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  1. BullFrogVI

    FMM Permit Info

    Marine, At the website use "Estados Unidos" when they don't have a dropdown for United States. Works regularly for me. BullFrogVI
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    Offshore Just stop and fish.

    Thanks for your thoughts. After a few hours (Thursday 15th) trying to "sneak" up on the critters to get close enough to through some kind of artificial lure, I realized I should have gotten some bait and sunk it down to 120 ft. (alleged depth BFT travel which worked well last year for me)...
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    Offshore 6/30 fish everywhere I SUCK!

    "The only easy day was yesterday."
  4. BullFrogVI

    Offshore 11/22 Late report Hidden Bank

    Appreciate the informative report!
  5. BullFrogVI

    Offshore Anyone out on the 371 / 425 on 10/30?

    Opps, forgot about the ever present Mako. Think Paul Ward solved Wahoo did what I was trying to do Sunday. Did a lot of trolling 425, 302, down to 371 and quit...should have, could have, oh well Wahoo shouwed us how to do it! Sooo jealous:) but happy someone had the perservance to keep going...
  6. BullFrogVI

    Offshore Anyone out on the 371 / 425 on 10/30?

    Was stationed out in Hawaii for about 5 years where the 50 lb +Wahoo patrol 2-3 miles offshore. They have teeth that open close like a pair of shears & like to hit a skirt in the middle (which on my first read of your report sounded like a wahoo because of the massive damage to the cedar)...
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    Offshore Anyone out on the 371 / 425 on 10/30?

    Good tip, conditions look like they will hold till Sunday.
  8. BullFrogVI

    Offshore Anyone out on the 371 / 425 on 10/30?

    Great report. Limits YFT due to ur persistence. Sounds like you (tangled) with a wahoo - just guessing. From info U provided sharpened my cedar plug hooks xtra sharp. Going Sunday with sons & grandson.
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    Mark Eddo : Outboard Motor Repair (Verado Specialist), specializes in V6 outboards, DTS, OptiMax, Fuel Injection (619) 208-4021. Best "outboard Verado boat tech" I have ever had pleasure to do business with. This is the guy that keeps America's Customs Boats operating at top readiness level...
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    I got bumped off IFISH Again

    Right on!
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    Offshore This kid loves to fish

    The Happy and prideful expression on your son's great smile says it all! That's a lifetime bond your forging there Dad! HooYah!
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    What Color DTX Minnow 220 have been working the best

    My favorite DTX color (165) is the Sardine. (2 for 2). Haven't tried the 220.
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    Offshore Saturday 8/1 9-226-302

    Who's the real "meathead" in this story?
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    Offshore BFT, Dorado, and Yellowtail - July 26

    Badasses all! Well Done Lads.
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    VINDOG, Long ago a middle aged Navy SEAL ) my "been there done that combat proven Chief" told me I was gonna deploy on a 6 mo deployment and among other fun thigs and would be going through jump school with Green Berets who had made the deal in exchange for us training them in closed circuit...
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    Offshore BFT NW 230 6/25

    Thanks for re;porting your super sucess solo (SSS!)
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    Offshore Offshore 226/302 6/22

    Can't beat those results! Beautiful fish. HooYah Guys
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    Offshore 3/11 offshore skunk

    Got a late start finally, my son and I cleared the Whistler and trolled to 439, to 302, down to 371 and over to 425 for NADA. Paddies all dry. Headed North to call it a day and when we got near the tuna pens spotted some dolphins. Over-eager me, put 2 Nomad DTX-165 sinking, 6.50" Sardines out...
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    Offshore Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    Sooooo much great info in all the exchanges. Going Friday. Rigging up rods easy from all the "tips." You guys are a "Team."
  20. BullFrogVI

    Offshore Biting YellowFin

    Made my day - great intel report!
  21. BullFrogVI

    Offshore 5/31/2020 Super Cow

    Pure "Grit" and some SEAL Team like resourcefullness won that epic battle with that Grandpa BFT. Tripple HooYahs to You and Ken.
  22. BullFrogVI

    Offshore BFT ON 5/23/20 (PB)

    ""Grit" and a little luck pays off - just for hangin in there. WTG.
  23. BullFrogVI

    Offshore Looking to go tuna fishing...

    WTF are you trying to say or imply in your first sentence? WTF has my 32 posts have to do with anything? (Never mind the explanation - I really don't care). Yea, I'm thin skinned especially when stupid people attack my character. Covid BS? Are you serious? 90,000 Americans dead and climbing...
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    Offshore Looking to go tuna fishing...

    You and you buddy were not in compliance with the current law and you missed the whole point of my message to the Lad. Learn to be more polite and emphathic on this website. Its called maturing. This time you were lucky - you were questioning the honesty of a 78 yr old Navy SEAL; the next time...
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    Offshore Looking to go tuna fishing...

    Know how you are feeling. Not much seems to make sense with all the conflicting information out there. I would be happy to share a seat on my boat with you, but unfortunately, the rule is: I can only take one person and he has to be a member of my household. Word is the "boys in blue" are...
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    Offshore 425 Water Report

    Good intel - was wondering about the 425 conditions. Noticed the floor in the photo of your son holding the Bonito. Did you add sections or did it come stock with the boat? Thinking of putting some soft mats on top of my deck..any info about your floor appreciated. Thanks, Frog
  27. BullFrogVI

    Offshore San Diego Harbors are open starting tomorrow

    Well said TunaHead, I served 35 years USN and tried to fish inbetween those combat tours. "Little dick sample" should grow a pair, shut the fck up and learn to separate politics from fishin.
  28. BullFrogVI

    Offshore Offshore report and FD vent

    Hi Guys: Some cooped up thoughts here: (1) I love to catch and eat albacore. (2) Some of the comments - you would think they were describing eating mackeral or sardines vs BFT. (3) When it comes to taste and quality my favorite still is a "seared" filet of YFT. (4) I remember fishing with...
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    Port of San Diego COVID Facts FYI

  30. BullFrogVI


    Sorry for late report:) Where to go for facts: Port of San Diego; Click COVID-19: The Port of San Diego; Scroll down to FAQ. BullFrog Summary: On 3/4/2020 Gov Newsom passed various State laws pertaining to COVID-19 and inter-alia, granted local agencies, i.e., Port of San Diego, and other...
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    Messaged the Governor to Ease Fishing restrictions for 1-2 people in private boats after his speech the other day...

    [QUO Thank you Hardcore for your response. Kinda regret trying to "lighten up" the moods of our fishin buddies vis-a-vis America's real threat: Corovirus-19. Obviously, some guys got it and obviously understood the spirit in which I intended the post; unfortunately some got lost in their...
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    6yr Old "Made my Cooped up Day"

  33. BullFrogVI

    Messaged the Governor to Ease Fishing restrictions for 1-2 people in private boats after his speech the other day...

    If I hear anything back from Gov Newsom, will let you guys know - if not maybe we could all chip in to this 6year old's college fund to plead our case (for all of us)...she does a "knockout" argument to go to the "pub." Got a hunch she is a "chip off ole Hardcore's block.:)
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    Whatcha think "Lower Banks" mean?

    soooo funny!
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    Finally got out after months of surviving "getting old" medical issues. Bait at SD Bay was great (those guys always give me a little xtra). Zoomed Westward but could not find a paddy or any working birds. Hit the Nine (S) for NADA; turned left short of the 226 and set out to the 302. Just...
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    Offshore White sea bass out of Point Loma

    Takes a lot of skill to land that "Buster" in kelp on 20#. Great Pics.
  37. BullFrogVI

    Fishing the Coronados 2019

    Hi John Sorry for late reply. Go to httpps:// This site contains a 3-step process complete with easy instructions to pay for your FMM visas, fill out your passenger manifest, and how to send both as attachments to [email protected]
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    Offshore How big is this fish

    Slider, your Astonishingly "SMALL" prejudices belong on a Wall of Shame.
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    Offshore QUALITY REDS - CORONADO IS. 4-23-2018

    My son and I went to South side of Middle grounds looking for YT, birds, any signs - NADA. Water cold, dirty, foam everywhere, hard to troll ... kept getting kelp hookups trolling North side of N. Is. - so decided to try new 3D 4" Red Crayfish that really resemble the Red Tuna Crabs. Put 3 on...
  40. BullFrogVI

    Fishing for Rockfish in Mexican Waters After Jan 1?

    Howie, You got some good accurate advice especially about the Yelloweye, Cow, etc., but a few other posts I disagreed with. FYI, I regularly fish for RF in Mexico. My advice is do not fish in USA on the way out to Mexico because anything you catch and keep might be counted against your MEX...
  41. BullFrogVI

    Offshore Does San Diego have our own killer whales pod

    A little more than 50 yrs. ago (circa 1964) I was a member of UDT-12. One of our platoons, 20+ frogmen were conducting swimmer sneak attacks at night (2200) off the Coronado roadsteads (I.B. flats area) using closed circuit 02 SCUBA. One of the lead pair (fastest) was seen by the observing...
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    REDUCED $100 - OBO -HUMMINBIRD Matrix 67 GPS Fishfinder/TRACKPLOTTER System with Transducer

    Black & White Matrix 67 Fishing System ships with a 200/83 kHz DualBeam PLUS sonar system w/ a wide (60degree) area of coverage. DualBeam PLUS sonar returns can be blended together, viewed separately or compared side by side. GPS is a satellite navigation system designed and maintained by the...
  43. BullFrogVI

    REDUCED $100 - HUMMINBIRD 788ci Combo Sonar/GPS with Transducer & Operations Manual

    640V X 640H, 5" Diagonal, 256 Color TFT Display. Wide 60" DualBeam PLUS Sonar Coverage Internal 50 Channel GPS/WAAS Receiver allows in dash Mounting Dual SD Card slots Savable Pre-Set keys allow one-button view changes Upgraded my electronics to larger screen and package radar dome addition...
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    Ffm problems...

    HooYah! Mr. Juan Flores at Bc Pesca FMM approval office acknowledged the Banjercito website problem (e.g., won't accept passport card numbers because they start with the letter C.). He suggested that I put in any series of numbers (I used my wife's passpor book number and was able to pay...
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    Ffm problems...

  46. BullFrogVI

    Ffm problems...

    Thanks for the info Kyle. Any ideas for us guys with USA PassPort Cards to purchase Mex. Visas and email to bc pesca with the manifest? Sure would like to fish Coronados next week.
  47. BullFrogVI

    Ffm problems...

  48. BullFrogVI

    Ffm problems...

    Doug, For the past couple of months have been having the same problem entering the letter "C" in the passport number on the Banjercito website. I have sent emails to BC Pesca and even to Mex Embassy here in SD - no joy. I tried just inputting only the passport numbers but I still get "invalid...
  49. BullFrogVI

    Ffm problems...

  50. BullFrogVI


    All it takes is once!:waglleybooty: