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    Do they come with the tiburon clamp?
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    Newell 338

    Bet that will through a jig a country mile - GLWS
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    HX Raptor handle switch?

    Noticed the grip on the HXW Raptor is different then my standard HX - can I just buy the HXW grip and install on my HX?
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    Any left handed reels in silver

    Dang - bet those eat good!
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    Daiwa Saltist Silver

    That’s a really clean reel - GLWS
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    Coronados 5/26

    How big were the Bonito?
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    Penn Fathom 30 2 Speed for Calstar GG 270H

    Reel is in great shape looking for a trade between San Diego and Orange County - I’m in Oceanside Ca
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    Surface iron reels comparison

    Awesome group of iron chunkers you have there. For me the Newell 332G is the reel I’m most comfortable with - like the fact it’s light and the spool shuts down fast and seldom seems to birds nest. However, my Torium 20hg is a close second!
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    Newell drag help...

    Newell’s C’s / F’s / G’s / J’s /M’s / P’s / No Letter’s / -5’s and everything in between! I said to my reel guy jokingly they ain’t making no more and he said Thank Goodness 😆
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    Newell C332-5 used

    Greatest surface jig reel ever - Newell 332! GLWS
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    2005 Boston Whaler 150 Montauk

    Is this basically a boat for fishing bays or can it fish coastal too?
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    Newsom to Announce Closure of All Beaches and CA State Parks

    I was just thinking maybe - just maybe I could still get a bluefin this year 🎣
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    Calstar BTG 90j UCLA

    Where are the Bruin fans? Beautiful wrap - GLWS
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    Shimano Speed Master 12II Review

    Fish Newell’s!
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    Everybody should unite and support the President - if you have a issue take it to the voting polls later.
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    This is going to get out of hand.
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    WTT a Saltiga 40a for Trinidad 20a

    Newer style Saltiga seen 1 boat ride want to trade for a Trinidad 20a in very good shape. The Saltiga is the 4.9 to 1 gear ratio and I’m looking for a little more speed for surface jigs. PM with pics and I’ll do the same. Looking for a trade between San Diego and North County - Tight Lines!
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    Fishing pole from Austria. Salt Water?

    Interesting - any idea of line rating?
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    RED Newell R338-5 $200.00

    Racy Red - Nice - GLWS
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    FL75 greenie

    He got what he got and I’m sure both parties are happy. El Sapo is a great guy and a pleasure to deal with - and he has some neat stuff too!
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    Rock Cod Weights 3/4/5 lbs

    Have 1 each 3 - 4 - 5 lb rock cod weights and would like to trade for some 12-16-20 oz weights (about 6 of these weights in some combination). I’m in Oceanside Ca.
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    Offshore Pac Queen Punta Colnett Jan 4

    You can never go wrong on the PQ. Thanks for the report.
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    Newell’s - Personal Stash

    Bump for some clean Newell’s!
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    Penn 113MTL

    Do they make those in the Penn 114?
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    NEWELL REELS, P 332 F in Ventura County

    Amazing nobody has jumped on this - looks like a original looking at the handle and concave holes on support bars. If I hadn’t just picked up a G Series 332 I would be all over it. GLWS
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    Clean looking reels - Jig Casters dream - GLWS
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    Stolen gear!

    When I was stationed in Japan I was amazed how nothing was ever stolen even if left out for a week. Says a lot about the times. Anyway, you had awesome gear taken - hope you get it back. May Karma pay back those punks who took your stuff!
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    Black Avet SX 5.3

    Nice - great reel! GLWS
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    2 Newell P229-F's P R I C E Reduced

    PM’ed him on these reels - long gone.
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    Newell g332

    That’s one beautiful classic - PM sent
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    New Shimano Speedmaster II LD 2-Speed

    That’s a awesome review Dang - Good on ya for the info!
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    New Shimano Speedmaster II LD 2-Speed

    I picked one up - the 12. Feels really nice, Shimano smooth with great shifting and free spool. Feels a little heavier then my Penn Fathom 30 II speed. It has some noticeable plastics to it (drag lever etc.). However, at $259 it’s worth a go! The extra lever that comes with it changes the drag...
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    Possible scammers....

    Reminds me of current scam on Craig’s List. As soon as you list something to sell you get immediate text saying they are interested in what you listed. They say there are a lot of scammers and they want to verify it’s you and ask for a number they can send a verification code too and for you to...
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    New Shimano Speedmaster II LD 2-Speed

    The specs say 40 pounds of drag - that seems questionable? If it does produce that much drag is the reel going to have a binding feel? This looks almost to good to be true however, Penn surprised with the Great Fathoms although they don’t claim these kinda drag specs except in the larger size -...
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    Penn US Senator 113n For Sale or Trade

    Awesome reel - everyone should have one in the arsenal! GLWS
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    Price drop Calcutta Rod 81/2 ft 30-50lb

    Price drop on Calcutta rod - $110 Proteus - $70 (needs tip replacement)
  37. kelppaddydaddy

    Price drop Calcutta Rod 81/2 ft 30-50lb

    Seeker sold to Fin Fan - Proteus sold to MRC70 - Pleasure doing business Gents. Shimano Calcutta Rod still available.
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    Price drop Calcutta Rod 81/2 ft 30-50lb

    Seeker Black Steel 6480 - older Long Beach model some wear but very fishable. $110 (sold) Shimano Calcutta 8’6’’ 30 to 50 rating - some wear but very fishable. Price drop to $100 (sold) Daiwa Proteus 7’6’’ 20 to 50 rating. I wrapped upper grip with Winn Grip. Tip needs repaired - ceramic...
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    Newell s-229, Avet JX 6/3 black new in box

    I believe he meant those remarks towards all the haters not anyone voicing approval and saying he’s a straight up guy through personal experience
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    New stiff rods!

    Is it just me? All the new rods seem to be getting stiffer, quite a bit so. If your fishing big fish or heavy yo-yo I get it. However, I’m a guy who likes a little parabolic action. Is fiberglass going away in name of lighter stiff sticks?
  41. kelppaddydaddy

    UC Monster trade for Calstar GG6490H or sell $290

    Brand new with tags has ALPS reel seat, factory wrapped. Will trade for Calstar GG6490H in good condition or Sell for $290 (rod sells for $309 with ALPS Reel Seat). Located in Oceanside, Ca.
  42. kelppaddydaddy

    If you had 3 Avets...

    MX - JX - HX could go Raptor if your more long range oriented. The JX is a amazing reel in my opinion and covers so many bases it’s a mainstay for sure.
  43. kelppaddydaddy

    Anybody hear about a Closure on Sardines?

    While fishing out of a local landing here in Oceanside, Ca. the Capt mentioned that there might not be live bait Sardines available in the upcoming month due to possible Closure on fishing them. Researched on line and it seems the Sardines are in bad shape and fishing closed since 2015? However...
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    Anybody hear about a ban on fishing Sardines in US waters?

    Please remove - double posted
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    recent maintenance experiences

    I’ve had very good experiences with Avet reel servicing as I’ve had with Okuma. I admit trying to find good reel service can be tough. Took my reel for servicing to one of the San Diego Landings I’ll leave unnamed, and my Pro Gear came apart inside first cast - same landing also busted my Newell...
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    Why Newell’s?

    Pretty hard to beat a 332 or 338 as a surface iron reel, just have to lock down the drags for Yellowtail!
  47. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore Colonett 1.26.2019

    Nice report - Thanks!
  48. kelppaddydaddy

    Avet, Baja Special, Newell

    Not if you look at eBay prices
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    Daiwa saltiga 35n SJ sold

    Is this the same reel as the 35HA with different handle and gear ratio? Are the drags rated the same?
  50. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano teramar tmc90h and torium 20hg

    I bet that setup could throw a Tady 45 a long way - GLWS
  51. kelppaddydaddy

    Please delete- sold - Thanks BD

    A Daiwa Saltiga 40a - I’d add cash from my end
  52. kelppaddydaddy

    Please delete- sold - Thanks BD

    Price Drop - now $200 (firm)
  53. kelppaddydaddy

    Please delete- sold - Thanks BD

    Okuma Tesoro Reel 10S - Used but in excellent condition - comes with box,clamp and screws. Pick up in Oceanside, Ca. PM for faster response - Tight Lines! (Added more pics per request)
  54. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar Rods 665H/865H/970

    3 Calstar Rods for sale - BWC 665H - BWC 865H - Older Style 970 (Black and Grey Wrap) all conventional rods. 665 and 865 in very good shape rate 8 out 10. The 970 has boat rash but does have ceramic eyelets and plenty fishable rate it a 6 of 10 because of rash. Prices as follows 665 $120 - 865...
  55. kelppaddydaddy

    What rod for Tady 45s?

    Calstar 6480 - Perfection with a Tady 45!
  56. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore Aztec & Mustang, 2 Brothers, 8-14 & 8-16

    I just fished the Aztec yesterday and just as you said what a great Boat, Captain and Crew. Fishing was wide open Skippies with football YFT mixed in good numbers. A few Dorado off the paddies. The boat layout is great, plenty of tackle space, good galley area and bunk style rooms (curtain) with...
  57. kelppaddydaddy

    Okuma Tesoro 10,5

    Wow at over $300 new that Tesoro should sell fast - love mine. GLWS
  58. kelppaddydaddy

    ,Avet reels

    That 800M Mag is a awesome rod - hard to find too! Good luck with sale.
  59. kelppaddydaddy

    PSA Okuma Tesoro 10 & 12 on Amazon

    That’s why I don’t use Amazon or eBay. Often they will list something and have a picture of a entirely different model. Or have the technical data from another reel. Support your local tackle shops
  60. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano Bhaltair Reel Bag Medium

    Shimano Medium Reel Bag - like new - $50. The last pic shows a Torium 16 and 20 in the bag, the case seems like it’s made more for low profile bass type reels - just so you know. Pick up in Oceanside, Ca. PM for faster response. Tight lines!
  61. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Senator 113H2 / Price drop

    Penn Senator 113H2 used in great shape with clamp and screws, spool 3/4 filled with 80 Spectra - $65 Pick up in Oceanside, Ca. PM for faster response.
  62. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore Pacific Queen 7/24-7/27

    Looks like the Pacific Queen has been really consistent in finding the bigger bluefin. Thanks for the report!
  63. kelppaddydaddy

    PCH 801h 20-50

    I think it’s perfect for your V-22 with 25lb. The reason I’m saying that is I had the rod and found the 8 footer to seem a little more softer - maybe the 7’6” version is different in feel. Smaller yellowtail bent my 20 -50 rod over pretty good. I would be fishing the 30 to 80 for 30lb and...
  64. kelppaddydaddy

    Okuma PCH Rods - used but great condition

    Used once - Okuma PCH rods C-801MH 8’ 15-40Lbs and C-801H 8’ 20-50Lbs. These are conventional rods with the tangle free guides, extremely light in weight. Both rods have reel seats. In my opinion these rods fish best toward lower end of ratings I.e., 15-40 as a 15 to 25 rod, and 20-50 as a 20 to...
  65. kelppaddydaddy

    New Okuma Tesoro star drag reel

    I’ve got the 10 and 12, and they have drag a plenty. I’m somewhat skeptical of the drag ratings as stated by many manufacturers. Seems Okuma is Conservative in this area where many are a little to optimistic. I’m thinking this is the case of the Tesoro 5.
  66. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano Shimano Flat Falls - out of the package?

    This seems like a pretty good rock solid setup if there is such a thing when fishing for the big ones.
  67. kelppaddydaddy

    Help this young SSGT USMC - Rods Stolen...

    Hope you find a reel to match-up to that Calstar 270, older rod but it’s caught a lot of fish!
  68. kelppaddydaddy

    Right Calstar Rod for my HX Raptor

    Pulled on some UC rods at a tackle shop - the Raptor seemed more like the best matchup, thought Viper was a little much for the Avet. So seems I’m down to either the Calstar 770 series or the Raptor.
  69. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano Shimano Flat Falls - out of the package?

    I have gotten a setup for dropping the bigger Flat Falls this year (hoping for offshore fishing here in Southern Cal like last year). The question is - can I just pickup a bigger Shimano Flat Fall and tie straight to it? I’ve seen lots of variations I.e. changing hooks to straight trebles on...
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    Right Calstar Rod for my HX Raptor

    Seems to be a lot of UC fans out there
  71. kelppaddydaddy

    Right Calstar Rod for my HX Raptor

    I got the HX Raptor 2 Speed - want to use this as a Lupe rig and flatfalls. For 60/80 pound test. Looks like the 770 series might be best - I’ll go pull on some!
  72. kelppaddydaddy

    Right Calstar Rod for my HX Raptor

    Just got a Raptor for primarily fishing 80 lb test with Flat Falls. I prefer Calstar rods because they’ve never let me down. I have a 700H but think I might need something beefier, maybe a 700XH? Or should I go shorter and what’s the advantages of rollers or does it matter? Thanks for any...
  73. kelppaddydaddy

    Tesoro clamp

    Good to know info - thanks for posting!
  74. kelppaddydaddy

    Just found these on ebay

    E-bay buyer beware - especially on deals
  75. kelppaddydaddy

    Andros 16 II

    Was looking at a Andros 16 and wow seemed like a lot of load on the reel when turning the handle (no matter what the drag setting), picked up a 12 and had the same feel. Don’t feel anywhere near this resistance on the Metaliods - is this normal?
  76. kelppaddydaddy

    okuma cortez 12?

    I prefer the 12 for throwing iron for sure. I have both the 10 and 12 and am waiting patiently for the 5 - dang it! Hope it gets here before the bite starts. I will say reel is VERY FAST on the freespool however, you can slow it down by tightening the spool adjustment.
  77. kelppaddydaddy

    *Pending* 125 Calstar & $175 Long Beach made 6480 Seeker

    Enjoyed meeting up and trading out gear. Wow, you got some sweet rods - Trulines the works. Hope to pull on some Coronado yellows with that Super Seeker and old guard Calstar soon - Tight Lines and Thanks!
  78. kelppaddydaddy

    *Pending* 125 Calstar & $175 Long Beach made 6480 Seeker

    Don’t you just love those Long Beach made Seekers!!!
  79. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar GG690j rod (REDUCED!)

    Surprised this stick hasn’t got picked up yet - best rod ever for Tady 45’s in my opinion!
  80. kelppaddydaddy

    Size 9 USA Xtra Tufs Used in Good Condition

    USA made version too - you can see the Stars and Stripes
  81. kelppaddydaddy

    Seeker Black Steel Rod 6480H

    Asking $175 firm. No shipping - located in Oceanside, Ca. This rod has never seen a boat - purchased yesterday. Honestly, I put a reel on it once and threw a few irons across the backyard, and found it a little stiff for the Tady 45’s. Retails for $259. PM for faster response. Thanks for looking...
  82. kelppaddydaddy

    Sold most of the items

    Bump for nice deals on nice rods - GLWS.
  83. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar GFGR 800M (20-40) Factory $165

    Pending funds - yep great stick, I have two versions, reel seat and deckhand. I seem to prefer the latter, so this one was sitting most the time. To great a rod for that - needs to be fished for sure.
  84. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar GFGR 800M (20-40) Factory $165

    Looking to sell Calstar GFGR 800M factory wrap in very good shape (this model comes with reel seat). In Oceanside Ca, PM for faster response.
  85. kelppaddydaddy

    Saltist 30T (silver model)

    Bump for a work horse of a reel - like the lower gearing
  86. kelppaddydaddy

    Seeker Black Steel G6465H $100 - Calstar GFGR 875H (30 - 60) Excellent condition $215

    Added the Seeker Black Steel 6465H it has wear with one eye replaced but a very serviceable rod that would work great for a 40 lb yo-yo stick - $100 firm
  87. kelppaddydaddy

    I hate thieves!!!

    Ha agreed - and be made to walk the plank!
  88. kelppaddydaddy

    Seeker SHS90H Rod for throwing iron?

    If anyone out there has this stick curious about it? I was looking at this rod primarily for throwing Salas 7x’s light however, I see the Hercules Series was constructed as a vertical jig stick. So I was wondering if it would work as casting rod for Salas 7x’s and Tady 45’s or is the tip to soft?
  89. kelppaddydaddy

    Updated Newell G322

    The Holy Grail - a 4 stack P322!
  90. kelppaddydaddy

    Seeker Black Steel G6465H $100 - Calstar GFGR 875H (30 - 60) Excellent condition $215

    Fishing for a trade - didn’t see a WTT option and posting required a option picked. However if no trades pop up I’ll sale for $230
  91. kelppaddydaddy

    Seeker Black Steel G6465H $100 - Calstar GFGR 875H (30 - 60) Excellent condition $215

    Just fished this rod a couple of times it is a factory wrap. Asking $215 firm - pickup in Oceanside, Ca only PM for faster response.
  92. kelppaddydaddy

    Honest, realistic, pricing feedback for a new.....

    Sounds like the Avet HX your talking about to me. I’ve always wished Avet would do a stardrag series especially in the SX - MX line.
  93. kelppaddydaddy

    TORQUE VS SALTIGA (star drag)

    Ha - Your comparing a Ferrari to a Lamborghini. You can’t go wrong. I do like the versa gear option for sure. For those on a budget a Fathom is a heck of a deal.
  94. kelppaddydaddy

    Hi there - Just curious, would you prefer the 25n to the Baja Special for yo-yo?

    Hi there - Just curious, would you prefer the 25n to the Baja Special for yo-yo?
  95. kelppaddydaddy

    Of All the Penn Reels you own which is your Favorite

    When it absolutely needs to be yo-yo’ed!
  96. kelppaddydaddy

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    The long and short of it - a phone call to Okuma got me the longer set screw head nuts at no cost too. Pretty awesome customer service.
  97. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano TLD 30 2 Speed with topless Magnum kit for 80lb?

    Looking at picking up a TLD 20 or 30 with the Magnum kit for fishing 80 to 100 lbs for trolling and flat falls - is this doable or I am pushing the internals to far? Thanks for any info!
  98. kelppaddydaddy

    V Sold

    This would cover 15 to 40lb setups for sure
  99. kelppaddydaddy

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    Is the Tesoro 5 a narrow version of the 10, kinda like a Trini 16na to the 16a, or is it a scaled down reel like the Trini 14a compared to the 16a?
  100. kelppaddydaddy

    Idea worked great by the way - Thanks again

    Idea worked great by the way - Thanks again
  101. kelppaddydaddy

    Right on - the cork puppy sounds like a simple enough fix, Thanks

    Right on - the cork puppy sounds like a simple enough fix, Thanks
  102. kelppaddydaddy

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    Hey the Cork Puppy worked great - I was even able to use the anchors and screwheads that originally came with the reel. There are 3 sizes of the Cork Puppy so this should be the answer for just about any deckhand style rod. The reel cast smooth as butter and you can really get distance, now the...
  103. kelppaddydaddy

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    Picked up a Tesoro 12 feels awesome in all aspects however, went to put it on my factory (deckhand) Calstar 800 M Mag rod and the clamp setup was to short to fit on the rod. Sure I’m going to love this reel on the water but a little bummed I have to come up with something to get it on my...
  104. kelppaddydaddy

    One reel, one rod?

    Newell 332 on a 6480 Calstar - awesome setup for Tady’s - bait - yo-yo with 30 to 40lb test
  105. kelppaddydaddy

    Okuma Tesoro 10s

    I put in a vote for a 5:1 gear ratio too - or maybe a versa gear setup?
  106. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano Tiburon clamp for Torium 20hga reel?

    Right on - found the web site for Tiburon shows the add on clamp same as earlier Torium models
  107. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano Tiburon clamp for Torium 20hga reel?

    Is there by chance a tiburon clamp set-up for Torium 16/20 hga?
  108. kelppaddydaddy

    Metaliod 12 II - Ratings

    Won a Metaliod 12 II on the Searcher - Turner's outdoors raffle (lucky me). I see it has ratings up to 30 pounds of drag so I figure I can fish 50 to 60 line on this set-up - is this pushing it? Also I don't think it has double dog does it? Thanks for any info!
  109. kelppaddydaddy

    AVET customer service?

    Called Avet today to follow up on a reel. Got a immediate friendly greeting, was told it would ship tomorrow and I was given a tracking number also told no charge since their was a mix-up on requested services (more my fault actually). This is same every time I call. Could not be happier with my...
  110. kelppaddydaddy

    AVET customer service?

    I found this thread surprising, over the years I've dealt with Avet customer service at least 4 or 5 times (reel warranty- servicing etc) and have found them always helpful. I'm just saying - anyway Tight Lines all
  111. kelppaddydaddy

    Avet MXL trade for Newell P332

    Single speed to answer SpeedDrifter - and to reply to scramblerj I understand how you feel about holding on to your Newell's because just as Mark Twain once said buy land they ain't making no more!
  112. kelppaddydaddy

    Avet MXL trade for Newell P332

    Blue Avet MXL MC version, never fished loaded with 300 yards of Toro Tamer Spectra 65 pound and 20 pound P-line topshot- trade for P Series Newell 332 or 322. Tight lines and bent rods! PM for faster response, in Oceanside. Ca
  113. kelppaddydaddy

    No luck in Oceanside,ca yesterday

    Your 3 year old hooking fish off the pier makes for awesome day in itself. You get the great dad award - keep him hooking up!
  114. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore The Fury, SCI, Saturday Wind

    Good on ya for getting out there. Like they say - worst day fishing still beats out most anything else! Especially with your son in tow. Tighter Lines next time!
  115. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Fanthom 40 2 Speed for 50lb

    Lots of good info here, thanks. Nice to hear what guys have taken fish wise on these reels.
  116. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Fanthom 40 2 Speed for 50lb

    Looking at either a Avet HXJ or Penn Fanthom 2 Speed for 50Lb set up. I might be comparing apples and oranges here - money is a factor making the Penn easier in that department. Just wondering if I'm giving up anything by going Penn?
  117. kelppaddydaddy

    You might check Charkbait website - they have marked all pro gears down to $199

    You might check Charkbait website - they have marked all pro gears down to $199
  118. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore AWESOME FIRST TRIP OF THE SEASON! AND A BLUEFIN! Eclipse 1.5day report

    Love the Eclipse - Wow first Bluefin of the year and on the iron! That's bragging rights. Awesome how you made a fun trip out of tough conditions.
  119. kelppaddydaddy

    Fury 500

    Who has fished this reel, looking for a quick review as I'm thinking on picking one up.
  120. kelppaddydaddy

    Does the drag increase on a lever drag as more line comes out?

    Well this does pretty much say it all. Knew I could get answers from Bloody Deck types, Thanks
  121. kelppaddydaddy

    Does the drag increase on a lever drag as more line comes out?

    Is it my imagination, or does the reel drag actually increase over the initial setting when a significant (say 50 to 100 yards or more) of line comes out?
  122. kelppaddydaddy

    Super Seeker 6480H trade for Shimano Torium 16a

    Rod is gone - trade done - Thanks BD
  123. kelppaddydaddy

    The New Avet G2 Series

    Red Devil
  124. kelppaddydaddy

    Rods, reels and tackle sale

    Thanks for the great deal on the Newell and TMC80H! Pleasure to meet you.
  125. kelppaddydaddy

    My cell is 760-845-7710 call or text me a address and when your available for me to come on down...

    My cell is 760-845-7710 call or text me a address and when your available for me to come on down to San Diego. I'm in O-Side so depending on traffic could be there within the hour. Thanks
  126. kelppaddydaddy

    Looks like I'm in line for the TMC80H, if it's still available put me down

    Looks like I'm in line for the TMC80H, if it's still available put me down
  127. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore 0 fot 0 for 0 Pacific Queen

    I found the Pacific Queen to be a awesome boat, ridden it about 3 or more times a year going back last couple of seasons. 1 1/2 Days are my choice trip, and these guys usually beat the fleet in counts. However, I have always fished with Captain Drew.
  128. kelppaddydaddy


    Freaking beautiful!
  129. kelppaddydaddy

    Will a Avet HXJ work for the bigger BFT

    I was going to pair it up with a Calstar 875 Wahoo Special
  130. kelppaddydaddy

    Avet Light Setup - Yellowtail

    Last trip to the Coronado's on the San Diego netted me 4 nice yellows. That being said I previously lost 3 on a earlier trip to seals while fishing 20lb. I brought the 20lb set up but opted to use my JX 2 speed with 30lb test and didn't lose a one second time around. Don't know if it made a...
  131. kelppaddydaddy

    Will a Avet HXJ work for the bigger BFT

    Thanks - all replies were good info, found this one in particular to be pretty helpful as I dream of making it to the Lupe!
  132. kelppaddydaddy

    Will a Avet HXJ work for the bigger BFT

    Getting ready to pick up one more Avet before I head out again on a 2 to 2.5 day style trip. I'm staying with Avet and a JX 2 Speed is the biggest reel I have so want to bump up one class. Playing with the HXJ it feels right on, but will it hold line cap and gearing and drags to handle those...
  133. kelppaddydaddy

    JX surface iron castability

    I'm going to second this, having a JX M/C that is one of my favorite reels. Tried it on quite a few occasions, but always end up reverting back to a star drag for casting purposes. Yo-Yo'ing the JX is great. The long range guys like the JX, HX Series for wahoo bombs though.
  134. kelppaddydaddy


    Bump for a heck of a deal!
  135. kelppaddydaddy

    Well, there it is, the zero logic gun bill list has passed

    Figured nothing good would come of Moonbeam being elected Governor
  136. kelppaddydaddy

    Why We Do It

    Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not the fish they are after - Henry David Thoreau
  137. kelppaddydaddy

    Praise for Charkbait San Diego

    Mark at Charkbait is a straight up guy, and he runs a pretty awesome crew. He will go out of his way to accommodate customers within reason.
  138. kelppaddydaddy

    Wanted: 8' jig stick - 6480 or similar

    Sold to Bloody Decker last week
  139. kelppaddydaddy

    For Trade Calstar Rod GFGR 875H for Avet MXJ MC Blue

    Still looking for that Avet MXJ or MXL MC
  140. kelppaddydaddy

    For Trade Calstar Rod GFGR 875H for Avet MXJ MC Blue

    Have a GFGR 875H Long Range Wahoo Special rated 30-60lbs factory wrap in excellent shape to trade for a Avet MXJ Reel MC Version in blue, black or silver in good condition . If no takers for a MXJ, would look for MXL MC.. Located in Oceanside, Ca. PM if interested and tight lines.
  141. kelppaddydaddy

    WTT Calstar GG Series 90j for GG6480

    Nice trade - deal done - Thanks Bloody Decks
  142. kelppaddydaddy

    WTT Calstar GG Series 90j for GG6480

    I'd do that trade - PM'ed you with cell number.
  143. kelppaddydaddy

    WTT Calstar GG Series 90j for GG6480

    Have a Calstar factory wrap GG series 90j in excellent condition, trade for factory wrap Calstar series GG 6480 factory wrap - located in Oceanside. PM if interested. Thanks and tight lines!
  144. kelppaddydaddy

    Wanted: 8' jig stick - 6480 or similar

    Calstar BWC 6480 in very good condition - $100
  145. kelppaddydaddy

    For Sale Calstar rod GFTR-765-M

    Sold - nice meeting ya Chris - Thanks BD!
  146. kelppaddydaddy

    For Sale Calstar rod GFTR-765-M

    Calstar Grafighter GFTR-765-M rated 40-100lb all roller rod in very good shape. Asking $185, no shipping, local pickup only - Oceanside Ca. PM if interested, Thanks
  147. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Fathom Lefties?

  148. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Fathom Lefties?

    Anyone know if Penn Fathoms, either Lever or star drags available as lefties?
  149. kelppaddydaddy

    New Progear Reels

    Caught some 15 to 20lb yellowtail on a V50 at Colonett, it was deep water jigging and the reel worked out well. It cast superbly for surface iron too. Drags are more then adequate, although I don't feel they are as strong as the old Pro Gears.
  150. kelppaddydaddy

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Good parents - good kids!
  151. kelppaddydaddy

    izorline xxx vs first string for throwing irons

    First String for iron - really strong and holds up well. XXX for bait, more supple.
  152. kelppaddydaddy

    Reel fill ups

    That's why I spool most of my own reels now. I'll tell the shop what I want and quite often they still fill it to the brim, or worse put the line on loosely! I hate stripping off 25 yds of line just to get the reel to casting levels. Some shops even charge some pretty hefty fees for knot tying...
  153. kelppaddydaddy

    Oside Saturday 23rd

    You were wise beyond your years to know your limits, that entrance can get mighty tricky in big surf. Nice catching yellows in January and a nice backup plan fishing the harbor. Killer Saturday!
  154. kelppaddydaddy

    I now have the means to fix all the Chargers problems!

    Heard they were going to become the Tijuana Chargers and play in the bullring!
  155. kelppaddydaddy

    mxl 5.8 issue

    I agree with Squidco comment - you should call Avet though. They have always taken care of my issues, great bunch. When in doubt they will have you mail it in and get it back to you fast.
  156. kelppaddydaddy

    FS: Pro Gear Albacore and Yellowtail Special

    Wow - Surprised this reel hasn't sold, fish killing reel for sure.
  157. kelppaddydaddy

    Wts: daiwa saltiga z30

    Awesome reel - I've got the 40 - deserves a bump!
  158. kelppaddydaddy

    Best mono line for saltwater???

    I prefer first string to the xxx - cheap strong - catches fish.
  159. kelppaddydaddy

    COMING SOON: New Pro Gear Reel V50

    Always considered Pro Gear Reels the star drag equivelant of Accurates! Now if we can get a Newell rebound!
  160. kelppaddydaddy

    Cedros 10 Drags

    Thanks for your inputs I played around with a Cedros 12 and drags were the same, it's not that the drags are not linear or extremly strong. Just the ratchet star has to be adjusted to a pretty tight setting or the slighest bump to the star has you backing out on your drag. Love the reel, just...
  161. kelppaddydaddy

    Cedros 10 Drags

    Picked up a Cedros 10 and used it on some Coronado yellowtail, reel seems to have a touchy drag setting in that slightly bumping the star backs the drag way back. Otherwise a really solid reel - any thoughts or suggestions.
  162. kelppaddydaddy

    Got my new reel today for surface irons

    Newell 332G on a 6480 - works for everything from Tady C's to Tady 45's and Salas 7x.
  163. kelppaddydaddy

    Past experiences on Thunderbird / Oside 95 / ultra?

    The O95 has posted some good counts as of late. Helgren's was really in the fish this last season, hopefully get another repeat season like last year where the fish are partying this far north and it will be game on again!
  164. kelppaddydaddy

    My Son with the greatest catch of his life

    Ha - you made me look! Great looking couple - both sets! Funny how it works - great Parents lead to awesome sons and daughters!
  165. kelppaddydaddy

    Looking for a left handed rod

    Found one - Ambidextrous- can be fished upside down too!
  166. kelppaddydaddy

    Newell clicker buttons

    Special Thanks to reel man for hooking me up with a 332 that turned out to be a Jackpot winning machine! Keep the Newell's - they ain't making no more!
  167. kelppaddydaddy

    WANTED: Calstar GG690J

    Hi - I have the rod your looking for, but I'm in Oceanside. It's only caught one yellow, then I bought a GG90j that became my go to rod for Iron. Looked it over and see only 1 scratch on rod from use. I'll take $175 for it if interested. My cell is 760-845-7710, if you want pics send me a text...
  168. kelppaddydaddy

    Happy Birthday, Marines.

    God Bless the Marines - and all those who go in harms way!
  169. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore Aztec Overnighter Labor Day - What worked!

    Ok glad I read a report on Bloody Decks that said Tuna were getting line shy - bring the 20lb! Yellowfin just didn't want to bite the heavier lines this day. I fished both 20lb and 25lb with 20lb floro leaders to get bit. Smaller hooks too 1's or 1/0 some dropped down to 2's. This was all good...
  170. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore 8/25 First String

    Great report, glad everybody hammered the fish! This is great scoop as I go out Sun night, and you give me a feel for what's working. Wasn't going to bring 20lb but have reconsidered after your comments!
  171. kelppaddydaddy

    Chovies off La Jolla

    Any doubt chovies are back! THE BIG BLUEOCEAN EXPLORATION Massive school of anchovies looks like oil slick Appearance of baitfish near shore off La Jolla amazes marine experts, who can’t recall seeing such a sight in more than 30 years July 08, 2014 by David Strege Massive school of...
  172. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore 1.5 day on the Pacific Queen (6/20 - 6/22)

    Great Boat, very fishy for sure. Nice report, Capt Drew and Crew continue to knock'em out of the Ballpark! How cool to fish with Cory, Charger's Football Player! Great call to go MegaBaits, worked well on my Pacific Queen trip earlier in the week!
  173. kelppaddydaddy

    20lb tuna setup?

    Is that your only rig? I'd sure like to have another setup or 2 for a 2 1/2 day. You could hit on some bigger bluefin or paddy yellowtail with a attitude. Sounds like a great light line set-up you have. A 30lb outfit would help, the landing will have rentals probably with 25 - 30lb test...
  174. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore Pacific Queen - 1 1/2 DAY - July 1st Ret

    Capt Drew started at 60 miles out - not sure how far he ventured from that point.
  175. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore Pacific Queen - 1 1/2 DAY - July 1st Ret

    Just came back from a great 1 1/2 Day on the Pacific Queen. Capt Drew Card and crew put us on the fish. Ten hours straight chasing Porpoise Schools. Steady hook-ups of between 1 to 4 yellowfin tuna on troll rotations. A few bait fish here and there. Mega Baits both on the slide and yo - yo'ed...
  176. kelppaddydaddy

    O`side Corbina

    Nice - lugworms huh, very interesting. Nice size Corbina!
  177. kelppaddydaddy


    Our 3/4 day got boarded once, believe it was the San Diego a year or so ago. The Mexican Navy was professional about it. They had a boat zipping around (looked pretty fast and seaworthy), that dropped off a guy with a clipboard and a younger trooper. The clipboard guy went to the bridge and...
  178. kelppaddydaddy

    Thoughts on Newell reels vs newer reels

    Great reels for local and overnighters as goes 220 through 338 models, still fish them alot. i've got Avets, Saltigas and numerous Penns - but still find myself rigging them up more times then not. Light, simple, anytime I take a Newbee out they feel most comfortable with them vice leverdrags...
  179. kelppaddydaddy

    Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not the fish they are after. -...

    Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not the fish they are after. - Henry David Thoreau
  180. kelppaddydaddy

    NOAA Anglers Survey?

    Anybody get one of these NOAA Surveys through the mail? I received one, never filled it out. Then they sent another one. Not sure that some of these Surveys do more harm to Anglers then good. Seems I read a article somewhere - by Capt David Bacon I think that also questioned the intent of some...
  181. kelppaddydaddy

    If ya need a clamp still for the 229 let me know, got one I'll give you - no screws though.

    If ya need a clamp still for the 229 let me know, got one I'll give you - no screws though.
  182. kelppaddydaddy


    So true - the part about this site being like crack!:rofl:
  183. kelppaddydaddy

    Any good EL Nino fish stories?

    I think it was 1997 or close to that - went fishing out of Helgren's Oceanside on the Electra. We went out that night and set up right off San Clemente that night. Woke up with fish on the boat from a couple of early morning anglers. Honest skipper never moved the boat, yellowfin tuna were all...
  184. kelppaddydaddy


    Wow - Great Deal on some fish killing machines!
  185. kelppaddydaddy

    fs: Newell P229 F

    Still available?
  186. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar 875 Wahoo Special trade for 800h

    GFGR 875 - has reel seat - factory wrap - looking to trade still
  187. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar 875 Wahoo Special trade for 800h

    Looking to trade a Calstar 875 in excellent condition for a 800h, prefer factory wrap - got the 875 thinking i would throw local iron but prefer the 800.
  188. kelppaddydaddy

    Ready for Hillary!

    Just saw the pop-up Ready for Hillary that pops up on the right side of the home page - not a fan personally. All those in favor of that spot getting removed from advertising say I!
  189. kelppaddydaddy

    Where's the discount?

    I'm betting that quite a few others probably missed out on the 25% off also if you did. With that shipping fee cost mentioned, the 25% off would sure help! Sounds like you have a legitimate gripe that could be affecting others too.
  190. kelppaddydaddy


    Chargers are hot-hot-hot!
  191. kelppaddydaddy

    surf fishing video

    Sure makes me want to grab my rod and get out!
  192. kelppaddydaddy

    Reel advice

    Tons of great reels to fit the 20 to 30lb test role. As with any reel, put it on a rod and get a feel for it. Avet's have their fans for sure. I've got a few, and a MXJ would sure work. But your doing yourself a disservice not to look hard at Penn, Shimano, and Diawa etc. You spoke of wanting a...
  193. kelppaddydaddy

    For Trade Calstar Rod GG690J for Calstar 800H

    Got a like new GG690J 20-50 factory wrap rod in Oceanside, would like to trade for Calstar 800H in good shape. Will meet 1/2 way between San Diego or Orange County. Tight Lines!
  194. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore First String 2 day. WFO Yellowtail

    Nice - limit yellowtail fishing with a nice showing of Bluefin, pretty nice going!
  195. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore 3/4 Day on the Point Loma - Offshore

    Late report from Thursday fishing. Went out on a extended 3/4 day with my son, on the Point Loma out of Point Loma Sportfishing. Took off at 5:30 am and returned almost 8:00 pm to the docks. No tuna, but caught some nice Dorado and rat yellowtail. Those kamikaze yellowtail attacks on the paddies...
  196. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore Pac Star 7.24-25.13 Overnight- FUN day on the water!

    It's all true - I was the other Marine on the boat! You sir were a fish killing machine that day, no other angler posted limits on yellows and bluefins. It was a pleasure to meet you and watch you in the zone. I thought the boat and crew did a great job too, Semper Fi!
  197. kelppaddydaddy

    Trade Trinidad 16 Gold for Newells

    Thanks Reel Man - G Series Newell's awesome, pleasure to deal with you. Gotta love BD!
  198. kelppaddydaddy

    Trade Trinidad 16 Gold for Newells

    PM sent - and Hang'em high at 8th and I
  199. kelppaddydaddy

    Trade Trinidad 16 Gold for Newells

    Have a nice Trinidad 16 Gold in excellent shape will trade for a combination of Newell 220 and 332, or if you prefer a Trinidad 20 Gold. In Oceanside.
  200. kelppaddydaddy

    EPIC Halibut 5.10.13

    Last pic is priceless!
  201. kelppaddydaddy

    No exotics, OK on rockfish

    Nice trip - see ya made the most of the bite that could be had! Don't you just love those Green Lings!
  202. kelppaddydaddy

    Mission Belles morning update 4/24

    Never fails - best time to hunt yellows is after a slow day - good luck tomorrow, like that determination! I thought I was the only who couldn't sleep the night before a trip!
  203. kelppaddydaddy


    That reel is a classic - especially if its a P or G version. They all had aluminum spools however, if you got the metal hammer, clicker, and handle all the better. It's a fine fish killing machine for sure. Kind of a throwback of sorts, but light and great for anything from 20 to 30lbs. Narrow...
  204. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Torques

    Do the newer Penn Torque series have the same design as the older series i.e. 100-200-300, like the redesigned side plate? Why did Penn move away from the earlier models, looked like great reels?
  205. kelppaddydaddy

    San Diego 4/6 coronados

    Nice fish, great report thanks!
  206. kelppaddydaddy

    Rpt-Wed-03-27-13 Rockpile Yellowtail Strikeout!

    Winter time yellowtail - really unpredictable, you pay your dues and eventually get the fish. At least from your Avatar it looks like you get yours more times then not.
  207. kelppaddydaddy

    Fishing Channel Islands - Cisco's

    Yea - I'm getting up that way for sure, want one of them Big Ole Sheepshead!
  208. kelppaddydaddy

    Fishing Channel Islands - Cisco's

    Never made it out - they cancelled all the boats going out due to weather, we were leaving out the Friday Night after we hit the Long Beach Fred Hall Show. Ha, so we made the most of the Show. So now I have a ton of weights, and a new Penn 113h2 filled with spectra and 40lb top shot! Thanks for...
  209. kelppaddydaddy

    line size for Avet MXJ

    I have 3 Avets - great reels all. I keep hearing about issues with the bearings if the drags are set to tight, never had it happen yet personally. Playing around my reels I can see how it could happen but, one must have to really be pushing them to get to that point. I fish the MXJ, MXL and JX...
  210. kelppaddydaddy

    yellowfin tuna on the point loma?

    HaHa - Tuna and rumors of Tuna, always start about this time of the season. Everybody's getting itchy to hear those drag screaming!
  211. kelppaddydaddy

    yellows coming in

    I've done the Coronado yellowtail chase for many years, the last couple have seen some outstanding size tails. It's great having a fishery like this in San Diego's backyard. To me the price of a 3/4 day trip is well worth it for a chance at some of these fish. That being said, I've caught...
  212. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore San diego on the yellows

    Heard they did it again today - Booger is a fish finding machine!
  213. kelppaddydaddy

    my son attacked

    Scripps is a great group - God's speed for your son.
  214. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano Introduces the New Stella SW - Caption Contest Ending March 11th, 2013

    Catch me a yellowtail - I forgot how to hunt for myself!
  215. kelppaddydaddy

    Fishing Channel Islands - Cisco's

    Going fishing in March out of Cisco's with a couple of buddies, haven't fished that far north and never the Channel Islands. What's the best setup - is heavy iron any good - what size weights etc? Thanks
  216. kelppaddydaddy

    Sortfishing boat "San Diego"

    That boat always works to the extreme to find fish, Great Skipper and Deck Hands - by far my favorite 3/4 day ride. Always a pleasure to ride, right now the loads are usually down and the rock fishing can be good. Then there's always a chance the home guards will show up and swallow a deep yo-yo...
  217. kelppaddydaddy

    NIB Penn International Torque 200

    Free bump - Beautiful reel!
  218. kelppaddydaddy

    Biggest fish caught on a Newell

    A 237 lber - that would be the biggest I bet, never met the man but I have no doubt he did it! Bet it was a loooong fight! Some guys have been fishing the old P Series for 20 years or more.
  219. kelppaddydaddy

    Biggest fish caught on a Newell

    Nice! Now upon closer observation I see the vice-grips locked down still on the reel - Freaking Amazing!
  220. kelppaddydaddy

    Biggest fish caught on a Newell

    Just thinking back and wondering what the biggest fish some might have caught on a Newell might be - and how long you had the reel. Mine was a 25lb class yellowtail on a C 229 on 25lb test, figure the reel was about 5 years old - still fish it too! :hali_olutta:
  221. kelppaddydaddy

    Avet dissapointment

    I've bought about 8 Avets - only had a problem with one, a phone call to Avet took care of everything. They said mail it in and I did, got it right back within the week. Awesome service, great reels.
  222. kelppaddydaddy

    Pretty sad to see a blatant no call determine the outcome of the Superbowl.

    Agreed - I understand the Ref's not wanting to influence game with chincy calls, but they was pretty obvious on the holding!
  223. kelppaddydaddy

    Corona Lake

    Nice job - What kind of set-up did ya have there?
  224. kelppaddydaddy

    Biggest fish on a Penn Jigmaster 500/501

    The Penn 500 will never die, on my last trip there was deckhand outcasting me continually with a 500! I could almost keep up with my Fathom 30.
  225. kelppaddydaddy

    What kind of Penn reels do you have?

    Penn Fathom 25 and 30 - Baja Special - Penn Squall 15, covers all the bases for local and overnighters Southern Ca!
  226. kelppaddydaddy

    Fred Hall 2013 What is on your list?

    I always hit Long Beach and San Diego - Day at the Docks in San Diego as well! However, I'm a tackle freak. Just love to get my hands on everything. Really want to see the Accurate Fury series, Penn Fathoms, Avet Raptors, Shimano Talica's, the list goes on and on and on. Oh yeah, the Bloody...
  227. kelppaddydaddy

    Cabezon, sheephead, and more on big hammers, scampies and chovies!

    You got out, and did alright - good on ya! Neat looking Cabezon too! I'm always glad for anyone anytime they can get out, catching fish is a plus - being on the water is half the fun!
  228. kelppaddydaddy

    Would you take this boat to Coronados?

    You can do it - but it's a no vote from me. Like some said earlier, you better sure watch the weather. The conditions change quick and the trips back can be rough. If the fog rolls in better have radar. I've had some rough rides in when I stayed out late in a 18 ft rig, pretty much beat up - not...
  229. kelppaddydaddy

    Stolen: Lefty pro gear 255 and 545 reels :(

    Good Luck, hope you get them back. As for the low life's who stole them - I believe karma will come their way in a payback of some sorts. Neptune will take them down to the depths maybe!
  230. kelppaddydaddy

    TIP OF THE WEEK - Sportboat Etiquette

    I've given entire jackpots to crews quite often, but I'm not made of money either. 50% tip I would love to give, honestly can't afford to. Can't see giving less then 15%, but then it's kinda of a combination of what I can afford, and what kind of service I get. The Deck Hands on the San Diego...
  231. kelppaddydaddy

    Are the squid on the seaforth gone?

    Things weren't any better out of Oceanside - we got Nada last night, saw only 2 in Dana Points fish count. I think they're extinct now!
  232. kelppaddydaddy

    Hardcore rock fishing Video Aussie style

    That's exceptional - Thanks!
  233. kelppaddydaddy


    Have fun with those Humbolts, tried cooking them a bunch of different ways - no luck. I've heard some can cook'em up pretty tasty though. If I was to go out 2 or 3 would be more then enough!
  234. kelppaddydaddy

    If someone was broke down in the tuna grounds would you help?

    Can't for anything bare to leave someone behind who might end up in the dark with no lights, and not sure if they could make it in - just wouldn't be right. I learned my lesson the hard way too, went out to the Coronado's smaller skiff with no radar, no radio's, no compass - fog rolled in early...
  235. kelppaddydaddy

    The right Avet for a 700M Grafighter

    Betting that the Avet SX would fit a 14 year old best - I fish the JX with a 700m - Mx with 700ml (favorite overall rig with 25lbs) - 700l with SX has caught me some pretty nice fish upwards of 30lbs. with 20 to 25 test.
  236. kelppaddydaddy

    WTB Penn SQL15

    if your still looking for a Squall 15 let me know, got one in great shape.
  237. kelppaddydaddy


    For any of you still like to grab a Newell there's a few at Point Loma Sportfishing in San Diego. This is about the only place locally I've seen them. Had a P220 - C338 and 533 in the case, might have more - no 332's though.
  238. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear Oceanus 30 and Oceanus 40

    Sweet!!!!!! Wish I had the change!
  239. kelppaddydaddy

    We Want YOUR Opinion! Versa-Gear option for Fathom Star Drags.

    I have the Penn Fanthom 25 and 30, fished them often this summer for jigging and bait. Great on the School Tuna as well Surface Iron for the yellows. However, with some of the School size Tuna getting bigger - we ran into 80lbs on a 2 Day (and I've heard of 100 lbs) found in the same range, why...
  240. kelppaddydaddy

    penn squall or fathom

    Like My Squall 15 - great light line reel!
  241. kelppaddydaddy

    Favorite Reel for a Overnighter - Southern Ca

    Hey - What's your favorite lighter line (20-25lb) reel for the overnighter scene out of San Diego. For me it's my Newell 229 with 25 lb test. Catches me everything I've ran into up to 30lb tuna and yellowtail. Like my Avets and Trinidads, but damn if I don't end up fishing my Newell most of the...
  242. kelppaddydaddy

    Slug Coronado Yellowtail

    Doesn't get better then this - catching yellows with Pop on a perfect day!
  243. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore CONDOR Limits of YT & Nice BF 6/16

    Great report and pics - I'm thinking this is the season we have been waiting on after the last couple of slow years!
  244. kelppaddydaddy

    New Obama Executive Order

    At least a Executive Order can be overturned by a newly elected president.
  245. kelppaddydaddy

    Pacman robbed!

    Now I know why boxing fans are leaving the Sport and going to MMA - never any doubt about who wins those fights!
  246. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Fanthom 25N

    Ok - got the reel and after casting it a few times there is No Way I'm taking any brakes off. The reels freespool is awesome and the spool is so light it shuts down fast even when jigging. I'm thinking this reel is gonna be fun.
  247. kelppaddydaddy

    Factory Calstar 800m grafighter deckhand for same rod with reel seat

    If that trade falls through I've got one for trade!
  248. kelppaddydaddy

    Trinidad 16 Gold for Penn FTH 30 Fanthom

    Trini is in great shape - looking for the star drag, any takers?
  249. kelppaddydaddy

    First yellowtail

    Congrats - nice fish,watch out it can be addicting. Lots of Happy Campers in that pic. Timing is everything!
  250. kelppaddydaddy

    Yellowtail surface iron reel ???

    I've thrown a JX - Trini 20 - Newell 332/338 and a Saltist 40h, for me it's the Saltist 40h reigns supreme. I'm just throwing at the Cornado's though, if I was hurling at Alijos Rock or Cedros where bigger toads roam something more might be called for.
  251. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Fanthom 25N

    Had to be the first kid on the block to get one, picking it up from a local tackle shop today. Figure on this being my go to set up with 25lb for bait on the overnighter fleet out of Southern Ca. Was wondering about the braking set-up. Is there a need to mess with the adjusting the brake for...
  252. kelppaddydaddy

    On Seagulls at Coranado Island

    I think all those seals and pelicans have forgotten how to forage on their own in the wild. I fish the San Diego often, and that Capt works hard at finding, and usually catching his fair share. I noticed a few guys with the long rods, who average better then most on the yellows. Takes skill and...
  253. kelppaddydaddy

    Fishing on the Mission Belle

    Nicer yellowtail and yeah this boat rocks! The Captain is really on it - did they still have the Gal for the 1st Mate/Chief Deckhand? She was the best, haven't fished it this year, but seeing your yellowtail got me pumped up for a trip! No kidding one time I had barracuda slime on my hands, and...
  254. kelppaddydaddy

    Oceanside Crime Scene "Mako."

    That's gonna make a LOT of fish taco's!
  255. kelppaddydaddy

    Anybody throwing iron with the JX?

    I'm hopefully going to give it a try this week - figure to leave about 100 yd topshot of 40 lb. Appears enough guys are doing it that says it works. I'll have my trusty Newells though in case the backlash monster strikes!
  256. kelppaddydaddy

    Anybody throwing iron with the JX?

    Usually throw surface iron with a star drag - next trip out I'm going to try my JX on a 800h Calstar for throwing Salas surface jigs. Anybody using the JX for surface iron - how does it work out?
  257. kelppaddydaddy

    Wicked Tuna

    Capt Dave Marciano seems like a cool guy to fish with - the others I would pass on.
  258. kelppaddydaddy

    Personal Best Tail Nados 5/13

    That's some nice looking home guards there - congrats on the 30 lber isn't it amazing how hard them yellowtail fight!
  259. kelppaddydaddy

    Newell P332f for Saltist 40h

    Pleasure meeting ya Ed - Thanks for the trade
  260. kelppaddydaddy

    Newell P332f for Saltist 40h

    Newell is in very good shape, looking for newer Saltist (black and gold).
  261. kelppaddydaddy

    Which one for 40lb mono rig? Lx?

    Love my JX 2 speed - bait or yo yo - perfection with 40lb!
  262. kelppaddydaddy


    Not soon enough!
  263. kelppaddydaddy

    4-25-12 yellow

  264. kelppaddydaddy

    Anybody fishing the Trinidad A's?

    Thanks Smithers that's alot of good scoop - Thanks that's why I like BD!
  265. kelppaddydaddy

    Anybody fishing the Trinidad A's?

    I have fished the Trinidads for awhile, the 14 series up to the 40. I have heard very little, and seen surprisingly few of the reels on the boats. Thinking about moving into them - anyone fishing these? Thanks for any info.
  266. kelppaddydaddy

    Pacific Queen

    I've ridden this boat every summer at least one trip for the last 3 years. It's a battleship for sure, and can handle rougher sea's with no problem. Had a younger skipper last couple of trips I was on, very impressive - worked hard at finding the fish. Decent enough deckhands, and a pretty good...
  267. kelppaddydaddy

    Whats my reel worth? Never seen it before

    Looks like a jig throwers dream machine!
  268. kelppaddydaddy

    Lucky B- Big La Jolla Yellows 4.22

    Way to wait them out - you guys put your time in and were well rewarded. Those are some toads - pretty cool seeing you got a 33 pounder on the Trax!
  269. kelppaddydaddy

    Semper FI

    Gotta give this one a bump!
  270. kelppaddydaddy

    Lucky B - La Jolla Yellows 4.19

    Quality yellows - there are alot of toads out there!
  271. kelppaddydaddy

    Fishin wih Booger on the "San Diego"

    Outstanding! I was out Monday and got one nice fish on the San Diego - that skipper deserves the kudo's, he's working hard to get the fish. If these fish settle down a little more i bet the counts get big! Gotta love that Captain, we had a light load yesterday and asked if he'd still go out his...
  272. kelppaddydaddy

    Yellows at La Jolla

    Get them rods out boys, yellows at La Jolla are nice grade of fish 20 to 30lbs. Went out Monday. The fish are under bird schools eating both surface iron and yo yo's. San Diego out of Seaforth has hooked into them 3 or 4 days running. On occasion the 1/2 day hooked some too. Maybe this is a sign...
  273. kelppaddydaddy

    What is a Good all around kelp reel

    I think your right on the money with the Seagate or Salitist 30h backed with spectra - great reels both for fishing 20 to 30 lb test. Leave enough room for Mono topshot around 100 yds. Those Spectra backlashes are killer. Just a note Big 5 in Oceanside had the older style (Grey) Saltist for...
  274. kelppaddydaddy

    Newell P332F for Penn Fanthom 12 or 15

    Title pretty much says it all - Newell is in great shape - its the remake, 10 for 10 in looks - i'll call it a 8 for 10 in operation, only because I got a season on it and new drags wouldnt hurt. Filled about 3/4 way with 65lb power pro and topped off with new 25lb Izor. i'm in Oceanside, Ca.
  275. kelppaddydaddy

    Favorite Mono Line

    x2 on the Izor Blue
  276. kelppaddydaddy

    Newell freel spool noise

    Bet the bearings just need oiling. Some guys like putting in ceramic bearings. Some of the older Newells were noisy as hell when casting - that's when they working normally!
  277. kelppaddydaddy

    Would u buy a salvage car??

    Man I bought a Salvage title car once - bad news from the get go. One issue after another, radiator - electronics - transmission. If you do buy one better take it to a very good mechanic to get checked out, but I don't think they could catch everything.
  278. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Baja Special and Penn Squidder 146

    Baja Special - has the metal star or plastic?
  279. kelppaddydaddy

    Your Favorite Set-up

    Avet Mxl with 25lb test on a Calstar 700ML for the overnighter Albacore and yellowtail. Feels so right when hooked up!
  280. kelppaddydaddy

    Screw for Baja Special

    Had the same problem with my Baja Special - a guy from the tackle shop at Seaforth saw it and gave me screw that worked great so I could make the 3/4 day and no charge! Gotta like those Seaforth folk!
  281. kelppaddydaddy

    Brand new Avet LX (2spd)- Slight Grinding

    Avet treated me right - gave a call about a new MX that didn't freespool under higher drag settings properly. I was told mail it in. They called when it got there, repaired by changing a shim, and called to say they were shipping it back. Its been my go to favorite the last two years. Have 5...
  282. kelppaddydaddy

    Old School Newell G235-F - Mint

    There is just something racy about those red letter Newells - good looking reel!
  283. kelppaddydaddy

    Avet HX 2 Speed?

    Anybody got one fill me in on this reel - saw Fishermans Landing in San Diego offering this reel at $359, sounds to good to be true. I'm looking to use it as a 50 - 60 lb setup at Alijos. Again I'm not looking for opinions on this compares to something else - just will this get it done and...
  284. kelppaddydaddy

    NEWELL P322-F

    I'm gonna stir the pot here for sure - ok his reel, ask what he wants. However, here's my take. Bloodydeck is like a family of sorts, sometimes rude and obnoxious - but with a common interest. I sell stuff sometimes at less then Ebay prices. I'm willing to pass on a good deal, just like I've...
  285. kelppaddydaddy

    NEWELL P322-F

    Seriously I am big Newell fan but that's a mighty big asking price
  286. kelppaddydaddy


    Your gonna be missing those Newells one day!
  287. kelppaddydaddy

    Camp Pendleton

    The sound of Freedom!
  288. kelppaddydaddy

    What the fuck did I catch

  289. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano Talica 16 2-Speed Reel TAC-16II

    See junipero01 Talica 16 - just bumped to top
  290. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar Grafighter 760L (30-80)

    Another nice rod at a nice price - free bump!
  291. kelppaddydaddy

    Ensenada 1-19 & 20 2012-Yellowtail & Bass

    That's a serious Homeguard yellowtail - well done!
  292. kelppaddydaddy

    calstar 270 8 ft

    Got a Factory BWC 270 - 8 footer excellent condition $100
  293. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar Grafighter 765M (40-100)

    I'll take it if you still have it - check your pm
  294. kelppaddydaddy

    New penn squall

    I have the Squall 15 and freakin love it - the freespool is great as is the drags and power, low profile 15 to 20lb fish killer. A bit heavy for bassing maybe, but if you hook into a yellowtail it'll more then get the job done! Can't imagine turning the magnetic cast all the way down, I usually...
  295. kelppaddydaddy

    Newell p-338 w/Red Tiburon frame

    Super reel for the Iron throwers - really reasonably priced, should go fast!
  296. kelppaddydaddy

    Avet MXL Raptor vs Avet JX/LX Raptor for 50lb

    Any reason I couldn't fish a Avet Mxl Raptor for 50LB TEST AT Alijos - it's a smaller easier to handle reel then a JX/LX, figure the drag pressures a little lighter but should do for 50lb right? Or is line capacity gonna be a factor. Just fished overnighters so not really sure what to expect...
  297. kelppaddydaddy

    saltist v.s. torium why?

    Newell 332 best reel ever! Newell's hopefully make the comback!
  298. kelppaddydaddy

    saltist v.s. torium why?

    Saltist better freespool and newer reels better drags!
  299. kelppaddydaddy

    Mexican Visa News Released

    This could be the death of the San Diego 3/4 day fleet - $33 increase making it $133 - not good! I think the Mexicans are hurting themselves on this one
  300. kelppaddydaddy

    Gruden the next Charger coach?

    That would be a-ok with this Charger Fan! Chuckie could right the ship! So could Kauer I bet! Either way to hell with these nice guy Coaches, let's get somebody that's willing to chew a little ass when needed!
  301. kelppaddydaddy

    What to do about the wife!!

    Best wife ever!
  302. kelppaddydaddy

    G.Loomis PSR90-25C Pelagic Series 7'6" 20-30LB

    Wow - never seen a rod for sale generate 4 pages of comments and not get bought! Somebody buy this stick!
  303. kelppaddydaddy

    Merry Christmas

    It's definitely Rudolph and boy is he flying!
  304. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Squall 12 - $100 NIB

    Got a Penn Squall 12 - nice little reel, filled with Spectra and 15lb P-Line topshot. It's new - won it in a local tackle shop raffle. I have the 15 already and like it alot. No shipping - pick up in Oceanside, Ca. This is a deal! Price drop $90 - can't believe I'm doing this!
  305. kelppaddydaddy

    Best 20-25# Rig (for Albies and LJ inshore)?

    Avet SX great choice - tricky part is finding that right rod for tossing chovies and still having backbone for Albies. Some of the graphites are a little stiff, maybe a 196 or 270 fiberglass blank.
  306. kelppaddydaddy

    I D this fish please?

    Man I never saw a Blue Perch that BiG! Had to be a blast on light line!
  307. kelppaddydaddy

    Set ups for 6 day?

    Great advice here - Thanks, hope to get pics worthy of posting here!
  308. kelppaddydaddy

    Set ups for 6 day?

    Are 40lb set ups the typical go to set up? Trip is headed to Alijos.
  309. kelppaddydaddy

    Jeff Fisher???

    Chuckie - I vote for Chuckie!
  310. kelppaddydaddy

    Set ups for 6 day?

    This is what I got - Avet MXJ - MXL - JX 2 speed - Trinidad 40, probably need more. Rods got Calstars 700m 700ml 700h and wahoo special 875.Figure I can use the boats trollers. Price does become a issue so keep it real Thanks! Anybody else out there thinking of doing the RP scheduled Charkbait...
  311. kelppaddydaddy

    What is your favorite iron and why?

    Fish the Coronados alot - love the Salas 7X surface a little heavier then the Tady,so it throws easier in the wind. Some years Green/Yellow does the trick, others just Green. Give me these two jigs and a yo yo jig or two (blue and white Tady 9) and I'm set to go hunting the yellows!
  312. kelppaddydaddy

    Guadelupe on the Vagabond 11/8-11/13

    Great Pics - Best Honey Moon ever!
  313. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore My 3rd Offshore Trip and still SKUNKED!

    Seriously watch where the fish are at and how long the trips are - tuna have been hanging out 140 to 160 miles for 3 or 4 weeks now. That's a stretch for a 1 1/2 day. Some skippers go the distance - some not! A 1 1/2 day should get you in the zone by 11 am or so - if the skipper goes the...
  314. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore Eclipse 1 1/2 day - Bad Timing

    Ok went on a 1 1/2 day from Seaforth on the Eclipse - fished 8-12 lb yellowtail on the paddies. Not the trip I had hoped for, with all the tuna fishing going on. Skipper had to do a whale watching trip the next morning at 9 am, so could not pull off going long (140 miles) and coming in late...
  315. kelppaddydaddy

    Fishing the Freelance 9/2/11

    Yea - I went out of a landing this year, won't mention the name. The skipper sat the 1/2 day boat on a spot where for 3 hours we brought up shorts to keepers at a ratio of 10 to 1. Not good I thought, why he didn't move the boat somewhere in a search for bigger fish who knows? They were...
  316. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore 9/2/11 - Shogun 1.5 day Report

    Awesome pics with the sunset!
  317. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear CS 625 - $170 firm Oceanside

    Pending sale to icemanbryan - pleasure dealing with ya.
  318. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear CS 625 - $170 firm Oceanside

    Great reel, Pick up is in Oceanside. One small ding on top, can't get it to show in photos. Reel just fished a couple of times, caught some smaller yellowtail. Purchased reel new about a year ago new on ebay. Have reel screws, clamp and box. You pick up - first one shows up with cash is the...
  319. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore 1 1/2 DAY BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR 8/27

    Sorry I'm technically challenged - still trying to figure out how to post a avatar!
  320. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore 1 1/2 DAY BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR 8/27

    Actually a 15 hour boat ride to get there!
  321. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore 1 1/2 DAY BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR 8/27

    Ocean was great - easy ride, heard it had been rough day prior. That's the Ocean for ya, beats you up one day - flat the next!
  322. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore 1 1/2 DAY BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR 8/27

    Great weather - Great fishing, Bluefin on the chew at 170 mph out from Pt Loma. That's a long push for a 1 1/2 day, but Captain/Owner Ben wanted to put us on the fish and he did! Worked the meter, kelp and Birds for a sensational trip. Jackpot was between 2 big bluefin and 1 Albacore all over...
  323. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear CS551 - $125 firm

    Sold to Brian - of course 4 of you guys were named Brian, what are the odds of that!
  324. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear CS551 - $125 firm

    If nobody local picks it up in the next couple of days - I'll ship to ya writebrian.
  325. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear CS551 - $125 firm

    Bumping - still available!
  326. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore Top Gun 80 2 Day 8/5 - 8/7

    Went on the Pacific Queen last week (now my latest favorite boat) for a 1 1/2 day that went out 150 miles. Seems fuel surcharge amount - seems like $20, seemed pretty fair for that distance. They ran 3 fish catching 1 1/2 days in a row, then hit a bad weather day for a off count - same weather...
  327. kelppaddydaddy

    Pt. Loma 8-7-11

    Nice Bass - makes you wonder what could have been with those halibut!
  328. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear CS551 - $125 firm

    Silver Pro Gear CS551 - Looks and operates like new. Not a scratch on it. Backed with 50lb Izor line spectra, had it about a year and used twice on some smaller yellowtails. Just don't use it much since I have become a Avet fan. Pick up would be in Oceanside Ca. Post or Pm me.
  329. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore "We got another kelp" Pacific Queen 1.5

    Good job, I like your thinking on the 40-30-25lbs set ups! I was on the same boat day prior - Capt Drew really works the boat hard to make things happen. You guys picked up some bigger dorado, and got some bluefin to bite. We circled on some schools, but they wouldn't play. If the weather stays...
  330. kelppaddydaddy

    Fished the San Diego 3/4 3 Aug 11

    Sounds like you made the most of the situation - good job on the yellowtail. I like that boat alot!
  331. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore 1 1/2 day Pacific Queen Fishermans Landing

    It started out a bit rough, settled down nicely for about 3 or 4 hours then went to rocking and rolling a little again for the latter afternoon and ride home. Captain and crew call the Pacific Queen the battle wagon - she rides rough weather well. Cook was telling me she's actually a old World...
  332. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore 1 1/2 day Pacific Queen Fishermans Landing

    Yea if you asked the Captain and crew could have had a 100 fish day. Actually on the two mother load paddies you could have had 40 lb out. Live and learn:waglleybooty:
  333. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore 1 1/2 day Pacific Queen Fishermans Landing

    Went out 150 miles and found quality yellowtail under the paddies, 18 to 30 lbs. The boat also picked up 4 dorado off kelp and one lone yellowfin tuna on the troll. I batted 500 as I boated 4 of the 8 I hooked, sometimes those yellows just bulled there way back to the kelp. Nothing but positive...
  334. kelppaddydaddy

    TLD 5 in excellent condition

    Quite the deal on a really neat reel!
  335. kelppaddydaddy

    What was the FIRST CattleBoat you Fished.

    Some boat out of Daveys Locker in 76 - I remember they had numbered spots at the rail. The skipper rotated us to the right 20 numbers every couple of hours. Lots of Bonito and Barries - I was hooked!
  336. kelppaddydaddy

    Memorial Day Thanks

    Lots of you BD'ers are Vets - Thanks to you guys and gals! May we all remember those who gave all. To those fighting the fight today, we are behind you! America is eternally grateful! Semper Fi
  337. kelppaddydaddy


  338. kelppaddydaddy

    baja special

    Just a note - Charkbait has them for $219
  339. kelppaddydaddy

    800m w/reel seat for 800m deckhand

    Just a shot here that maybe somebody wants to trade a 800m deckhand style (factory wrap) preferred - for a 800m factory wrap that came with reel seat. Rod is in good condition so looking for same - Thanks
  340. kelppaddydaddy

    What is the best yellowtail rod and reel setup?

    The Trinidad 40n on a 700mh sounds kool!
  341. kelppaddydaddy

    What is the best yellowtail rod and reel setup?

    Caught more yellows with a newell 332 on a 700m for yo yo or bait or on a 800h w/surface jig - then with all my other reels combined - no overkill here. But i'm just fishing the Coronados usually - not the monster yellows at Cedros where I hear tell 60 to 80 lb dropper loops are used!
  342. kelppaddydaddy

    or trade Pro Gear 440 and cs6..

    I'm number 2 on the list for the 550 - email sent :)
  343. kelppaddydaddy

    OG P322 & P220

    Free bump - they seem to have pretty much slowed down production at Newell. I checked around at the Fred Hall show - nobodys got the remake P332f anymore. Wish I had the bucks!
  344. kelppaddydaddy

    OG P322 & P220

    Those are real gems. Are ya interested in trading the 322 for a Pro Gear CS 625, and the 220 for a CS 551. They are silver - both have been on only 1 trip. The Cs 551 looks perfect the 625 got one small ding where I laid it down once - both with Izor line Spectra backing, 65 lb on the 625 - 50...
  345. kelppaddydaddy

    Trade Calstar 800h for Seeker Blacksteel 6480

    I would do that trade if it was a deckhand rod, Thanks though!
  346. kelppaddydaddy

    Trade Calstar 800h for Seeker Blacksteel 6480

    Looking to trade a factory wrap Calstar Graphfighter deckhand 800h (30-60lb rating) rod in very good shape, for a factory wrap Seeker Blacksteel deckhand 6480 (20-40lb rating) in good shape. I'm in Oceanside, Ca.
  347. kelppaddydaddy


    a freebie bump for neat reels!
  348. kelppaddydaddy

    Fishing For Trouble with the Scuba Guys

    This guy must have Scuba tanks for lungs!!!!!
  349. kelppaddydaddy

    Original Sabre Rods (great condition)

    What is the rating on the Sabre without the roller tip - might be interested in trading you a Shimano Star 15/30 in like new condition for it.
  350. kelppaddydaddy


    Factory wrap Calstar 800h deckhand style rod for (prefer factory wrap) Seeker black steel 6480h - pm me (rod in Oceanside}
  351. kelppaddydaddy

    Another Day of White Seabass Limits on the SPECTRA!!!

    Amazing - it's all about timing, boy you guys did it right. For a 20 yr southern Ca fisherman who's never tied into a legal seabass yet, your trip seems like some kind of a dream!
  352. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar gg 90j rod

    Used once Factory wrap Calstar GG 90J like new - throwing in 4 sumo 7x jigs in great condition also (some never used), $175. Also will trade for Black Steel Seeker 6480. PM me - rod is in Oceanside for pick up or trades. Update: just sold to a fellow BD'er!
  353. kelppaddydaddy

    Pacific Queen, Aztec, Holiday, or New Lo-an?

    Took the Pacific Queen a week ago - really great crew and skipper, very impressed. Yea, parking sucked however, Fishermans Landing is close to the overflow parking so to me it's not that big of a deal. Just make sure you got exact change to put in numbered slots - $6 a day. Tight Lines!
  354. kelppaddydaddy

    Guadalupe Rigs?

    Thanks guys, got more scoop on gear and boats from pm's - Bloody Deck members are great for info. Hope to fish the Lupe and get a personal best yellowtail and BFT!
  355. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar Rod GG Series 90-J for GG 690-J

    bump added trade option for Pro Gear CS 625!
  356. kelppaddydaddy

    Avet JX 6/3, SX

    Would you be interested for a trade for almost new (fished once) Calstar 9 ft jigstick GG Series 90-j rated 30 to 60lbs for the JX?
  357. kelppaddydaddy

    Legend vs Pac Star vs Aztec?

    Ditto what CHUBACA6 said - fished all them alot, still bounce between Legend and Pacific Star depending on whether I'm in attack or comfort mode - attack mode being the Legend, comfort mode being the Pacific Star.
  358. kelppaddydaddy

    Guadalupe Rigs?

    I have pretty much just fished 3/4 day and overnighters - trying to get a 5 dayer to the Island, what can I get by with? I have a Trinidad 20/30 and 40 - would that work, and how to rig'em? Thanks for any info.
  359. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore Fathers day yellows wide open

    Kool - get yours and hook and hand off, You make a guys day that's having tough luck - This is way my kids say fisherman always seem like the nicest bunch - Thanks!
  360. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar Rod GG Series 90-J for GG 690-J

    Used once factory wrap GG Series 90-j (30-60) lb rating will trade for GG 690-j (20-50) - in Oceanside, Ca - (also willing to trade for Pro Gear CS 625)
  361. kelppaddydaddy

    Offshore Day and a half of catching blue fin aboard the Legend

    Good scoop - Thanks for it! Heading out Friday on the Pacific Queen Fishermans landing for a 1 1/2 day, the info will help!
  362. kelppaddydaddy

    Looking For Some Advise/Tips On Buying A New Reel

    Sounds like a JX would serve your purpose better - if you fill it with 25 to 30 lb straight mono line, capacity will not be a issue, spectra needed to go 40lb though. Your options for straight mono on the mx are about maxed out with 25lb test in my opinion. Hate to fish with less then 250 yds on...
  363. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear 251 and 541

    Good price on some neat hard to find pro gear
  364. kelppaddydaddy

    yoyo reel

    I really really really like my TN 40 for yo yo with 40 - 60, if your looking for a reel to do just that. I imagine the Tallica might have more up side for live bait fishing etc., IMO
  365. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear Albacore Special 282

    Still have the pro gear?
  366. kelppaddydaddy

    Looks Like Tuna Season Is Here

    Check out the pics from Pananma on BD's front page - that will get your heart pumping!
  367. kelppaddydaddy

    Can Cows Really Fly ?????

    So this is where the origination of WFO came from!
  368. kelppaddydaddy

    For trade or sell - JX and an MXJ

    Hey hammerhick - it's guys like you and me that keep the reel manufactures Happy!
  369. kelppaddydaddy

    For trade or sell - JX and an MXJ

    I had the MXJ, MXL, and JX - traded them all in for Trinidads. Just never liked the way they felt with the drag settings loaded up. True Trinidads are over priced, but sure feel great! Best thing is I got some killer deals on BD on some of them! I'm pretty high on the tld stars too - keep a tld...
  370. kelppaddydaddy

    Pretty Good Day!

    Damn that fish looks HUGE! What did it weigh?
  371. kelppaddydaddy

    Newell p229-5

    Damn - wish I was closer to you. I'd be all over this deal!
  372. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar 800H

    Do they make a 800h with a reel seat?
  373. kelppaddydaddy

    208 yellowtail on the San Diego!

    I'm gonna second this post - as I was lucky enough to be out there today on the Mission Belle from Pt Loma. It's getting exciting out there - fish are up on top boiling, starting to take surface iron and live bait. Lots of boats out there, but the fish don't seem to care - we were a little ways...
  374. kelppaddydaddy

    12 year old catches limit of halibut

    To cool - I'm still trying to get my first legal halibut in over 20 years of southern Ca fishing! Great job!
  375. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar BWC 270C Excellent Shape - $100

    So much for $100 firm - price just drop to $90
  376. kelppaddydaddy

    Calstar BWC 270C Excellent Shape - $100

    This rod is a factory wrap black west coast 270 7 foot conventional rod - great shape, you couldn't tell it from new, fished it twice for calico's. Price is firm - rod is in Oceanside. Ca. must be picked up. Accept cash or paypal. Thanks for looking and Tight Lines!
  377. kelppaddydaddy

    Wide Open Deal

    That's the best avatar ever!!!!!!!!!!!
  378. kelppaddydaddy

    Newell P-322 $150.00

    Sweet - somebody's gonna get a real classic!
  379. kelppaddydaddy

    GFGR 800L - $140 firm

    All pm's replied - pending sale tomorow am
  380. kelppaddydaddy

    GFGR 800L - $140 firm

    In Oceanside GFGR 800L Factory wrap (has reel seat) excellent condition $140 firm -accept paypal or cash
  381. kelppaddydaddy


    Got a factory wrap GFGR 800L - has real seat, in great shape too, Oceanside, Ca
  382. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano Speedmaster IV

    price drop - pics added
  383. kelppaddydaddy

    penn baja special

    Is this the newer Baja Special with the upgrade of the extra bearing in the handle and metal star? Thanks
  384. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano Speedmaster IV

    Man you guys are tough - price drop to $70 and throwing in clamp. Send pm with e-mail address if you want pics.
  385. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano teramar TMC 90H

    Will this rod handle throwing Salas 7x? Thanks
  386. kelppaddydaddy

    Shimano Speedmaster IV

    Excellent condition both cosmetically and mechanically, bought last season - fished twice, $70. In Oceanside, Ca. Will ship paypal - your cost.
  387. kelppaddydaddy

    Newell 338j

    Anybody use one of these reels for casting - is the bar a hindrence? Got a chance to get one, but want to use it for casting iron - good or bad idea, Thanks for any info.:jig:
  388. kelppaddydaddy


    pay pal payment sent
  389. kelppaddydaddy


    This is a deal - somebody has got to want this!
  390. kelppaddydaddy

    Which reel?

    I keep finding myself picking up my 15/30 over my Trinidads and Newells - just feels right with 20 or 25lb test for overnighter stuff - cast live baits well right out of the box.
  391. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear Fred Hall Show?

    Anybody do the Fred Hall show and notice any Pro Gear reels? I'm looking to see some in Del Mar
  392. kelppaddydaddy

    Penn Baja Special Reel

    Charkbait was selling them at the Fred Hall Show - check the web site maybe. You know the newer versions have a extra bearing in the handle and a steel star vice graphite.
  393. kelppaddydaddy

    Factory Calstar 700 xlh (15-25lbs)

    OK - No love for my first posting, so I dropped it on down to $120. Like new. I live in Oceanside. (Also willing to trade for Calstar 90j:jig:)
  394. kelppaddydaddy

    Pro Gear Alba Special 542 for Avet MXJ

    Like new Albacore Special 542, seen one trip. Trade for newer style Avet MXJ. Live in Oceanside.Ca - will drive and meet 1/2 way for a trade from San Diego or LA area.
  395. kelppaddydaddy

    Factory Calstar 700 xlh

    for sale factory wrapped Calstar Graphiter 700 xlh in like new condition -$120-Pick up in Oceanside
  396. kelppaddydaddy

    black pearl 2 day?

    I might throw in a good word about the Legend, it's my favorite boat out of Seaforth - sorry to hear some had a bad trip on it. The only issue I had is when they had a light load, and it turns out bait tank pump is out - maybe, then we get moved to a smaller boat? One wonders.
  397. kelppaddydaddy

    wtb penn baja special

    One of the locals saw my message and wants it, figure I'll just sell to him - hope that's ok.
  398. kelppaddydaddy

    wtb penn baja special

    Howdy - I have one. It's about 3 years old. It could use new drags and is in good shape cosmetically. Not sure how to do pics here yet, if your interested fire me off a e-mail address and I will send you picks. Figure $100 dollars to a BD member.