

    Okuma Service

    Just want to give credit to the service department at Okuma Fishing USA on Ontario. Had a problem with the free spool on a komodo 273. Had it delivered by a friend to the warehouse. They quickly gave me a new spool and mailed it off. No charge for anything. I also had a Okuma Citrix 701 MH...
  306. bmachale

    Offshore I am a HATER :Trip Report

    Ha Ha Ha. Finally the private boater has an advantage. We can just let it out with free spool and a half ounce sinker and drift away from it. No casting required. And the bait has a longer life on the hook. Suck it!
  307. bmachale

    Spreader vs Dredges

    I have had the bars and dredges for over 5 years. Hold up very well. Caught a 150 lb plus striper and there was no damage to the bar at all. Dredges are multi-purpose. You can use on the surface or deep. So if you want one to do both then get the dredge. They are easy to use don't tangle...
  308. bmachale

    Puerto Penasco June Fishing

    where in RP were you fishing? Shrimp for bait? Looks like fun
  309. bmachale

    For Sale or Trade Okuma Citrix 273VLX Leaf Hand

    I have a used Okuma Citrix 273VLX Left Hand bait cast reel. I bought it as a right hand reel been was sent a lefty. Works great. And I can use it even if it is a lefty. Not a great big deal. Just figured I'd check and see if someone wants it. If you want to trade my left hand reel for your...
  310. bmachale

    Enough to Scare you Away from Fishing on a Kayak

    That's why they invented boats. Seems some of us have a desire to go backwards.
  311. bmachale

    rebuild Zukers?

    Anything is possible. They cost 9-10.00 bucks. The hassle and materials to rebuild is not worth it.
  312. bmachale

    Halco Max 130

    Is there a tackle shop in NORTH San Diego County carry these lures? Thank you
  313. bmachale

    catching WSB on glow in dark jig??

    you can get them either way. Most pick the single
  314. bmachale

    Spreader Bar Recommendations Local guy does great work
  315. bmachale

    Attention Anyone Needing A Furnace Or AC: New Law Effective 7/1

    screw you eric. We know where it came from NO law in California is passed by republicans There are not enough of them in Sacramento to have a decent hooker party. All this crap is from Global Warming, Climate Change, AB32 Global Warming final solution Act bullshit flaming socialist liberals.
  316. bmachale

    2 fish nets

    I would have bought those and the jigs too, if you had them listed yesterday . Saved me money.
  317. bmachale

    Will Brazil be ready for World Cup kick off?

    What's a World Cup? The hookers are very ready.
  318. bmachale

    Bluefin----What about Albacore?

    Albacore make private boaters happy. Do not be so self involved or short sighted if you are at 1 1/2 or 2 day fisherman on a yucky slow disgusting sport boat. It is not all about you and what you want. Albacore come in closer (when they show up) and hit trolled lures very well. Sport Boats...
  319. bmachale

    Salute Ignored by BD member @-EZ aka Max

    I think the salute died when the requirement for no nudity on BOTD came into effect. Too many sensitive people here now for the salute to have meaning.
  320. bmachale

    An Opinion To Stir The Pot

    Be happy you caught any of the above and enjoy the fight you get. In Hilary Clinton's words "what difference does it make now"?
  321. bmachale

    WTB Starboard Material to make a fish cleaning board

    Ebay and Boat Outfitters
  322. bmachale

    Anchovy average weights

    If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball
  323. bmachale


    Here it is again. More whining. And you guys wonder why you have more posts than the Cali guys. LOL
  324. bmachale

    WA dominates BD?

    Washington forum has more whining.
  325. bmachale


    ebay dev777 but still just search avet blems and then you will fine him and all others
  326. bmachale


    enter avet blems on ebay. I bought an HX 2 speed raptor for 409. Use the or make offer option and send your offer.
  327. bmachale

    Power pro braid

    Offshore trolling on Okuma 20 and 30s as a backing with about 150' of mono and on my bait casters. Also on my avets. sx-hx raptor. Landed a 49 pound wsb on 50lb and 3 ft flouro leader on my shimano 200 dshv and an insore rod 8-17 lb. And fished the rat yellows and peanuts last year offshore on...
  328. bmachale

    Power pro braid

    It's very good. Does what is says. Just has 8 strands that make it more round and smooth. This is probably the same product. I use it and works great. No problems at all. Save some money
  329. bmachale

    Where to find a seabass

    So far there is no squid to purchase Silver Canyon Palasaides or the Vs
  330. bmachale

    Sterling: Hell hath no fury...

    She is a whore, who baited him into a conversation he did not want to have. Made sure the recording equipment was on, and then illegally released it for revenge. The wife was suing her to regain 2 million in gifts Sterling gave to the whore from the community property. You can buy affection...
  331. bmachale

    Calico at the buzzard!

    Nice fish, and great going on the release.
  332. bmachale

    10" Red Ear Slider Water Turtle, free to good home.

    I would take it off ur hands but I am in north county Vista. Work in Ramona
  333. bmachale

    Wanted Live Bullhead Catfish

    Not what I was looking for
  334. bmachale

    Your thoughts on how we got more salmon via..

    I'm glad more salmon came back. I find it hard to believe that the masses were starving to death in the "pasture" area before. How did they survive the way before our fishing pressure out there in the vast desolate ocean? But, most importantly, fuck the E nuts. keep it up. More salmon is good.
  335. bmachale

    Wanted Live Bullhead Catfish

    Are bullhead covered under the fish and game regulations? If it is illegal to have live bullhead in an aquarium or pond disregard this as it would be wrong to solicit such a thing. If not, I would like to get 4 or 5 bullhead catfish. Live. over 6 inches. North San Diego County. Send me a PM if...
  336. bmachale

    Candy Mack lures anyone??????

    I have always have a couple on board along with my irons and mega bait type lures. Even two of the dreaded bad mouthed Shimano Wax wings. On days where casting lures is the ticket they will all catch fish. I usually use live bait offshore and drifting a bird pile, fish school, jig stop or...
  337. bmachale

    Braid I have used this in 30 and 70. Good price. 8 strand. Works very well. Smooth through the guides. And they are legitimate and reliable.
  338. bmachale

    The MLPA has NOTHING to to with reserves and conservation....

    I agree with him. The government (read Democrats) sold us out to e-crazies for their campaign support. They will sell their soul to the devil to stay in "public" service positions.
  339. bmachale

    Best Casting Sprctra

    Any 8 strand is good. This casts well and is cheap, and it seems to hold up very well. It is 8 strand, and I believe, not promising, that it is the same as the slick 8. Then there is the...
  340. bmachale

    Shimano Curado 300 EJ Brake Collars

    I guess he needs to know if you can mix red and green or if he needs to get a replacement?
  341. bmachale

    Results: Glow Paints for Sinkers and Jigs – Free Samples

    See what happens when you give stuff away? I would like to try the 4oz torpedo in violet. For white sea bass and halibut. If I am too late for the give away I would be willing to contribute as you see fit.
  342. bmachale

    7 footer vs. 8 footer rods...

    I somehow always seem to turn my 8' rods into 7'6" or 7' rods in my garage.
  343. bmachale

    Family Rescued

    I hope they get a great big bill for all the service they received Idiots. Should have their children removed from their care, too. How do you think talking a 1 year old on a world cruise on a sail boat is a good idea? Sounds like a recipe for disaster from the beginning, and that's what...
  344. bmachale

    Rod for lexa 400

    Abu Garcia volc80-6-P perfect for the heavier drag of the 400, has the length you want to throw irons, and the price is only 99.99 with free shipping.
  345. bmachale

    climate credit on utility bill?

    They are not giving you anything. It is a small portion of the money that the companies are charging you to offset the carbon emissions tax that they pay to the state. The state is "giving" it back to you, but I guarantee that they are keeping the biggest part of the emissions tax collected...
  346. bmachale

    Florida Middle Grounds good catch in the rain

    Nice. Is that a Tony Aceta spoon?
  347. bmachale

    San Diego bait barge

    Did you catch any halibut on the macs?
  348. bmachale

    Modern Anchovy Reel

    Why not an Avet SX? How much smaller can you get in a lever drag?
  349. bmachale

    Here comes El Nino!

    screw Washington. bring it on
  350. bmachale

    Good Article on CA Water

    We don't have a water problem, we have a population growth problem.
  351. bmachale

    The Proper Way to Clean!???

    closed then open for storage
  352. bmachale

    Vessel Assist and the skipper's responsibility

    I agree with all above. I have VA through my insurance. BUT, why didn't anyone out there who was heading home help home out with a tow? I would have done it just because that's what you should do, not because he deserves it.
  353. bmachale

    Any chance San Diego drafts Michael Sam

    Nawwwwwww, San Francisco has rights to him. it just seems fair.
  354. bmachale

    SX or MXL Raptor

    ebay has a couple and check blems some good deals on avet blems good luck
  355. bmachale

    need a weekday fishing buddy to share boat expenses?

    send me a pm, or start a conversation, with ur info
  356. bmachale

    El Nino Coming in 2014

    I vote for an el nino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The fishing has not been good for the private boater offshore for years. Bring it on. And yes, an El Nino usually makes the fishing much much better
  357. bmachale

    Shimano fishing wax wing

    Yes. It will work great for the wax wing.
  358. bmachale

    LX 2 spd. handle turns

    Its broken and worthless. send it to me
  359. bmachale


    They are not interested in any of the provisions in their MPA. They are just happy we cannot fish in them It was never about a study or fact finding. It was always about finding ways to make us stop hurting the little fishes. Mission accomplished! And then after 7 years of no studies and...
  360. bmachale

    WTS Daiwa Lexa 300

    I think I sent a private message. Not sure, there is not sent folder. I'll take it. Where in san diego are you?
  361. bmachale

    Collin who???

    He's a little bitch.
  362. bmachale

    Hello Jeff, If no one shows an interest in the G670 and it is something you really wish to get...

    Hello Jeff, If no one shows an interest in the G670 and it is something you really wish to get rid of, I could go 125.00. Please forgive the "lowball" No disrespect intended. I hope you get your asking price, but if you don't .... Thank you, Bob
  363. bmachale

    Where's the sardine headed?

    The post before this one is dead on. Now for the first post and link, be careful where you get your information. Time and Yahoo are both extreme liberal publications/websites. They do not and will not support your right to fish and hunt. Any time they can provide information to the public...
  364. bmachale

    Tijuana-Ensenada scenic road collapses

    Nothing gets fixed right in Mexico
  365. bmachale

    Solar Fishing Survey

    I believe it is a factor that can increase your chances of catching fish on a particular day. Does mean it will be better, just may be better. Other factors such as temp, tidal flow and water conditions play into solar/lunar conditions. The biggest factor is can you get on the water that day...
  366. bmachale

    Reel advice Here is a nice one just posted.
  367. bmachale

    Reel advice

    Avet SX or MX. Casting live bait the MC feature may be nice depending on your thumb skill. The SX is small. "Reel" small. heheh. I like the MX because it holds more line. Never know when you will need it.
  368. bmachale

    Matching set of Avets

    If it is 250.00 for the hx I would be interested
  369. bmachale

    Single J Hook (Siwash) VS. Treble Hook.......Surface and Yo-Yo Iron

    I think this is an excellent question. But perhaps needs to be expanded. How does changing the treble to a J hook effect the action of the jig? At all or a lot? no reason to have a favorite jig with a J hook if the action of the jig is thrown off. I love the success rate of Rapala type...
  370. bmachale

    Does Bloodydecks need a bullying policy

    I'll go with "NOT".
  371. bmachale

    closed lakes rant

    It amazes me that they close the parks, which bring in income and keep people from actually working for a living, but keep the entitlements going out to people who don't do shit. Kind of a funny way to run a business.
  372. bmachale

    Fishing in a MLPA

    Thank you Carl. That was my first thought. You would think a guy with a 31' Cabo would be smart enough to know that. Just goes to show .............
  373. bmachale


    I like oil It powers my boat, car, truck and warms/cools my house. Keep it flowing and make it cheap.
  374. bmachale

    Question to Yamaha owners/Yamaha technicians

    Fuel and maintenance will be a big deal. Servicing three outboards once a year will run almost 2000.00. Figure 500 to 600 each. Do you need three outboards in California?
  375. bmachale

    Saltwater Ilwaco Dorado Pics

    You already have stolen our albacore, now ur going after our dorado?
  376. bmachale

    Cool Marlin Vid, if already posted, I don't care :D

    I think they tried to bring a hot fish to the boat a little too quick in rough seas. The way that water was coming into the boat he could have just swam in. Maybe tire him out more before grabbing that leader.
  377. bmachale

    Offshore Bluefin Tuna Pens (picture heavy)

    great pics. I think those boats should get closer to the pens and then fish.
  378. bmachale

    Bluefin Tuna pens and breeding

    I don't see how an open water fish like a tuna would be comfortable enough to engage in reproduction while in a pen.
  379. bmachale

    Back to the Important stuff

    Very nice Garrett. Skipjack 24 is a nice steady ride. Congrats on the ahi.
  380. bmachale

    What is the best method for resurfacing starboard material?

    Look on ebay for new starboard, or contact the company below. Cut to Size King Starboard Marine Grade Plastic Sheet Why resurface when you can just replace?
  381. bmachale

    Torrey Pines cluster F Bed Thread

    There was a day far gone when most of the posts here were actually about fishing and the general area where it was happening. Long ago, back when BOTD actually had nipples and lips. LOL. Who remembers when this site was started as a hard core alternative to the sissy site and had real information?
  382. bmachale

    A Lot Can Happen In 4 Days...

    Glad that the broken wrist was the worst he got from that incident.
  383. bmachale

    Was it worth all the hassle? (hauling kayaks on your boat)

    Why not tow it behind the boat? Empty. If it tips slow down fast. LOL But seriously. Why not? Can it work? More questions for the knowledgeable.
  384. bmachale

    Does anyone have much luck at Upper 9 Mile Bank?

    Kahouna, it is a long ride from Oceanside. It is better to run up to Dana Pt from Escondido. Save you an hours ride on the water and a bunch of money. Even shorter from Newport, Huntington or long beach, but I think you lose in the truck trailer travel. Dana a great place to launch.I...
  385. bmachale

    solar battery maintainer

    I like the VW solar charger idea, but how would you hook it up to the battery?
  386. bmachale

    La Jolla YT bite gone?

    For whatever reason, the bite yesterday as of 400 PM was non-existent. We fished from 0900 to 1600 all over the area. No yellowtail bites. We did get three nice calicos, released. It was very windy and very rough. 15-20 knots and we were rocking pretty good in a Parker 28'. Did not see any...
  387. bmachale

    Lone Pine/ Bishop Bass

    I got one in 1980. Just below the campground.
  388. bmachale

    Battery replacement time and a few questions

    I just bought a 29 series from walmart. Free replacement for two years. 99.00 dollars EverStart Maxx Group Size 29 Marine Battery: Automotive : I believe they are made by Kirkland. I am hoping/planning to makje use of the lower price and replace more often. I run a heavy load...
  389. bmachale

    Your favourite Lure head insert material

    So, if silver flash is the key, and you have a lure that does not have the mirrored head, or even glitter skirts, any lure can be enhanced by adding well prismed silver wings. And you two need to get a room! LOL.
  390. bmachale

    Have any of you made a custom filet / bait table?

    Here are some of what I did.I hope
  391. bmachale

    Kelp Paddy Yellows are CLOSE NOW!

    Baby killer! Good job scouting offshore scene.
  392. bmachale

    nados closed by navy?

    That's it. No amnesty bill. Send all their little "immigrants" back. What a way to run a country. I am going tomorrow. Trip planned for 10 days. gotta go anyway. I wonder how that will turn out.
  393. bmachale

    Crawdads near the Coronados

    any of those red/tuna crabs showing on the surface or does it look like they are deep?
  394. bmachale

    Your Favorite Place to Eat in CSL

    An Argentinian restaurant called La Pampa and another Italian called Restaurante Romeo and Julieta. They are both right on the circle at Calle Cabo San Lucas and Boulevard Paseo de la Marina. Very good food and great service.
  395. bmachale

    My kid found em'

    Those are nice fish. Congrats
  396. bmachale

    MC or not MC that is the question

    I love em. Have 4. I do not see aproblem with distance. And it does what it says it will do.
  397. bmachale

    Nice Blue Marlin with no bill - 4-14-13

    Nice fish. How long was that leader?
  398. bmachale

    Get ready for a whopper of a hurricane season

    Global Warming freaks. Have not been right since their big scare mongering beginning in 2005. I'm betting not. But if you say the same thing year after year eventually you will be right and take full credit on how smart you are LOL
  399. bmachale

    3/10/13 PB TROUT

    Beautiful Great job Proud man and deserving of ot
  400. bmachale

    Sequestration Job Loss Air Traffic Control Towers

    Hello Everyone, If you are sitting out there with nothing to do but check out what is going on with Bloodydecks, I would like to ask your assistance with an issue facing me and many other of our friends. The FAA is in favor of closing the Federal Contract Tower Program and ending my employment...
  401. bmachale

    How can they print this bs?

    Garibaldi have always been protected. And the abalone have also been protected for years and take years to grow to a size where they are noticable. It is not possible to see any effect on growth or population fluctuations in the time the MLPA have been online. What a load of crap.
  402. bmachale


    How can it be a good idea to stop paying people who work to ensure people who do not work keep all their benefits. The leftists keep adding new programs to give money and benefits, even cell phones and plans, healthcare, to people who sit on their asses all day. So to save money, we lay people...
  403. bmachale

    Irons for Calico

    How about the wounded warrior? I think that is what it is called. Olive drab with red on end.
  404. bmachale

    Goodbye 12" Bass >}}}}>

    I have kept a sand bass or calico of any size in over 5 years. Regardless of size. I say good to the new regs. A 12" bass is too small to keep. Period. Law or no law.
  405. bmachale

    My FOURTH post...some of you guys really need mental help...

    Go back to lurking. You are not adding anything worth while to the site.
  406. bmachale

    Can invasive lionfish be stopped?

    Have divers catch them the aquarium trade. The way i understand it the aquarium trad eis already responsible for the decimation of all ornmental fish. Why not these? It's not like they are fast or hard to catch.
  407. bmachale

    Pretty sad to see a blatant no call determine the outcome of the Superbowl.

    I did not see any 49ers fans saying they should forfeit the game against the Falcons when the OBVIOUS pass interference on Atlantas last play of that game was not called. I say waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Karma. If the pass interference/holding by the 49ers was called, as...
  408. bmachale

    my first halibut of 2013

    what a nice surprise congrats the more you throw a swimbait, the greater your chances of cathcing something special
  409. bmachale

    Villa Park Dam/Reservoir

    I fished in from 1970 to end of 73. Good times with my buddy John Weneta and my beagle. We would walk forever to get there. Caught HUGE bluegill off a fallen tree on east side. What a great place it was, and all the gravel pit lakes all the way down to Collins. Loved my years at Villa Park
  410. bmachale

    Cleaning table

    built this one my self sorry for extra pics it tilts back to allow access to bait tank all supplies from ebay except screws little less than 200.00 it is about 45 inches in length and 13 wide i love it
  411. bmachale

    Tarpon goes fishing and catches a man

    I have been to that marina. There are hundreds of them. All waiting for a handout. That was a small one. Many 6 footers at that spot. Later we went tarpon fishing with a guide at the ocean side of the channel and inside the bridge. Did hook one but it got off. Should have fished the dock...
  412. bmachale

    boat cover for 26' Striper WA

    Sea Witch Marine in Vista, CA has custom and pre manufactured boat covers. They are a SeaSwirl dealer. 760-724-3323.
  413. bmachale

    San Quintin Low Down

    I have a friend who has a friend who is related to the Mayor of San Quintin. That means I have a place to stay there and we are going to plan a trip for a group of friends. Will be taking my own boat and gear. Have not been there since 1974. Looking for someone who has the knowledge and...
  414. bmachale

    A Great Christmas Present

    100 pounds is a small Ahi? Catching Ahi in December is a dream come true for us in San Diego. How I wish we could catch tuna in December here. Nice job!
  415. bmachale

    Chargers kick the living shit out of the Steelers thread

    I applaude your attitude and optimism. Have you watched sany games this year? It may be possible for the Chargers to Beat the Steelers, butit is farfrom probable. Hey, maybe all the Steeler quarterbacks will trip and fallcoming out of the locker room. Sprained ankle. then it will still...
  416. bmachale

    Bottomfishing closure off of our North Coast alert for 2013

    The source of the problem is all those people who continue to vote for progressive liberal democrats. And the west coast is the worst of the worst for this.
  417. bmachale

    Our young Seattle Octo diver's firestorm in National Media now...

    It's a freaking octopus. Get over it. I hate unwritten rules. Unless, of course, they are my unwritten rules. Then they are great. It is just an octopus!!!!!!
  418. bmachale

    Playing with a little purple

    oooooopps The middle one LOL
  419. bmachale

    Playing with a little purple

    Here is an example of the color combo I was talking about in the PM
  420. bmachale

    Playing with a little purple

    Nice hips on those jigs. And excellent originality in the eyes and features.
  421. bmachale


    What is a Bolts fan?
  422. bmachale

    Hints of Radiation Found in Albacore

    So it is a good thing they did not really show up this year? I guess that will fix those guys up north who were bragging about all the albacore they caught this year. I would rather catch and take my chances.
  423. bmachale

    Officially SCREWED by F&G Commission

    I do not keep any bass. Like cacthing them, let them ALL go. And I use circle hooks with bait. Just me and what I do.
  424. bmachale

    Massive Black Marlin on Release

    Not exactly a victory or a proud moment. It is ur fish and ur country, but I also question the wisdom of your actions
  425. bmachale

    Dont feed the birds and help the Military

    I was stationed as an air traffic controller at NAS North Island from 1996 to 2001. Birds were a bigger problem then, and will ALWAYS be a problem. The sleep on thge runways at night, or used to. There is a program to limit their ability to do that. Birds will always be a problem around...
  426. bmachale

    San Diego CHEATERS????

    It sure did not seem to have any effect on the outcome of the game. Pretty lame way to cheat especially when you still get ur aSS handed to you. Move along. Nothing to see here.
  427. bmachale

    This is why afghanistan is being lost

    If the enemy moves kill him. If he moves with women and children then it is on him. Get out and leave them to their 6th Century doctrine. If they build a new camp, wipe it off the face of the earth and move on. Not one of our soldiers, marines, sailors, or air force is worth losing to try...
  428. bmachale

    Black Marlin in the Boat

    An awfully BIG fresh fish to be bringing along side the boat and grabbing a leader.
  429. bmachale

    Offshore 9/28 hidden bank and 390

    12lb? What if you had hooked a real fish? I love lighter tackle, but 12lb 50 miles offshore seems ill fated to me.
  430. bmachale

    From Afghanistan to the 209

    Welcome safely back. I think all those boats need to be closer to the paddy.
  431. bmachale

    Dana dodos...4 kept 13 released....7 others 9.18.12

    Great day. You were truly blessed. What chartplotter is that and what chip? It looks fantastic!
  432. bmachale

    mission bay fines

    That is why i only use circle hooks. 99.9% lip hook.
  433. bmachale

    Zuchinni not my favorite jig

    Check Tailchasher sportfishing has lots of little jets.
  434. bmachale

    How many Squid does it take to make a bed?

    How long does a squid live after sapwning?
  435. bmachale

    Offshore Don't want to be a hater, BUT F U spearfisherman!!

    Divers and fisherman do not mix. Period. If you want to spearfish find your own paddy.
  436. bmachale

    Fluorocarbon Leader

    I think Jerry finally asked the right question. Trolling or bait? 12-15' leader trolling for dorado and tuna in baja. You are going to catch a marlin eventually. It does nothave to be floro, but can be, and 200 lb is about minimum. See the marlin comment. Don't forget wahoo and their teeth...
  437. bmachale

    jigs, lures, etc for dorado or yt on paddies

    Poppers, any swimming lure (rapala), shimano wax wing and the mega bait type metal. Small to mediu, iron. When biting, dorado are not particularly picky.
  438. bmachale

    to sell or not to sell

    Get rid of them now. Sell your crummy Avets cheap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially those MCs. Blue ones. Get rid of them fast. Don't keep a one of them. Coffee grinders are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better.
  439. bmachale

    Offshore Fishing Right of Way

    No divers with fisherman. It does not work and is rude! How can fish bite when someone is chasing them with a spear
  440. bmachale

    What the hell do you do with 49 tuna?

    Well, since they are my tuna, that belong down here where I get to catch them, I have a few suggestions what you can do with 50 tuna or where you can stick em. LOL
  441. bmachale

    Recommend a Low-Profile Saltwater Reel

    i voted for the curado. I did not read the surf fishing part, but i would still vote for curado 200. I have caught a 150lb black sea bass and a 50lb white sea bass on my curado 200D this year. That all being said, if you are really worried about weight, look at the new line of okuma low...
  442. bmachale

    Tune X Raps?

    I was told you cannot tone them only the metal lipped magnums. on the biright side it does appear that you can tune a fish very well. LOL
  443. bmachale

    Mexi Fishing License - Can u buy 1 day

    yes you can buy a one day. Sorry, I have no idea where in iur area. Call around and ask. Someone will know closest tackle shop to buy.
  444. bmachale

    Get rid of sea lions at Coronados

    What "device" is legal to "deter" sea lions from handing around at the stern? Or what does the mexican navy allow us to use to drive sea lions to someone else's boat :rofl:
  445. bmachale

    Offshore Go fishing now!

    :2gunsfiring_v1::shithappens: :finger::finger::finger::finger::finger::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::hali_parkutuli::1041677399::1041677399: I have to go to Laughlin with the family for four days. Figures.
  446. bmachale

    new heads

    Very nice. good work. Are you a member of lure crafters of the seven seas on facebook? Lots of experienced lure makers there.
  447. bmachale

    Trolling jig?

    All I have heard is the black and purple cedar plug is the way to go
  448. bmachale

    Halibut: From bite to boat and back. (video)

    hmmmmmmm nice fish. You work very hard. Nothing about that looks like fun
  449. bmachale

    Los Coronado Rocks

    Yes. Mexican fishing license, CA boat registration, and photo id preferably a passport. That's it on a private boat. Have fun, catch fish!
  450. bmachale

    302 scarce paddies-->Coranados Produce

    Nice fish Zach. We had the same day as you. Quit the offshore paddy hopping and went to the islands. We got two over 4 hours drifting at the middle grounds. That God for the two, the offshore sucked for most.
  451. bmachale

    Chassing kitties again at lake Poway.

    Lucky guy to have his girl and friends go night fishing for cats. Do they have bullhead in that lake or just channels? Glad you guys had fun
  452. bmachale

    YFT and US waters

    Well, there are not any yellowfin in any of those areas yet, that I know of. I and many others have gone west of oceanside to find yellowtail and dorado but have been disappointed. A few have found the one out of twenty paddy, but not many. US water tuna has been very scarce the last three...
  453. bmachale

    Offshore Local banks Dry

    :rofl:Why would anyone keep and weigh a 143 lb striped marlin? To each hius own
  454. bmachale

    Avet Magic Cast

    It works for me. It zings a lure or bait agood distance and almost never a backlash. I do not throw small baits with it, I have small reels for that. I also have my own boat so I do nbot have to throw small live baits. For throwing iron or mega baits it is the bomb. It just plain works...
  455. bmachale

    Wanted KILL bag.

    so,if you know the best price, buy it!
  456. bmachale

    Pt. Loma 7-22-12

    An excellent report thanks glad you had fun
  457. bmachale

    Rough day in La Jolla

    Fishing off a glorified log does has it's challenges.
  458. bmachale

    San Diego Marlin Caught!

    How far out of San diego?
  459. bmachale

    I'm tired of having TSA grope me

    :gaygroup:I like it when they grope me. I went through twice. Wish I had that apckage!
  460. bmachale

    Bikini too small for her tits?

    That was just rude.
  461. bmachale

    Waianae 7/9

    I love the fish stand! Wish I had a stand like that Congrats Great catch
  462. bmachale

    SoCal Weather Page

    That is awesome. Thanks
  463. bmachale

    BIG Texas tuna, dorado, wahoo and a white

    Pretty good trip for not even seeing your target species. Fanttastic dorado! Good going
  464. bmachale

    The "Ready to Assemble" swings into the dock with limits of WSB for Two Day

    <table id="post2771716" class="tborder vbseo_like_postbit" border="0" cellSpacing="1" cellPadding="12" width="100%" align="center"><tbody><tr><td style="padding: 0px;" class="alt2"><table border="0" cellSpacing="6" cellPadding="10" width="100%"><tbody><tr><td noWrap="nowrap"> Philip Hunkins...
  465. bmachale

    Lower 500 is how many miles from SI has it 31 12 18 X 117 02 17 87.52 miles on a 160 degree heading. You can drag the little fish icon all over and get range and azimuuth. Watch out for the Coronados Islands in the dark. They are on that heading too.
  466. bmachale

    The "Ready to Assemble" swings into the dock with limits of WSB for Two Day

    Great advertisement for your charter business. Not much of a report. I know the exact where is secret, but you could at least say what island/coast areaand give water temp. Nice catch. I'm sure your guests had a great time.
  467. bmachale

    Offshore Bluefin 100 pounders, tackle failure.

    :finger::finger: Two day Range :finger::finger::finger: Long range. Drop a bomb and blow up the Colonett Finger and get then in 50 mile range :rofl::rofl::rofl:Thanks for advertizement
  468. bmachale

    Offshore Almost a Tuna Grand Slam

    :finger: Long Range. Bring 'em in to within 50 miles
  469. bmachale

    Tuna Spotter

    Congratulations Jerry. Beautiful little Tomahawk! Bring her on down to Ramona and work the pattern. We will give you priority. Just remember I am off Friday amd Saturday. And bring a bunch of jigs to show me. I still want to get some froom you.
  470. bmachale


    Super catch. Congrats. Bait or swimbait? Never forget that fish!
  471. bmachale

    Oside Flattie Report 7/2

    Dredges' are your preferred rig for BB now?
  472. bmachale

    Loreto Lures for Dorado

    Gary Yamamoto sells a whole range of 7" lures on ebay. The 7"new series are an excellent choice for Sea of Cortez dorado. They are small enough for the dorado to take, but as someone else mentioned, big enough for marlin and sails to crash down on them. And they are very reasonably priced...
  473. bmachale

    To sickle or not to sickle.

    Damn! I thought it said suckle. BOTD. I guessthe tuna are nice too. I saw the wahine (sp?) and thought there still might be hope. But no suckling
  474. bmachale

    They Ate It All.....

    I love capo, and I'm proud!
  475. bmachale

    Fishing in Thailand

    why doe3s this keeppopping up. It was a month ago. Go toTland. Find a good bar, hot girl, and then ask if there is any fishing. Gilr first. Or maybe two. Thenfish. PS Do a package check before you pay.
  476. bmachale

    High End Shimano Bass Combo - $385

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Team Diawa selling his Shimano stuff. Interesting. Wish i could afford something like this, but there is nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo way I could justify 400.00 for a bass outfit. Must be a dream to fish...
  477. bmachale

    Lets see what trips people are going on for the 2012-2013 season

    I want to take 1 trip a week (maybe 2), on my boat in July and August, maybe even September, chasing tuna, dorado and marlin in our "local" waters lessthan 40 miles from the 1 SD. Is that too much to ask? F La Nina. I am tired of lousy local tuna runs. I eat your milk shake!
  478. bmachale

    They Ate It All.....

    In need to spend more time with El Capo and his friends
  479. bmachale

    No visa, What penalty?

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. As usual, this subject dissolves into mass confusion and controversy. I usually follow the rules in mexico, as stated, because it is not worth it to break them for a few bucks. I have mexican fishing licenses. I used to register my boat when it was required. I have my...
  480. bmachale

    o side 6-20 and fuck that stripper

    Sorry about the striper. Only one P. Strippers would have made the story better! Puntuation and paragraphs would make it easier on the eyes, too. But, most importantly, good try with the fish. You worked it hard. Next time I hope you have a day filled with fish and no Stipers.
  481. bmachale

    I think I caught somebody's pet

    It might possibly destroy the slime coat by dropping himin the dirt.. You are right, though, to release or not release a non-native. Already there. Probably cannot reporduce or survive the winter cold.
  482. bmachale

    Happy Fathers Day To Me!

    Hey Eric, Congrats on the great catch. Congrats on having a great time with your daughter. Way to find your own fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you not report here anymore. It was a great report and we need more. I, like Gary, have two boys who do not fish and am very...
  483. bmachale

    My first post

    A night to remember! Congrats!
  484. bmachale


    OMG! Are you kidding me? No wonder they hate us.
  485. bmachale

    Gay Bob For The Fever 2012

    I do not appreciate the name, but I like the lure
  486. bmachale

    Which hook for local yellowtail?

    Circle for everything. They work, and you can let the little ones go without much damage.
  487. bmachale

    Wickedreelz, Top Shelf Bearings And My Girlfriend

    I kept waitinf to finb out how much the girl friend was gonna go for!
  488. bmachale

    Local c-bass and P.B butt report for last week

    Fantastic job. Way to make a plan work. Just as a side note, while your write up was very interesting and full of info, it was painful reading that post. Hit enter occassionally and break that paragraph up,please.
  489. bmachale


    Toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny. I just ordered my level locks to build my own a couple of hours ago.
  490. bmachale

    Say good bye to San Diego bait barge!

    21 years retire CPO Love the Navy. That being said, what a stupid fing idea. Some captain of a crummy sub tender or those third fleet weinies must have had an epithany. Or a brain hemmorage. Just stupid and unnecessary. Another moron has made a decision for no reason other than he had an...
  491. bmachale

    Catch fish from the San Diego River

    google it. there is a video by east side guy or something all about it. I dont remember what i used for search but it might have been bullhead catfish san diego county i think san diego river and east side or maybe san diego rivwer fsihing use your imagination it is there
  492. bmachale

    Not Los Coronados Report

    Hey Gary, Me too. Still Windy on the outside - Inner waters Friday: SE wind 5 to 9 kt becoming variable and less than 5 kt in the afternoon. Patchy fog before 11am. Mixed swell...W 3 ft at 9 seconds and SSW 1 ft at 16 seconds. Wind waves around 1 ft. That is not a weather warning. I do not...
  493. bmachale

    Not Los Coronados Report

    Forgot to mention. Soooooooooooooooooooooo glad I did not opt to get those stupid mexican visas. If I had spent 105.00 for three of those things and then not gotten out I would have not have had as good of a day! LOL. So I caught some fish and was lucky I was cheap.
  494. bmachale

    Not Los Coronados Report

    Was heading out from the bait receiver in San Diego Bay at 0500 on the way to the Coronados. Got just past the Sub Base and knew it was not going to be our day. Southeast wind already had a close spaced 4-5 wind waves right in our face. Tried to continue on inspite of water coming over th bow...
  495. bmachale

    Fishing Reports

    Long time member. Love you guys. Love the site. I have to say that I think it is so sad that there are so few real reports on here any more. I know, I know. Fish dope. I had Fish Dope, and will have it again, but it is still sad that there are so few reports on here anymore. It is what it was...
  496. bmachale

    First lure

    Great Job. You should be proud.
  497. bmachale

    Mexican Visa For Fishing Coronados

    OK thanks one and all
  498. bmachale

    Mexican Visa For Fishing Coronados

    Where do I get the required Visa for fishing in Mexican waters, and do they sell mexican fishing licenses too? Thanks a lot
  499. bmachale

    Live squid at the secret spot

    thanks that makes me feel alot better leaving the dock without bait
  500. bmachale

    Live squid at the secret spot

    Can you buy live squid from the light/squid boats off the domes?
  501. bmachale

    5/28 Rockpile and islands - We suck

    Should have checked fish dope!? :)
  502. bmachale

    Anyone seen this before? Bunch of Halibut at the surface

    Where did they find halibut that small in Alaska?
  503. bmachale

    Trolling Lures - What are these worth?

    They are not worth anything. Give them to me and I'll throw them away
  504. bmachale

    Japan's radiation found in San Diego bluefin tuna

    :shithappens: I'll take my chances. Read and see less than 10 times the dangerous level. Stay home. More for me! :finger::rofl:
  505. bmachale

    Went for seabass, caught something better

    where did you get live squid. Congrats! That's fantastic!
  506. bmachale

    Japan's radiation found in San Diego bluefin tuna

    How important can it be if the level is 10 times less than what is dangerous to humans. Brring 'em on, I want to catch one. Biggest and most glowing!
  507. bmachale

    Unexpected San Diego catch.......

    Rare? Unusual? Never seen this before? First time in 40 years? Good thing we killed it! It won't happen again. Sorry. Could not resist. I wasn' there. It is not my fish. None of my business. Great catch. But, really?
  508. bmachale

    55 lb local sea bass 5/27/12

    Nice. Congrats. A double!
  509. bmachale

    MLPA: Bad for Fishing, Worse for Bait Harvesting

    They (environmentalists) don't care if you have bait to fish with. They hope you cannot fish at all. That is their goal. It does not have to make sense if you know what they are truly after. And that is you sitting on the sand and looking at the water. That's it
  510. bmachale

    San Diego Yellow Tail

    :finger: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere?
  511. bmachale


    When trolling a jig the leader allows heavier line to be used. Chaffing on lighter line (20, 30, or 40?) could severly weaken the line as it goes through the head. Heavier line also provides for more strength where the line could rub on teeth, gill plates, fins, and body. If casting jigs...
  512. bmachale

    Bullhead catfish

    Anyone in north county have or have a "line" :rofl:on getting some bullhead catfish for a pond? Around 4 of them, maybe 8-12" would be nice. I don't think bullhead are considered gamefish and are illegal to possess for a pond, but if they are, then I did not write this post. Thanks, Bob
  513. bmachale

    Lucky B - Coronado Island Yellowtail 5/20

    Two is a great day! Congrats. Did you try those squid as bait, or try to net some of the live stuff they were feeding on?
  514. bmachale

    but it does the job.

  515. bmachale

    What kind of fish are these?

    Giant Hawkfish.
  516. bmachale

    Best ultra smooth braid?

    slick 8 is good and so is the cabelas house brand. Very smooth. Lies down well on the reel. Has just a little more stretch. And is fairly cheap compared to most.
  517. bmachale

    Jerkbaits for spotties

    Treble hooks suck. Really hard on the fish, if you are c and r.
  518. bmachale

    Excess fish

    Oh, and use circle hooks!!
  519. bmachale

    Excess fish

    Let them go. Fishing is first for excitement and adventure, second for meat. One you have enough let whatever is lip hooked go
  520. bmachale

    Local White Sea Bass

    Beautiful day on the water south of Oceanside. Sun came out early. Water temp was 65.5 in the morning, up to 66.3 around 3 PM. Water was as blue and clear as it gets inshore. Maybe 25-30' visibility. Caught this tank while drifting for halibut. Curado 200DPV and an old 7' H&H Classic 96...
  521. bmachale

    Anyone looking to trade down?

    And I thought you were going to talk about wives!
  522. bmachale

    kaneohe 5/6

    Is that rod still in the rod holder?
  523. bmachale

    Well with all this Avet drama,..

    What Drama?
  524. bmachale

    Popped this year's cherry

    Outstanding fish from the surf. Congratulations.
  525. bmachale

    Its headed your way boys

    Dem guys should be hunt
  526. bmachale

    The party has just begun....

    Great job. Congratulations. Why fish 15lb for wsb?
  527. bmachale


    Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy too see me!
  528. bmachale

    What would you do?

    What the f kind of question/post is this? Did this happen recently? Is there a point to this? I don't get it. Call the coast guard. Of course.
  529. bmachale

    Thresher Shark

    Will someone please tell me how to rig for slow trolling mackerel for threshers. I will be using a downrigger and circle hooks. Do you use wire or heavy mono? Any and all input is appreciated.
  530. bmachale

    rocky point mexico
  531. bmachale

    Food fishing for whitefish & calico in Asuncion

    That water is beautiful, what you can see ofit withthat kelp. LOL. Ourwater never looks that blue with or without a huge swell. Glad you had such a great time
  532. bmachale

    57 LB Halibut and more

    Fantastic! Hope I get a weekend like that some day/year. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!
  533. bmachale

    White Sea Bass For Me From The Sea Carlsbad AM Report4/29/12

    Some people tuly go out and ask for abuse. Why intentionlly cause problems then call others names. Great job catching fish. That must be really fun. Letthem stay in the water so they can grow up
  534. bmachale

    Found a couple of cuda in IB

    For C and R get rid of those treble hooks. Great report Thanks for looking on a lousy day
  535. bmachale

    Best place to service reels?

  536. bmachale

    The garage did it.

    Very nice. Freat color flow from head to skirts. A great squid imitator
  537. bmachale

    Private property..or not??

  538. bmachale

    MLPA on steroids?

    If you are a hunter, fisherman, quad runner,motorcycle owner, boat owner, RV owner, pilot, or gun owner and you vote for the guys in charge of California or the White HOuse (notice no use of the word dem) you might as well give up that hobby andjoin PETA.
  539. bmachale

    Fuck You Governor Brown! (State Beach Parking Fee was $125...Is $195!!!)

    Fees for parking went up around 80% in Oceanside, too. If they cant raise taxes to pay for their welfare state and pandering to state employee unions, they just raise "fees". Don't need 2/3s vote or voter approval for fees.
  540. bmachale

    Make squid?

    Squid do not have a swim bladder, and no bones. They do not show up well on your sounder. They look like blue fuzz when on the bottom. Blue specs when suspended in mid water. They are not the blobs of red that schools of baitfish are. Try buying and watching the DVD from Pacific Edge...
  541. bmachale

    I love launch ramps

    How does he sit at that angle. If he drinks enough he will just fall forward onto the ramp.
  542. bmachale

    Does Party Boat fishing affect the fishery?

    Hitting the same spots with a full load day after day is having an effect. It can't but have an effect. They catch more in a day than I catch all year, and I release 95% of what I catch. Use circle hooks. Have decompression gear onboard. But it is legal so what about it?? And we almost all...
  543. bmachale

    I may have to quit fishing

    I'm just glad there will be one less boat out there competing with me for irradiated fish, crustaceans, water,and air! Please give up fishing. Can I have your gear? I'm taking my chances.
  544. bmachale

    Wireless Router Recommendations !

    Porn or Games?
  545. bmachale

    Love my new Okuma gear

    Who is BFG?
  546. bmachale

    Love my new Okuma gear

    Hey Brant, I saw those at Fred Hall. They were so smooth and light. Love them, just did not "need" them right now. Why did you buy one of each, different price range or all through the price range, rather than three of one kind?
  547. bmachale

    Crowder and Dip Nets

    Howmuch for just the dipnets? Or single dip net?
  548. bmachale

    Oceanside Harbor Closed?

    I read that the Iron Man competition is going on at Oceanside Harbor this weekend. Last year they closed the entire harbor to boats. Is it closed again this year? If so, seems like good info for anchored for two weeks before it happens.
  549. bmachale

    Puero Penasco
  550. bmachale

    Out of the blue

    He meant pics of your girl friend!
  551. bmachale

    trolling with mxl

    The TLD 20 is an excellent reel and is not outdated. It is fairly light in weight and has excellent drag and yardage. The Senators are rugged and timeless. If you like the look of the Avets then buy them, but do not disparage the other reels because they are not pretty! Have fun!
  552. bmachale

    Japanese Vertical Jigs from Japan

    Read the tutorial on vertical jigging on the shimano website. google butterfly jigs techniques. Basically drop it down, and reel while lifting the rod, keep reeling, drop the rod. Over and over.
  553. bmachale

    TLD 20's

    Check with Alan Tani on this site. Probably find him under reel maintenance forum. He knows the exact answer.
  554. bmachale


    Move to the bottom of the hill and that won't happen
  555. bmachale

    Rest in Peace Daddy

    Sorry to hear about your loss. Been 18 years for me and my Mom. The pain goes away, but the love and memories stay.
  556. bmachale

    The 2nd Edition...Finally!!!

    Thanks. Can't wait to get my copy. See you at Del Mar
  557. bmachale

    Bass Gear Scores at Fred Hall

    tapatio, where or from whom did you get all those for 20?
  558. bmachale

    Power Pro Super 8 Slick - Yellow 65lb (~270yds)

    No disrespect,but it may be worth closer to 15.00. Just my humble opinion, but I hope you get what you are asking. I think it can be had for 30.00 new at 300 yards. Just sayin". Sorry
  559. bmachale

    Striped Marlin, Spearfish, Mahi - 3-11-12

    3 marlin, a spearfish, and mahi? I think I would call that a good. Too bad you did not add an ahi. That would have made it a great day! Good going.
  560. bmachale

    Tree hugging BS now effecting rod builders

    And now they are taking the taste out od Coke and Pepsi. You would think that with all their real problems with their deficet they would not have time to waste on such trivial :shithappens:
  561. bmachale

    Curious.... what are you paying to have your taxes done??

    165 at Plaza Tax service Vista, CA
  562. bmachale

    "Roberto Feliz" by Happy Ending Lures

    That's Happy Robert, thank you very much
  563. bmachale

    Back on the water

    A magnificient fishing platform Great job on the fish!
  564. bmachale

    Simple, little, lures

    How little?
  565. bmachale

    Really, Who Here Doesn't Hate MPAs on Some Level?

    Did not understand a thing you said. You are all over the place. Maybe just a little more elaboration on what your position actually is and what you are trying to say. In the mean time, "You go girl!":gay:
  566. bmachale

    Wings or No Wings?

    If you have four eyes (lure head and skirts have eyes) then wings for sure. If you like wings cuz they look good, add them anyway.
  567. bmachale

    boat trip with non-fishermen...

    No they do not. That being said, watch how many rods you have in the water. Do not let them touch a pole, line, bait, bait net, or gaff. If you are explaining you are losing. Have fun!
  568. bmachale

    Dan Richards needs our help !

    Emails sent. Phone calls made to assemblyman, senator,and governer
  569. bmachale

    Beware of products ordered online:

    At least they sent you an email. Give them a call and verify and wait or cancel.
  570. bmachale

    Stingray Hydrofoils XRIII Hydrofoils Senior Hydrofoil - $75

    I have one on my Yamaha 150 Seaswirl Stirper. I think it does all it claims to do. Just make sure the screws are tight and stay tight.
  571. bmachale

    2/25 Halibut with Capt Ron!

    :rofl:I told ya the other offers were better. Glad you did so well and had a goodtime.:hali_olutta:
  572. bmachale

    Weather sucked/fishing was good

    and nice sized fish, too
  573. bmachale

    Group buy on HX MC's ?.?.

    Baja fish gear
  574. bmachale

    How high of the cost of fuel till ya stop fishing

    5.00 for offshore. Fishing out of Oside does not use that much gas, but there are NFIO so I guess it is boating out of Oside. The price of gas and MEXICAN VISA cost will sink the 425 371 302 trips unless they are jumping in the boat! Extra crew on the trip will help, but with 32 for visa and...
  575. bmachale

    OK...Whooooo did it?

    What makes them think the alledged fisherman gunman knew where the heart of a sea lion is located and is a good enough shot to aim for that spot:2gunsfiring_v1: while it was in the water and moving? :rofl:While the alledged fisherman was :hali_olutta: . The :shithappens: that comes out of their...
  576. bmachale

    Looking to Fish Again-Wounded Warrior

    you can fish with us. All retired military. pm sent
  577. bmachale

    big bass at oside harbor!!

    :finger: To those guys who want to "HIDE" where they fish. Great job on the fish. You were working it hard. I did not know that the fact that there were spotties and sand bass in Oceanside Harbor was a secret! Guess it is out now! Congrats on your great success. Wish we could blurr out...
  578. bmachale

    X jet

    very very cool. Looks "mean" from the front
  579. bmachale

    Where's the Newport Harbor Bait Barge?

    Rich people should not have to look on the common folk. It just aint right
  580. bmachale

    Fishing off the beach has been good.

    Lookdowns make excellent aquarium fish.
  581. bmachale

    I believe my friend just broke the world record for most marlin releases in a day!

    I do not think marlin should be treated like mackeral for a record. Sorry. Kill Me! Beat me up! Call me names. Do whatever you want. Glad they had fun. Hope all were released and lived. Let the hate begin LOL
  582. bmachale

    Dave Hansen is the man

    Where were you guys. I was at the hard bottom coordinates, just to the west, just to the east, and just to the northwest, and nothing. Fished with the two sport boats over outside the harbor and they were not catching any thing either. I suck.
  583. bmachale

    so they pissed on dead what!

    The Taliban do not wear uniforms. They are not soldiers. They are cowards that hide in civilian clothes behind women and children. Guerillas. Terrorists. They are not entitled to the same respect as a soldier in uniform.
  584. bmachale

    Lucky Me

    Hi Mike, The concave 7" and 9" are mostly all foam heads. Really pop onthe surface and make a huge smoke trail. I also have a 9" angle that is foam head. Gotta run that one long and slow. Christian: Not sure what that one meant?
  585. bmachale

    Artificial Reefs ????

    "The excuse given for no new artificial reefs is that they dont increase sea life, they just congregate it." Ah,the lies andbull shit that cums out of the mouths of those nut balls! I try not to be amazed bythe things they do, but I usually fail. I bet the greenies and the Calif Coastal...
  586. bmachale

    Lucky Me

    You are correct Garrett, they are from Gary. He is my very good friend and benfactor. He stays at my house when he visits SOCAL. He often talks story about you. He has great respect for you and your lures. I would like to add a couple of your lures to my shadow box collection some day. I...
  587. bmachale

    Over a hundred Dolphin chasing bait

    Very cool Chuck. The lesson we all need to learn for the future is that if you drive right through a bait ball being driven by tuna or yellowtail will result in the same thing that happened here. It ends. Great camera work. Glad you two got to see this.
  588. bmachale

    Lucky Me

    These are 9". His name is Gary Yamamoto. He is in Kailua, HI. Magic Lure Ente:Emoticon_Potty_Timerprises. He is good friends with Garrett (Tsutomo) Michael (Happy Ending Lures), and Allan (Gaji). I am extremely grateful for the day we met and for all he has done for me since then.
  589. bmachale

    Lucky Me

    This set is 7",and some heads I have not skirted yet. Enjoy.
  590. bmachale

    Lucky Me

    I have a good friend in Hawaii who makes lure heads. He does extremely good work. But more important, at least to me, is that besides being a good friend, his generosity is boundless. This has allowed me to accure a collection of lures that is really quite large. I wanted to share them with...
  591. bmachale

    Anyone ever shipped a boat to Hawaii???

    hey! What happened to my reply? Anyway, the navy will ship space A for carne fees. Check with your command transfer people. I forget most of what they are called. I sent my boat back and forth from Hawaii in the 90s.
  592. bmachale

    Local Trout

    Big Bear is more what you are looking for. It has most of the items you list. You may have to get over your Sierra attitude. Not that there is anything wrong with your preferences, but those days may be over for you now.
  593. bmachale

    So Long, Farewell...

    It just sucks.
  594. bmachale

    Riveting Interview With Navy Seal

    Amazing men. I can't even imagine what that was like.
  595. bmachale


    No matter what, it is complicated, expensive, and it sucks. PERIOD. Argue about who is a whiner, who is hurt most, it Sucks. There has to be a wayto make it easier. Bring back boatpermits, increase the license fee. Something other than a visa!
  596. bmachale

    Anybody suggest a Boycott of DFG?

    Saluki is correct. It is our elected officials. We need to get those politicians (I'll let you decide who they are) that get bought off by the environmentalists to inact these stupid regulations. However, The head of the DFG is not on our side either. He is the enemy. That is a big problem...
  597. bmachale

    Just because you don`t like the MLPA..

    To baitkiller (does that name go with your statements?) and ply46 They have no intention of stopping with the current MLPAs. They will not stop until they put an end to fishing entirely. Call me crazy,but read all the current newstories and you will see it is true. Do not support them in any...
  598. bmachale


    Beautiful! Congrats. Hope you have many years of fishing with that reel and catch lots and lots of fish. Keep it in that condition.
  599. bmachale

    Vigilantes....err.... "Volunteers" Ready To Help Enforce MPA'S

    If you did not believe we are in a fight for our right to fish before, you should know now. Their goal is to end fishing. PERIOD. And the State government and the head of the DFG is on their side. Send money to our right to fish groups, but voting is the only way to save our right to the water.
  600. bmachale

    Offshore Private Boater's No Mex Visa but still fishing

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I'm sure there is a message inthr somewhere
  601. bmachale

    thank goodness for the MLPA's

    "They" (you know who I mean) believe that you are an acceptable sacrifice to further "their" perfect world agenda. If we continue to keep the politicians in office here in CA that we have now, it will only get worse. This is just the beginning Sorry for you loss
  602. bmachale

    Repairing slightly rusted guides

    Best prevention is to make sure you wash them well after each trip. You can carefully brush them with nylon or wire brush to remove the rust, then use a rust preventor. Pledge. WD-40. Silicone. Anything like that. If they are so bad that the ring is indnger of coming loose or the guide...
  603. bmachale

    Go Fuck Yourself Laguna...

    Fuck Laguna Beach. Fuck their mayor. Fuck Liberals. Fuck environmentalists. Fuck everybody they cater to in that city. Grew up fishing the rocks off victoria street. How do they continually give rights to people, causes, or animals that have no rights and take them away from the people who do...
  604. bmachale

    What was your favorite catch of 2011?

    We did not have a great year for numbers.Not counting calicos and such, weonly came up with 1 yellowtail at the Rockpile and these two WSB at Catalina. Catching the WSB was great. Our first two, but hoping for better numbers nex tyear. :rofl:
  605. bmachale

    Hidden fees Intrepid vs Excel

    Go on the boat yopu like. Why change if you are happy.
  606. September 2011 Oceanside

    September 2011 Oceanside

  607. September 2011 Oceanside

    September 2011 Oceanside

  608. SAM 0025 (Small)

    SAM 0025 (Small)

  609. SAM 0039 (Small)

    SAM 0039 (Small)

  610. August 2011

    August 2011

  611. My boat heading out from Shelter Island  for  a tuna run in August 2011.

    My boat heading out from Shelter Island for a tuna run in August 2011.

  612. TYrent MacHale Rock Pile Yellowtail 2011

    TYrent MacHale Rock Pile Yellowtail 2011

  613. Boat pics

    Boat pics

  614. 51 lbs

    51 lbs

  615. 54 lbs

    54 lbs

  616. John's 1st wsb

    John's 1st wsb