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    300 Kit

    Cortez Conversion side plate kit. Fits 300 series Newell. Silver color. $250 shipped.
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    300 series side plates

    Complete Cortez Conversion side plate kit- plates & hardware for 300 series Newell. $250 shipped.
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    I was feeling sorry for myself on Christmas. Only a Avet Raptor MXJ, a dozen Big Mac jigs and a pair of Keanon Anacapa sunglasses. So deprived! Got a text from my friend & rod wrapper wishing me Merry Christmas and............... he had 6 rods for me!!!!!! I was working, Got off and drove from...
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    Best $40 ever!

    Picked up a JX this morning from the factory service. Thank you George and the technicians that rebuilt my reel. Works far better(25-30%) across the board than when new. Reel is going into third decade of service. I bought it 2007-2008. I have used it a lot in the 40-50 bait role. Bought...
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    Very old aluminum lures.

    Putter-stamped. Starman Candybar 101- no markings. $325.00 OB0.
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    Makira spinning.

    Are they any good? Want something comparable to Stella 14000 and 18000(thousand, not hundred, right?). I don't want to bite the bullet on the Shimano even though there are some deals available. Also, I try to avoid their stuff.
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    Called it!

    Got my deposit back for G/T trip to Arabia.
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    ORD8, green D8, red 6X, Cobra Red D8, red 39, green 39, 39L & black D8. Condition mint to near mint. X4 from virgin blanks. X3 rewrapped w/ little or no use. X1 original owner for 35 years. $33,500.00 or best offer(obo)
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    Tern 500x

    Anyone got an extra one?
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    G/T poopers

    Looking for high end stuff like Hammerhead. 150g +. These things are pricy, but I need 6-12.
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    Big Poppers 150gr.+

    Hammerhead, Maniac, primarily high end stuff.
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    Catch Spinner Heads

    That's right, 6oz spinner heads! Anybody got some to sell?
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    Any available from members? Or, does anyone know how or where to just purchase the heads? Where is the factory? Phone number?
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    Oman fishing

    Anyone have information/opinions on fishing in Oman? Looks like the Giant Trevally fishing is outstanding. Other stuff as well. Hallaniyat Island is the place to be. I've tried to inquire with "No Boundaries", but no luck. There was a guy posting on B/D on Oman fishing who allegedly resides in...
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    GreenTruline 39

    Pristine original 39 circa 1965. One million dollars -$1,000,000 or best offer.
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    Alba-core vs. Yellowdale

    Can't find the video any more. Other stuff like "I want to catch a Bluefin Tuna." is up. Anyone got a link?
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    WTB 6oz. Catchy spinner heads

    Prefer unrigged. Color not important. 6oz, size.
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    Superior Service

    What a great service experience at Avet this morning! Maria was awesome. She had my thrashed LX rebuilt in 20 minutes; polished and free spool spinning like a perpetual motion machine. Also, got EX series clamp nuts and the composite reel clamps. Thanks again for the great service!
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    Xtranormal viedo- Albacore vs Yellowtail

    It seems that YouTube has pulled that hilarious video. They have things like I want to catch a giant bluefin tuna or I want to be a hedge fund manager or I'd like to have Russian prostitutes P somewhere. Anybody familiar with this video? And could possibly give me a link to it.
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    Trulines- blanks

    3 blanks for sale. B0RD8- excellent condition. $450. BOR36- excellent condition. $400. Chocolate D8 circa 1965- very good. $900. PM me.Or call @ 310 736-8231.
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    SURFACE IRON ROD THROW DOWN!!! Truline versus Roddy

    I've got two Roddy jig sticks- both from unwrapped blanks that had never seen the light of day until a three years ago: fishing 40# & 50#. But I think I favor the Trulines more because of versatility. I have Truline jig sticks to fish 25#, 30#, 40#, 50# and 60# surface iron. Don't think Roddy...
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    Tackle bags, tackle boxes.

    There is a wood box posted in the General section. There have been several other boxes posted recently. A couple of years ago a guy named Jim sold custom wooden boxes appropriate for local fishing. That's what I'm using now. Here is my concern and my pet peeve. I find often that fellow Anglers...
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    Blanks et al

    Need blanks for Super 10, 11, & 12. I thought Truline was overpriced. $175 of materials, components, and labor- $895 retail.
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    Abel Arm

    Anyone have one for sale or know where I can get one.
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    Old style clamps

    Factory said they have none left. Looking for the non metal/synthetic reel clamps that came with the reels early on. Could use a half a dozen.
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    D8 blanks for sale

    RD8 & ORD8. Neither has ever seen direct sunlight. $500 each.
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    DX-2 50

    WTB or WTT. Accurate DX-2 50 wanted. Willing to part with D8 in trade
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    Ray Duane

    I was informed Yesterday by deckhand Anthony of a the Native Sun that Ray Duane had died on Wednesday. Does anybody have information regarding this? And, if so, information regarding services?
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    Catchy spinner heads

    WTB - 6oz. Catchy Tackle spinner heads. 4.5oz. head, too.
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    Some vintage rods

    Newer 39 I'm stripping. Unsanded BR 100 cut to 9'3". Two green and one black D8s. Newest rod is 30 years old. Oldest is over 50. Some guy said that I didn't really have anything. Well.......
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    Conventional Carbide Guides, braced or not

    WTB- carbide conventional guides. Individual, in larger sizes, or a whole set. Gold plated ones would be highly prized.
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    OK Guys, you Mavens, you Princes of the bending stick: What is the greatest rod of all time and why? We all have one. You all have one. You bought what you thought was going to be it and was disappointed-many times. For me it was a green D8 I got at Big 5 in 1971. It was miss marked @ $19.95...
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    Rocket launchers

    WTB rocket launchers. Want two on each side of a wooden box. They must sit a little bit away from the box about 3/4 of an inch.
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    Mildrum carbide guides

    WTB- anyone have any Mildrum conventional guides?
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    Abel reel covers

    Anybody have a couple of reel "pouches" for a Super 5 & 6N? At a reasonable price, of cpourse
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    Skipper's hats

    I've heard s few names mentioned and mentioned a few myself in the past few weeks. I started to think about unusual head gear and sport boat captains. So help me out with your recollections! I'll start out: Captain Ed Frege wore a black Keppi- that round flat topped hat the French military...
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    Red D8, new $800 Red ORD8, slightly used $600 Green 5X new, heavy $700 Red 36 very good condition $550 Chocolate CXM $600 Chocolate D8 wrapped once $1000 Caramel D8 40# rod excellent con. $950 Red TNT, original owner $575 Red 39 new $2000. Red octagon D8, original owner $900 Green 39 $2500 Red...
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    vacuum cleaner

    Need upright vacuum, cheap
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    cold shrink

    I need cold shrink for rail rod fore grips. 18" or as short as 12". Fairly large diameter needed, but could use some smaller stuff too. P/M or call me at 310 736-8231. Tony
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    533 base and bars

    WTB- need base and bars. Anyone who the narrow Tiburon conversion or anyone else who has left overs, I need them. Please respond. Call if you like at 310 736-8231. Tony
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    533 base & bars

    WTB- Newell 533 base & bars. Anyone who did the "conversion" to the Tiburon narrow kit or anyone else, I want your left over base and bars. I have a spool.
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    WTB Avet Hx Raptor

    Looking for new reel. Will pay premium price for color red. Red is a must. Also, If you live along way away, I will pay all the shipping charges too.
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    Truline 39

    CALLING ALL 39 OWNERS! Tell us who you are, where you are and how many you have. Here's the first question: Why is a 39 called a "39"?
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    Newell 501 bars

    Got the spool! Need bars to complete 349H conversion. Need x3. Will buy 4 or 6.
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    Accurate SR30 Twin Spin

    Reel rep convinced me I need a spinning reel to cast and work poppers. Anyone got an extra 30 Twin Spin(6 to 1) laying around that they will part with?