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  1. doorman

    2000 Champion 203 Elite

    Selling my 2000 Champion 203 Elite Anniversary Edition. $12,500 - OBO Tournament ready bass boat w/ 1999 Mercury Optimax 225 EFI Only 195 hours. Electronic fuel injection 2-stroke, Diamond Valley approved. 4 brand new batteries, on board battery charger. Custom Dean's boat cover only 5 months...
  2. doorman

    Hodges 5.19

    Yesterday I found out I had 1k stolen from my bank account from someone at an atm in San Gabriel, was it you? Decided to go to Hodges to forget about it. The lake had a HUGE algae bloom since I was there last week. The fishing was good, caught an unkown number of bass. Started out with some...
  3. doorman

    ***Official BD Beer Geeks Thread***

    Alright I've seen quite a few cool beer related posts and decided to start this as an all things beer related thread. Craft, macro, micro, homebrew, etc... What are you drinking now? What do you have set aside to drink later? What releases are you looking for? What are you brewing? Tell us your...
  4. doorman

    Million Dollar Lure

    When I saw the price I thought maybe Capt G made it. What do you think, is it fishy?
  5. doorman

    Everglades (High on the lowlands)

    Sorry if repost, but if you guys have about 30 minutes to kill, put this video on full screen, volume up. Sorry unable to embed heres the link.
  6. doorman

    6.30.11 E.C.

    Took off work early with plans to go to Henshaw, word is things are good there so get on it if you can. Came home to some water and a note from the neighbor, had a good leak on the water heater. Got it fixed but by this time there was no way I was driving an hour so I opted for El Cap giving me...
  7. doorman

    Curado's old models

    Curado 200B5 $60 Curado 200B5 $60 Curado 200BSF $(sold) No trades unless it involves a 300E or DSV. All reels are 9/10 condition. Brett (619) 701-0187. Will not ship but I cover a lot of ground from san diego, ie, and oc.
  8. doorman

    Old model curados for sale

    Bass Club gets first crack and I'm guessing will be the most interested. Sad to let go of this part of my life go but its time to cut the cord from these bad boys. Curado 200B5 $60 pending Curado 200B5 $60 pending Curado 200BSF $(sold) No trades unless it involves a 300E or DSV. (619)...
  9. doorman

    Flying S.had 4.1.11

    Everybody is a pro this time of year. Stay off the beds, follow the flying S.had and REACT. El Cap. Bout 14 of these, 12pm-4pm.
  10. doorman

    Curado 300e

    Looking for a 300e. Send me a pm.
  11. doorman

    Deal Alert - Black Dog Punkers ... unker.aspx<!-- m --> In good baybassboy fashion I'm forwarding this killer deal to you guys. I know this is one for the bass club, punkers and stripers doo. got WOOD? 8" or 6" 29.99 and get a free shell cracka holmes.
  12. doorman

    Abu - Revo Inshore

    Revo-Sold I'm looking to trade it for any of the following (also I have a couple curado 200b5's in great shape to even out trades if needed or cash.) Bass rod blanks phenix rods curado 300e or dsv, 200e7 or 5 chronarch core calcutta 200te, 100te, or 50te, and GT models also looking for...
  13. doorman


    Happy B-day baybassboy. This dude deserves some recognition on his birthday.:hali_olutta:
  14. doorman

    Rods and Reels, Calstar, Sabre, Fenwick, Shimano, Penn, Daiwa, Newell. For Core.

    I am also interested in Phenix or Rainshadow bass blanks. Rods: Calstar GFGR 700XLH 15-25. factory (SOLD) Sabre cs 870 7' 15-40. . (sold ) Custom Fenwick 5'-6" trolling rod with aftco rollers Shimano Clarus 7'-6", 8-17, 1/4-5/8oz. medium fast (SOLD) Reels: Penn Senator 113HLW...
  15. doorman

    Just a second

    Here's a rod I just finished building for my gramps, fished it saturday and he was very pleased, probably just because its family and you are proud no matter what. It's a Shikari MB703. The rear cork grip should have been a little longer, finish could have been a little cleaner, but other then...
  16. doorman

    Any BD'rs work for the DFG?

    Hey if any of you work for the DFG send me a pm, just have a few questions to ask. Thanks.
  17. doorman

    8/7 El Cap

    Got to El Cap at 6:15ish, already a few bass boats on the water. And already guys wakeboarding. Crank battery didn't take a charge the night before so we had to do some on the water wire swap and start it off the TM battery. First few casts trying to cover water, picked up a good one on the...
  18. doorman

    Geek Squad

    Alright I'm sure most of you followed the icast coverage on tackletour but lets geek out and discuss what we like, didn't like and want to see. I chose a few select things that stood out to me if I missed something you like add it. I've never been into quantum but these caught my attention...
  19. doorman

    Curado 301DSV!

    I have a 301dsv with box and paperwork. The reel is in prestine shape, no boat rash at all. I need a righty, so if you have a 300dsv in great shape let me know.
  20. doorman

    Shot at BPS Rancho

    Video Library - apparently a woman was shot in the ass at BPS in rancho. The guy accidently left one in the chamber on his way to the indoor range, discharged at check in.
  21. doorman

    pc help....

    so I am computer dumb. I unplugged my moniter from my hard drive while trying to unplug my printer... Now my screen, desktop, and all things I open are HUGE. the icons on the desktop are giagantic and so is everything else.(on the computer that is) anyone?
  22. doorman

    So I built this

    I built my first rod, pretty stoked on it but has some minor flaws. Eventually I will build my whole fleet to match. THANKS again Capt. G for the helpful info and goods. Yes this belongs in the bass club cuz this stick is going to sneak up on some bass's. And then theres a pic of the whole fleet...
  23. doorman

    History - Top Shot banner

    Does it bother any one else that it depicts the entire bullet and casing traveling to the target? Get it right especially if its a show about shooting well.
  24. doorman

    Heavy Bag and Speed Bag w/ stand

    Alright heres another thing for me to sell. Get tuff. I believe the bag is 60lbs or 70lbs. $100 obo
  25. doorman

    125cc Pit Bike

    Sold to a BD'r, hope you enjoy it Johnny
  26. doorman

    Alright here goes nothin

    Everything I've seen in this forum from you guys convinced me to try my hand at it, I built a hand wrapper and got all my supplies already, except I will be going to acid rod this week to get different guides. Capt. G has been kind enough to provide me with some very helpful information, he has...
  27. doorman

    Anyone down?

    To buddy boat. Me and Bomber are planning on hitting the wall friday night (outside this time) in his little duckie. Having very strong desires to pull on some checkers. Won't be making it out till about high tide around 1030ish? bad idea? Have to keep the woman happy too with a few graced hours...
  28. doorman

    pee wee's playhouse

    new night different spot. put down my growler of self rightous 67oz then ready to get dirty with the green. senko's blam, topwater swoop.
  29. doorman

    Fear not the weapon but the hand that wields it

    Ninja assassin. Did some neenja feeshing with the bomber. Nothing real big but defenitly fighters, great warriors that were defeated in battle. They fought couragously but were no mach for our superior skills. did about 7 a peice, in a very very small pond.
  30. doorman

    WTB Curado 300

    I posted this in rods and reels, but you guys are my homies and probably the guys that have them but then again maybe not the ones willing to give them up. I'm looking for a 300 dsv or e, price depends on condition. I would like one that still has the box. I know I can get a NIB 300e for 200...
  31. doorman

    Curado 300dsv or e

    Looking for a 300dsv or 300e, would like one that still comes with the box. Send me a pm of what you have.
  32. doorman

    yesterday 3/29

    Took the day off for my bday and hit el cap with my fiance, she has been with me before but caught her first ever green bass and the biggest of the day. In all we put 9 in the boat from 7 to 11. Caught 2 ok fish in the morning on the senko, moved spots to hide from the wind a little, got there...
  33. doorman

    Shimano Curado service

    So my 200e7 is being weird. the handle keeps loosening up and the drag lever seems to wobble, take off the cover, tighten the nut and a maybe 10 casts later it was loose again. I want to send it to shimano but I was curious if I could do drop off and pick up at their location in Irvine. Whats...
  34. doorman


    For me and the bass. Always keep a rod with you, I prefer my flippin stick because of the telescoping action makes it easy to transport. On my usuall route today I passed by a lake about lunch time and thought what better way to take a break. Caught 2 little but healthy greenies, had one on that...
  35. doorman

    Help me convince Bomber

    Alright we have been itching to get into some calicos and bigger grade bass. We want to get out of the harbor float tubes and get to The Wall or oil islands, anything. The problem is lil duckie, bomber's duck boat. I'm convinced it would have absolutely no problem hitting the wall, bomber seems...
  36. doorman

    Post Office Work LMB

    Shot out of work an hour early with the boss (grandpa) to pull on some bass at El Cap. Hooked up the boat. Started out taking pics with fish then got fed up with it and went tourny style, putting em in the live well and planned on a photo sesh before heading in. Ended up fishing till the...
  37. doorman

    1 HAWG 2/25 5:55pm

    Just an hour ago. On a 6" weedless swimbait. Didn't have a scale. Didn't bother measuring because I knew it wasn't over 24 like the sandie in the bass contest.
  38. doorman

    pimp your tube

    Alright I float tube the harbors occasionally and always fight with my rods. I see guys posts with nice rod holders, but they are on different kind of tubes. I have a standard caddis nevada u-type. any good ideas for rod holders or other cool gadgets?
  39. doorman

    Bassmaster Classic

    KVD does it again for 500k, that dude is a machine. Ike took 6th. Another notable was Russ Lane in 4th with the big one at 6-2. BASS Fishing Membership and Tournament News, Information, Standings, Photos, Videos, Blogs - ESPN
  40. doorman

    Lindo Lake

    So it looks like I will be making my home in Lakeside right next to Lindo Lake. Anybody ever got a line wet there? Might be nice to walk across the street after work and rip some lips work on some techniques. What you guys got?
  41. doorman

    BD sighting

    Saw this truck at LA Fitness on Navajo about 430. tried to figure out who it was but there were way too many hairy ugly guys that had BD potential.
  42. doorman

    not really a joke

    but had no idea where to put this and could be a little funny. Claim: Police beat up 79-year-old man during traffic stop | tran, police, claim - News - The Orange County Register makes me sick to think hes going to get money though for not being able to speak english. "assumed a fighting...
  43. doorman

    Bachelor Party

    Alright going on my bachelor party in june and my brother and I are trying to decide where to go. I don't want to do the standard vegas, I'm not too into nightclubs, :2gunsfiring_v1:duechebags from jerseyshores and strippers:boobies:, I only last a couple hours gambling. Trying to keep it...
  44. doorman

    Online Garage Sale

    Alright cleaning things out so here we go lots of random goodies. 1. custom x foster bodyboard for prone and dropknee, size 12 redley fins 2. Fulcrum 6'-5" shortboard w/ fcs fins, Webber Afterburner 6'-4" w/ fcs fins 3. Airbag kit for car w/out bags, tank, compressors, switches, valves, and 2...
  45. doorman

    Check this out. 1/9 newport pier bsb

    Huge fish dragged out of Newport surf - Sciencedude : The Orange County Register just came across this in the local news. awsome, even released it. Don't mind the goons that posted about it. Edit* nevermind not too awsome
  46. doorman

    Duck Killin' 12/19

    Saturday 12/19 finally got out to go slay some ducks with my dad and brother. We ended the day with 20. I think it went, 1 widgeon, 2 pintail, 5 spoonies and 12 teal. Tons of fun. That night cooked em at a party with my fiances family. I marinated them in worchestire sauce for a couple hours...
  47. doorman

    Parker, AZ

    Alright guys. I will be going to the river with the future in-laws 12/31-1/3. We are staying in Parker and I'm bringin the bass boat. Any tips on where to go, spots to fish, what to use, etc. would be great. I am a LMB guy but I would like to catch some stripers as well for tacos. Any help would...
  48. doorman

    fish finders not working

    Alright decided to check here before I start pulling wires and messing everything up. Last time I took my boat out I could not get my fish finders to turn on, one by the trolling motor one on the consol. Any ideas what I should check first? I'm assuming a bad connection or something somewhere...
  49. doorman

    Line questions

    Whats your guys favorite all around line? I'm talking mainly LMB or bay stuff anything 6-15 lb. Mono, Fluoro, coated? P-line, Stren, Berkley? P-line Halo is it worth the money? I have yet to find line I am satisfied with but I know theres still lots to try. Note strength, visibility, MEMORY
  50. doorman

    M1A .308

    Looking for M1A .308. Anybody got one they are looking to sell?
  51. doorman

    2008 toyota yaris

    Toyota Yaris S Sedan 4D just under 14,000 miles, very clean. asking $14,300. Getting married, this is my fiances car. (619) 701-0187 Brett. Car is located in the Long Beach area, hit me up if you want to see it. <a href="IMG_1363.jpg picture by bodomwarrior13 - Photobucket"...
  52. doorman

    Where to shoot?

    Alright, I'm taking the fiances family out shooting :turkeythanksgiving morning:2gunsfiring_v1:. but i'm guessing the ranges will be closed and don't really want to pay the fees anyway. Looking for a close, safe, legal place to burn some rounds. will be coming from the 405 and 605 connector...
  53. doorman

    Puddingstone Lake, San Dimas

    Hey anybody ever fish here? I'm going staying with the womans parents here for the nhra winter nationals, thinking about bringing the boat and catching some bass. any info on spots to fish or what to use would be great. thanks.
  54. doorman

    Where to go, what to use?

    My buddy wants to go fishing saturday. So I told him lets go hit the bay with the float tubes. Newport/Long beach area. He said no way he is getting in one of those. So any suggestions of a good jetti in the area to fish and what to use? since hes a little :gay: affraid of the water. preferable...
  55. doorman

    so cal varmint hunters

    My brother and I are getting things together to start varmint hunting in the san diego area once it gets a little cooler. Do you guys have any tips of where to go or about calls or decoys. Any info really would help thanks. And for those wondering if I'm just killing to kill, don't worry I...
  56. doorman

    92 Toyota Pickup 4x4