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  1. jober37

    Fuji Gold GUSG Turbo SIC Tip Tops

    What size specifically???
  2. jober37

    Rainshadow freshwater bass rod blanks??

    Ryan, THANK YOU OH SO MUCH!!!! This is the information that I am looking for!! My wife and I are planning to take a trip up in the spring or early summer. Thanks for the invite on the tour, I will hit you up on that!! Joel Berukoff
  3. jober37

    Rainshadow freshwater bass rod blanks??

    Is there anybody in Oregon who stocks some of these bass blanks???Not interested in Salmon/Steelhead blanks.... Joel Berukoff
  4. jober37

    Rainshadow freshwater bass rod blanks??

    Hi Geoff, If I am reading this right, would compare the Eternity series action similar to say G.Loomis NRX series?? The Immortal being like a Imx/GLX series?? I realize its Batson Ent. but I've not held the eternity series yet... May just bite the bullet ,just buy the Eternity, and then ALPS it...
  5. jober37

    Rainshadow freshwater bass rod blanks??

    I''m looking into building a set of RAINSHADOW bass rods for smallies/largies. What are the main differences in feel between the Eternity and Immortal classes?? I will consider the Revelation series too but want to stay towards the higher end classes. The prices on the blanks are spendy but...
  6. jober37

    Offshore Tuesday Morning Wahoo

    Great thanks for the info!! Joel Berukoff
  7. jober37

    Offshore Tuesday Morning Wahoo

    What did you get your wahoo on???
  8. jober37

    7 Day July INDEPENDENCE- Jump On These Open Spots!

    Mike Keating on a 7 day anytime!!!!
  9. jober37

    fade wrap help?

    Curious Jim, what do you charge for the fade wrap pictured above?? Thanks, Joel
  10. jober37

    Guide Question - Loomis

    Gloomis used the PacBay BTHG guides in those days.
  11. jober37

    The Killer Whales were back today... and did damage

    Finally the feds got the LAPD marine patrol involved!!! GREAT WORK and keep biting!!!
  12. jober37

    Small tackle rod

    A 100 is small for Cedros and those Mexican areas. I'd do a 300 minimum. You never know when you might hook a big yellowtail or grouper.
  13. jober37

    Mildrum rollers for rods!!

    Reply back at you. THANKS!!!!
  14. jober37

    Rainshadow for sale

    Simple: DON'T SELL THE RAINSHADOW!!!!! DON'T SELL THE RAINSHADOW!!!!! Ok, enough said. Joel Berukoff
  15. jober37

    Captain Jimmy Bombs Wahoo Jigs

    Bill, Thanks for that. Funny too!! Do you guys think a sliding version similar to that style and dimensions would be productive also?? Just curious.... Joel
  16. jober37

    Captain Jimmy Bombs Wahoo Jigs

    Got a question regarding the Capt. Jimmy's Bomb: From the looks of the pic, is the head configration basically a turned down torpedo sinker??? Is the rest of the sinker body under the skirt??? If this is the case, I have some ideas in place for a "hard" head...... BTW, THANKS FOR THE PICS...
  17. jober37

    RP Wahoo 9 miles from point loma

    Albies season is basically done. August and September was awesome. 1st week in October outside Columbia River was good until the weather picked up. Pretty bumpy right now due to several storms we're having. Like 16-25 footers very short durations. It will calm down then will start the awesome...
  18. jober37

    RP Wahoo 9 miles from point loma

    NOT ME. I can't stand those pesky toothy mackerel!!! OK, I lied!!!!! PLEASE SEND SOME UP TO OREGON!!!!!!
  19. jober37

    RP Wahoo 9 miles from point loma

    Good luck trying to tell the long range boys that the count is ten!!! We all know the wahoo is the "new age" barracuda!!!
  20. jober37

    The bean truce.

    Got a question: hoe many of you all have LICKED your fishing line AFTER dinner??? Especially after the chili cheese dogs are digested and dispersed??? Possibly those of you fishing the boats sides???? Just a curious crazy mind needs to know..... Joel
  21. jober37

    Older Hexagonal rod.

    Kencor magnaglass. These are very similar to the truline actions( bending) but with 6 sides. Can't say nothing else..
  22. jober37

    The bean truce.

    Especially when your portable fan is blowing the "hot air" on a super humid tropical day!!
  23. jober37

    The bean truce.

    TUMS TOO!!! Plus whats wrong with the top bunk?? Everyone one shit rolls downhill.....
  24. jober37

    Saltwater BLUEFIN caught on Express Charter boat Reel Tight today

    Is there something wrong with a South wind?? Is this a good thing?? Joel
  25. jober37

    Is there any reason to use size C/D thread?

    I have a crap pot FULL of size c/d sized threads. I see no reason to get rid of it. I wlll use it until its gone....... ok maybe the great grand nephews might tackle with it also!!!! Also got a bunch of E, some EE, etc. to use for stripes between the cork tape, non-skid, or other types of...
  26. jober37

    Seeker BC 706S for mini east coast buts

    That's truly a wall hanger!!! Joel
  27. jober37

    Need Information on these guides and WTB extra

    Senju, Question: What would you be willing to pay for a full unused set? I believe the set has a #24 gold AFTCO tip..... And yes, they are like yours shown. Joel
  28. jober37

    Need Information on these guides and WTB extra

    Scold, Thanks for the model #!! I know they are Fuji's but didn't remember the model. I have a full set also that's never been wrapped. I don't have a matching tip though. If ANYONE has a matching tip like as shown in the above pic, PLEASE PM ME!!! I've had my set for at least 20+ years. Bet...
  29. jober37

    Rail Dawgs for everyone

    Thank you Bill!! I'm looking forward to doing some business with you. Joel B.
  30. jober37

    Building wooden Reel Seats

    Possibly a small machine that uses the re-tort MER food packages. I think you need enough power for the finish to suck into the wood completely. Tight lines, Joel Berukoff
  31. jober37

    Rail Dawgs for everyone

    Since this is the case, of being able to purchase the grips separately, what do you suggest to use for the "injectable filler" under the grip?? Perhaps a spray foam?? Thanks, Joel
  32. jober37

    old leaders

    And they still work too!! AMAZING GOOD OLD STUFF you got there!! Joel
  33. jober37

    Carbide guides??

    Thanks Jim (and all the other folks)!! I absolutely spaced the thought about the carbide tips. again THANKS Jim!! I think I found enough for a few new sticks!!! Maybe even a jig rod. Joel
  34. jober37

    Poseidon Reels

    I thought those guys were in Monterry Park??? They seemed to be decent reels for the price point. workmanship was good and details for machining seems well too. If I would have known before, I would have at least tried their product. The company has been in business for over 30 years selling...
  35. jober37

    Carbide guides??

    I have a box of the unbracedd models which I'll use. I wanted to go a tad "retro" yet still have the performance factor. Also the " dude, where did you score that shit, I want some", "hook me up" attitude comes into play...... Thanks, Joel
  36. jober37

    Jack pole build?

    Why do you need a jack pole?? With today's long range rods being 7+ feet for example a 2x4 or 3x5, I don't see the need for the long bamboo in a skiff. Your chances of really using it are slim. I've have the same results with a TIGHT DRAG, the correct liftpole hook, and a heavy troll rod. Joel
  37. jober37

    Wahoo bombs

    I know what to do with that amount of tuna!! Jar it, smoke it, eat it!!!! I just have a case of albie left and I need some more fish!! Joel
  38. jober37

    How much wind is too much wind?

    Just fish a larger jig like a copper pipe jig and HANG on to your rod!! At 15kt of breeze here in Oregon, I'd be in shorts and t-shirts!!! We get a tad squiggly when the forecast is over 30. Joel
  39. jober37

    Carbide guides??

    I came across a plano box with a few full sets in Carbide Mildrum guides. I believe there's a couple Pac'bays mixed in but mostly Mildrums. With all the "modern" guides used for Cow Rods or even 60-80# sticks, is there any reason why these cannot be used for this application?? I realize the...
  40. jober37

    Does anyone know what kind of jigs these are?

    I think Sav-On Tackle sells them in several weights. They usually have a reflective oval sticker on the flat side.
  41. jober37

    Does anyone know what kind of jigs these are?

    Yes, Top/ left side is Salas PL68, the other 2 are Skripps Rockcod jigs. Joel
  42. jober37

    sabre green glass?

    Jiggyn Jerr, Far is I know, they were "trial/small batch experimental" blanks not making it to the open market. I have a solid red colored 196-7 purchased years ago. Maybe this year I'll build it. I have also seen a "mix" of all the colors with green, red, yellow/golden, with graphite...
  43. jober37

    Swimbait (FW Bass) lot for sale

    Hi Josh, HOPE YOU GET THIS MESSAGE TODAY!! Sorry, I need to back out of the deal. Although it's a GOOD deal, I had a few issues come up recently. I need to pass for now. Thanks and good luck with the sale. Joel Berukoff
  44. jober37

    Swimbait (FW Bass) lot for sale

    JOSH, I GOT YOUR PM, please check yours, consider these sold to me!!! Joel B.
  45. jober37

    Swimbait (FW Bass) lot for sale

    I'll offer 100.00 green backs for starters!! Joel
  46. jober37

    Light spinner

    AWESOME!!!! Where can I find the pattern for that design?? At least the basics of where to start the threads?? I tried doing it on my new jigstick (ulua 93h-81/2) with little success. My measurments were off. Any help is great!!!! I have lots of colors on the guides 7-8 thinks!! Joel Berukoff
  47. jober37

    Grip length of a rod for tuna?

    My suggestion is to build the rod to fit YOU. It doesn't matter to much on total rod length. Some guys/ gals like really long grips. Personally, I'm short. About 5'6" or so. From experience, I found my grip length as follows: 2" butt cap ( no need for the gimbal if your using the rail...
  48. jober37

    I hate sanding hypolon, so I came up with a better mousetrap

    WE men (and ladies) always like a smooooth cut!!!!
  49. jober37

    I hate sanding hypolon, so I came up with a better mousetrap

    Scold, What do you use to clean the razor that's filled with foam? Do you shake it, tap it, etc?? Also, what brand do you use that will hold the sharpness for this application?? Thanks, Joel
  50. jober37

    I hate sanding hypolon, so I came up with a better mousetrap

    FAST!!!! When the screen is new, it is razor sharp. The grit is similar to a cheese grater side where you shave nuts like nutmeg. Looks like 4 points pushed out. You cannot push too hard otherwise you'll slice into the foam too deep. Use finer sand or drywall paper to finish. Very easy to...
  51. jober37

    I hate sanding hypolon, so I came up with a better mousetrap

    A few years ago, I started using a grit metal screen called "Dragon Screen" by Red Devil Products. This stuff is BRUTAL for taking Hypo and EVA down FAST!! Just make sure you finish off with fine paper or drywall screen. Another tool that is good for sanding are the "Microplanes" used for...
  52. jober37

    Recommended online shop for supplies

    Hope you guys know the Utmost Enterprises is a separate company outside of Batson Enterprises. Yes, they are affiliated (being family) though and they are GOOD PEOPLE to deal with!!!! Thanks, Joel
  53. jober37

    Recommended online shop for supplies

    2 words: Utmost Enterprises!!! Joel Berukoff
  54. jober37

    Color help

    I would suggest metallic red or even metallic light green for trim. Use the cobalt as the main color. Joel
  55. jober37

    12 foot Truline???

    Good assumption is a Conolon or Roddy. Joel
  56. jober37

    Perris Lake??

    thanks for the info. I fished the lake with my wife and a friend Sunday. We had 7 total, I had 2 fish. dumped 1 biggun' on the Hudd. We flipped shallow spots and tules most of the day. Nice day but got really windy most of the morning (gust were 30-40ish). Then wind died around 1:00 but stirred...
  57. jober37

    What do you guys think of this?

    And they still work too!
  58. jober37

    Perris Lake??

    Has anyone fished lake perris within the last few weeks?? I'm coming down from Oregon and plan on bass fishing for a day. I fished it MANY MANY times over the years, but since moved up here about 8 years ago. Anybody got any recent details?? Can I still fish and walk the dam?? Thanks, Joel
  59. jober37

    Ever see this?

    Looks like the rod broke and appears to be crushed. Like someone put it on the rail improperly. Appears that chevron wrap is acting like a Band-Aid. Are the guides in line with the reel seat or slightly off center?? I say crushed judging by the stress cracks between the base and guide...
  60. jober37

    old tackle shops oc/la

    Linbrook Tackle off of Brookhurst which is now closed. The owner died I believe.
  61. jober37

    old tackle shops oc/la

    Got one finally: "Carol and Hank's friendly fishing tackle" in Anaheim. Used to be on Ball and Brookhurst Ave. close to Taka's. they closed in the early 90's but been around forever. They used the white with green square cardboard to repack their bulk swivels, hooks, etc. Oh memories!! And...
  62. jober37

    Lb test for ling cods?

    I fish 80# spectra with a 50-60# leader about 3-4 feet. BIG BAITS or greenling on a BIG hook/sinker rig. Reel is a Penn 4/0 YTS with regular gears not the 4:1 gears. heavier jig stick too about 8'. TIGHT DRAG and pull hard!! Joel
  63. jober37

    Score on old school Gudebrod and Holland varigated.

    Is there any thread YOU are looking for?? Possible swap perhaps?? I wouldn't mind a spool to two..... Thanks, Joel
  64. jober37

    Jim Trelikes is the MAN

    Ok, thanks Mike. BTW, Nice avatar also, to us all!! Joel
  65. jober37

    Jim Trelikes is the MAN

    Is this the same Mike Long that likes green bass too?? Anyhow, NICE ARSENAL and good work Jim!!
  66. jober37

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    Jim, Thanks for that info. So it definitely is possible, to the Crayola etch-a-sketch I go!!! I'll see if I can find pics of his box. Joel
  67. jober37


    Doc, Did "mama" kick you off the kitchen table again?? OR how many eyeballs should I weave in this fish this time?? OR I need black thread like EVERYONE ELSE because I'm now out too?? Ok, that's enough from me, Joel Berukoff
  68. jober37

    Whats up with Seeker

    Interesting about Seeker. Personally, I don't care where the blanks come from as long as the quality is very good!! Also, BTW, one of my favorite sticks is a OEM "no-name" blank that is made in Malaysia. I HAVE DONE everything to break them including the ceiling fan. Fortunately I have about...
  69. jober37

    Wooden Tackle Box Pictures and Builders

    What do you guys think of a box made of metal such as Aluminum or Stainless Steel?? Of course podwercoated , anodized, or similar also in the appropriate dimensions like the wood boxes shown.... Any thoughts??
  70. jober37

    Whats a Custom Rod Costs Nowadays?

    I think $2,000 U.S.D. would suffice for starters on a custom build. Then the price WILL go up for family members and idiots who know it all about custom rods!!!! Who knows, you might find that lucky soul who reconstitutes swap meet crap!! just my 2 pennies!! Joel
  71. jober37


    3:45pm (2-0 sea chickens) Yes, it's after 3:00 pm Please put me in, this is fun!!!!! thanks, Joel Berukoff (jober37)
  72. jober37

    custom phenix type handles

    Regarding your grip, I do mine myself also. All depends what the customer wants... I put cord chevrons on my cut Ulua. Then I found out most reels I own don't fit on it ( due to the chevron stack) so I split the chevrons to include a space for the reel. WIFEY likes it and got approval...
  73. jober37

    Guide Compliment For Railrods

    You should try 10-15 pounds of weight. Your "little" baits are weigh at least that much....
  74. jober37

    Biggest weave

    Please take a pic then post it later after you send it to the friend.
  75. jober37

    Parachute cord??

    Is there any easy way to remove the inner core from parachute cord??? I have 2 100' pieces to do. So far it's taken over 2 hours for about 50 feet of it. This stuff is going on a cut down Ulua for some butt kickin lingcod fishing..... Any help is appreciated. FYI, Oh, my original plan was to...
  76. jober37

    Mildrum rollers for rods!!

    Hi, I still have the rollers, consider these yours also. I will respond fully on Jan 6th as I'm currently out of town until then. Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Joel Berukoff
  77. jober37

    Stuart rod rollers!!!!!

    Angel,Consider them yours, are you interested in all sets I have available??I am currently out of town and will respond fully on Monday Jan 6th. If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me, I check this periodically now.THANKS AND HAPPY NEWS YEARS!!!!Joel Berukoff
  78. jober37

    Cord grip tutorial?

    Thanks for this info fellas!!! I could really use this tutorial on the basketweave cord work. I got some ideas in my head........ Joel
  79. jober37

    Custom Bass Rod Rainshadow XMB844

    Nice stick!! Thanks for the handle idea on your personal bass butt kicker!!! Joel
  80. jober37

    Cool picture from the Excel

    AWESOME PIC!!! I'm sure that angler is on a spinner with 30# HAHAHAHA!!
  81. jober37


    Can you show a pic of the handle?? The rod looks great BTW!!! Joel
  82. jober37

    Deps 250 Slide Swimmer

    Hi, I understand they are sold, how much were they?? I was working, did not see these until now. Thanks, Joel
  83. jober37

    Mildrum rollers for rods!!

    Hi, Just trying to repost this, (from 11/2012 original post). Sorry if it comes out twice!! Thanks, Joel B.
  84. jober37

    Stuart rod rollers!!!!!

    bump!! I'm trying to repost this ( from 11/2012) . Sorry if it comes out twice. Joel
  85. jober37

    Wtb black avet mxl mc

    Get in touch with "effigy" here on Bloodydecks!!! I think he had one for sale. Joel
  86. jober37

    Mackerel Milkshake

    Is this the same blender your wife uses for HER smoothies with berries, oatmeal, milk, etc????? If so, the next morning should be fun!!! I want a front row seat and I'll bring the popcorn!!!! Joel
  87. jober37

    Fighting a cow tuna

    Yes, this is true!! We all think the stiffer/longer/ more powerful rod IS BETTER for fishing cows and general big tuna fishing. This is not always true!!Q Question, what happens when you purchase a rod and reel of this caliber that is "recommended" only to find out is way to powerful for...
  88. jober37

    Definition of ADDICTION

    Doc, when you have spare time, would you please take some pics of the handle assemblies of your rods?? Possibly with reels attached?? Looks like you have some interesting combos and pretty sharp colored "poodle" grips. Thanks, Joel
  89. jober37

    Reel seat installation with masking tape arbors, Video

    THANK YOU BILL!!! When I build my rods, whether a "guppie" stick or giant broomhandle troller, I do it the same way everytime!!!! JUST LIKE YOU DO!!!!! Obviously the components may change like the exposed trigger seats etc. where you may need to change the location of the tape. Even ferrules...
  90. jober37

    bent butt help

    First, since you brought up a "bent butt" rod, what rod are you building??? Weight, height, and style are contributing factors. FOR MANY MOONS, I've used masking tape for use as small arbors AND encapsulating both the tape arbors and blank spaces mostly with 2 part epoxy. Depending on the rod...
  91. jober37

    Reel paerts give away

  92. jober37

    Wahoo Lures - What's the Over/Under

    Salas 7X light in purple people eater ( purple sardine with black side stripes). A BAG FULL would do with no wire tied and leave the treble hook on!! Joel
  93. jober37

    Wahoo Lures - What's the Over/Under

    The Hopkins was made for fishing on the drop. Cast it far as you can, let it sink until your line reaches a 45degree angle and start cranking!! YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR BIT!!!! Also, the 450 NO=equl is probably better than the 600. you won't get tired as fast. Joel
  94. jober37

    Flex Coat Wrapping Finish not curing

    Since your using cups try this: is it the hardener which is the more liquid( I think)?? Well, first slowly pour the hardener to the desired level say 2CC for example. Then pour the resin to say JUST UNDER 4CC for example. You will see the resin and hardener change sides( turning around in the...
  95. jober37

    Flex Coat Wrapping Finish not curing

    Chances are your mixture was not right . You have better chances of correct mixtures and stirring times with syringes. Personally, I've always used the lined cups for mine. I'll do several rods in a row mostly using a full cup of epoxy. BUT that's me!! Another possibly is the weather. We've had...
  96. jober37

    More Vintage Rods To Fix

    Bob, Email has been sent to ya!! Joel
  97. jober37

    More Vintage Rods To Fix

    Mark, On the one pic, the top rod is definitely a conolon. the bottom could be a conolon but also a silaflex. (I'm only going by the pic.) The rod on the left of the pic has what appears to be an "Allen" seat. Similar to a Varmac but usually lighter built. Most Varmac seats I've seen were...
  98. jober37

    More Vintage Rods To Fix

    Mark, from the pics, looks like the rods are Garcia Conolon. If you refinish/recoat the blank, just make sure the coat is hard. You don't want the coat to be "mushy" to the touch. You may encounter the ends where the thread finish meets the blank coat to separate eventually due to stress...
  99. jober37


    Is the M/V Maximus normally based in the Channel Islands?? Is the permanent home in PV?? Also, is this a new boat?? Or, a upgraded older boat?? Last, if an older boat, what was the former name of it?? Just curious, Joel
  100. jober37

    Ideas For Hypalon Repair

    Get a small bottle of rubber cement (with the brush enclosed). Split the hyopoln sections apart until you see the bottom. From the bottom to about half way out, brush the cement on INSIDE the gap. Try not to be messy!!! Take some masking tape, painter's blue is fine, and wrap the cut section...
  101. jober37

    bent butt suggestions

    Try the Calstar X46XH graphite blank, Aftco #2 unibutt (curved or straight your pic), the reel seat are #3 size which will fit the 50's great.
  102. jober37

    I asked for porn from Jason and got this.

    AWESOME PIC!!!!! There is nothing like "EL NATURAL" and non-gloved specimens in this world. Wonder is they're into anal or not......
  103. jober37

    WTB Navy Blue Seeker Extreme Series

    Oh, I forgot to mention I would sell these. I AM NOT CHEAP!!! I will not ship and I am located in Oregon.
  104. jober37

    WTB Navy Blue Seeker Extreme Series

    I found a pic of the blank colors made in blue. The blanks I own are the color tone in the middle. I have 2 of the "Navy" Uluas composites in 10'. One I wrapped in my colors and the other is a blank. I think these are darker in color. how dark are you talking??? I purchased these along with a...
  105. jober37

    5 nice Bluefin on the Red Rooster

    NOPE!!!! 50 pound is too light. AGAIN use the HEAVY GEAR we call ROPE!!
  106. jober37

    Dying cork rings???

    Thanks Bill, I appreciate it. I would even mind doing some "wood stain" or similar. I'm just trying to change the cork look from natural color. You know, something different. Joel Berukoff
  107. jober37

    Dying cork rings???

    I'm planning on building some older Shirkari bass rod blanks I've had sitting collecting dust right now. I am wondering if anyone here has permanently dyed cork rings for grips??? any suggestions on what dye to use?? Was thinking of "RIT" to soak the pieces. Thanks, Joel Berukoff
  108. jober37

    Wahoo Wire

    Bill, can't tell them about that "sharpie" secret!!!! Now we need to find a new one.............Joel but since ya pulled it out from the bag, the blue works too!!
  109. jober37

    Lathe chuck solution

    Have you tried liquid rubber dipped jaws?? Like they do with handles??
  110. jober37

    West Coast Fishin Chicks?

    Funny, one of my favorites is PINK!!!! Just think about it..... and no, I'm not gay....... Joel
  111. jober37

    OLD SCHOOL Jig Restoration for Jiggyn

    Hi, Can you give me details on how you solder/braze your rings?? I have access to torches...... Thanks a bunch!! Joel
  112. jober37

    Cleaning DIRTY shells for G-Urushi designs???

    I found what looks like Mussel. Mind you, I'm walking the Willamette River around Salem, OR. NO WHERE near the ocean. At first I thought they might be shells from mussel meat used for catfishing. etc. but I found these scattered throughout the river. I found 3 halves along the shoreline while...
  113. jober37

    Cleaning DIRTY shells for G-Urushi designs???

    Hi fellas and ladies!! Today, I found some "freshwater" mussels while walking a river here in Oregon. Enough for at least 1 decent rod. These are about the same size as units you'd find in the seafood area of a supermarket. These shells are extremely dirty/dried muddy. What's the best and...
  114. jober37

    What's old is new, again

    My dad has a 10,000 in black with the same concept. He stuck it on an old Lamiglas that's Parabolic. but he KILLS the barriers with it!! Interesting reel to fish if you haven't tried one before..... Joel
  115. jober37

    Rod Clamps: Is there an Over-Under

    ALWAYS!!!!! It's an ugly site to see your reel being pulled out under pressure then ripping your guides right off..... don't ask how I found out. Joel
  116. jober37

    Phenix Elixir trout rod

    Nice job!!! Question on the reel seat: looks like the gold part is part of the locking cap. Do you have a notch in the wood for the other side of the reel foot or do you plan on taping the reel on?? Also what sort of wood did you use?? Just curious..... Joel
  117. jober37

    How many types of "original" Sabres were there?

    I have a fully in/out red 196-7. This one is NOT painted but it does have a slight tweak towards the tip. fully fishable though!! My dad acquired (with my help to persuade him to buy it) a Composite 530 in the yellow glass version. ONLY this model has the glass on the handle section and...
  118. jober37

    Roller Guide Identification

    HI BD Gang!! Just FYI, I completely forgot about this thread. Fortunately, I still have these roller guides and I will honor those same prices if anyone is still interested in them (until they are gone, of course!!) Sorry, I am not trying to hijack this thread by ANY means!! Joel B.
  119. jober37

    Going Long...Which Boat, Which Trip

    Is there a problem with the Independence?? I have not heard much about it lately just the 3 boats mentioned above. Thanks.
  120. jober37

    accurate or tiburon frame

    I have a good USED Tiburon black frame in good shape. I will include the the stock wide spool too if that helps you. I have it installed on a Penn 113H reel currently. I would be interested in selling the enitre reel if need be. PM here if your interested. Joel Berukoff
  121. jober37

    22nd Street Landing 12-26-2012

    It's funny about the weather in L.A. as oppaosed to here in Oregon. If we had those conditions here, we'd be going out evvery day!!!! Right now it like 20-30kts, gusting to 45+, averaging 12-15foot and getting LARGER towards the end of the week, aroud 20+ with wind waves 2-5 feet on top of...
  122. jober37

    CALSTAR T870 w/ Aftco RDT

    Thanks for the info. I also found, finally, the other rod that JT built. The black/white one with the same unit. I think it may work for light line, but I'd like to see it in action too. Guess I need a trip to L.A. now!!! Oregon sucks for these fishy thingies....... can't get any good info at...
  123. jober37

    CALSTAR T870 w/ Aftco RDT

    Hi, Please forgive the ignorance on the new tech stuff: What is the Aftco RDT?? I see it on the rod...... Joel
  124. jober37


    With brass, you can also get those Nickel plated for the "chrome" finish!! Joel
  125. jober37

    410 YFT on EXCEL

    OK, just poking fun..... I've been on the boat before, there's plenty of room!! Just may not have room for others NOW!! Joel
  126. jober37

    410 YFT on EXCEL

    Fine, I'll say it: PHOTOSHOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, enough said with my rant. Just what I need to see when I come home from work!!! That said, CONGRATS ON THE CATCH AND CREW ASSIST TO PUT THAT BEAST ON THE DECK!!! Does one that size even fit into the hold opening?? Are they going to shove...
  127. jober37

    Before the Spirit of Adventure was a Long Range Boat...

    Here's one..... Do you know why the S.O.A. is the only boat in the fleet with windows installed in the foward bulkhead???? Answer: because they boat took a wave over the bow. It ripped the anchor off and also ripped the bow tank off resulting in severe damage to the area. They installed...
  128. jober37

    Before the Spirit of Adventure was a Long Range Boat...

    Just for history sake, did you know the S.O.A. original colors were black and grey?? Just think about football teams and you'll get your answer of whom the boat was originally built for. I believe Joe Dunn bought it from those guys to serve as a fishing/dive boat. Also, correct me if wrong, I...
  129. jober37

    His and Hers

    That's a great mounting size unlike Beths!!! At least it won't cost you 2 arms and 2 legs!!!! Joel
  130. jober37

    Stuart rod rollers!!!!!

    Bump, I'm willing to hear any reasonable offers..... Joel
  131. jober37

    Shadilicious swimbaits!!

    Bump, I'm willing to hear reasonable offers..... Joel
  132. jober37

    Mildrum rollers for rods!!

    Bump, I'm willing to hear reasonable offers!! Joel
  133. jober37

    Drag pressure on reels??

    Hi gang, I'm sorry for any confusion I may have caused regarding the drag settings. I presumed that most of these tensions stated above are coming directly off of the reel from a spring scale tied to a fixed object?? Personally, last time I fished long range (10-17) was in '97. I took a...
  134. jober37

    Drag pressure on reels??

    I definately understand you're opinions on this. What's the thought on pressure if the person is built smaller in size such as a smaller lady etc.?? I myself roughly 5'5", 160lbs. can pull pretty hard on heavier sticks. I enjoy using the rail mostly.... Joel
  135. jober37

    Mildrum rollers for rods!!

    BDer's,, I found these "vintage" Mildrum Black/Gold SINGLE rollers. First set contains all NEW guides: 1) 5H (double roller) with 2 feet, 1) DROF5 (double roller) single foot, 1) ROF5, 1) ROF4, 1) ROF3, 1) ROF2, 2) ROF1, 1) #14 roller top ( I think the end is #14 tapering to approx #10.)...
  136. jober37

    Stuart rod rollers!!!!!

    Hi fellow BDer's!!!! I have 1 SET EACH of the following NEW STUART LARGE roller series: For reference, These guides are equivalent size to Aftco Big Foot or Winthrop styles, not the smaller sizes like the Aftco HD's . Gold set of 5: 1)DD (double stripper , 1)A11, 1)A22, 1)A33, 1)A44...
  137. jober37

    Shadilicious swimbaits!!

    Hi!! New in package Strike King Shadalicious swimbaits 5.5": 4 packs: Chartreuse Shad 3 packs: Ghost Minnow 4.00 per pack!!!!!! Buyer pays shipping via USPS Priority flat rate. Cash/check/ postal money order only!! NO CHECKS!!! Please PM me if interested or on here. Thanks, Joel
  138. jober37

    Drag pressure on reels??

    Hi, The reason why I ask this is because my reels are older Penns 30's to 50W's. The reels are 2 speeds, tricked out, but haven't been touched in years (about 10-15 years). I thought I would "re-blueprint" these to more accurate specs for line/drag tension. etc. The reels are in good working...
  139. jober37

    Tiburon kits

    I'll try a bump again........
  140. jober37

    Drag pressure on reels??

    Hi, When you are battling cow, super cows, or even the boats prop, how much drag pressure is on the reel at strike??? Joel
  141. jober37

    Tiburon kits

    Yes, BOTH frames shown in the pictures are for Penn 113H (red model) and are NARROW. Basically what's called a Yellowtail Special size. Thanks, Joel
  142. jober37

    Tiburon kits

    updated for these. Joel
  143. jober37

    lures wahoo

    I think those were made by Williamson many MOONS ago!! model name is: McKonikee (spelling is probably wrong). I remember these were 2 sizes, this being the smaller of the two. I presume these are about 9" or so?? Thanks, Joel
  144. jober37

    Must have item

    A good friend of mine brought Peroxide and good rubber gloves to soak his hands at night or during resting periods. He also sealed the tops with light rubber bands to secure from leakage. BELIEVE ME, it works!! Especially when you're dealing with mackeral spikes all day long. Joel
  145. jober37

    Tiburon kits

    Sorry, I sold the topless sets yesterday to another BD'er. These 2 packages are what I have left. Thanks for your interest, Joel
  146. jober37

    Yozuri Poppers!!

    Hi Youths!! While cleaning some other crap, I've found some NIB (seen NO salt either) Yozuri Poppers: Hydro Tigers: approx length 5" 1) red/black, SALE PENDING TO DUC998!! THANKS GARY!! 2) green "scaley" SALE PENDING TO DUC998 THANKS GARY!! 1) purple/black SALE PENDING TO DUC998 THANKS...
  147. jober37

    Tiburon kits

    Hiya BDer's!! I'm cleaning some crap from my toy box. I have NIB Tiburon kits to fit Penn 113H series (older red style reels): 1) P40N kit in BLACK, top bar (frame, spool, clamp set): 75.00/set and: 1) P40N FRAME in RED, top bar (frame only, clamp only!) 50.00 **Buyer pays...
  148. jober37

    Deepwater Lingcod (Depot Bay-Dockside Charters)

    I say this, It's similar to the bottom fishing of Morro Bay going north up the coast. The sourthern end of California no longer has this style of fishery. Equipment: Penn 6/0 filled mostly with 80-100# spectra about 1/2 to 3/4 full. Some reels have mono. Rod: 660H to 665H 30-80# rating...
  149. jober37

    Blackhole 3rd generation cow killer Rail Dawg

  150. jober37

    The VIPER

    Question on the guides, BTW, I like the stealthy black on black look!!!! Are those guides very similar to the fujis in the way their built?? Yes, I realize they're not the same due to copyright crap..... Also are there any problems seen with cracking of finish as with other "boat"...
  151. jober37

    sabre 670-L

    Far as I know: 670L: 15-40 670: 20-50 670H: 30-80 670XH:40-100 Hope this helps!! Joel
  152. jober37

    PEI Rod #2

    Bill, Well, I am DISSAPOINTED!!!!! Even though you've built a quality stick, and a mighty expensive one to boot, I need to ask this: Where is the coveted "Rail Dawg" grip??? Anyhow, GREAT JOB BILL!!!!!! Joel
  153. jober37

    Surf Fishing Banned in LA County?

    Pretty easy to figure out: Don't fish in L.A. County!! Fish Orange County or up north a ways!!!
  154. jober37

    rod thread storage??

    Capt G. As I read your comment it sounded like a joke, but essentially that's excatly what I did!!!! Moved all her sewing crap, board games, and other family/ personal devotions non-relating to the exsistant and survival of rodbuilding!!!! I took charge of the situation. Put my foot down and...
  155. jober37

    rod thread storage??

    Hi, This morning, I decided to "snag" partial room in a closet. I have a wood bookshelf that is 36"W x 12"d x 72"H. Fortunately, I have 10 wood shelves for it. I put my plastic boxes of "ready to use" thread on the bottom of the case. Plus, ALL 10 shelves have 4oz. spools and are full!! I...
  156. jober37

    Single Thread Inlay Tutorial

    Actually, a short soak. usually enough to hold within the fingtips. I think the start us sometimes longer to tuck under the main thread. Once you get it finished, you can cut the end tag with a blade or scissors, your choice. Now I have NOT tried this for olive branching, possibly the...
  157. jober37

    Single Thread Inlay Tutorial

    G, Not to be an ass with this comment, but yes, there is another way!! It took some practice from this "normal and documented" way as shown above, I've found I do my inlays whether it be single or multiple style with the inlay starting tag end located on the same side as the ending tag...
  158. jober37

    Holland Thread??

    Hi, What is a good fair market value for Holland Thread both in regular and "T"/Astro"?? I'm trying to get a value for insurance reasons. YES I realize you can't get the stuff anymore!! Thanks, Joel
  159. jober37

    rod thread storage??

    Hi to all serious rod builders!!!! I'm stumped!!! I am working on remodelling my wrapping room (finally broke away from wifeys sewing jungle!!). I need some ideas on thread storage. I have mucho amounts of 4oz. spools of Gudebrod, etc. plus many many 1oz. spools of Gude, Rice, Ho.... oops...
  160. jober37

    Jim Trelikes Grip install On Bloody decks

    Jim, Bill, and others who have used this method: I've also used rubber cement for Hypolon and EVA grips. So far no problems, I think going on for at least 25 years???????? What I never noticed was the thought of chamfering the grip to form the "wave". AWESOME little trick!!! That's all a...
  161. jober37

    What new lures are you going to try on your next 10-15 day?

    Suggestion on the single hook jig, If your fishing tuna with it, you may want to add a length of cable/crimp and connect it to the hook eye and front ring loosely. Just in case you hook a biggun and it breaks the jig in half. you may have a shot at landing it. Joel
  162. jober37

    Smallest Sabre Ever??

    Mark, My dad down in L.A. has one of the 3' and 4' models. I don't know the numbers yet. I know they are factory rods. He's goona look and I'll reply very soon. I'll see about the pics too!! Joel
  163. jober37

    Blue Super Seeker

    I think its awesome also. Great job on the workmanship!!!!!!!! Just my opinion, you need to work on the "alignment and straightness of the guides!! They're really crooked like you were on "ACID"!!! Just kidding, GREAT JOB!! Joel B.
  164. jober37

    Travel rod blanks

    Nuff said, be done wit it!! Thanks to the famous Bill Batson!! Joel
  165. jober37

    765 H tag teamed

    Yes, what's up with the so-called "tricks"?? PLEASE DO TELL US!! Thanks, Joel
  166. jober37

    Team Cheesypoof Bookend completed!

    TShooter, Hey, No worries about me!! I think I had a "hissy fit" when I saw your rods. My colors are pretty close to identical. Don't worry, my thread stash is safe also. Plenty for a few more!! All I can say is AWESOME WORK AND COLOR COMBOS!!!! Thanks, Joel Berukoff
  167. jober37

    Team Cheesypoof Bookend completed!

    COME ON GUYS!! Just when I finally get "my colors" for my sets of rods, you guys use the same ones. Now its time for the rewrap season to begin...........again!!!!! Oregano green and tarzan orange here i come!!! LOOK OUT JUNGLE FREAKS!!! Joel
  168. jober37

    Korean Chicks are Hawt

    I think they were doing "da jiggy wid it"!!! Super nice when girls know how to handle the "long" or "heavy" rods!!!
  169. jober37

    Green Bay #2

    Hi John, How in the world did you install the roller and incorporate it into the diamond mix????? THAT"S AWESOME FOR HAVING NO LUMPS!!! And hourglasses mixed in with the diamonds etc............... you wearing glasses yet after that wrap???? I know I would be!! Joel
  170. jober37

    Have you seen one of these blanks?

    Capt. G., Looks like an early Megabass rod?? I had one with identical wraps but it had the black/blueish purple marbled reel seat. Also the same guide wraps. The rod eventually "imploded" inside the blank but never broke, just a ton of "rattling" inside it. Thanks for the pics!! Joel Berukoff
  171. jober37

    Surface Iron for tuna

    Best jig I've used and witnessed has been the Salas 7x light in purple sardine with black sides. Hands down my favorite at the rocks!!! Mostly it all depends what the fishies are eating, that dictates your jig presentation......... Joel
  172. jober37

    wahoo surface iron reel

    I used for many years a Newell 533 5.5 loaded with 100# Power Pro tied straight to the jig. The rod is your preference, I and others used the Truline d8, the same style by Seeker, and the 800h/xh. I was not worried about the heavy line and lighter rod, we needed to have the flexibilty in the rod...
  173. jober37

    Jim Putters lure

    Hi gang!! Through my years of collecting "junk", I have also 1 "Putter". It was given to me about 20 years ago. I believe it was etched with Putter 1956. The guy I received it also fished the Sport King. I fished it, deciding its TOO DEADLY for the local fishies. I bring it out ONLY when...
  174. jober37

    2-Piece Wahoo Bomb Rod

    Hi, Regarding the fishy: I believe its a "pink" salmon. I just don't remember them having so many teeth. Joel
  175. jober37

    Lamiglas 528

    Fishnazzi, I asked my dad for his gorgeous 528. He slapped my hands telling me to get my paws off. Scott McFarland may remember that rod from back when. We fought a 500# marlin on it by accident on the Spirit of Adventure. Would like on of those on the left side though!!(avatar pic!!) Joel
  176. jober37

    Can anyone ID this blank

    Without a doubt, that's a Conolon blank. The numbers you see are OEM numbers the manufacturer used as an identification number. The age can be as late as 10 years ago.
  177. jober37

    Long awaited rod #3

    Are you going to charge him his 2 arms and legs being as he ate you out of house and home when he was a youngster?? (just joking around!!)
  178. jober37

    Jigging Master 300 gram

    You're not leaving much room for improvement either!!!! How can I find flaws in that too!! Threads are too close together, finish is virtually flawless, GEEZE its almost sickning to see such good work!!!!! CONGRATS!!! (dang, I'm starting to sound like my uncle sorry about the rant on your...
  179. jober37

    One for the ladies

    Ralph, On the second from the top photo: In dead center, exactly 14 threads from the right spiralling down the blank towards the tip, looks like that THIN strand of light pinkish thread is a "tad" crooked!! Can you see it?? Don't know if the ladies are going to accept it...
  180. jober37

    Seeker 809 4 axis chevron

    Bill, Please correct me if I'm wrong, the clean chevron you built look like a 6 axis. Joel
  181. jober37

    Are there any 9 foot bass rod blanks out there?

    Rainshadow blanks and Lamiglass are good too!! There's many styles to choose from in those lengths. Don't be afraid to look in their Salmon/steelhead sections for those lengths online.
  182. jober37

    Couple of new ones... finally finished

    Ken, Thanks!! I didn't think of it as a math equation. I'm so used to building "cords" from bulk spools (like tuna cord) that I forget the methmatical side of it. Please keep it up cause it AWESOME!! Thanks, Joel
  183. jober37

    Jigs for sale! Killer Jig, Candy Bar, DynaTrol, Salas, UFO, Tady

    Is there a name or model number on the "rainbow trout" jigs next to the Killer? Thanks, Joel
  184. jober37

    Couple of new ones... finally finished

    Ken, For a standard length handle, say the length of your rods, how much cord is needed for completion?? I'm looking into some different styles too. Nice threads!!!!!! Joel
  185. jober37

    penn 500 stuff

    Is this for a standard size 500?? Please specify, Thanks
  186. jober37

    Shimano Core 100 mg

    Abel, PM SENT!!!! Please let me know ASAP!! Joel
  187. jober37

    Best drag material for P322F ?

    Anybody know who may have some "cows" around??
  188. jober37

    Can I see pics?

    Question: Where do you normally find the fancy cord??
  189. jober37

    Purple ProGear 541 for sale!!

    REEL IS SOLD PENDING FUNDS!! Thanks a bunch!! Joel
  190. jober37

    WAHOO Jigs

    elreytut, I'm emailing you right now. THANKS A BUNCH!! Joel
  191. jober37

    CanyBar wahoo jigs

    SOLD!!! Thanks Bob,
  192. jober37

    TFC 63 MH Trevala F series

    Did you try Fishermans Marine in Oregon City? Joel
  193. jober37

    CanyBar wahoo jigs

    Candr Bars are SOLD!!! Please delete this as necessary. Thanks, Joel
  194. jober37

    Purple ProGear 541 for sale!!

    Hello, ProGear Original 541 Purple. BRAND NEW/MINT/NEVER SEEN A RAIN DROP!! Includes extra NEW power handle and Star. I have a plain box it came in. Sorry, I lost the clamp set. If I find it, I'll include it. $200.00 firm. I'll ship via USPS flat rate if in the U.S.A.!! If not, you pay...
  195. jober37

    WAHOO Jigs

    Hello Gang!! This sale is now pending for all my jigs, THANKS FOR LOOKING. Joel
  196. jober37

    Tady 45's, Tady C and Plastics

    I gotta a whole bunch of crap I'll sell ya but you need to wait until I put it up on these boards. JUST too much crap........
  197. jober37

    Anyone near the Norwalk area

    Why don't you try Bob's Fishing Tackle in Norwalk, CA. They do repairs on rods.
  198. jober37

    VAIL LAKE 6-7-2010

    Art, It's been a very long time since I talked to Ross Mariano. Used to see him at a tackle store where I used to work moons ago!! What was the "hard to find" bait that Ross was looking for?? Please pm me if you need to keep it secret. Thanks, please say a big hello to him when you see...
  199. jober37

    Black guides?

    I DO TOO!!! What are the odds?? Maybe I should post the 655TSS pimp stick for kicks!!
  200. jober37

    Iron Manufacturer Favorite

    Something is wronf with this picture, not one has a tooth mark that I can see!!
  201. jober37

    Black guides?

    Regarding the original post: How ca nyou take a picture of a stealthy rod?? It's not going to show up on KODAK...
  202. jober37

    Black guides?

    It's not black, It's African American............. Or I like SUPER dark white!!!! I'm joking!!!!
  203. jober37

    More photo practice shots of my stiks!!

    And definately a pain in the A$$ to do straight. I've built those with metallics before, that's gotta be one of the worst.....
  204. jober37

    More photo practice shots of my stiks!!

    Thanks for the info!!! I'll see if I can get an "updated" Clemens book. The book I own doesn't have it. My apologies if I stirred up old feelings with your acquintance (Scott). I won't bring him up again. Thanks for the help and TIGHT lines!! Joel
  205. jober37

    GF700XH Spinning Rod

    Very classy colors!! That's the kind of color selection you can 50 rods and not get tired of it. Joel
  206. jober37

    My Calstar 195 with Original Aftco Rollers

    Hey Jim, I have only a couple of smaller rollers. WOW!!.... How much for the tip?? Does that note inside the tube have any date on it?? Do you have a fair amount of old "junk" floating around?? I'm looking for an old Fuji tip for a turbo style guide in Gold that clamps to the sides. I have the...
  207. jober37

    More photo practice shots of my stiks!!

    Hey Capt.(-------) yes I know who you are, What you're seeing is not dust but pearlescent sparkle dust. The pictures make it appear like dust. Regarding the bottom picture, I have not seen it in any book. I only know of 1 possibly 2(the other is Fishpainter Matt Kotch) other guys that may...
  208. jober37

    My Calstar 195 with Original Aftco Rollers

    These rollers are unlike the new series made today. I only had enough for a shorter rod but light also. I've never fished the rod in fear of breaking guides. Joel
  209. jober37

    ID this old surface iron

    My guess the jig is a Straggler. If I can get to my wahoo box, I think there's some in it. Joel
  210. jober37

    Some photo practice shots of my stiks!!

    The black/white roller rod was a trial run for a "big brotha" stick!! I have a different design I'm playing with right now.......
  211. jober37

    My Calstar 195 with Original Aftco Rollers

    Come to think of it, you're absolutely correct. A guess on the date possibly mid-60's gauging on some old catalogs I have?? BTW, the photos are of the same rod. Funny how the light works wonders!! Joel
  212. jober37

    My Calstar 195 with Original Aftco Rollers

    Hi all!! Up on my rafters I found my old 195-6. The rod has the original set of Aftco rollers. These rollors have nylon rollers and are riveted together, not screwed. The wrap is mostly Gude metallic in Blue/Purple/Black etc. I'm very suprised the rollers held up so well all these years. The...
  213. jober37

    More photo practice shots of my stiks!!

    Here's a Calstar 765H with Fuji SIC boat guides. Largest guide is a #30. First time I tried grinding a flat grip top and some basic finger notches. The wrap has the blue fishhawk and Black with some glitter addes to the finish.
  214. jober37

    Some photo practice shots of my stiks!!

    Hi "Bloody" gang!! Since it's a fairly crappie overcast warm day here in Oregon, I thought I'd play with my camera. And show off some threadwork too. Pics are from my backyard, sorry about the weeds. 1: Seeker Ulua 93H glass in red/orange mix 1: Shikari LB8025 glass yellow/purple/blue mix...
  215. jober37

    Finish off this chevron wrap, colours?

    Just FYI, Do the cover wraps the same style as your guides so they match in sync. Joel
  216. jober37

    SS 2x4 Complete (Finally!)

    You matched your threads colors to the blank nicely!! Good job!! Joel
  217. jober37

    Irons and Marauders FOR SALE!!!

    THESE LURES ARE NOW SOLD. THANKS FOR THE HELP FROM YOU ALL!! MODS, please delete this post and ad as necessary to create extra room for other people. THANKS, Joel
  218. jober37

    Bait Shop Rod

    Nice job!! What do the guides look like?? Joel
  219. jober37

    Photos of wraps etc??

    Hi Gang!! I now getting around to the photos as we discussed. As before, I was having trouble with the clarity of pics. Here's a trial run. Please critique as needed. I know I need lots of improvement in this field!! My wife took the bottom pic of my holding a 5+ smallmouth on my second cast...
  220. jober37


    Pm sent regarding the Newells. Let me know in the morning. Joel
  221. jober37

    St John's Cross

    Awesome color combo!! Great job!!
  222. jober37

    Photos of wraps etc??

    Thanks for the prescription Doc!! By the way, I'm sending you a PM regarding Holland Thread. Thanks, Joel
  223. jober37

    Photos of wraps etc??

    THANKS A BUNCH Randy and John!!!! I'll try it right now. I just finished wrapping a spinning rod for a cousing of mine. It's marked as UTX842. 6-12# 7 foot model. I'm also building a Shikari BT6060 for myself too. Hopefully I can take pic today..... Again Thanks!!
  224. jober37

    Photos of wraps etc??

    Ok Folks, I am at a loss. I'm trying to take decent close up shots of handle and guide wraps. I have a basic Canon Powershot A570 about 2 years old. I've tried to zoom, tried different settings etc. with only BLURRY success. I realize I need lots of practice, but is it a distance problem or...
  225. jober37

    Irons and Marauders FOR SALE!!!

    I would consider reasonable offers if anyone's interested....... Let me know... Joel
  226. jober37

    Dave "Wahoodad" Choates new rods

    That's some PREMO work right there!! It's neat to see the uncoated and coated shots!!. Steve, do you have a measurement jig for these patterns?? What's your trick to keeping them even and straight? Please feel free to PM when convenient. Thanks, Joel
  227. jober37


    How old are you talking? Would late 80's early 90's do for Candy Bars?? Right now, I don't know what there worth. What would you pay for them??
  228. jober37

    Irons and Marauders FOR SALE!!!

    Hello, THESE LURES ARE NOW SOLD!! THANKS FOR THE HELP GUYS!! Here's was left, Misc Marauders: 2 Rainbow Trout color Medium 190mm 10.00each small double hook versions: 10.00 each. ALL THE REST ARE NOW SOLD!! THANKS!! Customer pays shipping expenses via USPS (they're the closest...
  229. jober37

    Old custom calstar needin a fix

    No, I don't believe so. I would drill and pin no more than 1/8" size. Also, make sure you go through both sides of the reel seat.
  230. jober37

    Old custom calstar needin a fix

    A quick fix: Do like Yo's used to, drill a hole through the reel seat and blank. Insert a small pin or bolt into the hole so it's tight then grind flush if necessary. Be sure to glue it in the hole. This also works for the gimbals too!!
  231. jober37

    My "hobby" pics

    Just FYI, On the black/gold handle, I built that "pool cue" for myself originally then found a buyer who wanted it BAD. The handle has hypolon on the ends about 1-1/2 in. The middle consists of 3M non skid with the gold wraps around the seam thats finished. Glad you like it coming from an...
  232. jober37

    Super Seeker 6463xxxh for "effigy"!!

    Time was about 4 hours for the guides and 3 hours for the overlayed chevron/ spider center. It took me a little while to search for the right colors to use, I figured probably a day?? The pattern was easy to do. His blank had more "carmel" color than others I've seen. Joel
  233. jober37

    Super Seeker 6463xxxh for "effigy"!!

    Thanks Richie. I like your new avatar!!! All it needs a to get a fishie stung with it!! Joel
  234. jober37

    Super Seeker 6463xxxh for "effigy"!!

    Here's a rod I built for "effigy" for his 10 day intrepid trip. A stock red blank SS 6463xxxh at 6'8" total length, HD AFTCO rollers, ars3m r/s, long hypo, no gimbal as it was built for the rail, etc. I threw in a couple of before and after shots for kicks. Enjoy, I know I do!!
  235. jober37

    My "hobby" pics

    Hi, Here's a couple of pics of my hobby rods. These are older skool "overlayed chevrons" (the blueish one) and a black/gold varigated star wrap with a "spider" on the other side. I'll see if I can find the rod I built for effigy for his intrepid trip. That rod was in a reddish fade wrap...
  236. jober37

    Seeker CSB

    NICE!! I like those rainbow flame fades!! Good job!! Was that Maderia thread used??
  237. jober37

    Setyr swimbait rod + bling

    WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!! Love it!!! LOTS of patterns in that one!! THANKS for the starter pics. If you don't mind please do a progression set. AWESOME WORK STEVEN!!
  238. jober37

    My first Phenix build

    Steven, Thanks for your info. I use the "medium" version of that same pen. They're very nice to work with. Does that Phenix blank have any "glossy" smooth coating or is it similar to the G.Loomis hybrid? I've been somewhat out of touch... Again, THANKS!! Joel
  239. jober37

    My first Phenix build

    Steven, Nice work!! I really like those colors and handle work!! What kind of marker are you using for the name?? Is it the type where you push the tip down to get the ink flowing??
  240. jober37

    YTS Spool

    Ed, Thanks for the response. Joel
  241. jober37

    YTS Spool

    Ed, I still have a couple of Tiburon YT kits (frame, spool, and clamp). Think there's a gold, red, and black frame. Spools and clamps are black. Interested?? I think the price was 75.00/kit. I'm sure we can work something out.... Joel
  242. jober37

    Solid Spectra vs Hollow Core Spectra for Quick Topshot Changes

    If you're starting fresh, and have not purchased spectra yet, go ahead can purchase the hollow instead of solid. This willl save you money later on. Also, no need to loop to loop, you can go direct. Get yourself the Sato crimp kit and start using it with your hollow line. The payoff is...
  243. jober37

    World Rod??

    Thanks a bunch!! The rod looks excellent so far!! Joel
  244. jober37

    World Rod??

    Hi all, What ever happened to the "World Rod" in progress?? All I remember seeing are the completed handle assemblies but nothing else. Can someone fill us in with details and/or pictures?? Thanks, Joel
  245. jober37

    The Ripp-Off

    GEEZE!! If these idiots need rubber cores and split shots, all they have to do is ask!! I'd be willing to send some down.............
  246. jober37


    Hi Mark, I got your message on my cell phone. Thanks for the update!! It's always nice to hear customers and friends do well on their trips specially when its their first!! Congrats to you Mark, Sal, JP winner Javier and all the others!!!! Joel B.
  247. jober37

    Penn Intl. 80S, Tiagra 50, Beastmaster 50/80 FOR Sale!!

  248. jober37

    Penn reels for sale CHEAP!!

    I"M AN IDIOT!! I'm deleting my question that's already been answered!! Joel
  249. jober37

    Penn reels for sale CHEAP!!

    OK!! My bad, I apparently screwed up..... By the way, apparently I missed it, can YOU point me in the direction of the rules?? I don't want to have this happen again..... Thanks, Joel B.
  250. jober37

    Penn Intl. 80S, Tiagra 50, Beastmaster 50/80 FOR Sale!!

    Hello fishers!! For sale: 1) Penn Intl. 80S. 1986 model. 2 speed (regular gearing). Good drags but type is unknown., NO CLAMP. Reel has "de-timed" by Cal Sheets about 5 years ago. Probably could use a blueprint to your specs. Has 80# green Maxima on it ( I used it to play around with), no...
  251. jober37

    12/26 Intrepid

    I know 3 of my friends are going: Sal Pisa and his bud Javier, and also Mark Mc from here in Oregon. I wish I was going!! :shithappens::shithappens:. Joel
  252. jober37

    $460 Rod Blanks anyone?

    Just curious, Sorry for my ignorance, but did Sage quit making the spinning pack rods?? If so, what a bummer!! Up here in the NW, I've messed with those that were 6'6" to 7' rods. Most were 4 piece and when bent the rods had virtually no "flat spots" at the ferrules. Awesome sticks!!
  253. jober37

    If you ever wanted to catch a three....

    Well, Being a short guy, I learned how to effectively use the rail to MY advantage, the way I like to fish. Everyone has their one style. I prefer this over a harness simply because you have more freedom to move. Really, the only times your in the harness is when the fish is straight "up and...
  254. jober37

    If you ever wanted to catch a three....

    Correct me if I'm wrong, I thought IGFA stated that the rod cannot touch the rail. Also, the line cannot be touched, gaffs cannot be over a certain length (I thought it's 8 feet long). etc. etc. By using the rail rods, it would be an automatic disqualification??? Basically the IGFA rules were...
  255. jober37

    $460 Rod Blanks anyone?

    Personally, and this is just my opinion, but I'll keep building rail rods. There's very little chance of breaking one specially at approx. 300-400$ per blank. Since the fly rod topic came up, Sage also makes very nice high end pack rods for spinning/casting too. AWESOME with a Shimano Stella...
  256. jober37

    Tuburon frames, kits, and Newell spools F/S!!

    Just a bump. I will clean up this post shortly.
  257. jober37

    Penn reels for sale CHEAP!!

    Ben, Tiburon frame 4/0 is 70.00 plus shipping, probably 10.00 for it via USPS. 80.00 total. Joel
  258. jober37

    Penn reels for sale CHEAP!!

    Bump or TTT. Thanks!!
  259. jober37

    Tuburon frames, kits, and Newell spools F/S!!

    I'm sending a PM to you. Thanks, Joel
  260. jober37

    Penn reels for sale CHEAP!!

    Hi, Sorry, the reel is sold pending payment. Thanks, Joel
  261. jober37

    Penn reels for sale CHEAP!!

    Left side: 1)Penn 146 squidder; newell bars, base, and Penn spool; condition 7-10, decent drags: 35.00 .....SOLD TO spectra19, thanks!! 1) Old Penn 112h, not serviced, metal spool,: 30.00 second row from left: Top: 1)Penn 113h, newell kit, 3:25 gears, good drags, has SUMO handle kit...
  262. jober37

    Tuburon frames, kits, and Newell spools F/S!!

    Hello, I have for sale some kits. This is what I have left: 1) NEW Tib "99" RED frame/spool/ clamp kit: 65.00 each....SOLD TO WAHOOCHASER, Thanks!! 1) NEW Tib 113H YTS BLACK frame/spool/clamp TOP BAR: 75.00 each 1) NEW Tib 113H YTS BLACK frame/spool/clamp TOPLESS: 75.00 each... 2) NEW Tib...
  263. jober37

    What blank for a 7' 50lb bait stick

    Like they said: SS-CJBF70H. It's got a nice tip and lots of power in the rear. I built mine to fish the rail. Butt cap, 12" rear grip, reel seat, 16" on the front. Awesome for the long distance soakin tunies!! 50-60# line a sardine and HANG ON.
  264. jober37

    Cold Shrink

    I would order it directly from Stilleto Tools. Look under the accessories section of their website. 24.95 plus shipping for an 18" piece. Hope this helps....
  265. jober37

    New Tackle Box

    Very nice job on the box!! My box is similar to yours in shape. For my last trip, I decided to install pieces of velcro to the backs of the drawers to keep from sliding out when the boat rolled. It saved a huge headache when it did!! Also, you may want to make a nive canvas cover for it too...
  266. jober37

    Where to buy 3m cold shrink??

    THANKS!!!!! I'll check them out. Joel
  267. jober37

    Where to buy 3m cold shrink??

    Hello all!! Where can I get some 3M cold shrink for a Seeker 63xxxh I'm building?? It's going on the foregrip side. Any of you have ideas that are fairly inexpensive?? Thanks a bunch!! Joel
  268. jober37

    some irons

    Hi, I have a few Tady LITE 14,15, and (2) 16's that I can sell you. Pleas elet me know. My email is [email protected] Thanks, Joel