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    Offshore Pacific Queen 6/26/21 limits by 1pm

    The deckhand in the photo is Bobby....No doubt the Pacific Queen is a super fishy boat. From top to bottom every position has serious 5 star talent. I consider Gavin and Billy the "Magic Johnsons" of the Bluefin world. They just flat out get it done ---on a regular basis..
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    Offshore Aztec 1.5 Day 6/17/21

    Great report on an Awesome boat and crew. Captains Greg and Justin consistently get the job done...Many a killer memory of pulling on good ones with that crew, along with fine dining in the galley.
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    International 16visx handle on Torque 30/40ld2?

    Another option would be to visit Cal Sheets in Fallbrook. I just had him put a different handle on a Penn Fathom.
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    Penn Fathom 15XNLD 2 speed

    500 yards of Maxcuatro 50Lb on a Fathom15XNLD 2 speed..Tweaked by Mr. Sheets...
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    Offshore Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    Multiple articles on the migration of Pacific and Atlantic Bluefin found here:
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    Bluefin vs. The Senator.

    Nothing I can think of would get me to use a Penn 6/0 to dance with a 100LB bluefin, less lone one 200LBs. I have seen it done before, but it is not something I would want to do. I learned long ago that if you get caught with the wrong gear in your hands you will get taught a lesson. In 1981...
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    Offshore Aztec 2 Day 8/1/20 - 8/3/20

    Greg and Crew (Justin, Oat, Harry, and Ryan in the galley) are a well oiled machine.. They bring smiles to my face, as well as quality fish every trip.... I know that I can bring anyone from seasoned anglers to just minted newbies, and they will have a good trip. Hope to make it out again...
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    Offshore Got me one !

    Congratulations on taking down a west coast trophy model. They do not go without a serious fight. Captain Gavin, Captain Billy and the rest of the crew are the guys you want around you when battling one of these creatures..The crew manages to set an extremely high bar service wise. I have...
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    powerpro maxquattro - any feedback/reviews?

    I have fished with Maxcuatro 40Lb, 50Lb, 65Lb spectra. Yes it is more expensive than the other brands. That is a negative. The diameter of Maxcuatro is considerably smaller than the other brands. That is a positive. Last season there seemed to be a shortage of decent sized sardines...
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    Offshore Aztec Two Day

    I had been contemplating a trip to try and take down one of the 100Lb class bluefin in our backyard. Watched the counts last week, and then the Aztec puts up some numbers that are just absurd. Multiple fish in the 300LB class. I pulled the trigger and jumped on a two day. The trip filled up...
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    Offshore PQ 1.5

    Left Sunday night on a 1.5 day trip on the Pacific Queen. Boat was absolutely full with 34 anglers. Amazing that in October there are still plenty of folks traveling from FAR AWAY to try and land one of these wily Bluefin. There was a great mix of serious locals both male and female, and the...
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    PEI today

    No doubt today was an exceptional day. This was our third day, and the Bluefin put on an epic show in the early morning. Bucket list material for sure.
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    Offshore PAC Queen 7/3

    Fished on the same trip. Absolute mind boggling amount of fish seen. When the anchovy goes away, it may be an epic season. We had to make 30+ stops on bird schools, foamers, breezing fish, and they would just swim away. If I was heading out I would try working the slide with a small colt...
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    Offshore 12-20. New lo-an overnight

    Adam is a serious fish killer, and problem solver. Works his tail off what ever role he is in...I have been on board when he resolved a problem on the boat (some ones reels disappeared-and then magically reappeared) Class act on Adam's part and a display of wisdom well above his age.
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    Dry Ice near Fisherman's

    I would get it from San Diego Ice..... Regards, 110yd
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    Was my rod/reel combo outclassed?

    A good lesson in many ways. The fact that you landed the fish at least makes for a happy ending. The gear ratio 6.2 to 1 is not something that I personally want to use when pulling on fish over 40 Lbs or so. At my age, I truly appreciate having a small two speed that I can drop in to low gear...
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    Problems with seaguar floro?

    Personal experience on two occasions this season pulling on quality fish and Seagaur Premier failed. It is my understanding now that the Premier does not have the abrasion resistance of Seagaur Blue label. For the bigger bluefin (when fishing in the pre dawn hours) I just use 100Lb Ande mono...
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    Offshore 1 school, 3 bites, 1 fish landed

    I fished on the PQ last week. The boat went 4 for 8 on the 60 to 80Lb Bluefin, and 5 for 7 on the jumbo's. The 60 to 80Lb fish bit in the dark. Two of the lost 60 to 80Lb fish were due to what I suspect is the thin diameter of the wire at the top of the flat fall. Strong suggestion to add a...
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    Offshore Bluefin starting to get on the bite...

    If anyone in the short hop fleet is going to get it figured out, Marcus would be one of the first. Glad to see things are starting to shape up. With all of the seiner pressure that the fish get, hopefully with a little time they settle in and behave by coming to the corner. Thanks for the...
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    1010 report?

    The very last line that says Monitor NWS Hanford website, Facebook and Twitter for further updates. is clickable.....It will take you to the site.
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    Offshore Commander overnight

    Probably giving away my age, but before it was the Dolphin II it was the Producer. I spent lots of hours sitting in the wheel house with Ray.....Killed plenty of tuna riding that boat and learned a lot about tuna fish from that man...
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    Offshore 6/2 big whale and big tuna

    Congratulation on landing a fish of a life time. I am sure that you have re-calibrated about using a Torium 30 to dance with Bluefin in this weight class.. Good job on landing a trophy. 110yd
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    3 spots open/Apollo Sportfishing

    Over night trip leaves Friday evening May 1 and returns Saturday evening May 2. The boat is the Apollo out of Seaforth. Target species is Rockfish/Yellows. Group of anglers from the IE, pretty laid back and always have fun, and catch fish with Jodie. Cost is $175 and there are three spots open...
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    Fish Smoking Question !

    The question is a little vague, in that you are not saying how much salt along with the other ingredients you are starting with. I use a brine that has the following: •1/8 cup NON-Iodized salt •1 cup brown sugar •1 gallon water •1 cup of white vinegar •4 to 6 Habanero peppers finely chopped I...
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    Offshore 8/28 plugged the boat at the corner

    Thanks for the invite...The fish were there.....The magic key was getting the chunk line down to get the fish up....Worked like a charm today...
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    Offshore Eclipse 1.5 /Troll till you find the ponies

    Just got back this morning from a 1.5 day trip on the Eclipse. With the fish counts having been down, there was a certain amount of WTF going on, but Captain Adam and Mark put together a plan that passed my common sense test. After leaving the dock we loaded the bait, which was a mix of...
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    Offshore A few pictures from this year working on the New Lo-An

    Nice job Jordan....I am sure that there have been some EPIC photos on the New Lo An this year....The trophy's must have gotten the email that I was headed out on Tuesday....They managed to avoid us...Hopefully Marcus/John can find them the next time I get out. Regards, 110yd
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    Best 55" LCD From Costco?

    I picked up two 40 in Samsung Smart TV's a few months ago. One for the inlaws, and one for the house. The TV's have performed as expected thus far. I have an older Sony 40in unit that will eventually get replaced. My one word of caution would be to make sure you are using a router and...
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    Okuma high performance level wind?

    A Calcutta 700 with after market drags will get you pretty close to the above specs. I recently upgraded the drags in mine and spooled it up with 50 Lb braid. It will be a fun tool to pull on some of the smaller fish around...It casts great and has pretty respectable stopping power. Regards...
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    gear check for upcoming trip...

    With the quality of fish around, I would not bother with a 30Lb top shot. I would keep things simple...65 spectra and a short piece of 40Lb Fluorocarbon. The above combination and a decent bait equals a bent rod..Also as ripped stated, you can put more meat on the deck if they are eager...
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    Bearings for jigmaster?

    Take a look at Alan Tani's web site and you will probably find what you are looking for in terms of after market bearings.... 500/501 jigmaster I believe that Smooth Drag has them. Regards, 110yd
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    Pacific Dawn/White Sea Bass

    I made the trip to Ventura to go out on the Pacific Dawn and take a chance on the White Sea Bass bite. A buddy came along to get a break from the work world, and we headed out to Santa Rosa Island on Sunday evening. We made a stop to pick up some squid and arrived at the island some time...
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    Eastern Sierra's - Around Bishop... Anyone know any good trout fishing/camping spots?

    I fished Crowley last week for 3 days. Tuesday through Thursday. The wind made Wednesday a complete bust. Wind in general has cooled Crowley down considerably. There were quite a few trout caught, but the Sacramento Perch bite was non existent....Two weeks ago they were on fire...The lake...
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    Offshore CHIEF 2.5 DAY Insane wide open Limits of Yellowtail at 166miles

    Glad to have you back on the local scene Chris...Hope the season treats you well Regards, 110yd
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    Lower low gear for EX 30/2?

    Cal does work on the larger Avet reels. I believe he has a lower gear for the Ex 30. I spoke to him about getting mine done at the FH show. Regards, 110yd
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    Dell Computer Question !

    If you connect the laptop to an external monitor does it still act up? The possibilities are numerous: A) could be corrupted video driver B) could be corrupted OS C) Could be hardware problem(Video chip set would be serious) Try connecting another monitor to the laptop to see if the...
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    Mirage/San Miguel

    Decided to squeeze in a bottom fishing trip with the Big Rich group. Made the drive up to Ciscos landing and loaded the gear on the Mirage. Captain Joe would be taking us out for this adventure. The group consisted of the usual assortment of serious fish killers and a few novice anglers. The...
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    Another Storm??

    Here are a few links that should help... Regards, 110yd
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    Help crop please

    Here ya go...Straightened the Horizon and lightened up your face a little.. Enjoy, 110yd
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    Offshore New Lo Ann Off shore Clinic---

    Late report on the New Lo An 1.5 day trip that left on Monday night. The trip went with a light load but there were some serious fish killers on board, as well as the previous owner. We got off to a good start and left the dock early, and headed to the bait receiver. Marcus made a move...
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    grilling whole snappers?

    Not sure what rub they used in Punta Mita, but I have used "Blackened Redfish Magic" by chef Paul Prudhomme. I put some on White Seabass the other week and though I died and went to heaven. Regards, 110yd
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    Need help with math question

    There is a Savings Bond Calculator at that will do that for you . It is located at Regards, 110yd
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    Numbers for Boomerang

    The numbers I have for the Boomerang are: 31'58.90' N 119' 00.70'W Regards. 110yd
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    Need Scanner/Copier Help !

    The scanner is pretty old, and there is not going to be software/drivers/ specifically for Windows 7. What will probably work is if you install the driver ALONE and then scan by going to the control panel and clicking on Camera/scanners. Hope this helps, 110yd
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    Offshore Where are the albies???

    Albacore a plenty, but no where near SD. If you want Albacore you have to go north. Washington/Oregon would be a good place to look for Albacore about now... Regards, 110yd
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    The Big Rich crew had another excursion on the Mirage on Sunday. It was the usual assortment of seasoned fish killers along with a few newbies. The boat left the dock with 24 or so anglers and we headed to Santa Rosa Island. Around 3:15 or so the hum of the diesel engines changed, and I got...
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    Offshore Sea Adventure 80 2.5 day turned onto a 3-day

    Way to go on handing off a fish.....Bonus points for sure on the next off shore trip... Lets hope that they move a little closer to SD. 110yd
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    Boating Accident / death Point Loma 4/28, maybe??

    I don't want to burst your bubble, but the accuracy of a consumer tracking device is probably in the range of +/- football field on a good day. (unless it has a rubidium or cesium oscillator) GPS tracking devices have become "Commodities" and manufactures use low cost parts. One of the main...
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    mother board

    Sounds like a typical BB experience to me. Someone walks in with a problem, and if the user is not up to speed technically, they pay through the nose...If you have any data that you deem important on your system, I can not emphasize the word "BACKUP" enough.
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    Camera under $1000

    The requirements you are listing are pretty broad. There are lots of cameras that meet the basics of what you list, but..... Do you want something with interchangeable lenses OR a general purpose lens? Do you want something that has a hotshoe based flash? Do you intend to get any editing...
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    Late Mirage Report

    Good eye ball. The background was photoshopped...The sheepshead was real... Regards, 110yd
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    Late Mirage Report

    Managed to pick a break in the weather and get out on the Mirage Friday evening to fish Saturday. The usual group with a few new faces, and first time salt water anglers. We got to the boat early (not the norm for me) secured some bunks, got the gear stowed, then headed out to get some quick...
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    Humboldt Hell at Banda Banks - 11/19

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like the Humbolts are going to be some what of a problem again.. 110yd
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    Humboldt Hell at Banda Banks - 11/19

    Thanks for the report. Sounds like the Humbolts are going to be some what of a problem again.. 110yd
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    Offshore My First Long Range Trip - Trip Report

    As others have said, Congratulations on your first LR trip. As you probably know by now, you will be addicted to the rush for the rest of your life...There will be few trips that measure up to the adrenaline rush of hooking a large yellowfin on a long range trip. Congratulations, 110yd
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    Offshore New Lo-An 1 1/2

    Great to see some co-operation amongst the sport boats.... I am sure it is difficult to give up hard earned data, but every now an then handing off a tip may benefit other hard working folks... and maybe we can keep it alive a little longer... Regards, 110yd
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    Offshore New Lo-An 1 1/2

    Got back this morning at 10:00AM from fishing approximately 170 miles south on the New Lo Ann. Marcus and crew went over the top to get us on the right kind. The boat left at approximately 7:30PM on Wednesday, and we started trolling at daylight on Thursday morning. We scratched away at kelps...
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    Castro's Camp Info needed?

    A picture is worth a thousand words....Great place to fish, but be careful....The help desk is far way..
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    Offshore going out on a 1.5 tomorrow night

    The background was gray overcast....I changed it.. 110yd
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    Offshore going out on a 1.5 tomorrow night

    I think your setup will work fairly well on most of what is being caught now. The conditional part of the deal is, if it is bigger fish (40Lb), and they are eating nails, I would not get caught dead with a 6 to 1 single speed reel. It is a job to turn the handle on a 6 to 1 gear ratio reel...
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    Offshore Pacific Queen ?

    Good boat, and rides very well in bumpy ocean conditions.... Regards, 110yd
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    Mirage/San Miguel Island 5/15/11

    I got up to Oxnard to fish on the Mirage with Captain Tucker and the Big Rich bottom fish crew on Sunday 5-15-11. We cleared the harbor around 10:30 PM or so Saturday night, heading out to San Miguel Island, in windy bumpy conditions. The ride out was bumpy early in the trip, but it did...
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    Adobe Flash Security Tip

    If you are concerned about online security, here is a tip. Adobe Flash stores a type of cookie that is not easily removed from your computer. If you use your browser to delete your browsing history and the cookies, it does not delete the personal information stored in the Global Security...
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    Need Computer Security Advice !

    Antivirus tools are not something that will get summed up in a paragraph or two on a forum. I will give my two cents, and I am sure you will get 365 other opinions. I would recommend Norton Internet Security. The main reason is that it has a software firewall that the freebie antivirus...
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    The issue is domoic acid. It happens periodically and I believe it is caused by a certain type of Algae bloom. I believe there may be a correlation with nutrients such as sewage and animal wastes, agricultural and fertilizer runoff. Last fall there was a ban on lobsters caught in a certain...
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    Looking for HX pinion bearing dimensions

    I have not tried these, but I have heard that they have replacement bearings. You can click on a pull down menu and enter the reel manufacturer and the model. Regards, 110yd
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    Mirage San Miguel-3-25-11

    I drove up to Oxnard with some of the die hard bottom fish crew. They typically do a number of charters on the Mirage out of Channel Islands Sportfishing. I had been watching the weather and thought that the trip would be cancelled, but we did get out. The wind was looking rather ominous when...
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    Suggestions for New Kitchen Appliances

    Pretty tough call....the best I can offer is following link: Regards, 110yd
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    Dominator or Apollo this weekened?

    I fished on the Dominator last week. It was my first trip on the boat, and I would ride again with out hesitation. The crew did their job, and the Captain put us on quality fish. Another added plus on our trip was the fact that they loaded the bait tanks with live squid during the week...
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    Offshore Dominator 1 1/2

    I got on board the Dominator for a 1 1/2 day trip on Friday night. It was a good decision. The crew had made the effort to get live squid during the week and we put it to good use. The yellows were not to be found, but everything else seemed to bite with reckless abandon. The ride down to...
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    Crash course tutorial on LEVELS...

    In your example above I believe you have made a mistake. In the second example (HISTOGRAM) where you say "Here is an example of OVERexposure" I believe you actually mean UNDER EXPOSURE. Regards, 110yd
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    New camera. canon eos rebel T1i

    Congratulations on the new camera. I would recommend that you take a look at Adobe Lightroom, unless you have experience with Photoshop. Lightroom is a much easier tool to get your head around. If you have experience with Photoshop, go for it. Regards, 110yd
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    Need a Camera Bag/Case Recommendation

    I own a few Lowepro bags, and they have treated me well. If you are in a hurry, this probably won't help much. If you have the time take a look at Lowepro | Home This is the one I use for light travel: Lowepro Stealth Reporter D650 AW...
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    What is the best lens for shooting fishing photos?

    I have one more tid bit to add regarding flash. It is important to get the light spread out. I will carry my flash and a diffuser to spread the light out. I tried a Stofen years ago and pitched it. I think I have found a much better solution and have been happy with the results. There are a...
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    Commerical Tuna Seasons

    Interesting concept....Lets see if there is any enforcement. Here is a link to an article. FIS - Worldnews - Pacific tuna ban has been amended Regards, 110yd
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    Offshore Adolph's Bad Day...

    That was absolutely hilarious.....Thanks for the laugh.....For those of us who live and die for the adrenaline fix that the offshore stuff provides, we just need to be patient. I suspect that there are a few of us that if we never caught another tuna, we would still have fish in the freezer from...
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    Can somebody explain RAW mode to me?

    Raw is the format of the data as it comes straight from the camera sensor. There is information in the raw data that gets chopped off when converted to JPEG. Raw requires having special software (Usually the camera manufacturer will provide a RAW tool to edit with) I would suggest if you are...
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    Eclipse 2.5 Day Trip 6/29 through 7/2

    Trying to find a few more anglers to fish next week aboard the Eclipse. The trip departs Tuesday evening and returns Friday morning. The cost is $425 including meals. If anyone is interested you can check out the Eclipse web site at: Eclipse Sportfishing-San Diego,CA We will be hunting...
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    Eclipse Sportfishing

    I have fished with Mark and Chris for quite a few years on multiple boats. They have learned from some of the wizards in the business and consequently run a first class boat. I feel comfortable bringing seasoned anglers on the boat as well as "NEW to SALTWATER" anglers. The crew has always...
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    Offshore Bloodydecks/Intrepid 3-day Trip Report

    Glad to see that the Bloodydeck crew got on the dance floor. Kevin was a first class act when he was on the Shogun. It is good to see that it is still part of his program. I hope the fish are still in party mode when I get out at the end of the month. Regards, 110yd
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    Fuel in san quintin

    There is no gas at the Old Mill where the launch ramp is. That does not mean that you can not cut a deal with the locals to bring you some fuel from town. Anything is possible given a reasonable amount of cash.... If you need fuel, I am sure you can get it but it will cost a little more...
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    Wiping a computer before donating?

    Given the information in the post and the way you have described the problem, I can't tell if your machine has a recovery partition. If your hard drive has a Windows partition, and a recovery partition that had a "Factory Image" and that is what you used when you "RESET" the machine, here is a...
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    if you had to pick JUST ONE

    JONESY, I have not done a 10 day in quite a while, but I would hope that there was not a big demand for a 30Lb setup on a trip that long. If you are looking for a solid performing reel, the MXL or one of its relatives should get a look. I have an MXL and it gets serious workout when dealing...
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    Women Who Stare At Goats

    Way to rip on the Whitefish. It looks like there was an abundance of quality fish had on the trip. I may have to schedule another trip to see if the quality whitefish are a regular event. Good to see the ladies out fishing, and get the job done in style. Regards, 110yd
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    Here is a report from a trip last summer on the Eclipse. Mark and Chris know how to get it done. (Boat/Fish handling/Food/Creature Comforts all meet my brain damaged standards) Regards, 110yd
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    Mirage 3/21/10

    I drove up to fish the Mirage with one of my serious fish killing fishing partners. He does a few charters a year and always has a solid core group of fish killing warriors on board, along with the usual mixed bag of angling skills found on one day trips. It is always a pleasure to fish with...
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    skinning knife

    I am a fan of FORSCHNER VICTORINOX knives. I see lot of deck hands using the same...There are a number of Knives that I would call fillet knives. Depending on the size of the fish I would say the 40517 is a good place to start. Here is a link. Forschner Fish Fillet Knives, Dexter Rusell...
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    Eclipse Early April

    I fished with Chris and Mark multiple times last season on the Eclipse. They did not disappoint on any of the trips I did. Hopefully they will have the same crew this season. I would say it is one of the boats that I feel comfortable taking a new angler or a seasoned warrior. Regards, 110yd
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    Aperture 3 for photography & mac users

    You might take a look at Lightroom. They have a MAC version. You can get a 30 day eval. Regards, 110yd
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    Maytag Neptune - Thoughts?

    You could not give me a maytag appliance. At one point in time I replaced everything in the house with Maytag appliances (Washer/Dryer/Dishwasher/Refridgerator/Microwave/Range. Exactly 13 months later the washer went out. Shortly there after the Dishwasher had a Recall, next was a recall on...
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    The best Digital SLR Camara choice?

    There are lots of options with both Canon and Nikon. If you don't have a preference, I would suggest reading some of the forums, absorbing as much as you can, and then go out and get which ever seems to match your requirements in your hands for a few shots in the store. As far as actually...
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    New PC soon.

    What kind of applications are you looking to run? System 7 appears to be solid enough to run heavy duty Photo editing software. That was the metric that got me to begin to scratch my head. If you are doing any heavy lifting with your machine, the fact that you can have up to 16GB of RAM with...
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    Canon or Nikon

    I also agree with the Chevy/Ford analogy. I will add a few more breadcrumbs to the trail. I have owned both brands, and made a switch because of poor customer service regarding a rebate issue. The brand I shoot with now is Canon and they have performed up to my expectations. If you spend the...
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    SONY HANDYCAM HDR-CX100 Buy or pass

    I would also take a careful look at the format of the video coming out of the camera. If you plan on doing any editing, check the format of the video that comes out of the camera. I had to help a buddy that has a Sony Handycam convert the video to something that could be edited. If my memory...
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    blood blood blood

    Reach in behind the gills and grab a gill and pull....The fish will quickly bleed out and there is no drama.....Ice the fish down quickly after it has bled out. Regards, 110yd
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    The Challenger

    Yes I was a member of the Reel Sports....Lots of serious fish killing memories with that group back in the day... Regards, 110yd
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    The Challenger

    I was on the Challenger when the State Record Big Eye was caught. It was a Reel Sports charter. I have a bunch of pictures. Steve Hutchinson from Reel Sports got the fish.....There was another fish hooked after Steve landed his. I was trolling next to the guy that got bit. He had a 6/0 half...
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    Acom back HD up dead

    What type of interface does the drive have (USB/Firewire)? I have seen a number of portable drives die where the interface electronics goes bad, but the drive is OK. If the interface electronics is the problem, you can remove the drive and connect it up to a SATA or IDE port to copy the data...
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    K&M Offshore, San Quintin Baja

    From the looks of the stuff in the picture, I am going to guess it is a passive RFID tag. They can put RFID tags in something the size of a grain of rice. It derives power when it is put in a electro magnetic field. The tag draws power from the field, energizing the circuits in the tag. The...
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    tropical storm Rick

    Anyone traveling in southern Baja next week better be paying attention to the weather. Late season storms tend to be even less predictable. Here are a few links that I would try to watch..... Unisys Weather: Enhanced Infrared Satellite Image Hurricane RICK Hurricane storm and weather...
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    ANyone know anything about inverters???

    The field generated by the inverter would likely interfere with the card reader. Without seeing the setup it is difficult to do more than make an educated guess. Is there any way to have a grounded enclosure for the card reader? My gut says you need a way to protect the field that the card...
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    QUICK ?????

    The limit is 10 fish total. (But Two Dorado count as a limit of Dorado). You can have 5 alb and 5 yellowfin as your 10 fish limit. Two Dorado and 5 Albacore would be a limit Regards, 110yd.
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    Offshore Eclipse/Avet two day

    I got a chance to get out on an Avet sponsored trip on the Eclipse with a buddy from Phoenix. The timing of the trip was perfect as the yellowfin wanted to eat the corner of the boat. Avet raffled off an SX reel. There is a current promotion where the person who catches the biggest fish of...
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    Offshore Another 1010 yellowfin testimonial

    We left the bait receiver at about 2:00 AM Tuesday morning. We got the best bait that I have seen in a long time from the folks at EB. I don't think we had two baits die in the tiny bait tank we had onboard. We arrived near the 1010 at 5:30 and put the trollers out. It did not take long for...
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    Offshore Eclipse Two Day

    I got on board the Eclipse out of Seaforth Landing for a two day trip that left Tuesday Evening and returned Thursday. Captain Mark and Chris got everyone on board and gave us the customary safety talk and promptly pointed us to an area south east of the Dumping Grounds (a good 9 hour ride)...
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    JX 6/3 Casting

    I think this might help....But it requires practice....I keep my thumb in a position to stop the spool when the lure/bait hits the water. The momentum of the spool going forward will not change abruptly when the lure hits the water (unless you intervene with your thumb). You have to practice...
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    Paste the link in to your browser address Try RIGHT Clicking to see if a window opens and gives you a dialog box with a selection that says "SAVE FILE AS". Regards, 110yd
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    does anyknow any thing about the eclipse

    I have known Mark and Chris for a few years. They are fish killers and know how to run a boat. If there are fish to be found, they will put you on them and do it with first class service...If Paul is on the boat cooking, you will be in for a treat. Regards, 110yd
  109. 1

    San Quintin bound

    I would second the comments about Jardines in SQ. I would also point out another very good place to eat. It is located right before the Military Base as you are headed south on the same side as the military base. The name is Viejo San Quintin. Food and service are both great. See...
  110. 1

    Offshore American Angler 2.5 day

    Trust me on this. The only time a crew member is normally holding a rod is when they are helping passengers. If the captain let the crew fish, it was something that was extremely rare, unusual, and uncommon and more than likely well deserved...They need to blow off a little steam once in a...
  111. 1

    hard drive issue

    If the drive is still working I could suggest a few things. You could ghost the drive to a new Hard Drive and not lose anything, and keep the restore partition created on the drive. This is not a job for a newbie computer person.... Regards, 110yd
  112. 1

    Seward Late June/ Early July report

    Nice Job on the fish....It looks a little different than the stuff you were winching up on the east coast a few months ago....I need to get back up to Seward soon... Be safe, 110yd
  113. 1

    Help passports

    As long as you do not go ashore/touch land, no passport is needed. That is what I believe is the law. I believe there was a post a while ago on the subject. You should be able to search the forum and find it. 110yd
  114. 1

    Good old school fishing photo's?

    I may be giving away secrets, but this should be at the top of your list. Check out the fishing section. Regards, 110yd
  115. 1

    Offshore Producer Overnight-6/21

    Jim O learned well from Ray Sobiek. I have watched him grow up and would not expect any thing less than a hard working crew aboard the Producer. I have taken friends, family, kids, and all sorts of non fish killing folks on the Producer over the years and have plenty of fond memories from that...
  116. 1

    mammoth fishing?

    I just returned from the Mammoth area. We spent two days fishing Crowley. The trout were in "Bite Mode" One of the hot tickets was using a bobber and a worm. Set the worm approximately 4 feet down and just wait.... I believe the Mammoth lake loop was recently stocked as one of my friends...
  117. 1

    San Diego's worst fisherman?

    I am kind of surprised at a few of the answers that appeared. If the boats are running half empty, and someone wants to fish, I would think there would be lots of help offered from owners/captains/crew. These are tough times and disposable $$ are not as easy to come by. The best solution...
  118. 1

    Need recommendation for wireless internet

    I have used Verizon for wireless mobile access. I had a wireless card (PC5750) Card that plugged in to a PCMCIA slot on my laptop. It served me well. The coverage was great everywhere I traveled in the US. The cost was not cheap. I believe there are a number of ways to do it. I believe...
  119. 1

    UN-updating computer

    I don't want to change your comfort zone, but I would install Firefox. It is a safer browser. The combination of Firefox and NoScript has kept my dad out of trouble and he is blind in one eye and can barley see with the other.... Regards, 110yd
  120. 1

    Erendira Boat Hire, June 7

    I am sure that you can find someone in or around Castros Camp to drive you around. I don't have a number, but if you search the board you should be able to find it. 110yd
  121. 1

    What's the hot digital camera right now???

    Here is a good source for info on Canon Camera's. I don't have much experience with the Point and Shoot variety, but would use this as a reference if I was looking. Small Compact Digitals by Canon - Canon Digital Photography Forums I want to believe that you should be able to find a Canon or...
  122. 1

    Offshore albies to start the season

    I don't think that is a good sign seeing the fish that far west this early in the game....I have trouble with out some pictures.... 110yd
  123. 1

    any computer/camera wizards ????

    It is tough to figure out what is really going on the way you have verbalized the problem. Do you have another "Memory Stick" that can be read by the computer? The computer (Depending on what OS you are running) should recognize the "Memory Stick" as a mass storage device. If you are truly...
  124. 1

    Offshore Fishing Colnett this weekend

    I have not been down to the area in a few weeks, but there were yellows around the last time I was there. (This was over a month ago) The yellows were an early morning affair and only a few were caught. I am pretty sure it was on Iron. If you get down to Castro's camp area there are plenty...
  125. 1

    PC Help

    There is a chance that there is an image of the OS on your hard drive in a partition. If there is, then one way to restore things (Depending on how bad things are screwed up) would be to restore the OS from a Recovery partition (If it exists on your machine). If you go to a DOS prompt and type...
  126. 1


    Both Chris Switzer and Mark Gillette have been around the industry for a number of years. They both worked the Pacific Queen for a while and then moved over to the Shogun. I am CONFIDENT they will have a first class fish killing operation. They work hard.... 110yd
  127. 1

    DFG Not thinking Clear?

    At the Fred Hall Fishing Tackle Show, DFG is not selling fishing licenses. How is it that at the largest tackle show in the West, the one thing that you have to have is not available to purchase to fish in California waters. I have bought my license for years at the show (Except for one period...
  128. 1

    Offshore Voyager 1 1/2 day trip

    I got out this weekend on a 1.5 day trip that fished in the area above Colonet on the Voyager out of Seaforth. Captain Jodie and the crew got us on some quality bottom fish, and the weather was great. We managed to fish the deeper stuff for most of the day and a assortment of quality...
  129. 1

    PC Question

    If you want your machine to act like a computer, start by taking a look at what is running at STARTUP. If you have loaded stuff on your machine and not paid attention, more than likely you have a ton of programs that are running before you ever hit the first key. Take a look at: Start Run...
  130. 1

    Mexicana Fishing License in San Quintin

    You can get a license on this side of the border or in Mexico. Here is a link: Pesca Deportiva en Baja California, Océano Pacífico y Mar de Cortés Some of the bigger tackle stores have Mexican Fishing Licenses.---You will pay a few $$ more for them handling the transaction. 110yd
  131. 1

    Offshore Same DoDo Report 8/9 and What Fish Is This?

    Here is a link to what a Pacific Round Herring looks like. Round Herring 110yd
  132. 1

    Offshore Pacific Dawn 9/4/08

    No doubt that Pat knows how to put together a crew and run a boat. I have had my share of "Good Trips" on his boat. If he has an opening, you probably won't be disappointed. 110yd
  133. 1

    Offshore Prowler Trip Sat 8/2/08

    I got a chance to fish on the Prowler this weekend. (Left Friday night/Fished Saturday) We fished down below the Hidden bank and managed to find a magical kelp that had the works. We probably made three passes at the paddy and each time it was an assortment of yellowtail, Dorado, Albacore and...
  134. 1

    Offshore Foamers, wrong kind 7/3

    In regards to the question on the soap. LAVA hand soap will do the job. It will get the smell off your hands quickly. I carry it in my truck for a quick wash up when I am ready to hit the road. Regards, 110yd
  135. 1

    which is the better pangas down in san quintin ?

    Try Viejo San Quentin in town for a quick lunch or maybe dinner. The food is good. It is located just above the military base on the west side of the road. Regards,
  136. 1

    Japan trip

    Here are a few links to better describe the bluefin drama in the Pacific. Bluefin Tuna Becoming a Blue-Chip Industry Aquaculture Punta Banda Ensenda Mexico Tuna Farm Some of the above articles are a few years old Regards, 110yd
  137. 1

    Jardines de Baja in San Quintin

    They currently have about 12 rooms. I would call it a first class place. They took the time to build something that is a cut above anything else I have stayed at in Baja. Here are a few photos. The prices of the rooms are quite reasonable. If you travel down the main road just (past the...
  138. 1

    Mexican Fishing License

    You can purchase a fishing license at the border in San Ysidro at the places that sell Insurance. I think a 1 year license is ~$52. With all of the drama of late, don't go without one. 110yd
  139. 1

    Mexican Navy Boards then Sinks Boat off San Quintin (PICS)

    I have watched this drama unfold from my living room, but two days before the incident I was on Tito's boat Goyita with friends fishing. We had the same skipper (Ramon?). I am accustomed to the normal things that can happen when you drive down to San Quentin. There are many things that you...
  140. 1

    need a new digital camera

    Buying a camera is like religion. Everyone is going to have an opinion. The first thing is to find something you are comfortable with in terms of $$ and features for your application. If you have the $$ there are plenty of Digital SLRs that will more than get the job done. If you are looking...
  141. 1

    Custom Rod Builder in Temecula Area?

    I can't provide a source in Temecula, but I can point you at one in Riverside. Ed Robison of Whopper Stopper. He does first class work. You can get his number from here: Custom built fishing rods - the original Whopper Stopper rod. Regards, 110yd
  142. 1

    Offshore Fishing 7-10-07

    Hello Short Dog, It was good fishing with you....Just like old times. Lots of Blood on the deck. Let me know when you want to try it again. The Marlin was a pleasant surprise to a good day on the ocean. Be Safe, 110yd
  143. 1

    Fishing trips out of san diego into Mexico (San Quintin?)

    I would hesitate to say "Perfectly Safe". I have made Baja trips for 25 years. There have been plenty of "High Drama" events. You most definitely want to travel during daylight hours, and have insurance. I could go on and on. It is a wonderful place for a fisherman, but you need to have...
  144. 1

    Offshore Left Them Biting-Albies,Yt w/10yr.son

    In regards to the file size, you need to make the picture file size smaller. If you have any photo editing software, edit the size of the picture (make the size under ~1M/B). There is probably a post or FAQ that provides the answer somewhere on this board. I recently had the same problem...
  145. 1

    Need some help booking in seward

    I recently returned from Seward and fished aboard the Pursuit with Steve. We were targeting Halibut. Ling season opens today (July 1). We caught many lings as incidentals and had to release them. I am sure that if we were targeting them it would have been easy. We also caught one King (On...
  146. 1

    Need some help booking in seward

    I would guess that either can put you on fish. Both outfits are name brand (quality). Here is a link to a data point. the results of the Seward Halibut Derby: Regards, 110yd
  147. 1


    Sorry for the late post, but I have been playing catch up for a few days, after being in Alaska for a week (6-12-07 through 6-19-07). I just returned from the Kenai Peninsula. I got a chance to fish out of Seward for two days aboard the Pursuit. The boat is one of two owned by Steve Zermia's...
  148. 1

    back from alaska

    Great Report, I am headed to the same neighborhood in two weeks. How did you handle shipping your gear (RODS) up and back, and any tips on shiping the fish back? Regards, 110yd
  149. 1

    San Quentin/Castros Camp 4-28 thru 5-1

    Prices went up on May 1. I would not suggest putting 5 people in a boat....That is a little to crowded for my style. 110yd
  150. 1

    San Quentin/Castros Camp 4-28 thru 5-1

    Next to the Old Mill you can get a Panga from Pedro's Panga's for $180. If you want a slightly larger boat you can spend $300. Most of the boats at Pedro's are in need of repair, but they run(talk to Hector Lillo). You can also try Tito's Pangas. He has nice super Pangas and we paid $290 in...
  151. 1

    San Quentin/Castros Camp 4-28 thru 5-1

    Fished San Quentin for two days. The fishing was the worst I have seen ever (25 years). The ocean was off color, and the fish had major lockjaw for both days we fished. There were very few fish caught Friday/Saturday/Sunday. We decided to visit Castro's Camp on Monday. We had a good time at...
  152. 1

    Anyone fishing with Kelly next week?

    I am headed down to the Old Mill this weekend. If you have not got things sorted out, contact me and I will get it back. I live in OC. Where are you located? 110yd
  153. 1

    Avet jx or lx?

    I went through the same drama a few months ago. I ended up with the JX two speed, and am quite happy with it. I was originally looking at the LX two speed but changed my mind after handling both reels and thinking about the type of fishing I will use it for. I am happy with my JX two speed...
  154. 1

    Line Capacity/JX 2 speed/Pro EX 30 narrow

    Can someone give provide some reliable info on the line capacity of the JX 2speed? I am interested in putting 65Lb spectra with a relatively short top shot of 40Lb. The intent is to fish bottom fish in Baja. Also interested in capacity of the Pro EX 30 narrow. I am undecided on what LB...
  155. 1

    Albacore Swimbait Rod and Reel Questions

    My 2 cents: I fish a MXL with 30Lb and have it on a Calstar 700L. It is more than effective in working 1 1/2 oz swimbaits. The combination is fun to fish when you can get Tuna (20-30Lb) on swimbaits or small jigs. Regards, 110yd
  156. 1

    This years gig

    Hello Bruce, No doubt proper bait selection is important. The short top shots and special lipstick compensate for anglers that might not have the calibrated eyeball to make the right bait selection, or don't want to stand in line while a hot bite is going on. There have been times when I...
  157. 1

    Offshore 7/27 Bluefin?

    Here is a link to an article about moving the tuna pens around. Seems like mother nature is not happy: 110yd