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  1. Sydngoose

    New Parker 2320 with single Yamaha 300 boat lift / bunk set up

    Good afternoon. I am about 4 weeks away from receiving our new Parker 2320 w/ single 300 Yamaha. I would like to see other pictures of folks 2320 on their boat lifts so I can adjust my bunks accordingly. How far apart are your bunks? How far forward do your bunks run? ( total length of each...
  2. Sydngoose

    2012 Parker 2120 Sport Cabin, 4stroke yamaha, trailer & extras $42,000

    SOLD SOLD SOLD. Good afternoon ladies and gentleman. Thanks for adding me to Bloodydecks forum. Avid participant on The Hull Truth, Florida Sportsman and Classic Parker: same user name "sydngoose"...thought I would mention that for credibility. I am selling my Parker, and I know a lot of you...