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    Black Lab pups

    Hi all I’ll be looking a fishing buddy in a few months. I recently had to put my mine down after 18 years. If anyone knows of a good breeder or pups coming avail soon please let me know. Thanks Tom
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    Black Lab pup

    Hi all I recently had to put my 18 year old black lab down. I’m not ready for a new boy just yet but thinking around the end of the year. If anyone knows of a good line of pups coming up please let me know. Thanks Tom
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    Offshore Toranado 11/11

    Hey guys just got off the Toranado on a overnight trip. Left the dock around 9:30 we were low on sardines and the plan was to hit up the bait boat at Catalina for squid. Well the squid boat didn’t have any so off to SCI to try and make our own. The squid floated and they filled the tank. We all...
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    Toranado info please.

    Hey guys we’re heading out on the Toranado tomorrow on a overnight and we’re ready for the bumpy ride out. I was wondering if you guys have any info on the boat Crew or tackle suggestions. Thanks we will post report a good I hope.
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    Eldorado and Mirage info

    Hey guys I’m taking a group of 5 newbiews out in a week or so on a overnight and was looking for some info on the Eldorado and Mirage deck space bunks any info would be helpful and we will post trip report. Thanks
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    Weather sites/App

    Hope this the right spot I have an overnight charter this weekend leaving Sunday fishing Monday out of Ventura and notice some weather coming in. Any recommendations on weather sites OT just keep using NOAA. Thanks and I will post report on Monday night. Thanks
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    6 Pack,4 Pack PB, Sept 11,12

    Hey guys I'm looking for a spot either Sept 10,11,12. 4,6 Pack. Or if you need a HO I'm in the LA area will drive I've done the long range thing 5-12 day trips. New to the PB world but have a good work ethic money to pay my part plus the boat owner/Capts part. Just looking to get out get some...
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    Good job Grande

    Hey guys I hope this is an ok spot for this post. Just saw the Grande went out on a 1 1/2 with 4 guys. That's awesome of the Captain to go I'm sure most of us have had the last min cancel with many more folks signed up. Good Job Grande. Oh and they got limits of yellowfin.
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    Looking for a Lab

    Hey Guys, I'm looking for some advice for a Labrador breeder I'm in the LA, Ventura area but I'm willing to drive. I'm looking for a black female but open more for the right dog. Don't hunt much any more but I do spend a lot of time on the water looking for a fishing buddy and family dog for...
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    Hey Guys sorry in advance didn't know where to post this. We had to put our four legged family member Lola 11 years old down the other day. Wow what a shitty thing to do but she's better now she was an all around great dog. We still have our other Lab and will eventually like to get another just...
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    Hey guys Sorry this is prob the wrong area for my msg. I had to put down my lab Lola the other she was one of the Best. I never got around to using her for a bird dog but a great boat companion. I'm going to eventually have to get another to keep my other lab company. I will start checking...
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    Eldorado tonight!!!! Lingcod

    Need 2 more guys for tonight's overnight going to San Nic looking at only 9 on a 85' boat lets go. Call Longbeach sportfishing.
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    3 Needed Sun Night

    Hey guys 3 more needed for the Eldorado sun night fishing mon. Very light load shallow water rockfish at San Nic. Call Pier Point landing book your spot.
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    Pacific Dawn this weekend

    Hey guys were trying to get a few more to make this trip a go! It's on the Pacific Dawn leaving Sunday 11/29 fishing the 30th outer Channel Islands. We only have 6 reservations need a few more to make it a go call Ventura Sportfishing if you can make it out.
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    Pacific Dawn overnight 11/29

    Hey guys just throwing it out there were going on the Pacific Dawn this coming Sunday 11/29 fishing the 30th. Only 6 reservation need a few more to make the trip a go. Outer Channel Islands trip load up your freezer.
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    Overnight advice

    Hey guys I'm doing an overnight trip next week on the Pacific Dawn and looking for some advice on jigs and what size jig weight for lings. Also any other tips you might have. Thanks in advance
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    Overnight boat?

    Taking a overnight next week and I'm bringing a few new guys. Looking at the Mirage,Pacific Islander,Pacific Dawn any thoughts on either of these boats bunks?Deck space? Thanks in advance
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    6 Pack Overnight help Dreamer

    Hi guys hope this is the right spot for my questions. We are looking at booking a 6 pack overnight trip for the end of the month trying to stay north of Long Beach we are from the Ventura area and I have only booked 6 packs in San Diego before. We are looking at the boat Dreamer with Allan...
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    Ultra San Pedro info

    Has anyone here fished the Ultra any info on bunks? How's it fish? Going Mon night I will post a report hoping for some good weather. Thanks in advance.
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    3/4 Boat advice

    Trying to get out Tues any recommendations on boats. Thinking Sport King, Pursuit, Native Sun. Looking at the Sun since limited load any advice. Thanks!
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    Looking for 6 Pack

    I know a long shot but looking for a spot if anyone has one on a 4,6 pack. Doesn't matter 3/4 overnight just trying to get out. Thanks
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    4 Pack Charter Thurs 7/16

    Hey guys I'm trying to put together a 4 pack Charter this Thursday. Fishing Catalina for Yellows then maybe offshore. Cost 300. PM for more details. Thanks for looking
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    Trying to EARN my spot.

    Hey guys yes another HO here but don't stop reading just yet. First off if you need help with your boat washing wax or doing a project day let me know I will come down. Second I thinks it's only obvious to pay my share but will cover the Captains share. They are the ones with the boat and all...
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    Charter boat question

    Have some guys I want to take out Prob is there is 7 maybe 10. Any ideas for group this size looking for an overnight. Thanks Tom
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    Pacific Qieen Tonight

    Anyone else on the Queen tonight.
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    Eclipse boat input

    Any info on the Eclipse it's one boat I haven't fished. Deck space, bunks,crew. I saw they have a one day trip this Monday. Thanks Tom
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    Weather Report/questions

    Looking for good app for Forecast or any other cool off shore apps. Also thinking of fishing offshore Thursday any input would help. Thanks
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    Boat Advice

    Going out tues night only boats left are the Sea Adventure II the Old Glory and the O-95. Any input on bunks deck space? Also any guys here going on one of them. Thanks Tom
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    6 Pack next week

    Hey guys I'm trying to put a 6 pack or 4 pack together next week leaving from San Diego tues night fish wed. Prices run from 400 to 525 depends on boat. If you are interested text me for the details. Tom 818 422-2062
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    Josie Lynn tues

    First Thanks to everyone with all the good reports. I hope to have one this week has Anyone fished the 6 pack Josie Lynn I thinking of going this week on there Op. thanks in advance.
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    Complete Fishing Kayak

    Hobie Mirage kayak comes with Mirage drive fins. Also I have so many extras fish finder marine Radio farmer John style wet suit dry bag lures custom gaff light multiple batteries bait stick. Bait tank with numerous rod holders. Please text me for pics sorry had trouble loading them. 818 422-2062...
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    Offshore Fortune overnight report

    Fished Thurs on the Fortune first let me start out by Thanking Bruce and his great crew. If you have not fished with these guys you must class A act. Ok so left little late since they got a late bite on there trip before us. No prob nice to see boat come in late for little more fishing time got...
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    Fortune tonight

    Just checking if anyone else going on the Fortune tonight.
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    possible six pack

    Anyone interested putting a charter together on the Mardiosa leaving tues fish wed. Rough price is around 2200 for 6 people. If interested call or text me. Thanks Tom 818 422-2062
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    Looking for spot

    Hi anyone have a open spot for one or two on six pack or know of any open party six packs. I know long shot plan B is the Forturne tues night limited load eithet way will give report when back. Thanks
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    6 pack mon

    Trying to put together a six pack 3/4 trip on the mardiosa out of long beach. Can use few more to make trip a go price is around 200 the fish are in range trip would be 4am to5 pm the phone number for Mardiosa is 949 305-0165 Thanks Tom
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    Full Day Boat

    I was looking for a full day boat to fish the channel islands on Mon. And was wondering if anyone has a suggestion. I was thinking about the Corbra out of channel Islands? Thanks.
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    anyone need one or two

    My buddy and I are looking to get out this week on a open party 6 pack or private boat or an ultra light load. Will pay are share help clean drinks food you name it just want to get on some fish. Thanks