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    Need vinyl Graphics person in LBC!

    Need someone to fabricate and install new graphics, Name and Hailing Port. Just received new permission from USCG for the name change and would like to do this quickly. Thanks!

    MDR Windy, if you have a boat in MDR

    Hope all your dock lines are tight! Its Howling?!!

    Ventura Harbor Fun! 1/26/2016

    A big thanks to the Ventura Harbor Patrol for escorting us out of the Harbor this morning. We departed this morning just after 10:00 on the high tide with the wind at 20+ from the NE a much smaller swell than the last several Weeks. Normally harbor channel is 350' wide for transit in or out ...

    USCG safety inspection underwayy

    Wednesday afternoon was hot at the slip, so after talking with Walt on the Monte Carlo and him saying its a afternoon bite. Buddy and I untied the boat and away we went, shortly after entering the main channel in noticed CG make a U turn and shadow me till about 1/4 mile past the lighthouse. At...

    $ 2.40 Fuel at Jankovich San Pedro!

    151 gallons $362 Love my Perkins!

    Pretty cool nobody fishes bass!

    Backs p retty sore from yellowtail fishing, so Buddy suggested we bass fish for a change. Short ride from the slip, first cast game on for lil guys , WFO for 2Hrs until slack. Pretty fun. Fuel burned 1/2 gal. Beer drank 1. Fun till Buddy got Hot and bored !

    Need Surveyor for Perkins 6-354 engines Long Beach

    Need a Surveyor for the engines on a Egg Harbor that I am considering, already had boat survey and haulout but would like to have someone that knows these engines go through them. Thanks!

    1988 Mariner 40hp for parts $400 or trade for bait tank

    1988 mariner 40hp for parts. Motor ran great on the last trip and then there was an electrical fire and now there is no wiring. The oil injection system was removed and ran on 50/1 mix the last few years just fine. The fire didn't burn the motor it self only all electrical . motor ran very...

    September sign for Spotted Bay Bass?

    I hope more people will get involved this month. You might even have a chance as we live 60+ miles from any good spottie Harbor. We are thinking about going down to Newport for a few days and camping at Newport Dunes as we have very few spotties in Marina Del Rey. Good luck everyone and lets see...

    SMB Bass and Lightning, Scary Shit!

    Well we ran up the coast to fish in the stringers so far so good, even caught a few. Hopscotched back down the line in light showers to not much success, not really thinking to much about lightning until we were looking for the right stone at Venice Reef to finish off the day. And then we saw...

    Well they quit letting out out of the lake and I got a Fatty!

    Having fished the lake 3 to 5 days a week for what seems like forever. I caught a bass of larger than the normal 2 or 3lbs. She ate a brown 6'' plastic worm, split shot style. My largest in well over a decade, but not near my best maybe not even top ten, In the eighties this fish would not even...

    Castaic even lower but still biting 7/9/14

    Well as I have said in the past the lake is going down, way down. On the upside fishing has continued to be pretty good. A couple from this evening. Larry

    Castaic low and getting lower but still biting.

    Even with the low water the Bass are still biting well after the spawn. Crankbaits and plastic worms. Lots of linesides on bait, most small.

    Torpedo Sinkers

    Torpedo Sinkers 3-4-5-6 & 8 oz. Mix what you want $4 lb. Will ship at cost ,Paypal fine

    The wall and the wind 5/10

    James Jeff and myself. We launched the skiff about 18:00 in very Breeeezy conditions, oh well not the first time. Guess we will fish the inside. First thing Jeff gets bit and were on the board, next up is James and one calico in the . Then I get bit and it unbuttons then same thing happens to me...

    Dockweiler 5/3 no beans but......

    Damm James my son caught his first legal halibut on his new rod and luckycraft 3rd cast . He also had a nice large yellowfin on krocodile, myself only 20+ perch most small but wfo all on crack. Nice sunset with all of the smoke to he north. Water felt warm compared to the last few weeks, no...

    Ventura 4/14

    Sunday my sons James, Justin and I fished Ventura beach across from the marina, Spinaker Dr. FREE PARKING with a short walk to the water. Very disturbed sea oh well, current was ripping to the south with a fairly large swell but still fishable. No sandcrab so fished the crack for only a few...

    Wood Lures need help with parts.

    I have just started to make my own wood lures and need some help finding a source for supplies, wire, grommets, weights, props and and other supplies. Also right now I am using Defthane Polyurethane for a top coat it seems ok but is there something better? Thanks

    Fishdog 4/29

    Sunday 4/29 myself son Justin and brother in law Jeff had opportunity to fish on our friends 38 Mediterranean Sportfisher Fishdog, WOW what a boat. Left its slip in Marina Del Rey about 07:30 sorry Duke we wont be late again!! Stopped for a scoop of nice sardines at Inseine and we were...

    Question for Big Pancho

    Question for Big Pancho or any any of the the fine lure makers here. I am just wondering what bake clay you are using for your masters. I have looked on e-bay and the sculpy brand seems to have a bunch of materials,so if you could point me in the direction thanks.

    Harnell needs rewrap

    Looking for somebody in the san fernando valley to rewrap my old Harnell back to life. 8' nothing fancy 6 guides +tip. Would like it to look as original as possible. 818 687 3336 Larry