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  1. WahooUSMA

    Offshore SD to Mag

    I can hold about 515 gal in my 37 Bert. I would love to make the trip!
  2. WahooUSMA

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    I wish mine could - I can't outrun a following sea!
  3. WahooUSMA

    Tranquilo Amigo!

    I used a company called BC Connections to process everything, including our Mx fishing lic and misc doc's - Her name is Michelle Aguilar. Little pricy, but they are pretty quick as long as there was or is not an old TIP on your new boat 619-305-9385. Make sure all your serial numbers on...
  4. WahooUSMA

    Offshore 8 Days and 1 Hour at Sea

    Man, I was thinking the same thing!
  5. WahooUSMA

    New Boater Recommendations

    While I never personally launched out of LB-Davies, it is a quick exit out of Alamitos (10-15 min max). I am currently slipped in Alamitos and see a ton of small fishing craft running back and forth all day long - about the only thing you need to worry about in Alamitos are the F-tards on the...
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    Sat fun at catalina

    And keep me far away from someone doing 20kts in the fog!
  7. WahooUSMA

    4 Overdose on SD Fishing Boat

    Spot on!
  8. WahooUSMA

    Clean Penn 50SW

    Well, not sure i have any 70's era irons - but 80's and 90's for sure. I don't know how many I have but I'd guess 6+ large Plano boxes full of irons at home collecting dust as well as another 3-4 boxes on the boat. My wife say's I have a serious issue in collecting fishing crap. I was looking...
  9. WahooUSMA

    Clean Penn 50SW

    I have a shit load of old irons!
  10. WahooUSMA

    Goodbye & Thank You

    Best wishes in your retirement - well done! There is life after LE! As a retired LEO, it was the best times and the worst for me! Still stuck in Southern Cali! Good luck my brother!
  11. WahooUSMA

    WE ARE NOT ALONE! 6/20/20

    Holy shit! Nice haul!
  12. WahooUSMA

    Penn Slammer III 6500HS

    I realize your ad is a few months old, but wondering if you still have the real for sale?
  13. WahooUSMA

    Lockdown effect boat launches?

    This is in Florida - but sure it will come our way.
  14. WahooUSMA

    Catalina back to Long Beach at night

    When I run at night, I run pretty slowly (10-12 knots - max). Everyone on here has solid recommendations, and would embrace all of them. I personally like traveling at night, especially on a clear evening. I did hit a whale last year - broke a blade on my starboard prop, bent the shaft, cracked...
  15. WahooUSMA

    Don’t Buy RTIC Coolers

    Big fan of RTIC here....Put the sticker back on and it's as good as new!
  16. WahooUSMA

    Bertram 28 Flybridge

    What are you stepping up to? We are moving up soon, and will be listing our 37 Bert.
  17. WahooUSMA

    OH FOR PETE'S SAKE............(keeping it family friendly)

    Shit it cost me a 1000.00 just to change the oil! No sympathy from me!
  18. WahooUSMA

    Penn Slammer III 9500

    Thank you sir! We'll be getting it wet very shortly! Thanks again!
  19. WahooUSMA

    Everything You Need to Go to Mexico (For Now)

    this is a great thread. I am just starting the process. We are planning on heading to Ensenada, over Labor Day and spend a night or two at the Coral Marina.
  20. WahooUSMA

    Register or document

    Keep it documented.
  21. WahooUSMA

    Rpt.-05-30-19 New member Brotherhood of the Zipper!

    Glad you are doing well! Stay in the fight!!!!
  22. WahooUSMA

    Furuno 42in Open Array

    Open for trade or cash - $750.00. Professionally removed by OC Marine Installation All cabling included. System worked prior to removing. I just switched over to Simrad. Would consider a nice SUP or Penn 50 in trade. Located in Rancho Cucamonga.
  23. WahooUSMA

    Isinglass recommendation

    Anyone have any recommendations for enclosures? Looking for someone who can install Strataglass or Makrolon in Alamitos. Much appreciated!
  24. WahooUSMA

    Local Knowledge S3 E12 "It's Been Real" Full Episode

    Come on guy's, I am having Local Knowledge withdraws!!! I'll have to be a keyboard warrior for the next six weeks. Smack a friggin lobster pot and broke my prop blade. Prop's have a 4-6 week delivery time - When's the next episode coming out so I can get my fix while waiting for the parts?
  25. WahooUSMA

    Simrad Electronics package. NSS-16 Evo 2, NSS-9 Evo 2, 3G radar, Sonic Hub $4000

    Great deal - I am moving to Simrad from Furuno after the new year. Any reason why the change in hardware?
  26. WahooUSMA

    Dana Point Harbor - New Slip Fee Schedule! 2nd Increase for most?

    We already had a fee increase this year. At least it was only about 20 bucks! Haven't heard about another increase....yet!
  27. WahooUSMA

    1970 Bertram 20 Bahia Mar

    Very cool - Hope to see you at next years Bertram Rendezvous!
  28. WahooUSMA

    New boat to me!

    It was slipped on their dock in HB....not bad.
  29. WahooUSMA

    New boat to me!

    LOL - My boat is full of damn pillows! I got to pick out the boat but she got to decorate it! No, he and his son fished it locally and it was moored in Huntington Beach. They brought it up from Cabo and rebuilt the engines. They took really good care of it, mechanically. They had installed a...
  30. WahooUSMA

    New boat to me!

    Thanks! I have the 6v92's 550 hp., 750 hrs. Complete new wiring of electrical panel, all new battery cables, switches, installed 3k inverter w/ two additional batteries. Here are some new interior pics.
  31. WahooUSMA

    New boat to me!

    No, been boating my whole life - owned everything from a 21ft Wellcraft, 34 Baja, multiple Sea Rays, and just sold my 34 Sea Ray Amberjack. So very familiar. Just heard some of horror stories about the entrance to SD and few boilers along the way. Always fished the islands, but the furthest...
  32. WahooUSMA

    New boat to me!

    I'll let you know where we dock. Might stay through the weekend and head back up on Monday! I'll keep you posted
  33. WahooUSMA

    New boat to me!

    Looking at heading down on the 5th - hopefully it settles down!
  34. WahooUSMA

    New boat to me!

    Thank you! We are looking at going on the hopefully it will have settled down by then. If not, we stay put!
  35. WahooUSMA

    New boat to me!

  36. WahooUSMA

    New boat to me!

    Was hoping to get some advice.We purchased a 37 Bertram in December and did a complete retrofit. We are planning on taking it down from Los Alamitos to Mission Bay for the weekend. Wife is going so no fishing for me! I know there are massive kelp beds in La Jolla to avoid (used to kayak fish...
  37. WahooUSMA

    Calcutta Bamboo Gaffs

    Greetings! I am now back in the fishing and boating having just purchased our 37 Bert. Been out of things for a few years. I would love to get a 6 ft with the boat name and bertram colors of black and gold. Are you still building custom gaffs??? If so, please let me know! Many thanks in advance...
  38. WahooUSMA

    Instant Karma At Dockweiler

    Nice - Tears while you wrote it, tears while I read it! Thanks for sharing!
  39. WahooUSMA


  40. WahooUSMA

    wanted: luhrs 290 diesel

    You can probably get a smokin' deal on this one!
  41. WahooUSMA

    Huntington Harbour Mariners Point Fuel Dock officially closed

    Well this sucks! Plan your trips wisely. Might have to look at relocating to Cabrillo Way Marina if there are not other fuel options on the table soon.
  42. WahooUSMA

    green buoy 9-30-15

    Good job on the releases!
  43. WahooUSMA

    Bad Mexicali cops

    You mister are an idiot!
  44. WahooUSMA

    Marlin Monday GetAway Video

    Now that's true 'Hardcore'! Nice video.....
  45. WahooUSMA

    9/6 Catalina yellowtail and yellowfin

    Nice Clyde, by the way, happy birthday!
  46. WahooUSMA

    Stainless vs Aluminum prop performance

    Aluminum props flex under low end torque and higher RPM. SS props won't. That is the major difference.
  47. WahooUSMA

    Local OC Charter

    Dana Point, Huntington, Newport.
  48. WahooUSMA

    Local OC Charter

    Not sure if this request is in the proper forum, but we are looking to schedule a 6-pac charter for a bachelor party. Any suggestion would be great. Thanks in advance.
  49. WahooUSMA

    Offshore The Water is Warm Take Only What you need from it !

    Love your videos...keep them coming. Got to love 7:58 of the video!
  50. WahooUSMA

    sunset aquatic marina

    I slip my boat at Sunset. Having come from Peter's Landing and dealing with Joanie and her crack head husband, Nancy walks on water! She has been professional and accommodating to me....
  51. WahooUSMA

    Anchoring at the Isthmus

    Has anyone anchored at the Isthmus? If so, any advice? We are heading over for the 3rd and 4th. Thanks in advance.
  52. WahooUSMA

    Boat Loans?

    Buy the boat, just do your homework. I have financed all my previous boats but one. To me, there are trade off's. Not a whole lot of tax ride off's anymore, therefore I finance and write off the interest and other odds and ends through my wife's business. But I would finance regardless, even if...
  53. WahooUSMA

    Boat Loans?

    Try Essex credit...
  54. WahooUSMA

    I need a mobile Raymarine guy

    Alcon Marine Electronics - 949-515-1727
  55. WahooUSMA

    Light Line Yellowtail on the 150 area (video)

    At a min, usually an extra 10 to 20!
  56. WahooUSMA

    Help needed - missing dog on the backside of the westend of Catalina

    So sorry, best of luck...I feel for you and the family. Hoping for a safe return. Thoughts are with you guys!
  57. WahooUSMA

    "Cedar Plugs" handmade from exotic hardwoods

    Just received my order. I think I might put them in my shadow box with all my other memorabilia that hangs in my office. These plugs are just too beautiful to fish with. My wife even thought they were cool and she has absolutely no clue as to what they are used for! Anyway, thanks Mark!!
  58. WahooUSMA

    Catalina boat size

    50 gals! I can't make it to Avalon on 50 gallons let alone make it back!
  59. WahooUSMA

    Tough Ride to SCI

    Congrats to your son and big thank you for his service! Beat Navy!
  60. WahooUSMA

    Can't back trailer up!

    Check the ground wire - any corrosion and you're stuck - happened to me a couple times with my last trailer. I thought it was everything from the actuator, solenoid, to the brakes just being frozen. Should be the white wire. Give it a shot, just clean where it connects to the trailer.
  61. WahooUSMA

    Mooring at Catalina

    I have always had good luck getting an mooring at Avalon. I am curious though, there are a lot of moorings that run up the coast of Catalina - are these moorings hard to get as well? It's a long dinghy ride to/from the harbor, especially at night, and seems like you are more exposed to the elements.
  62. WahooUSMA

    Copa airlines question

    Good airline - Fly them frequently in Latam and have never had an issue. But then again my trips are business related not fishing.
  63. WahooUSMA

    Contest-Show us your Bloodydecks Sticker

    You win!
  64. WahooUSMA

    Mobile mechanic needed in Sunset Aquatic

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a mobile mechanic in the Sunset Aquatic Marina area (Shit, just forgot about the damn bridge being out!). Lost the steering this weekend in Avalon - Long ass tow home - Thank god for Vessel Assist! Thanks in advance.
  65. WahooUSMA

    Anyone planning to run over to Catalina on Tuesday or Wednesday?

    I thought I heard there were N/W gale force winds, 8-10ft seas tomorrow through Thursday?
  66. WahooUSMA

    Avon Dingy

    Thanks Jack - Hope to see you at Catalina soon!
  67. WahooUSMA

    Towing a boat with a 10' beam around SoCal...your thoughts?

    I did not know about the 'no towing' hours - Also the first I have ever heard of the annual $90.00 permit. Good shit to know. Where do you file for the permit?
  68. WahooUSMA

    Avon Rib

    Pic's - I am interested.
  69. WahooUSMA

    Towing a boat with a 10' beam around SoCal...your thoughts?

    I pull a 290 Sea Ray Amberjack - 10'6 beam 11,300 lbs dry and LOA 31ft. It does give you a pucker factor of 10 when the big rigs roll by or your running next to the K-rails, since you pretty much occupy most of the lane. My problem is also height - I am over 13ft from the ground to the top of...
  70. WahooUSMA

    Interesting article
  71. WahooUSMA

    Any .223 ammo deals out there?
  72. WahooUSMA

    Biggest POS in the NFL?

    Damn she has nice toilet!
  73. WahooUSMA


    Never quite understood football players going at it in full gear and punching someone with a full-faced helmet - but then you have to take into account the IQ of football players: Now these are brawls!
  74. WahooUSMA

    Home Defense Question !

    Personally, I'd go with the shotgun. It's probably been said on this thread, but you need to consider your background i.e, where are your family members, etc. A shotgun is definitely lethal within your home and it can do some serious damage at various distances and load dependent, wont travel...
  75. WahooUSMA

    New Ride- IMP rebuild

    Very nice, sir. My first boat was an IMP Aztec...great boats!
  76. WahooUSMA

    First Christmas Joke!

    First Christmas Joke Three men died on Christmas Eve and were met by Saint Peter at the pearly gates. 'In honor of this holy season' Saint Peter said, 'You must each possess something that symbolizes Christmas to get into heaven.' The Englishman fumbled through his pockets and pulled out a...
  77. WahooUSMA

    FS Pelagic Warrior poppers

    Poppers are outstanding - Just bought 3 of them. Thanks Danny!
  78. WahooUSMA

    Jig Lot FS

    Thanks Danny - These jigs are outstanding. I am looking forward to receiving my popper!
  79. WahooUSMA

    Knee Surgery...

    Looks like a tripod!
  80. WahooUSMA

    First SUP Yellowtail of County Line

    That was cool! I would have F'd up and gaffed my own leg!
  81. WahooUSMA

    Break-IN & ADT Security Systems

    ADT = Ain't Doing it Today, Ain't Doing it on Tuesday, Ain't doing Thursday.........Lot's of other choices out there for alarm systems....ADT isn't one of them in my book. Try Simply Safe and get an Akita.
  82. WahooUSMA

    Insane Nados yellows on the San Diego! Pics heavy...sorry

    Was going to same the same thing...never apologize for heavy pic's.
  83. WahooUSMA

    Trolling jigs

    how about 30.00 and we have a me if interested.
  84. WahooUSMA


    I'll take them if all falls through....
  85. WahooUSMA

    Thoughts on buying a boat out of state?

    Been out of state twice to buy my boats. Florida and Texas. I would have the surveyor face time with you during the survey. You're correct - much less expensive on the east coast. Good luck and do your homework.
  86. WahooUSMA

    Trailer boat verses in the water boat

    I would recommend purchasing a boat with V-Drives vs stern if you are going to slip it. Salt water tore up my stern drives, which hurts on re-sale....just my .02.
  87. WahooUSMA

    Boat Ramp In Newport

    Watch the tides at the Dunes. I have had to get a slip more than once because of the drop off at the end of the ramps.
  88. WahooUSMA

    Relocating Rescued Rattlesnakes

    Relocate the snake to you dinner table....taste like chicken.
  89. WahooUSMA

    2003 Aquasport 275 Explorer

    Damn, congrats.....going to keep an eye on it.....
  90. WahooUSMA

    WTB Skipjack 262

    Did you take a look at the Skippy? Just curious.
  91. WahooUSMA

    Massive Shark attacks Marlin

    Darwinism at its best
  92. WahooUSMA

    Missing Boat/ Safety First

    News said the boat was a 17ft that left from Avalon with 3 on board. It was a 911 distress call via cell, so apparently they did not have a radio - All speculation now, hopefully they are found and returned safely.
  93. WahooUSMA

    Tony Stewart guilty of murder??? What say you.

    Still have to prove intent!
  94. WahooUSMA

    WTB Skipjack 262

    There is one for sale at Johnston yacht sales in Newport - right next to Hipp Marine. Fully equipped, diesel, and priced right. I think they were asking mid 40's.
  95. WahooUSMA

    Offshore 8/2 to 8/4 Cortes Bank

    Great report, Mark - wish I could have joined you guys. Definitely bummed about Guadalupe.
  96. WahooUSMA

    To the Asshole driver...

    I used to love to chase them down and then fuck them with my pen...sometimes it is better to kick someones ass with a ballpoint pen vs. giving them a serious ass whooping.
  97. WahooUSMA

    2 Stroke Diesels and restrictions

    Thanks Tom!
  98. WahooUSMA

    2 Stroke Diesels and restrictions

    I heard that a new law was back door-ed into the recent Coal bill that requires level three emissions for all boats in LA Harbor by 2016, specifically 2 stroke diesels. Any truth and do you think any time soon there will be a ban on all 2 stroke diesels as there was for personal watercraft and 2...
  99. WahooUSMA

    Totally off Subject but Important at least to me.

    Well said - Thank you for your service!
  100. WahooUSMA

    Cal star phenix and shimano

    Might be interested in the irons? Lil' more info would be great!
  101. WahooUSMA

    Fish of a life time????.... Lost at color

    Awesome write up. Thanks for a nicely written piece!
  102. WahooUSMA

    Seeker Black Steel 6470H in excellent condition

    If the deal falls through, I'll take it.
  103. WahooUSMA

    50 irons- $120

    I will take them if the deal falls through with Mocruz...
  104. WahooUSMA

    Trolling feathers and Cedar plugs

    Damn it....if everyone else falls through, give me a shout. I am in Rancho Cucamonga.
  105. WahooUSMA

    RIP Lady....good dog...

    I have two young Akitas at the present time. I don't care what anyone say's, there is no other breed like an Akita, so no one else will really understand...sorry for you loss my brotha!
  106. WahooUSMA

    Shimano What rod for Tranx?

    I have my Tranx on the Phenix X-Fast Action SMX 8ft. Can throw up to 8 oz irons. 20-45lb.
  107. WahooUSMA

    Best Havasu / big water crossover boat?

    I just sold my 2000 270 Sundancer - Great boat with the 7.4 EFI and Bravo III. They are heavy boats that do really well in local waters. Only a couple issues; the fuel consumption (fuel pig) and the cockpit layout is not really set up for fishing - but that said, you can fish from any platform...
  108. WahooUSMA

    WTB Tranx

    It looks like someone already purchased....estees. If not, I'll take it. Estees is actually my brother in law...LOL! Let me know!
  109. WahooUSMA

    Apple I Phone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy 4s Active....

    Just got the Active - Great phone.
  110. WahooUSMA

    WTB Tranx

    Rancho Cucamonga - But work in Costa Mesa.
  111. WahooUSMA

    WTB Tranx

    I missed out on a couple great deals recently on the Tranx HG & PG. If anyone is interested in selling their Tranx, preferably the HG - shoot me a PM.
  112. WahooUSMA

    Shipping from East Coast

    In December, I shipped my Sea Ray 270 to Vancouver, Canada, via UShip (recommended by local yacht broker and advertised on - Actually, right to the Canadian/Oregon border. All went very well and the delivery was on-time. Cost was $1400.00. The buyer and transporter coordinated...
  113. WahooUSMA

    2002 Chevy 2500 HD 4x4 Duramax/Allison trans.

    Ali, I hate to let it go, but it only gets driven on weekends. BD'r 'Socaldieseltech' has done most of the work on my truck. It truly is a beast.
  114. WahooUSMA

    2002 Chevy 2500 HD 4x4 Duramax/Allison trans.

    The boat is GONE - No need to have 3 cars, so I am selling my 2002 Chevy 2500HD 4x4 Duramax diesel - 193k miles. On a scale of 1-10: Exterior 9+/Interior 8/mechanical 10+. Rancho 4in lift with additional 2in leveler lift in front, Rancho shocks, new brakes & rotors all around (including...
  115. WahooUSMA

    I need Dodge Ram 2500 diesel Transmission service

    PM Socaldieseltech on BD. Probably the best diesel mech out there. He built my trans 5 years ago 6 years ago - No issues!
  116. WahooUSMA

    Screw A&E!

    You're not gay if you don't crave it!
  117. WahooUSMA

    A&E Suspends "indefinitely" Phil Robertson

    I hope his hoofs are trimmed!
  118. WahooUSMA

    Screw A&E!

    X-2 When tolerance becomes a one way street, it leads to cultural fucking suicide!
  119. WahooUSMA

    A&E Suspends "indefinitely" Phil Robertson

    I'll take sloppy seconds!
  120. WahooUSMA

    GW from the shore!
  121. WahooUSMA

    2003 Silverado 2500 HD Duramax/Allison combo

    That's a great price for a great truck. At 172k miles, your truck is just starting the break in period. I just replaced my injectors at 192k. The trick to long life with the LLBY7 injectors is to replace the fuel filter every time you have the oil changed. Also, the trans filter needs to be...
  122. WahooUSMA

    Ram2500 diesel service/mechanic

    PM 'SoCaldieseltech'...he's one of the best out there. He is the only mechanic I will let work on my truck.
  123. WahooUSMA

    When I'm gone....

    You sir are brilliant! Best read in a long time!
  124. WahooUSMA


    GMC #1....I have 200k miles on mine. Sure, the injectors on the older LB7's 2002/03 tend to go belly up at 100k if not taken care of properly i.e., fuel filters regularly changed, but it is a far superior tow vehicle IMO than the Ford - performance and fuel economy wise. Ask SoCalDieselTech...
  125. WahooUSMA

    Bottom pain help... dealbreaker?

    Get a survey, which they would then require either an in-water hull inspection or out-of-water. I paid $125.00 a few years ago for an in-water hull inspection. Either way, pay a surveyor and have it inspected.
  126. WahooUSMA

    Last meal of THE mako

    Cool vid.....made me gag a couple times!
  127. WahooUSMA

    1990 Wellcraft 250 Coastal

    I would make the call, Clyde! You most certainly got hosed and the dude (fishingtail) that posted 'listing for a friend' needs to re-examine his friends integrity. You are definitely lucky you can turn a wrench. If the new motor you build for this boat is anything like the work you have done for...
  128. WahooUSMA

    7-13 MB Seabass

    What a beast!
  129. WahooUSMA

    Blackfin or Phoenix help!

    I haven’t sold my boat yet, had a few quality bites, but no one has shown the cash. We have however narrowed the replacement down to the 29 Phoenix FB and the 29ft Blackfin FB. I am leaning heavily towards the 29 Blackfin, but the engine compartments (kills cockpit space in my opinion) with the...
  130. WahooUSMA

    5 kidnappings

    Outstanding video.
  131. WahooUSMA

    SUP fishing

    Very cool, Andy!
  132. WahooUSMA

    Prayers needed

    Prayers sent.....stay strong!
  133. WahooUSMA

    Any Advice - Eastern Sierras camping/fishing between mono lake and bishop

    I kill em at Sabrina. Hit the intake or take the trails around the lake. Have always have great success with the Thomas Buoyant spoon.
  134. WahooUSMA

    Fishing video, must see! Jigging & live bait

    Nice - Just got back from an 8 day trip to Sao Paulo. Always wondered what the fishing is like? Great video!
  135. WahooUSMA

    Help me find these Trailer Guide ons

    Agreed - I have the stern guide ons. Center bunks will take care of the bow.
  136. WahooUSMA

    Black and Gold

    Very cool, especially the colors....Go Army!
  137. WahooUSMA

    Help me find these Trailer Guide ons

    Or contact West Coast Trailers in Huntington Beach. Just ordered Guide-On for my boat.
  138. WahooUSMA

    To catch a thief, what would yhou do?

    Completely different ballgame from the attached article - Was the victim fearing for his life? Debatable and he should not have put himself there in the first place. The susp was shot as he drove off, apparently after he supposedly attempted to run the vict over. You have a right to protect...
  139. WahooUSMA

    To catch a thief, what would yhou do?

    You are still here with us to fish another day, which is the best outcome. In my 20yrs in LE, the statement I heard most from vict's are; 'I was going to call 911, but'.....If the fuck nuts were brazen enough to break into your boat/garage, etc., during the day, then I am sure you were not their...
  140. WahooUSMA

    Pat Robertson for President....

    He was captured! :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  141. WahooUSMA


    Very cool!
  142. WahooUSMA


    Very cool!
  143. WahooUSMA

    4/26 The 60 Pound Club

    Way to go, Andy!
  144. WahooUSMA

    WFO Tackle bag loaded with plastics & irons

    I'll take if not spoke for. I can pick up as well. I work in Costa Mesa. Roger
  145. WahooUSMA


    The law is pretty clear - If you have been convicted of a felony, you cannot be in possession of or own a gun. The Department of Justice has a program called 'Armed and Prohibited' and is supposed to use the AFS database to cross-reference the names of individuals owning guns with court...
  146. WahooUSMA

    26' Striper Diesel for sale 2005 all electronics Trade? $49,900

    Bill - Just read your attached link. Very inspirational and thank you for what you did for those Marines. Good luck with the sale....I'd be all over your boat if I could just sell mine!
  147. WahooUSMA

    Jack Daniels.... Just for laughs....

    That's some funny shit!
  148. WahooUSMA

    Bagpipes at a funeral.......

    Hilarious! :rofl:
  149. WahooUSMA

    Wa - fishing charter

    Thanks guys!
  150. WahooUSMA

    Wa - fishing charter

    I am going up to visit my son this weekend who just returned from Afghanistan. He lives in University Place (stationed @ Ft. Lewis) and one of the things he has been wanting to do is for the two of us to go fishing, just like old times. Being that we are both from So. Cal, we don't have a clue...
  151. WahooUSMA

    This Effing Sucks! - So I have heard!
  152. WahooUSMA

    Plano box and pro-packs of hooks

    If the sale falls through, I'll buy!
  153. WahooUSMA

    Sunset Ramp idiot

    To the knucklehead who T/C'd into my trailer Friday at HB Sunset ramp....A Big Fuck You! It took me 1/2 an hour, two pry bars, a 2 x 4, and help from a fellow BD'r to get the fender out of the tire and somewhat straightened just so I could recover my boat. You could have at least left a note...
  154. WahooUSMA


    Finally....yes, the one in the yellow definitely had a nice ass.....I didn't even notice the pit killing the seal!
  155. WahooUSMA

    Dog kills baby sea lion in Laguna Beach I found myself not really watching the dog vs seal, but more fascinated on the ass of the girl in the yellow bikini.
  156. WahooUSMA

    1992 Skipjack 262 w/Diesel

    I want it! Having a f*&^ing shitty time trying to sell mine! Good luck with the sale. Hopefully, it will be there when mine is sold.
  157. WahooUSMA

    Need some prayers for my dad

    Done - Thoughts and prayers sent!
  158. WahooUSMA

    Concealed Carry of Choice

    Kimber Compact II
  159. WahooUSMA

    Pacific Yacht tower rack

    Lucy! Someone's got some 'xplaining to do!
  160. WahooUSMA

    How to retrieve your boat

    X-2.....Like to see it done without the side guards.
  161. WahooUSMA

    Mission Bay

    Thanks everyone!
  162. WahooUSMA

    Mission Bay

    Any suggestions on a launch in Mission Bay? Looking for a large ramp……Also, I was wonder if anyone has any recommendations about a guest slip?<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>
  163. WahooUSMA

    Wife pregnant need some prayers.

    Prayers sent!
  164. WahooUSMA

    cool Avalon Harbor video

    Very cool!
  165. WahooUSMA

    Want to buy Parker 2530 extended cabin

    Was there yesterday - He has a 25 on the lot. Nice boat - Twin 200hp.
  166. WahooUSMA

    14 Day Intrepid fishing with my Brother and Father!

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing!
  167. WahooUSMA

    Favorite Sushi places in So. Cal ?

    Sushi Wasabi in Tustin.... sit at bar for "omakase" style
  168. WahooUSMA

    35' Radovich Sportfisher

    Hammer is is on the same dock as me. Its a beautiful boat and is in prestine condition. Wish I had the cash...Good luck with the sale.
  169. WahooUSMA

    Chad Johnson arrested

    LMAO - x-2
  170. WahooUSMA

    Newport isnt dead!

    Nice bro...great job on the C & R!
  171. WahooUSMA

    Boat Survey in Dana Point, CA?

    I used Dana Marine Yacht Survey - Capt. Jerry Wetzler USCG Lic# 635042. 949-683-1204. Good dude, and he will take care of you.
  172. WahooUSMA

    71 Pound White Seabass - IB Kelp

    Holy shit......thats a frickin' pig 'fo sure! Nice catch!
  173. WahooUSMA


    1. Bass Pro Shops 2. Pacific Edge Tackle 3. CharkBait Not necessarily in that order
  174. WahooUSMA

    road rage fight caught on video - pretty crazy

    What a bunch of cheese dicks! What pisses me off even more is the cock-eyed fucks who sat in their piece of shit vehicle, video taped it and wouldn't even get out of their car to help until the susps drove off. What a bunch of cowards. Just my .02.
  175. WahooUSMA

    Offshore Most dangerous offshore experience

    About 10 years ago I was on my buddies Hat fishing SC. By 10:00 am we had a shit load of YT on board. By 10:05 we had consumed too much beer - Lesson 1 A beer or two is OK, but mixing cocktails and a shit load of beer = trouble. About 10:30 we were making sashimi in the cockpit and the seas...
  176. WahooUSMA

    SD bay with my son before he heads for Afghanistan.

    We just got back from spending a few day's with our son at Ft. Lewis, Washington. He deployed on the 12 June. 3rd 2nd Infantry. He's been to Ranger school and earned the 'tab', but since he's a butter bar 2nd Lt, he hasn't been assigned yet to a Ranger unit, yet. A big Hooah for your son's...
  177. WahooUSMA

    Looking to get into Kayak Fishing

    X-2 There are a bunch of Marines on the site as well.
  178. WahooUSMA

    Fisherman's Processing - Caption Contest - Ending June 18th, 2012

    I used to wear Dolphin short like that when I worked Vice!
  179. WahooUSMA

    2000 Ford 7.3 Diesel 4x4

    Very nice rig - If I didn't already have a diesel truck, I'd be all over your's. It sucks to have to sell, especially for the reason listed. Best of luck!
  180. WahooUSMA

    LR angler Ernie Adams Dies at Alijos Rocks

    Prayers and condolences.....RIP
  181. WahooUSMA


    Killer deal on the Accurate...let me know if the deal falls through.
  182. WahooUSMA


    Pulling for Mir's but I think Jr. will take it! They say Jr's ground game is on par with Mir's (although I haven't really seen it). If they stay on their feet, its going to be a very short night for Mir's.
  183. WahooUSMA


    Hey Alan, the tenth digit on your vin indicates the truck is a 2003. I thought the hood and front fenders differed in the pic from an '02. You can bump the price up a little now!
  184. WahooUSMA

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    Dude, I saw you S/B on the 15 fwy in Norco this afternoon. Your boat is so fucking nice! After I passed you, I was like a little bitch and I started calling all my friends from BD letting them know I saw you!
  185. WahooUSMA

    cheap shot coyotes

  186. WahooUSMA

    Calcutta 250

    If it falls through, I'll take it. PM sent.
  187. WahooUSMA

    Carrol Shelby passes

    Legend! He will be missed.
  188. WahooUSMA

    33 ft. Bounty Yacht; 1997, twin Yanmars, flybridge. $129,500.

    I have been trying to get my wife to give me a 'bottom job' for years.
  189. WahooUSMA

    Go Navy!!

    Haahaha, LMFAO!
  190. WahooUSMA

    Here We Go Again! 1984 Chris Craft Sea Hawk Rebuild

    What an accomplishment! Outstanding job, sir.
  191. WahooUSMA

    Ship defending itself against Somali pirates

    Exactly! Fuck the warning shots.
  192. WahooUSMA

    Going on water with NO Cf numbers?

    Mine is documented, but I have just been too lazy to get the art work w/port on the transom. I always have my "Letter of Transportation" on hand in the event I am stopped, which has been a few times. Like MYNomad, I have forgotten (lazy again) to put my 13's on my zodiac and was asked at Isthmus...
  193. WahooUSMA

    Where do you guys go as far as a tackle shop?

    I realize Pacific Edge Tackle is not up in the Santa Barbara/Ventura area, but I just stopped in today for the first time....Chris and Mark are definitely classy people and will their store will be my new choice for tackle from now on.
  194. WahooUSMA

    Naval Academy summer program

    My son went through Navy's program in 2005. He had a great time. He was recruited for wrestling at both service academy's (West Point & Navy - had no interest in the Air Chair Academy). He ended up with dual nominations and chose to wrestle for West Point. Graduated in 2011 and is now...
  195. WahooUSMA

    Mossberg 500 Mariner vs Remington 870 Marine finish

    Rem depended on it in the Military. Used the Ithaca 12 ga on the PD. No experience with the Mossberg.
  196. WahooUSMA

    Anybody wanna take me fishing?

    It's all good, as long as you don't crave it!
  197. WahooUSMA

    dfg problems suck but....

    <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> <w:WordDocument> <w:View>Normal</w:View> <w:Zoom>0</w:Zoom> <w:TrackMoves/> <w:TrackFormatting/> <w:PunctuationKerning/> <w:ValidateAgainstSchemas/> <w:SaveIfXMLInvalid>false</w:SaveIfXMLInvalid> <w:IgnoreMixedContent>false</w:IgnoreMixedContent>...
  198. WahooUSMA


    830.2 PC, and if I am not mistaken, DFG wardens are POST certified.
  199. WahooUSMA

    Thinking of going solar, any thoughts?

    Did the same....We looked at the lease option as well...After 20 years, with interest included, we would have paid 65k (95% solar system) for the lease. I don't think that is a very good ROI. What we have done, which has helped immensely is switching out all lights for LED lights, and changing...
  200. WahooUSMA

    Would u buy a salvage car??

    I would definitely pass.
  201. WahooUSMA

    Bubba Blade's Looking for a Tag Line - Please help - Contest ends Mar 22, 2012

    Bubba Blades - When those snapper filets are just too precious for anything else!
  202. WahooUSMA

    Avalon Shore Boat

    Was there last month....$5.00 per person. Like some said previously, drop your passengers off at the dock.
  203. WahooUSMA

    Thank a soldier.........

    You would be surprised how often we hear it. Even in casual conversation, when it is mentioned that you served, someone generally speaks up and gives a big 'thanks'. What is really sad is we are loosing a generation of hero's from WWII. It won't be long and it will be extremely hard to find...
  204. WahooUSMA

    Bad gas

    So has anyone else had a bad experience with marina fuel lately? I got a bad top off in Avalon the other day (sure it was water in the fuel) and almost didn't make it back to HB - Took us 3.5 hours. Boat is at the shop having the fuel tank drained and engine looked over. What additive do you use...
  205. WahooUSMA

    FabTech Shocks

    I'll take the tires if the pending deal falls through.
  206. WahooUSMA

    US State Department Will Adress Visa Issue with Mexico

    You are 100% right....they can run their trucks on our roads, but we can't on theirs. I am not a truck driver, but having seen the roads in Mexico, no fricking way would I pull a load down there.
  207. WahooUSMA

    Lion attack In Laguna and Cited

    I too fell victim of the DFG. In 1985 I was cited for trespassing to discharge of a firearm while hunting on private property. My uncle had owned Los Flores hunting club since the 1960's and I had grown up there, not only planting birds for his clients, but doing all the other ranch crap that...
  208. WahooUSMA

    Twins vs big single

    I have a BB 496 in my 29 Sea Ray. Go with the duals not only for redundancy and maneuverability, but as some mentioned earlier, weight distribution. I have a 22 gal bait tank on the swim step (starboard side) and when that is full, I have to use a ton of trim to level the boat. Also, with fuel...
  209. WahooUSMA

    The Police Finally Released My Truck From Evidence Impound :(

    GTA and vehicular manslaughter....what a fucking joke. He should have received life.
  210. WahooUSMA

    Detained by Sheriffs Dept. today while target shooting on the water

    You are way off base...we have every right to cuff a subject/suspect for officer's safety, especially when a firearm is involved. Do your home work!
  211. WahooUSMA

    Stupid MLPA questions

    Is there a chip for FF/Chartplotters/GPS that show the MLPA boundaries?
  212. WahooUSMA

    Just because you don`t like the MLPA..
  213. WahooUSMA

    How to Clean an Opah, Picture Heavy & Interesting Stuff

    Excellent write up. IMO, Opah taste similar to Halibut. Had some Tuesday at Santa Monica if I could only catch one!
  214. WahooUSMA

    Does this rifle have too much recoil?
  215. WahooUSMA

    I got punked by 101.5 KGB

    Okay, thats about the sickest fucking thing I have seen in a long time...
  216. WahooUSMA

    San Quintin Guides

    K & M - Kelly or his son Oscar!
  217. WahooUSMA

    Live bait in a kayak

    Contact Andy at OEX, Sunset Beach. He has a ton of options.
  218. WahooUSMA

    MLPA Closure set for Jan.1

    X-2....We took down ACORN for corruption, we should take apart the MLPA for the same reasons.
  219. WahooUSMA

    MLPA Closure set for Jan.1

    Regardless, the courts will have their voice on this matter before anything is final, apart from the new Jan 1 start date recently announced by the Fish and Game Commission. Keep donating to fight these bastards!
  220. WahooUSMA

    Kayak Store

    X-2 ...
  221. WahooUSMA

    Catalina report 8/21-8/22

    Very cool. That is what it is all about! Thanks for sharing.
  222. WahooUSMA

    Slipped boat???

  223. WahooUSMA

    If Casey Anthony reports for Parole

    Battery on a PO = Misdemeanor! - Kicking the shit out of a snotty bitch, while in custody = Assault under Color of Authority = Felony. Not worth it!
  224. WahooUSMA

    PM from BIG DICK

    Bet you're right!
  225. WahooUSMA

    Amy Winehouse found dead...

    Or how about this headline, which was tucked away somewhere..... A big thanks to Curtis aka proyotehunter, Andy aka Iceman (OEX Sunset Beach) and EVERYONE else for the efforts today at the Wounded Warriors in DP. Wish I could have...
  226. WahooUSMA

    Wounded Warriors Kayak Trip 7/23/2011

    Curtis, I have a hobie revo peddle and a trident 15. I will bring a couple of rigs as well.
  227. WahooUSMA

    Wounded Warriors Kayak Trip 7/23/2011

    Curtis, Did you still want me to swing by Basspro? I have the forms now. roger
  228. WahooUSMA

    Let's Play A Game: Can You Spot The Tuna Highway?

    LMFAO - Been there done that!
  229. WahooUSMA

    Wanted: Used trailer for boat

    Looking for a used trailer for a 2002 Wellcraft 27 Coastal. LOA 27, beam 9'9. Unsure about the weight.
  230. WahooUSMA

    Wounded Warriors Kayak Trip 7/23/2011

    PM me....I have chatted with Tim aka fishsouthcounty on BWE...I will donate my Revo for the day as well as fishing gear (rods and reels). Let me know what else I can do to help.
  231. WahooUSMA

    New Props For A 24ft SkipJack Flybridge

    An aluminum prop will NOT save your outdrive/engine when you strike something hard. A stainless prop WILL save your prop from being fixed when you strike something soft or mild. Keeping an aluminum prop for mega years has cost you WAY more money over the years than a ss prop. Also, there is...
  232. WahooUSMA

    New Props For A 24ft SkipJack Flybridge

    I think I would take my money to a different store - Your salesman must be hitting that glass pipe. I've been running offshore/poker runs for years and have never seen an aluminum prop on any of high performance boats I have run across. In fact, SS props are standard on almost all Merc BB or SB...
  233. WahooUSMA

    what the hell is this

    These are only midshipmen I have ever known...
  234. WahooUSMA

    OK Prowlers & Wilderness Tarpons

    I have a 2010 Ocean Kayak Torque for sale....complete w/bait tank, cart, paddle, battery, etc....Too many kayaks! This one is going since I am getting back into PB'ing
  235. WahooUSMA

    New Props For A 24ft SkipJack Flybridge

    Besides the significant cost increase, it's my been my experience that the aluminum props tend to flex under torque/acceleration and the SS don't. You definitely pick up a few mph top end and the hole shot is considerably better.
  236. WahooUSMA

    1996 Wellcraft 22ft Center Console 13,995

    Does anyone know if 'Jayrocks' boat has sold? I shot him an email and PM, but haven't heard back from him. Thanks.
  237. WahooUSMA

    kayak buddy in la jolla

    Go to
  238. WahooUSMA

    Husband has to find a boat, and soon!

    X-2 - Showed my wife your post and she told me to kiss her @ss! Some funny shit here - Read 1 st response to the girlfriend!
  239. WahooUSMA

    reel bag There's one up for bid...going for a great cause.
  240. WahooUSMA

    Military Kids Fishing

    I will offer up the same as gspot for the the reel bag! Donation will go directly to West Point Association of Graduates - United States Military Academy or Wounded Warriors Project - You choose, and you can keep the bag as well and donate to a worthy cause or re-sell. I will post on BWE and see...
  241. WahooUSMA

    25' skipjack flybridge (enclosed)

    I looked at Brian's boat yesterday - This is an outstanding boat. If I could find a lender that would assist with financing, this boat would be mine. Good luck Brian...I know its a buyers market, but don't give it away! Stick to your guns.
  242. WahooUSMA

    Diesel $4.18

    4.29 in Rancho Cucamonga
  243. WahooUSMA

    Joined the U.S.Army and leaving on April 5th to Ft.Jackson for basic training.

    Thank you for your service! Remember, BEAT NAVY!
  244. WahooUSMA

    Avet 2 speed reel

    I have a couple MXL and SX 2 speeds w/line. What mod are you looking for
  245. WahooUSMA

    Doc Ski's Father Passes Away

    Sorry to hear of your fathers passing. I am one of the unfortunate ones who never had the honor or pleasure to meet him! But from reading all the posts, he was the portrait of a true gentleman! The generation of WWII vets are getting few and far between, we need to thank them all - Thank you for...
  246. WahooUSMA

    Spearing - Three In One Shot!

    Nice 'Hat Trick". Congrats!
  247. WahooUSMA

    Cobra Tandem Kayak rigged to fish $800

    You are priced accordingly.....try listing it on
  248. WahooUSMA

    More Reels

    I'll take the Accurate....sending a PM now
  249. WahooUSMA

    New Calcutta 400CTE Shimano

    Calcutta 400TEs with power trinidad handles - Kayak Fishing Adventures on Big Water’s Edge
  250. WahooUSMA

    25' skipjack flybridge (enclosed)

    I've been watching your boat since you first posted it for sale. Selfishly, I was hoping it would not sell until March 18th (tax apt) since I know I am going to get bent over by the IRS! How badly I get reamed is unk. Thought if I didn't get phaqued too badly, I'd make you an offer - not a...
  251. WahooUSMA

    Fishing Rod Racks

    Checks in the mail, Sasha. Cant wait to get 'em!
  252. WahooUSMA

    1976 Bertram FBC $13K

    What are the slip fee's for a 28ft in San Pedro?
  253. WahooUSMA

    Fishing Rod Racks

    Hook me up with the ceiling version. PM me with payment information, ie., PayPal, etc. I have been looking for racks like this for the longest time.
  254. WahooUSMA

    1993 SkipJack Boat for sale

    Where's the boat located?
  255. WahooUSMA

    Rossi Lever action .357/.38

    Beat me to it! Thanks Keith.
  256. WahooUSMA

    Rossi Lever action .357/.38

    No not really, but Pasadena is kind of in the middle!
  257. WahooUSMA

    Rossi Lever action .357/.38

    I haven't shot this one in over 30 years! I have probably cycled only 50-75 rounds through this baby, and yes, I am the original owner. Just had it rated at a 95%+ at Ade's guns in Orange. Stock is beautiful. This is a hard find and it is in impeccable condition. $300. Roger 909-227-9284
  258. WahooUSMA

    Ithica 20 ga Mod 37 Featherlite & Ruger .44 Mag revolver

    Both the .44 and Ithaca are sold.....Enjoy the Ithaca, Chuck. Roger
  259. WahooUSMA

    Ithica 20 ga Mod 37 Featherlite & Ruger .44 Mag revolver

    PM's returned. The .44 is sold. The Ithaca is still for sale - $350 firm. 2:50 pm.
  260. WahooUSMA

    Ithica 20 ga Mod 37 Featherlite & Ruger .44 Mag revolver

    Reduced: $700.00 for both or $350.00 each.
  261. WahooUSMA

    Ithica 20 ga Mod 37 Featherlite & Ruger .44 Mag revolver

    Honestly, I do not have a clue. I would say 4.75 to 5.25lbs - Thats just my guess.
  262. WahooUSMA

    Ithica 20 ga Mod 37 Featherlite & Ruger .44 Mag revolver

    Ruger is a Red Hawk 6in. blue steel. The Ithica ejects from the bottom. Roger
  263. WahooUSMA

    Western "Gay" Pride?

    FYI - I completely understand your position, as I have flown up to the buoy and into the harbor in the past. Now, owning a kayak, I have a ton more respect for those on the water when under power. Being under power, you as a boater are responsible for your wake. You flip some guy or gal in a...
  264. WahooUSMA

    Western "Gay" Pride?

    <o:smarttagtype namespaceuri="urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" http:="""" forums="" images="" smilies="" redface.gif="" border="0" alt="" title="Embarrassment" smilieid="3" class="inlineimg"></o:smarttagtype> The same asshole buzzed me twice. Both times at the entrance to...
  265. WahooUSMA

    Is a full moon bad to fish on?

    LMFAO! The Moons must be sync'd, 'cause my bedroom was as bright as daylight last night...except momma's moon looked like 100lbs of chewed bubble gum!
  266. WahooUSMA

    4 Dads and 6 Kids

    Thats what its all about!
  267. WahooUSMA

    Request for prayers

    Prayers sent for a speedy recovery!
  268. WahooUSMA

    July Avet Reel Contest

    Kayak ghost for sure!
  269. WahooUSMA

    Cabo Offshore - Charter Recommendations?

    I just got back from there last week.....Definitely book with Picante. I didn't send my deposit in time and all their Shamrocks (29ft er's) were booked out. Don't book with the boat Peledora....Knucklehead captain. Nice boat, but thats all the compliments I have.
  270. WahooUSMA

    How damn big do these get?

    Fuck me running.....What a BARN DOOR!
  271. WahooUSMA

    Ca Smog check for Diesels

    uh oh.....I have a 2002 out of state (TX) 2500 Duramax, but its registered in CA. No CAT, nadda. AFE intake and all the add-ons, but I still haven't had an invite to get bent over yet. However, my registration fees seemed to have jumped up! Wonder, since the truck is a Tx truck if I will have...
  272. WahooUSMA

    I must be GAYER THEN GAY..NO WSB! Help/Advice Wanted

    Its ok, as long as you don't crave it!
  273. WahooUSMA

    Salt Creek Report

    Thanks Scott. I think I'll give it a shot one of these days. Going to Cabo next week, so maybe when I get back. Take care. Roger
  274. WahooUSMA

    Salt Creek Report

    Where do you launch from at Salt Creek?
  275. WahooUSMA

    La Jolla WSB/Yellowtail Frenzy 6-26-2010

    Well then, that should keep the three of your reefer's stocked then quite some time! Maybe your next post will show some cool CNR pic's. I'm not trying to bust your balls and be the kill-joy of your trip. Glad you had a successful day on the water...that's what its about!
  276. WahooUSMA

    La Jolla WSB/Yellowtail Frenzy 6-26-2010

    Not to be a bitch, and by the way those are some nice WSB, but how many anglers on your boat? That's a lot of fish for two guys to harvest.
  277. WahooUSMA

    Avet SX

    No, thank you! Nice meeting you today. And, let me know when that knee heals so that we can hit La Jolla. Roger
  278. WahooUSMA

    Avet SX

    I'll take it. I live in Rancho Cucamonga and can pick it up tomorrow. I'll PM you with my information.
  279. WahooUSMA

    La Jolla question

    Welcome to the dark side! I'll be out there Tuesday...Tan Hobie Revo
  280. WahooUSMA

    Avet SX vs Tyrnos 10

    Avet for sure.....However, I recently did battle with a 100 plus lbs. thresher on my SX (first time out with it) and seeker inshore - not the best set up for T's, but I wanted to catch one on light gear. I smoked the bearings. Avet took care of it under warranty. Great reel all and all, plus its...
  281. WahooUSMA

    San Quintin Winter Special K&M

    Yes they are....I know, I ate everyone's when they weren't looking! Thanks Oscar!
  282. WahooUSMA

    K&M Winter Specials! San Quintin

    Jardines is the only place to stay......It really is definitely will not be disappointed. Talk to Carmen Guillermo or her husband. Be prepared for coffee and tequilla! GO ARMY BEAT NAVY
  283. WahooUSMA

    Limits of San Quintin Yellows, K&M !

    Hey Oscar....Kent and I are looking at coming down mid-January. Hopefully, the swells wont be nearly as nasty as they were last time. Still have yet to drink red Gatorade....Oh yeah, I'll bring down an Avet reel for ya. Roger