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    Farallon 25, refit

    Thanks for the kind words, hopefully my boat will find a good home soon.
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    Farallon 25, refit

    Bump - come and get it.
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    Farallon 25, refit

    Guessing 40gallons? It holds a solid scoop.
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    Going From Trailer To Slip

    Galvanic isolator, if you are using shore power, otherwise your prop and running gear can get eaten up by stray current. Bonding system with all thru hulls connected, sacrificial anodes on your trim tabs, swim step bracket and anything under the water line.
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    Farallon 25, refit

    Thanks man, look forward to seeing your work! All the best.
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    Farallon 25, refit

    15-17knots depending on sea and load, 7-8gallons per hour, from floscan. That's running at 2200-2300 RPM, WOT is 2600
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    Farallon 25, refit

    Thanks man, always enjoyed killing fish with you.
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    Farallon 25, refit

    It's in the first line.
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    Farallon 25, refit

    Whaleback 25, named after my dad "Ronnie" 43k obo Complete refit, Electronics and new decks, new tanks, new running gear. This boat has been everywhere safely, and has allowed me to kill everyhthing that swims. No trailer - if you want a trailer, you have no idea how big/heavy this boat is - or...
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    If you are still looking for a 25 Farallon, send me a number

    If you are still looking for a 25 Farallon, send me a number
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    Jensen Water Resistant Stereo Housing

    $5, new in the box MRH211W, Jensen Water Resistant Stereo Housing
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    Mint 16A SOLD

    Thanks for the reel Danny. Showed up quick and as you described. Can't wait to kill something with it!
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    Picked up++++No Longer Available+++Shakspeare Cardboard shipping Tubes- rod storage/shipping etc..

    +++++++Picked up already+++++++++++++++++ I have four Shakespeare antenna cardboard tubes. These are the tubes the antennas are shipped in. These would be good if you are shipping or storing fishing rods, I think they are all 10-15 feet in the length. I also have one or two old antennas that...
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    Magma Grill Rod Holder mount

    ******SOLD******* $30...send a PM please. No shipping, pick up in San Pedro, Pasadena, or Santa Monica. Condition New, not in the packaging.
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    Dewalt Hammer Drill & Sawzaw & Craftsman Drill, Craftsman Flashlight

    My buddy whacked two Yellow tails with the spear gun. I ate them.
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    Schlage Dead Bold lock with hardware

    Wife had me change the color of the front door lock-set. Schlage Deadbolt with keys and all hardware needed to re-mount. Send a PM or it goes in the trash. This lock will be great to lock out your wife or annoying children.'s kinda of brass color.
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    Dewalt Hammer Drill & Sawzaw & Craftsman Drill, Craftsman Flashlight

    Dewalts pending pickup...Craftsman still available.
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    Dewalt Hammer Drill & Sawzaw & Craftsman Drill, Craftsman Flashlight

    *******************ALL ITEMS GONE**************** 18volt Cordless tools all work. All need batteries. All bought in 2003 Have the chargers, batteries are toast and went to the E-Recycler long ago. Free, work great if you have the batteries. Batteries aren't cheap, so think about this before...
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    Blackman 23 Outerbanks

    Hey Kelly, she looks great! Keep the pics coming.
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    Newell P-332

    bump...forgot I had this. Local pick up only. I'd trade towards a Saltiga with a star drag 20 or 30 size.
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    Furuno 1830 gone to the dump

    Went to the E recycler....I saved the bracket and uncut radar dome cable.
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    Garmin 441s

    Garmin 441s with mount/power cable Comes with Garmin SOCAL blue Vision Charts, NO transducer. 275obo
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    Furuno 1830 gone to the dump

    Furuno 1830 and 3kw dome Wasn't picking up targets inside of a 1-3 miles, beyond that it worked fine. Worked like a champ until a rough ride out to Catalina, not sure what's wrong with it. I've since bought a new unit. If you need it for spare parts or for target practice let me know...It's...
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    X-tra Tuf boots Size 12, made in USA

    Size 12 Made in the USA new in the box, never worn Steel toes $80, pick up only in San Pedro or Pasadena, CA Send a PM if interested
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    Newell P-332

    Newell P332 with clamp, good shape with 50lb spectra spooled. $165 Please send a PM
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    Newell S-332

    In the box with clamp. I probably used it two or three times. $150 Send a PM if interested.
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    Garmin Mount and power/data cable

    It's gone...on it's way to Brice tomorrow. Sorry for the multiple crazy postings...damn computer didn't show the update.
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    Garmin Mount and power/data cable

    It's gone...on it's way to Brice tomorrow.
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    Garmin Mount and power/data cable

    On it's way to Brice tomorrow.
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    Garmin Mount and power/data cable

    On it's way to Brice tomorrow.
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    Garmin Mount and power/data cable

    On it's way to Brice tomorrow. No need to read further, posted multiple times in error.
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    Garmin Mount and power/data cable

    Garmin Mount and Power/Data Cable (uncut) for a Garmin 521 Broken Garmin 521 going to the electronics recycler, won't turn on, not sure what the problem is....
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    22' Glacier Bay Catamaran Reduced to $17.500 obo

    Sweet titties, you're giving that boat away! Pound for pound one of the best center consoles...
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    Starboard Swim step

    Don't know that's how I bought it.....
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    SanQuintin with Jaimes Pangas

    Way to go Kelly! Nice fishes.
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    What is this? Dana point kelp line this morning

    Looks like a fluorescent snapper to me.
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    RTA Finds The Kind at San Nick

    Good job Dominic/Jeff.
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    Rode and Chain 320ft Rode/25ft Chain

    320 Ft of 1/2 inch 3 strand Anchor Rode 25 Ft of 5/16 Galvanized Chain $125 Send a PM if interested... I'm adding a windlass to my boat that doesn't accept this size rode/chain, otherwise I'd be keeping it...
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    Big Mako Catch!

    Sharks are every where in Florida- there is not a shortage. Being a North Floridian my whole life and then moving to SOCAL, I can say with authority that guy who caught it will cut every piece of meat off of it and eat it. Give it to his neighbors cousins whatever...that's the way a big kill is...
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    Oil change pump

    I used it twice, still in the box. Works properly....$50 Send a PM/Pick up only in San Pedro or Pasadena area.
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    I've got a buddy with two transom mount bags for sale, missing the hardware though since he sold...

    I've got a buddy with two transom mount bags for sale, missing the hardware though since he sold his boat with them attached. Send me your email/number and I'll forward it on to him.
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    Fishing Tackle Swap Meet 2/9/14

    Bump. Went last time they had one, and there was plenty'o good stuff.
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    Which .40 Pistol

    I own a Sig Sauer P220 .45 ACP Combat edition with over 2000 rounds through, runs like a champ..high quality well built weapon. I'm 6'2" with big hands and it suits my grip. If you have small girl hands it probably wouldn't be that comfortable to shoot My buddy plugged a home invader a few...
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    how do I find the right prop for my boat?

    Check out they have a good prop calculator that'll take into account the type of hull, engine hp/rpms, weight etc.... Frankly, the $25 fee to join was the best money I've spent on my diesel.
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    Coral Sea Overnight Charter leaving Friday 12/20/13 - san nick or san miguel

    That's going to be a bitchin trip...I sure wish I hadn't made plans with my wife this weekend.
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    SoCal Shipyard help

    I just picked up my boat last night after having two thru hull transducers installed (ss264's). The work was done as requested, completed in one day- ready for pick up the next and the pricing was fair and in line with the market based on my conversations with other yards. Call and ask for Scott...
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    86 Bayliner Flybridge- set up for fish killing

    This is my buddies boat, he has slip a few down from mine in MDR. He's a handyman and he's damn particular about everything, so it's been very well maintained and set up for fishing. Give him a call. It's a lot of boat for the price.
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    Anybody know this guy?

    Anyone know how to copy these before he wises up and takes them down??? This guy is out of control.
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    Offshore 209 paddy hunt, 9-12-13 loaded up..........

    Thanks for the report. I was considering making another run...I need to get a trailer!
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    Public hog hunting?

    Anthony, I bought a .45-70 this year for the purpose of killing some pig. In my native FL pigs are everywhere and lining up to be shot execution style LOL. In the Peoples Republic of California it seems you must pay at least 500 bucks to line up a hunt with a guide....seems steep to kill a wild...
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    Offshore Heard yellowfin on the porpoise at 209 on channel 72 9/7-13

    I could have sworn I heard Mr. Rogers singing also on 72 Sat.? I didn't see any YTF, did see some big whales and big pod of dolphin when leaving Dana.
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    Zip Zilch Nada!!!

    Thanks for the report. I'm heading out tomorrow AM to the 181/209.
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    Free Trailer Dolly

    It's gone. "notlimits" met me last weekend and picked it up...ask him if he didn't like/want it....
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    Not Mine

    Not Mine....but seems well priced from the ad. If you 've never been on an older Farallon, it's the titties when the seas are up.:notworthy:notworthy:notworthy
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    Furuno 552- I'd like to uprade

    I narrowed it down to 1 of 3 choices. FCV-587 Furuno (not chosen through hull transducer just yet), Simrad w/Side Scan NSS7 or , Humminbird 898 HD SCI....damn anyone with thoughts on these models would be appreciated. The Humminbird scares me since when I think of Humminbird, I think of goldfish...
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    Furuno 552- I'd like to uprade

    Tony, Thanks for the suggestion. Any other ideas out there. Thanks!
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    Furuno 552- I'd like to uprade

    I've got a Furuno FCV-552 and I'd like to upgrade to something more modern, and if possible I'd like to keep using my current transducer since it's mounted in the hull. Anyone out there have any ideas, I'd like to keep the cost to around $1000, and mainly fish the kelps and paddy hop for yellow...
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    My First YT on a 'Dine!

    Congrats. Just eat it raw. Make a dipping sauce with some soy sauce and some thin sliced jalapenos in it. Keep the head, cut the collar and pan fry it....damn that's good.
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    LB Local Low Quantity High Quality 8/28

    Hoh! Brah. One big feash! Nice. Congratulations..
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    Good video Bruddah....Congratulations on the catch. Remember, any sea creature or animal that is rare, endangered/extinct probably taste great!
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    Free Trailer Dolly

    Taken. Pending pick up.
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    Free Trailer Dolly I've got one of these laying around if anybody wants it.
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    25' SkipJack Sport Cruiser '86

    Bump- for "Officially" the most tactful response to a lowball kick in the nuts offer.
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    Cool man. Glad to see somebody out there is catching something! Congrats.
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    DP 8/19 267-209

    Thanks for the report. I'm putting the boat in a slip at DP for the month of September, hopefully it'll get better....
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    Offshore Coral Sea 1.5 day 8/14/13.......great trip

    I fished with these guys a few years back, and no doubt they are professionals.
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    Deep cycle batteries

    What group (24 etc...)? Brand?
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    26' Blackman Pilot House $99,000

    Sweet boat. Good luck with the sale!
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    Farnsworth Bank

    Thank for the update. - - - Updated - - - Thank you for the update.
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    Steelhead at the 302???

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    Farnsworth Bank

    I believe hook and line for pelagics is open inside the Farnsworth, trolling, or paddy hopping. If I've misunderstood the rules, somebody chime in please...
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    Farnsworth Bank

    I was thinking of heading out to Farnsworth next weekend or the 209, trying to make the most out of a short trip. Has anyone been on the Farnsworth Bank or anywhere thereabouts with any luck????? Too early for the Farnsworth?? Help please.
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    1991 SportCraft "Fishmaster" 25 ft

    Free bump. We had an 18' Sport Craft CC back in Florida, my dad and I would beat the crap out of it, and it was built tough as nails. Good luck with the sale.
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    Offshore 105 Miles RT, One Big YT

    Nice report. You should be stoked to have your Pops out on the water.
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    Blackman 23

    Not mine, but by chance I hired the owner of this boat to do some machine work for me a while back, he showed me this behind his shop and it's been completely redone. He did a killer job redoing the decks amongst other's tough to believe, but he told me it came from the factory...
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    WTB Trailer for Farallon 25

    Looking for a trailer for a 25' Farallon Whaleback set up for a direct drive.
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    Catalina Report

    Thanks for the report.
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    FloScan for diesel.

    If you don't see your exact engine, you need to send an email to their technical department for guidance. Don't assume it will work with your engine, I learned that by speaking with them directly. Killer prices on slightly older units, sure wish it would have worked with my 6bta variant.
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    FloScan for diesel.

    Floscan makes a bunch of different models. Which model are you selling?
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    2 Stroke Oil

    Let me know when and where want meet.
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    2 Stroke Oil

    Thanks for the useful post. I'm sure all those looking to buy oil will be flocking to the grand opening this weekend from all over Southern California.
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    2 Stroke Oil

    As of this evening, West Marine in Marina Del Rey has this for $30 a gallon. $20 a gallon is a fair price, if you don't think so, then don't buy it. Instead of stating you can get it for $15 at your West Marine why don't you do the bloody deck community a favor and tell everyone which West...
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    27 Farallon

    This boat is being given away at that price...damn. I have a 25 and it's a stout vessel, I bet the 27 is a beast. Good luck with the sale.
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    2 Stroke Oil

    My WM still had it at $30 last time I went in and that's what I paid for it. So the price stands. If you can get it for $15, buy the hell out of it because that's a great price. Thanks for responding to my ad Seacraft.
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    2 Stroke Oil

    Sold my boat, and now I have 6 unopened gallons of West Marine brand oil (see picture), I'd like to get $20 a gallon, it's $30 a gallon at the store. Glad to trade for a multipurpose battery 24m size or a jig stick, any difference I'll make up with cash...if you've got something interesting to...
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    Benn Baja

    Anyone have a Penn baja with the newer metal star drag they want to sell. send me a PM with the price/condition/location. It would be preferred that the reel is in LA, or if your willing to mail. Thanks.
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    25' Boston Whaler Revenge with Tower, Honda 225, 2mpg xlnt!!

    Killer boat, good luck with your sale. Somebody is going to make out with that sick sled.
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    Engine room sound Insulation

    I'd like the kind with lead in it....if you have some you'd like to sell send me a price and the dimensions of what you have. Thanks.
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    Californian Built By Penn ca655xhrs

    I don't know for sure. The aftco roller guides are wrapped with aqua blue and black, the blank is dark yellow-maybe a shade of orange...5'5" and rated for 40-100lb line.
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    Californian Built By Penn ca655xhrs

    Californian Built By Penn CA655XHRS If you have one of these sitting in your garage, I'd like to buy it. I got one off of Craigslist a few weeks ago for $50 and I'd like a second one. Please email me directly at [email protected] Thanks.
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    WTB: Colored NEWELLS

    808 is the area code for Hawaii, Hawaii is still part of the states, just speak pidgeon. Be cool, they didn't ask to be part of the States they were forced into it.
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    Whaler Guardian 22

    BUMP! Come look, come buy! Pictures for boat pornographers:
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    VHF Radio Like New and Antenna in good condition

    What is the make/model of the radio and antenna?
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    Penn Baja

    Anyone have a Penn Baja in the LA area, send me an email with price and info...thanks.
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    Newell S-332

    Newell S-332, lightly used, with 50lb spectra and new 30lb mono top shot. $100, recently serviced. I would be willing to trade towards a Penn Baja 113hn with some cash. <!-- START CLTAGS -->
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    Report:White seabass xmas

    Inspirational! Great job.
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    Whaler Guardian 22

    Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully, you killed some rock fish yesterday!
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    Whaler Guardian 22

    Price reduction 16k obo, sea trial scheduled for tomorrow morning out of MDR. Pictures for boat pornographers:
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    Whaler Guardian 22

    Make an offer!!
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    Local Lings - Big'uns - 10/20/12

    Lingasaurus Rex! Congrats, awesome catch!
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    Looks like Fluffy claimed another victim.

    Damn, as a life long waterman, I echo these sentiments. RIP fellow surfer. Personally, I've always referred to him respectfully as the "Landlord", Fluffy sounds like the name of a peter puffing dog from Hollywood.
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    Whaler Guardian 22

    Bump. Come see. Make offer. Needs to go.
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    Offshore ANY 181 REPORT

    We fished the 181 to the 182 and only found a few paddies that weren't holding jack squat. This was on Sunday.
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    Whaler Guardian 22

    Bump. Buy my boat!!
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    2hp suzuki or some other light weight motor

    I think I fixed my settings.....thanks for letting me know you couldn't get through via Private Message.
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    2hp suzuki or some other light weight motor

    Looking for a used=cheap priced 2hp suzuki outboard for my dinghy. Frankly, I'm not set on suzuki, but it's gotta have an internal tank, and not weigh that much... If you have something, send me an email Thanks.
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    Whaler Guardian 22

    Bump. She just got a tuna up!
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    Whaler Guardian 22

    Thanks La is surprisingly tough for a 22'.
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    Whaler Guardian 22

    That's strange, I checked my options and said it was fine, I changed my email today maybe it takes a while.
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    Whaler Guardian 22

    **SOLD** I bought a new (used) boat, so this one has to go. My beloved '22 Guardian 1990, with an aluminum I-beam trailer. New 10ply tires on the dual axle trailer with brakes, newly powder coated hard top aluminum t-top and railings, new 2000gph bilge pump with float switch in stern, 1100GPH...
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    FloScan for diesel.'s a unfamiliar concept in the PRC....Peoples Republic of California. It sucks, because I wanted this for my boat, but I can't blame a guy for trying to make a buck.
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    Yearly Maintenance- Impeller Changing

    For those of you with Evinrudes....I did mine just a few weeks ago. There is a 3/8 flat heat slotted screw that connects to the shift rod that you must disconnect in order to get the lower end to drop. You can find it at the base of the head behind the air intake if you are looking at the motor...
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    Offshore yellowtail saturday

    Kingcrab- Yeah, besides a bigger boat, a new glove is in my future. I went to Johnny's in Pasadena this week and they are ordering some large ones this week...I'll be first in line when they come in! Damn, I've been stitched up so many times for doing stupid things, and this time it wasn't so...
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    Offshore yellowtail saturday

    Beaner: Thanks, my Whaler is a Guardian 22 Divemaster from Whaler's commercial line, they come from the factory with a dive door...if I ever catch something too big I plan on dragging it through the door. For now, the door is used it to get in from freediving and surfing. Gary: Thanks for...
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    Offshore yellowtail saturday

    Thanks! I grew up in North Florida killing redfish out of a canoe, so a yellowtail in the open ocean is a really proud moment for me...I wouldn't have posted this, but it's been two days and I'm still stoked and greatful to all those that post on this forum for their great fishing ideas!
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    Offshore yellowtail saturday

    My wife told me the same thing..."why didn't you buy the gloves you were looking at bass pro"...blahblahblah...anyhow, my next purchase is a left handed filet glove...damn I've been fileting fish for over twenty years and never came close to cutting off my thumb...and I was sober.
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    Offshore yellowtail saturday

    I forgot to explain the urgent care photo, I almost cut my thumb off fileting my fish....regardless, it was a great day! I duct taped my thumb, wrapped my hand in a plastic bag and kept fileting.
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    Offshore yellowtail saturday

    I caught my first yellowtail on my whaler, and it's thanks to all of the killer ideas I've gotten from this thanks to all that post. I ran out of Dana Point to the 209 and back on Saturday, nailed the 22lb one at the 209 and the 12lb 9.4 miles on the last paddy outside of dana. The...
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    Light Bar for radar mount

    Anyone have something like this hanging out in the back of your garage?? I'm looking for a light for my radar mount...damn new ones are stupid pricey. I'd rather bend the aluminum and fab one myself unless...
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    Prowler 13 Kayak

    I am not sure if a Kayak sale belongs in the boat forum, but I am getting rid of my fishing kayak...don't need it anymore now that I have a boat. If you are in San Diego, I might be able to transport it down for you.
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    Painter referral

    thanks, hoping to find something closer to LA...
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    Painter referral

    I finally removed my aluminum T-top on my 22 Guardian, this week I'll have it media blasted and ready for painting. Does anyone out there know of a good painter they've dealt with who can shoot it in awgrip in the LA area?? Thanks! If you are a qualified painter you can shoot me a PM....even...
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    Bombadier 04 E250FPXSRM

    My rude runs like a clock ( I know this is rare), with the exception of the occasional stall out at the dock....Anyhow, the motor runs and sounds great, but on occasion after running it for a while and only around 3200 rpms the motor makes a noise that sounds kind of like a grinding sound, if...
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    Prowler 13 for sale

    Orange Prowler 13, Deluxe Gel Seat, Dolly , New 12volt battery, Charger, hummingbird fishfinder, bait tank, three rod holders on crate, two built into deck, one rod holding clip on deck. Good condition. I have a motor boat and no longer need this $750. Email if you want to inspect/buy, no...
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    30-30 rifle and ammo

    Where are you located?? I may be interested....
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    Master Blackfin Roller Rods and Spinning combo

    bump, tired of looking at this stuff in my garage.
  127. H

    Aluminum custom made

    I was thinking the same thing! Too bad it's not made of copper....
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    Master Blackfin Roller Rods and Spinning combo

    $25obo Master Blackfin 21 Model 2153 Black Thru Handle 6ft 25-50lb (has roller on tip guide) $25obo Master Blackfin 21 Model 2155 Blank Thru Handle 6.5 feet 25-80lb (all guides are rollers) Both hardly used and been sitting in my garage for a few years.... Master Spinning Reel and Rod...
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    Reels, Penn, older Daiwa

    Make an offer. If you need pictures, let me know of which reel&#8230;but please don&#8217;t waste my time, I am not a photographer&#8230;just send me a PM. I&#8217;m not sure what these are worth, but I&#8217;d like to sell them or trade them for something interesting&#8230;.maybe they...
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    Purple Newell

    Thanks again Alex, wife digs her new (used) reel....if anyone else has one like it, may be interested in another 332...I'm finally updating reels.
  131. H

    Purple Newell

    I saw that one on Ebay, thanks for bringing it to my attention. I think it's going for around 400 bucks....the only reason I am looking at purple is that is the color my wife likes.....paying a premium for a "pretty" reel doesn't really effect my fishing equipment buying decisions. Frankly, I...
  132. H

    Purple Newell

    Anyone have a purple Newell 332 or another purple Newell your looking to sell? PM the price and model please. Thanks!
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    2002 Evinrude O/B service manual and diagnostic software/cable

    Heres a link to the software: Now you just need the cable.....
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    Chicks Who Fish

    Nice, FSU shirt too...
  135. H

    2004 Evinrude 250hp

    Thanks for the responses....I've figured it out, the ignition switch was bad...the kill switch wasn't operating properly...all fixed for I thought it was something big and it was just a stupid switch...Thanks again to all those who responded to my plea for help. Best, S
  136. H

    2004 Evinrude 250hp

    I've got a 250hp 2004 Evinrude (bombadier), the boat/engine are new to me....anyhow the engine is a complete bitch to start when the engine is cold, it's also iritating to start when hot, you have to hold in the choke, crank, and then hope for the best.....this weekend I took it for a shakedown...
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    Boston Whaler Outrage 26...

    badass boat, killer (sweet) pricing.
  138. H

    Electronics box

    I got it taken care of, many thanks to Tom at Saltwater Specialties out of Costa Mesa for hooking me up!
  139. H

    Electronics box

    T-top electronics box...if anyone is selling. pm with details. thanks
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    Skipjack Cooler/Storage Box

    If the sale falls through, please let me know. I am interested. Thanks.
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    New boat need some stuff

    I finally got the 22 whaler guardian I've been searching for and I am looking for the following items to outfit her, she's my first boat...pretty stoked about it......if you have something laying around your garage and on my list, please send me a private message (PM)...let me know the price and...
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    GPS/Sounder combo

    Thanks for the info! Just need to find one now.....Next week I'll begin my search. If anyone owns one of these dual units, I'd like some feedback...if there is a brand to avoid, pleaes let me know
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    GPS/Sounder combo

    Thanks for the information. Any idea about the combo units or they just a bad idea?
  144. H

    GPS/Sounder combo

    I finally received my 22 Whaler Guardian and I want to outfit it with some basic electronics (I already have a radio), given my budget I was considering a gps/sounder combo...there seems to be too many choices, I am sure everyone has an opinion on the topic, but if I could get some kind of...
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    Whaler on Craigslist

    I called and it sold. How the hell do you find these types of boats before a dealer like the guy who was selling it gets a hold of it and marks it up? I've been checking, but never saw this one.....damn, I'd like to get a hold of something on the cheap and fix it up.