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  1. Crzyboy180

    BDLA Marzo 15-16 Reportes

    Vamos a Bahia Los Angeles la semana que entra. Como andan los reportes? Donde anda el pescado?.. por ahi dicen q ya se dejaron ver los jureles??
  2. Crzyboy180

    Reportese Bahia de Los Angeles

    Que a salido esta semana! Reportes por favor! Vamos desde Tijuana para llegar el Sábado a quedarnos 3 dias.. Nunca eh llegado a pescar en Mayo. Q esta jalando? Vamos en panga, pero alguien me da informes de como esta la pesca de orilla enfrente del Hotel Los Vientos? Gracias de antemano. Ahi...
  3. Crzyboy180

    BOLA May 21-22

    Anyone from here going down to Bahia de Los Angeles? Driving down from San Diego. We are going to be at Los Vientos Sunday thru Wednesday. Fishing with Alfredo Diaz on Monday and Tuesday, maybe doing an afternoon session on Sunday with Fernando. Se habla espanol.. haber quien mas va andar por...
  4. Crzyboy180

    Confused in Ensenada 06/04/2017

    Went out with Punta Banda Sportfishing again with Oskar as the Cap. We were optimistic, as the Saturday report were good with school size yellows inside the Island. Cruised out of Campo La Jolla around 7am, no bait in the area so we just tied on Irons and went our way. maybe 15 min in.. we saw...
  5. Crzyboy180

    San Jose Del Cabo boat recomendations

    I will be there visiting family in San Jose del Cabo the week of 4th of July. Looking for recent recommendations and experiences with boats and Pangas, I may fish solo a day so a Panga would be ideal. but I may also take the kids out on a cruiser. What are the rates looking like these days out...
  6. Crzyboy180

    Cd Obregon/Bacum Pesca en Canales

    Voy a una boda esta fin, y siempre he tenido curiosidad si ay pez en los canales, me imajino tilapia, carpa o bagres. Alguien de aqui va pescar los canales el dominigo por la manana, y me le puedo pegar un rato. Aviseme por este medio
  7. Crzyboy180

    Popotla Pesca Deportiva

    Alguin sabe en cuanto andan las pangas para pesca deportiva saliendo de Popotla?
  8. Crzyboy180

    Gonzaga Bay, Alfonsinas 04/8 and 04/9

    Drove after work Friday from San Ysidro to TJ to Mexicali to San Felipe,,, first time past that to get to Bahia Gonzaga, getting there at 2am.. Saturday shore fished right in front of the hotel for nothing.. only fished drop shot, that got killed probably by puffers, and an old Kastmaster and...
  9. Crzyboy180

    1st Gonzaga Trip, Suggestions Please

    Buanas Tardes, I may be going to Bahia San Luis Gonzaga next week. Its my first time there and I will be without a boat, How is the shore fishing from there? The far south of the bay looks good from the Satelite pix, any suggestions on where to walk or mild offroad?? Any suggestions on where to...
  10. Crzyboy180

    2 Piece Spinning Blank, Custom?

    Is there such a thing as a 2 piece custom blank for a spinning rod? If so, what are the better brands?? Price ranges?? and where? Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Crzyboy180

    West of SD Thursday

    After being boatless for about 2yrs. My "little" 21 yr old cousin got himself a nice little 21ft trophy. It will be our first offshore trip on his boat, gonna play with the Garmin see if I can input some waypoints on it(100+ page manual??). The plan is to leave early and head west from the...
  12. Crzyboy180

    Sat.03/01 Otay/Sweetwater

    Went to Otay in the AM with my brother, but not much action, zero. Went home for food and picked up my son. Hit up Sweetwater throwing spinners from 1p-3p, only hookup was my son, 2 lbs female. He wanted to keep it, so we did, but at home I showed him she was full of eggs, so he decided to let...
  13. Crzyboy180

    Kayak 4 Sale Malibu Extreme

    Might be the wrong place, but it is a kayak discussion. My cousins didnt really get into the sport and I wasnt impressed with it enough to get it from him so he wants me to get rid of it. Pics and info on c-list. Malibu Extreme Kayak Contact me here if you wish to. It has everything you...
  14. Crzyboy180

    LJ 5/6

    La Jolla 05/07/2007 Well seems like every time I take a new guy out and loose a rod, something good seems to happen. Well my cousin Omar is a crzy fisherman that throws a lure in any puddle of water her can find. I finally got him to get a kayak about a month ago and he’s been begging me to...
  15. Crzyboy180

    Punta Banda

    Went out of La Jolla Campsite in extremly low tide. Launching and landing was a real pain, but anyway. My cousin was testin out a bayliner he just picked up. We were only on the water for few hours, it was really choppy at the tip(Banda). Trolled rapalas in green and picked up 2 nice...
  16. Crzyboy180

    8/21 9M Patty Hopper

    Havent posted in a while, but I have gone out to the islands and hooked up on some yellows. I finally got a day off at work on Monday and will try for some Dorado on the patties, will be a first on this side of BAJA, hope the water hasnt cooled off too much. Ill be on 72 -crzyboy joe if anyone...
  17. Crzyboy180

    SD Bay 1/30

    Went out at about 6.30 with 3 of my cousins. I was thinking/hoping they would be late cause I had a few too many beers the night before but they were right on time. Anyway launched at 6.30 SI beautiful weather. They dropped me off and hit up Jack in the box for Bfast so I rigged up for a...
  18. Crzyboy180

    Sunday 1/30 LJ or SDBAY

    Finally the family klamath is back in action. Plan on heading out with my cousin, my 2.5 yo son and my DAD. I want to do La Jolla and then head back in the bay for some afternoon Sandies. Will probably launch at SI. Its been so long I will settle for any action, so bonies hear we come but...
  19. Crzyboy180

    Help! Cracked Hull in the Tin Klamath

    Need some help guys. We were doin some end of season cleaning on the boat when we found a 3-4 inch crack in the hull. Thinkin back, I did have an run in with the rocks when a buddy shot me off the trailer and I wasn’t ready. Anyway I need a quality repair on that crack. Any suggestion???? I'd...
  20. Crzyboy180

    Sat Kayak SD Bay 10/16

    Sorry late report but no PC at the pad. Anyway Ill make it short. 2 hours of non stop actions 13 Sandies 3 Spoties Got there about 7.30 AM paddled from the Pier to and drifted with the current. One after another, it was the best day I've ever had in the bay. met a couple guys also...
  21. Crzyboy180

    La Jolla 9/23 (yakfishin)

    Launched at 6:30 paddled out to make bait. Met up with the Tandem Assasin as his bro was hooked up with a yellowtail. Talked a bit while I made 6 baits and decided to take off. The plan was to flyline one rod and fish a kroc with the second. Went to the NW corner and started fishing. On my...
  22. Crzyboy180

    2 Ho's avail Sat. 9/25

    My buddy Tony is coming down from Vegas this weekend. We usually fish together either his boston or my klamath, but with little success recently. So he wants to see if we can HO with someone of more experiance, for the offshore tuna hunt. We got mexi permits in order, cash for gas, ice, beer...
  23. Crzyboy180

    Thursday Islands????

    Im heading out Thursday provided the weather cooperates, but the reports the last few days have been kinda slim. Any suggestions where the bit might be and who's gonna be out there?? Joe
  24. Crzyboy180

    How fast do you troll??

    Im gonna be slow trolling for yellows at the islands and I got a pretty slow troll down, but how bout feathers?? How fast do you guys set up your trolls both fast and slow?? Any input is awsome. Joe
  25. Crzyboy180

    Sunday Coronado I./9mile

    My buddy Tony just moved to Vegas and now has to drive down here to get into some fishing. He called me up and it looks like its on for sunday. I hope its not a parking lot out there, anyway we'll listen to 72 yell out for crzyboy Joe. Joe