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    All six Kodiak stainless brake rotors grooved after one trip...why?

    I installed a full stainless Kodiak setup on all three axles; rotors, calipers, brakets....etc I ordered them from along with the bearings and races matched to my spindles and hubs. I hauled the boat about 80 miles on Sunday and returned home to find all the rotors grooved, grooved...
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    Thru hull cooling - yay or nay?

    After two prematurely rotted water intake hoses I’m considering going this route. Anybody done it? Pros vs. cons? Thanks
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    Anyone know a mobile mechanic in the Corona / i.E. area?

    I need a few little things done...change out bellows water intake hose...etc Looking for someone mobile. Thanks guys!
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    Load you have a pair you'd like to sell?

    I need a set for my new trailer. Thanks!
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    Two bank battery system...which ACR and charger should I get?

    I'm wanting to replace my old on board charger and add an auto charge relay. Any thoughts as to brand and etc? Thanks! House bank- two 12v 100ah agm paralleled Start bank- one 1000cca 12v
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    Do you know a mobile mechanic who would service the Corona,CA area?

    I need to have a few things done...outdrive service, alignment and etc Thanks guys!
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    Automotive power steering pump for 7.4L...need help

    I need a power steering pump for my 7.4L MerCruiser with Bravo 2 drive....I'd rather not spend the $400-$500 for the MerCruiser pump… Does anyone know of a direct replacement from GM?
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    I need a new trailer...which do you recommend?

    I've decided to buy a new trailer...I need a 30' - 32' 10,000# tandem. I don't know if I should go aluminum or galvanized and I don't know which manufactures to look at. Loadrite and Pacific come to mind but are there others where you get lots of bang for buck without paying for a brand name?
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    Boater missing from 18' vessel off Palos Verdes?

    I just heard this on the and rescue teams there now.
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    Need help with DIY glass and gel coat repairs.

    I've never done it before...I have some hidden spots on the keel that I'll practice on. What is the best method? Is there a good step by step video you'd recommend? Step by step thread with images? Color matching and blending look to be the greatest challenges...I'm not usually very good at...
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    Has anyone used Teakguard..or should I varnish?

    I have to restore some teak and I'm thinking than rather than varnish I'll try Teakguard...looking for opinions
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    Complete 2nd radio or 2nd station remote radio?

    I need to setup a new radio at the cabin helm and the flybridge and I was wondering if I should go with two complete radios and two antennas or with one radio at cabin helm with a 2nd station remote radio at flybridge with one antenna. I don't know anything about the performance of these remote...
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    WTB...VHF antenna's and radios

    I need two VHF radios and two antenna's...where's the good deals at?
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    How do I wet sand gel coat?

    I need to remove the name off the stern as well as the CF numbers...both are painted over the gel...Can I use 800 or 1000 grit to wet sand it off without hurting the gel coat to much?
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    How to plumb for a transom mounted bait bag?

    I've always had on-board tanks so I know nothing about bait bags...I see a lot of guys mount the pump on the outside of the transom...I'm thinking about mounting my pump on board since I already have a through hull and seacock...anyone do this...any ideas?
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    Where would you have your trailer galvanized at?

    I know it's been talked about before...cost effectiveness etc etc. The problem I have is I need a trailer fast...there are no suitable used trailers for sale anywhere near me...I can't pay $6,500 for a new one. I happen to have an extra 30' triple axle painted trailer. I know I'll need to remove...
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    I need a 30' galvanized boat trailer?

    Do you know anyone who wants to sell one? I'd even be interested in one that needs a lot of work for the right price. Thanks!
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    Do you have one of these on your boat?

    Is there a gimbal pin in the holders? I want to mount one on my transom and mount my Magma fillet table in it but it has to have a gimbal pin to keep it from spinning.
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    Does anyone have a Bayliner 2556 that I can look at?

    I'm considering this model for my next boat but I can't find one for sale locally to look at. Thanks!
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    Best AGM batteries these days? need help

    So it's time to replace my two batteries and I'm wondering which brand is all the rage these days...what should I buy? Optima? Odyssey? Thanks guys
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    Talk of Pirates on the radio today...did you hear it?

    We were fishing Izors today and heard chatter on the radio. (channel 71 I believe) It sounded like pirates boarded someones private vessel. It was hard to make out what happened exactly but this is what we heard: Coast Guard / Military Warship - "So you have one pirate dead...Are you sure...Is...
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    Anyone fishing Dana Point tomorrow despite the 7.5' swell?

    I'm trying to sack-up...just want to make sure I'm not the only dummy...haha
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    I want a fishing boat she wants a cruiser...what do I buy?

    I have a 2150 Striper Cuddy WA right now...fishes four adults uncomfortably....sleeps two adults real crapper..etc. I want a boat just like mine but something around 26' and tow-able. She wants something with a bigger cabin / galley, full crapper and something tow-able for our...
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    Where would you have your outboard painted?

    My cover, mid-section and lower unit are looking pretty bad. Would you paint them yourself? Would you take it to an automotive paint shop?
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    WTB: 15-30# Teramar TMC-X80H...1-4oz

    I need one more of these and I prefer the older cork handle if possible. PM me if you have one please. Thanks!
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    WTB: 50-100# roller guide rod

    Something 6' to 6 1/2' is ideal. PM me if you have something. Thanks
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    Tyrnos 30, 2-speed...Spool it with what?

    I actually have two of them....I was planning on loading them with 80# braid and topping with 80# mono but now I'm thinking 60# for the top. Your thoughts? I'll be using the gear mostly for trolling and targeting shark, (mostly Thresher) and maybe larger class tuna. Thanks!
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    WTB: Avet SX and or MX lefty

    I don't really have to have one nor do I really "need" one but if I can find a super deal I'd really like to have one . PM me if you have one you like to part with.
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    WTB: 30-80#-ish roller guide rod

    Something 6' to 6'6" is preferred
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    WTB - 15-30# trigger stick

    I'm looking for a 15-30# or 15-40# trigger grip...something like a Teramar or Crucial would do just fine. Thanks and Happy Holidays
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    Need help finding the fish please.

    Hey guys I haven't been out for a while now due to travel and work and I've fallen out of the loop. I have my old man flying in today and I want to take him out on Sunday for a shot at some yellowtail. The last few times I was out we fished the backside of the east end with success. Are they...
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    Need help finding the fish please.

    Hey guys I haven't been out for a while now due to travel and work and I've fallen out of the loop. I have my old man flying in today and I want to take him out on Sunday for a shot at some yellowtail. The last few times I was out we fished the backside of the east end with success. Are they...
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    Who's heading out tomorrow?

    I'm on the fence and can't decide. Thinking of launching at DP
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    Is the 150 still holding yellows?

    I'll have just a few hours on the water tomorrow to take a buddy from back east out for a try at a yellowtail. I'm hoping to find em' still biting local.
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    150 roll call...who's coming with me?

    I was thinking about heading to the island to avoid all the mayhem but it looks like I'll need to be home earlier than I thought. I'll probably be part of the circus right along with everyone else.
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    Anyone fish Catalina lately? I'm trying to avoid the party at the 150 tomorrow

    Did you find any yellows? Knowing the 150 will be stacked tomorrow I'm thinking about running out to the island....I'm looking for some encouragement...haha Anybody?
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    Should I add a hydrofoil? If so, which brand?

    I have the boat working well; I have the engine height right, I have it propped right but I'm getting about 2mpg and I'd like to bump that up a bit to increase my range. Boat is a Striper 2150 c.c. with a bracket mounted E-tec 200 H.O. 3.3L (the heavy one) I have a 30 gallon bait tank mounted...
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    Closest source for starboard nearest to Corona / Riverside?

    I need a 12" x 40" piece
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    Dumb question...Where do you stow your bait tank net?

    Mine always ends up laying on the deck and someone always steps on it, slips and almost falls down. Does anyone make a bait tank caddy of some kind that sticks, glues or screws to the bait tank? Rod holders don't work for me as mine are usually occupied by rods and I have no room to add anymore.
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    Anyone have one of these they would part with?

    An anchor roller...I just bent the sh!t out of mine.
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    Question about wheel bearings...need help.

    What wheel bearings did you install in your trailer? I seem to be going through bearings faster than I should. I've been buying the typical imported bearings from etrailer. What brand have you been installing? Are the Timken's worth it?
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    Anyone heading over to Catalina tomorrow?

    I'm looking for a buddy boater.
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    Another bait tank pump question...;)

    I just ordered a new pump for my 30 gallon tank; I'm going from a 700 gph Rule pump to an 1100 gph Rule pump. I'm reducing the 1"id discharge outlet down to 3/4"id so it will adapt to my existing plumbing at the tank...I doubt I'll be pumping 1100 gph...Does anyone know the formula to figure...
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    Today's weather / water conditions?

    Would it help us out if we could get this made sticky / pinned? It would help me build confidence in getting out there if people that were actually on the water would post the days conditions so we would know how accurate the forecasts have been. Anyone else agree?
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    Where do you post your resume when looking at a career move?

    I may be looking to make an employer change here real soon. I'm curious as to where you would post / upload your resume online and how you would "market" yourself to potential employers. I am a sales professional so naturally I have a particular interest in the field of sales.
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    Anyone planning to run over to Catalina on Tuesday or Wednesday?

    I'm heading over to chase yellows and staying the night in either Avalon or Two Harbors depending on where we find the fish. It would be nice to buddy boat with someone.
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    Towing a boat with a 10' beam around SoCal...your thoughts?

    I'm thinking about looking for something with a 10' beam but I launch all up and down the coast so I will need something towable. My pull vehicle is an f350 diesel so that isn't an issue. Is it practical to tow a 7,500lb 10' wide boat around our roadways? What do you think?
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    Gearcase / lower unit for Evinrude or Johnson outboard.

    This came off my 1997 Evinrude 150hp 2-stroke...It has 411 hours on it. It's in great shape, works perfect, you just need to put a water pump on it. Not sure what it's worth...make me an offer.
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    Is there a bait receiver at Huntington Harbor?

    I've never launched there and we're wanting to know if we should be ready to use the sabiki's or not.
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    Going to hoop Catalina for the first time...need help please

    Where are you guys dropping at? I don't need numbers, I'm just looking for the general area. I'd like to save some time looking looking for structure as we are going to be very limited on time. Thanks guys!
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    Humminbird 798ci Hd Si for sale

    I have a Humminbird 798ci Hd Si (used one time) that I'm thinking about selling if I can get enough for it. I paid $780 for it just a few weeks ago. It comes with transducer, mount, power cables, everything it came with. It's ready to be installed. Make me an offer...
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    Do Fish-On and Scotty rod holders use the same screw hole pattern?

    Dumb question, I know. I'm wanting to change out some of my Fish-on holders to Scotty's but I'd really rather not drill a bunch of new holes.
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    Humminbird 798ci Hd Si for sale...maybe?

    I have a used once Humminbird 798ci Hd Si that I'm thinking about selling if I can get enough for it...It came with the standard transducer and I bought the HD transducer ($200) for it as well so I have both. What's it worth?
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    Recommend me a rod and reel combo for shark in SoCal please.

    I'm looking to start doing a little sharkin' and wanting to pick up a shark setup. I'm thinking about starting with a Torium 50...what do you think? What rod would pair well? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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    What wattage LED lights do you recommend?

    For my little 2150 I yanked out my old halogens and looking to replace with LED's. I do some hooping so I'm wanting to go pretty bright. I'd like to add two to the hardtop at the back to light the back deck and one to the front of the hardtop to light the bow. Thanks guys
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    How would you add rod holders to your hardtop?

    Mine is a Pacific Yacht top. I'd like to add at least four more. Any ideas?
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    Is there a cover made for a cuddly cabin vent / hatch?

    (I meant cuddy) When I have people fishing the bow of my little 2150 walk around I'm always concerned that someone will break the glass hatch. Does anyone make some sort of cover? Has anyone here made one that works? Any ideas?
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    What marine weather forecast source do you use?

    i know it's probably been asked a million times. I use:
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    6' swells and 15mph wind...who's fishing Sunday?

    DP and Oceanside may be a bit rough...who plans to tuff it out?
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    1/19 - Hooked up at Box Canyon

    On 73 birds...and a few small sculpin. Saw about half dozen yellows boated between a fleet of about 50 vessels. A slow beautiful day on the water.
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    I plan to go work some box tomorrow...anyone else going?

    I'm launching out of DP and headed down. I'll be the guy sitting in the Sum Fun chum line all day.
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    Anyone using a Humminbird 798 with Si?

    I bought one new in the box super cheap. I'm wondering if I should mount it on the boat and give it a try. I fish in up to 300' of water
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    Anyone fishing out of Dana Point tomorrow?

    I'm thinking about headed out but I'm a bit concerned about the bite after all the rain. Talk me in or out of it please...haha
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    Question about fishing Box Canyon?

    I've fished it in shallow many times...40-70ft How far off the coast do I need to be to fish 250-280ft? I ask because I also fish from my kayak and a buddy and I were talking about maybe peddling out to it to check on some yellows. Just wondering if it's reachable on our Hobie Pro Anglers Thanks
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    Structure Scan, Insight, Navionics...what is all this and do I need it?

    I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on a new Lowrance HDS 10 Gen 2 but I don't know what else I need. Please help...thanks!
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    Lowrance HDS-10 Gen 2...your thoughts?

    What should I be looking to pay for one with all I'll need? What add-ons do I really need? Where should I buy one at? Thanks guys!
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    Where to get live bait if launching at Davies?

    I'm launching at Davies tomorrow and heading over to Catalina. Where do you guys get your bait? Would I be better off launching at Long Beach?
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    Question about anchoring out of Avalon?

    I'm running the wife and three daughters over in the morning and apparently all moorings are sold out. I've never used the anchorage there. Any tips? Is it safe and does the bottom hold?
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    Anyone head over to Catalina from Newport lately?

    What's the water conditions been like? I'm wanting to run my wife and three little girls over on Monday. Thanks
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    8/23 - How bumpy was it out there today?

    Thinking about heading out of dana point tomorrow.
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    Need to replace brake lines on trailer...where should I get them?

    Preferably in the Inland Empire, O.C. or East LA area. Thanks!
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    I need a good gearcase / lower unit repair guy?

    I have a broken shifter detent that needs to be replaced. Let me know if you know someone.
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    WTB - I'm looking for a 17, 18 and 19 pitch 3 blade prop for Evinrude

    Email please at: wcook913 at gmail dot com
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    Portable seats...bean bag chairs...I need help.

    I don't have any seating at the stern and only two seats total. Okay, so I bought two of the bean bag chairs and they are very cool but my boat may be too small for these. When in use they take up the whole deck at the stern which is to be expected I suppose but when not in use and stowed in the...
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    How do I fish the Coronado's legally...need help.

    I thought I was relatively smart until I tried to figure out how to legally boat down to Mexico and fish the Coronado's. Is there anyone here that can explain the process? Maybe a line by line explanation...haha All I want to do is run the boat to the Coronado's and fish with four people on...
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    21 pitch stainless steel Viper prop for Evinrude, OMC, Johnson...part# 176628

    Not real sure what it's worth...make me an offer. I'm looking for a 17 and or 19 pitch
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    Anyone near Corona, CA have diagnostic software?

    To scan a 2007 Evinrude Etec? Thanks!
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    Mounting a stereo in cabinet under hard top...need help.

    Stereo's are made to be mounted in a cut out so how did you mount yours? Did you make something custom? I'm thinking of ordering one of these. Here's my cabinet.
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    Marine stereo help needed.

    I've narrowed it down to the Clarion m303 or the Clarion cmd8. The 303 has built in bluetooth which is nice but the cmd8 looks like a more robust unit overall. Any suggestions?
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    What 6.5" speakers would you recommend?

    I need four new speakers, they have to be 6.5's and mount in a 5.25"-ish cutout. Any advice on some good ones?
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    Does anyone have one of these washdown stations?

    Are they any good? Easy to mount? Do they hold the hose without allowing it to fall out of the cradle? Do they look good mounted? Thanks
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    Who paints outboards?

    Nothing custom..just a stock one color job. I'll apply new decals
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    Mounting a seat on the bow of a cuddy WA...could I do it?

    1997 Striper 2150 with limited seating (two seats) I've seen a few walkarounds with a small bench seat molded in the bow. Hoping someone here has an idea that would work for me. I'd like to mount seating in the small area between the windshield and the vent. Two low profile swivel seats would...
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    I need a good outboard mechanic...can you refer me to one?

    I'm in the inland empire and would prefer one in or around the area. Thanks!
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    Should I buy a re-manufactured powerhead or rebuild existing?

    I can't swing a 4-stroke or complete motor re-power so I'm going to have to do one or the other. I've seen those "re-manufactured" powerheads on ebay and such for around $3,500 to $4,000. The thing I don't like about those is the not knowing exactly whats on the inside...what parts were used...
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    What launch should I use out of Long Beach?

    Headed to Two Harbors Catalina...should I use South Shore or Davies? Which is more secure overnight...etc? thanks!
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    Weather buoy...crossing from Long Beach to Catalina Isthmus?

    Is this the station / buoy to use? Any other weather monitoring source you'd recommend?
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    Boat in camping at Catalina...need help please.

    Well, I'm finally doing it after talking about it and planning for months. Father-in-law and I are taking the boat over with two fishing kayaks. Going to go during the week to hopefully avoid the crowd. We plan to tent camp on shore. My questions are as follows: Which are the top three beaches...
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    Cheap L.E.D. deck lights?

    I'm looking to add some L.E.D's to my hardtop...Has anyone tried these cheap imports like the one's in the link below? 4inch 4X18W CREE LED Light Bar 1260LM Flood Offroad 4WD Jeep Boat Work Lamp | eBay They claim to be sealed, with aluminum alloy body's and stainless mounting hardware. I was...
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    Batteries wired in parallel...How exactly is this done?

    I'm a little confused on this even though I have found many diagrams that look pretty simple. I'm saw this guys post (below) that I found on another forum somewhere and it through me for a loop...I'm guessing he's referring to 'series' wiring? "Okay, if they are hooked up parallel, as it should...
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    How often do you replace your driveshaft seal?

    I bought my boat used and have no idea if and when it's ever been replaced. The lower unit gear oil doesn't appear milky or anything I'm just thinking maybe I should replace it while I'm in their changing out the impeller.? What do you think?
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    What is the best method for resurfacing starboard material?

    My two fish locker hatches at the stern are made of white starboard. The previous owners cut bait on them so their are lots of deep scratches and cut marks. I was thinking of resurfacing them and just wanted to make sure I did it right...can't be rocket science right?...haha Using 120 grit I...
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    You ever peel factory stickers off after more than a decade?

    I'm thinking of peeling all the factory stickers off my boat but I wonder if I'll be able to get the white to match with the fade and all? I know I'll need to buff it out...what's your thoughts? Thanks
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    Lowrance Elite 5 DSI it any good?

    I'm thinking about picking one of these up and looking for some info. I'm looking for something user-friendly as this one will probably end up with my father in law when I finally spring for the HDS-7 Thanks!
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    Was it worth all the hassle? (hauling kayaks on your boat)

    I've never done this...I'm wanting to haul my hobie pro angler and a stealth 14 over to catalina for a few days of camping, kayaking and boating. I'm still in the process of figuring out exactly how to haul them on a Striper 2150 cuddy WA. It looks like I'll need to haul them one way from my...
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    Have you mounted a kayak rack on hard top of boat?

    I'm wanting to figure out how to transport my hobie pro angler 14 and a malibu stealth 14 on my boat. I really only want to be able to do this for overnight trips to Catalina. My boat is a walk around, I've seen some people cram a kayak along the side between the cuddy and the rail but my hobie...
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    What boat cover would you recommend for a hard top cuddy?

    I plan to finally wax her up this week and would like to get a cover on her right after. Any recommendations?
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    How would you add seats to a deck that only seats two?

    I have a 1997 Striper 2150 with only two seats (driver and passenger) It has a bracket mounted outboard so I have a full transom. Have any of you added seats to something like this? I would like fold up or removable flush mounted pedestal type so I can remove them or get them out of the way when...
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    Have any of you made a custom filet / bait table?

    Can you maybe post photos? I'm looking for ideas. Thanks
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    Impeller / water pump replacement Evinrude 150

    I saw the tutorial for the Merc which is awesome. I have a 1997 Evinrude 150 OceanPro. Is their a similar tutorial for it anywhere? Any advice for changing it out?
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    What is this broken part?

    I just noticed this little broken spring thingy...I think it's suppose to seat in the hole below it. (seen in the 2nd photo) What is it and what is it's function? I planned to take the boat out this weekend and since I probably can't fix it before then I want to make sure it's not gonna hurt...
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    Rubbing Compound or Restorer?

    How do you know if you need to use an abrasive rubbing compound or if you can just get away with a restorer / cleaner? Has anyone here used the 3M Super Duty Compound? How harsh is it? Should I use my buffer or do it by hand? My boat has zero shine to it and you can't see a reflection in it...
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    What's the best way to adjust new throttle and shift cables?

    I just installed my new control box and cables...any tricks for adjusting the cables? 150hp Evinrude Ocean Pro
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    Do I need tilt function for outboard?

    Buying a new shifter and was wondering if I will need the tilt function? My current shifter does not have tilt...I thought the tilt function is for I/O's? Can someone cofirm please? Thanks
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    Replace shift control and cables?

    Anyone know of a good quality tutorial out there that I can use for my application? 1997 Striper 2150 Evinrude 150 Ocean Pro
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    Shift control...which one should I buy?

    Well, I had a guy look at the boat and he suggested replacing the shift control and cables so I'm just gonna do it. Which brand or brands should I look at? Keep in mind I'm on a strict budget. 1997 Striper 2150 Evinrude 150 Ocean Pro
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    What is the 'technical' name for this?

    Its the cable that keeps the hatch on my fishold from swinging open past 90 degrees. I call it a cable stop but I'm sure it's called something else...I need one for my other fish hold. Thanks
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    Does anyone make a through deck fitting for hose?

    My bait tank install looks bad....particularly where the hoses drop through the deck through an imperfectly cut hole with gobbs of sealant surrounding the hoses to fill the gaps.. Does any company make a thru-hull / wire seal type of fitting with a flange to hide the hole that 1.5" hose could...
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    How do you know when you need a new boat shifter?

    Mine won't engage the throttle until its pushed almost all if the way down...once pushed down it seems like theres only a couple inches of actual throttle. Same in forward and reverse. The throttle / shift action is not smooth at all. The trim up/ down button on thw handle does not work. The...
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    New to outboards..what should a total service include?

    I have a 1997 150hp evinrude ocean pro
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    What sealant / adhesive do you use for sealing deck hatches and etc?

    3M 5200 is to permanent...correct?
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    Has anyone bought tow insurance from their insurance company?

    Geico offered me tow insurance...I was wondering if it comes with the same benefits as coverage from Thanks!
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    Gas strut replacement...what weight do I get?

    I need to replace the gas strut that holds up the little plexi cuddy lid hatch on a 21' Striper. It measures 10.5" extended and 7.5" collapsed. The bad one does not have a number on it anywhere that would indicate the weight resistance. Any clues?
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    What brand of deck hatches do you recommend?

    All my hatches are pretty much beyond repair so I plan to replace them all. But I'm especially concerned about one big one (13" x 24") on the deck floor at the rear...the one you always stand and step on. I'm a big guy at 245lbs...what brand of hatches would you recommend for replacements...
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    What kind of anchor...How much line?

    I really only want to carry one anchor so i guess id be looking for the best all around style. I mostly fish inshore with an occasional trip to Catalina and the Coronado's...Also, do you follow the 5 to 1 ratio law with regard to how much line you carry? Thanks
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    What prop should I get for this boat?

    1991 Seaswirl Striper 22' cuddy...weighs around 2,700lbs has an Evinrude 150hp outboard. I plan to mostly fish local with an occasional trip to Catalina and the Coronado's
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    Best place to buy a T-top for a Striper?

    More questions guys...sorry. Where is a good place to buy a T-top for a 1991 Seaswirl Striper? Thanks!
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    Which VHF radio and antenna would you recommend?

    I definitely don't want to be cheap for equipment like this yet like anything I suppose I'd like to end up with the cheapest best unit...haha
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    Bayliner Trophy or Seaswirl Striper?

    I'm still debating on my direction for a walkaround cuddy.... Right now I'm looking at a 1991 21' Trophy with a 150hp force outboard and a 1991 22' Striper with a 150hp Evinrude outboard. Both are cuddys and appear to be the same overall condition Which is a better boat overall? Thanks!
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    Best bank for financing a boat?

    My credit union doesn't lend money for boats...what financial institution would you recommend?
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    Anyone buy a "cruiser" and using it for a fishing machine?

    I've gone back and forth as to what type of boat to buy....I started out convinced I needed a center console because I can fish more people more comfortably....then I decided I would need a place for my wife and kids to retreat to out of the elements for the times they'd go out with me so I...
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    Buying a boat...outboard or I/O?

    What are the pros and cons? Which is more fuel efficient? Parts and repair expense? Which is easier to work on for us do it yourselfer's?
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    23' center console and MPG...need help?

    What kind of MPG could I expect to get if I bought a 23' center console weighing approximately 3,400lbs with a 150hp 2-stroke merc outboard? I'm not looking for exact numbers...just a range
  124. B

    What size hooks for Promar-Ahi sabiki rod?

    I just ordered the rod online but I can't figure out what hooks to get for it...can't find the info anywhere. I don't want to get the wrong size and have them hang-up on the inside of the rod. Any suggestions? Thanks
  125. B

    Japan made Daiwa Sealine 20 SL20SH- Like new

    This is a Japanese made Sealine (not Thailand) bearings, new drags and with rod clamp. Reel is in like new / excellent cosmetic condition and like new / excellent condition mechanically....$75 I can ship it at your expense if need will be packed and shipped like this:
  126. B

    Japan made- Daiwa Sealine 20 shv and Avet "Big 5" rod

    This is a Japanese made Sealine (not Thailand) with Daiwa power handle, new bearings, new drags and with rod clamp. Only a few small excellent cosmetic condition and like new condition mechanically. The rod: Nearly perfect condition...hardly used 7 foot tall....15-40#...
  127. B

    Lefty...Avet SX or MX in like new condition.

    I'd prefer one with MC...I also need the rod clamp as I'll be mounting it on a deckhand stick.
  128. B

    Center console or cuddy cabin walk around?

    I'm considering buying a boat and I'm curious to hear some opinions from people who have already "been down the road" I'm headed down. I plan to fish semi local up and down the coast and mostly between Dana Point and Catalina Island although I would love to be able to work in a San Clemente...
  129. B

    Daiwa Luna 300 or Lexa 300 for a 30# setup?

    I have both reels; I'm putting together two new combos, a 20# and a "light" 30#...I can't decide which to make the 30# and which to make the 20#...On drag spec alone the Lexa should be my 30# reel as it has a 22# max drag while the Luna 300 has 15#'s of max drag. The Luna just feels like a more...
  130. B

    Avet LX or JX with left hand retrieve.

    Let me know what you have. PM or email me [email protected]
  131. B

    What do you have for lefty baitcaster reels?

    I'm looking to buy a range of left hand retrieve baitcasting reels....what do you have that you may want to cut loose with?
  132. B

    Best place online to order Big Hammers?

    And other tackle?
  133. B

    7' - 8' Teramar or Crucial casting rods

    I'm looking for two rods....a 10-20# and a 15-30# Anyone want to part with one?
  134. B

    What line weight rod would you get for Calico's?

    I've already got a 12-25# Teramar and I'm wanting to put together another combo...I'll mount my Luna 253 on whatever rod I end up with. I tend to like fishing lighter so I'm considering an 8-17# or a 10-20# rod but is this enough stick to yank the bigger fish out of kelp and cover?
  135. B

    Crucial or Teramar for a 8-15# calico combo?

    Paired with a daiwa luna 203 or 253...I'm debating between the Crucial inshore or the teramar west coast inshore. (Both casting rods ofcourse) What's your thoughts?
  136. B

    Daiwa Luna 253 - Excellent condition

    Used only three times...2 short calico's caught on it.....$160 I'm willing to ship at buyers expense. (no braid included....I've transferred it to another reel) I can ship it at your expense if need will be safely packed and shipped like this:
  137. B

    Shimano Teramars - What's the difference between the WC & SE?

    I'm wondering about their casting rods?
  138. B

    Daiwa Lexa or a Shimano Curado?

    What's your thoughts on this?
  139. B

    Has anyone seen the new Teramar's?

    I hear Shimano has a new line of west coast inshore casting Teramars...wondering what your thoughts are on they still come with the trigger handle?
  140. B

    Where to fish out of Dana Point on kayak?

    I've fished Dana many times and still haven't found the 'spots' / 'holes'. I've had many people try to tell me how to get to 'the pipe' but I haven't been able to locate it on my finder. I've even had trouble finding the sweet spot for halibut along Doheny. People talk about the Headlands and...
  141. B

    I'm looking for a small Calcutta / trigger stick setup.

    I'm in corona, ca. Let me know what you got.
  142. B

    Looking for Calico Rod / Trigger Stick

    to mount my Daiwa Luna 253 on. I can't afford anything to exotic but I do want something good. Let me know what you've got. Thanks!
  143. B

    Daiwa Luna or Shimano Calcutta?

    I'm wanting to put together a calico bass setup. Thinking about either a Calcutta 200 or Luna 203 or 300. Whats your thoughts?
  144. B

    Big 5 coupons....where are they now?

    I use to see that 10%-20% off coupon everytime I logged in, now i need it and cant find it? Anyone know?
  145. B

    Inshore set-up...rod & Reel

    A Calcutta and 12# or so rod would be ideal
  146. B

    Heavier line than rated for?

    With the exception of a braid / spectra backing do you ever spool your reels with heavier line than its rated for?
  147. B

    Late Model Daiwa Sealine 30 in like new condition

    Something like this: Or like this will work:
  148. B

    Late model Daiwa Sealine 20

    email me at [email protected] Something like this: Or like this would work