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    2001 Kenner 24V- $19500 obo

    In Clairemont, just east of PB.
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    2001 Kenner 24V- $19500 obo

    I bought the motor in '06 it a 2003. Around 1400 hrs I'm told. Boat originally came with a 200 2-stroke.
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    2001 Kenner 24V- $19500 obo

  4. deepdeuce

    A-22 Buck

    Just saw this, very nice buck. Congrats!! Killing me I didn't get my A22 this year but great to see success!!
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    One last crack at the gobblers

    Nice report and trip. I'm tying to figure where to hunt. Been up on Laguna with a bow the last 4 seasons and have always found birds. Tough hunting but they've always been somewhere up there. Have not seen a sign this season. Not a track, sighting or gobble. For as much area as I've...
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    Martinez turkeys

    Congrats on the birds! Nice work.
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    Yeah, I know its been tough on the birds, I also know there are still some there. Its early, I think there's a chance they haven't fully busted up yet? Gonna hit it tomorrow. Trying to shoot one with a bow has proved to be just this side of impossible for me on public land. I've come close a...
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    I hunted the opener Saturday up on Mt. Laguna and I've been up scouting a couple times prior. I have yet to see/hear any birds. Covered a decent grip of land, much of which I've seen plenty of birds on over the years. I'm wondering if they are still grouped up? Haven't seen anything posted...
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    Just a heads up in case it's forgotten, which it was on my end. Not even on my radar. Got an email this morning and reported.
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    Finally, a good Texas buck

    Great Job! What a great mature buck. Congrats and nice shot!
  11. deepdeuce

    D-16 got um 2015 Deer Camp

    Nice buck and decent mountain oysters
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    D-16 Buck, Just In Time

    CONGRATS on a great buck. They are certainly on the move this week. That would have been a day one buck for me! Nice work.
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    Another monster for buck hunter

    Great look'n buck! Congrats on success with putting the sneak on, tough thing to do for sure.
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    Went 3 for 3 on our archery hunt...including one MONSTER!

    Sounds like a trip of a lifetime! Congrats on three beautiful deer. You guys know how to pick yer hunting spots, that's fer sure!!
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    Son's First Deer 9/5

    Congrats to the both of you!
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    First Pig Down 7/10

    Nice hunt. Way to stick with it and bring home the bacon.
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    Customers boar I just finished

    Really a nice job. That looks awesome!
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    Doubled down at Tejon with the .338

    Great shot and video. Drilled his ass.
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    Another Hog down 6/5/2015

    Great pics! Looks like a blast!!
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    Just got back from New York to see family and sneak in the woods a couple times with my father-in-law to chase some turkeys. Haven't been back in three years and it was great to get a refresher course from a very experienced and knowledgeable turkey hunter. Tough transitioning to a 3:30am wake...
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    Last turkey hunt 2015

    Great report. I have to get one of those crow calls. Great way to get a shock gobble. Close but no cigar has been my whole season this year.
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    Ok, actual Report

    Congrats on a great family hunt! That's a great mature bird with spurs like that. Very impressive!
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    Big Chichen

    Great story and hunt! Congrats to the both of you! Beautiful looking, knuckle dragging bearded thunder chicken. Ask yer daughter if she'll teach us all how to kill one at 60 yds. It would help my game alot...
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    Archery Bird

    Great Job on nice Tom. Good sized bird!!
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    Awesome turkey bowhunt video to fire you up!!!

    I have only been able to watch the first five minutes of the video, right up to the double kill. Not sure I can take any more!! Absolutely awesome. Can't wait to see the rest. That's the way I hunted last season down here and came up empty. I had several solid opportunities and didn't get...
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    epic turkey bowhunt with my pal

    Congrats on the bird and the smart handsome hunting partner! Great job on the training, how old is he? Also Nate, thanks for pointing out another similarity between turkeys and Ali.
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    Mexico Cola Blanca and Mule Deer

    Those bucks are sick!! Sounds like a challenging hunt, makes those deer even more special. The spread on both of them is impressive. Any idea how wide?
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    Hunted local Friday 12/27. Although I saw quite a few deer this season I hadn't seen anything in a couple different stands for almost the entire month of December and I put some time in. Leaving Monday the 30th to VA for their last week of hunting so I had two opportunities left. About 25...
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    Wisconson Whitetails

    Nice work. Good looking Buck. I'm heading back to Virginia for the last week of the season. Can't wait!
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    They taste best barely legal

    Congrats Nate! Nice report, noth'in like the BOYS!! That could have gone the other way easily with a long tracking effort. Gotta say, that buck looks alot like the one I got last season and being my first local, my wife and I were blown away how good it was. Most of my exposure has been from...
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    First time deer hunting in socal

    Nice Buck. Good to see you make the effort out here. I spent the last dozen years hunting with family and friends back East which I still do and love, but the guys are right, there are plenty of great opportunities here. I'm in my second season, it's awesome to be within an hour of hunting...
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    New Stand

    I heard your asshole slam shut when I told you I saw one and that was over the phone. I'm wondering if you'll hunt that stand?
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    New Stand

    Have you guys seen cats? How often?
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    New Stand

    Just a quick weekend report, I was hoping to get lucky again this year and bag a buck on the last weekend of D16. Got one last year on last day! I put up a new stand this year, with the help of two slightly over weight Arabs, first time for me picking a spot for my own stand. Been hunting a...
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    SoCal Archery Buck

    Great Job! Nice Buck, congrats.
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    Boat Outfitters Caption Contest - Ends October 16th, 2013

    Please tell me that's blood in the ziploc and his zipper is up???
  37. deepdeuce

    NWTF Annual Banquet 2013

    Awesome event.
  38. deepdeuce

    Boomer comes home

    That's awesome! Can't even think about losing my boy. He's 11...but still going strong.
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    done, done and done. Thanks Guys.
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    LICENSE APPLICATION MORON Here's the link on the DFG's website to set up your own acct. and get your licenses. Fishing, hunting and entering any draw for a tag you are looking for. Not sure on the deadlines? Don't have that in front of me but I'm sure it's on the...
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    Another question guys...if I remember the earlier thread, guys were talking about wasting points on A22 that they have been building up over time. Does the system work so that all the points are the same? So if you have been applying for a specific hunt (say X12 zone or elk) do those points...
  42. deepdeuce


    Damnit Ali. That was funny. I'm gonna submit my app that way. First tag in the A22 draw and second tag D16. I didn't finish the process until I got the feedback. I guess I'll let you know.
  43. deepdeuce


    Thanks Nate. In terms of hunting here, is my thinking correct about how I went after the A22 draw and D16 as a second tag?
  44. deepdeuce


    This is a cry for help, specifically to El Toro! Nate, I was talking to Ali this morning as I was filling out my CA license application for 2013. I read the long thread weeks ago regarding A22. I also read your thread regarding the biz you were gonna do to help hunters fill out multiple...
  45. deepdeuce

    A22 Goes Premium

    After only hunting out of state for so many years getting a chance to hunt here last year was awesome for me. Go back east and quite a few states have so many whitetail you can kill as many does as you want for under $20 a piece. Now book flights$$$ pay a shit ton for baggage fees... Seems to...
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    Win a NEW Custom Tackle Center from Boat Outfitters - Contest Ends April 21st, 2013

    These two holds on the front of the Double D are small but very valuable real estate. The deck is wide open which makes fishing this boat great. There's just a very very limited area for tackle. The way these two holds are designed allows water to run in, not so much out fishing but when the...
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    Freshwater Monster fish!!!!

    The only ones I've ever seen that big are up in Ontario and mounted on the wall!! Congrats.
  48. deepdeuce

    Killed a snow monster

    amazing pic! nice work, sounds like a great trip.
  49. deepdeuce

    The frozen tundra of Arizona!

    Great report. That looks and sounds like a shit ton of fun. Never heard of bacon spelunking...sounds froggy. Sometimes tracking an animal can be as challenging and nerve racking as the hunting.
  50. deepdeuce

    2013 Great Elk/Camel Hunt Full Report - Cool Pics

    Was the room really that bad? Good enough for some naked trucker fun...on yer pillow case. Now that's a nice blankey.
  51. deepdeuce


    I would like to thank everyone for the comments on Ali's pic. Awesome. I was there and I can tell you they really don't look that way in person. Which pisses me off cause I could have used that whole program for a couple days while we were there. Anyone who has hunted with the Kennedy's will...
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    Thanks Guys, Ali has done well. Put his time in. Remember, there's no deer in the desert so this is a new thing for him.
  53. deepdeuce


    Just got back from my last hunt, the last week of the season in Virginia. Had an epic year this year for a number of reasons besides the animals harvested. Biggest deal for me was finding new places to hunt, first and foremost locally! I finally got in the game here, because of the generosity...
  54. deepdeuce


    Thanks for the responses. Buckshot only where we are hunting. My main concern was not to damage the choke or my gun. Sounds like and from what else I've researched I should be good. Thanks again.
  55. deepdeuce

    M6 doe....yum.

    Great report. Nice job. Congrats.
  56. deepdeuce


    I'm heading back East for the last week of deer season in VA tuesday. I will be shooting 00Buckshot in my 12 gauge. Was gonna use an improved modified choke and wanted to check opinions? I've shot modified with this before, don't know if there will be much difference but just wanted to check...
  57. deepdeuce

    Hunting pictures

    That looks like a great place to hunt! Agreed, don't paint that. You'll notice in low light that it's much less purple and almost white to let in as much light as possible and keep your pins lit up well into almost dark.
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    Showing off my second 11 point whitetail

    Great Buck, congrats!
  59. deepdeuce

    Good karma

    Great Buck!! Nice work.
  60. deepdeuce

    Texas 2012 - Whackin and stackin

    Great report, congrats on the success.
  61. deepdeuce


    Yep, Allegheny Co. All my family on my dad's side is from North Hills. Beautiful area and lots of deer. I'm looking forward to hunting that property for years to come. License comes with a buck tag and you get a doe tag from the City for $26.70. $6.70 in state! You can purchase as many as...
  62. deepdeuce


    Just got back from Pittsburgh visiting family and sneaking in the woods for a quick two days. Got my bow maybe 5 months ago and was dying to get in the woods with it. Weather just turned cold back there, still plenty of leaves on the trees. Hunted a small (12 acre) piece of land my family...
  63. deepdeuce

    Offshore 425 FISHY 10/2

    Didn't get the report out yesterday. Heavy fog in the morning again. Cleared up for a short while before the islands and then back to thick until just after the islands. Other than that smooths seas and great conditions including the ride home. Couldn't fish all day, sounded like the tuna...
  64. deepdeuce

    For all you archery hunters...

    Smoked him! Nice shot and even better camera work. Congrats on the bacon.
  65. deepdeuce

    Offshore Saturday Trip Rats/Dodos

    Fished the 302 area today. Lots of kelps, temps 1/2 degree above and below 71. Pretty much all you want rats and got the first dodos of the season on the Double D. Stoked. Nice grade of fish, like 13lb-18lb on the bull. Fun. Dodo kelp was at 24 over 32. We were just short of the 302 on...
  66. deepdeuce

    220-pounder Caught on Cracker Jack

    Nice fish! Always a great program, Congrats.
  67. deepdeuce

    LJ 8/2 - Afternoon on the Double Deuce

    That's Double D to you buddy! Good luck tomorrow!!
  68. deepdeuce

    LJ 8/2 - Afternoon on the Double Deuce

    Great afternoon trip! Glad you rallied. A little leg work for only having a short time to fish, but definitely worth it. I haven't had a calico bite like that in way too long, fun as shit! If I remember the water was between 69-70. That white sea bass was cool, that sucked watching that seal...
  69. deepdeuce

    A Short Afternoon in LJ

    Great LJ day on the yak, congrats!
  70. deepdeuce

    Caption Contest Presented by Bubba Blades - Ending August 7th, 2012

    "Tommy was right...this does feel good in my hand and the tip is really sharp"
  71. deepdeuce

    Hotel Buena Vista - July 4th - 8th - Hospitality from the Valdez Family

    Great report, thanks again, had a blast. Look forward to hitting East Cape again soon. The boys have an awesome resort. Only thing that was weird...Brant never seemed to get out of the pool? We were at the pool bar with Ramiro for a long time, plenty of drinks and I never once saw him head...
  72. deepdeuce

    New Mexico Meriam Turkey Report

    Great report on an epic hunt. The Kennedy's definitely worked hard for us on this trip. Having tagged out on the first day didn't really feel like it. Probably cause we hunted for well over 14 hours that day. That last play we made on that bird in the hills we covered some ground and I was...
  73. deepdeuce

    Final day of Turkey Season (gun)

    Great report! Good looking sleepy birds. Sounds like an epic day in the Turkey woods. Congrats.
  74. deepdeuce

    Bow and Arrow Shop - Great customer service

    That was my experience as well. Bruce and his guys are super knowledgable while at the same time willing to teach a newb with patience. He definitely made a customer for life out of me.
  75. deepdeuce

    SD SPORTFISH SWEET TERESA report for 3/30/12 Butts before the Blow

    thanks again for the trip Capt. Roddy, solid fishing and alot of fun, even with Brant. Too bad he didn't git one!! I gotta celebrate that, doesn't happen very often. Learned a ton as well. Don't forget we gotta schedule that elk dinner. Cheers. tcb
  76. deepdeuce

    European Mount Showed Up Today

    Thanks, looks better than the pic shows. This guy in upstate NY does it on the side and has done it for a while, and he does pretty well for himself. Works out of his house! Flesh eating bugs...don't knock over the jar drunk is all I'm saying. The way he does it the rack keeps all it's...
  77. deepdeuce

    European Mount Showed Up Today

    I got a nice 7 pointer in New York this season with my fatner-in-law. After 7 seasons hunting with him this has been my best buck out of NY. Scored 107 7/8 by the guy who did the mount for me. Was a big bodied deer and a great day of hunting. Blasted a doe a couple hours later and the...
  78. deepdeuce

    Indian Valley Reservoir Hunt

    Great post, sorry about all the noise...I just got the trailer last week and the wife is a little uptight. The beer was cold though. Gotta be tough to get a clean shot in that heavy cover. Ali does suck.
  79. deepdeuce

    Montauk Tackle Co. Presents - Beat This Caption - Contest Ends Feb 16th, 2011

    Sushi Spikes and Soup Coolers...I miss West Virginia.
  80. deepdeuce


    Just got back from hunting four days in Virginia. Took my best buck ever in the first hour and a half. We didn't see much the other three days but I couldn't be happier. I have hunted gun season in New York and Virginia the last two years, shotgun for both, slugs only in NY and buckshot in...
  81. deepdeuce

    Gargoyles Sunglasses Present - Beat this caption - Contest ending November 29th, 2010

  82. deepdeuce

    9/4-9/5 South Dakota Canada Goose Hunt - Kill Zone Outfitters - EPIC

    Congrats on the good action, you guys deserve it! Must have been good if the Cork Master was killin something not made of clay.
  83. deepdeuce

    Bloodydecks Sweeps 2nd Leg of the Governor's Cup - LA Bay

    THANK GOD somebody is calling out Ali on the sportsmanship crap. He gave me the same speech on the boat, when we all know it wasn't really sweat running out of the corner of his eyes when we found out how big the Jig's fish was...
  84. deepdeuce

    Fish of a lifetime

    Congrats Andy! That's one hell of a fish. When I first saw the pic I thought from that angle it looked way bigger than anything we caught...understatement of the year. Way to keep nailing'em!
  85. deepdeuce

    BD Fishing Trip Seward Alaska with the Crackerjack Charters Crew

    I have finally found out how to make people like me...beautiful Alaskan Halibut fillets. It's fun being popular like the slightly overweight Arab.
  86. deepdeuce

    Turkey Report For Easterns Last Week

    Gotta get together for a cold beer and give you the full report. Hunted everyday and saw some amazing shit.
  87. deepdeuce

    Turkey Report For Easterns Last Week

    Hunted up-state New York with father-in-law last week look'n for Toms. Weather patterns back there are off just like ours and probably everybody's. Seemed like two weeks ahead with all the cover, but tough hunting. Ran into snow, high wind and lots of rain. Kept the birds down in the early...
  88. deepdeuce

    Tuna Porn - Puerto Vallarta Fish Report

    That looks fun but you guys missed a killer Bill Dance episode the week.
  89. deepdeuce

    Rainy day gobbler!!!!!

    Good look'n Tom. Congrats! Some of the best turkey hunting can be in the rain. Give us the turkey much did he weigh? Beard length, spurs. I've hunted alot back east and just started this season out here so I'm interested in the details on the Rio's.
  90. deepdeuce

    Local Turkeys - What kind are they?

    now can we go kill one?
  91. deepdeuce

    3-14-10 - Mexi Bassin and More

    that's one sexy arab.
  92. deepdeuce

    Offshore Swordfish

    nice job getting ELVIS out of the mall. Stayed tuned...
  93. deepdeuce

    Shimano Shimano Talica Review

    Thanks for the review Marcus, looking to pick one up and I wanted to get the low down from someone who actually put it to work before I stretched my alligator arms. The lever drag on this reel is the ticket!
  94. deepdeuce

    FishKiller G takes on Canada for some epic fishing!

    We go up to Ontario every year, I wish the pickrel we get were that big! Nice bass as well. Going back on the 31st, can't wait after seeing your post. Good picture of the long drop as well.
  95. deepdeuce

    So I type in "Ultimate Fighter" on Youtube.....

    Great boat, carpet could have been a little friendlier to Rugburn Robbie. When's the next party on the boat?
  96. deepdeuce

    Offshore Foggy not Froggy

    Headed out late this morning, bait by 7am, was going for wide swing to the islands. Great conditions until 8am when the marine layer hit me about 6 miles short of the 302. Just dropped lines to troll with flipper and friends and get stopped on double skippies when the sun disappeared...
  97. deepdeuce

    Offshore 9/13 at the 302

    First post even though I've been on board for a long time. Trip yesterday was a big skunk, think I have the posting thing backwards. We hit the highspot early to find 69.5 water and tons of bait. 1/2 doz patties within 2 miles for no love. Did bait a striper, again with the love thing...
  98. deepdeuce

    From my stormtrooper homies...

    Ali have you lost weight?