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    Bluefin or yellowfin cows?

    Just from what I have seen personally, most guys think they want to catch a cow YFT until they hook one. It was shamefull watching the deckhands reel in their fish.I even watched a so called avid long ranger sissy up and hand his rod off. They of course take the rod back when they have good...
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    Saltwater Help out a brotha?

    Not sure if it has been posted but a stiff leader between hootcy and flasher gives it a much better action 60- 80 lb test.
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    Intrepid's Kevin Osborne

    So sorry to hear this, good luck Kevin.
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    $125 for the pair!
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    Penn International TW II

    Good condition. Needs new mounting lugs. $175. PM with any questions.
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    Bump, new price $100 plus shipping cost.
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    XL SPYDER HARNESS with Plate $150 Never used shipped to you door. PM for info.
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    Raymarine RD 218 Radar Dome

    Dome is in great condition. Cable was cut when they took it off my boat. It was cut a couple of feet from the dome end. Looks like it could easily be spliced back together. $150 plus shipping. PM for more info.
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    Raymarine RD 218 Radar Dome

    Dome is in great condition. Cable was cut when they took it off my boat. It was cut a couple of feet from the dome end. Looks like it could easily be spliced back together. $150 plus shipping. PM for more info.
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    If you could fish anywhere in February/March....where would it be?

    Taking my Lady to Tropic Star in March. If I were going by myself I would probably do a 14 day on the Intrepid.
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    Cedar plug keeps twisting my line?

    Sometimes you just get a funky one. If tuning it does not work toss it.
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    Avery got one!

    That was awesome!
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    Offshore WFO SW of the N9

    Funny I was thinking the same thing.
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    Livewell /Baitwell

    Better put a inline 5 amp fuse in there. The scotty most likely has a 15 amp or larger. Had to put a 30 amp in mine to run the pot puller. Kept blowing the size it came with.
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    Monterey Advice

    Great restaurant is Montrio Bistro. 10 minute walk from the Marina. Tell them Jack sent you. Good Rockfishing between Pt Pinos and Pt Joe. You have to stay outside a line between the Pt Pinos Buoy and Pt Joe, MPA!
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    2010 Ocean Sport Roamer 34 w/ 2x370hp Volvos,loaded

    I fished my friends Roamer 30 a few times. I was one of the first models. He would tow it with his Freightliner. He had a Building built where he could drive in one door and out the other. Best boat I ever fished. His Pursuit 28 OS hull design was better in the nasty stuff though. Ranch hand...
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    Conor Mcgregor..... Who is this crazy Irishman!?!?

    I think CM should of had to fight Mendes anyway before getting a belt shot. Who has he fought? None of the top guys in the division! He is good but I hope Mendes kicks his ass. That still wont shut him up though.
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    Ray marine dsm300 vs. dsm30

    Can you still buy the DSM300 new? Where?
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    1997 Shamrock 200 WA

    BOAT IS SOLD! Thanks for your support.
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    1997 Shamrock 200 WA

    You should be able to follow the craigslist link I added for photo's
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    1997 Shamrock 200 WA

    You can tow it home for $8500. I have receipts for the motor, new port side fuel tank. I have pulled the starboard tank, checked and cleaned, all is fine. Recent new fuel pump.
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    1997 Shamrock 200 WA

    Powered by a 2009 PCM Crusader 5.7 HO 315 hp, fresh water cooling with less than 300 hrs. 8'6" beam. You wont find another 20 ft boat that has more deck space to fish. Also handles the nasty stuff well. Two 43 gallon tanks. Older radar works fine. Trailer has 4 new tires and the bearings were...
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    22 wellcraft walkaround

    Bummer about the taxes, I thought you were selling to upgrade to a radon?
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    2000 PROLINE 25 WALK / 5.7L 300hp Crusader

    Closed Cooling? Fuel Burn, MPG?
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    looking to get a avet reel in all pink for my wife.

    Check EBAY there are a few pink MXL's and pink SX's listed there.
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    Santa Cruz tuna boat & Captain recommendation
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    1994 23 ' Clipper Craft Sport-fishing boat for sale-(low hours)**sold**

    I remember this boat from a few years back. I t must have been when Spokaloo was selling it. I really liked it then and still do. I went back over the build and did not see anyplace for the water and tuna blood to go but down in the bilge. Am I missing the scuppers? Or do you have to pump the...
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    What is this fish?

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    1999 Carolina Classic 25'..Ready To Fish

    I would like to see this info as well.
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    25' SkipJack Sport Cruiser '86

    Hey Mr Quinones, what's your problem. First you try and sell you P.O.S. boat on Cutts thread and imply that he is not being truthfull. No class dude. A lot of my friends are fire fighters and I was always amazed at how straight up honest and willing to do anything to help you "ALL" of them are...
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    25' SkipJack Sport Cruiser '86

    What is the cruising speed and MPG ? Thanks.
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    New boat does not go around the world on 50 gallons like my little Dory did. Not as willing to make the possible 200 mile plus round trip for a possible hand full of fish or a zero. Commercials offshore are still just scratching out a few fish here and there. Lots of warm water but there are not...
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    I agree with Eliner. A week or two, when ever the next weather window is will probably be the fist significant catches. Most years they pop up around the Davidson Seamount first here on the central coast.
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    2012 Ray Jarvis Memorial Trip - Intrepid "Late Report"

    I watched a guy hooked up to a big cow who was using this weenie rod and getting the shit kicked out of him. The deck hand had to rescue the guy and they did get the fish in the boat. In was told this was David Chang ( FishyBuzz ) the legend ! I figured they must have been mistaken. Legends...
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    Radar Arch with 4 rod holders

    Where were you 8 months ago when I bought my piece of shit Fish On Sports arch. Should sell quick. It's a good deal for someone.
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    time for shrooming

    Wombat sort of surprised your still finding the Boletes after the cold weather we been having. Got a mess of them in November. Donnie I love those Candy Caps as well. Ate my first Amanita's this year after getting a possitive ID form our local mushroom expert. They were Cocorras, I was not that...
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    YFT Versus Bigeye

    First just to let the know it alls know, these fish were not from the Ventura Fish Co! I never even heard of them before. Number two you guys are right and I jumped the gun. I should of talked to Jerry first! We all make mistakes. Jerry too, but not in this instance. So I sincerely apologize to...
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    YFT Versus Bigeye

    I remove my post because I can't prove anything. The reason I said anything is that on a previous occasion I wittnessed a fish sold to us from the same person with a tag we use on the long range boats to identify our fish still stapled to the cheek of one of the fish. There was no question about...
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    YFT Versus Bigeye

    Don't make Jerry out to be on the up and up so cut and dry. He has brought in sport caught fish I could verify in the past. He missed one of the tags we use on the long range boats that we use to identify our fish coming out of the hold. The tag was still stapled to the cheek.
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    YFT Versus Bigeye

    Thanks Bud!
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    YFT Versus Bigeye

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    YFT Versus Bigeye

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    navionics 912pp cf

    Does this chip have the MPA borders?
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    Baja Surf Fishing Adventure Video......

    What a trip. Great job on the video and audio. Just curious did insurance pick up the tab on the truck which I assume lives in baja now?
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    Aluminum trailers

    My boat came from Florida on it's current 2 axel magic tilt aluminum trailer. The boat that's on it weights 3900 lbs dry. It rest on 4x6 bunks made of PT wood. Lots of surge at the launch ramp I use up here in Monterey. Trailer floats so it can be a pain loading some times. It does eventually...
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    Best Jerky

    My favorite stuff that is readily available is Ajay's Montana banana's. They have a website. My favorite is their peppered original.
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    A Towable better than a tube, that can fly if you wish!

    I wonder why these are not being made anymore???? If I remember right these have been outlawed in a lot of lakes.
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    What your longest run for a private boater under 35'

    Here is shot of my GPS where I hooked my first fish on the way out. It was 2008. The year the albies never came. That was the only albacore I caught all year. There were two multi day boats fishing 124.20 and catching fish. I got to 124 and had to turn around do to fuel. I ended up putting 250...
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    What your longest run for a private boater under 35'

    I ram my 16ft Dory for Monterey Harbor out to near the 124 line around 100 NM each way. Ran her down to the Davidson Seamount many times around 75 NM each way.
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    I am replacing the floor of my 1972 Fiberform

    I would glass top and bottom. Make sure you put some glass tape on top of the stringers before you screw it down. Counter sink your stainless screws and seal them.
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    Morro Bay? / Port San Luis?

    Saw where one boat was out today and last I heard he had not found any fish. Big ocean out there though.
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    8/5/12 Albacore Report WFO!

    Nice job Clayton we had 24 at 33/08. No 8 bangers but we had a 5 banger. Sixpak
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    Monterey Tuna 8/5/12

    Good job,LOL! We fished 33/08 yesterday for 24. The two of us had a good time but you guys definitely had a little more fun,LOL. Tell me that was not your first tuna trip?
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    Tuna off cen cal!

    Sixpak Davidson Tuna. Albacore Tuesday Left Monterey at 4 ran to just sw of the 451 stopped on some fishy looking water put to jigs out bam 1 in the box. tried that area for anotther 30 min. but no more love worked S fpr a while lost blue water picked them up and ran sw stopped again on some...
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    Santa Cruz Salmon

    Be careful filleting salmon on board. Pretty sure you can get cited for it.
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    Two Canon Mag 10 TS Downriggers

    A buddy of mine sold his boat and gave me these hardly used downriggers. I just bought me a set of Scotty's or I would keep these myself. They list for over $700 each. You will have to get mounts for them, they stayed on the boat. $700 for the pair. I know these were used less than 10 times...
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    the Tuna are comming, the Tuna are comming, The Tuna are comming.......

    I was looking at that may 2012 shot today. I have noticed in the past, once you see those little green dots of water off the Oregon coast the rest fills in rather quickly. My guess is the first albacore will be caught off Oregon before July 1st.
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    Is this a basking shark?

    Clearly a Basking Shark! Feel free to jump in and go swimming should you see one they are harmless!
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    How Many trips for your first Cow?

    On my first cow trip there were only 2 for the whole trip and it was not I who got one. I did get my personal best at the time (100 lbs) I think it was in 2008 on the Independence. I went on my second cow trip on the Intrepid January 2010. I had 2 years to prep for it. I was lucky, Jaime, David...
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    Kaanapali Shore Fishing

    Lots of fish around Black Rock. I don't think they would be to hip on you fishing there though, or even if it's legal. It's a big tourist snorkeling spot. You might take a drive up to Nipili Pt or a little farther up to the Kapalua area and cast off one of the rocky points up there. Farther up...
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    King Salmon caught @ San Clemente??

    Seen photo's on them caught off Ensenada. A few years back.
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    WANTED: 24-25' Skipjack or Grady White or...

    Saw this one.
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    40 miles out and motor dies? What to do?

    Pay your $150 a year for Vessel Assist gold membership. They will come get you out 50 miles. Not sure what they tack on after 50!
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    Slamming Salmon!

    Wow Cayton, I did not realize it was you who got the Davis molds. I fished Yesterday and today. Same results as you. We caught our go home fish at 7am today. Caught a couple of pigs yesterday. Nice fish today as well but nothing over 20. Congrats on your new business endevor. "Sixpak"
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    Salmon Wirelining Monterey Bay

    Limits this mourning. Before 8am.
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    Salmon Wirelining Monterey Bay

    So many salmon right now you don't need to use the meat rods.
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    monterey area surf fishing questions

    Richard they are just starting to catch striped bass out of the surf. Tioga Ave behind Costco is always a good spot. Marina beach and any of the beaches north of there are good as well First light is a good time to hit the beach. Fishtraps, Pencile poppers , hair raisers, Croc spoons they all...
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    2359 Trophy for sale

    Now that's funny I don't care who you are!
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    HX 2sp raptor for tuna ?

    David are you switching to Okuma too? What did Wahoo do wit all his Accurates?
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    HX 2sp raptor for tuna ?

    I put 3 cows in the boat with the hx raptor one on a Penn 30, 2 on a Avet 50, all on the same trip. lost a real big one at the gaff on the raptor do to the fish being in the water for three hours. It was one of the original raptors no handle up grade and stock gears. The 50 almost made it easy...
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    22`1992 Shamrock Renegade w/trailer

    I have a 97 20ft WA Cutty with a new PMC 315 hp motor. Cruise is 20 to 22 knts. WOT about 35 knts. These boats are not made to be ran WOT though. Yeah they are not the best at running down hill. Keep your tabs all the way up, not too much weight up front, and slow down they will do OK.
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    Thank You Five Star

    I live in Monterey. Fish off the boat at 9 am. They have me on the road fish cleaned vacuum packed on ice and in my coolers. They even load it in my truck on the road by 1 pm. Those girls bust their asses. Their the best.
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    Pink Reel for my jaina.

    I just bought a pink avet with the magna cast for my lady. Still a few around. i got mine on e-bay
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    Catching Cows for Noobs...some questions...

    This is just me experience, fish 100 lb and you will hook more fish. I only broke one off out of many cows and that was more due more to the reel I was using than the line.
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    I only fished with david once and he did win some good stuff on the trip.( the knife I wanted ) and I think he won a reel also on the same trip. Funny I was thinking the same thing as Jamie when I saw the pic of his new Okuma. He did share some of his chicken feet with me. Thanks David. I was a...
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    A few thoughts on Long Range or fishing in general

    I remember the trip I shared with Jamie, David and Ray. Ray was having a rough time on that trip but I remember him getting to reel on one the last day of fishing. That trip seems like it was just last week and it was over a year ago.It was my trip of a life time. Thanks Jamie and David for...
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    Looking for a Morro Bay report site

    Guys ran out of Morro/Avila on Sunday for no Albacore. is what your looking for.
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    Monday Tuna off Point Sur

    Fished the same area on the same day. I ended up with 1 close to 30 lbs. We were the lucky ones most of the other guys in the area got zero's.
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    Is your Autopilot Reliable???

    I had the same problem with the key. I used a grinder, it worked. The smart pilot worked ok for a few years then it died. I tossed it!
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    NORCAL Roll Call!!!

    Been out catching a few salmon here and there. I am pretty much done with the silver fish. I am ready to feel something pull. Conditions are shaping up here off Monterey. Cape san Martin is holding almost 58 degrees. I am hoping the Albacore show up in a week or two!
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    NEW DIESEL 24' Skipjack 24 BEAUTIFUL BOAT!

    765 hours, equal to about 45000 miles or less if it were in a truck. On a diesel? I would still consider it almost new!
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    Offshore boats... how small do you dare?

    C Dory 16 36.30 - 123.55 twice! Probably wont go that far anymore. I just takes too long to get out and back especially if it gets snotty. I run her 40-60 miles out often when the albacore show up.
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    A Plethora of Purple!

    When I saw the first shot I was thinking they were girly looking and my girl would love one like that! Then I saw the shot with Christy on it. Looks like a lot of love went into those.
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    Reverse Trilene Knot

    On my last trip I boated 6 cows I used both the Irwin and reverse trilene. Both knots held up well. The Irwin is definitely the easier of the two to tie. Two things why I ended up liking the trilene over the Irwin. 1 is the trilene just looks like a cleaner knot and may be just a little less...
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    Strike Drag for Cow Fishing

    I learned the hard way about setting the hook at strike with 35 lbs farming my first three by pulling the hook.
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    Fill the reels with spectra and learn a good knot you can tie well the Bob Sands or Pena knot both work well for tying spectra to flouro in the size you will be using there are other knots that work well also. Start with 25 ft of flouro and you can re tie a more than a few times before you have...
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    Monterey Bay Salmon Fishing

    More or less. You will be mooching the way to set it up is slide one of those little black or red line sliders with a snap so you can change your weight, heavy for windy or deep and light for calm and shallow. Then tie on a swivel then 6 ft give or take of 20 lb flouro then your barbless circle...
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    2004 C-Dory Pilot House 13,500

    I have a 16, they do tend to bounce in the chop. The cure is just slowing down. They plane at 10 kts or less depending on how heavy your loaded. The trade off is the fuel economy, I get 7 mpg at 17 knts in good water and the lowest is 5.5 fully loaded and running around 10 knts in crappy...
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    Monterey Bay Salmon Fishing

    Check out Chris's Fishing trips on Wharf #1 in Monterey, You can get what you need right there at their shop the mourning of your trip. It's basicly a couple of weights and a couple of double circle hook leaders. 20 lb tackle is fine
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    Has anybody landed a cow on

    I put 3 cows in the boat with an HX Raptor. Before the handle upgrade. I must admit I did lose one due to fishing that real. I just happened to hook into a big mean one 250 plus. I had him hanging for 3 hours. I got him to the boat and he broke off at the gaff. That is one of the fish that David...
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    turkey 101

    Winchester Supreme 3 1/2 #4's for me. Puts em down at 40 no problem.
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    AVET SDS EX 50 or Penn VSX 50 for 130lb Rig?

    Get the Avet. Cows were easy on the 50 after landing 3 on the Raptor!
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    FT Hunter Liggett

    Our ranch borders the sw side of HL. I see those elk lounging around there all the time. I am not sure if killing an elk there is really considered hunting. It's sort of like here I am shoot me. Just my opinion.
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    24' skipjack stringer replacement

    I have never done a skippy before but I did it in an old classic boat similar to a Dorsett. if you can get the old stringers out in one piece so you can make a pattern from them your life will be much easier. It is a major job. Get a good angle grinder and some heavy duty abrasive pads you will...
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    Cows, Super Cows, and ?

    Megla Cow
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    What to do with fish

    I had 6 cows on my last trip and a few others 100 to 190, I gave the crew a fish, I gave two more away to fishermen that were less fortunate as well as handing off a few. I kept 2 cows and the girls at 5 star donated the rest to for me to one of the local charities. You can right off the...
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    HX/W raptors and cows

    Now let's be honest here. I think it's more to do with the fisherman than the reel. Yes a 50 is the reel of choice, but I saw a lot of fish lost on the 50's as well. terminal tackle (knots, hooks, ect) is just as important if not more so than the reel. I think if more of the guys would get into...
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    HX/W raptors and cows

    January I put 3 cows in the boat using the HX Raptor, not the wide version and it did not have the handle upgrade which I definitely reccomend. I used 100 lb spectra with 100 lb Basil blackwater fluoro wind ons. It was mounted on a 2-4. Yes I did loose one extra large model that I would of...
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    100 lb spectra

    I had Basil Black water wind ons in 80 100 & 130. Got bit all day on the 100 and 80. I found the 130 much bigger in diameter than the seguar 130 and the fish seemed to shy away from it as well. I would just use the 100.
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    Need mouse/rat advice

    The problem with peanut butter is they will just sit there and lick it off sometimes without setting off the trap. Yes use the peanut butter then put a walnut on it and tie it with thread to the trip. They will bite at it trying to get it off and always set off the trap. Believe me I have lots...
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    HX Raptor for cows

    Probably not going to make it this time, but am planning on it the following year. I go every other year! Been on three different boats. I am going to stick with the Intrepid from now on!
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    HX Raptor for cows

    David, that really was the trip of a life time. Yes I agree I would of probably landed the big one with a different reel. After the raptor it was almost easy getting them in on that Avet 50. Dave you got bit because your a great fishermen, don't worry I wont tell anyone about the 2 sardine...
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    HX Raptor for cows

    I loaded my Raptor with #100 spectra and fished a #100 basil wind on. I put 3 cows on the boat with this rig on my last trip, it was on a 2x4. I did not have the upgraded handle, which I will definitely change before I use it again. I only broke off one extra large fish at the gaff after a 3...
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    Dear Padre Fans........

    Last time I checked SD has never won a world series. They have been around for 40 + years. Dodgers have won it 3 or 4 times in the last 40 years. San Francisco has not won it either since they move to San Francisco in 50 years. It seems it does not matter who comes out on top here. Neither team...
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    Smitty Spyder Harness

    PM me if you want the harness for $75.
  106. Below Frigid

    Smitty Spyder Harness

    I haver a new never used harness and a new long range belt to go with it paid $218 for the both, you can have them both for 150
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    San Diego

    9 in a row. Dodgers still have a chance at this rate!
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    2000 Bayliner Trophy 21.7' Walk-Around

    Wow a force and it's still running!
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    garmin 540 mystery power issues, help

    I had the exact same problem with mine. It's a different model though. Checked everything just like you. It took me a while but i finally figured it out. It was not the connection but the wire to the pin connector. Turn it on and have someone watch the screen while you bend the wire back and...
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    HOW MANY COWS, before you caught your own ?

    I had never hooked a cow before my last trip. I landed 6 cows on that trip to 237. The only help I had was when I was wrapped or on the anchor. No harness or butt plate. Just the rail. Had a real big one hanging for 3 hours without anyone touching my rod only to break off at the gaff.
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    Dodgers fire sale

    I have always heard you can't consider your team good until you win a world series, I guess that makes the Dodger organization 6 times better than the Padres. LOL
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    Long Range This and That

    I used knots on 100 lb fluoro with no issues for numerous cows to 237 lbs. I used the trilene knot wahoo dad showed me and also caught a cow using a Irwin knot, no more crimping for me.
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    Dodgers fire sale

    Probably start when S.D. wins the world series again! Oh yeah they never have. Probably never will. So I guess no sale. Padres get an A for effort. Too bad they don't have what it takes to finish the deal. LOL
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    Avila Beach Skiff Launch

    That's funny I heard they are slamming Seabass off the coke plant just south of Avila. Just a day or two ago some guys ray up and night fished off Morro Bay for limits of Seabass. They posted here and had pic's so I would assume it's true. I think Avila would be well worth a try! Good luck. I...
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    5 MPG Pilot House C-dory $15K

    You should be getting better MPG that 5.5. You might want to check the prop. Mine get's close to 7 with a 700lb load unless it's,bumpy. That's with a 4 blade prop! MIne is the cruiser model as well which is a tad heavier.
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    Super Seeker 4x4

    Can't believe someone is not jumping on this. I bought 2 in January and I paid over $400 each for them.
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    Brandt hunting in Morro Bay

    I live on the estuary in Morro Bay on a sailboat 3 days a week. They hunt less than 1000 yards from our dock. Whatever they are shooting at they are not getting very many. I only here a few shots every mourning during the season.
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    Offshore salmon shark off catalina

    It's not a salmon shark! It's a mako of some sort. Maybe just a rare abnormal coloring!
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    Good Trolling Lures

    The Zuker zuccini broom ( yellow, green & orange) # ZG-17 is all you need for albacore!
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    Not a good day for the Intrepid

    Told you blue and white works!
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    Solo Tuna Pattern - Bob Franko method or not?

    First of all I fish alone because I have a small boat. It's a C Dory 16 yes I know I have heard it all before and yes I have had my ass handed to me 50 miles out a couple of times. I carry 50 gallons of fuel plus ice and equipment. I am pretty maxed out in the weight department. If I know their...
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    Cheep tuna jigs

    I would think it would be sort of hard to get out to where the tuna swim with no money?
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    Smitty Spyder Harness and Long Range Belt

    I have a new Smitty extra large Spyder Harness & new black Long Range Belt. I paid $109 each I will let them both go for $150 which includes shipping in the USA. PM me
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    How big a boat do you need?

    I run my C Dory 16 out 50+ miles often and have had her almost 100 miles west of Monterey a couple of times.
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    Solo Tuna Pattern - Bob Franko method or not?

    If you want to use the franco method. Use all zuccini zuker brooms. I would put another speader bar on the other side instead of a straight clone. Put brooms behind the bars as well. Don't give them a choice and you will load up! I always fish by myself when I am on my own sled. I used to pull a...
  126. Below Frigid

    Cows and a BX2-50

    On my last trip I put 3 cows in the boat with my raptor, 2 with my Avet 50 and one with a penn 30. I have to honest, it was almost easy withe the 50 after using the raptor. Put a 237 in the boat with a penn 30 wide. I felt the Penn was the least capable. The Ave 50 had no issues what so ever.
  127. Below Frigid


    Somewhere many miles west of Monterey!
  128. Below Frigid


    2 are taken at our ranch in South Monterey County and one is from the Rocks
  129. Below Frigid

    Good boots for tuna trips?

    Teva's all the way. On my last 12 day that is all I wore. Next trip I will bring 2 pair. One for fishing in and one for later.
  130. Below Frigid

    GT's Giant Trevalley, ULUA whatever you want to call them....

    I saw an episode of Hunt Big Fish with Larry Dahlberg where he was fishing for them at one of atolls near the Seychelles. It was awesome watchuing them come like torepedos over the shallows to get the top water baits. The GT's were kicking his ass on the first day so the next day he came with...
  131. Below Frigid

    What mpg do you get/assume for long runs

    My sled loaded with 50 gallons of fuel. 210 lbs of human, 100 lbs of ice, Probably 50 lbs or more of tackle and misc. I get around 6-7 mpg in good water and 5 if it gets snotty!
  132. Below Frigid

    Hunter Liggett

    Our ranch borders Hunter Legget on the SW side. Deer, Quail, Turkey's and Hogs are on the menu. Be prepared for very hot weather fro now until late September. There is a website with all the rules and regs somewhere. Best to go with someone who knows their way around the base.
  133. Below Frigid

    Tell me about Fishing in NoCal - Recent Move up from SoCal

    Just because I live here does not mean it's the only place I fish, LOL! I got 6 cows on one trip in January. How many have you put in the boat? Don't feel sorry for me. I have everything I need!
  134. Below Frigid

    Tell me about Fishing in NoCal - Recent Move up from SoCal

    Been Here in Monterey since 1959. The Monterey day boats go after the albacore when their close which is not often. Guys are always looking for crew., check the bay area tuna club or coastside fishing club for rides June through September. Rockfishing off the Big Sur coast is some of the best on...
  135. Below Frigid

    First Turkey

    Congrats on your first one. Try and stop calling once you know he's interested. A couple of yelps is all it takes. Curiosity will get the best of him and he will come looking most of the time. Beleive me he knows where the yelps came from after the first call.
  136. Below Frigid

    NEED TO KNOW Harness/Belt setup ASAP

    No harness, learn to use the rail!
  137. Below Frigid

    Sex and the Single Spinner for long range

    I guess I am going to have to put a few in the boat with a spinner. Wait I better see how much they are, I may not be able to afford one! I am still sort of amazed how much help "most" anglers I have seen need in landing these large fish. I think some guys need to go to the gym and learn how to...
  138. Below Frigid

    Sex and the Single Spinner for long range

    I watched a guy catch a cow on a Spinner on the Intrepid in January, I beleive it was an Acurrate. They got the fish in the boat but the reel was done when it was over.
  139. Below Frigid

    Removing heavy mono memory?

    Yeah Just tie it off to something solid and wrap the other end on a broom handle and stretch it (pull like hell)
  140. Below Frigid

    Casting/Live Bait Reels . . .

    Kev I just looked at the Talica II's. They look like the real deal!
  141. Below Frigid

    Archery turkey

    If you are going to shoot arrows at them, check out the guilatine broadheads. You can find some video of guys hunting with them. Pretty cool not having a bird run off with your arrow in him never to be found.
  142. Below Frigid

    Norcal WSB update

    I live here in Monterey and actually can see the boats fishing bass from my deck. Yes there are a few Bass caught in the bay every year and most years it really is a few here and there. This is only the second time I can recall that they are here in any numbers. Last time I think was 2004 and...
  143. Below Frigid

    HXW-Raptor 2.0:1 :)

    I put 3 cows on the boat with my raptor It was not the wide model. I got back on January 20th and my right hand is almoast completly healed from that handle. That would be my number one concern. Line did get down on the spool a few times but never needed a back up. Cranking power was some what...
  144. Below Frigid

    First Spinning Reel Cow

    Hey John thanks for all the goodies. It was a great trip!
  145. Below Frigid

    Terminal Tackle for Dec. 10+ days

    Sort of funny on the 10 and 12 day Big Tuna trips how we bring all that tackle "just in case", when all you really need is 4 rod and reel set ups. A good supply of hooks. A few jigs, a couple of bait catchers. A bunch of fluoro and a way to connect it to your spectra. Maybe a marauder and a...
  146. Below Frigid

    My Intrepid Trip

    Cool, Thanks
  147. Below Frigid

    My Intrepid Trip

    Kevan, not sure what your trying to tell me. Sorry if I offended you in some way. Maybe you could clear it up a little. I am a little slow!
  148. Below Frigid

    My Intrepid Trip

    Thanks for all the compliments! Yes I did catch 2 in one day. Raptor was good. You really need a different handle for big fish. I broke a real big one off litterally 1 circle away from gaff (250+) after hanging for almost 3 hours that had my spool way down 3 times, (on video). I farmed my first...
  149. Below Frigid

    My Intrepid Trip

    I figured it out! It's changed. Sorry for the confusion.
  150. Below Frigid

    My Intrepid Trip

    So it does. I went into try and fix it awhile back but could not figure out how to do it. So I left it then forgot about it. I will try again to fix it! Name is Jack though. The Ray is a long story and a bad joke. Boat is not a Parker it's a C Dory as well.
  151. Below Frigid

    My Intrepid Trip

    I don't know where Ray came from? I am Jack still and always have been. I had a real big one hanging for close to 3 hours. It had the spool pretty far down 2 or 3 different times. The fish was litterally 1 circle from the gaff and the 100 lb Blackwater snapped. I liked catching them on the...
  152. Below Frigid

    My Intrepid Trip

    Here are a few!
  153. Below Frigid

    My Intrepid Trip

    We returned on the 20th. I ended up with 6 cows up to 237. I landed 3 on my new HX Raptor on a 2x4 with 100 lb. I put the 237 in the boat with a Penn 30 wide on a Calstar 80 lb stick with 80lb Blackwater fluoro. I put the other 2 in the boat wit an Avet 50 on a 2x4 with 100lb Blackwater fluoro...
  154. Below Frigid


    No reports but we will need some more rain to fish the Carmel, it's closed right now do to the water flow being less tha 80 cf. Big Sur is open and fish should be comming in soon with the next rains. Carmel River Steelhead hot line for Monterey County rivers, 831-649-2886
  155. Below Frigid

    Braid to Fluoro?

    The pena knot looks just like the Bob Sands knot! Here is a diagram Bob Sands Fishing Tackle
  156. Below Frigid

    Cow Knot Not?

    I always fish ringed hooks so I think the knot slipping over would not be an issue.
  157. Below Frigid

    Cow Knot Not?

    Hey Lew, I am liking the Joe Miller knot. I really like the way it cinches down so easily. I have been playing with the trilene knot, it also has two loops around the eye but you breally have to yank on it to get it cinched down properly. I really want to get away from crimping my hooks on if I...
  158. Below Frigid

    Trinity river steelhead and trout

    I fish Northern CA every so often for Steelies. The Trinity is probably my favorite river. It's just beautiful but more impotant it has great bank access all over the river. One of the few rivers you can catch as many from the bank as you would in a drift boat. The South Fork Eel and the Smith...
  159. Below Frigid

    Surfing photo

    Looks like maybe Hazzards but that's central CA
  160. Below Frigid

    Offshore 80# Local Louvar-Photo

    I found this fish in a local fish market here in Monterey a few times in the 80's. It is one of the best eating fish in the ocean!
  161. Below Frigid

    Offshore Central Cal Albies?

    Yeah Frank was 65 miles SW of Santa Cruz 36.05- and close to the 123 line. Fish were smaller grade.
  162. Below Frigid

    Surf Fishing in Monterey County

    The beach starting a mile north of Wharf #2 all the way to Marina Beach is or more miles of beach. You will have to hike over the rock pile just north of the hotel if the tide is too high. It's not really a problem. The halibut are just starting to show up here but don't move into the real...
  163. Below Frigid

    Offshore Albacore at the Double 220

    Yeah at first I sure this was true, but after looking at the post and the e-mail I am not so sure. Post says a double hook up plus two more and e-mail says a single hook up plus 3 more. HMMM?