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  1. babachu

    Rod Wrapping bench

    babachu submitted a new listing: Rod Wrapping bench - Rod Wrapping bench Learn more about this listing...
  2. babachu

    Kencor GPOS 900MC Spiral Graphite

    looking for one of these=blank or complete rod in good condition
  3. babachu

    Pinion Gear for Shimano TLD 25

    Just wondering if anyone knows if there are two possible pinion gears for this reel. I checked the schematic and only one was listed, tld0168, but when I tried to change it out, the new gear I received had an ID that was larger than the shaft it rides on, and the gear OD was larger as well. Any...
  4. babachu

    KP Jig Rig / Bucket

    Anyone have one of these lying around that you're not using- would be interested in purchasing one if one is available.
  5. babachu


    Headed out this morning with Duane on the Parker-he hooked us up with some primo dines-three stops later around 9:30 we were done-considering three of the four on board were first timers, we did really good and only farmed 3 fish, one to the prop- I've fished with Jamie and Duane before, and...
  6. babachu

    Free Furniture

    Full size sofa, queen size futon with thick mattress and wood frame, lateral file cabinets (2), small oak shelving unit, small end tables-in Chino-need gone by next Friday-you pick up and I will help you load. If you're interested let me know and I'll send pics 626-203-3302 or [email protected]
  7. babachu

    Anyone missing a couple reels?

    saw this on CL and thought I'd post just in case anyone had a couple of these lifted recently-apologies to the seller if I'm wrong, but you never know when SN has been removed
  8. babachu

    New Life for a Couple of Old Conolons

    Two rods that were sitting in my dad's garage, then my bro's garage for many many years, to the best of my knowledge are Garcia Conolon blanks from way back-9'+, they were trashed-still had reels on them with the hooks and sinkers from the last time my dad went fishing lol- he wasn't the kind of...
  9. babachu

    Daiwa SL20SH

    Was servicing my sl20sh last night while simultaneously watching the Kings game (yah I know) and the little wire bearing retainer that hold the spool shaft bearing in the right side plate went flying to I have no idea=after a 1/2 hour crawl on the floor with a flashlight I just put the reel back...
  10. babachu

    Source: Large H Ring Surf Guides

    Having trouble locating large h ring surf guides- building two rods, one for a big ass spinning reel and the other for an Alvey- need to locate a guide that is made up to 70 = anyone know of a source-I've checked all of the usual suppliers and nothing
  11. babachu

    Jigmaster sideplate a

    Wondering if a 505/506 left side sideplate will wirk on a 500?
  12. babachu

    Love This Stuff...

    doing a little surfing trying to find some spec's for a couple of old blanks I came across this old video of the Conolon factory and wanted to share it
  13. babachu

    help with ID

    I think these are from the 60's or 70's, just don't know what manufacturer-can anyone help me ID these? they are 10', one is pretty stiff fairly fast action and the other is moderate and lighter like a 220. Brownish color dull finish, no markings on the butt end whatsoever-thanks in advance
  14. babachu

    3/4 Day Charter for Mixed Group

    I've been talked into putting together a charter for a mixed group of family, friends, acquaintances, some fish, some newbs- The Helena at Dana Point is in the price range for this group-wondering if anyone has experience with this boat/crew?? Last one of these I was persuaded to arrange was to...
  15. babachu

    1998 Ford E350 1 Ton Van

    1998 Ford E350 1 ton extended van, class three hitch, back end built out for work/play with slide-out tool drawer, power windows-locks-mirrors-driver's seat, dual AC (rear AC disabled), 292k original miles, rebuild rear axle about 20k ago (new gears and bearings), well maintained as I've owned...
  16. babachu

    Caught In The Act

    The Wife Came Home Early From Work And Found Her Husband In Bedroom Making Love To A Very Attractive Young Woman. She Cried: “You Are A Disrespectful Pig! How Dare You Do This To Me — A Faithful Wife, The Mother Of Your Children! I’m Leaving You. I Want A Divorce Right Away!” Husband...
  17. babachu

    What an Idiot=News Anchor Pranked

    This news anchor was hung out to dry (actually the entire news station since they put up a graphic)lol TV Station Gets Pranked Over SF Crash Pilots Names - YouTube
  18. babachu

    7/8 wt St Croix-Finally finished one...

    Been working on this one for awhile-9' 7/8 wt, custom wood grips, purple fade to black wraps, subtle feather inlay on ramp (thanks Terry Henson for the parrot feathers), hard to see detail in pics, included a pick of a cut-off of the rough grips-alternating wedges of black walnut and purpleheart.
  19. babachu

    Amato pangas- Ensenada

    Anyone had experience with this company or these pangas? The company states that they are hand laid fiberglass over wood construction with flotation. Any feedback is appreciated
  20. babachu

    No Frills 7/8 wt for the surf

    been awhile, but I finally found time to finish a 7/8 wt rod for the surf-extended fighting butt and fore grip in case I hook a leo-cheapie blank, black guides and wraps and a little color and groove work in the eva
  21. babachu

    Changes on the Horizon

    From Sierra Drifters: "Speaking of “diploids”…2012 was the last year California will see trout that can reproduce planted in the Eastern Sierra and other waters of the state. There will be some rainbow brood fish planted in a few limited areas that have not been nuked, but they are not...
  22. babachu

    UV Cured Coatings

    as I get into fly tying, mainly saltwater flies, I've come across a product that used to build up heads and bodies of salt water flies. There are two main products, Clear Cure Goo and Bug Bond. Both are clear, non-yellowing formulas, in both thin and thick versions- they both cure in approx 5...
  23. babachu

    Ramped Up Spinner

    started with a Batson RX7 2 wt fly blank, awesome carbon fiber grips by craftsman Mike Ahern, aluminum fly seat, met green and black thread over epoxy ramp to the seat, Batson guides-will be my go-to mini jig rod this summer-fun build
  24. babachu

    Inshore Spinner headed for VA

    Batson IP843 RX7 blank, split grip cork/composite mix, madeira fade wraps, Batson guides-fun I gotta get it there in one piece!
  25. babachu

    7'6" 3wt

    7' 3 wt. with a double elipse wood grip, feather inlay, single foot tall guides, should be a fun one in the sierras this summer
  26. babachu

    26 Rods

    Selling my personal collection of rods-getting into fly fishing-3 freshwater bass rods, 23 saltwater rods, many customs, many never used, all in good condition, from 6' heavy tuna rods to 9' jig rod, Calstar, Kencor, Penn, Sabre-will make a smokin deal if you buy several-David 626-203-3302-live...
  27. babachu

    9' 4 wt Batson

    just finished up a bday present for my bro for his trips to Montana-4wt 9' batson RX6 blank, custome laminated wood grip (maple, walnut, purpleheart),madeira purple and silver, black snakes-feels really nice
  28. babachu

    grip turning jig

    Too cheap to buy a real lathe, I concocted a jig / sled to turn jigs on my table mounted router-works pretty good until it's time to put some contour to the grip. Angling the sled worked pretty good but once I got the general shape I wanted I can chuck up the mandrel in my drill and spin it in...
  29. babachu

    PENN deck pro boots SZ. 7 for 30$ OBO

    WORN ONCE! These boots are in perfect condition, they belong to my daughter and she's asked me to get rid of them since she has no use for them. SIZE 7, Originally purchased for 50$, so I'm selling for 30$ OBO. Deck Pro 12" boots are designed for hard core anglers. These all-season...
  30. babachu


    Anybody try "taptalk", the app that poos up when you access ND on your IPhone?
  31. babachu

    Batson 6'6" UL spinner

    Just finished this graduation present-6'6" Rainshadow u/l blank, Fuji guides, madeira blue with metallic gold (Notre Dame colors were requested), split cork grip with some gold alum bling, should be able to stick some nice trout with this stick.
  32. babachu


    Just finished a 770XH for a friend, 3 color Madeira tiger butt wrap and under all guides, triple black over wraps with subtle OB, HBSG's, complete with Rail Dawg grip (thanks Bill)-this stick will be slayin the cows on an Intrepid 8 day in July-fun build-good luck with it Gary!
  33. babachu

    Random Cross Wrap

    Playing around with the Madeira again, got an old glass rod from a customer that was pretty beat up, but it makes a good practice blank-used a purple underwrap and 2 colors of gold/orange for the bands-3 threads of the lighter color in the middle and three threads of the darker on each...
  34. babachu

    8' 3/4 wt Fly Blank Turned Spinner

    A friend of mine has had this blank lurking around for some time now-not sure of the make but it has a rootbeer color to it-he wanted it turned into a rod he can fish salmon eggs / worms on for trout- eva grips, grooved and filled with thread/epoxy, such a small diameter blank I never know how...
  35. babachu

    Clean Pro Gears

    ProGear cs551, not a mark on it, new 20lb Izor mono--ProGear cs625, only minor wear marks on top of the frame, excellent condition with new Izor 40lb mono- LOCAL PICKUP IN HB OR SAN DIMAS CASH ONLY- $ 150 ea or $280 if you buy both-- have several rods too if your looking for something to match...
  36. babachu

    Anyone Have One of These????

    looking for an eva butt cap to fit the 3/4" eva tennoned grip-anyone have one??? suppliers are back ordered from the manuf
  37. babachu


    Wondering... Any of you f/w bass guys tried the waxwing for LMB?
  38. babachu

    Please Pray...

    For those of you so inclined, my sister in law was just diagnosed with breast cancer that has metastasized to her spine- she's a great lady and has two small children, and her husband is a great guy but hasn't had work in 6 mos so this really makes things tough for them to say the least- thank you
  39. babachu

    Ultralight on the Dryer

    Love these little Batson blanks-sp721-2, cork/burnt cork grips, fuji seat and guides, 4 colors of Madeira on butt wrap fade, two color guide wraps with other two colors as trim-D II finish-should be a fun trout tamer
  40. babachu

    Married 60 years

    On the morning of their 60th wedding anniversary, the old couple sits at the breakfast table. The wife says, "you know there honey, my breasts are still as hot for you now as they were 60 years ago". The husband, "that's because one of them is in your oatmeal and the other's in your coffee!!"
  41. babachu

    Rare Fishing Artifacts Discovered
  42. babachu

    Tangereen Dream

    The Acid Man hooked me up with a sweet Batson blank, 7' 15-25, eva split grips, Alps 316 guides, Madeira thread and lots of Diamond II. Wanted a really subtle tiger-underwraps are three colors faded in the middle with the lightest color of the underwrap as the overwrap with an EE sacrificial. It...
  43. babachu


    I'm understanding that the FET tax is figured as follows: sold to a non-reselling customer- 10% of 60% of the total sale price; if sold to a reseller like a tackle shop, 10% of 100% of the total sale price. Any input is appreciated
  44. babachu

    Cool fly seat / real combo

    Saw this on FB in the Rodbuilding group-thought it was pretty cool for you fly rod junkies-rod was displayed by Colin Dunn
  45. babachu

    2 Custom Rods CHEAP!!

    Two new custom Kencor spiral graphite rods, 8', 15-40, Alps 316 stainless guides, one has tuna cord with turks head (burgundy), other has x-wrap over spaced cork with turks head (blue) - $100 each - this is less than the parts cost per rod-business sucks and I need cash -in Huntington...
  46. babachu


    A guy walks into a bar with his pet monkey. He orders a drink, and while he's drinking, the monkey jumps all over the place, eating everything behind the bar. Then the monkey jumps on to the pool table and swallows a billiard ball. The bartender screams at the guy, "Your monkey just ate...
  47. babachu

    White Waterslide sheets

    anyone know where I can get some white waterslide decal material?? acidrod has clear but I have a logo I need to print with a white background, and there aint any white thread in my wraps-thanks
  48. babachu

    New Custom Rods

    1 new custom Calstar bt220, 8 1/2', rare white blank, blue, red and silver wraps, Alps 316 stainless guides, two color cord grips with turks head - $150 (picture of butt wrap shows dust, it's not all marked up) 1 new custom Kencor spiral graphite, 8' 15-40, burgundy / black wraps, Alps 316...
  49. babachu

    ProGear cs551 Like New

    Pro Gear cs551, excellent condition visually and mechanically-hardly used, new 20lb Izor mono- $150.00-local pickup in Huntington Beach 626-203-3302
  50. babachu

    Calcutta and ProGear

    Calcutta 700s in excellent shape, new carbontex drags, no line- SOLD ProGear cs625, new 40lb. Izor, excellent shape as well- $150.00 -- in Huntington Beach-local pickup-- 626-203-3302 (work in San Dimas)
  51. babachu

    Custom Rods for Guitar

    Have several new / custom rods-looking to trade for electric guitar with small amp-let me know what you've got and what you're looking for
  52. babachu

    While We're Giving Thanks

    Thanks to all who have freely shared their ideas, processes, techniques and contructive criticism on this board-we are better rod builders because of it
  53. babachu

    2/3 wt fly rod

    Just finished my first fly rod build (thanks Mark for the help) for creek fishing-6'6" tigers eye blank, pac bac alum seat, single foot guides, cork and madeira (sorry pics suck) fun build can't wait to fish it
  54. babachu

    Fly rod seats

    Do you prefer up or downlock seats and why? I've been told up locks are better for balance and keeping the reel out of the dirt when you set it down
  55. babachu


    What's with all these effin pop ups all of a sudden on BD??
  56. babachu

    Accurate 270

    Accurate boss magnum 270-NO cast control-no rash-80 lb power pro with Izor 30 mono topshot-pick up Huntington Beach - 626-203-3302 $250.00
  57. babachu

    Fly Rods

    I've built saltwater rods and freshwater rods, but never a flyrod. Are there any special considerations specific to fly rods that are different than constructing conventional rods?
  58. babachu

    Blast From the Past

    Remember these? Was going through some of my dads old fishing stuff (he passed several years ago) and came across this old Fenwick 8 1/2' fly rod. Cleaned it up a bit and put a couple coats on the wraps. What a find for me to have something I remember him using when I was a kid; can't wait to...
  59. babachu

    Bearing stuck solid!

    Bought a used Newell- while doing the service discovered the handle side bearing corroded and stuck solid in the bearing cup- been soaking it in penetrating oil for hours but she won't budge- anybody got any ideas on how to get this sucker out short of buying a new bearing cup?
  60. babachu

    Newells with red emblems

    Saw some older Newell reels with red emblems- anyone remember what series / numbers these reels were known as?
  61. babachu

    BT 220

    Wanted to do a classic looking rod on one of my favorite blanks, the 8 1/2' 220, and I like the tan blanks alot. Used alternating snakeskin/black cord for the wrap and turks and tried to match up the thread with the snakeskin cord colors. All madeira thread except for some gold met inlays, Fuji...
  62. babachu

    Rod Show 2010

    Great show- every major player in rod blanks and components is there- as well as some of the best builders in the world- get out there and check it out
  63. babachu

    FSorTRADE-Calcutta 700s

    Have a really nice Calcutta 700s with rod clamp (only one small scratch) in great working condition-NON levelwind open top- really looking to trade for a newer Avet SX or MXJ in same condition-prefer silver or gold-will post pics later-pm or call 626-203-3302-in Huntington Beach
  64. babachu

    P series Newell

    How do I know if I've got an original P series reel or one of the newer production models? Thx
  65. babachu

    Calcutta 700s

    Anyone done a rebuild/service on one of these? I've done the 400s but not a 700
  66. babachu

    Blank manuf

    On Science channel now (845)
  67. babachu

    Rods & Reels

    Reels: Penn International 30SW 2 speed, new 80lb Izor mono, -------------SOLD ProGear cs625 5:1, new Izor 40lb. mono -------------------------------$180.00 Shimano Calcutta 200B, brand new with Izor 50lb spectra ----------SOLD Accurate 197c, Izor 50 lb spectra with room for topshot...
  68. babachu

    Had Some Time Over the Weekend and Some Flo Orange thread???

    Had some time over the weekend and decided to rebuild an old troller that I've had in the rack for awhile. Was trying to figure out to do with this flourescent orange Madeira I have and just started in on it. Turned out pretty good (was really bright until I put the overwraps on to tone it down...
  69. babachu

    Blank Consistency

    Just wondering, after static testing and placing guides, is it necessary to do each subsequent rod of the same type? Is the consistency of blanks good enough from calstar, seeker, batson, united composites to assume the action will be the same from blank to blank? Interested in your thoughts
  70. babachu


    Just bought a Revo Toro 50 and was wondering how you guys have lined yours up-was thinking about 30 lb spectra but my e 50'might be be better for abrasion resistance and kelp cutting- the reel in going on a swimbait rod and will primarily be used for chucking plastics and slugs
  71. babachu

    Sunset n Bolsa Chica

    Hit the incoming tide today-tried drop shot, swimmies and cr grubs for nada - couldn't find the crabs- there was a guy out fishing mussel on the long rod getting a fish every cast, so they're there ( or were there)
  72. babachu

    Sunset 7/16

    Fished incoming tide till the beachgoers forced me out- fished drop shot and swimmies for halis-never got a tap- had a 16" corb swim up to my feet with a wave so that was cool-other than that no love
  73. babachu

    Cast control / merged reels

    Cast control / magged reels- is the "control" aspect effective at low spool speeds or it specifically designed to control spool speeds at higher revolutions?
  74. babachu

    Rod For Throwin Plastics

    Based on a RCLB80L, built this one for throwing the rubber-Alps 316 guides, metallic Aqua and Purple and black wraps and a little gold mettalic trim, Diamond ll finish, subtle tiger butt wrap, poly cord grips with Fuji trigger seat-gotta find a Curado 300 to stick on it and go
  75. babachu

    Couple More Ultralights

    Bought a couple TigerEye graphite blanks awhile back and finally had time to complete them-6' 2 piece 3 wt fly rod blanks turned spinners- Forecast guides, madeira thread, Diamond II finish-thought I'd do a split-grip on them but I really wish I'd done a straight grip now that they're done-one...
  76. babachu

    Custom 8' Kencor

    Custom 8' Kencor spiral graphite 15-30 rod-spaced cork under x-shrink grips, turks head, metallic blue and black wraps, Alps 316 guides-BRAND NEW / NEVER USED - great lightweight baitstick. - $175.00 626-203-3302 - live in HB work in San Dimas-pickup only
  77. babachu

    Pro Gear cs501

    ProGear cs501 in perfect condition-$150.00 -50 lb Power pro (new) Live in HB and work in San Dimas - looking for a local sale / don't want to ship call 626-203-3302
  78. babachu

    8' Kencor and Sabre 196-7

    Came across another Kencor blank and a tan Sabre 196-7. Kencor has spaced cork under x-shrink with a turk's head and Alps guides, blue PacBay metallic and black. Sabre has hypalon grips, alum real seat, Fuji guides and three colors of Madeira-tried to give a old school look to this one.
  79. babachu

    Flexcoat CP skuz

    Any of you encountered this problem?? I've started using Casons CP, but had a some flexcoat cp left over that I wanted to use up and thought it would be ok since I was working with lighter color threads. After wrapping the base wrap and one coat of finish, continued to wrap the guide wraps...
  80. babachu

    665XH w/3 color tiger

    Bought a 665XH from a fellow BDr-love the honey colored blanks-decided on a 3 color tiger-under is all Madeira, purple, red and greyish/silver, over is C black, first guide wrap C black, second guide wrap A black with met purple inlay-Alps seat and gimbal, Fuji silicone nitride guides, seine...
  81. babachu

    Couple of Ultralights

    Just finished a couple of ultralights for a friend and his son for a Sierra trip-Rainshadow blanks (thanks Mark), Fuji concept guides, shaped eva, madeira and a little metallic-want to build a couple for myself
  82. babachu

    Vivonas book

    Anyone have a copy they don't need and want to let go of cheap?
  83. babachu

    Components and Blanks

    Saw this on one of the other boards-in case you're interested
  84. babachu

    196-8 Rebuild

    Decided to redo an old 196-8 rod, tried out the tiger wrap all the way-silver and aqua metallic under and black over (all A)-it was new for me and gave me alot of great ideas for future builds-I was trying to get the colors of a chovy in the tiger and I think I should have added maybe a third...
  85. babachu

    Coach Whip

    Any one know of a tutorial on how to do a coach whipped cord grip?
  86. babachu

    Accurate 270 handle arm

    Looking for a handle arm (already have the wiffle ball)-new style- with the bend and no counterbalance to fit 270 single speed
  87. babachu

    What you think you'll get and what you actually get

    Just working on my first tiger wrap (butt wrap and base wrap under the guides). What I thought it would look like and what it actually came out to be is wild! Colors show up that don't resemble the original thread colors. Its really kind of a crap shoot until you do enough of them I guess. Will...
  88. babachu

    Baja Special / 4/0 / Fenwick Rod

    Baja Special w/ new line - SOLD ----- Penn 4/0 with full frame/sideplate conversion, Newell gearset, greased carbon drags, Accurate handle - $150.00 ------ Fenwick 6'-6", 25-60 rod, great yoyo or dropper loop rod -- $60.00 ---- In HB 626-203-3302
  89. babachu

    4 Color Fade

    Decided to cut the wraps off a 670-8 I did initially about 20 years ago and redo- left on the hypalon and seat- re-used the bbsgs I had on it-used 4 colors of madeira from a deep purple to a burnt orange-triple wrapped (1 under/2 over) -1 more coat of finish and she's done-wow, looking at those...
  90. babachu


    I'm redoing a rod I built 20 years ago or so and I have written on it 690-8. This is not a blank that Calstar makes now in an 8' length-anyone remember if Calstar or Sabre made one or did I maybe mismark it?. Thanks
  91. babachu

    My Last Kencor Blank-9' Jig Rod

    Finished the last of the Kencors I had-9' 20-50 blank, Alps guides, Madeira & Trimar threads, seine cord w/Turk's grips. Finally got a handle on the Madeira finishing problems (thanks Flexcoat CP).
  92. babachu

    Finished a Couple Over the Weekend

    Been working on three rods and ended up having the time to finish two of them. First one is an old Sabre 665XXH I wrapped over 20 years ago-decided it needed a re-wrap. Used gold and black trimar and black overwraps-nothing fancy but I really like the look of the trimar. The second rod is a...
  93. babachu

    Deckhand style rods

    Any of you builders ever beef up the interior of the blank where the reel will be mounted? Just had this thought as I was putting the cord on a graphite rod that is relatively thin walled.
  94. babachu

    This Will Get Your Attention

    if this is all true it really makes you wonder. YouTube - Dossier2.MP4
  95. babachu

    Fully Converted 4/0

    Penn 4/0-full Jvariance machined frame and sideplates, Newell gears, Accurate handle, fresh 50lb., cover, hasn't been used since conversion - $150.00 firm - in HB - 626-203-3302
  96. babachu

    6/0 Reel and Rod Combo

    Penn 114HL Senator and 6' Penn Slammer #2560 rod-great inexpensive, reliable trolling outfit for a steal - $100.00 for combo- 626-203-3302 , in HB
  97. babachu

    Frustration with Madeira

    Have done two rods with Madeira thread and in both cases I've had fish eyeing on the finish coats. I've been using three coats of Chromaseal and Threadmaster or Aftcote finish. To those of you who use Madeira successfully, what can you suggest? Also, I've heard that some use Permagloss as their...
  98. babachu

    Madeira Thread Carriage for PacBay Wrapper

    Finally got around to building a thread carriage for the Madeira spools-a piece of baltic birch from my shop, some 3/8" x 4 1/2" carriage bolts, washers, springs, wing nuts, an extra tip for a thread guide and got some replacement rollers from Acidrod to fit the PacBay track and it works great...
  99. babachu

    6/0 114HL Senator

    Penn 6/0 114HL Senator- great condition-$60.00 - 626-203-3302- located in Huntington Beach / work in San Dimas-local pickup. PENDING
  100. babachu

    Calcutta 400

    Calcutta 400 in excellent mechanical condition with minor marks from use. $120.00 firm. 626-203-3302-located in Huntington Beach/work in San Dimas-prefer local pickup.
  101. babachu

    Japan Calcuttas

    I see advertised on some Calcuttas that they are the "Japan" version of the Calcutta. I thought they were all made in Japan?? Is there a difference (and what is it) in the Japanese issue Calcuttas? Thanks,
  102. babachu

    4th Rod

    Made it on to my 4th rod-8' Kencor Ocean Graf blank I've had for awhile-first adventure into Madeira-land-screwed up by not putting enough CP on the base wrap and ended up having to sand the epoxy before wrapping the guides. Still turned out pretty good. Used a burgundy base wrap and black...
  103. babachu

    Full Cure

    Just wondering what all of you rodbuilding veterans think-when is the rod finish fully cured and ready to use?? I've always waited about a week before stressing the rod, depending on temp. Value you input.
  104. babachu

    Wealth of Knowledge and Tips from Experienced Builders

    I just had to note how much information is in this forum via the search feature-I've experienced several problems and had several questions recently and its amazing how much good info is on this forum for a newb like me. Considering the info comes from years of experience from some of the finest...
  105. babachu

    Getting in touch with my femine side

    Decided, for my third build, to finally make a rod for my daughter. She picked out fuschia metallic, purple metallic and I added a little bit of holo-silver at the base of the butt wrap (what a pain in the ars to work with). Uses Alps 316 guides, Rainshadow CB80H, eva grips with the front one...
  106. babachu

    Finish-clean edges

    I have noticed that many of the rods posted show really clean edges where the finish meets the blank over a wrap. I use a brush and have been unable to get a clean edge. If I hold the brush perpendicular to the rod while turning it becomes somewhat straight but the brush rakes out most of the...
  107. babachu

    Penn Senator 114HL

    Penn Senator 114HL-excellent mech condition and no rash- PRICE REDUCED $50.00-Located in HB and work in San Dimas - 626-203-3302.
  108. babachu

    Getting Back on the Horse

    It's probable been close to 20 years since I've wrapped a rod, but I've been steadily accumulating tools, parts and info from this board (thanks for all of your help) and have appreciated the patience of Mark and Colleen at C&M and my many questions. Finally got to wrap a couple of rods, and...
  109. babachu

    Cacutta 400

    Shimano Calcutta 400-good mech shape-minor wear marks as shown in pics- $140.00 Located in HB. Also willing to trade for Shimano Curado or Daiwa Coastal in good shape.
  110. babachu

    Avet and Penn Reels

    Moderator Please Delete-Thanks
  111. babachu

    U40 Quick Bond

    Anyone have an easy way to measure equal parts of this stuff?? I've been spooning it out on plastic spoons and raking it off level with a wooden stick to try and get equal amounts. Just interested in what others have done.
  112. babachu


    How soon do you typically put your second coat of finish on after applying the first coat? I'm using threadmaster and typically wait till the next day but wondered what others were doing. Thanks
  113. babachu


    Is Xflock shrink tube and rod armor shrink tube the same basic product. Looking to do a rod with the colored version of rod armor.
  114. babachu


    I was awaked in the middle of the night last night by policemen with the helicopter overhead because they received a 911 call from my residence. While I was asleep as well as my daughter we could not determine how the call was made. They then asked me if I had a fax machine? I do and they told...
  115. babachu


    Don't know what types there are but saw this on Craigslist and thought someone might be interested: CORKS Various sizes BRAND NEW with Cool Drawer Cabinet
  116. babachu

    Variegated "Classic Twist" Thread

    Looking for some classic twist variegated thread in a red/black (non-metallic) combo? Anyone willing to part with some if it still exists? Thanks, David JUST FOUND SEVERAL SPOOLS ON EBAY-THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR RESPONSES AND OFFERS!
  117. babachu

    Mini Wood Turning Lathe

    Looking for a woodturning lathe and chisels - I have a Delta scroll saw for trade. Can provide pics after tomorrow if needed.
  118. babachu

    Day At The Docks 2010

    Anyone hear when the Day at the Docks is this year?? I know it's a little early but gotta plan ahead.
  119. babachu

    Browning Baitcaster

    Was just perusing the new Bass Pro catalogue and came across this reel. I've been looking for a reasonably priced reel to use for plastics. This particular reel has a one-piece aluminum frame, 10 sealed bearings, claims 17.6 lbs of drag max, has a 6.4:1 ratio and holds 230 yards of 12 lb. for...
  120. babachu

    Madeira Thread-Happy New Year

    Am just beginning to use Madeira thread and was wondering-what is and how do you determine the correct tensioning for this thread? I have a PacBay wrapper with the standard tensioner. Thanks
  121. babachu

    Rod Line Ratings

    When looking at a line rating on a blank, do you usually assume that the midrange is the appropriate max line to use? For instance, the Seeker CJBF70H is rated 40-60 lb. Is it safe to assume that 50lb is the max you would want to fish on this blank?? Thanks
  122. babachu

    Magging older SX

    I have a couple of older SX's (5:1) and I've read many things about magging them. Was wondering from those of you who've already done this what size and how many rare earth magnets have done the trick for you? I'm mostly using the reals for live bait flylining. Thanks.
  123. babachu

    Static test for guide placement

    Need a referral to some sort of tutorial that explains the proper way to do a static test for guide placement. Thanks in advance.
  124. babachu

    Avet LX 4.6:1 Silver

    sold please delete
  125. babachu

    4/0 Conversion and Boss Mag 270

    Penn 4/0 Conversion-Jvariance frame and sideplates, accurate handle, Newell stainless gearset, greased carbon drags, spectra backing with 50lb. mono topshot- $250.00. Accurate Boss Magnum 270, recently serviced, no rash, wiffle ball handle and T handle. SOLD Both reels in excellent shape, all...
  126. babachu

    Rubber Bands

    In several tutorials I've seen the guides are held on temporarily with small rubber bands until enough thread covers the foot. Anyone know where to find them? Thanks
  127. babachu

    Morton Graph

    Anyone use the Morton Graph to place guides on the blank?? Saw it on the C&M site and wondered what your experience has been with it regarding accurate placement of guides. Thanks in advance.
  128. babachu

    Penn Baja Special 113hn

    Anyone know what the thread size is for the rod clamp studs?? Thanks
  129. babachu

    Clean Accurate Boss Magnum 270

    Clean boss 270 for trade-I'm looking for an Accurate 870 narrow, must be clean, I don't care if it has cast control or not-prefer standard silver. 626-203-3302.
  130. babachu

    Heat shrink tubing

    Where do you guys buy heat shrink tubing? Tried the various rod component suppliers and they have xflock but not the plain old blank shrink tube for cork wrap terminations. Thanks in advance.
  131. babachu

    Newbie Question

    When you guys do a double wrap (one under-one over) do you put a coat of finish on the underwrap before wrapping the guide on? Thanks in advance for you help.
  132. babachu


    Just bought some Aftcote. There were no instructions. Wondering if the mix is 1:1?? Thanks, any other advice on application is appreciated.
  133. babachu

    Build up under cord grips

    I want to put a cord grip on a small diameter blank. I want to build up the diameter a little bit but I'm unsure what to use or even if it's advisable. What have you guys used to accomplish this?? Thanks in advance.
  134. babachu

    ProGear cs501 or 551

    Looking for a couple CLEAN ProGear classic series 501s or 551s, prefer silver.
  135. babachu

    Need Your Professional Opinion

    I'm looking at purchasing my first power wrapper and would like your opinions. I am looking at the American Tackle APW / ARD 1 wrapper / dryer combo and the Pac Bay Rodsmith RW3-XL with the Pac Bay dryer. I'm looking for a quality unit in this price range with emphasis on ease of use as I am a...
  136. babachu

    Like New Avet MXJ Silver 5.8:1

    Like new Avet MXJ 5.8:1, silver, new Izor xxx 20lb., located in Huntington Beach, 626-203-3302, $175. firm. Thanks but no trades. PLEASE PM ME OR CALL - I DO NOT VIEW MY REPLIES VERY OFTEN.
  137. babachu

    Perfect Accurate 870

    Perfect Accurate 870 magnum, new 80lb. spectra back with 40lb topshot. Thanks , but no trades. 626-203-3302. Located in Huntington Beach $300.00. PLEASE PM ME OR CALL - I DO NOT VIEW REPLIES VERY OFTEN.
  138. babachu


    Got some stubborn screws in an Accurate boss 270. Anybody have a remedy or tricks for getting those little succers loose other than chemical methods? I've tried using new allen wrenches and no luck. Thanks
  139. babachu

    Rod Wrapping Machinery

    I am looking for a reasonably priced rod wrapping machine. I have built several rods using the "v" block supports and the telephone book thread tensioner. I think it's time to get a power unit. Price is a concern but I want something that's going to perform well for a long time. I'm interested...
  140. babachu

    SX clicker problems

    I have an older SX (5:1) and the clicker will not stay engaged. Anyone else experience this problem and the fix. Thanks
  141. babachu


    What is the preferred finish you guys are using? Flex coat? Aftcoat? Thanks
  142. babachu

    Schematic for PG cs625

    Anyone have a schematic for a pro gear cs625? Thanks in advance.
  143. babachu

    Daiwa Saltist 50 For sale $160

    Brand spankin new Diawa Saltist 50 4.9:1 with box and paperwork and new 40lb mono. Bitchin reel, just a little to wide for me to use on my 100j. $160.00. Only trade I will consider is a pristine ProGear cs625. 626-203-3302
  144. babachu

    New Saltist 50 for Saltist 40

    please delete
  145. babachu

    Another Jvariance Conversion

    Just finished the Jvariance conversion on my 4/0. Very easy to do (1/2 hour). Along with some new stainless 4:1 Newell gears, greased HT-100 drags and an Accurate handle from Charkbait I think it's a winner. Nice quality on the parts and hardware. Only precaution you need to take is with the two...
  146. babachu

    Penn 6/0 guts in a 4/0??

    Heard somewhere you can put 6/0 guts in a 4/0 Senator. Is it possible? I notice that the drags is slightly larger in diameter. My 4/0 has the 4:1 Newell gear set, greased carbon drags and a full replacement frame. Is there any advantage to the 6/0 guts if its even possible? Thanks in advance.
  147. babachu

    Avet JX 6/3

    Avet JX 6/3 2 speed, purple, new 40lb, never used, I think I still have the box but I have to look for it. SOLD IT
  148. babachu

    ProGear 251

    ProGear 251, silver, excellent shape, not a scratch on it, recently serviced by Ken's/Oceanside with new greased carbon drags, new 15lb mono (I think I put a spectra backing on too but can't remember).SOLD 626-203-3302
  149. babachu

    ProGear 454

    Clean ProGear special, gold, excellent mechanical and appearance, new 50lb. mono. $130.00 Huntington Beach SOLD
  150. babachu

    Shimano Calcutta CT-400

    Shimano Calcutta CT-400, excellent condition, small marks, new 50lb. Izor spectra, with box, lit, wrench. $155.00 Huntington Beach
  151. babachu

    Sunset Beach

    Fished Sunset today from 10:30 till 2:00. Three good hookups and three fish farmed! Fun anyway. Lots of porpoise in the outside waves tail slapping. Shore break was tough together with an onshore wind made it tough to cast very far and keep the swimmie out there for any time. Beautiful morning...
  152. babachu

    No OC Hali

    Fished Sunday 4/5 for about an hour and hooked a short and missed a couple other strikes. Beautiful morning, porpoises playing in the waves-wish I could have stayed all day. 3" swimbait did the trick.
  153. babachu

    Cord Wrap

    You guys have inspired me, viewing your awesome cord wraps. Where does one learn how to start doing on of those? What type of adhesive do you use to anchor the cord to the rod? Thanks for your help.
  154. babachu

    Madeira Thread

    Those of you who use Madeira threads, do yo have any finishing problems due to the silicone on the thread or does color preserver do the trick? Any other details or tricks when working with this stuff? Thanks
  155. babachu

    Drying Motor Supplier

    A while back someone listed a supplier for small drying motors, and I can't seem to locate it. Anyone know who it is? Thanks
  156. babachu

    Pro Gear 454

    Anyone have the parts blowout / schematic for this reel? Thanks in advance.
  157. babachu

    Steel vs. aluminum

    I recently purchased some used reels that have either Accurate or Tiburon frames. I want to tear them down to do maintenance and lubrication but I am concerned about pulling the threads from the frames (in case whoever installed them did not lube the threads with grease). Any advice on how to do...
  158. babachu

    Cork wrap replacement

    I have a Calstar 100J with a cork wrapped handle. The final diameter limits the number of reel choices. I am toying with the idea of replacing it with X wrap right on the blank. Is this advisable? I know most of you recommend using cork or hypalon underneath. Thanks for your help.
  159. babachu

    La Jolla

    Anyone fished there recently? Wondering if the boneheads are still around-want to take the kids out. Thanks
  160. babachu

    Streams of fish in Sierras or???

    Looking for some new trout streams in the Sierras or other places. I've fished the Owen's River, Rush Creek, Bishop Creek, Lee Vining Creek for years and need some new spots to try. I am a catch and release spin fisherman and look forward to your ideas. Thanks
  161. babachu

    June Lake 10/24 & 25

    Absolute perfect weather greeted us with only a slight breeze. Water was clear in some parts of the lake and cloudy in others (there was an algae bloom). Early morning and right before dark were the only productive times. Fishing was definitely on the slow side. Several trollers passed us by...
  162. babachu

    Avet SX

    Just purchased an Avet SX slightly used. When I crank it there is a slight clicker noise, even when the clicker is off. Is this normal? All of my other Avets have a noiseless crank. Thanks for your help.
  163. babachu

    Avet SX

    I just purchased an Avet SX slightly used. If freespools fine and has good drag. when I crank the handle it has a slight clicker sound even when the clicker is off. Is this normal? All of the other Avets I have have a noiseless crank. Thanks in advance for your help.
  164. babachu

    72nd Place Long Beach

    Anyone do any good here? Tried the jetty all the way out and both sides for zip. Used swim baits of all sizes and colors and a kroc???
  165. babachu

    Sunset Beach

    Fished Sunset in the afternoon with small swimbaits and picked up a short halibut. Alot of other hits but none stuck. Nice day out on the water.
  166. babachu

    Accurate Boss 270 Magnum

    I have a Boss 270 and I've had it checked out by two separate shops. In gear, while reeling it has a "hitch" for lack of a better word when the handle comes up around the top of the reel. Both shops have inspected the gears, bearings, etc. and say the reel is in fine working order. It free...
  167. babachu

    Santa Cruz and Anacapa

    Chartered the Sea Jay out of Hueneme July 4th. Hit the back of Anacapa around 6 and chased ghosts for a couple of hours. Capt John put us over 3 separate schools but we couldn't get them to go. Abandoned the search around 8:30 and headed for Santa Cruz. Excellent conditions but difficult...