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  1. RGrycki

    NC Trout 4/16

    This was my first trout fishing trip since I moved back to North carolina. There was a break in the weather and so I decided to go down to the Horsepasture river. After a 2 mile hike and Several nice looking holes I had nothing, not even a rise. I was finally able to pull this nice brownie out...
  2. RGrycki

    Don't go offshore to fill the freezer.....

    Go Hunting. When it rains it pours. After hunting for 6 years to no avail I get two bucks on two opening days . A spike for opening bow, and this 120# fork for the rifle opener. Gun: Tikka (sako) whitetail hunter 30-06 Optics: 50mm 1" 4-12X Swift Bullet:125 Gr sierra hollow point @ 3200FPS...
  3. RGrycki

    First Deer

    I arrowed my first deer (spike) yesterday (9/15) opening day of bowseason here in Union SC. After hunting this same plot of public land for six years with no luck ( whenever I could take leave and fly home) I was surprised as hell when he just walked out within bow range about an hour after...
  4. RGrycki

    Guide wraps

    I started out this 7' spinning rod for my buddy with a blue chevron decorative wrap. I am out of Ideas for a guide wrap. I want it to look cool but not be too hard. I tried the color fade like in the picture, but I had problems doing it with the guide. I will not be doing an underwrap and I...
  5. RGrycki

    Mission Belle 4/29

    Went out on the Mission Belle today. Started off the morning with victory at sea conditions, wasn't looking good. Arrived @ pukey and started metering around for fish. A couple of guys put out some feathers and instant bendo! While we drift to try for some bait fish I tie on one of those mylar...
  6. RGrycki

    SD Bay shore fishin' Whackfest 4/25

    Fishing on base again , started off of the beach with hopes of halibut. No joy here but a few short strikes. It was still awesome to be out all alone (except for my buddy) on a clear night with the waves crashing the shore. \We then head over to the rocks and start casting plasticks for nothing...
  7. RGrycki

    SD Bay Night Bassin! 4/20

    Fished on base again last night. Started out casing plastics from the beach which resulted in a couple spotted bass and a 22" halibut that put up a good fight. Then moved on to the rocks where I spent the next couple of hours getting about 15-20 sand bass. Hot color last night was an MC...
  8. RGrycki

    Friday Night Bassin'

    I went out to "the spot" (somewhere from shore in SD bay)after a long day of work and decided to give it a try after a long time not fishing there. It resulted in almost a fish a cast. The big sandies were on the chew big time and I ended up with several 3-5 pounders too numerous to count. The...
  9. RGrycki

    Offshore March Albacore 3/19

    I heard all the reports of Albacore and decided I had to go, the only problem was I had to work friday. I took a shot in the dark and asked my boss if I could have the day off , and he said yes! It was too late to bum for a ride so I went on the sea adventure out of H&M . We got out to the 295...
  10. RGrycki

    Oahu 5 Feb

    We stopped off in Hawaii for for our last port of WESPAC. With only Two days in, we decided that we had to go fishing. I booked a charter with the "Tsubasa". I asked them for stand up gear and they said they had it. When I arrived I realized that it wasn't stand up gear as it was Penn 80W's w/...
  11. RGrycki

    Guam Report.

    Myself and two of my buddies chartered a 6-pack outta Apra harbor sometime in october, I can't remember the exact date as it was so long ago, this is the first time I have been able to use the internet since leaving for deployment in August. Anyways, I called this guy up at 10pm the night before...
  12. RGrycki

    Offshore 8-10 tuna letdown

    went on the Grande today and immediately we had a stop in the morning down south that led to 30 + fish. after that it was very scratchy. went north for a few more fish, overall very scratchy after the first stop. D220 and north is probabally a better spot now. sorry no #'s This will probabally...
  13. RGrycki


    I will be going on wespac next week and one of the ports we will be hitting is Guam. Does anyone have advice for fishing there. Any info would be appreciated. such as tackle I will need for from shore or boat. locations, contacts, good boats, etc. Thanks, Rob.
  14. RGrycki


    Did anyone see the sportboat counts for today? It looks like the fishing has opened up again. Both for Tuna and local. Is the 238/295 area still producing or did they get their tuna elsewhere? I have got to go fishing, it has been 3 weeks with two weeks of that on a hellish underway 20 leagues...
  15. RGrycki

    Offshore 7/12 Banda Bank Albacore explosion!

    Went fishing today with Harmonica John, and John 2 from that other board. Headed to Miss Yoly's #'s on Flat glass lake pacific, oh yeah , did I mention it was calm? Got to the spot and found other boats working the area but to no avail. We then hear of fish being caught 30 miles to the...
  16. RGrycki

    Anyone need crew this weekend? (7-12,13)

    If you need a boat ho sat. or sun. give me a call. I have duty all day thur. but I will respond to your messages when I hear them. I am itchin' for some private boater tuna. I got $ and mex License, and will help clean boat, truck, fish, etc. 858 495 3235 or cell...858 722 7763
  17. RGrycki

    6-14 calico whackfest

    Went out on a half day on the FIII again. Very crowded boat but the calicos didn't seem to care. Fished the PL kelp for lots of Big calico's. Sardines thrown way back into the weeds was the ticket. Here's some pictures:
  18. RGrycki

    BIG Halibut

    Check out this monster that the Mission belle caught yesterday!
  19. RGrycki

    Offshore Albies 6-7

    Went out on a 1.5 day on the Holiday because the 2.5 day was cancelled. we went out to the dumper to fish with the rest of the fleet. got a few jig strikes early in the morning mostly singles or doubles and maybe 1 or 2 bait fish. weather was snotty. In the afternoon the sun came out a little...
  20. RGrycki

    6-5 Coronado YT

    Went on a 3/4 day on the malihini and Finally got my first YT of the season! It was on Iron too! The fish were all spread out from the bullring to the smokestacks and we were chasing the breezing fish. Not the large schools of fish and birds I've seen in summers past, just small ones that...
  21. RGrycki

    6-5 yellowtail and/or boat ho

    Does anyone need a crew to go catch some yellers thurs? If not I will be going on the mission belle if anyone wants to join me. Let me know. Cell # is 858 722 7763
  22. RGrycki

    Pl kelp Calico's and Logs 6-3

    Fished another .5 day and went to the PL kelp for wfo calico's and some Log barracuda. Ended up with the Jackpot again. It is the coolest thing to look down in the water and see hundreds of calico's chasing the bait around the kelp fronds. The water was a beautiful blue too. I wish this june...
  23. RGrycki

    PL Kelp Calico's!

    Went out for a .5 day on the FIII and we got into A nice bunch of Calico's in the kelp just north of green tanks. Had a Blast today . Find the blue water and the right current, they are biting good!!
  24. RGrycki

    My theory on alcohol

    You know in the wild how the lions and cheetahs always weed out the sick old and dying antelope and wildebeasts? And Alcohol kills brain cells? Well, it is just killing off the old sick and dying brain cells. So the more I drink, the smarter I get!chugging chugging beerbang beerbang
  25. RGrycki

    Cabo or Loreto, June

    Just got my leave approved for ten days in early june. I need some advice on what to do for a baja trip. I have a military income and need something not that expensive maybe like five days or so. Should I go to Loreto? East Cape? what are some good, reliable, english speaking outfits? Should I...
  26. RGrycki

    Lj5-6, Doh!

    Double DOH! Normally I am stuck to this board every waking moment that I am not fishing or working but monday night I had to get ready for the trip and I worked on my Rod so I didn't think to check the board. I was set on going to La Jolla. Had I read the report of wfo YT the plans would have...
  27. RGrycki

    4-24 subbase bassin!

    Fished the Subbase tonight between 9 and 11. Caught too many sandies to count, a big scorpion and some smaller calicos. They were caught from shore in about 15-25 feet, near dropoffs. They hit small 3" plastics on a 3/8 oz. lead head. best colors were black and clear flake black and purple w/...