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  1. daniel7

    Offshore 0 fot 0 for 0 Pacific Queen

    Gavin and crew are very fishy! :jig::worship:
  2. daniel7

    Offshore First String Pacific Dawn tandem BFT KILL

    Both really good platforms and top notch captains, nice to see the young kids being taught all the Indian tricks! :appl::worship:
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    Chief 2.5 Day is cancelled!!!!!!

    Life should have been pronounced and spelled fuc!
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    Offshore Big dorado and small yft.

    Anyone would be head over heels with that catch! :appl:
  5. daniel7

    Offshore Dana to 209 DICKHEAD report

    Just plain old manners and on the water edicate are a thing of the past! Old school is gone, such a shame these kids these days!
  6. daniel7

    Offshore First local super cow bluefin

    How close did you get it?
  7. daniel7

    Offshore Wide open Yahoos 7.29.16!

    Channel 72 on the weekend. Only if we could bring back the law of the west, you would think twice if you were on the wrong side of my revolver! Carry on! :appl: Crazy bastards out there. Just remember that there is always a chance that those guys getting close to you are pirates, hence the...
  8. daniel7

    Offshore 7•29•16 Dodo

    Damn nice dodo! Hell yes! :appl:
  9. daniel7

    Offshore Oceanside 7/22. Big Bluefin

    One thing about those bluefin is that if there is anything wrong with your equipment, the fish will highlight the problem for you really fast, nice job getting that fish on board amidst the reel disintegrating on you! :cheers:
  10. daniel7

    Lewisville Lake

    Got a chance to make it out to Texas last week to look at a new machine in Bowie. While I was out, got to spend a couple days in Lewisville with my brother. Wednesday we went out on Lewisville lake all day fishing for monster cats. Using my magic bacon, got one blue cat at 15lbs and a bunch...
  11. daniel7

    Offshore Bluefin 80 lbs 7 miles

    That is truly a fantastic trip and story. I'm jealous, don't have a boat yet. If I did, I would be doing the same thing. Nice report!
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    Tough 2 day trip, memorial day weekend, first bluefin of the season.
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    Offshore Bluefin starting to get on the bite...

    Now that's a quality captain's report, :appl:!
  14. daniel7

    Offshore San Diego June 2016 (West Coast Style)

    Nice job getting on those fish! :appl:
  15. daniel7

    Offshore Tough day 209 to 181 7/1... Then stuff got real BADDDD

    Dammit damm it dammit! :Dynamite:x2 on the painful reading, hope you get your gear back in shape! Let us know what happens!
  16. daniel7

    Does Oceanside still sell bait?

    (760)434-1183, that's the number to call 24hrs a day for Bait info in oside harbor!
  17. daniel7

    So Anyone Else Name Their Fishing Rods?

    I have a 30 year old Fenwick glass 2 piece rod for trout fishing that everyone knows as the brown rod. Every single time we go trout fishing, that's the first and last rod to get bit!
  18. daniel7

    Offshore Paddy whackin from Oside to 43

    Really nice yellowtail, good job on killing that fish before the parasite did! :appl:
  19. daniel7


    My two younger brothers were on the producer back in the early 2000s. They had an overnight trip that filled the back of my brothers ranger of albacore. It took 8 hours to filet those fish in the front yard, everytime i think of albacore, i have fond memories of those fuckers showing up...
  20. daniel7


    The dreams are starting to come true!
  21. daniel7

    Hundred pounders on Pacific Queen!

    On the boat next weekend, can't wait to get the dust off my reels! This looks real promising!
  22. daniel7

    Offshore Shogun 3 Day Trip Report Fri 5/13 - Sunday 5/15

    It's fun watching those tuna splashing around, gets the adrenaline pumping pretty fast, that's when mistakes happen if you get too excited! Nice report!
  23. daniel7

    Bluefin eluding capture

    Easymeal, a long powerful run to digest, with some dental floss to remove the scales from between teeth. Well said:appl:
  24. daniel7

    Yellowtail Tuna Fishing

    The new yellow jack tuna tails! Nice haul on the irons! :appl:
  25. daniel7


    Heard about some bluefin caught over this past weekend? Who has the Intel? I heard the top gun 80 ran into some? Early season fun!
  26. daniel7

    No bugs I got this instead!

    White seabass vs lobster, damn have to reel in a wsb while lobster fishing, the world is a rough place to be!
  27. daniel7

    Offshore Coming in with the storm

    Good to see the new home guards growing up!
  28. daniel7

    Offshore 11/19 upper 9 limits

    Towards the end of November, tuna tastes better when it's cold outside at night! Nice!:appl:
  29. daniel7

    Offshore 11/7 390 report

    Any day fishing is good, any day catching is really good, but catching and releasing any trophy fish especially a striped marlin in November is a lifetime memory! Well done sticking it out for the one!
  30. daniel7

    Offshore Wahoooooo!

    Well done sir! :appl:
  31. daniel7

    Offshore Okuma sponsor would be nice after this one?

    Salt the popcorn and good beer time!:cheers:
  32. daniel7

    Offshore Double Hoos near the coronados 9/28/15

    You can't catch those fish texting on bds, nice job on the double goods! :appl:
  33. daniel7

    Offshore FINBOMB catches 662.2lb Blue Marlin

    Damn, nice job, fish of a lifetime there. They don't give up easily. Congrats:appl:
  34. daniel7

    Found this swimming in my bait tank Sunday

    Man we miss the chickens in sd!
  35. daniel7

    Offshore Landings

    When someone bashes a landing aka, captain cockblock, for rediculous behavior and a regular agrees that , then you can go fuck yourself. Candidates for the plexiotomy! Bunch of fucking babies out there! You douchebags can hand it out but God forbid you get some back! You can now take your head...
  36. daniel7

    Offshore 9/12 WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    Oversized tasty false:cheers: mackerel and closer to a marlin without the dorsal fin, very nice. Makes the most unreal ceviche! Nice catch of a lifetime in cali!
  37. daniel7

    Offshore 9-10-15 same epic WFO bite

    Try casting out a half ounce blue and silver kastmaster on trout gear on those little tails, what a blast! Nice job on the dodos!
  38. daniel7

    Offshore Secret Weapons

    Watching the greenhorns blow chunks is worth it's weight in my book!
  39. daniel7

    Offshore No Marlin but not a bad consolation prize.

    Good fish to break the boat in on! May your summers be filed with insane dancing dodos when you pull up to a kelp. Sure is fun to watch!
  40. daniel7

    Offshore skunk today 302

    Some of our best fishing ever has been at the 302 spot. My first yellowtail in 89 and 100 lb. shortbill spearfish in 91 were caught at the 302 spot! It's going to be hit and miss this season because people are not giving this spot a break! Overfished spot! Just my 2 cents! Watched this before...
  41. daniel7

    Offshore Short Bill Spearfish

    Very nice, that is a tasty fish. We got one of those back in 91, pretty cool! :cheers:
  42. daniel7

    Offshore CONDOR 208 Yellowfin to 65+ Bloodbath Massacre 8/25

    That is one massive tuna bloodbath, seems to happen when you fish fishy boats! Very nice!
  43. daniel7

    Commander - Any Reviews?

    I have a review and posted thread in the offshore reports, commander overnight! Used to be the old dolphin 2 out of mission bay sportfishing!
  44. daniel7

    Where did all the tuna go?????

    Fish don't bite when there is a full moon, wait till next week!
  45. daniel7

    Offshore SO Cal Bluefin Tuna Bite on the Amigo

    X2 bill knows what's up. Was on the pq numerous times and he always put us in the fish, hell of a captain! Whatever boat he is running, it will be a fishy platform! Nice report! :cheers:
  46. daniel7

    Where did all the tuna go?????

    They are all hiding in my deep freezer!
  47. daniel7

    Offshore Old Glory 8/25 overnight

    X2 on the sleeping with the ac on freezing when you are on the boat! If everyone is cold, bring a jacket!
  48. daniel7

    Offshore Commander overnight

    Long story: Started out with a wide open bite on the dorado first thing in the morning. I was told that we were down the line about 65 miles into Mexico! We had free swimmers at the boat at 5:30 a.m. Started trolling at greylight had a quad hookup on the troll within 20 mins. Time was around...
  49. daniel7

    Offshore Commander overnight

    Long story: Started out with a wide open bite on the dorado first thing in the morning. I was told that we were down the line about 65 miles into Mexico! We had free swimmers at the boat at 5:30 a.m. Started trolling at greylight had a quad hookup on the troll within 20 mins. Time was around...
  50. daniel7

    Offshore 1/2 Day Trip - Offshore Lifestyle

    Perfect day on the water, tuna then pool and booze, can't complain! :appl::gaygroup:
  51. daniel7

    Saltwater MA 7 Jigged One Up

    Nicely done having the modelo, the middle finger, and of course the fish that rewarded you with the photo bomb:cheers:
  52. daniel7

    Offshore Oceanside 8/19 WFO

    Going out Saturday night, hope we get them! We had a trip a couple of weeks ago that was pretty bad! Been hit and miss lately! :jig:
  53. daniel7

    Offshore Visit from NCal Sat-Mon, incredible!

    Good job rocking it with your family!:cheers:
  54. daniel7

    Offshore 8-16 YFT near 209

    Kudos to getting him started on tuna while he is young. He will remember that fish for the rest of his life, congrats! :appl:
  55. daniel7

    Offshore The Romance of Tuna at Sunset 8/15

    The elusive tuna costs us whatever amounts of money to make our souls feel good at the end of the day being on the water. All money spent goes straight to the Tuna gods! :worship:
  56. daniel7

    Offshore 8/15 Report 15mi off La Jolla

    Very nice to pop the boats cherry in the middle of a banner fishing year, congrats! :cheers: :appl:
  57. daniel7

    Offshore Quick report - Sunday 8/16

    Nicely done, fresh tuna blood kills athletes foot!
  58. daniel7

    Godzilla El Nino

    Albacore fishing= tied up to the rail, 10 to 12 ft. seas, yanking on some longfins, watching the newbies chumming over board, tons of fun!barf
  59. daniel7

    Commander Pro/Cons

    Looks like the old chubasco II !
  60. daniel7

    Pacific Queen Bait Capacity

    I have been on the Queen for years. It's not the capacity, it's just crappy bait! We fished Guadeloupe island on that boat back in 2007 and we had a few scoops of bait left when we got back to the point!
  61. daniel7

    Offshore Ocean Odyssey- Accuracy in Fishing Reports?

    That landing is notorious for not reporting correctly, have experienced this a few times. I spend my money over at fishermans, the boats are top notch!
  62. daniel7

    Offshore Pacific Queen 08/02-08/04

    Fished the pq for years, my favorite also! Very fishy platform! :jig: Lots of room at the bow!
  63. daniel7

    why are there so many one uppers

    Looks like you caught a bunch of crap instead of fish, better luck next time! :Beat_Them
  64. daniel7

    Offshore Condor staff

    :worship: to the captain and the crew! :urno1:
  65. daniel7

    Offshore Bloodied the Ducky Oside to SD 7/31

    Love the fish pictures on the grass, we all have had these. Just makes you remember those GREAT trips!
  66. daniel7

    Offshore Aug.1 Second hand Big Ass BFT report

    Never let your girlfriend get in the way of fishing. If it's up to them, you would never go.
  67. daniel7

    Offshore august 1st out of dana

    Chunk for the big hunk of bluefin, woo hoo baby!:jig:
  68. daniel7

    Offshore Old glory 7-25-15

    The boat is ok, don't like the overhang midship but overall it's a fishy platform. The bunks are great , plenty of room, that comes from someone that is 6' 2" and because they had the ac at a freezing temperature. If you don't like the cold, bring a jacket and an extra blanket next time...
  69. daniel7

    Offshore Old glory 7-25-15

    Long story short, the captain and crew put us on the fish all day long, the fish just would not cooperate. We had 100 lb plus bluefin and 60 lb Yellowfin on us all day long and the fish just would not bite anything. We had decent sardines. We were fishing sw of catalina along with everyone...
  70. daniel7

    Extra hands ready to go Sunday

    I know the drill, been fishing sd waters for 30 years. I have an open day from working on Sunday. If anyone has a spot to fill, I'm ready to go. Have all my own gear, don't smoke! 9515513261
  71. daniel7

    yellowish pus in bluefin tuna

    Yellowfin gravy in the bluefin, nice! It's the fat melting in the warmer water!
  72. daniel7

    O'side bait?

    Good rule of thumb when the fish are biting is getting to oside at 3 ish to get parking take a nap for a hour or so, launch the boat, get bait and off you go!
  73. daniel7

    Offshore 7-14-2015 La Jolla YF Tuna

    The double sd knot beat the Palomar knot in line trials, good choice changing! Good learning experience, go get them again!
  74. daniel7

    Offshore Bluefin go wide open- Dana Point

    Evidence, valuable evidence that's going to convict a tuna killer! Nice job, one for the books!
  75. daniel7

    Offshore 182 yellow fin

    Nice to see larger Yellowfin in local waters. It's been a long time!
  76. daniel7

    Offshore Tuna ID help

    Bluefin just like my profile picture!:gaygroup:
  77. daniel7

    Offshore 60 pound yellow fin and pig yellow tail off O'side

    Chunker Yellowfin, I have been fishing these waters for 25 years and I have never seen or caught a Yellowfin that size locally. That is a fish of a lifetime, nice job fellows! :cheers:
  78. daniel7

    Local Night Fishing for Tuna

    Takes a jackass to know one usually unless you are the king then that explains everything!
  79. daniel7

    Offshore 6-25 9mile bluefin

    Here fishy fishy!:drool:
  80. daniel7

    Offshore 6/2 big whale and big tuna

    That is one of the best long reports I have ever here. Nice job guys:appl:
  81. daniel7

    Offshore yft in june top of the nine. June 1

    Finally some larger grade Tunas. Oh boy, I can't wait to go fishing!
  82. daniel7

    Offshore Tuna Time

    :devil: I am itching at the chance to go fishing again. This year is looking pretty good. Yellowfin in May, with swollen amounts of chunker bluefin, the dream of summer is a reality now. Time to wet the lines gentlemen! :hali_olutta:
  83. daniel7

    Seaworld saving sealion again...let nature take its course

    Man can't change the weather! Mother nature is and always will be in charge of the wild kingdom! Idiots!
  84. daniel7

    Fishing Trip from heck, not quite from hell, but close

    Oh boy, when the shit hits the fan and the cow with the fan start working together, bad news! Sorry to hear about that one. Kinda funny with the trainee mixed into the trip from heck! That trip is good for at least 10 trips with full fish holds and no problems.
  85. daniel7

    Yellows Still Here 1/9

    Nice job on the yellows.
  86. daniel7

    Offshore Merry Christmas to all the Solid BDers Out There!

    I would love to see striped bass offshore, can you imagine stripped bass hitting the popper, oh my!
  87. daniel7

    Offshore Chief Collonett December 6th

    :cheers::appl:well done, yellowtail is some of the finest fighting fish in the ocean, very good
  88. daniel7

    Help To Deter Seals

    I remember when m80s and shotguns were tools of the trade. It seemed to control seal population to catching your dam yellowtail pretty well, just my 2 cents.
  89. daniel7

    Offshore "That Guy"

    Every neighborhood has one and it seems to also be the case more and more on the cattle boats.
  90. daniel7

    Offshore Lost or stolen trolling rods at Shelter island launch ramp.

    Nice job looking out gentlemen! See there still is honest people out there! :appl:
  91. daniel7

    Offshore Brutal Overnight 9/26-27

    It's just part of the game when it comes to that whole fishing thing we do. I think we think we all have had our fair share of those snotty days out on the water, just sucks when you know this has been an epic season, you finally are able to get out and shit hits the fan.
  92. daniel7

    Offshore 9/22 - I guess this qualifies as offshore

    Nicely done, I know that spot really well. We used to kill the tunas there, I believe 97 98 was similar to this year. Nice job guys:appl:
  93. daniel7


  94. daniel7

    Eureka Albies - Big Score on Big Fish!!

    I have the albacore blues! Nice job gents!:appl:
  95. daniel7

    Offshore Mackerel Bank 9-14

    Nice getting tuna on the bass lure, rad!:appl:
  96. daniel7

    Offshore 9/7-9/8 Yellowtail, Tuna, Dorado and a Marlin

    Pretty awesome post, way to make it through a snowy winter possibly coming up!
  97. daniel7

    Saltwater Balls Deep in Tuna

    A little hats off from San Diego boys. Way to make it happen!
  98. daniel7

    Offshore New fish cleaning requirements for the Sporties?

    Extra politics and extra revenue! Dfg is getting budget cuts every year and they are being forced to spend most of their time at the docks because their percentage of fines increase with more activity. Don't break the law and don't have anything to worry about. I have been on boats where we kept...
  99. daniel7

    Offshore Fishdope Spotter Plane pics 9-5-2014

    Man, I would die and go to heaven if I ever landed a sword. Nice pics, good size to them!
  100. daniel7

    Offshore Full Speed Local Tuna – 8/30

    ROCKSTARS! :appl: :worship::gaygroup: :cheers:
  101. daniel7

    Offshore Pacific Queen 3/4 day 8/29th

    My favorite boat, Drew and the crew do a great job getting people on the fish. Nice report, way to make it happen on a 3/4 day trip.
  102. daniel7

    El Dorado - Throw me a Bone

    Use egg sinkers with 20 lb fluoro tired to a #1 hook. Butt hooked! Rubber core sinkers don't let the bait swim naturally . Take a coffee can with you if you can't cast with a conventional reel. The fish are liking the smaller baits, inhaling the anchovy! Good luck and tight lines!
  103. daniel7

    Offshore Savage, Sick, Lock and Load (Any Additional Adjectives You May Like) Tuna Fishin out of Dana

  104. daniel7

    Offshore Dolphin skunk 8-27

    You went on a half day boat to start let alone going fishing for tuna. What did you get, 3 hours fishing time? Can't expect much.
  105. daniel7

    Why wait till Lobster season?

    Second to everyone that chimed in on bonito being good to eat. You have to bleed, then ice immediately when caught. Stick the pick and pull some gills! Very rewarding when you know what to do.
  106. daniel7

    Offshore Holy smokes Batman ! Is that a Wahoo at the 302?

    That is a wahoo and boy does it ever make a fine ceveche! Pretty awesome getting some of the more exotic peligacs out there. Nice job fellas!
  107. daniel7

    Tuna pens

    Not worth dancing around with the whole fleet down there. We fished the pens for some time in the morning good till 7 am when everyone and their mother showed up, decided to go find our own fish and that we did.
  108. daniel7

    Offshore 8/11/14 there was blood! DP

    Nice job on your first dodo!
  109. daniel7

    Offshore Voyager 8/11, EPIC trip on Limits of YFT and a nice big Blue

    I was also on the trip. We were just killing the fish on chovys. Dam near every time bait got just away from the boat, hookup. Killer fishing out there, go get it while it's here! Best overnight trip I've ever been on tuna fishing. Definitely one for the books. Thanks for the open spot Joe!
  110. daniel7

    Offshore Cedros on the Shogun

    Toads! Nice job on the tails!:notworthy
  111. daniel7

    Offshore O side 8/6 Tuna and Yellow tail

    Googans should be required to stay within a half mile from shore! Ah, some dreams come true!
  112. daniel7

    Offshore Awesome 32 miles trip from Pl 08/05 Tuesday

    Nice job getting on the fish ALONE!
  113. daniel7

    Offshore One stop shopping!!! YFT 8/4/14 Done by 9am!!!

    Going out Sunday night, can't wait, nice report!
  114. daniel7

    Processing for an Overniter?

    Talk to the guys on which ever boat you decide to go on and they will set you up. :cheers: And tight lines
  115. daniel7

    ventura albacore

    I'm in southern California and that is spot on the truth, hands down. I watch central and northern California just to see what the albacore are up to. Very fond of the chicken of the sea, except I like eating them when they are still flopping around. We miss them down here but everything else...
  116. daniel7

    Offshore tunafishin with the "ski's"

    Chunkers, nice! :cheers:
  117. daniel7

    Offshore Wide open YFT, BFT, from 277 to 181 (8-3)

    Nice job finding your own fish. The boats stacked up like Lincoln logs and trying to fish is just frustrating. Nice selfie, who was taking the picture, you? :appl:
  118. daniel7

    Offshore BFT Bluefin Tuna in Santa Monica Bay

    It's just a figment of all of our imagination mixed to:appl:gether!
  119. daniel7

    Offshore Pier view dorado

    Very nice, Dorados go where ever there is baitfish! Pretty awesome that close. :appl::hali_olutta:
  120. daniel7

    Offshore We were due...

    Yes, non eating, but you are more than welcome to it!
  121. daniel7

    Aug 10-11, ultra limited 16 max, overnight on voyager

    I am game, I sent you a PM with my number, should be an awesome trip.
  122. daniel7

    I'm interested, do you still have any openings! Phone is 9515513261 call anytime!

    I'm interested, do you still have any openings! Phone is 9515513261 call anytime!
  123. daniel7

    Offshore We were due...

    Have only seen one of those mola mola fishes once before, they are so cool. Not to be confused with an opah. These are the non eating variety bony sunfish! Nice job getting those fish. :appl:
  124. daniel7

    Offshore 40 lb yellow fin

    Nice bluefin tuna, :food-smiley-014::appl:
  125. daniel7

    lightning hit a guy on catalina golf course

    It poured for a hour and a half in solona beach today by fletcher cove!
  126. daniel7

    Offshore Bluefin on a 3/4 Day 7/26

    Helgrens just blows the big one!
  127. daniel7

    Friday Topless on the water.

    Nice report, love catching those dodo's! They get so pissed when caught!
  128. daniel7

    Offshore Rpt.-Sat.-Tuna and Tails!

    It's a bummer when the fish are all around you and the bait sucks! Throw some iron at them let it fall for about 30 seconds then tell reel it in as fast as you can, there's your new bait!:jig:
  129. daniel7

    Offshore YellowTail Bonanza!!!

    That's a good friend, showing the boys what's up, nice job. Love wide open yellowtail bites! :jig:
  130. daniel7

    Offshore Electra 1/2 day fish counts (Monday Jul 21) OCEANSIDE

    I landed one yellowtail on the only trip I have ever been on that boat. I hope Rick on the 95 brings back some respect for that landing cause it is a pile all around!
  131. daniel7

    Offshore Paddy Poaching

    I have never minded people getting on the horn and asking! I guess it's just getting to the point where every man for himself and f'>k everyone else.
  132. daniel7

    Offshore 7/20

  133. daniel7

    Offshore MOMS FIRST YELLOWTAIL!! Great day on the water Eclipse 3/4day 7/20/14

    Never saw it like that. Just wondering, nice rod, August is going to be dorados in the surf, that's my vote.
  134. daniel7

    Offshore MOMS FIRST YELLOWTAIL!! Great day on the water Eclipse 3/4day 7/20/14

    Depending on the time of day right:frehya2:!!!! Good talking, tight lines to all.
  135. daniel7

    Offshore So Cal Slam!

    Makes for great bragging later, nice job. Dying to go, one of these days!
  136. daniel7

    Offshore MOMS FIRST YELLOWTAIL!! Great day on the water Eclipse 3/4day 7/20/14

    Nice job getting mom out on some pelagics. Yellows are a blast on bass gear! Just noticed that her rod was twisted up on the fish, two piece held together, good job again mom!
  137. daniel7

    Sport Boat Trips

    Fish are close right now, image in a month. Fishing is going to be off the hook come next month.
  138. daniel7

    Ballsy day fishing offshore from Dana 7/19

    14 foot rental out the bay, it's fine!
  139. daniel7

    Heading out on the Legend tonight 2 day

    I am unable to go fishing so kill them for me and yourself of course! Legend is an awesome fishing machine! :jig::jig::Death_To_Above:
  140. daniel7

    Offshore 7/19 Epic Part 2???

    The one chunker next to the middle of your bait tank is definitely a big eye tuna.
  141. daniel7

    Help with a blown head gasket on an outboard motor

  142. daniel7

    Offshore Wayyyyyy to many private boaters seriously.

    I am with you on this one. Those googans think that they are fishing for trout on one of those crappy little lakes and then they get pissed at you when you're mad with them after they run over your spot. Not to mention you have fish hanging. Respect people?
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    Random Pictures 014

  144. Profile Pictures

    Profile Pictures

  145. daniel7

    Need an extra hand on Saturday

    I am available Saturday if anyone is looking for an extra crew member. I have all my own gear. Will help with fuel cost, cleanup ect.... My phone number is 9515513261, thanks, Dan.
  146. daniel7

    Which 3/4 Day Landing/Boat For Tuna?

    Capt Ryan on the San Diego out of Seaforth, if the fish are biting he will be right on top of them and get you that fish!
  147. daniel7

    Offshore Yellowfin, Bluefin and Yellowtail 7-14 ( Video )

    Nice job guys, want to go fishing so bad after that video!
  148. daniel7

    what charter boats fish off of Del Mar?

    I also was on the beach in del mar and I saw the sea trek from oside yesterday
  149. daniel7

    Washington to Cali

    Nice job, back in the early 90 s, I used to go on trips with my neighbor that had a 19' center console bayliner! Thanks for getting me hookedin saltwaterfishing BOB! I wish we had that a few times being out there. Nice job putting some weight in the front for hauling ass in the morning!
  150. daniel7

    Corvina and sand bass in oside

    You might want to delete your post, DFG browses this website, FYI!
  151. daniel7

    Bluefin Tuna Cruising in Marina Pacifica Canal

    I believe we have a smal skip jack tuna swimming around. Blue fin do not have stripes!
  152. daniel7

    Share your Grand Father fishing stories

    My My grandfather was in the merchant marines back in the 40 s. He had stories of catching tunas in the surf or in front of the hotel del Coronado. I would have loved to see that in person.
  153. daniel7

    Mother's Day Flurry

  154. daniel7


    Nice Kelper! If that s the only fish you catch all day, who cares.
  155. daniel7

    PB Spotties, Fun Calico Fishing, and Lots of Pictures!!!

    Well done kids. Good to see the grownups handing down what seems to becoming a lost art. Tight lines and full coolers to all.
  156. daniel7

    4/26 The 60 Pound Club

    Nice job in the yak with the wsb. That had to be quite the thrill. I have that on my bucket list. Congrats!
  157. daniel7

    30lb YellowTail!!!!!!!! Go fishing!!!!

    Makes the itch worst if you know what I mean. Nice job on that 1!
  158. daniel7

    Fishing Maui

    Hello all, I am planning a vacation to Maui in October. Just looking for advise on who to call to plan a trip fishing for tunas, ect...
  159. daniel7

    2013 sheep head regulations

    Seen way to many times guys, having "MORE" than they are supposed to be taking for legal limits and size, getting caught coming in by DFG. People, they are going to take every right to fish away from us if we give them the reason to! Leave our state fish alone too, they don't taste that good guys.
  160. daniel7

    Lobster, lobster, lobster! butt not or us.

    Well said. Sounds to me like someone is jealous and is using attitude for the wrong reason. Most of the guys out there pay the dues to fish and when the fish bite. we throw a party!