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  1. undrH2Ohntr

    10' Achilles inflatable & 6hp Suzuki Outboard

    I used to launch this from the bay or LJ Shores Kayak launch and spearfish the local kelp beds and reefs. I bought a skiff and thought I would use this for baja trips, been collecting dust for a few years. See ad...great little set up- $800 San Diego...
  2. undrH2Ohntr

    Expired Passport???

    Anyone cross back from Mex. to US with an expired passport? My passport just literally expired a week ago, supposed to go in June, Covid has all US passport services shut down. Thanks.
  3. undrH2Ohntr

    Steering wheel help

    Is there a way to grease or lubricate the steering wheel? Feels really tough to turn. Almost a dry feeling. I have properly greases the outboard at all zirk fittings. Outboard is only 2 years old. 1990 hobie skiff w/ 60 hp Suzuki Thanks.
  4. undrH2Ohntr

    6 gallon fuel tank

    I have two 6 gallon fuel tanks from old boats just collecting dust. $15 each.
  5. undrH2Ohntr

    Temperature off on fishfinder

    Is there a way to fix or calibrate a fish finders temperature sensor? I have suspected it was low for a while and was confirmed 2 degrees off over the weekend. I know I could just add 2 degrees but it bugs the piss out of me. Thanks.
  6. undrH2Ohntr

    Prop selection

    Hi guys, I don't know a lot about props, I have been reading up and youtubing but wouldn't mind some feedback. I just repowered, dealer asked which prop so I told him something mid range, whatever he thought was best, as I do a lot of different things with my boat. After breaking it in the...
  7. undrH2Ohntr

    Engine help please

    Disclaimer: First time boat owner for about 5 years now. I have been trying to learn as I go, me the manual and asking a lot of questions. I try to do the things I can. Learned routine maintenance and some minor repairs. 1990 70hp 2 stroke Yamaha Here is the problem: Boat has not been run...
  8. undrH2Ohntr

    6 gal. outboard fuel tanks

    Two 6 gal. outboard fuel tanks $25 each $40 for both similar to this, not the same brand (used)
  9. undrH2Ohntr

    Yamaha Mechanic ? M2O Marine...any good?

    Looking for a Yamaha mechanic, simple outboard servicing. I have only heard good things about Boating Dynamics (Robbie Gordon) however I have left a phone message and an email message and not received a reply. Hours are not posted on website. I was recommended to Sunset Marine, I call them...
  10. undrH2Ohntr

    Help Please...electrical corrosion.

    I own a 15' Hobie skiff, center console, great boat....but wet when there is wind. No matter what I do I can not keep moisture out from under the console where all of my wiring is. I rewired the entire boat 2 years ago....the connections to my bus bar are almost entirely rusted together. The...
  11. undrH2Ohntr

    Where to fix a rod eye?

    In San Diego, need the tip eye on two saltwater rods fixed. Where can I go? Thanks
  12. undrH2Ohntr

    Freezing smoked fish

    Just smoked a bunch of tuna collars and rib meat. Vacuum sealed it. Questions: 1. How long is it good vacuum seed in the fridge? 2. Do any of you freeze the smoked fish? Still good afterwards? Thanks.
  13. undrH2Ohntr

    Offshore Don't Forget the Balloons

    Short version: 88 miles and not a single paddy.....skip to pic's Long Version: Went offshore on Sunday (sorry for late post but boat problems took precedence). Our goal was to get tuna one way or another. We are both spearos, my buddy has a lot of experience saltwater fishing, I am making the...
  14. undrH2Ohntr

    Drain often?

    OK, Looks like I learned that I most likely tightened my plug too much. Thanks to those that made suggestions, first time boat owner so I appreciate any and all help. Without cluttering up my other thread too much...what is your rule of thumb? I have a 15' Hobie Skiff, it gets wet with wind...
  15. undrH2Ohntr

    Garboard drain plug stuck

    Brass drain plug is completely stuck/frozen. Looked up some advice on the web and it looks like best solution is to remove entire fixture and install a new one with new plug also. Seal with 4200? Sound good? Thanks.
  16. undrH2Ohntr

    Help Please...adding fluid trim/tilt

    If anyone could add a couple pieces of advice. I need to add hydraulic fluid to PTT. 1990 2 stroke 70 hp Yamaha Yes, I have the manual...difficult at times to understand because the pics are never of the same engine, it covers 12 years worth of 2-250hp yamahas. I have looked on the web and...
  17. undrH2Ohntr

    Boat seat/Cooler Combo

    This is a cooler / seat combo with reversible back rest. It came off my 15 skiff. Upholstery is in good condition, everything else is in good condition relative to age. There is a bolt or two that could be updated to SS. One of the pivot pieces broke by previous owner, there is a slim wood shim...
  18. undrH2Ohntr

    Questions: Trailer Bunks

    Couple questions...suggestions appreciated. 1. Do you guys suggest the marine grade carpet for the bunks or will Home Depot stuff do? 2. Places to buy trailer parts in San Diego? Trying to find somewhere close to home as I know I will probably make multiple trips:D Thank you & Happy New Year.
  19. undrH2Ohntr

    Outboard fuel tanks-6 gallons x2

    I have two 6 gallon outboard fuel tanks, take one or both $20 each.
  20. undrH2Ohntr

    Offshore Fish Killer-transformation

    I have been slowly turning my boat into a fish killing machine...the final transformation was a larger fuel tank for heading offshore. OK....Not a true Offshore machine but if you check the wind forecast, pick & choose correctly the boat goes yard....425, 302, 226, 182, 181, 209, 9 mile bank...
  21. undrH2Ohntr

    Offshore 8/1 en route to 209

    Left Mission Bay with a heading towards 209, we were spearing . Ended up pulling about 5-6 miles short of the actual high spot but we found most paddies holding YT 8-15lbs. Dorado were on several paddies. Buddy missed a shot on a 20lb bull...........I missed a shot on tuna. We found a magic...
  22. undrH2Ohntr

    Converting Trailer from rollers to all bunks

    Has anyone converted their trailer from bunk / rolller combination to just bunks? Is there a website for guidance? What do I need to be aware of or look out for? Any tips? The previous owner really screwed up the rollers, long story short, when you drive the boat up onto the trailer if it is...
  23. undrH2Ohntr

    Bending stainless?

    I have looked on the internet and found a mixed bag of results from old threads. I am looking to make a couple of 90 degree bends in one inch SS tubing. How would I do this? Suggestions? Anyone use a conduit bender? Thanks.
  24. undrH2Ohntr

    How would you...

    How would you mount a welded bench seat, or in comparison a leaning post to the deck if you did not have access to underneath? I would prefer not to use an adhesive. Are there self tapping screws made for fiberglass? Thank you.
  25. undrH2Ohntr

    Ideas please

    I am re-routing my fuel line for larger tank. The line will come up through the open deck but under seat. What is the best way to seal / waterproof around the hose and hole to keep water out. I looked at these but smallest is 2" and my hose is only 3/8"...
  26. undrH2Ohntr

    Sealing help please...

    New boat owner so cut me a little slack please. I need to know what is best to caulk / seal on the boat above water. Example: electronics mounted to console, speakers, etc... When I first mounted my newer electronics I just used silicone caulk I had in the garage (Home Depot stuff). It now...
  27. undrH2Ohntr

    Scuppers? Advice Please

    My boat (15ft. Hobie Power Skiff) has large scupper holes which is great for fast drainage but it has OLD flaps on the outside that don't stop any water whatsoever. Looking to upgrade from the raquetballs that currently used:D Anyone help me out with their experiences. flap type...
  28. undrH2Ohntr

    Where/Who does bow rails/tuna towers in SD?

    I am looking to make some modifications to my boat. I want to replace the cooler seat with a SS or Aluminum framed rectangular box. I will move my gas tank inside (out from under the console), put a cushioned seat over the top. Essentially I need a rectangular box to be mounted to the deck...
  29. undrH2Ohntr

    6 gal. gas tank

    6 gal. gas tank $30
  30. undrH2Ohntr

    Help / Ideas random dead battery.

    Hi guys, I would appreciate any help or ideas. Here is the situation: I have a basic center console with one marine battery, about a year old now. I just bought the boat last December. Electronics: 1. Nav. lights 2. GPS 3. Fishfinder 4. VHF 5. 12V utility I rewired the boat to put all...
  31. undrH2Ohntr

    Question on fuse panel & backlights

    OK probably a stupid question but I am new to the electrical game and actually successfully rewired my entire boat. I just installed the Blue Seas waterproof 6 switch fuse panel. It has backlights for each switch, red is off and green is switched on. My question: Won't the power used by the...
  32. undrH2Ohntr

    fish finder

    I have a working Humminbird fish finder, NO Transducer, model #200DX. I took it off my boat recently, just collecting dust.
  33. undrH2Ohntr

    Boat windshield-plexiglass

    Any help on how or where to get a plexiglass windshield would be much appreciated. I can see the console had one at one time because of the holes, unfortunately it's gone. Nothing fancy, just something to keep the electronics dry. Hobie Skiff CC thanks.
  34. undrH2Ohntr

    Transducer for FF

    I recently bought a boat, came with a FF. Yesterday I went diving, after pulling the boat on the trailer I noticed the transducer was gone. It's a very basic model, Humminbird 200DX, doesn't matter too much for me I only use it for depth. I can't dive 80ft. so I don't shoot fish in 80ft.:D...
  35. undrH2Ohntr

    New guy anchor question

    Hello again, I got all of my rode (thanks for the advice). I am now trying to choose between anchors. Here are the spec's: 15'6 Hobie Power Skiff weight: approx. 850lbs Where: mostly in and around the kelp beds, sometimes sand, sometimes rock. Chain: I have about 25' of heavy chain that weighs...
  36. undrH2Ohntr

    Install a bow roller

    Back with another question, thanks in advance. I want to install a bow roller on my boat for anchor retrieval. The center of the bow has a cleat and a plug for running lights so I will be mounting it off to the side. Two questions: 1. to mount the roller will a standard bolt, nut and...
  37. undrH2Ohntr

    Yakima Kayak rack system-rollers/saddles

    Yakima roller / saddle system with straps and directions $80
  38. undrH2Ohntr

    Kayak roof racks (soft)

    $20 soft kayak roof racks
  39. undrH2Ohntr

    6 gallon gas, anchor, tank, rod holders, cup holders

    6 gallon gas tank $30 anchor $10 rail mounted rod holders $20 each **SOLD** rail mounted cup holders $5 (made from some type of composite)
  40. undrH2Ohntr

    Sinkers, nets, surf rod holders...more

    16lbs. of lead....assorted sinkers of weight and size $10 SOLD Nets $8 and $2 or both for $10:rofl: Surf Fishing rod holders $5 each ***SOLD*** Ghost Shrimp pump brand new $15 ***SOLD*** Boat/rail rod holders $20 each obo **SOLD***
  41. undrH2Ohntr

    Anchor rope

    Hi guys, First boat so forgive all the questions. Does anyone have suggestions for a place to get anchor rope? Looking for an inexpensive source, 150'-200ft. Not sure on diameter yet, something that won't kill me pulling up. Had no idea rope was this expensive, but then again boats aren't...
  42. undrH2Ohntr

    GPS help

    Just bought my first real boat, it has a fishfinder but no GPS. Any recommendations on a handheld GPS that won't break the bank? (less than $200) Looking for: 1. water resistant 2. portable 3. one that can be mounted to console but removed thanks.
  43. undrH2Ohntr

    Fiberglass console

    Quick questions: 1. About how much would a basic fiberglass console cost...for a 15-17ft. skiff. Not installed just to purchase the console, basic, no frills. 2. Where in SD would I find a pre-made fiberglass console? thank you in advance
  44. undrH2Ohntr

    BOLA water temp.?

    Anyone have a an approx. water temp in Bahia for this time of year? or a website I can check? thanks.
  45. undrH2Ohntr

    30lb. YT SCI

    Here are some pic's from a trip to SCI about a week and a half ago. I was fortunate enough to hook up with a nice YT and have a buddy who is as talented with the camera as he is with the speargun along for the ride. The area was definitely alive, I missed on another fish, and couldn't get a...
  46. undrH2Ohntr

    52lb. Halibut

    I don't know all the details, sorry, but the photo is absolutely amazing. Halibut came in at 52lbs. and is a pending WR on spear.......mostly just wanted to pass on the photo.
  47. undrH2Ohntr

    Gas disposal

    Can anyone tell me how or where to properly dispose of a little gasoline that has some water in it? It's about a gallon of gas-oil for a 2 stroke. in San Diego thank you.
  48. undrH2Ohntr

    Cortez tide tables

    Could someone please point me in the right direction for a schedule of tides in the Sea of Cortez? Specifically BOLA and San Francisquito. Yes I looked at the search function but it still isn't working out for me. thanks.
  49. undrH2Ohntr

    For all you seal lovers

    Most of you are aware of the entire Children's Pool BS the city of San Diego is going through. The FOS (Friends of the Seals) are now trying to close down S. Casa beach as well through their intimidation and stalking harassment type behavior. It's a slippery slope once you start saving beaches...
  50. undrH2Ohntr

    MLPA Idea- Techies needed- Please look at this.

    Hi everyone, I don't post a lot but have been on the site for a couple of years. I am a spearfishermen as you can see by my screen name. I am just as outraged and frustrated about the potential closures to our area as anyone. I am born and raised in San Diego and have been fishing and diving...