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    Offshore 8/17 O-95

    Decided it was time to play hooky from work and jumped on the O-95 1.5 since Rick was running with an ultra ultra limited load of only 13...was the best decision I've made in a long time. Been screwing around with the asshole bluefin the past few weeks, so glad to find fish that actually wanna...

    WFO Dorado and Yellowfin

    Boat limits this week on greasy calm Mexican waters. Got home and downloaded pictures and this shows up.....I sure wish Mikey @Marlin Mike would have told me he was on the boat too.....I would have bought him a Whiteclaw. Oh well next time.

    Offshore Welcome to the jungle - SA80

    Edit: Fished 8/13......Seeing the good counts pop back up for the BFT up off Catalina, decided last minute to jump on board a 1.5 trip. I had the time off of work since was suppossed to be up in WA chasing longfins, but the weather and tuna gods ruined that trip. We headed up the line to join...

    Offshore Memorial Day Yellowfin

    Left Seaforth Monday morning on a shakedown trip on my buddies new to him Skippy. Headed down to the zone everyone's been talking about, but more looking for kelp yellowtail as we didn't want to drag a kite all day. Water was warm and blue pretty much at the islands and all the way down...

    Ice-fish capacity

    Wondering if there is a general rule or guideline on how much ice you need to properly cool tuna? Something like for every 20# fish you need 10# ice. have an ongoing debate with a friend who I don’t think his boat has enough capacity in the holds for the amount of fish he thinks he can store



    It was a great day, turned bad

    Almost six months ago This happened...too bad we haven’t seen a dime. Time to sign up for 2020 but why bother. Sucks, better off taking the entrance fees and party at the Knotty Pine.

    Offshore Bluefin - yellowfin 11/23

    Decided that last weekend wasn’t enough and needed to jump on another trip before the weather sets in. Booked a spot on my favorite o/side 95 footer fishing Saturday, knowing weather was looking great. Fished US waters south of Clemente. Started the day on a sonar mark that yielded a handful of...

    Offshore 11/16 Endless Summer = Piles of Tuna

    Even though the days are shorter and we had to turn back our clocks, the fish didn’t get the message so they still think it’s summer. Was watching the counts on bluefin and yellowfin during the week, on the full moon, and it was going off. Checked weather and it was calling for 6 ft at 14...

    Offshore Bft 11/2

    Pulled the trigger last minute on Friday to hop on a 1.5 day out of SD with the yft counts getting a bit better from the last week. Was expecting yft with maybe some bft mixed in, but that’s not what we got. Started the day with school under the boat at daybreak but no one wanted to play so...

    Offshore South Island YFT

    Weather was too nice not to go out and kill some tuna. Headed out of Dana Landing odark thirty and headed to the 302 parking lot. Set up drift for nada.....made move towards the 425 but got diverted by radio chatter of WFO at 20/21, so trolled that way. Stopped short in another parking lot and...

    Offshore Yellowfin Limits - 8/22

    Decided that I wanted to fish instead of work, with the good counts coming in this last week. Looked like there was a couple days that were off, but came back up on Wed so leaving that night on an overnight on the Producer was looking like the right call. I've seen some ruffle most recently on...

    Offshore Albacore fix

    Long read and pix heavy - but thought you might want to see what's going on up north with the elusive albert. This was my report to friends and family --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings fellow fishermen...

    Great endorsement for Phenix and Penn

    Handled the tax man like a pro.

    Leaky compression

    Have a buddy that is looking to get a rig that has twin Yamaha F250's with 600 hours each. The seller brought to his local mechanic to run compression and both motors failed and had a bad leak in all cylinders. No carbon build up. This last weekend they took out and ran to burn off and retest...

    We're Markin'

    During work I like to pull up the live feed from the Nautilus research vessel and check out what adventures they are up to. Right now they are in transit from CA to HI, mapping on the way. Currently they are ~600 miles outside of Long Beach in the area marked by the X. This is the current view...

    Wierd looking tuna

    The tuna down here don't have long fins and they grow really big! They've shown up early and look to be settling in nicely in US waters, so if you guys are sick of waiting for the longfins to show up and want to feel the pull of something other than a ling, think of taking a trip south to Kali...

    Offshore BFT 5/5

    Quick report, having just got back to land this morning. Hopped on last minute with the Pegasus when the SA80 couldn't get off the dock with enough people. First time on this boat and can say was a pleasure, limited load, good crew and nice boat. Fishing was tough in the morning with no signs...

    Offshore Rockpile CA donkeys 4.7

    Was watching counts later in the week and knew weather was going to be damn hot in the East OC, so what better way to cool off and jump on a boat. Saw that the Grande only had 6 reservations on Saturday afternoon, so said sweet light load....let's go fishing. Well to everyone's surprise, 48...

    If you guys are missing the tuna and good weather

    You should high tail it down here and fish with us. The bluefin is going OFF....tried to get Cohoho down here for this last weekend trip, but he was busy with his quilting fair. 7-7 on a 2.5 day for me, donated the overage to other less fortunate since two day limit is 4. All caught on 25#...

    Offshore Tomahawk Chop

    Just got in from a loooong 1.5 on the Tomahawk....and felt I needed to come on to bloodyyelp and vent. short story, fishing was tough.... Boats decision on Thursday night was to head out the the condom bank and try for the bluefin that popped the day before with Captn' Jeff at the helm. Lumpy...

    Who's that dude

    Was doing some QC work on my clients website today and came across this...It's a bloody Idaho're famous buddy.

    I’m disappointed

    where in the hell is the good old fashioned shot talking for WTC? Unfortunately I’m not up there this year, but will be fishing in spirtit down here in Kali looking for the elusive quadfecta: bluefin, yellowfin, yellowtail and dorado this weekend. I’ve been waiting all week for a good thread...

    Offshore Jumbo's @ the 60 11/20

    It's no secret that the big boys are out there and it's been nothing short of epic. With the dark side pulling me in, I knew I had to go pay good money to go put myself through pain, but it hurts so good. Jumped on the Old Glory last minute with permission from the family to cause self...

    Kinda glad I'm not in WA anymore.....

    so I can do this on Thanksgiving break in short sleeves and no full body condom I was sporting the SaltwaterPimp gear @Sammy Hooker and the captain kept telling me that "pimping wasn't easy" when I couldn't get the fish past deep color for 20 minutes. Happy Thankgiving my Washigoogan brutha's

    20% Coupon from WTC

    Just an FYI - Anyone who has a 20% Gift Coupon from TD that was in the captains bucket and handed out at the WTC which has a 9/15 expiration date......that's been extended to 10/15. So if you have it and still want to use it, you've got another month. Enjoy.

    It's not an albacore, but it is a tuna

    Picked up this beauty yesterday out on the grounds.....I guess Kalifags can fish! Miss the WA BD brotherhood... seems like the WTC was half a year ago .....Two Tap, I've got some sweatpants for you, already seasoned with tuna funk....I'll mail them to you.

    Offshore Ali would be proud

    Just got back from a week up in WA for the WTC tournament. Fished 3 back to back days in exploration mode and tourney day on Saturday. While we didn't win, we killed some fish and had a bloodydecks worthy photo op after a good bait stop. That is all...

    Offshore 7/9 O-Side Report for DOUG

    Lot's of fishing and little catching. Beautiful SoCal weather all day made for a nice boat ride. Left o-dark thirty out of O-Side with a scoop of dine's and maks. Headed straight out 6 miles where life and marks popped up and reports from past days say schoolie yft around. Worked the area for...

    Saltwater Buttload of Tunas out there 7/20

    Ran out from Ilwaco, which make a shorter ride. Our first hook up there wasn't a boat in sight. By end of the day we were fishing with our closest 40 friends on lake pacific in the sun. Unreal fishing out there right now guys! We had free swimmers 40 ft below all day and the water was so gin...

    Selling my WTC spot

    I'm selling my WTC spot to the lowest bidder. It's not a team.....just a spot on team Bait Tank Midgets. When Brian puts a warning label in the bag lounge "sleep on your back or someone else will" & Double Tap Pat is on the boat, that doesn't bode well for anyone! I think Brian even set up a...

    He doesn't like being called Benjamin There's some crazy in them thar eyes!

    If you're looking to buy some gear for tuna

    I have a bunch of one time use codes for $20 off $200 for a well known online tackle company that expire at the end of the month. Just PM me if you would like to use one and I'll give it to you and won't even ask for your coords.

    1989 C-Dory 22' Angler - $24k

    Great all around boat for ocean, sound and lakes! Turnkey ready to cruise or fish or both. Built for the Northwest this 1989 C-Dory 22' Angler that is in great shape for being 27 years old. These boats were build to last and don't spider crack as they gracefully age, like many other boats do...

    Just have to vent

    I just got back from a trip down to Cali last night and an incident down the the airport on Sunday has been nagging at me the whole trip. I was driving down I-5 just south of Seattle on my way to SEA-TAC minding my own business doing 65 sitting behind a big semi, when this guy in a big truck...

    This makes me sad

    maintenance time means there's way too many months until they get to go zzzzzzzzzz

    Saltwater Wahoo!

    Na - hoo. Made the long run to San Diego to try and yet again cross off a bucket list fish with the El Nino hoo popping off the coast. Fished aboard my buddies Skipjack and hit the upper nine mile bank just above the boarder, with 30 of our closest friends. LONG day of trolling and only thing...

    Saltwater River Tuna

    Made the haul out of Ilwaco 6/28 in sloppy seas, but laid down quite nicely out on the grounds. Being on a 35' Viking didn't hurt the cause. No morning bite, with hours of trolling. Decided to quit the troll game, shut down engines, bait in the water, fish on. Slid with the pack for a few hours...

    Saltwater Saturday Tuna - Wasn't meant to be

    The big battle wagon Fish Tales II skippered by Dr Dennis was on the grounds out of the CR with a couple of other boats, headed SW 38 miles out. We were within sight of both boats trolling our way out in beautiful water when we had to make an about face and call the coasties. A crew member fell...

    Saltwater CR tunage 10/10

    Looks like a lot of good reports from Westport, so thought I would throw in something a little different. Headed out Friday morning after the ebb slowed aboard a 35' Viking. In Quikstixs words....don't need a beanbag in a big bitch like that! Headed sw towards the 46 corner and never made it...

    Cool Story and something for Eli to use at the next WTC...

    This is an email from a good friend, cool water related story with application for us boat owners. One day I'll get up there to fish: Last week into my life entered a wonderful stage in a long held dream. As you may know, 15 years ago Jane and I acquired by inheritance a tiny yet beautiful...

    Saltwater Waco Tunage 9/14

    Many thanks go to The Great Benjamin on the Reel Hooker for the run out of Ilwaco. Greasy seas made the run out and back in a nice boat ride on the Pahhhcar. Hit the same area as most of the fleet and stick boats slight SW from port. Best part of the trip was one of the crew saying "I've got...

    Saltwater Westport Tunage

    This was Thursday And this was Saturday anywhere between 50-60 down SW find the birds and it's stooooopid fishing. Saturday they were even chewing straight 65# braid in baby blue with a dead bait. Irons and swimbaits got bit too. Thanks to QuikSticks the tuna killer on the Pahhhcarrr.

    WTC - Many Thanks

    Wow what a day! Many thanks to Qwicksticks and Eli for the epic 1 bait stop day! We were done early enough, checked in and cleaned the boat in time for me to make it back to Seattle to take my daughter out for daddy/daughter date. Would have loved to stay for the festivities and meet more of the...

    Last Minute Crewmember?

    Thought I would throw out a last ditch effort, if anyone needs an extra hand this weekend on the chase for LFT. Screwed myself by promising my daughter to take her out on the lake today to watch the Blue Angels practice, right before getting a call from Stacy on his open set. Doh! I've only...

    Saltwater ilwaco Albert's 7\5

    Scratch fishing but they are there. Closest was at 124.4 on the way to 46\125. Black & purple swim baits and cedar plugs did all the damage....wouldn't touch anything else. Jumpers at 124 in colder dirty water, but didn't want to play when we tried to pull in close. All troll...couldn't convert...

    Open Seat WP Sunday?

    Just did the dance on Thursday and killed them (see report WP Tuna Slaughter ). Wife says I can go again on Sunday since I got my Saturday honey do's in order, if I can get a ride, so if anyone is running and has an open spot I would love to join. Experienced tuna slayer and boat owner myself...

    Saltwater WP Tuna Slaughter 10/17

    Had a perfect break at work to play hooky (literally) on Thursday and had just received an email from Mark at AllWashington saying their were running out all week with the "miles and miles of fish" going off. Never fished with them, but always seen good I pulled the trigger since I...

    Saltwater Bluefin, Yellowfin, Yellowtail and Dorado

    Okay not a Washington report, but a Washingtonian who headed into the teeth of Mexico. Flew down to San Diego on Tuesday for my annual 2 day 976 Tuna trip 54 BFT, 10 YFT, 7 Skipjack, 320 Yellowtail, 56 Dorado. This was our final score on the 976 trip aboard the Old Glory….awesome...

    Freshwater Lake WA

    Newbie to the area and just bought boat # 5, 22' C-Dory angler. Went out on a Sunday morning solo run for shakedown on how to fish the boat on Lake Washington. Living on Mercer Island, the launch is way too easy and close! Deployed the riggers down to 40' and 60' with dodger and hoochie and had...

    I wanna go salmon fishing!

    I'm a recent transplant to the Seattle area and need to learn the salmon fishery, so looking for some people to take me under their wings. I've been focusing on longfins this season, but now it's time to do something more local. Looking to either jump on someone's boat (and pay my way) or have...

    Saltwater Late report - Ilwaco Monday

    Just got home from a last minute trip out of Ilwaco aboard the 50’ Rawson Four Sea’sons with 9 of us fishing. First run across the Columbia River Bar for me, which is definitely not for the faint of heart. Headed southwest to number 50 miles out on calm seas and deployed 7 trollers. Took about...

    Calling experience BD'ers in the sound

    I'm are recent transplant to Seattle, as you can see all my previous BD posts are from SoCal. I'm looking to learn the fishery up here from those that are in the know. Just took possession of a 22' C-Dory Angler with electric downriggers and set up for fishing, so just need an experienced crew...

    New to Area - Where to Shop

    Howdy BD'ers. I recently just relocated to Seattle (Mercer Island to be exact) and am looking to get advise on where to go to get my fishing gear. I did see a Cabela's up north and down south, but like to support mom and pop shops, as they have more invested in helping you out and in turn we...

    Offshore New Lo-An Sunday

    Late report after getting back to OR after a travel day from hell. Decided I needed a fix on something other than the epic LFT bite up here. Jumped on the 1.5 with a buddy Saturday night to go for the species diversity laying in wait on kelp down 70 miles. Fished the Lo-An many times over the...

    Offshore Ah hell - no one else is posting 976-Tuna Trip to the Zone

    Late report - Got back 10/4 around midnight, full day at work and just finished vacuum sealing fillets. Hopped on the Dominator for a 2 day 976-Tuna trip to finish off the year, heading out of Point Loma Sunday night. Plan was to leave early and head to the 140-150 mile area that's been...

    Offshore Searcher went long 9/16

    Decided to play hooky from work on Friday and jump on a 1.5 day out of Fishermans Landing aboard the long range SEARCHER. Left the dock at 7:00 and away it was to the 135 mile zone off of San Martin. At gray light still not at the zone, but in decent water so stopped on a few kelp for nada...

    Need to replace Topshot

    Heading 500 miles south to jump on a 2.5 day on Monday. I need to get my topshot replaced on my 40# and 20# rig since I'm hearing the fish have shoulders. I caught a 30# BFT over the 4th of July on the 20# rig and was sweating bullets that she was going to go ping! So I swore to replace before...

    Offshore Rockpile/425/371

    Headed out for day two of the chase and ended up worse off. Started out at the rockpile and trolled to the 425 for nada. Headed to the 371 and found a nice patty 4 miles short, for 3 farmed tails. Continued the troll to the 371 in beautiful water and weather for nada. Headed back east and hit a...

    Offshore 425 Chicken

    Late start and hit the 425 with trollers in at 8:00. Nothing for 3 hours then one chicken on a blue/white cedar daisy chain. No bait fish. Boxed the area for nothing more. Ended up at the Coronados for fish tacos and all you can eat slimers. Nice blue water and good temp break down to 65, with...

    Mex liability Insurance

    Will be heading south of the border this weekend and understand that I need to get Mexican liability insurance while there. Any advice on a good place to get daily coverage. my insurance is through BoatUs and their Mexican partner only does annual coverage. Thanks -

    hunting for palegics 10/27

    Got chased off of the water last weekend due to the bogus weather forecast. Will be trailering from Santa Barbara and taking some SoCal friends out on Sat/Sun now that the weather is looking sweet. As of now looking to to head to the 425 based on current temp and choro charts, then running...

    WTF...I got...

    Made the trip down from SB and was able to get wet on Saturday, but stayed north in O-Side due to the not so good weather outlook. Weather was fine all the way out to the 181 where we got the big skunk. Planned on heading out to the 302 area on Sunday, until we got home and saw that the weather...

    This Weekend?

    Suppose to trailer down from SB this weekend to target YFT down at the 302,425, etc. with some buds. Plan was to mor overnight at the Coronado's. Now looking at the forecast, I'm not so sure so wanted to get some local advice. Running a 24' Trophy. Based upon the current forecast is this weekend...

    What should I plan for?

    Newbie to this board - live up North near the Golden Gate. Towing the 22' Trophy down to SD to do a few days fishing with buddies. I've been checking in on the board to see what's hitting, but wanted to get some expert advise. What should I plan on fishin' for....? Looks like the albies are too...