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  1. Michael T.

    Shimano Spectra on Trinidad 16 ?

    What # Test Braid is best on the 16 Trinidad........It will be used for Tuna and Yellows mostly or would straight Mono be better. I have the reel on a 7 1/2 ft. Diawa Proteus, Medium-Heavy action.
  2. Michael T.

    Shimano Talica II 12 or 16 ?

    I have a Trinidad 16A and a Avet MXJ Raptor. Which Talica II would be the best addition to my Yellow tail/Tuna arsenal...the 12 or the 16 ? Thanks..........
  3. Michael T.

    Shimano Trinidad 16A Rod Choice

    Any suggestions on a matching rod for this reel that will be used for casting small live bait on schoolie Tuna and paddy Yellows ? I will be using straight 25# Fluorocarbon. ....Thanks, Mike....