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  1. wii888lo

    Relentless 2.5 day charter aug 28 Limited load

    mike and the crew fish hard. a couple of spot is 2 opens? ill see if i can have those days off.
  2. wii888lo

    Want 30# star drag reel; which one?

    we west coast guys use the term 30,40,50,60,80,100 etc setup —————————————————————— 30lb reel mean -a reel u gonna use 30lb top shot or line 30lb rod mean -a rod u gonna use to fish 30lb thats a 30lb setup ——to fish 30lb fish rods are usually 15-40 or 20-40 reels are -too many options. so...
  3. wii888lo

    Gear questions, new to y’all’s fishery.

    It’s a 3 day tranx 400. -20 lb trini 16. 30-lb talica 12. 40-60. 2x mak 20 sea for flat fall and whatever usually on 3 days 20-40 lb is ur go to rigs bring flouro to adjust since cows are around. Added 2 heavy
  4. wii888lo

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2020 15 day Intrepid Report

    tks soda for the update-that at least u heard from him. - i believe we all are more conceren with his health than reading
  5. wii888lo

    Line for a Saltwater Baitcaster

    fish the proper line class if possible...unless they are not biting the line class ( an asshole)excuse my french -that guy-fished 25lb line with 60-100 plus lb blues around and capt said to use 50lb min that guy took 2 1/2 hrs and at the end lost the fish anyways ....29 other ppl waiting...
  6. wii888lo

    Offshore SAVE your gas, 8/9/2020 Team Tuna Sniper, trip #11, first skunk

    ran out of rice bro. at least u got out. anyday on the water is better than being at home
  7. wii888lo

    Line for a Saltwater Baitcaster

    i usually fish 25-30 on the 300 30-40 on the 400 depends what is biting that day thats y i have braid to a 6ft floro if they are biting surface iron. i use 40 line shy blue fin. i might drop to 25 flyline ill try 40 first then 30 i would normally rig 25 on the 300 40 on the 400 to start...
  8. wii888lo

    Line for a Saltwater Baitcaster

    I put 40 lb braid on my lexa 300 50 lb braid on my lexa 400 braid to 6 ft of floro
  9. wii888lo

    Live well for 2120 in SF

    Try outboard motors in Oakland.
  10. wii888lo

    Yellow tail rod - Phenix Inshore M1 SMX 82h or PSW 809h

    i have both rod. they both work great killed plenty of fork typical yellowtail in socal are 10-25lb the m1 will do just fine. no need to buy another setup or rod i have also used the m1 for yellowfins too dont be that guy though and use it when larger bluefins are around. there were a...
  11. wii888lo

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2020 15 day Intrepid Report

    hope all is well with u -nebraska- and ur family tks so far for the read especially with times like this looking forward to the next chapter
  12. wii888lo

    What to do with my pointless calstar.

    makes a good salmon trolling rod up in nor cal salmon season starts may 1st
  13. wii888lo

    COVID-19 (Coronavirus) effect on the San Diego Long Range Fleet

    something for all u guys to think about is the boat carrying 18-30 days extra worth of food on top of ur -dont care how many day trip- if u needed to be quaratine u will stay out there for 14-21 days plus now the dam goverement officials will have to step in n find a place and have meeting where...
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    Phenix rod recommendation

    where are u located in norcal hi tackle in sf have them or if u close to alameda u can swing by my house after the dam virus and lockdown goes away
  15. wii888lo

    PQ meals

    note to the non drinker bring beer money!!!!!!!! i dont drink but always bring 60-80 bucks extra been on a few 1.5 day trips that i couldnt buy a bite dam bluefins were so picky -or i stink bad-its fishing and a hot stick did a handoff ...bought dinner n a beer or just beer i also limit out on...
  16. wii888lo

    Newbie here and need some advice.

    a few boats are seeing a shit load of bluefins offshore and a few are landed according to my knowledge and a few buddies told me they are biting 50lb fishes were 40-mid hundred lb people dont realize what 50lb test are capable of also its bait presentation is key try having a 4 inch...
  17. wii888lo

    Which rods should I match my reels for tuna.

    i would use the talica 12 with the phenix xh that u have its a good 40 or 50 lb setup when people say 20-30-40-50-etc etc it mean that setup is rod n reel is set up in thier aresal to fish that line class the mak 15 is 60lb setup talica 20 80 or 100 the setup u have in hand are what we been...
  18. wii888lo

    40 Lbs Reel recommendations

    like other said u have a tranx 500 2 trindad u are covered for surface iron as u see from my other post i use trini 16 or 20 if u want to add to ur collection and try something crazy like me use a spinning gear shimano thunnis ,twin power or if u got dough use a stella
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    Newbie here and need some advice.

    this is from my personal expierence its called a sweet spot go by class 20-30-40-50-60-80-100 all rods and reel has a sweet spot by perference chose a setup for that sweet spot and its capable of going up or down one class most bluefin last year were caught on 40-50-60 lb setup lupe were...
  20. wii888lo

    Newbie here and need some advice.

    rods are perfecence thing just like reel some ppl like long rods and some like it shorter i switch it up myself from time to time tranx any 8 to 9 rated 15-40 trindad 16 any 8 to 9 rated 25-60 trindad 20 any7-8 rated 30-80 all talica are 7 to 7.6 im using phenix rods up to 50 60 and up are uc...
  21. wii888lo

    Newbie here and need some advice.

    this is my 5 setup for any trips up to 6 days tranx 400 - 40lb braid trindad 16a -50lb braid trindad 20a -65lb braid talica 12ii - 80lb braid talica 25ii -100 lb braid with those setup i can change topshot any given min im covered from school fish 10lb footballs to 150 lb easily live...
  22. wii888lo


    I’m 5-8 And 180. I went with xl so that I can layer up n also have room to breathe
  23. wii888lo

    Talica 20ii vs Makaira 16sea

    Both are great choices Mak has a lower gear Let me screw ur brain up more Ever consider the penn visx Happy holidays I personally have the talica
  24. wii888lo

    In Need Of Guidance

    grew up in oakland myself and do come back 1-2 times a month and still fish here once a while get a spinner reel get a 9-10ft pole since u don't have a boat u are gonna be mostly fishing from shore right now alameda beach and emeryville have stripers biting u will also catch sharks and rays...
  25. wii888lo

    Trinidad vs Talica

    with the bluefins around being 60-100 average i would set up mines like this talica 12 for 40 or 50lb flyline talica 20 for 80lb flatfall for greylight after that i would use it as a 60lb rubber band set up trini 20a for slinging jigs trini 16a for flyline kelps the trini 20a is capable of...
  26. wii888lo

    First Med/Long Range Trip Advice

    too early to predict anything ...3-4 days trips in july would be fishing schoolies or paddy hopping ..unless the blue fin shows up a 30lb rig is all u need -even that might be an overkill-
  27. wii888lo

    Shimano Talica 10ii Setup

    i got one for sale box and everything bought brand new and used 2 time this season for 7-15 lb schoolie and it was an overkill i saw myself picking up the lexa 400 for some reason loaded with 65lb braid have box and all can send pic if u want
  28. wii888lo

    Free Processed Fish (kinda) BF-Dorado-YT

    ill be down for some if theres left over pm sent
  29. wii888lo

    Spiny Lobsters

  30. wii888lo

    Keeping Dungeness Crabs alive

    if its a pier i usually go at night -less ppl if its the jetty i go daytime time really doesn't matter they are not lobster youtube crabbing in san francisco
  31. wii888lo

    Keeping Dungeness Crabs alive

    similar hoop nets like lobster ...u can use ur lobster gear crabbing hoop nets are open face ...there like 20 bucks ....but u gotta get here before the commercial gets here ..... i did name a few places u can get them baker beach ..half moon bay jetty pacifica pier(shit load of...
  32. wii888lo

    Keeping Dungeness Crabs alive

    a crockpot will also do .... for ppl that have never crab before u do not need a boat plenty on the pier or jetty in bay area u cannot fish the bay though pacifica pier ,baker beach , point pillar half moon bay ,Fort Funston etc etc grab a few beer n chill for a few hrs and catch...
  33. wii888lo

    Spiny Lobsters

    tuna harbor dockside market every sat 8am -1pm get ready to pay 25-28 bucks a pound
  34. wii888lo

    Keeping Dungeness Crabs alive

    what cooking source would u need a portable propane camping single burner 20 bucks a pot from home and u are set and of course some water or u can use a microwave with water n lid but would be 1 crab at a time next time no hotel.....use air bnb
  35. wii888lo

    Keeping Lobsters alive

    how long do u need it alive? if u need a few hours (2-3) just toss them in but do not close the lid as they need air .....if u need it for more than a day -which i did - i freeze a few 2 liter soda bottle of water (with cap on )...added some sea water to the cooler to my understanding ...ppl...
  36. wii888lo

    Bag Limit

    mexico limit is 10 fish per day 5 of each species... with the exception of dodo 2 dodo will count as 5 fish and sailfish or billfish 1 count as 5 theres a limit on skipjack too so if u catch 5 yft and 5 skippies thats ur limit
  37. wii888lo

    What to do with this collars?

    tks will try it tmr for dinner
  38. wii888lo

    Refinish worn Coltsniper jig?

    ill buy u a new one n trade u for the worn out one
  39. wii888lo

    San Diego Shops - Quick Ring Brazing Turnaround

    call a few local welding shop in ur area ....theres a few in my area but I'm in la ranging from 75 cent to 1.25
  40. wii888lo

    Trinidad dc 16

    unicorn .......just so u know joe its not about retail on some stuff sure when u bought ur house it was market value is this much ....
  41. wii888lo

    Using Daiwa Lexa 300

    lexa 300 overkill frozen 10 dollar setup this is bd....ppl call bull if no pics so pics speaks itself
  42. wii888lo

    Rod and reel for 200lb+ bluefin?

    u pay all the money to go on a trip to catch cow and u bring a .22 to a gun fight doesn't makes sense ...the rod is meant to fish 50-60 its a 30-80 rod i believe nothing isn't possible my guess would be u will have a 2 pc rod soon ....9 outta 10 ur gonna lose the fish doesn't make sense...
  43. wii888lo

    Cousins 90j, cousins 270-8h, & cousins 6480

    savon tackle has a 30 percent sales if u buy 2 rod at once for cousin rods
  44. wii888lo

    condolence to the mdr kayaker
  45. wii888lo

    under gunned?

    leave the 400-500 reels home 200-300 rods and walmart has a rod for 9.99 pic isn't me
  46. wii888lo

    Schoolie Rig

    9.99 at walmart will get it done this is bd no pic they call bs so here it is pic isn't me
  47. wii888lo

    Apparently the Thunderbird is for sale for $249k?

    i think it might be a joke rarely boats like that end up on cl usually someone in the industry will scoop it up but i might be wrong
  48. wii888lo

    Local Wahoo??

    we were out last sat -38-40 miles south and something hit the cedar plug took off like a rocket gain some line and took off again unfortunately we never landed it as it almost spool us and was chewed off wahoo crossed our mind as the temp was 78 degrees dam old man with them newell as trolling
  49. wii888lo

    Thinning out the herd Truline, Calstar, Shikari, Jaws

    tks johnathan great guy and very easy to deal with
  50. wii888lo

    Thinning out the herd Truline, Calstar, Shikari, Jaws

    any pic on the trueline very interested sent pm
  51. wii888lo

    Trinidad vs Talica

    there always pro and cons to every reel 2 cent would be a trini 16a if i only have 1 choice then i would add talica 12 after that i would add a talica 20 after that i would add a trini 20a these 4 reels will have u covered yo-yo fly line irons trolling 20-100lb with change of top shots
  52. wii888lo

    Shimano Trinidad DC 16 or 20

    there one for 1 k just listed
  53. wii888lo

    Replacing Rod Tip - Phenix Black Diamond

    its usually 20-30 bucks to replace what i did was went to a tackle shop that carry phenix rods and paid the 45 bucks and walk out with a new one ....depending on model and some shit i forgot it ranges from 45-70
  54. wii888lo


    yes ..ppl who have them rarely sell them if it was a 16dc or especially a 20dc it woulda been gone
  55. wii888lo


    call the cops look like someone try to steal it ...jk my advise to u peter if ur gonna offer him him with a offer like that ... bd is famous for bashing newbie lowballers
  56. wii888lo

    NON - Smokers

    suck it up if its legal ... other suggest that the op get his own boat...hes gonna whine about other pb ...a whiner or a complainer will find anything to target ... i once was in a wfo-3 hrs long - and some ppl complain the gaff was taking too long complain the deckhand didn't tag...
  57. wii888lo

    Catchy tackle 5 day 8/17-8/21 intrepid

    post in the long range n u will get more responds
  58. wii888lo

    Group of VETERANS who want to FISH..

    capt pking from the alicia would be perfect for ur group 858-386-2191
  59. wii888lo

    Educate me on low profile reels ?

    love my tranx n lexa buy a used one and try it 160-200 lexa if u don't like it -sell it back on classified might lose 20-30 bucks if that i do it all the time thinking if i don't like it ill sell it back the whore in me never sold anything back
  60. wii888lo

    Shimano Lucanus and Braid Sea Fox jigs

    u ever come to l.a area ? message u
  61. wii888lo

    Need to get a Phenix rod replaced

    most tackle shop will replace it with the replacement cost or u can always send it ...savon tackle does it too
  62. wii888lo


    got mines today ...tks frank for the 1-day ship
  63. wii888lo

    Has anyone been kicked off a LR boat?

    fresh caught at the asian market ...$3.99 a lb
  64. wii888lo

    phenix phd 760h for yo-yo?

    the xh would be a better fit application for 50-60 lb but if the heavy is what u got- work with it -u will be fine the yellowtail lately are 5-15 lb i don't see it under gun
  65. wii888lo


    hard to find just like livingston
  66. wii888lo


    carolina cat 18ft
  67. wii888lo

    Getting spooled? throw it in with a back up rod!

    sending my stella overboard on poppers one year will never do it again
  68. wii888lo

    Tranx 500 pg w Tib clamp cheap

    super deal i have two or else i would be all over it
  69. wii888lo

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    tks for the great read ....looking forward to reading ur 3.0
  70. wii888lo

    80# Reel Comparison

    i would fish a talica 20 for 80lb
  71. wii888lo

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    tks for the great read again looking forward to the next chapter
  72. wii888lo

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    im glad u posted check 3 times today tks bro for the great read
  73. wii888lo

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2018 15 day Intrepid Report

    i read the first trip last year and now coming back to read the 2.0 love it
  74. wii888lo

    Shimano Tranx 500

    this is a steal if looking at pg
  75. wii888lo

    Fresh frozen Squid ?

    asian store has fresh n frozen ...frozen comes in a box of 3lb or 5lb ...they are good enough for human consumption they pretty good ...we asian eat alotta of it
  76. wii888lo

    2007 Parker 2320 SL with F250

    i have fished on this boat n i can say thats about what it gets 1.3-1.8 average doing 3900-4200 rpm yes u are understanding it right
  77. wii888lo

    How would you pair these rods and reels?

    read the post to the long range forum it will give u an all
  78. wii888lo

    Broken Phenix Rods

    wherever u bought the rod from ...FHS authorized dealer bd or cl at the end of the day its a manufacture rod as long as ur paying it will be replaced getting the fee waived is another thing most tackle that carry the lone will help u with it or u can always send it in
  79. wii888lo

    Broken Phenix Rods

    walk into a tackle shop hand them 50-80 bucks mines was 65 walk out with new rod
  80. wii888lo

    2018 Predictions?

    enjoy it while it still here .they might be gone tmr who knows y would anyone want albacore when u can get blues ever time i jump on a private party most so called fisherman wants limits wait till it becomes normal again n catching 2-3(if that) fish was a great trip
  81. wii888lo

    Tackle bag

    if u ever head out to san gabriel ill take it
  82. wii888lo

    Go to rig 3-5 day trip

    trini 20a with phenix 760h for live bait
  83. wii888lo

    Who like's the Aztec ?

    60 to 130 is recommended ...there are school out there that are 20 lbers and biting 20 lb lines but capt greg said go big or go home trip...these bluefins are many ppl personal best lets do something we will remember
  84. wii888lo

    Who like's the Aztec ?

    boat size has nothing to do with being crowded...till this day ppl don't understand ... i been on boats that had 36 ppl and everyone knew what they were doing and it seems like 15 ppl on the boat ... been on boats that had 15 ppl ...and had 10 tangles or cutoff ... fished like 36 ppl was on it...
  85. wii888lo

    One reel, one rod?

    i love my lexa too and I'm not trying to argue in any ways u yoyo with it? helping the op one rod one reel
  86. wii888lo

    One reel, one rod?

    trini 16 with psw 760 h
  87. wii888lo

    2007 Parker 2320 SL with F250

    i have fish this boat twice and love all the care that tom put in it ....perfect setup .everything is top notch with no money spared ...u can fall asleep on the tower ...
  88. wii888lo

    Black pearl for lobster?

    been on the lobster trips a few times ...boat does leave at noon n get to catalina at around 3ish u roughly 3 hrs of fishing and from 6-9 lobster ...some whitefish and calico n some cods...capt and crew are great complains for me ...the ppl who complains are usually the ppl that...
  89. wii888lo

    Understanding Drag on reels

    most ppl do set their drag on 30 percent -give or take 5 percent- not count backing count flouro 60lb --- 18 lb drag don't worry bout the drag on the reel when u buy it ...all reel nowadays have a lotta drag ...more drag than u can use or ever use... example ...dam lexa 400 have 24...
  90. wii888lo

    Offshore 10/6-10/8 weekend offshore trip and fallen angler

    it is a true fact that some long range boat do throw u down the fish hold depends on the coast guard ... they make the descioin on what to do this case it sounds like the coast guard made a decision on it ....i believe there should be a system that we make sure everyone well being...
  91. wii888lo

    Offshore 10/6-10/8 weekend offshore trip and fallen angler

    tks frank for the pm and also with the info ...his family is being inform as we talk yes i was looking for info as we were not given any due to not being immediate family member ...we fear the worst in this case cause someone got a call and him not answering his cell ....tks guys ...i knew...
  92. wii888lo

    anyone on the pac queen 3 day trip

    tks frank appreciated it
  93. wii888lo

    anyone on the pac queen 3 day trip

    can u send me a link chris so i can share with my buddy
  94. wii888lo

    anyone on the pac queen 3 day trip

    fearing the worst details aren't being release ...
  95. wii888lo

    anyone on the pac queen 3 day trip

    helping a friend to find out what happen .... or if anyone has info plz lmk so i can get it to him tks all
  96. wii888lo

    SCI 10/7 anyone else going?

    tom n i are heading that way on sat
  97. wii888lo

    80lber yt landed at lupe

    pic speaks for itself
  98. wii888lo

    donkey? is it the right term

    40-50lb yt are called toad what u call a 80lb? pics speaks itself was caught at lupe
  99. wii888lo

    Mexican License

    i bought one few days ago
  100. wii888lo

    Braid topshot

    if I'm reading it correctly. What ur trying to say is braid to 50 yards of mono n then 3-4 ft of flouro? a lotta of us do that for stretch and also on party boat its easier to get outta tangles
  101. wii888lo

    Is this an ok combo for socal tuna

    your first set up should be a 30lb set up 20-40 on it adjusting topshot works for most overnight trips unless u going big big bluefin hunting
  102. wii888lo

    2530 Parker - Long Cabin - Dialed in

    what the fuel burn at ? with 170 gallon what would u safely guess the range?
  103. wii888lo

    2530 Parker - Long Cabin - Dialed in

    pic would help ..if u do can u plz load them
  104. wii888lo

    Recommendations for Left Hand Reel

    left hand reel are limited avet or accurate theres someone on here that is selling a sweet priced left hand accurate
  105. wii888lo

    Overnight Charter boat for 10-12 people

    alicia with capt pking out of hmlanding
  106. wii888lo

    Talica 12 ii, what rod?

    phenix black diamond 760 xh is what i have mines on
  107. wii888lo

    Charter Boat Question

    limits or not its is not about the count ...its about the service that these boats provide
  108. wii888lo

    Charter Boat Question

    to answer ur question IMO is what u want to give.Its not in any law or written down anywhere that u are are required to tip 20 percent ....i usually tip 15-25 percent depends on how hard the crew work. Assuming ur trip cost 400, i have seen ppl tip 20 bucks to 100 all up to u...
  109. wii888lo

    Guadalupe Island - What's the deal

    go to the long range section and u will find what u need
  110. wii888lo

    Help Outfitting New Boat

    give me a ring sometimes n invite me to go fish with u tom.
  111. wii888lo

    Help Outfitting New Boat

    like i told tom before and I'm sure he can tell u the 4 setup u must have for any trip these 4 setup will do all that u need when u have more fundings add on trini 16 n 20 talica 12ii n 20ii flyline bait to slinging jigs to dropper looper to yoyo to trolling .just change topshot as u go...
  112. wii888lo

    number 26 is an idiot

    how will it harm us ...illegal is illegal ...
  113. wii888lo

    number 26 is an idiot

    number 26 on the excel is an complete idiot ...selling fish at the asian market $3.99 a lb won't be enough for the ticket
  114. wii888lo

    Eclipse Sportgishing

    don't hold me responsible but i think the new owners are willing to work stuff out...thier new website are accepting packages . i would call n ask eric
  115. wii888lo

    Deckhand salary

    smh u guys are crazy personal friends with a few deckhand and they are under pay ....ppl at mc donalds get more than them ...yes if u are doing the math ill break it down to u ... even at 175 a day plus tip n fillet they never get more than 500 bucks .... let do some reality math...
  116. wii888lo

    Newbie needs much advice for SF Bay fishing

    rick u really don't need braid in the bay ..lived there most of my life 30 plus years and still drive there twice a month......load it up with 20-30 lb mono n u are set nothing in the bay gonna is gonna spool u --except a ray - fish with what u have ...i grew up fishing 40 dollar set up...
  117. wii888lo

    Flat fall set up

    some of the early shimano flat falls has the 2x strong hooks on them n they were design to hook cods(5-20lb fish)....we were using it for they use the 4x hooks which is stronger ..
  118. wii888lo


    both the 12 and 16 will be perfect ...i have both but tend to pick up the 16 more on live bait n long soak ...
  119. wii888lo

    Phenix PSW 909XHJ - why so damn hard to find

    not affiliated but saw it
  120. wii888lo


    plenty of great boats in socal.... u just gotta try each one by itself 4am -7pm isn't consider an overnight trip like u said depends what u wanna target ...
  121. wii888lo

    OutRider overnight trip 4/23

    outrider is a fishy boat and the crew works hard sponored trips are usually a rep from a company ---pro staff- will be fishing with u guys and show casing their brand.. most of the time they will pass out swag .-t-shirts-hats and stickers .. sometimes they will give away rods for jackpot
  122. wii888lo

    Phenix PSW 909XHJ - why so damn hard to find

    do urself a favor and pull on the axis 909j greg i like it better
  123. wii888lo

    What am I missing?

    i have a 8ft rod on it ....was intended to use it for i use it for live bait...bait runner is good ....
  124. wii888lo

    What am I missing?

    get the 40ld2 in if it was up to me i have a thunnis 8000 and loaded it with 50 lb braid n caught fish up to 70lbs.. do not underestimate the thunnis ...
  125. wii888lo

    What am I missing?

    this is what i bring most trip n hopefully this will help u trini 14a -50lb braid 16a-65 braid talica 12ii -65 braid 20ii-100 braid this 4 reel will cover u from 20lb to 100lb surface ,yoyo,live bait ,flat fall and even trolling setup top shot according to deckhand recommendation
  126. wii888lo

    25 people rescued from sinking boat off San Clemente Island

    25 people rescued from sinking boat off San Clemente Island glad they are all safe
  127. wii888lo

    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 15 day Intrepid Report

    thank u nebraska for the wonderful read ...enjoyed every single moment of it ... hope u get out on the water soon so i can read ur next trip.... i will buy ur book of fishing adventures if u ever written one ...
  128. wii888lo

    SKB TACKLE BOX for air travel

    the rod holder does comes out with 2 screw each...they are prefab so its no big deal ...side note...only the box is lifetime...the rod holder isn't ...u can always recut a pvc pipe n replace it and wrap it with alotta stickers or pay 59.99 for 4 new ones
  129. wii888lo

    SKB TACKLE BOX for air travel

    don't worry about the box ...lifetime warranty on it ...skb is local in orange county ...thier customer service is top notch..had mines replace without even sending mines in ....took a few pics and it was overnight to me the next day...
  130. wii888lo

    Tackle shop bitch...

    any goo gone from home depot ..its a few bucks ..they don't smell like flavor ...u can probably use it for 500-600 jigs
  131. wii888lo

    jig box thought i share

    i am no way affiliate with the company ...thought i share what i saw
  132. wii888lo

    Replacing a fixed hook on an iron

    tks for the info too
  133. wii888lo

    Replacing a fixed hook on an iron

    most surface iron use 4/0 treble some ppl like bigger n use the 5/0 ..... if u ever come to sgv i have some n also have rings also i can give u ....all u gotta do is weld it urself or a weld shop does it for .75
  134. wii888lo

    Anybody trips going out in March weekends? 976 canceled their 2 day

    pm replied maybe ill join u on one of those trip ..always enjoy sharing a rail with bd bros
  135. wii888lo

    Anybody trips going out in March weekends? 976 canceled their 2 day

    the eclipse is schedule to run from berth 55 in march
  136. wii888lo

    Fall 7 Day on the AA

    a tranx 300-400 would be a sweet reel to add... 20-30lb reel ...or a trini 16 if u wanna save money bring a bass setup for 20-25lb
  137. wii888lo

    bluefin at the colonet

    eclipse caught a 15lber out at the colonet today sure we will see pic after they come back tmr ... hope this season is as good as the last few years
  138. wii888lo

    2 1/2 Day On the Fortune

    its a colonet trip .... 40-50lb yoyo 30lb rodcod reports on surface bites 40lb to sling reports seeing bluefins 60lb if i was on that trip i would take this trini 16 with 50lb braid trini 20 with 65lb braid talica 12ii with 65lb braid talica 20ii with 100lb braid these 4 reels will...
  139. wii888lo

    Yoyo & Surface Irons...?

    chris is 100 percent on the money ....aluminum is surface n zinc is yoyo
  140. wii888lo

    Long Range Fishing Questions

    hope this helps ...this is the 4 setup i bring on ... trini 16a trini 20a talica 12ii talica 20ii load it up to braid n change topshot .....20-80lb flouro flyline to yoyo to surface ....trolling everything covered ...just listen to the deckhand
  141. wii888lo

    How many Rods do you need?

    im a whore and have over 15 setup myself but after so many trips i realize the 4 most used setup is this 4 and i tried taking it on a 7 days (exclude lupe) and its fine trini 16a trini 20a talica 12ii talica 20ii change topshot as needed and u are fine this 4 reel will handle anything that...
  142. wii888lo

    Talica 50 2speed Experience

    i have one myself and i have to say mikira was a better fit for the cow ....for half the price also ... 200 hollow with 130 floro
  143. wii888lo

    A reel for the wifey!!

    lexa 300
  144. wii888lo

    Freedom 1.5 day Tuna reel limits

    tks for the report .... glad u did decent out there ....
  145. wii888lo

    Freedom 1.5 day Tuna reel limits

    go straight braid to flouro ....bypass the mono .....i was using my talica 20ii with 100lb braid to 80lb flouro...give us a report when u get back great to hear how u did ....heard the fleet didn't do that good with the bad weather n closed mouth blue
  146. wii888lo

    Bluefin Math

    like i said no math genius ..last 2 trip ...1st one i landed one sawed off 3 times ...... 2 nd trip i landed 2 then i hook n pass one off went for my backup rod hook again n pass off again ...the 2 passes ended up with one decked and the 2nd fish was lost due to old man...
  147. wii888lo

    Freedom 1.5 day Tuna reel limits

    bring plenty of sinkers 6-8 oz ( don't forget the rubber band ) 1-3oz of glow n plenty of hooks .....u don't want to be stuck without it as been sawed off by others ....what i did out there was button down my drag n bring it in asap ...15-30 mins ...others were taking their time due to not...
  148. wii888lo

    Bluefin Math

    no math magician here but i can tell u the odds of catching one(nov) is better now than it was 6 months ago(april-may) when the whole boat have 3(popper) ......or the whole boat skunk .
  149. wii888lo

    Freedom 1.5 day Tuna reel limits

    with the gear u have and the new added talica and mikira ......ur next trip should be lupe bro and plz give us a report
  150. wii888lo

    Freedom 1.5 day Tuna reel limits

    john ur talica 20 ii is a 100 spectra reel ... i load my talica 16 with 80lb spectra 60-80 topshot load talica 20ii with 100 lb spectra n fish 80-100 this might sound crazy but i do this all the time ... even with 80lb spectra on a reel i use 100lb topshot :) the talica 20...
  151. wii888lo

    Freedom 1.5 day Tuna reel limits

    hope u didn't pick up the talica 25ii..... kind of overkill ...a 16ii is perfect for 60lb-80lb and the 20ii is perfect for the very familiar with shimano as they do their job(have 10 of them ) .....there is a better reel for these bluefin with the same price range mikira 20sea...
  152. wii888lo

    Freedom 1.5 day Tuna reel limits

    they came in with 42 of them today .....60-110lb fishes this is what i would bring 2-60lb setup 2-80lb setup heard they were not line shy u are overthinking ..relax ...this is what i do listen to deckhand as it changes everyday they know he best and change topshot as needed ......spectra...
  153. wii888lo

    Old Glory or New Lo-an ?

    imo old glory --bottom -mid shelf new lo-ann ---top shelf can't compare these two
  154. wii888lo

    Braid/topshot pairing, need help

    50 lb braid for 20-30 65lb braid for 40-50 80lb braid for 60
  155. wii888lo

    Fred Hall Show; SD vs LB?

    long beach fred hall show is way better than the del mar (sd) bigger n more selection del mar smaller and leftovers
  156. wii888lo

    Guadalupe Rod for a 14 year old

    phenix 700xh
  157. wii888lo

    Guadalupe Rod for a 14 year old

    its a different game at lupe ...u really want a 80lb setup ....i use a talica 20 with a phenix hybrid 700x2 ...with this setup i can u 60-100lb but 80lb is what i use it for
  158. wii888lo


    believe it or not ...more than 80 percent of everything u use in general is made in china .....
  159. wii888lo

    what LB test for BFT flat fall

    60lb is what i fish it with ....imo u can fish 80lb if ur reel holds that much line ....flatfall is a reaction bite ...not a line shy thing ....
  160. wii888lo

    Shimano Talica 10 or 12?

    love my talica 12 do u have any trini? 20a is good choice for 40lb setup also
  161. wii888lo

    Which reel for surface iron

  162. wii888lo

    What reel for Phenix 809XH hybrid

  163. wii888lo

    Backup rigs

    the bite at clemente was a tab different in our local waters ....yes on long range u will see ppl using heavy line 100lb n get bite ....while the blues were here ..they were really really line shy ...u either had to fight them on 40-50lb line or wouldn't get a bite ......face with that senerio...
  164. wii888lo

    Backup rigs

    its not a thousand dollar setup but it was still like 600 :)
  165. wii888lo

    Backup rigs

    there u go happened not too long ago on clemente not to long ago this season fighting 150lb plus bluefin
  166. wii888lo

    Was my rod/reel combo outclassed?

    im gonna share an experience with u that i encounter years ago but i didn't take pics but i took pics this year ....we were chasing big blue on clemente and do u know what ur options are when u about to get spooled? lol 1 is let it spool u and second is this ....send the back up...
  167. wii888lo

    Was my rod/reel combo outclassed?

    the avet raptor n talica are similar in price u can get a nib in classified for 400-430 there are 2 spd reel u can get that will work for the same price u paid for the toruim daiwa saltist ld2 are an example(250 or so bnib) this is my 4 i bring on any trip talica 12 ii with phenix 700xh...
  168. wii888lo

    Was my rod/reel combo outclassed?

    spec wise u are not under gunned ...max drag at 24 lb rod at 40-80 IMO spec-capability and reality are different use the right setup that u can fish all day with ease (landing back to back to back )and not wear u out i would say ur setup is a solid 40 are there better option and not get...
  169. wii888lo

    Open Invite Free Mission Bay, Kelp, and Local Banks fishing for strangers

    amazing bro ...just for that ....i hope u limit out every trip ....
  170. wii888lo

    Offshore New Blood!!!

    welcome to bd bro ...theres a ho list u can hit up and also u may want to give a shout out to see if anybody wanna buddy boat ....
  171. wii888lo

    weekend trip

    get em .... i will be doing a reverse trip like u this weekend ....i have family in bay ...and a boat up there ....lucky i don't have to tow but will still take 6 hrs from l.a ....going to the farllon thinking its gonna take u 10 hrs to tow it ....
  172. wii888lo

    weekend trip

    yes has never been better the last few weeks ...with the big bluefins biting local water and the schoolies of yellowfins of football to 50lbs ....and some surface forks ... from what we are predicting ...its gonna be a while for el nino and the last few years of fishing to stay...
  173. wii888lo

    First time on the Constitution

    capt keith --very fishy deckhand seth n hunter (capt son ) are very helpful is bunks not stateroom....the layout is different from other boats far as rods storage wise ---i don't like it ....plenty of holders but all of it gotta lay slanted ...ur 8ft plus rods won't like it...
  174. wii888lo

    40-60lb reel

    shimano is a tab higher priced than most company time u jump on a boat ...look at what other ppl are using ...if i have to guess more than 50 percent of the members here on bd have a trini or a talica
  175. wii888lo

    40-60lb reel

    the talica 12ii imo is well worth it ...the mikira ,talica and avets raptors always get compared .... have u ever own a trini? trini is one of the most expensive star reel out there ...the talica is almost the same but 2 speed .... next time u go fishing ,make a few buddy on the boat...
  176. wii888lo

    40-60lb reel

    talica 12ii is what i use u should look at that while comparing okuma ,avet n shimano
  177. wii888lo

    Line Configuration

    I'm using braid to mono to fluoro 50 ft of mono 5-6 ft of fluoro RP knot from braid to mono n from mono to fluoro ..i don't know what knot it is called but if u tie it right there will be a 8 ....before u tighten it .....using mono so it can have some stretch as these blue...
  178. wii888lo

    Line Configuration

    u are fine most bft are caught using 40-60lb i would use 60-80 if doing flat fall or colt sniper ....get ready for a fight ....
  179. wii888lo


    if u are looking for ping own the alica out of hm landing
  180. wii888lo

    YOYO/Surface Iron techniques

    surface iron are for fishes in the surface .....boils and patties and sonar mark on top yoyo are for different water column the farther down it is.. the heavier is needed ...if they are at the bottom ..6x n 7x middle 6x jr hope this helps a bit ...but listen to the captain...
  181. wii888lo


    my intention is not to bash realistic wrap by any means ....they are just stick on ...there isn't a finish to protect it and over times salt water will make the sticker float off .... yes I'm a pro staff of bait wraps and i am in no way trying to sell a fisherman sharing my 2...
  182. wii888lo

    Tackle Recommendations

    just got back from a 2 day ... no poppers are needed ....what u need to bring is a few flat falls ...surface iron and a baitstick......they are schoolies of 8-20lb yft and some 8-25lb forks on patty .....saw the whole fleet out there from overnight to 3.5 days there was a parking lot
  183. wii888lo

    Sponsored trips

    i am a pro staff of bait wraps ..i do alotta trips with the commander and the eclipse ...the last trip i did with commander ....we did a double sponsor bait wraps and big fish bait n tackle ...bait wraps gave a choice of 2 jigs per (surface ,yoyo or flat fall ...big fish supply everyone...
  184. wii888lo

    Jigs and Poppers Advice

    scott go to fishing chit chat u will get a better of right now they are finding fish on paddies line ,surface irons are working halco 195 flat falls 120-160-200
  185. wii888lo

    What Size and Type Leader For Flat Falls?

    i always fish the heaviest i can get away with ....instead of a mono top i use a short 3-7 ft of fluoro straight to braid the more connection the more chances of failure ... i fish 80 then drop down if needed .... on flat fall its a reaction bite its not a line shy thing ....
  186. wii888lo

    Yoyo set up advice

    i use the phenix psw700h and psw 700xh
  187. wii888lo

    F/S Brand new Shimano Stella 20000.SW

    if nobody on top of me take in i will live in socal but do go back to the bay twice a month or i can have my buddies pick it up for me
  188. wii888lo

    san deigo bait question?

    tks to all appreciate the help tight lines and gl to all
  189. wii888lo

    san deigo bait question?

    haven't been out to san deigo for a few months only been fishing out of long beach n ventura going there for this weekend 2 day trip what kind of bait do this have at this moment squid or fin bait so i know what to pack for hooks tks all
  190. wii888lo

    had to share

    all it need is a grill n it is set to go
  191. wii888lo

    Seeker 2 x 4 vs. Phenix or Calstar

    i personally fish phenix n shimano only but i did the mistake that most of us will do ...they are perfect reel n rod but they are only good to a certain ....example will be the phenix 700x2h n up class isn't comparable to seeker 2x4 ... same as talica 25 ii isn't the same as a mikira...
  192. wii888lo

    Rpt.-Thur. 05-05-16 Tuna and Tail on the Eclipse.

    tks for the report cory ...great fishing with u and i didn't know u were from diamond bar ...knowing that we can carpool ...holler at me next time u go fishing .
  193. wii888lo

    Which United Composite rod fishing 40 lb test w/ Talica 8 2 speed?

    imo i won't use a talica 8ii for 40-50lb setup not saying that reel isn't capable but to be its a 20-30lb reel ....
  194. wii888lo

    What Reel Would You Use For This Application

    very rare u will hang a 150 plus tuna within 60 miles has been decked but rare .. we were assuming u were going long range .....ur 20-60 setup is pretty much what u need ...even 80lb at lupe will do it ....
  195. wii888lo

    Eclipse overnight 5-04

    tks guys great to meet u mike n mark will see u guys again on the rain
  196. wii888lo

    What Reel Would You Use For This Application

    mak20sea /mak 30 will do the job ....pair it with a seeker 2x4 the talica 25 is a great reel but the gear ratio isn't right imo talica low gear 2.3 mak low gear 1.3 big difference
  197. wii888lo

    Eclipse overnight 5-04

    yes its a go ..tks to u all we are gonna fish a light load ....mike n mark u guys want surface or yoyo jigs lmk and what size ...u guys are bd members n bros i will grab ur choice of jig
  198. wii888lo

    Eclipse overnight 5-04

    hope this trip go ...i would be happy to meet u mike and mark ..
  199. wii888lo

    Eclipse overnight 5-04

    Fishing the Coronado Islands/Baja coast
  200. wii888lo

    Eclipse overnight 5-04

    1 day overnight trip for $205 12 needed to leave the dock boat fishes 28 4 booked need 8 more to go baitwraps will have jigs to give away grab ur rods and stop internet fishing forks n possible fins trips Fishing the Coronado Islands/Baja coast to book...
  201. wii888lo

    Phenix rods, what reels? (808mh 809h 700h)

    lexa 300-400 n a talica 12 ii or trini 12-14-16 will work also ...plenty of choices mix n match anyways u like it its alls preference
  202. wii888lo

    sunday day at the docks..I gotta vent

    made my day me till the end
  203. wii888lo

    Offshore 60 Mile bank 4/17

    the eclipse was there fishing sat ..they landed 2 fish also mark a shit load but didn't want to play ...the wind musta turned it to shit some days are better than others good luck next time
  204. wii888lo

    Free Shimano Tackle Bag

    216 n good luck to ur daughter ill share the fb link on fb and have ppl like it
  205. wii888lo

    If You Could Only Use 1 Reel

    if i can only bring 1 reel it will be the trini 16a .....can fly line ,surface irons to yoyo ....
  206. wii888lo

    If you can only have 5 rods

    i only use 4 rod for trips even up to 7 days .... trini 16a with psw 809h trini 20a with psw 809xhj talica 12ii with psw 700xh talica 20ii with phd 700x2 what can't u do with this 4 set up jerr say I'm a whore too n have way more than that ....
  207. wii888lo


    welcome to bd bill i have met great ppl here with great info n willing to help ...if u need any help u can always pm me ....
  208. wii888lo

    Help choose Phenix rod for Shimano Thunnus 8000

    don't even be scared to go 809h ...
  209. wii888lo

    Eclipse or Prowler

    i haven't looked at my schedule yet ...eclipse is always a great boat to fish any days tom i don't know what my plans are yet as i am expecting a kid around that timeframe ...a great boat also to get on is the commander out of long beach
  210. wii888lo

    Eclipse or Prowler

    eclipse ....i fish that boat probally 20-30 times a year ...capt mark n adam is great n so is the crew ....big bunks and free parking ....was on it last week for 2-1/2 days at colonett ....
  211. wii888lo

    April 1st weekend

    colonett bring surface irons too i was on the eclipse last weekend caught 4 on yoyo and 5 on surface irons ...farmed 4 lost 3 to seal ....
  212. wii888lo

    WTB Phenix Hybrid PHD 700X3H

    hi tim .. not to offend at all but that rod u looking for isn't ideal for a talica 16 ....i don't know what u are fishing for n not knowing how u set it up ..... the ideal rod for a talica 16 in phenix is a xh ...yes talica are killer reels but imo its a 60 pound set up 80lb is top end...
  213. wii888lo

    WTB Phenix Hybrid PHD 700X3H

    there was one here a few days ago it was used 1 time and it was for 325 or 350 n he's in san deigo too his name was Randy 619-788-2428
  214. wii888lo

    20% Discount -- Good deal?

    imo that 20 percent isn't a good deal ....cause u are really getting 10 percent after tax ..... u can pretty much walk in any local mom n pops store n give u 10 percent no tax if u paid cash .....anyways jigging world n pelagic once a while give 20 percent off with no tax n free shipping...
  215. wii888lo

    809xhj vs 909xhj

    i use the 809 new school old school folks use the 909 they always say the longer rod the farther it will cast ...its true but nowadays with the new reels to pair it will cast as far ....i pair mines with a trini 16a n its one of my fav setup for bait or jigs
  216. wii888lo

    Best Tackle for Punta Colonet

    this SR or XL Kracken by bait wrap will get u forks ....which is a 6x n 7x .....
  217. wii888lo

    Shimano reel cost going up?

    i don't work for shimano but i can tell u this everything in life went up except for salaries rent n cost don't be surprise at all import export taxes building cost matinee cost workers comp so don't be shock at all
  218. wii888lo

    Hop on charge?

    if they don't know what is expected on ur boat then they don't need to go ...take their ass on a cattle boat for 145 .... :) then they will be happy to pay 40-100 bucks on expense n fishing 3-4 ppl 40-100 is because if the fish is close or we have to make a run n burn more fuel ....n...
  219. wii888lo

    Hop on charge?

    legally u can't charge ....unless u have a license ...but help with cost is the term ppl use ..... most ppl split the cost evenly with gas,bait,launch fee and ice ...and they stick around to help clean the boat .... what i do when i jump on my buddies is whoever owns the boat pays nothing...
  220. wii888lo

    2.5 Day Colonet / San Martin on The Pacific Voyager

    tks shon u guys have fun and hope u guys slay em
  221. wii888lo

    2.5 Day Colonet / San Martin on The Pacific Voyager

    what is wrong with my post steve ? care to share ? not trying to start anything but plz do share if i did wrong ...
  222. wii888lo

    New guy here: tuna videos included

    great vids hope it continue on this year ...the weather looks great as we talk ...welcome aboard
  223. wii888lo

    Ready for second set!? rod advice?

    i don't know anything about the saltiga as I'm a shimano user the thorium does the same thing ...maybe u can check that out old model goes for 100 or so used the new ones are 200 somewhere here n there
  224. wii888lo

    Old Glory

    i hate 3/4 day boats due to it being a cattle boat ....but i rather do that than ride the old glory .....its just my 2 cent ...if u do have a tab more time ...the 1-1/2 day doing colonett is a way better trip and the eclipse,chief ,pac queen is my recommendation
  225. wii888lo

    Ready for second set!? rod advice?

    yes a talica 12 can handle 40-50 yoyo and baitfish with ease just have 65lb braid on n u are set ... my most used setup is a trini 16a second is a trini 20a third is a talica 12 those are the 3 setup i usually bring on any trip ...if bluefins are around ill bring the talica 20...
  226. wii888lo

    2-5 day trip set up ???

    the braid selection is perfect is the rods ....i use the same exact rods ...i have a tab more reels n i have the 760.......some ppl prefer the 909 also but 8ft is more than enough to toss bait and surface .....i bring my own chair for trolling with a beer holder ... :) with some...
  227. wii888lo

    2-5 day trip set up ???

    i also have a talica 50ii just in case which i bought and it just sits there and get boat rashes ....
  228. wii888lo

    2-5 day trip set up ???

    hi tom great that u traded the 4 talica 10ii u really don't need 4 talica 10ii ...what u have in my opinon looks good that 6 reel does everything u will need ...from live bait to surface iron to yoyo to dropper looper to wahoo bomb ...yes u are short a trolling but why waste money on...
  229. wii888lo

    Talica 10 2 speed and phenix psw 760 h

    what u want for the rod? may i ask?
  230. wii888lo

    talica 10ii good enough for colonel?

    tks for the replies he does have 65 braids on ....hes new to the game and last year was his first season and we were lucky to have el nino and the talica 10 was perfect for the one set up for what he was doing ... he's kinda tight with the property tax and the holidays that just past...
  231. wii888lo

    talica 10ii good enough for colonel?

    a neighbor of mines just started fishing after he saw me with so many fishes last year ...he only have 1 set-up and its a talica 10ii with a phenix psw 700h he's planning on a 1-1/2 day colonett will he be under gunned? with 40lb topshot? i personally use a talica 12ii and psw...
  232. wii888lo

    Phenix PSW-809H

    thats the rod u been looking for theresa ....and the right price ....hope to fish with u again :)
  233. wii888lo


    the 10 days are the best deal for 1250 the 5 days which were 750 isn't that big of a deal .....hope to share a rail with u brothers
  234. wii888lo


    the pricing on it is right ...yes u add mexican fishing license and do not include meal which is 50 bucks a day ...u can also use it on the sister boat ...the commander and get ur money well worth it ....where can u fish a overnight for 125 ....there are plenty of open party on it ....and it...
  235. wii888lo


    tom is right ...not only is the drag different ...the 2 reel are different class talica are made in sets the 8 and 10 are similar but the 10 is a bit wider for cap just like the 12 and 16 20 and 25 are same class ....dont get me wrong u can land a 100 plus pound fish with the...
  236. wii888lo

    3 reel lot for sale

    them unicorns are sweet free bump
  237. wii888lo

    houston we have a small problem

    captain said throw ur line in so we land another one on starboard side to balance the boat out :)
  238. wii888lo

    houston we have a small problem

  239. wii888lo

    wtb Shimano Talica 20 -new or similar cond.

    i have a brand new unopened one sitting in my garage it was a backup to my talica 20ii...bought 2 of them i used one and the other one is just sitting there ..paid 660 including tax but i know i won't get that ...offer me ....
  240. wii888lo

    Knots or Crimps for 80lbs to 130lbs fluro-leaders to attach hooks

    i agree with dave 100 percent but most will tell u crimp at 100 is what the old folks are telling me ... them old folks kinda did everything for me ...bring ur idk face with u and there will be plenty of ppl that is willing to help ....the cocky ones that knows it all usually ppl stay away from...
  241. wii888lo

    Knots or Crimps for 80lbs to 130lbs fluro-leaders to attach hooks

    u will have plenty of time on the boat to figure this one out ...look what others are doing ..most will tell u crimp if u are doing cow tunas ...but there are a few will lean the other way .....the cows are out there defintely on a 15 day trip get em n post pics cause it will be ur personal best
  242. wii888lo

    LNIB Talica 20II

    i was figuring that he was selling his reel...he might be selling his rod also ....that was one smoking deal ...too bad i bought one I'm looking for a phenix rod to go with it
  243. wii888lo

    LNIB Talica 20II

    someone scored for that price unheard of deals lately ...what rod did u pair it with? is it a phenix? if so lmk
  244. wii888lo

    LNIB Talica 20II

    i know someone looking for that reel n he will buy it viper tom
  245. wii888lo

    Talica 25 gently used 550 SOLD

    with no disrespect by any means ... if i was gonna buy something i would use paypal...and also i would like to see what I'm buying pics,pics,pics ...i was always told no money gram and stuff like that .... wouldn't u like to see the condition of it ....
  246. wii888lo

    Talica 25 gently used 550 SOLD

    not to mean any disrespect at all .....something smell fishy ...joined today and western union or money gram ....i apologize if I'm wrong ...
  247. wii888lo

    would you go all Talica II or have some Trinidad in the mix.

    ur braid selection looks good but i think they make 80 not 85 i personally would get rid of the tac 16 n get the 20 and what are u using the tac 10 for ? if u are using it for a 20lb -30lb set up u don't need a 2 speed ...i would use the trini 14a for that ...its all a preference...
  248. wii888lo

    Bottom fishing/yoyo Phenix rod?

    the psw 700xh works perfectly fine with it ....the phd is a bit stiffer ...nothing on the bottom on yoyo is gonna break that rod....its perfect if u ask me ...its rated 30-80 i believe ....y waste the extra 100 if u don't need to ...overkill regardless
  249. wii888lo

    Looking to drop Santa hints for XMAS

    any xh rod will do i personally pair it with a phenix 700xh ..... some ppl prefer 760xh cousin and cal star are great rods too its a preference
  250. wii888lo

    Looking to drop Santa hints for XMAS

    long range? how many days are we talking bout? u should add a 50-60lb setup just in case u hit some good grade tuna ....i use a talica 12 ii maybe u can step up to a talica 16ii ...since u have a cedros 12s u will be set for any trip up to 3-1/2 days ....u might get away with it for 5...
  251. wii888lo

    fishing depth ?

  252. wii888lo

    Calstar 7400 xh too much for Talica 16ii?

    i have 80lb spectra on mines and using phenix 700xh ....i mainly use it for yoyo 50-60 topshot depends on the fight and if 60lb for yft-bft
  253. wii888lo

    WTB: Jig Bag...Shimano or whatever.

    big fish in seal beach ...tell them ricky from bait wraps sent u .....ask for rada...hes the owner....i will personally be there to on the 19th ...and if u let me know ...i will set it aside for u or i can set it up where u may get a small discount .... always good to hook bd members up...
  254. wii888lo

    WTB: Jig Bag...Shimano or whatever.

    there a few shop that still have the shimano ones .....they run 50 bucks for small n 70 for medium of the tackle shop i know has it and they are doing 10-20 percent on it on the 19th sale ....
  255. wii888lo

    WTB: Shimano Evair Deckboots size 10

    u miss the sale on po they had it for 53 bucks shipped
  256. wii888lo

    star vs lever for yoyo?

    i never have any issue with my reels ...i break it down when I'm done fishing and finish it off right away n wipe it down before i put it in my reel bag ....when i get home i rerinse again and wipe down again ...end of season it get service ....yes salt do kill alotta stuff but proper care and...
  257. wii888lo

    star vs lever for yoyo?

    a talica 12ii vs a trini 20a ....i was thinking of adding another back up reel for yoyo..i been using a talica 12ii and have trini 16a but never used the trini for yoyo ....the trini was mainly used for casting surface or sometimes live bait ..... my question is would u use a trini for yoyo...
  258. wii888lo

    The Longfin

    lol the long fins is of course open partner delivered 500 plus jigs there today ...its black friday ...everybody is busy
  259. wii888lo

    Yellowtail Jig Recommendations

    a set of these will do the trick .....and depends how deep ....
  260. wii888lo

    4 Fisherman Rescued off LB

    glad they made it home for the turkey ....
  261. wii888lo

    Delete please.

    happy tksgiving to this loving forum
  262. wii888lo

    Calstar 765L reel options 60#

    i use shimano ...talica 12 or 16 will do perfect ...lean more on the 16 side just in case u do long range and calls for 80lb
  263. wii888lo

    Shimano trinidad 20DC MSRP?

    tks john for clearing it up on which parts ....i did recall it was something .....didnt know exactly what
  264. wii888lo

    Shimano trinidad 20DC MSRP?

    don't get me wrong the trini dc model are a great reel but theres something to keep in mind ...the dc part if i recall ...shimano doesn't make parts for it anymore what I'm trying to say is the might not find parts if needed ...i might be wrong but I'm recalling
  265. wii888lo

    Shimano trinidad 20DC MSRP?

    yes the trini dc are 700 plus ...the one without dc were almost 500 ....
  266. wii888lo

    Yellowtail Help!

    instead of asking where to go y don't u try using the buddy boat system ...or invite a ho that owns a boat n have already stored their boat away thinking the season is over ...tell them this ...bring gas money and if we catch fish i will refund u gas money ...scratch one back is like scratching...
  267. wii888lo

    Shimano Talica 20ii

    tks lam in no rush too but if a deal comes up i won't hesitate especially now ....there are alotta great deals cause slow season...expect to pay 10-15 percent more if the season was on bump for the great deal ....
  268. wii888lo

    Shimano Talica 20ii

    u beat me to it lam looking for a 25 also :)
  269. wii888lo

    shimano evair or xtratuff?

    u just solve my issue gerry ....i will buy both ...all fisherman are hoarders and we always buy stuff we don't need or use as much ..but using the xtratuf for fishing and evair for after shower is perfect .....or i can switch off .....tks for all the great input from u all ....
  270. wii888lo

    shimano evair or xtratuff?

    imo i just think the xtratuff doesn't breathe as good as the shimano...but the shimano may get wet feets ....i know both are great boots ..tks for all the great inputs
  271. wii888lo

    shimano evair or xtratuff?

    tks john n alex ....i will check out the lacrosse also ...
  272. wii888lo

    shimano evair or xtratuff?

    which one is a better boot?
  273. wii888lo

    Reels : trinidad, mxj raptor, talica 10ii, andro 5iia

    wow great prices these will fly so quick just let them wake up ...glws
  274. wii888lo

    would you go all Talica II or have some Trinidad in the mix.

    a perfect example for u will be like this ....i load my 12 talica with 65lb spectra and load my 16 with 80....spectra is thicker on the 80 plus ur mono will be thicker so u want the line cap to hold the same .. ..some ppl want 50-100yards mono on there n then 5-8 ft floura ...i don't do that...
  275. wii888lo

    would you go all Talica II or have some Trinidad in the mix.

    all i will add is a to that is a tiagra 30wlrsa and a 50wlrsa for long range .....u are set anything more its gonna sit in garage and collect dust .....or a mikra 30sea and a 50 sea but seems like u are a shimano fan .....the 10 setup i said will go any amout of trip even the 15 days ....i...
  276. wii888lo

    FS Talica 16 and MXL two speeds

    next in line if access doesn't come thru
  277. wii888lo

    would you go all Talica II or have some Trinidad in the mix.

    what do u use the 3 talica 16 for ?
  278. wii888lo

    would you go all Talica II or have some Trinidad in the mix.

    all u really need is a talica 12 and 20 and trini 14 and a 16 ....that will cover ur 3-5 days trip ...adjust topshop depends on what u target for the day if needed .....overkill with 8 reels imo... what do i know last 3-1/2 day trip ...someone brought 6 spinning set up 7 star drag...
  279. wii888lo

    Cedros Aventures or Cedros Outdoor Adventures ?

    baitwraps is doing one with baja fishing convoys ...if u wanna join us
  280. wii888lo

    San Diego trip

    what day are u thinking....baitwraps and bombers has a 1-1/2 day trip fishing the tanner or cortez there will be a free jig for everyone ...i don't know what bombers are giving away but they are giving stuff away ...... that boat will fill up...
  281. wii888lo

    Bait tank and jig box

    that jig box will be gone once everyone wakes up glws
  282. wii888lo

    San Diego trip

    new lo-an
  283. wii888lo


    nice meeting u
  284. wii888lo

    Bait wrap lures

    baitwraps is hitting tackles stores soon here is a some of the jigs we have .....we carry 11 different jigs from surface to yoyo ...we are currently doing 10 images ...they are limited supply as we can't keep up production ......
  285. wii888lo


  286. wii888lo

    Seal gets an e-ticket

    great vid ...i give it a 10 plus also
  287. wii888lo

    Planning a vacation for next year best places to fish?

    can't go wrong with florida or alaska ....i have never been to alaska but heard good about it
  288. wii888lo

    Offshore What would you do?

    i will always share a patty ....theres been time where ppl have lead us to or wave us in and save the skunk for the day ....
  289. wii888lo

    What would you have done ?

    hate to do it but i would left him at the dock .... he had 3-4 months advanced notice....if we all stand by it ...and words get out ppl won't blame the charter master ...and we will never have this discussion again passport,no go ....period ...
  290. wii888lo

    December bite outlook.

    homeguard tails are always around ...
  291. wii888lo

    662.2 pound blue marlin captured off San Diego

    epic great catch doesn't even describe it
  292. wii888lo

    Limit fishing on Yt. ""Who did it"""???? PATHETIC!!!

    the captain or deckhand should never allow this ...i want to be able to take my future kids and grandkids out fishing ....heres another pic of the quote from sarah
  293. wii888lo

    Albackore Tackle Fanny Pack

    yes we are still juggling and trying to stock up before we hit tackle shop i have ur card and ur contact ...i will also make a few jigs for ur boss boat ...we will definitely get together n get a rack to showcase our stuff ...i need a display for the fred hall show too ....will contact u...
  294. wii888lo

    Line Winder Use in San Gabriel Valley

    richard tackle in rosemead will spool it for a 5 buck fee .....i had them spool on 600 yards of 130 lb jb on my talica 50
  295. wii888lo

    Newport yellowtail - 3 generations

    sometimes its not about catching the biggest fish its spending value time like this ...that smile on ur son face is all worth it ..
  296. wii888lo

    October 5 day what are they chasing ? wahoooooo..... like i said due to the water being so warm and we had a splash of big 100 plus bluefins u might never know whats in range...
  297. wii888lo

    Talica for sale

    tks for the share
  298. wii888lo

    October 5 day

  299. wii888lo

    October 5 day

    its a little different this year as with the water being so warmed....
  300. wii888lo

    October 5 day

    red rooster ,indy ,rp and a few other will do that...depends who is the sponsors or charter master on it
  301. wii888lo

    October 5 day

    well it all depends where the boat is gonna fish ...right now the long range boat are fishing local....usually in oct ...the lr boat chase cows on a 5 day ....but this year is a tab different due to warm weather ....on a 1-2 days u bring ur 30-40-50 but if its mini lr and they are traveling...
  302. wii888lo

    Onboard filleting instead of slurry storage on my sailboat?

    tuna needs to be bled right away and also needs to be chilled ...cause when u are fighting it ..the blood is hot ...yes u can filet on board but the new regulation must be followed ....pain in the ass....if u can fit a costco cooler u are fine ...164 qt they go for 100 bucks ....load it up...
  303. wii888lo

    Offshore Condor 1.5 Day Report 8/20

    fishing in general has become expensive ... 245 for an overnight trip ...30 for galley ...10-15 bucks for cleaning(per fish) and tips is well over 400 a trip ...not alotta ppl can afford to go on that many trips a year ....i forgot the gas to get there and ice and terminal ....
  304. wii888lo

    Flat Falls

    where u think ur shimano came from its from china bro just a fyi
  305. wii888lo

    Wednesday lazy report

    great report ...nice and short and to the point ...u have location and what they were biting ...we all know fishes move here n there need to be exact on gps .....way to kill em
  306. wii888lo

    Sport boat fillet cleaning prices??

    find an asian family in the neighborhood and give it to them ...they rather have bones and head than having meat for neighbors were willing to pay me for it ...of course i didn't sell it to them ....they always have a 12 pack of beer ready when i call them to come pick it up....
  307. wii888lo

    Couple days late but still a good story.....

    now u know to bring extra roll of line for topshot ...we all live n learn...that one day will come with enough time spent on water ....expierence comes from rail time ....this is one sport that i enjoy very much due to the ppl ...fishermans are the most friendliest .....that day will come where...
  308. wii888lo

    WTB Butterfly Flat Fall

    its not available for sale at this moment ...but i got one
  309. wii888lo

    WTB Butterfly Flat Fall

    order online from savon or milton ...they have plenty ....or u can drive to richards tackle in rosemead which is roughly 20 min away from u
  310. wii888lo

    F/s talica 10 II bnib sold

    surprise its not sold at this price
  311. wii888lo

    First time SoCal fishing trip

    yes i get ur point ...u rather have the lines wet and the chances seems better than standing there...if the lines aren't in water theres 0 chance of getting anything .....what most of the captain do is try to get the whole school to come up and have a field day.....they are marking all kinds of...
  312. wii888lo

    First time SoCal fishing trip

    even on a 3 day boat ...the captain is fishing there ...thats where the fish is at...the captain and crew would love to put u on the fishes ...its their job to get boats on the number ....being skunk does happens ...its fishing .....
  313. wii888lo

    50lb outfit

    perfect setup ....the talica is one sweet reel ....
  314. wii888lo

    Rod sleeves or covers
  315. wii888lo

    cold shrink
  316. wii888lo

    Makaira 15II SEA - $360

    great deal its gonna go fast
  317. wii888lo

    First time SoCal fishing trip

    since the fishes are bigger this year ......i would bring 1 50-60 pound even at that i feel under gunned ......typically u would never use a 20 pound ...i recommend u use 30 pound on the bait runner typically if u are gonna fly lined ...2-30lb setup 1 for back up ....the bait been...
  318. wii888lo

    First time SoCal fishing trip

    surf goose basically covered it all .... do u know what gear to bring? or u just doing a rental?
  319. wii888lo

    Offshore 8/6/15 Gone KILLING/FARMING ON THE KOLO!!!!

    sounds pretty odd to farm so many fishes...u gotta ask urself a few question ....are u guys under gunned? was the lines u were using old? anyways anyday fishing and catching something is better than being skunk or trolled for 5 hrs for nothing ....
  320. wii888lo

    Line Capacity vs Increase of Drag

    i would fill it up with 80lb braid and do 60 pound fc....alotta ppl are under gunned due to what they have ...and don't wanna spend the money ...but in ur case with the luxury go 80 lb braid and adjust topshot ......u will be hated on a boat ..that guy that nobody wants to talk to if u...
  321. wii888lo

    Fly vest no charge

    can't beat it when its free bump
  322. wii888lo

    Travel Rods for 3.5 day trips

    phenix carry a red eye that i purchased to do traveling with is a 3 pcs and it works great ....maybe u should look into that ...i fish 30-40lb no problem with the mh 7ft
  323. wii888lo

    bait wraps candy bar 112 surface irons

    pm me or u can text me ..... 213-268-8686
  324. wii888lo

    bait wraps candy bar 112 surface irons

    i am located in el monte but i do go to the bay twice a month in the east bay near san leandro twice a month .....
  325. wii888lo

    landing big blues what gear?

    my feeling is if u don't have the money to buy a brand new 80lb setup buy a used talica 16 or makaira for around 400-425 after u are done with it this season (a few trips on it ) sell it for 300-350 at that price it will go fast and if u break it down on 3 trips its like30- 40 bucks...
  326. wii888lo

    landing big blues what gear?

    makaira 15-20 talica 16-20 tld 30 avets are what most of what ppl are using there are a few others ...i would say make sure its a 2 speed ....anything that has roughly 20 pound of drag and holds 300-400 yards of braid and 50-80 lb mono are what ppl are using .....
  327. wii888lo

    landing big blues what gear?

    ppl are stepping up their gear to 50-80 don't get me wrong u can land it with 30-40 but its gonna take hrs and also the longer the fish is not landed the greater chance the fish win ....i bring my 3 setup now due to the big fish ....1-30 1-50 1-80 the 80 i can troll plus insurance...
  328. wii888lo

    Phenix rods and Shimano Trinidad reels

    great price won't last 24hrs
  329. wii888lo

    WTB rod for a Okuma Andros 5 II silver

    phenix 700m or 700h i would go with the 700h
  330. wii888lo

    Need some solid advice for a 3day on the Royal Polaris

    go enjoy urself ck ...u have more than enough setup i said before ...ur primary go to is the report when u come back with limits of everything .....
  331. wii888lo

    What rods and reel set ups are you taking

    the 4 reel i bring is the talica 10 n 20-2 speed and trindad 14a n 16 a ...that covers everything i need to do ....from live bait to surface to neighbor who taught me fishing when i was a kid taught me this the best reel u can buy and no upgrade needed down the road....spend...
  332. wii888lo

    What rods and reel set ups are you taking

    30,30,50,80 the 30 will be ur primary on a 3 day ...i will say this imo have 3 reels with 65lb braids and bring a spool of 25,30,40,50,60 and adjust but a 80lb set up is a must bring so 4 setup ......
  333. wii888lo

    SKB 7200 Tackle Box

    any chance of u being in the l.a area sometime soon? i will take it off ur hand if u are coming this way
  334. wii888lo

    Need some solid advice for a 3day on the Royal Polaris

    the 30-40-50-60 setup should be fine but i will bring a 80 also thats just me if u don't have it do not stress and go buy one might not get used but i don't like to be under gunned .....i usually bring 2 -30 setup one for backup then i go 50 if its wide open bite and 80...
  335. wii888lo

    Opah video

    tks for uploading the video ....loved it .....
  336. wii888lo

    What size shimano free fall jig?

    they now make the 200 n 250 also
  337. wii888lo

    Wtb 65# braid
  338. wii888lo

    Help picking a boat

    i would do a 3 day or 3 and a half day boat ...because all the time running in n out causes fishing time ....i understand that u want ur chances n try other boat ...key thing is time fishing n not waste 3-4-5 hrs coming in everyday
  339. wii888lo

    Help picking a boat

    what kind of length are u planning on/ overnight? 1-1/2 2-3 days?
  340. wii888lo


    next in line if not sold ...i will pick it up......213-268-8686
  341. wii888lo

    Talica16 question?

    talica single or double? if double its a great deal ......
  342. wii888lo

    WTB 20-23 CC or WA no power

    hey shad any pics of the 22 guardian that u have and a tab more info like year and does it has electronics and trailer ? pm me with a tab of info looking for one of those ..tks
  343. wii888lo

    Trinidad 14a

    everybody on bd jumped on the father day deal that jigging world and squidco did ...and jigging world just did another on for the fourth of july ...... if they didn't do that this reel woulda been gone in 10 mins .....glws bro
  344. wii888lo

    Grady White 25 Sailfish - Twin Yamaha 200 - 2010 trailer - $14,000

    this boat will sell fast with the epic season and its priced right .....where u find twin motors for 14k ready to fish .....glws
  345. wii888lo

    Jigging World - 15% Off Fourth of July Sale

    guess they doing 15 percent rather than the 20 but still a good deal without tax....and are they doing free shipping too?
  346. wii888lo

    Shimano Trinidad 16A

    put me down for one if the ppl in front of me falls thru ...tks bro
  347. wii888lo

    bait wraps

    tks greg go kill em
  348. wii888lo

    worms in tuna

    its worms ...toss it out bud ...dont even bother taking the chance happens once in a while with human if u think about it ......we human sometimes gets worms in our body too....even though its not suppose to be there ....
  349. wii888lo

    Bait Wraps

    what a catch bro ..what did it weight 45lber?
  350. wii888lo

    Bait Wraps

    what a catch bro ..what did it weight 45lber?
  351. wii888lo

    Bait Wraps
  352. wii888lo

    Bait Wraps

    i have some for sale number is 213-268-8686 ricky ...
  353. wii888lo

    2.5 Day Bait Wraps Sponsored Trip on the Eclipse June 28

    did they just move the trip? to july 29th ?
  354. wii888lo

    2.5 Day Bait Wraps Sponsored Trip on the Eclipse June 28

    hopefully this trip is a go .....plenty of rail n not waiting in line for bait .....
  355. wii888lo

    Did it again on the Machete!

    epic day ...i definitely will call in sick
  356. wii888lo

    Need 3-5 Day Trip June 24 - July 2 super light load .....all they need is a few more to go
  357. wii888lo

    Still can't get them to eat live bait.

    way to get them back to back week .....
  358. wii888lo

    Offshore I'm doing something right

    epic day ...cant ask for anything more ....
  359. wii888lo

    Advice on what rod to pair with my Talica 8II.....

    the phenix 700x is perfect with the talica 8ii ...i have a exact setup n u are right on it with 50lb spectra ....25,30,or 40 topshot doesn't matter cause the talica 8 can handle all of it .....pulled up 65 lb yft with ease ,,,,
  360. wii888lo

    WTB 6OZ CHROME JIGS not mines just saw this thought u might like it
  361. wii888lo

    bait wraps candy bar 112 surface irons

    tks for the feedback david appreciate it ....
  362. wii888lo

    WTB: KICKER JIGS, yoyo

    i have some from bait wrap posted on here if u dig it
  363. wii888lo

    Boat Loans?

    i totally agree with hoops ..if u can't pay cash for it ....dont do it...owning a boat is almost the same as pouring money in the water ..alotta matience and factors to go with it ...all unexpected stuff too ....
  364. wii888lo

    bait wraps candy bar 112 surface irons

    hope u killed them today on ur trip
  365. wii888lo

    WTB: Talica 8ii

    jig world had brand new one for 390 no tax shipped to door
  366. wii888lo

    Wtb Yoyos and surface iron !

    i have some bait wraps surface iron and yoyo at 20 bucks each
  367. wii888lo

    Yellowfin Tuna Spotted in Dana Point Harbor..

    great vid...taking my heavy gear with me ....better to have when needed
  368. wii888lo

    Short but sweet on the 150

    great solo trip
  369. wii888lo

    mod delete not mines saw it
  370. wii888lo

    bait wraps

    feel free to text me anytime 213-268-8686
  371. wii888lo

    bait wraps candy bar 112 surface irons

    yes they do ...caught plenty of fish on it ....from tuna to rock cod and even bass
  372. wii888lo

    Redondo Sportfishing

    very nice of u taking ur neighbor kid out neighbor used to make me mow his lawn when i was 13 ...n he will take me fishing on the weekend ....he was a retired fireman and his kids are way outta that house ....he told me his secret after a while....he goes fishing to get away from the...
  373. wii888lo

    Braid Power Play fighting belt and Braid Brute Buster bucket harness $150 obo

    was wondering how tall are u and how many lbs u weight so i can get a feel if it fits ...
  374. wii888lo

    Shimano thunnus tu8000ci4 power pro line cap?

    is it me or am i tripping ...i look at shimano website and this is what they gave me ...doesnt look right
  375. wii888lo

    bait wraps candy bar 112 surface irons

    tks jerr and dave .....was my pleasure
  376. wii888lo

    bait wraps

    its on a kicker 25 .....the back isn't wrap ...scroll up ...there are pics of back
  377. wii888lo


    great fish ..way to go guys of a lifetime ....
  378. wii888lo

    bait wraps candy bar 112 surface irons

    these are not the old skool candy bar ...with the stamps these are squidco one
  379. wii888lo

    bait wraps candy bar 112 surface irons

    20 each and shipping is 3 dollars 2-7 and shipping is 6 dollars .....
  380. wii888lo

    Want to buy surface irons

    tks i will post pics later i don't have my computer handy and ill list them in a new thread
  381. wii888lo

    Want to buy surface irons

    i have a bunch of bait wrap candy bar 112 ....
  382. wii888lo

    bait wraps

    i have a lot of it ..plenty left
  383. wii888lo

    WTB Shimano Trinidad 16 or 20 DC

    its the dc module u gotta worry about...with the price these reels are going for ...get urself a trindad 16a or 20a...ebay has it going for 420 or so or u may find it in bd...
  384. wii888lo

    WTB Shimano Trinidad 16 or 20 DC

    u know they don't have a few parts from shimano on the dc model ....get urself a trindad a model...if that reels goes out good luck looking for parts ...i bought alotta spare parts before they discontinue it ......
  385. wii888lo

    Bluefin: #50 2sp Reel Thoughts (Talica or Fathom)

    i personally think if money isn't a issue and no budget it right the first time ...most fisherman have budget...thats where it gets u ...we end up buying n selling n upgrading ....over the years we all go thru it ..thats y alotta of us have too many reels and it becomes a collection....go...
  386. wii888lo

    Offshore Opah at the 43

    congrats on the opah can't wait to see pics
  387. wii888lo

    BRAID - Tuna Belt, Shoulder Harness, Standup Harness - Excellent Condition

    its hard to offer u a price ...what ballpark are u looking to get for all 3?
  388. wii888lo

    Bluefin: #50 2sp Reel Thoughts (Talica or Fathom)

    100 lb plus tuna are a different category the title say ..hes using it for 50lb class ....all above reels are will fish it with ease ....thats y we bring multiple reels on a few day trip or long range ....theres always chances of get spooled by that 1 fish...but i don't think i wanna...
  389. wii888lo

    bait wraps

    yes they are 20 each and will accept paypal and ship on ur dime .....
  390. wii888lo

    bait wraps

    i also have these in heavy for yoyo........
  391. wii888lo

    Bluefin: #50 2sp Reel Thoughts (Talica or Fathom)

    i totally agree with doug...the talica 12 has 40lb of max drag ..that mean its capable with the rule of thumb to fish 100lb braided if needed .....a 60lb tuna will have a hard time ... two speed reels are very capable.....alotta ppl have ditch bigger reels like the 80 w and 50 w and fish a...
  392. wii888lo

    bait wraps

    the back is unwrapped
  393. wii888lo

    bait wraps

    the back is unwrapped
  394. wii888lo

    opah yf and dorado

    all 3 landing is reporting yellowfins and a few blue ....gear up and enjoy ...last year was crazy
  395. wii888lo

    Bluefin: #50 2sp Reel Thoughts (Talica or Fathom)

    i own a trindad 12a,14a talica 12 ii and a 20ii ....does everything i need to do in any situation ....the only thing i think I'm missing would be a cow setup but have yet to get to yet...
  396. wii888lo

    Bluefin: #50 2sp Reel Thoughts (Talica or Fathom)

    the talica 12 II fishes 50 lb with ease ...if u have 65lb spectra and adjust to 40 or a 50 topshot ...them talica can handle a lot ..imo if u want to add a reel into ur situation i will add a talica 20II which will over kill on 50lb tuna but will fill in the void of 60 and 80lb test...
  397. wii888lo

    bait wraps

    tks these are killer jigs and been proven by alotta local fisherman ...that it out fish alotta jigs
  398. wii888lo

    WTS These Rods

    will do just hit me up anytime
  399. wii888lo

    bait wraps

    these are surface irons 20 each and will ship on ur dime
  400. wii888lo

    Bait wrap lures

    i have some for sale if anybody wants them....20 bucks and ship on ur dime
  401. wii888lo

    WTS These Rods

    tks for the rods bro
  402. wii888lo

    WTS These Rods

    are u still available? i can come to u my number is 213-268-8686 ricky
  403. wii888lo

    Friend needs help on ideas for 30# set up for San Diego trips

    either cal star or phenix 700ml and a avet sx or mxj will do the job ....i prefer phenix and a mxj as i can fish a tab heavier if needed ...ill put 50lb braid and use a 30 topshot and if its wide open bite especially on a 3 day ill go 40 topshot ....400 might be a tab short if going new but...
  404. wii888lo

    Talica 10

    this ad is from april 7 ....i doubt it still available with those prices ...
  405. wii888lo

    Plenty of salmon and rockfish - Eureka

    tks for the report ...great fish
  406. wii888lo


    how many gallons is the gas tank ..and what is cruise and what is wot ? what kind of gph do u get ? what year is the motor?
  407. wii888lo


    how many hrs on motor?
  408. wii888lo

    Shimano Talica Owners

    if u are getting two reels at the same time imo maybe get a 12 ii and the other a trindad 14a ....u would have all ur ground covered ...i would use 50 lb spectra and change to any topshot depending on the fish n how many days ...this will cover up to 3 days trip without any problem
  409. wii888lo

    WTB Talica 12 two speed saw this and it might fit u ...not mines just passing it along
  410. wii888lo

    Still killing it on lings/vermilion solo trip

    u are right tanner its moss landing
  411. wii888lo

    Still killing it on lings/vermilion solo trip

    tks for the report ...where do u launch out from ? maybe we can buddy boat or i can jump in urs or u can jump on mines as i fish solo all the time ...
  412. wii888lo

    TALICA 20 2 Spd

    great price ..too bad u are 2 hrs away
  413. wii888lo

    Last Minute SCI for Yellows 4-24-15 from San Pedro

    hi jeff ...dont mind me much would a run like that cost? fuel ,ice ,bait ..... i live really close to u and can fish most weekend and i would like to meet new ppl ....teach me a few tricks ....i have great attitude and some private boat experience ...and i will help clean ....dont...
  414. wii888lo


    tks john buddy owned one n i had the luxury of using it (25 min)while he was hooked up on a super cow ....the reel is a beast and its smooth as butter
  415. wii888lo


    if u guys don't mind me asking ....i know the talica 50 brand new is over a thousand plus .....and i haven't seen alotta used for sale ...what price did u pick it up for .....i wanted one myself but over a thousand is really steep....
  416. wii888lo

    shimano torsa 20 n 30

    would it be a waste to use it for rock cod ...imo i think its a overkill ...i might be wrong....rockcod don't fight and lings do a short run ..but halibut ....oh yea
  417. wii888lo

    shimano torsa 20 n 30

    i end up buying a torsa 30 and a talica 16 .....the tackle shop was trying to give away the sat there for 1 year and it was too much for his customer ....cant go wrong paying 550 for it he filled it up with 80 lb specta ...tks all for the help
  418. wii888lo

    shimano torsa 20 n 30

    I'm really new to this site also ...where is the shimano tackle section? btw ...tks so far for ur help
  419. wii888lo

    shimano torsa 20 n 30

    what line would u put on a torso 20 or 30 .....i was thinking 65 spectra on the ts 20 and 50 mono and on the ts 30 80 spectra n do 60 mono..... what do most ppl use these reels for ? jigging or live bait ...or what would u use it for? anybody has one plz lmk as i am new to tuna...
  420. wii888lo

    WTB Phenix PSW 700XH

    i have bought from this guy .... he has alotta of them for sale this isn't me just sharing cause its decent for what it is