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  1. c sick

    Offshore Run & Gun Weekend on the CONDOR

    I was out there today too,I need some talent o the stern hit me up I have a 26"er I can't do it all.
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    Offshore Chasing blues for hours..

    It's that six-foot rule.
  3. c sick

    Offshore It’s Official - San Diego is SUPER COW TOWN!!!

    Virus doesn"t stop a fisherman!!!!!! "MAKE FISHING GREAT AGAIN" Great report,thank's. "IF YA DON'T GO YA DON'T KNOW"
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    Offshore Passport Required for 226/302 area?

    12 miles off any land.We call it going around the corner,hey you might run right into something good. Good luck!
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    Offshore 9/12 - 302 to South 9 - YFT and BFT

    Almost sound's like a weekender with a day off out on the water.
  6. c sick

    Another Mission Belle 4/15 postAgain just a couple of yellows here

    P.S. love the son's team. Your doing it all perfect!!
  7. c sick

    Another Mission Belle 4/15 postAgain just a couple of yellows here

    Good on you dad,that's one of many trip's the both of you will keep in your heart. I'm lucky enough to have lot's of great father and son trip's.
  8. c sick

    Wet my stick - DP 02.23.19

    Good on you,I'll get out there soon. Never met a fish taco I didn't like. "IF YA DON'T GO YA DON'T KNOW"
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    Offshore Sunday 7/1 Tuna Report

    Thank's Rob. "IF YA DON'T GO YA DON'T KNOW"
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    Offshore Tough 2.5 day trip on Sea Adv 80 this weekend

    That's fishing....."IF YA DON'T GO YA DON'T KNOW"
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    Leaning tower for hardtop 26fter

    Looking to add a top to the boat. san diego county 760.212.2593
  12. c sick

    Leaning tower for hardtop 26ft boat

    Looking to add a top on the boat.North San Diego County
  13. c sick

    My son found this at La Jolla

    I lost that ling last week,it's mine!! Well finder's keeper's and that's a keeper. Great job
  14. c sick

    Looking for a "bait bag"

    Want to add another hold for bait.Looking for a transom mount bag. Thank's BD'ER's
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    Name That Fish

    Two Taco's
  16. c sick

    FMM needed if just "passing thru..."?

    Go around the corner,hey you might find that patty you've been looking for.
  17. c sick

    Offshore 9/28 YFT quick limit

    Thank's for the number's yesterday. We heard you call out,that same sportfisher turned a nice kelp into a salad shooter later in the day. The ASS ran it over,I mean right over.
  18. c sick

    All day Big Patties!!!!

    Great job on taking your buddies! Cool fishermen out there on the weekend????
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    Offshore 182 ON THE "C"SICK

    I took a couple of buddies yesterday,we worked the inside ridge of the 182. Becareful in the fog.Metered fish the whole way.Got three BFT to go around 1pm,all on bait 25 to 35 range. Good luck,soak bait. "IF YA DON'T GO YA DON'T KNOW"
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    Somebody needs a snickers
  21. c sick

    Offshore Can't win them all but did see a surprise .... (video included)

    I'm with you Billy,that's my sayin. "IF YA DON"T GO YA DON"T KNOW" great report.
  22. c sick

    Offshore 4/18 43 and Corner Run

    Good try Matt.If your gonna swing,swing for the homerun!
  23. c sick

    Offshore 4/19 Liberty 3/4 "Should have been here yesterday"

    Good work! If ya don't go ya don't know
  24. c sick

    Offshore 14 mile 7/10

    Sound's like yesterday,headed out of mission bay for a 110 mile loop. Went to the top of the 226 up the line to just south of the 209. hit half dozen patties for nada,but the tan is better. We have a long summer ahead !!
  25. c sick

    Baja 1000

    Hell ya, we'll be down in SQ. Watch the 1000 and fish a couple day's.
  26. c sick

    Offshore 10-5 Oside

    Good try. "IF YA DON'T GO YA DON'T KNOW"
  27. c sick

    San Quintin shore fishing???

    Down on the beaches south of Cielito lindo bar hotel,ask around for the way on to the beach that you can drive on for miles. Sandcrab is the best bait. We'll be there too on that weekend maybe we will see you on the beach. Good luck
  28. c sick

    Found bag at Davies Launch Ramp on 8/8/15.

    The butterfly effect = a great season !!!!!
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    Good stuff guy's
  30. c sick

    San Quintin Info.

    I've got the dope on that. msg me
  31. c sick

    SQ Surf??

    sand crabs, head south towards el soccoro down by the big dunes. Good luck.
  32. c sick

    CABO Restaurants?

    Latitude 22 is a must any taxi driver will know how to get there,it's out by wallmart
  33. c sick

    The Old Mill Motel, Pedro's Pangas, can't get better than that!

    S Q is always a good time and it look's like your trip was fun. Lot's of good friend's there. Time for the butter and garlic.
  34. c sick

    fisherman Needed Baja trip May 23-31

    Is weed a drug??? Just kiddin sounds like a fun not so far trip,good luck
  35. c sick

    San Jose Del Cabo 4-24

    I hear ya, it wasn't that long ago we were fishing in san quintin they didn't have a thing on those boats. Nothing not even a pair of pliers,learned years ago bring it all.
  36. c sick

    Surf Fishing SQ

    sandcrabs!! sandcrabs!!
  37. c sick

    WSB + YT - 1/30

    The old hook in the eye trick.....I'll take luck any time.great catch
  38. c sick

    Is a tourist visa required on land south of Ensenada?

    If your in mex more than 72hrs.,stop at the border and buy the visa and make sure that it's stamped for the full six months if you go down enough
  39. c sick

    New Seaforth 1-22-15

    Keep a hook in the water Ramon just remember "IF YA DON'T GO YA DON'T KNOW" good job,we're gonna hit lj on sunday
  40. c sick

    Dana Point no fish report 1-8

    Thank's for that report. "IF YA DON'T GO YA DON'T KNOW":jig:
  41. c sick

    great eats in or around cabo

    Oh ya, "Pollo De Oro" = The golden chicken,killer rotisserie
  42. c sick

    great eats in or around cabo

    Lattitude 22,any taxi driver will know how to get there. Gotta check it out.
  43. c sick

    Offshore 1010, 5 West, up to the 390, 371, 9 mile Bank and home REPORT

    Thank's for the 411,gonna look around the 209
  44. c sick

    Wish this was my report...

    Gonna give it another shot tomorrow,I got one afew week's back
  45. c sick

    San Diego coastline - Halibut limit

    Did you get tired of eating dorado and tuna?? great catch
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  47. c sick

    Offshore KNOCK! KNOCK! HOO'S THERE ?

    no wire, 400lb mono got lucky in the corner of the mouth
  48. c sick

    Offshore DFG - WAHOO Filing

    Phil I'm gonna submit mine.Mine was posted on sat. weighed it in at seaforth landing it was dead nuts at 50lbs.My post was KNOCK! KNOCK! HOO'S THERE. Thank's Phil
  49. c sick

    Offshore KNOCK! KNOCK! HOO'S THERE ?

    my buddy saw something break water when I was on the fish.Maybe a hoo or marlin
  50. c sick

    Offshore KNOCK! KNOCK! HOO'S THERE ?

    Coor's was all mine and lots of them.
  51. c sick

    Offshore KNOCK! KNOCK! HOO'S THERE ?

    Went out yesterday with my buddy santiago and friends bob and bobby on the "Sea Stripper",plan A was to fish 226 , 302 area you know the drill get kinda close put stuff in the water search for that damn patty.Nada at the 302 other than mice under weak patties water was 68.5 turned north after...
  52. c sick

    9 mile bank on an 18 foot parker

    Hell ya just make sure you have vessel assist or any sea tow.My tow bill would have been 700.00 in an 18 footer from in front of point loma to si launch ramp."IF YA DON'T GO YA DON'T KNOW'
  53. c sick

    Killer dad....for a boat ride to the 425

    Not much of a story, but me and my better half headed for the 425 before gray light Friday. had to do a troll by pucky point a bonito hit a rapalla instantly that was it for the day.Made it down to the 425 water was a little cooler down to 67.3 dragged cider plugs and feathers until the hooks...
  54. c sick

    Weather SQ

    Intellicast,good site
  55. c sick

    The Greatest Day of Fishing Ever and We Only Caught One Fish :)

    Keep them "hooked" on fishing, good job.
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  57. c sick

    First time hooping

    - - - Updated - - - Great tip
  58. c sick

    Can you fish while hooping???

    Kill the time some how,put a hook in the water.
  59. c sick

    Offshore 9-29 302 LONG FINS on this one & a pot patty

    Late in the afternoon 4 miles NW of the 302 running across a cooler temp break "bam"it hit on a hot pink feather,blind jig strike.Yes the wife hauled it in"I aint no dummy"It was a little guy 18.7lbs.Pulled up on what I thought was a patty ended up being an empty pot smuggler bag"damn" another...
  60. c sick

    09-20-13 Great time in San Quinting!!!

    Hit up "TITO'S" next time ,been fishing with tito for 20 years plus.We killed it a few weeks ago down there better luck next time.
  61. c sick

    open spot

    How much for my share? I'll be there.Driving from esco,let me know. Mark 760.212.2593
  62. c sick

    LB Local Low Quantity High Quality 8/28

    Heading down to San Quintin next week and you already kicked my ass,great catch.
  63. c sick


    Great catch did you have to go way outside? Heading down in one week,had to ask for some info.Thank's Juan
  64. c sick

    La Jolla YT Sunday morning

    You do look happy,good tail
  65. c sick

    238 on 8/17

    I was there on sat too,ended up with 17 rats 1 dodo for 8 of us lumpy out there.
  66. c sick


    Heading down this weekend looking for any info thanks
  67. c sick

    Live Bait in Ensenada

    We're heading down this sat. too any reports offshore?? Thank's
  68. c sick

    Fishing La Jolla kelp Friday 8/9/13 and stranded!B

    Just buy a badass new boat,after a good lotto ticket
  69. c sick


    Nope no jig hey I'm looking for two hot pink lures that I lost on my downrigger.
  70. c sick


    Went out to the north 9 for nada turned south found a few good paddies 4 miles north of the 302 one was holding a school of 12 to 15 lbs. dodo's we fished it for awhile we threw the tackle box at them "no love",where's a speargun when I need one.Headed to the barn spotted a mako finning...
  71. c sick

    More WSB, no yellows, & a etiquette ?

    Great story but it would be fun to punch him in the face or not.:stfu:
  72. c sick

    ENSENADA Looking for a charter for 15 anglers

    Looking to fish tuna, yellowtail or dorado fishing on aug.9th or 16th.Thanks
  73. c sick

    Bahia De Los Angeles , spot for one

    I have a white tundra too but mine can be spotted in San Quintin, have fun BDer's
  74. c sick

    vacuum packing

    Yes just have them put whatever amount you want in each bag.Also have the fillets laying flat.
  75. c sick

    Fish Id??

    maybe a young WSB,where was it caught?
  76. c sick

    Trolling Horseshoe Yellows?

    Rapala's mack pattern blue or green,good luck
  77. c sick

    7-13 MB Seabass

    That's why they call it "catching".Hell of a job
  78. c sick

    campo de lorenzo opah 110 pounds

    Hell yes great catch,can't wait to fish there.
  79. c sick

    Slow pick then quick steady pick.

    Just kick the motor in and out of gear every few minutes other than that stay at a slow troll no faster than 4 or 5mph goog luck.
  80. c sick

    Slow pick then quick steady pick.

    Mako's like bait-o-matic's with a live mac or frozen,live bait "macs" or big lure on a downrigger 45' to 70' pin a mac on anything thet goes into the water.Green/black, hot pink,black/red they will be more active before and after a tide change.Chumming can work but you will draw to many blues I...
  81. c sick

    La Jolla YT bite gone?

    Don't fish la jolla their all at a secret spot.
  82. c sick

    Busted my girlfriends cherry!!

    She'll never be the same,great catch.....I mean the fish.
  83. c sick

    Anyone fishing sharks Oside's what's for dinner
  84. c sick

    No Makos Or Threshers In Carlsbad Canyon

    Thank's for the report,giving it a try on thurs.
  85. c sick

    Trailering to Baja

    Discover Baja club,your best bet for any great info for baja.
  86. c sick

    EPIC Halibut 5.10.13

    I like ass too, I mean butts.Great trip!
  87. c sick

    Surf Fishing in SQ

    Sand crab and small treble hooks and I use a twisty tie or rubber band to keep the crab legs on the hook.You will kill-em good luck.
  88. c sick

    San Diego bay yellowtail

    You threw bait and you got a bite sweet yt
  89. c sick


    750.00 holy shit I got the same ticket and went to court from last season the DFG ass didn't show 0.00 dollors
  90. c sick

    Shrimp for Sheephead

    If you live close to a freshwater bait shop crawdads are the best for goats when they hit the saltwater they come alive good luck
  91. c sick

    3/2 La Jolla to North 9

    Hence the 280'
  92. c sick

    3/2 La Jolla to North 9

    As the title say's it all,took my son Ray out for the day conditions where epic.That's fishing we had a good day,cold beer, munchies and a good sun-burn.La Jolla was sand dab city "note to self keep the bigger dabs" lots of boats but nada.Ran down to the north end of the nine,280' lots of...
  93. c sick

    Rockfish Opener Weather Forecast

    Friday is my window thank's for the good update Chris.Yes to fish taco's.
  94. c sick

    Rpt-Wed-11-14-12 Lings, Reds and Coppers.

    Cory let me know if you guy's have any car problems I'll bring you some butter & garlic,tartar sauce just sayin! great catch!
  95. c sick

    Offshore Water Temps

    Jr. check-out very cool site
  96. c sick

    Renegademikes Jackpot winning Tuna

  97. c sick


  98. c sick

    A Saga

    Brian looks like you have a size 26 foot! ha ha good job!
  99. c sick

    411 on SQUID BAIT BOAT

  100. c sick

    Anyone catch any makos lately??

    Yes,carlsbad canyon downrigger 60ft. baitomatic green & hot pink. good luck
  101. c sick

    Offshore ANY 181 REPORT

  102. c sick

    ANY 181 REPORT

    Gonna look around for maybe the last time this season.
  103. c sick

    lobster and eggs

    Where's the tortilla?
  104. c sick

    What the lenght of your boat

    Fish don't know if you have a yak!!
  105. c sick

    90 more kids go fishing for the first time, fishing was good too.

    You did a good thing again Dan,thankyou for keeping kids hooked on fishing thanks again.
  106. c sick

    Offshore The Magic Paddy

    Great job,like I say "IF YOU DON'T GO YOU DON'T KNOW" Looks like you have payed your dues.
  107. c sick


    Good one ,man the water looks perfect
  108. c sick

    9/16/12 Point Loma Halibut

    Good eats,why did you shade in the jetty??
  109. c sick

    Offshore 9/14 & 15 Surly Mermaid Dorado and YT

    Paddy people will NEVER learn,looks like your day on the water was fun
  110. c sick

    Beat the Heat, Long Beach harbor fishing cruise report.

    Look's like that Dodger fan is hooked!! Go Dodger's
  111. c sick

    DFG wanted to know if we were harrassed by seals

    Seals at la jolla have been "WFO" there hitting on deans only if you have a dean in the water,flyline or slow troll.Get-um now!!
  112. c sick

    dorado bait

    We have been getting on slow trolled squid "frozen" and deans
  113. c sick


  114. c sick

    San Quintin 9/1-2 good times, small tunas

    San Quintin has been one of our favorite places to go,let alone fishing there beaches ,food and if you want to relax you can go ANYWHERE my good friend Tito has put me and my familiy and friends on fish forever whom ever you go with you'll go back!! Fuck the people who hate!! "IF YOU DON'T GO...
  115. c sick

    Offshore 302

    Don't want to bore you with more dodo pics.Here's the scoop on our day.Headed out of MB 5a.m. straight for the 302 at 17 miles stopped on a paddy went 2 for 3 on the dodo's,most of the day we did the paddy searching thing found many dry ones.Working the north side of the 302 our capt.Ron said...
  116. c sick

    Offshore 30 miles West of Mission bay

    Solo trips can be the best! So you were on the outside of the 182? Going tomorrow can't wait
  117. c sick

    Coronado Island YT 8/17

    Fake smile!! Smile like that when your done cleaning the boat.Great catch!!
  118. c sick

    Personal Bests - Fishermens Fleet Report

    Nice spinner/con reel.....or is it just me. Great catch
  119. c sick

    Offshore Grande Overnight - 8/11 - Better Late Than Never!

    Warm BFT heart is a good thing!!!!!! Great catch kid.stay hooked on this shit!
  120. c sick

    Offshore Yft

    The YFT are at the 240 spot which is just south of San Martin island,the island is 148 miles from pt loma
  121. c sick

    Offshore shelter island

    Get there early about 4a.m. at least if you want to beat most of the zoo,after 5a.m. you'll be in line to launch then in line for bait on a busy day there will be 30 boats deep.Good luck thats why we fish during the week
  122. c sick

    Offshore Where are the pens

    Mira Mesa blvd turn rt. at the am/pm on the rt hand side
  123. c sick

    Offshore N 9

    At least you were out on the water "IF YOU DON'T GO YOU DON'T KNOW" I'm gonna give it a try this week.
  124. c sick

    Offshore 8/8 - Offshore Weather Update

    Like everyone else,thanks for your info
  125. c sick

    La Jolla 8-8-12 PM

    Good catch afternoon fishing is the best.
  126. c sick

    Offshore Thursday 6/26 - Straight west for nada.

    Next time Troy "IF YOU DON'T GO YOU DON'T KNOW"
  127. c sick


    Derek looks like your hooked on fishing,stay that way it's a good life.Great catch!!
  128. c sick

    30 LB Hali on the EJ

    Let me know if you need butter or garlic
  129. c sick


    Bait-o-matics on a downrigger 60feet bonito color
  130. c sick


    Had to do another shark day,we hit a few last Wed. so on Sat. went fishing on the"RudeToo" with my wife Nancy and Capt.Ron.We worked the area off of the power plant we had a few come unbuttoned on the downrigger,landed the first of the day,got the skunk off early.Lost a 100#er at...
  131. c sick


    Late report from Cabo,My wife Nancy and I fished a few days in Cabo we ended up with 1 marlin 140lbs.striper released,seirra,rooster and dorado,by the way Nancy kicked my azz again.Water was cool and green we heard of a good dorado bite up in east cape so away we went,fished out of Palmas De...
  132. c sick

    Opah caught in San Quintin

    Hell of a catch kid!!! We've been fishing with Tito for about 20yrs. Ernesto always goes with us and he is a fish killer! Tito is a hell of a fisherman.not to mention his great family.Tito thanks for that dinner our last trip fun times.Hey Ernesto did you catch that fish with that jig I gave...
  133. c sick

    share a boat in east cape

    Looking for a fishing pal in east cape from june 7th to the 10th:hali_olutta:
  134. c sick

    biggest yellow fin caught on rod and reel by the journeyman

    fuckin great catdh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  135. c sick

    50 lbs of Coastal Flattie!

    I have butter and garlic,,,,,,just sayin
  136. c sick

    Looking for help/Panga rental San Quintin

    Jessica p.m. me I have a good friend that we have fished with for many years I'm sure that he has a better price
  137. c sick

    point loma bass slaughter

    It pays to pay your dues,great day
  138. c sick


    Great catch,okay now where were you fishing? numbers would be fine
  139. c sick

    San Quintin, anyone? Looking for advice

    WSB if they do show up the will be a little futher south in and south of El Socorro out of SQ you'll do great bottom fishing big calicos at San Martin Island,have a goog time and have a cold one at Jardines cantina for me.
  140. c sick

    San Bruno / San Marcos Island report

    No pic of Pepe with a fish??
  141. c sick

    White Sea Bass For Me From The Sea Carlsbad AM Report4/29/12

    That look's jus like a WSB but way SMALLER.
  142. c sick

    K&M Sportfishing San Quintin !!!

    Jardines is a great place.
  143. c sick

    Surf fishing S. Q.

    great catch I love the surf fishing down by soccorro
  144. c sick

    San Quentin or castros camp

    If you don't catch lings&reds in SQ you that means that you didn't go fishing. have a good fun trip
  145. c sick

    03.23.12 - 03.25.12 Pacific Star - Big Reds & Bigger Lings!

    Great pic's but I'm ready for some tums after all that food.
  146. c sick

    pleasure then pain

    My guys down in SQ told me if I get stuck by a sulpin,gut it and find the black part of it's guts rub it on the spot and the pain is gone,like an anti-venom.Hope I never have to use that trick,but I wish that I had heard that a few years back fishing IB,hurts just thinking about that day.
  147. c sick

    Hoopin SD bay Revenge style

    lobster bait hugger!!
  148. c sick

    Bite is on Loreto castnreel

    new pics this time
  149. c sick

    Heading to Ensenada 3/30 - 4/2

    May you'll have a better shot,but if ya don't go ya don't know!
  150. c sick

    Penn baja special

    Very good reel,just back it with some spectra and you should be good.
  151. c sick

    Flying with fillets?

    Will it can be done,depending on the airline but the cut-off it 50lbs for the regular 20$ checkin fee over that weight is 50 to 100lbs that runs 50$.I take a handheld scale to get it to the pound.Freese the "fillets" put them in the ice chest and go no ice is allowed in the cooler,more room for...
  152. c sick

    Pass the Butter

    Great catch!! need any garlic??
  153. c sick

    Surf fishing and bait

    I woud go with coor's light,always works!
  154. c sick

    Driving to Cabo

    Frank unless your planing on staying a year or two,maybe your plan is to live there other than that charter a boat.My opinion is leave the boat home you'll have a way better road trip.too many problems going that far,good luck.
  155. c sick

    Shore fishing East Cape

    Thats so f'n cool,great catch skipper!!
  156. c sick


    Tony it takes less than two hours from the border,after your south of Ensenada it's maybe a half hour or so.Have a good trip don't forget some squid,the bottom fish love it.
  157. c sick

    Monster Grouper at San Bruno, BCS

    It looks like a carcarian nice catch
  158. c sick

    Oceanside Sandy's

    If you don't go you don.t know
  159. c sick

    Mechanic in Loreto

    Ruben is the best
  160. c sick

    Cabo fun fishing

    thanks I did find out that these were a crevalle it was good grouper bait
  161. c sick

    Cabo fun fishing

    Gabe the guys at the dock ate that fish raw
  162. c sick

    Cabo fun fishing

    Bart sierra are very good,we did give all of those toro's away and used some for bottom fish bait
  163. c sick

    Cabo fun fishing

    Headed down to Cabo last week with Mike a fishing buddy for some fun fishing aboard the Joana.We fished a few days looking for sierra macs and we did find a bunch of them,while trolling our capt. spotted a shool of amber jacks Greg,Mike and I had a triple going we ended up with four ambers for...
  164. c sick

    Cabo inshore fishing can be great fun

    Mike were you on the front side?? if so how far up do you up do you work inshore? heading down next week,I like inshore fishing on fun tackle.We're looking for anything except billfish Thanks
  165. c sick


    Take a BIG ice chest!
  166. c sick

    fishing charter in Los Barilles

    In June the sea shoulg be flat unless the wind picks up,Palmas is who we fish with,have fun
  167. c sick

    Offshore Merry Christmas to Me .....

    I have butter&garlic if you need any help!
  168. c sick

    Newest member of the Cabo Fan Club!!!

    Justin you really need to relax & have some fun!! Great trip I love it there too
  169. c sick

    My Two Biggest Lobsters EVER!!!!!

    Are those legal??
  170. c sick


    I'll go for sandbass,but settle for a sweet T good job guys
  171. c sick

    San Quintin WSB report ??

    Looking for a WSB report from local or anyone that has fished for them lately,going next week and seeking a hot tip THANK'S BDers
  172. c sick

    Ensenada or San Quintin

    Hotel Jardines ask for Carmen,its about a five min drive down to my friends house Tito he lives about 1/4 mile from the launch ramp here's the hotel #011526161656060 from the US,the boat is my friend Tito from Tito's sportfishing 011526161656012 tell him Mark sent you we're going next week if...
  173. c sick

    Ensenada or San Quintin

    See you in SQ great fishing going on now,been fishing SQ for 20yrs plus.Let me know if you need any info on boats,hotels ALL importante the cantinas
  174. c sick

    great day of bass fishing!

    No school!!,you guy's had a great day that is fun fishing.
  175. c sick

    Offshore 2 day on the Pride, cut short

    BFT heart isn't so bad huh Tom? You did eat it right??
  176. c sick

    La Jolla 9/04... success again!

    Solo runs can be the best! Sweet YT
  177. c sick

    Nado's Calico

    Started soaking dines around puky point,not even a seal.Pinned on some lead and went to the bottom,we were able to pick a few nice bottom fish.Headed over to the middle island on our first drift with three rods out all three got hit with grumpy calico's.Did the same drift and area eight or nine...
  178. c sick

    LONG BEACH BREAK WALL !! 8-29-11

    Looks like to much fun,good catch!
  179. c sick

    Sunday AM La Jolla Yellows

    I guess we don't have to run all over in search of,great day for you guys and prolly burned 3 gals of gas,even better!
  180. c sick

    Offshore 371 area report...

    At least you went fishing,"IF YA DON'T GO YA DON'T KNOW"
  181. c sick

    Offshore 35lb yellow

    Murphy or not great fish!
  182. c sick

    Offshore Braid For Tuna??

    Lookup how to tie a seaguar knot,any range will tell you the same
  183. c sick

    great white

    Your gonna need a bigger boat!
  184. c sick

    yellows and dorados on the kelps!!

    great catch,still waiting for the WFO WSB bite down at socorro yo know
  185. c sick

    Going to thr rockpile

    Maybe Alex,I'll be on the "RudeToo" good luck!
  186. c sick

    Dorado off of la jolla!!! 8-15

    La Jolla????our La Jolla,great catch!!!
  187. c sick

    Offshore Vagabond 4 day offshore

    Hell of a trip!! sounds like there not coming to us soooo southbound
  188. c sick

    Lousy weather but a PB for my brother !

    For those ling-tacos "a hot tip" bend the tortilla right in the middle.j/k enjoy.
  189. c sick

    7/30 first day out with the wife

    Next trip is always better "IF YA DON'T GO YA DON'T KNOW" o-side fishing can be tough head down to la jolla or pt.loma good luck next time.
  190. c sick

    Daughters First Yellow Tail

    Stay hooked on fishing!!! good job dad,I do remember those fun times
  191. c sick

    Offshore First 2011 Tuna (IVO 181)

    Time to fuel-up!! great fish
  192. c sick

    knot tying

    seaguar,it has a long tag end
  193. c sick

    road trip to La Paz

    Discover Baja is located here in San them,have fun!
  194. c sick

    road trip to La Paz

    Discover Baja,been with them for years they will give you help for your entire trip,discounts,mex permits,insurance.
  195. c sick

    La Jolla kelp Beds Warbaits Thur

    Good job kid.....stay hooooooooked!
  196. c sick

    Fishing the half day out h&m tomorrow

    Dropper loop w/one mack if you have one for the lings they cant resist it.If you want to really target the goats go to your local lake and buy some crawdads they come alive when they hit the salt water,goats love them.
  197. c sick

    San Quintin update

    Lorenzo,thanks for taking the time to keep us updated.Been waiting for the WSB to show down off el socorro,soon I hope.
  198. c sick

    7/10/11 Ghosts off of Leucadia

    What,no sculpin?? Great job!!!
  199. c sick

    not a bad day at the Nados7/10/11

    Great catch,did you have any mex-seal team ask you for your passports??
  200. c sick

    San Diego / Pt. Loma Help

    we are going out tomorrow too,seee you down in IB for some sandbass,sculpin and or halibut...."C SICK " clear...
  201. c sick

    What's the best RV park in San Quintin?

    Spike, if you need a panga i've have a few names for you,we hit SQ a few times a year,WSB time there soon.
  202. c sick

    What's the best RV park in San Quintin?

    Spike,google El Pabellon RV Park awsome spot for RVs and atv's,surf fishing good food in town the locals called it honey's beach. have a great time
  203. c sick

    Need Flourocarbon recommendation

    I agree,use a steele leader and when the tuna "ever" show switch to blackwater believe me its worth the price.Good luck..."YOU DON'T KNOW IF YA DON'T GO"
  204. c sick

    Driving to Loreto

    Get one and your passport,the law is you need one if your in mex for more than 72 hours
  205. c sick

    US Marines Fishing Trip Aboard The Indian

    Alot of us feel the same about our troops,thanks Dan!Being on the water helps me relax,can imagine what it does for our forces again Dan.
  206. c sick


    Great job "little man" stay hooked on fishing,so it sounds like dad got skunked!!
  207. c sick

    Shark report.......long day on the "C SICK"

    Great conditions,67 water temp calm glass water.Started out of O Side dragged lures & macks over the ridge to the north side of San Onofre and back down had one big mack get hit enough to make the reel click-off and wake us up for a second that was it.Ran down to the Carlsbad canyon slowed...
  208. c sick


    great trip,gonna give la jolla a shot!
  209. c sick

    My 5 year old son's first Fish

    It looks like the little man is hooked,great job skipper!
  210. c sick

    LJ afternoon aboard the "Fin n Tonic"

    Good time it sounds,it has to break soon!!
  211. c sick

    Finally...after 6years!!

    Good stuff!! Ya don't know if ya don't go,I do have extra butter&garlic let me know if you need help thats alotta hali
  212. c sick

    Epic I guess (pic heavy)

    looks like an epic day!! a couple on those liz look undersize
  213. c sick

    Friday on the "C SICK" w/pic's

    It's a better fishing report w/pic's,so here they are.The hali was pulled off the S.Isle after landing a couple of YT at the rockpile.Hali #30,TY both at #22,finally a fun day on the water a good start for the season,afterall I do remember last season.
  214. c sick

    5/27 On the "C SICK"

    Made it to the Rockpile around 7a.m. got bit on our first drift,22lb YT did the same thing but it took four and a half hours but it was a clone 22lbYT a few private boats were bent but over all it was slow,we got over it and headed to the SKR for nada...pulled up the S.Isle to get out of the...
  215. c sick

    No Skunk here 5/28

    After a long bumpy ride to the rock pile ha to make a stop at the nado's,it was good for one of those flatties too....
  216. c sick

    Rockpile 5/25/11 YT Report

    Good report,see ya'll at the Pile tomorrow!!
  217. c sick

    PILE 5/25

    I'm ready for sum YT
  218. c sick

    Best Day from Work, EVER! Yellowtail on San Diego

    Okay,time for ice,beer and bait!!
  219. c sick

    Old Mill Bar Open??

    try Jardines too
  220. c sick

    fish boiling

    cudas pushing up bait fish
  221. c sick

    Mexican Navy and a nados fishing report

    I've heard of the Passport hassle!,my friend that was born in mex lives in San Quintin lost his boat to the mex navy, they were towing it to ensanada because his customers didn't have their passports on friend Tito was called by his captian about not having a passport on them.He went to...
  222. c sick

    Rockpile Sun 4/10

    Thanx,I'll keep my hooks sharp and wait...........till May!!
  223. c sick

    Ensenada fish Reports (Updated Daily)

    i like the report.....but,Wahoo ??
  224. c sick

    2011 Baja Spearfishing trip

    Epic baja trip.the black sea bass has that San Quintin look to it.Great pics !!!
  225. c sick

    O'Side Calicos

    fun stuff!
  226. c sick

    Bobby Van Wormer sr. passes

    RIP My son and I had a fishing trip of a lifetime at Palmas....Thanks for being a pioneer
  227. c sick

    San Quintin Bay

    Luke call Tito he's a very very good fisherman,he will do you good!
  228. c sick

    San Quintin Bay

    Not sure for just the guide,a good size boat for four guys is around 250.00,use their boats,way easyer,no trailer worries either...
  229. c sick

    San Quintin Bay

    Hire a local,you WILL get stuck on a sand bar!!Tito's a guide i've fished with for over 18yr's #011526161656012 have fun,on my way going thanksgiving!! Tell him Mark&Nancy from escondido sent you.
  230. c sick


    A sign of life....good job pops
  231. c sick

    Offshore Friday 9/17

    Rude Too (my friends boat) was there too, seventy-bucks of EB beatup bait to chum.Found a place to park at NW side of the 302. On the water at 3:30 tried to chum till around 3PM that was enough fun for us and our buddy boat,man talk about the term ( thats why they call it fishing and not...
  232. c sick

    Offshore Sunday 10/12 :425 - Up. Hidden and up to 371

    giving the bank a try on friday, thank's for the report
  233. c sick

    Coronados Sunday September 3rd Caught FISH!!!

    there are fish at the coronada's
  234. c sick

    Candy Girls on Redondo pier

    they look like keeper's...
  235. c sick


    No wonder we're scraching sandies in S.D.!!
  236. c sick

    Skiff T-Boned in the Kelp 1 Confirmed Dead

    wow, those are the best trips,ya don"t know if ya don"t go Thankx for the report!