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  1. FishinDeepNCJ

    Islands 100 F line off Mission Bay 4/7/21

    looks like more than 5 reds to me
  2. FishinDeepNCJ

    Clean Penn TRQ25NLD2

    I got one, brand new in box, let's make a deal. Text me 4804307389
  3. FishinDeepNCJ

    Found. Thanks BD

    I got one, brand new text me 480-430-7388
  4. FishinDeepNCJ

    Saltist 40 star drag black and blue

    I got one new in box, needs to go. Text me if interested 480-430-7389
  5. FishinDeepNCJ

    Got one! Thanks.

    I got one new in box, what were u wanting to spend?
  6. FishinDeepNCJ

    First Time down to Loreto

    So Im blessed with a trip down to Loreto October 7-14th. Never been down there before, usually fish Bocana and other pacific side areas. I would really like to catch a roosterfish from the that a possibility? Any info on areas to fish from shore, species that Ill encounter or any...
  7. FishinDeepNCJ

    LJ 10/8

    The angle of u pulling the fish into the kayak is killer
  8. FishinDeepNCJ

    Offshore Bloodydecks Sponsored Aztec Trip A Success

    Also Big thanks to Michelle and Yusef for reppin BD, taking great pics, bringing some cool raffle prizes and being overall great hosts. Great trip!
  9. FishinDeepNCJ


    Feels so much better to catch fish n not see anyone else around!
  10. FishinDeepNCJ

    May 31st...64lb Bluefin tuna in US Waters

    Way to tough it out n bring home the sashimi!
  11. FishinDeepNCJ

    Crew to fish Coronados and near coastal...

    Gorgeous boat, my buddy has 1 similar! Have off every Friday n Saturday usually n can switch days off if need be. Got cash, not afraid to clean the boat n fish hard....know the deal....let me know on here or text me 480 430 7389
  12. FishinDeepNCJ

    I'm still excited!!!

    That's some pig!
  13. FishinDeepNCJ

    Offshore Tribute Midweek March 18th 13 BFT and approx. 100YT

    oh look there I am in the background! great trip, Tribute always works super hard
  14. FishinDeepNCJ

    Want to go out 3/14/15

    It's either fight the weekend warriors on a cattle boat for a day trip or hop on Pacific Queen, Eclipse or Tribute for a 1.5 day where the loads look light goin to Colonet or Tanner/Cortez
  15. FishinDeepNCJ

    LaBocana BCS January fishing at its finest

    Thanks men, it was a blast
  16. FishinDeepNCJ

    LaBocana BCS January fishing at its finest

    Beach launch and it's not always easy depending on the tide
  17. FishinDeepNCJ

    LaBocana BCS January fishing at its finest

    2014 was such a special year for me as fishing was off the charts offshore and I met some men that were willing to take a greenhorn like myself under their wing and show a guy the right way to do things. Dave B. (bajabum) stepped up and we created a bond that comes easily to guys that just wanna...
  18. FishinDeepNCJ

    Custom 700L and Avet MXJ Combo

    It's in great condition! Thanks for selling it to me
  19. FishinDeepNCJ

    Anyone fishing tomorrow n need a hoe?

    Have off tomorrow n would like to get out n slay some dodos, tuna or the elusive wahoo that have been showing up on reports. I know the drill, split costs, clean up the boat, look for paddies n don't farm fish. Holla at me if u need somebody. 480-430-7389. or PM me. Thanks!
  20. FishinDeepNCJ

    anyone need a ho tomorrow?

    Have off tomorrow n would love to slay some fish. I fish hard, clean the boat, split costs n bring your favorite beer. I know the drill! Call/text me 480-430-7389
  21. FishinDeepNCJ

    need more for saturday(tomorrow)

    I am down for monday! Call/text me 480 430 7389. Know the deal, split costs, fish hard, clean the boat, have gear, respect the boat n captain. Don't usually drink while fishing but when in Rome, I'm a Roman :)
  22. FishinDeepNCJ

    fish handling 3/4 day boat no rsw

    Pacific Queen has it n has been slaughtering smaller grade fish if u can get on it
  23. FishinDeepNCJ

    Heading to 209 tomorrow

    Clyde is solid....listen to him n head south bc u r gonna end up towards the boarder either way bc that's where the fish are. Talked to a guy today that said it was ultra snotty at the 182 but they slayed the fish
  24. FishinDeepNCJ

    Teremar and mxl 4:5:1

    Send it to me for $200
  25. FishinDeepNCJ

    who has a open spot this week?

    Looking to get a ride out on the big pond some time this week. My schedule is fairly flexible n with a lil heads up I can do any day. I know the deal, split costs n put tuna in the boat. PM/text me 480 430 7389 lets slay some fish!
  26. FishinDeepNCJ

    Looking for 2 to go

    How'd the trip go for u guys?!
  27. FishinDeepNCJ

    who has room for 1 more Saturday

    Good point but still gotta try
  28. FishinDeepNCJ

    who has room for 1 more Saturday

    Have off on Saturday and would really like to get out n catch some tuna, yellowtail or dodos. I know the deal, split costs, clean boat, cut chum n look for feeding tuna. Lets help each other enjoy the weekend! PM/text me 480 430 7389
  29. FishinDeepNCJ

    need a ride for tomorrow

    My day off is tomorrow, wanna slay more tunnies. Lets split costs n help me help u put u on fish. PM or Text me 480 430 7389
  30. FishinDeepNCJ

    who needs a ho?

    Looking to hop on a boat some time within the next week. I know the drill...Split costs, clean boat, cut chum, search for paddies n puddling tuna, etc. I travel lite n will bring beer if u like. Ask Dave (bajabum) n Clyde (socaldieseltech), I fish hard n bring fish in the boat. Let's get out...
  31. FishinDeepNCJ

    Looking for 1.5-2 day trip leaving from SD August 29-31

    My bad the Pacific Queen is Aug31-Sept2 that I'll b on
  32. FishinDeepNCJ

    Looking for 1.5-2 day trip leaving from SD August 29-31

    I'll b on the Pacific Queen during those dates, they might have some spots left
  33. FishinDeepNCJ

    whose fishing Wednesday or Thursday n needs one more?

    PM me or text/call me. 480 430 7389
  34. FishinDeepNCJ

    whose fishing Wednesday or Thursday n needs one more?

    So I'm off Wednesday and Thursday this week....looking to get out on the water once again. Went out yesterday to the 181 n surrounding areas n fish are still to been found n caught. Split costs, clean fish/boat; I know the deal. Let's help each other put fish in the boat!
  35. FishinDeepNCJ

    a few people for tuna tournament

    I Def would b down. Text or pm me 480 430 7389 Info
  36. FishinDeepNCJ

    whose fishing Friday n needs a ho?!

    TTT help me out I'm itchy!!!!!
  37. FishinDeepNCJ

    whose fishing Friday n needs a ho?!

    So yeah I got the tuna bug and have Friday off. Would love to split costs, search for working birds n paddies, slay some tuna n help u gaff all the fish we r gonna catch. If u got room, I got gear, money n respect for your boat. PM me or call/text me 480 430 7389 Let's help each other be...
  38. FishinDeepNCJ

    Thursday or Friday

    I'm Def down! Fished wit BajaBum yesterday n we scored on a couple....not wide open but a great day on the water none the less. Text me all info 480 430 7389. Where u plan on getting bait was the ticket since it's slowed a lil bit from Friday n Saturday
  39. FishinDeepNCJ

    Offshore absolute yft massacre 8/3 on Paddy Raid

    We were out there yesterday n heard u on the radio, we got a couple but not like u guys. Glad u did well!
  40. FishinDeepNCJ

    Thursday or Friday

    I'm down for friday! Where u plan of launching out of? PM or text me 480 430 7389
  41. FishinDeepNCJ

    Who's going shore

    U have room for one more? I'd love to go tomorrow n help out on costs
  42. FishinDeepNCJ

    Anyone need a ho for Sunday Aug 3?!

    Looking to get out on the big pond this Sunday August 3 and take advantage of the excellent fishing I keep seeing reports of. I'll split whatever costs needed, help clean the boat afterwards, am an experienced fisherman and have my own gear. Let's help each other out and slay some fish! Got a...
  43. FishinDeepNCJ

    Local 3/4 day tuna, where?

    They closed bluefin season today down in Mex!
  44. FishinDeepNCJ

    PB WSB!

    Whoa! Nice job
  45. FishinDeepNCJ

    Graftech GJS80-H Jig stick

    Can u send me some pics?
  46. FishinDeepNCJ


    Keep them coming John! Great pics and reports.
  47. FishinDeepNCJ

    Reels for Sale: 3 Penns and 1 Shimano

    Pic of the TLD 20...Im interested
  48. FishinDeepNCJ

    05.20.11 Spitfire - Cudas still on the chew!

    Way to go on the slimers n great report n pics
  49. FishinDeepNCJ

    Red Tuna Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends May 26th, 2011

    I knew we shouldnt have eaten them crabs...
  50. FishinDeepNCJ

    Red Tuna Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends May 26th, 2011

    A hair lip is the least of our concerns!
  51. FishinDeepNCJ

    Red Tuna Presents - Beat this Caption - Contest ends May 26th, 2011

    I got more hair on my lip than he has on his head!
  52. FishinDeepNCJ

    Bear Bow w/ all the fixins ready to shoot.

    Hey everybody hope your hunting seasons are going great! Im cleaning out the closet and have a used Bear/Jennings Vapor 300 compound bow for sale. It comes with Trophy Ridge 5-pin sight, NAP rest, newer Vapor Trail String, Diamond Archery Quiver, stabilizer. It has a 27" draw length that can be...
  53. FishinDeepNCJ

    Custom Wrapped Seeker 6'6" 20-40lb 75 bucks

    Hey man Im interested but was wondering if you know what model of seeker the blank is. Plus my is nick so I think its right that I buy this rod. Get at me. Plus I would need you to ship it down here to SD if possible
  54. FishinDeepNCJ


    Hey guys this may be a stupid question but Ill ask it anyways. I have a custom casting rod that my step dad bought me. My question is I dont like the handle on it. Can a rod builder take it off and put a handle of my liking on the rod?
  55. FishinDeepNCJ

    The Perch King has graduated

    Are they good to eat Ive never had one?
  56. FishinDeepNCJ

    Barred surf perch at Emmawood!

    Nice Slab! Havent seen anything like that down here in PB and MB in a LLLOONNGGG time.
  57. FishinDeepNCJ

    Info appreciated!

    Find a new Spot!
  58. FishinDeepNCJ

    WSB, YFC, SBB...

    Wheres the pics?
  59. FishinDeepNCJ

    Anyone selling a good RH Compound

    I have a Bear Vapor 300 that Ive had for a few years that Im willing to sell. It has an almost new Vapor Trail string that has only been used on my last antelope hunt in AZ. Ill sell the bare bow for 250 or ready to shoot like it is now for 350 which includes wrist sling, NAP quik-tune drop away...
  60. FishinDeepNCJ

    All predator hunters

    Vanguard is made by Weatherby. I would go with the Tikka T3 for around the same money
  61. FishinDeepNCJ

    Bug Eyed Reds

    Awesome catch and great recipe Ill have to try that one Thanks!
  62. FishinDeepNCJ

    New to SD and questions

    Thanks to everyone who has taken time to point me in the right direction. I really appreciate it and hope everyone has a great holiday!
  63. FishinDeepNCJ

    New to SD and questions

    Whats up everybody! My name is Nick and I just moved here from Phoenix, AZ. I do alot of freshwater fishing but now that I live in Pacific Beach I want to get on the saltwater bite. I have been fishing down at Mission Bay alittle and am slowly learning. What is some of the better baits to use? I...