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  1. tunakillerjoe1

    Legal .410 in calif.?

    So I used to shoot single shot .410 many years ago. Are there Calif. legal .410 in Calif.? I recognize folks cutting them down for nefarious purposes has limited access. There must be legal length Single Shot .410s available, or are they all banned? What about C&Rs? Other legal possessions? Thanks!
  2. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster season coming up- questions about giving them away

    So, if I purchase local lobster, can I store them as just tails, or do they have to be whole? What if I give a neighbor some and they cut them in half? If someone gives me a couple, and it does not exceed me possessing 7, do I document them on my report card? How, there are no codes for this...
  3. tunakillerjoe1

    Steering wheel replacement info needed

    So I am thinking of replacing my crappy plastic steering wheel on ny small 15' valco westcoaster. It seems to flex, and the spinner knob is junk. I measured the spindle at .62" which is 5/8".Most of the wheels I see offered are 3/4" Tapered. Are there different sizes? Are there any that have a...
  4. tunakillerjoe1

    Squid around!

    Squid have finally been popping up. WSB, YT, and butts gotta be around too.
  5. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Tuesday 8/10 north quest, quiet ocean

    Took off 7 AM from Pt. Loma with a nice scoop on flat seas, no wind, no fog, no swell. Trying to get 2 newbies pulling on something! Blasted north at 25+ towards the 312/209 area. Found 1 patty on the way, loaded with bait, fished it for nothing. A few porps around. Found the fleet, metered...
  6. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Tuna with a troller attached, going north

    Fished the N. 9 today, north wind early, no real swell. Was trolling a blue Xrap 40' and a cedar plug headed south, got SLAMMED and looked back, the rod had got hit so hard, it pulled the rod holder out screws and all! Keep an eye out for a BIG tuna with a TLD30 and a black broomstick troller as...
  7. tunakillerjoe1

    Fishing 1.75 on the Legend Tuesday 7/13, 7/14, 7/15

    Late post, beat tired and decided to cut fish. Went out Tuesday 7/13, on the Legend. Great crew, skipper(s) were awesome! Great meals from the kitchen. Did not go too far, fished the bait first day, fished the FF's and knifes at night Tuesday night, knocked the hell outta the big ones at night...
  8. tunakillerjoe1

    2 speed Titus lever drag-spectra+fresh topshot $130.00

    tunakillerjoe1 submitted a new listing: 2 speed Titus lever drag-spectra+fresh topshot $130.00 - 2 speed Titus lever drag-spectra+fresh topshot $130.00 Learn more about this listing...
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    Smoker-charcoal type-$40.00 UTC

    tunakillerjoe1 submitted a new listing: Smoker-charcoal type-$40.00 UTC - Smoker-charcoal type-$40.00 UTC Learn more about this listing...
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    For Sale-34" Spreader bars X 4 YFT killers! $100.00

    tunakillerjoe1 submitted a new listing: For Sale-34" Spreader bars X 4 YFT killers! $100.00 - For Sale-34" Spreader bars X 4 YFT killers! $100.00 Learn more about this listing...
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    Smoker for sale $40.00 Charcoal-chips type

    tunakillerjoe1 submitted a new listing: Smoker for sale $40.00 Charcoal-chips type - Smoker for sale $40.00 Charcoal-chips type Learn more about this listing...
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    Okuma Titus 2 speed reel for sale $150.00

    tunakillerjoe1 submitted a new listing: Okuma Titus 2 speed reel for sale $150.00 - Okuma Titus 2 speed reel for sale $150.00 Learn more about this listing...
  13. tunakillerjoe1

    Anyone have old SQC acrylic cedar plugs for sale or?

    tunakillerjoe1 submitted a new listing: Anyone have old SQC acrylic cedar plugs for sale or? - Anyone have old SQC acrylic cedar plugs for sale or? Learn more about this listing...
  14. tunakillerjoe1

    Scents on flatfalls- knife jigs?

    Does anyone use scents on jigs at night? I tried some hot sauce gel on a lemon-lime knife jig and got picked up quickly by a toad. Coincidence, or does this help at night? Anyone else use this?
  15. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Producer overnight front yard BFT

    Left Monday night around 9PM for a overnighter on the Producer. South wind felt like it might be lumpy, but it was reasonable. Not a long run, stopped around 2:30AM, started a little north of the 35 other boats on "the spot". Putted west to the outside edge, started fishing around 3:30AM. In a...
  16. tunakillerjoe1

    Troller for sale 5 1/2' 40-80 lb Penn tuna killer $75.00 UTC area

    tunakillerjoe1 submitted a new listing: Troller for sale 5 1/2' 40-80 lb Penn tuna killer $75.00 UTC area - Troller for sale 5 1/2' 40-80 lb Penn tuna killer $75.00 UTC area Learn more about this listing...
  17. tunakillerjoe1

    Which is better for fishing prospects, patties full of bait or empty?

    Was all over the 302 and 9 yesterday, found 25+ patties, almost all jugged with bait. The question was, empty patties shows all the bait was eaten, (eaters came and went, maybe hungrier now) and full patties meant there were not eaters around, feasting on the easy meals, full from other food...
  18. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 9 mile BFT busting out!

    Took off in the fog from SD bay around 7am. Was told to gear for Halibut and calicos in the bay, but the boat owner decided to head out to the south 9 to scout for BFT. Dodged some large navy ships, and submarines, had to wait out the fog at the tip for a while, my buddy scored a nice Sculpin...
  19. tunakillerjoe1

    Islands Nados and 9 slow

    Got a nice 1/2 scoop from MB, headed down to Pukey pt., made a few laps around the islands , not many meter marks, even the dogs were not out! 62.6 degree water, a whole bunch of killer looking patties, with no bait, no fish. Weird to see so many patties with nothing, especially all of them at...
  20. tunakillerjoe1

    SI parking shut down for Bear/Cox?

    Did I see Shelter Island parking shut down for a photo op, staring a big ol bear and some suit named cox? WTF? The whole cox thing leaves bad taste in my mouth! How many times will cox cause us pain? No more cox punishing us, getting right up in our face! The bear is fine. No messing with him.
  21. tunakillerjoe1

    Let's see some pics of patty YT, and Dodo's later!

    Thought it might be a good time to start seeing pictures of speared YT off pattys, I know most are rats now, but it would be good to see the progression in size as the season goes on. Don't be shy about posting any BFT, WSB, dorado either, no family secrets being asked, just like to see meat on...
  22. tunakillerjoe1

    Another what the heck is this post

    Any thoughts what marine animal this is/was? I noticed the "foot" on the left, so maybe a large (huge) bipod/clam of some type, I also see the jet vents on the right. I am certain someone will have the answer. Found in Mission Bay, Fiesta island.
  23. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Upper 9, non-report

    Got a somewhat early start outta harbor is., (5:30AM), no fog, nice 1/2 scoop mix of nicer deans with smaller ones, very lively. Headed to the north 9 directly into the swell/wind, only could do about 10-12 knots. The military was all over the place, carriers, and choppers along with littorals...
  24. tunakillerjoe1

    Programing an electric tach

    I have a 40 HP 4 stroke Mercury (ELPT EFI) and bought a digital electric tach/hour meter. It asks how many sparks per revolution, as the sensor wire wraps around one plug wire. I am unsure of this answer. I am trying to see how the boat is propped-hoping to be around 6000 RPM at WOT. I have...
  25. tunakillerjoe1

    Cost of Navonics app

    I was looking at getting the Navonics app on a pad, after seeing the pad is GPS activated. I thought the cost was $15.00, but now I see the cost is $199.00. Am I wrong? I thought the relief shading would be great! Big difference, still worth it? Are the phone apps and tablet ones priced...
  26. tunakillerjoe1

    Bay / Harbor End of season San Diego Bay

    Started a bit late, 5ish, and tried to get 1/2 scoop, but it did not look to be enough (again!), ended up getting a full scoop. WTF! Got 2 nice ones, 5 total even with the insane crowds! Hoopers everwhere! Chucking hoops right on top of my sets, many dorks out there. I left after getting a...
  27. tunakillerjoe1

    Coyote hunting in San Diego-is it possible?

    Does anyone in San Diego have any ideas about coyote hunting in San Diego, or within an hour or so drive? Any desert areas, (plaster city, anywhere near Tecate/Campo?) foothills (Warner springs, kitchen creek, backcountry) or info on what can be legally hunted on? (BLM, Cleveland forest?) I...
  28. tunakillerjoe1

    WSB starting up!

    This is the time of year for the WSB to pop up! Go Get em! (picture from the past)
  29. tunakillerjoe1

    Tuna Crab plastics?

    I saw someone post a tuna crab plastic on a post a couple of days ago, but cannot find it now. Anyone know of these? May give it a try-thanks!
  30. tunakillerjoe1

    Night on SD bay-slow...but a couple!

    Left at 4PM from SI, got a half scoop, worst short scoop I have seen yet! Did not fill the 10 bait cans I had, we had to only fill 3/4 to even hoop. Lame. How does one handle this? We were already a ways away from the barge, hate to go back and complain. Many half scoops usually gets you a fill...
  31. tunakillerjoe1

    Looking at underwater fishing cameras-ideas?

    After seeing some video from GregAndrew of YT eyeing his mack, I am looking for an underwater camera, ideally HD, reasonable lights, infrared and white, that will go 80 or so feet deep. Live, not taped and reviewed. A larger screen, maybe 9", a decent battery 8 hrs +. I have seen Eyoyo 1000TVL...
  32. tunakillerjoe1

    Underwater fishing camera?

    After seeing some video from GregAndrew of YT eyeing his mack, I am looking for an underwater camera, ideally HD, reasonable lights, infrared and white, that will go 80 or so feet deep. A larger screen, maybe 9", a decent battery 8 hrs +. I have seen the Eyoyo 1000TVL, does anyone use these or...
  33. tunakillerjoe1

    XL tackle storage system 5 trays

    Looking for a XL storage system with 5 3700 trays, or something similar. Flat storage of trays if possible, Got a ton of tackle-let me know! San Diego 858 226-4105
  34. tunakillerjoe1

    Large/XL storage system for termnal tackle plastics needed. Best one?

    I am looking for a big storage system that will hold 5 3700 boxes flat, plus the usual other stuff. (Scents, fluro, cutters, lead.) What systems are best? I would rather go soft box, but would consider either. Ideas, suggestions? I got a ton of tackle....thanks!
  35. tunakillerjoe1

    Squid from markets for fishing?

    Hey, what markers are there on squid blocks from local markets (99 ranch etc.) to look for for acceptable fishing bait? I know if it is available live, freezing it without rinsing it is good. What is the best place for frozen? Thanks!
  36. tunakillerjoe1

    OB pier GWS caught recently?

    Hey, one of the idiots I work with showed me a picture of a large baby GWS that was supposedly caught at OB pier last week. Looked to be 200#+, maybe more. Walked it onto shore. I told him whoever caught that could be in big trouble for messing with that shark, but he shrugged it off. Anyone...
  37. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore The 371 yesterday, you know..

    Rolled to the 371 yesterday am, left at 7. Nice scoop of healthy bait, calm beautiful morning. Started picking up paddies above the 302, threw out a couple of trollers, got hit fast by skippies. More paddies, got a couple of nice dorado, bunch of rat YT. (Most released) The wind came up a lot by...
  38. tunakillerjoe1

    WTB boat cover for 15' Valco westcoaster side console

    Looking for a boat cover for my 15' Valco Westcoaster side console. Does anyone have suggestions on a brand of company for this? Anybody have something that will fit that they want to sell? Can't seem to find anyone who make them forr the side C. versions. Rather not spend the bucks on custom...
  39. tunakillerjoe1

    Gifting lobsters

    So I see another post about lobster licences, and have to wonder. What is the legal way to "gift" lobsters? Does the person receiving them have to have a a licence? A report card? Documentation of the gift? Can they receive "gifts" from more than one person? I understand the "possession of 7...
  40. tunakillerjoe1

    Lobster season coming up-ready?

    It won't be long! Got your game face on?
  41. tunakillerjoe1

    Water pressure gauge install Merc 40hp 4 stroke 2003

    Has anyone done this install for checking the water pressure with a gauge? Part # 91-79250A2 from Quicksilver. It speaks of a Poppet valve on some models. Not sure if I even have a Poppet valve. Is it worth looking at this number, or the stream? Mine runs fine, replaced thermostat and impeller...
  42. tunakillerjoe1

    Nothing happening today, wind came up!

    I had thoughts of trying the 9, Windy and predict wind said it was going to be very calm today-NOT TRUE! Nice early, but around 8 AM it started to blow, Hard! Turned to crap early, no way to try outside in my 15' boat. They are dredging the end of the north side channel in MB, 3/4 of the channel...
  43. tunakillerjoe1

    Does anyone have more info on Diver run over at the 312?

    Message in the inshore reports for San Diego. Diver run over and killed by boat at the 312. Does anyone know what happened? How tragic-condolences...
  44. tunakillerjoe1

    Is it illegal in Calif to spear a swordfish?

    So in another forum, someone stated it is illegal to spear a swordfish, (with a speargun), as commercial guys spear them out a boat legally. I have never heard of this being illegal, and will do some research on this. Any ides if this is true? One would be in great danger by doing this, as they...
  45. tunakillerjoe1

    No one blasting these slug BFT?

    Just wondering if anyone is shooting the jumbo BFT gracing our waters lately? Pm me if you wish to remain secret. Go get em'!
  46. tunakillerjoe1

    Dolphin type fin on outboards-any good?

    Hey, I have a 40 Hp 4 stroke outboard on my 15' valco westcoaster. I was thinking of adding one of those fin/dolphin foils to my setup. Any reccomendations, and info on what gains I can expect? Do I have to drill, or are there ones that bolt on and work. Also, what about a stainless blade...
  47. tunakillerjoe1

    End of Lobster season 2019 2020 There is still time for 1 more session!

    Today I buttoned down and stored all the traps and re-washed the boat. (In the rain again!), it has been a remarkable year for my first year hooping. I learned a ton, with help from BD friends (shout out to all who helped-Doghouse26, Rodrage, Madrugador, Billy L., Flomar), Every little bit of...
  48. tunakillerjoe1

    Thick rain hooping Friday the 13th

    Went out in Sd bay regardless of the weather, poured heavy for a few hours! First drop at 6 PM, nada the first 1.5 hour soak. Went 0, 2, 2, 3, and 0 for the night. Got 3 in 1 pull, carpet bombed the area for a Large Morey eel and a short. Weird, getting a three and then none, but it was at an...
  49. tunakillerjoe1

    Just one bug last night, but got the skunk off!

    Went out in SD bay last night around 3 pm, 4 sets, first one at 4:15 Pm, one around the point in the ocean, south of the reserve. Great weather, turned up the tunes and enjoyed it, 59 degree water, incoming tide which turned around about 8pm. Some smelt mixed in with the bait? Maybe 15 (Barely)...
  50. tunakillerjoe1

    Light sticks- do they attract or not?

    I know this has been gone over in years past in BD, but why not ask? I saw these small glow sticks at party city, and thought about stuffing one in the bait cages. Anyone tried these? I know, the enemy of good is better! I thought in dirty water...maybe?
  51. tunakillerjoe1

    Ideas on how to improve my hooping success

    Ok, This is my first year hooping, I have been diving 50 years, grabbed a bunch of bugs. Hooping has been hit or miss! SD bay, I have easy limited, (early in the season), and been skunked the last 2 times. I use fresh dinos, cut, in PVC tubes, sometimes with sardine lube or cat food. Depth...
  52. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore 9 mile- 302 on a snotty day

    Bad south wind, out of Pt.Loma, went into the $hit south, took a pounding. Got to the lower 9, found a huge school of porps, tail slapping, working SE. Big whales jumping completely out of the water friggen nuts! Got 1 nice YFT (20#+) on 20# # 2 on birds going off. Had 2 other pickups, for...
  53. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Quiet 9 mile

    Rolled up and down the 9 today, good bait, (mb), reasonable seas, no traffic, only metered 1 school at the north end, with some porpise.sounded like the 101-425 was working.Hit and miss on the radio. Is the 9 ever wfo? My cedar has some miles, no love yet! Ready for the killing to begin!
  54. tunakillerjoe1

    Deck paint-does anyone know specifically what this is?

    Looking at touching up my deck paint, any ideas what this is specifically? Generally? Need to touch up the edges, not the flats-Thanks in advance!
  55. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Sportie report-rare good behavior?

    Went out overnight on the Producer, ended up at the same spots as the rest of the fleet-302-226. Tried glow-in-the dark flatfalls from 2:30 am-4 am, no luck. Big Mako 300lb+ came thru attracted to the light. Caught 2 YFT 15+ to 20 lbs lbs on bait before 6 am, picked away for 5 YFT total. Handed...
  56. tunakillerjoe1

    Is the 9 mile inshore or offshore?

    Got an early start with a nice 1/2 scoop of smallish dinos from mb. Went to the upper 9to the border, trolled some porpises (mispelled) for nada. Why can you not see them on the sonar? 72.5, blue, flat, no patties. Had a big ass sub surface near me. One of the big ones, threw every jig i had...
  57. tunakillerjoe1

    Quiet on the 9 mile Wed

    66 degree water, flat, glassy, a few porps, a few patties loaded with bait, but no action. Trolled Rap magnums north/south for a couple of hours, not much happening! The patties looked ripe, ready for yellos and dorado! Had a hard time finding Macs at the mouth of MB channel, had to go to Point...
  58. tunakillerjoe1

    Open eye Siwash hooks-what gives?

    Hello, i mistakenly bought some open eye Siwash hooks. What is the deal with open eye style of hooks? Can't figure. Snelling? Thanks!
  59. tunakillerjoe1

    MMSI does not give GPS numbers to USCG-Help!

    I bought a Icom IC-M330G, GPS enabled radio and registered a MMSI number, which I entered in the radio. I tried to test the distress signal a couple of ways (NOT by pushing the Red button!), but using the DSC -Individual-routine-with the USCG MMSI number entered. (003669999) I was able to talk...
  60. tunakillerjoe1

    Almost the end of lobster, but...

    Went bug diving off Pt. Loma, 40 ft of water. Nice seas, no wind early, little current, vis was 20'+ Plenty of bugs around, most barely short, go figure! Got a couple of good legals. Plenty of sandies Calicos and sheepshead, bait, and it seemed real fishy. Did not see anything...
  61. tunakillerjoe1

    Kill bag zipper replace/repair?

    Both zipper pulls broke on my pelagic kill bag. Anyone know a place in San Diego who can do this fix? Anyone has a zipper replaced?
  62. tunakillerjoe1

    Offshore Late report Tuesday 1/29 182-181

    Left the thick fog with a healthy scoop of 4-6" dinos, the fog broke just off the point. Went to the 182 lookinng for rumors of chuna finding many large empty patties , no birds. Looked around towards the 181 with the water temp climbing from 61.5 to 62.5 inside. Jumped in on some...
  63. tunakillerjoe1

    Shelter Island ramp open!

    I looked at the SI ramp today on my weekly trip to West marine, and it looked open! One side of the dock was fenced off, but I saw a boat dropping in! Finally...tired of glorietta bay.