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    1983 champion fish/ski bass boat w/ merc 200

    Boat Loa and boat on trailer Loa please. Also hours on the motor. Thanks

    Need Jig ID Help

    Please do not strip the jig! You will only ruin it!

    Random floats off of Long Beach

    LNL's might be helpful. Also maybe the depth.

    Did the Indy go on their 10 day on Monday?

    The Indepence just tied up at 22st landing about 1hr ago.

    Sportys anchoring for tuna vs drifting

    Don't forget your American American Express card Saturday uncle Jeff.

    Gopro & accesories

    Sold. Call Jim Bob

    Live Look at Dana Point

    Same Shit here in San Pedro.

    Catalina Island Fishing Report For 6/23

    You forgot green Bombers. Nice Fish!

    Yellows at the Horseshoe?

    60-61 degrees this AM on the shoe. Lots of finbait though. Looks fishy just need the water to warm up.

    Is anyone fishing?

    Buddy's getting his share every day! LBC ? He even let's me catch one every now and then. one every once in a while.

    Inexpensive Surface iron rod

    This jigmaster I bought used in the early 80s $25 added some Newell parts and never looked back! Lot's of dead fish later it still works as well as ever. Although it's not so its not so easy to fish the 540 any more.

    Inexpensive Surface iron rod

    Big5 Sabre 8' cork tape rod, not much of a choice. Jigmaster and some good Quality string and you're good to go! Then go from there,don't ask me how I know. $200+- and your fishing.

    Diesel mechanic Long Beach?

    SW Diesel has been very good to my motors and l highly recommend them. 310 835 3155

    Old school, but solid, reels

    I'll pass this time around. Thanks!

    Old school, but solid, reels

    How much for all of them ?

    2006 9' Livingston w/ 2006 Yamaha 4hp 4 Stroke

    Thanks Ryan. The Skiff is exactly what I needed and runs great, as you had said in your ad. Thanks again!

    PARTING out Skipjack

    Any flush mount trolling rod holders by chance?

    It's Official...

    Shit Mike the worst that could happen is you might have FUN ! Possibly learn how to fish finally after all these years! 2

    It's Official...

    You going to fish with Captain Dave and Captain Ross and Myself this summer? By the way I'm moving back to San Pedro.

    It's Official...

    Hi Dave let's go KILL some Bass. New turbo's the boat runs great!

    2006 9' Livingston w/ 2006 Yamaha 4hp 4 Stroke

    Please call me. Cash in hand this weekend. I'm in Long Beach and could be in HB anytime quickly to take a look.

    2006 9' Livingston w/ 2006 Yamaha 4hp 4 Stroke

    Any you could deliver to South shore launch in Long Beach? I don't have a truck but I have cash!

    2006 9' Livingston w/ 2006 Yamaha 4hp 4 Stroke

    I'm very interested in your skiff. I sent you a message with my number. Please call me. Thanks Larry

    PENN Fishing Fillet Knife Give-Away

    Need a new one.

    Need vinyl Graphics person in LBC!

    Need someone to fabricate and install new graphics, Name and Hailing Port. Just received new permission from USCG for the name change and would like to do this quickly. Thanks!

    Catalina Classic escort boat/skipper wanted

    I guess I am Assuming. So the question is.Do you need a USCG Captain's License? I have a 35' Egg Harbor that would be perfect for this type of event! Thanks.

    Catalina Classic escort boat/skipper wanted

    I would think that as a Captain getting paid for this, that He or She would need a UCGG Captain's license?

    Looking for a boat with 10 foot beam or less

    You might want to consider the Skipjack 262 it's a great fishing boat. Even though it is IO It has everything you described as wanting for your next Boat. Good luck with your search.

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    Yesterday as soon as we came thru the Gate into the Port of Long Beach CG pulls alongside and POLITELY asked permission to board, I reply no problem. With CG alongside the Boarding Officer asks if there's anyone else on board, any weapons any contraband. My reply is no, he then asked is there...

    Winning the jackpot?

    Wow those rainbow tickets seem to work! JP first cast. Back in LBC, MDR was fun fishing the bay but it's nice being back in the LBC. ALOHA !in KB

    Winning the jackpot?


    Winning the jackpot?

    What's a ticket?

    Winning the jackpot?

    Jackpot 101. You put your money up, OK I have a one in thirty chance. Wrong unless you are lucky or know how to fish, look around you there are two or three that one of them will take your money. More than likely that they give your money to the boys! Now the way to end this is to pay attention...

    Merle Haggard

    R.I.P. I think I'll just stay here and drink!

    Those were the days! I thought they'd never end!

    Don't forget Alice's Restaurant!

    MDR Windy, if you have a boat in MDR

    Hope all your dock lines are tight! Its Howling?!!

    Fuel Gauge Not Accurate

    Accurate fuel gauge = a stick. Seems to work just fine. Always seem to get home with fuel to spare!

    Penn 140 Squidder

    Tib is not old school, just leave it OG and have fun if you can't find a Newell kit.

    Rare Roddy 10ft jig stick

    Pictures of the butt please.

    Penn 140 Squidder

    I almost forgot #12 And clear!

    Penn 140 Squidder

    If he really wants to go old school then Newell kit is the way to go. Width is up to him. Pair it up with a Sabre 196-7 and he's got the perfect #12 stick for Bluefin Tuna! Just remember it only works with #6 hooks or smaller. Good luck kid.

    Stimulate the economy

    Go Honda!

    BDS is dragging today

    Mine is working fine Mikey. Johnny Cash says High

    Mono to Fluro

    Tie a good

    Where to Retire Up North

    Buddy too!Aloha!

    Where to Retire Up North

    All I can say is Aloha and don't let the door hit you in the Ass on the way out! Aloha. Larry Oh Jonny Cash says goodbye also!

    Great Season

    Now it's time to kill some bass Dave!

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Still working on it here in the LBC!

    Help a dad help his daughter.......

    Got all my Shoreline Marina buddys on this now , about 50 of them. Hope it helps!ⁿ

    Dogs on Boats

    West Marine has good ones that have a grab handle for lifting your pooch from the water. About $100. Buddy gets excited when I get it out for him.

    Best rod for 20lb setup


    Hunting Big Bass

    Nlce Little fish!

    Drone Threatened

    Stoned again !

    fishing license

    Not sure but you can get them at 22nd landing. And a few hours earlier.

    Nachos bait

    That should work out well !

    Nachos bait

    Just wondering ?

    Nachos bait

    What did you catch with those nice lively sardines?

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    Dude Wake up this is 2016! I'm sitting in a port hopefully unknown to you. Although we won't be here longer than we need to be. As far as I can see you don't want to abide to any governmental rule. Get over it, we left Ventura Harbor Tuesday morning on the high tide with Ventura Harbor Patrol as...

    anyone have any issues with fish and game

    Warrant to search your truck yes ! Warrant to search your boat? No, now bend over and let the dog shit in your v berth, if your a dick just remember they can be a bigger one. And they have a GUN ! Hi Michelle.

    YellowTail Special

    What kind of spools?

    Ventura Harbor Fun! 1/26/2016

    Till next Tuesday. Then ? somewhere south of here. Not sure where.

    Nachos bait

    Need 1 or 2 to fish Thursday 1/28/2015 . Bass local stones. All bass released, all sculpin die if they measure.

    Nachos bait

    Not that I've ever been fishing before but why on earth would you want to buy bait right now other than squid. Oh the other thing you might want to buy a few leadheàds to go with that squid. Going to go drown some dead squid in the AM and hopefully catch some sculpin for dinner. Maybe a fatty...

    Ventura Harbor Fun! 1/26/2016

    And Diesel was $1.98 with tax !

    Ventura Harbor Fun! 1/26/2016

    A big thanks to the Ventura Harbor Patrol for escorting us out of the Harbor this morning. We departed this morning just after 10:00 on the high tide with the wind at 20+ from the NE a much smaller swell than the last several Weeks. Normally harbor channel is 350' wide for transit in or out ...

    A NEW column for you guys!

    I had the pleasure of fishing with you many times back in the day's of the Paradise Cove, Malibu Pier, Santa Monica and who knows where else. I do recall you could throw a Jig a hell of a long way. I still fish with Ross Mariano a few times a year. Thanks for the memory's Jerry !

    Old penn reels

    And Ande line!

    Old penn reels

    With a #6 MUSTAD hook of course!

    Old penn reels

    Almost forgot 140 on a Sabre 196.7 for 12 string.

    Old penn reels

    Still fish a 40yr old 500 on a Sabre 540, a 113H on a Sabre 665H and a 114H on a Sabre 6455H. All straight MONO 30, 50 and 80. Just don't see the need for changes! Hell my Boat is 43 years and still gets bit.

    Weekend Warriors- engine hours?

    Perkins rule!

    Mandatory Boater Safety Education - CVOC

    About time this happens, hope it helps!

    Free gaffing

    Was discussing with our friend Michell this morning she rolled her eyes and Ugh NO!

    San Pedro marine fuel prices

    Fuel Dock at Cabrillo is closed For repairs.

    2015 is it over

    How's that 3.2 beer by the way? As I recall it sucked as did most of Utah. Most of the time I say Welcome to California and now go home, in your case just stay where you are. With the the Pilgrams and 3.2 beer. As I recall Duck Creek would be your kind of place.

    MLPA ticket? How to take care of it

    Good luck with that Mike!

    San Pedro marine fuel prices

    $3.67 at Cabrillo Fuel Dock 150 gal. Well worth the boat ride I think!

    San Pedro marine fuel prices

    Total no minimum.

    San Pedro marine fuel prices

    Just left there $2.39 for red dye.

    2015 is it over

    Beat me to it Mike!

    Today sucked

    Bass fishing is WFO off my swimstep right now. Best part is I had Wahoo for dinner.

    Has any one looked on FishDope?

    On our way home from Catalina friday we went through that area and recorded temps up to 77.8. Way fishy looking, lots of life only problem was the wind so hanging out was not an option.

    Sun/Mon Rain

    No Wahoo , got our ass handed to us, first few hours it poured. I thought we were on the East coast it rained that much, 1.5'' in the the bucket's. We both have good good foul weather gear so that's not an issue, bilge got a good test though! Wind was an issue after getting great Bait from EB we...

    Sun/Mon Rain

    Your no fun Mike. James and I are going down to catch another Wahoo in the morning.

    I'm not getting it...

    All I can say is if you don't get it this year, you never will!!

    Who Wants To Chase Blues?

    Check your PM

    MLPA Violation - Penalties?

    Good luck with that !

    Wahoo trolling.....PB vs Sportboat.....

    Don't forget to fish with your kid's for Wahoo, seems that was the hot ticket last weekend!!!!


    Light coat Olive oil Salt and pepper to taste, BBQ and a sqeez of lemon = Awesome !!!

    Offshore 09/19 Oceanside Wahoo

    Look in the tree.

    HH or LB??

    Try south shore, pretty mellow.

    Felt like an out of towner !

    What state is Sacramento in?

    Felt like an out of towner !

    Welcome to California now go home!

    Deep Hole Drone

    Skeet anyone ?

    USCG safety inspection underwayy

    More like 45 minutes as I was solo and they kept having to come back upstairs with questions! All was good though. Actually a good experience is my thinking. Before they boarded they asked if any one else was on the boat, firearms or any thing else they know about to which I responded yes I...

    USCG safety inspection underwayy

    Wednesday afternoon was hot at the slip, so after talking with Walt on the Monte Carlo and him saying its a afternoon bite. Buddy and I untied the boat and away we went, shortly after entering the main channel in noticed CG make a U turn and shadow me till about 1/4 mile past the lighthouse. At...

    $ 2.40 Fuel at Jankovich San Pedro!

    Pretty fucking close!

    $ 2.40 Fuel at Jankovich San Pedro!

    Yes, Yes, and Yes. If my tanks are 11" deep and hold 110 gallons each and I used about 1/2" out of each, how much fuel did Julia Lee burn?

    Anyone have info on this? (fishing "accident")

    Jarred showed up at landings in a Limo.same kid in early 80s

    $ 2.40 Fuel at Jankovich San Pedro!

    Mom and I might fish AM and burn maybe 6g to the shoe and back! Catching bait right now. The motors ran great today!

    $ 2.40 Fuel at Jankovich San Pedro!

    151 gallons $362 Love my Perkins!

    Will tuna eat Calico bass?

    Fished bass couple of day this week WFO, not another skiff in sight! Loving it.

    Mustad Photo Contest-Win a Prize Pack

    Ross doing Sealion control !

    Pretty cool nobody fishes bass!

    Vikki said the same thing last night when when she came down to the boat last night. So i trimmed them up, and even took a shower. Got the new turbo installed today, so Vikki and are going to fish in the morning. It will be nice to fish in something other than the skiff. I think I'm going to...

    Offshore 8/14 Offsore Morning Run

    Cause your a poser!

    Pretty cool nobody fishes bass!

    Not to mention back to my roots!

    What Channel on the radio????

    95.5 and 16 all I need!

    What do you use to cut a tuna's head off

    A bigger knife!

    Pretty cool nobody fishes bass!

    Backs p retty sore from yellowtail fishing, so Buddy suggested we bass fish for a change. Short ride from the slip, first cast game on for lil guys , WFO for 2Hrs until slack. Pretty fun. Fuel burned 1/2 gal. Beer drank 1. Fun till Buddy got Hot and bored !

    Freedom fish count

    That would be correct sir. They ran every day this week and got home late last night. They have had a tough last few days. But will rebound soon. Right now the local 1/2 day yellowtail bite is incredible for the local landings even with loads they have carried. I think they got over 50 on this...

    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

    Buddy the boat dog.

    Horseshoe shakedown 8.14.15

    Trust me son you did!

    Horseshoe shakedown 8.14.15

    You thought that was a BIG SWELL

    Horseshoe shakedown 8.14.15

    I was there to verify and you are correct , but then again I'll let it slide. Just don't do it again please! I have I-pilot onl my skiff and lots of folks don't realize I'm parked and there feet off my bow. So if you see skiffs with there trolling motor down don't assume that they are drifting...

    1988 Mariner 40hp for parts $400 or trade for bait tank

    How bout free or a case of beer needs to go this week or it goes out front for the scrapers.pick up in Granada Hills

    Is 100yds off the port side enough room or......

    You must not have radar?

    1988 Mariner 40hp for parts $400 or trade for bait tank

    Need this gone make me an offer ! Cheap is fine !

    commercial rod and reel license

    You might want to contact Hawkplayer 32 on that one as he claims to be a Lawyer and knows all of the current DFW regs. Good luck with that.

    Need Surveyor for Perkins 6-354 engines Long Beach

    Kerry and Dan thanks for the information about SW. Also about the boat itself, I have looked at a bunch of boats during the last few months and when I saw her, I new this is my boat. The boat itself surveyed very well, but with some engine issues that the present owner is taking care of this...

    Bass knuckles idiots

    Do not throw jigs at the skiffs. Throw a jig at our skiff and your going to jail. Pretty easy to find you as you get off of the Enterprise or any other Sportboat! Just remember my radio is much faster than the boat your on, and the Port Police usually don't have much to do other than eat donut's...

    6/19 Beats working

    Where is Buddy ?

    Need Surveyor for Perkins 6-354 engines Long Beach

    Need a Surveyor for the engines on a Egg Harbor that I am considering, already had boat survey and haulout but would like to have someone that knows these engines go through them. Thanks!

    6/14 Yellow Tail from Marina Del Rey

    Nice fish Duke! Where's Buddy?

    Offshore Dominator 2-Day Offshore June 6 & 7, 2015

    I think you just need to go to find out. If you don't go you they will kill them and all will be thankfull !!!

    wts 2 day pacific queen trip

    Utah Boy I'm sure there going to miss you on the Q! I Don't think so. Enjoy your trout fishing along with your 3.2 Beer ..!..

    1988 Mariner 40hp for parts $400 or trade for bait tank

    Make me an offer I need this gone !!!

    Looking for a private charter: luxury?

    So just get two 6 paks and make a derby out of it.

    landing net for tuna

    With the size of the fish you catch up there just throw the lil fucks in da boat and get on with it. Shouldn't take but about four seconds of your life away, and then you can get back out of the sun back in your little pilot house.

    How to revive Irons?

    If they have countless fish on them why fuck with a good thing? I would be more than happy to trade some new shiney jigs for your old worn out ones. Lets see what you got.

    Oxnard Speed Twin, Worst Fishing Experience

    30 as in your earlier post or 72 as your last post stated. Were you dreaming that you caught fish. good luck in your Kayak.

    local YT Slugs all on surface Irons

    How big is your skiff lets see some pics. Good deal on the yellow critters. We only got one on sat but at least we got one in the skiff.

    Anyone Else Shove A..

    chef tom whats spam? Is that what you chef up at your fancy Fresno Truck stop? Myself I prefer fresh Yellowtail caught under little white birdies. Don't fuck with the birds!!!!

    Anyone Else Shove A..

    All I have to say is don't fuck with the birds and if I do see you doing so, be prepared to get fucked with !!!

    1988 Mariner 40hp for parts $400 or trade for bait tank

    The motor was made in Japan. Model 40 ELO, Serial#429406. Ran great before electrical meltdown. I need this gone as I am moving!

    Kelp Trick Weedless Hooks

    There are no Bass in Malibu, and they don't eat weedless baits. No kelp left either. so save your money and stay on your side of the sand.

    yoyo with a 8ft rod?????????????

    D8= Dead Fish. But then again I'm still a bit partial to my 540 with a 500.

    1988 Mariner 40hp for parts $400 or trade for bait tank

    Something about 30gal+- fiberglass, for our skiff that the motor came off.

    1988 Mariner 40hp for parts $400 or trade for bait tank

    1988 mariner 40hp for parts. Motor ran great on the last trip and then there was an electrical fire and now there is no wiring. The oil injection system was removed and ran on 50/1 mix the last few years just fine. The fire didn't burn the motor it self only all electrical . motor ran very...

    Calico or Sandies on restaurant menus

    Sportfish only! May not be bought or sold!

    BloodyDecks Finger Salute

    I'm speechless !

    New Bass Slayer

    CF# Registration and Mussel sticker and then your good to go catch some bass!

    Legal Bait

    So your telling us we can't use Bonita for Lobster Bait !

    Castaic lower

    Splitshot Brown Rubber Worms #6 string. Works for me.

    Castaic lower

    And do not forget your double rod stamp. When was the last fish you caught over 5 on BAIT ? Brown worms are the key in both lakes.

    Lexa 300 for other 300 sized reels

    If you cant throw a swimbait with that you might want to take up some other sport. I'll give you $100 for it!

    Japan whale bone jigs

    Are they stamped Made in Occupied Japan?

    who's got the best deal on outboard for repower

    X2 and they still have the full 5yr warranty !

    Honda 225 4 STROKE repower

    As others have said Eric is the man. Last October our skiff needed repowering, I called the two Honda Dealers closest to us and was told three to four weeks and about $1500 more than Eric Quoted us. Had the skiff back in 3 days, motor, new controls and new steering, already sea trialed with the...

    Inshore weather Sat.4/25......,doable...???

    I think we are lake fishing this weekend. Be safe wherever you go!

    Bluefin @ The 182....from another site

    Close but no cigar, Thanks.

    Thinning the herd Penn 50S REDUCED

    :-)Don't release any please!

    Twilight bait

    Marina Del Ray Sportfishing 310 822 3625

    Twilight bait

    I just got of the phone with them, no live bait as of now. In the past my experience with them on the twilight trips is frozen squid and a leadhead 1.5- 3 oz.Don't fish light string as in less than 30. John likes to fish some evil spots in the dark!

    Thinning the herd Penn 50S REDUCED

    :-)Steelhead is good stuff

    What I like!

    Why would ruin perfectly good Whisky by pouring it over ice ?

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    I told some of the Lifeguards at Castaic about Bravo 3, and if you could they would love to see the Skiff someday. Oh all the tackle you sold James is getting plenty of use at Castaic.

    1987 Skipjack 28' Flybridge Sportfisher

    Where in Granada hills? I would like to drive and take a look.

    Thinning the herd Penn 50S REDUCED

    Hey Mike you know Jim Bobs birthday is coming up.

    14 mile bank, 4-19-15

    A Turtle would have made my day, and I'm hope it did for the kids. Soon there will be fish under all the paddies.

    Coronado island Reds

    There are only four Rockfish you need to be able to ID Bronzespotted, Canary, Cowcod and Yelloweye. All the rest are fryers. As far as the dinks go what do you with them? Bait or do feed them to the dog's and birds, or put them in the box? If you do use them as bait do you count them as part of...

    sandcrab question

    And have a valid License with you.

    Will the 'Warm Blob' mean more exotics this year?

    Bait of choice if you have chum you can fuck them up. But then again I would love to come up and catch one or two or fifty. Disclaimer, I have never done this in Washington before, but I imagine the fish you guys catch are no smarter than the ones we would catch when we still had them. Oh and...

    Will the 'Warm Blob' mean more exotics this year?

    I'm not that old , I just learned from a bunch of old guys, most of them long gone R.I.P. And yes I can still cast a pinhead with #12 string #8 hook on a reel that built in the 60s but why, when you can make them eat the 50+ if you have pinhead chum. What's this Dramime you speak of, something...

    Will the 'Warm Blob' mean more exotics this year?

    So is this a invite to come North to the great state of Washington as we have not seen an Albacore In years. It would be pretty cool to catch one in Washington. Would I need to bring rain gear or just sunscreen?

    Will the 'Warm Blob' mean more exotics this year?

    Warm water isn't all the good you might think. Albacore don't really like warm water, so with that thought have a fun summer, catching whatever it was that you caught before Albacore were invented. p.s send us some rain!

    Will the 'Warm Blob' mean more exotics this year?

    Be careful what you hope for, send us some rain as we could really use it.

    Metal shops?

    You folk's need to get out in the sun more.

    More sea world trouble

    Mikey you need to start fishing again, I realize Lobster season is over but really, you ........

    mission belle 150404

    Oh and by the way good job on the plug. It's a blast.

    Feds to halt Sardine catch.Just saw this. Is this going to screw us for bait?

    It' not a new thing in the 80's in Morro Bay we had the same problem, but the difference was the skippers would shoot them. End of problem. Ever fish with Robbie Church? Only good Sea Lion is a dead Sea Lion !!!!!

    mission belle 150404

    Lets see the 40's. I'm pretty sure they will say Old English on them.

    SWBA round 3

    Looks like a winner right there, good job!

    Getting there . . . Week by week

    I hope that there were Two people in the boat, as the Bass limit is 5 combined!!!!

    Feds to halt Sardine catch.Just saw this. Is this going to screw us for bait?

    I am thinking I like this no live bait thing , I mean no sport boat type of catching any thing with with live bait. Hi Danny

    Feds to halt Sardine catch.Just saw this. Is this going to screw us for bait?

    Maybe a lack of bait will keep a bunch of dumbass people at home this summer. With any luck there will be no bait at all this season! What you going to do now son ?

    I am being SUED by my HOA. Need Lawyer!

    Build a bigger fence!

    Marlin up north

    Put your hat back on Jeff. I think the sun is getting to your brain.

    Marlin up north

    In a couple of hours you can watch James and I heading to Malibu!

    Thinning the herd Penn 50S REDUCED

    To the top for a friend.

    Freedom out of 22 nd st

    I for one I for one would like to see the photograph of your 78 lb White Seabass from 1965.

    Freedom out of 22 nd st

    Jeff does Becky know about this? Oh and by the way you just lost your seat in da skiff!

    Freedom out of 22 nd st

    Long live Titos Tacos, but there closed when we come home at 2 or 3 AM. But you can still get a good pastrami at Jonnies.

    Amazes me!


    Freedom out of 22 nd st

    And there were about 60 bunks as I recall. What's Les doing these days? As far as 37 goes, we would be pissed because JP was hardly worth fishing for! Then fishing was fun with 60+ now fishing with anything over 20 all I here is a bunch of whining. Oh and all of your shiny gold and pink reels...

    Tasty Paddlefish!

    I thought Oregon is a third world state, no?

    Seals at SI launch ramp need to go!

    You ever have a Sea Lion in your skiff? I have, good luck with your bat. Only good Sea Lion is a DEAD ONE! OH and by the way gaff him and your

    Best modern 40 Horse??


    Yellowtail Bite at Anacapa...

    Sure as hell not on the beach!

    Baby Sea lion Epidemic

    The only good Sea Lion is a..... Sea Lion!

    MDR launch ramp?

    Nice big ramp even at minus tides no problem. 24 hrs, $12.50 to launch bring correct $. Nice clean head right next to the pay station. If you need bait come out of the launch basin and hang a left and stay left and you should find it. Just remember there are no fish in the Bay!

    How do you store your hooks?

    Good luck with that.

    Hooping the LB break wall 6MAR15

    Thank god all those bobbing blinking Christmas lights will be gone this week. Forgot to mention all the Commies. Bye Bye see next October! Enjoy your Lobster .

    Bama rigs. Umbrella rig. Tomato. Tomatoe

    Fish Bass first with no rockfish in the boat, and then cut your A- rig off good to go.

    Bama rigs. Umbrella rig. Tomato. Tomatoe

    Thought you were going to start flipping me off. Nice fish on the A-rig!!!

    Rockfish and Long Liner :-(

    Don't worry lobster season will be over soon. But how will you find the spot then? Mark your favorite lobster spot NOW before it's to late. Oh and the Gill Net ban is inshore, how far of the beach were you?

    No one Bass fishes anymore?

    Greetings from Malibu. Who is Fred Hall anyways?

    No one Bass fishes anymore?

    Think I would get shot if I fished there, Malibu is safer nobody goes up there anyways. Three trips this week and didn't see another boat past Sunset. Fishing sucks in Malibu but you all know that! Just don't surf Little Dume the natives can be a bit hostile.

    No one Bass fishes anymore?

    Weather looooks Jim Bob say's High! It's pretty fun and nobody really fish this shit.

    No one Bass fishes anymore?

    Greetings to Malibu !!!

    No one Bass fishes anymore?

    Bait No jealousy here, but let's see some photos.

    No one Bass fishes anymore?

    There are no fish in Malibu !!!

    No one Bass fishes anymore?

    Let's see some photos Mikey! Make sure you blur the background as we would not want to give Malibufishnkook any thing he doesn't know.

    No one Bass fishes anymore?

    The wall !

    No one Bass fishes anymore?

    No bass in Malibu unless you live there!

    Launching from MDR Tuesday

    MDR to the 150 is a long ass boat ride in the weather we had today !

    Suggestions on brand of 12V Trolling Motor for S.D. Kelp Beds on a MT170?

    We have the same motor on our 16' aluminum and it's a good motor for the boat, although I now wish we had gone with a more powerful model. You boat is a lot heavier and I think you would be better served with the larger motor. The iPilot feature is great though for staying on the spot, so we...

    Another Great White near Ocean Shores

    More seal pornThe best kind of Sealion, headless and dead. Malibu Ca. Last Sunday


    You sound like Uncle Jeff, sorry Jeff.


    While your catching cod in the rain, we will be fishing bass in the kelp. In the rain!!


    I think we are going Bass Fishing first

    Launching from MDR Tuesday

    No bait in MDR at this time 310 822 3625

    22' Anderson - repower and retrofit

    What harbor will you be fishing out of? Looks Awesome!

    Looking for a little talent

    Shades of Ready To Assemble and that did not work out too well !!!

    That guy

    That's nothing Brian has way closer to us than that when he pulled up on paddys we and several other skiffs were fishing. No harm no foul though, but he could have offered us a burger and a bud lite at the least!

    Beginner Chasing LB Yellows

    Over the years the 500 has caught more yellowtail than all of the newer gold reels combined. With that said, make sure the reels are in good shape, drags and new 30 and your good to go. No mono to flouro just tie the jig straight to the mono and let it rip. Most important have fun and be safe.

    2/1 Got two! Barely...

    One of the best fights I ever seen, rather entertaining it was. Glad you got the fish. Wish I would have got some pics but it was all I could do to get out of your way!! Good Job.

    2/1 Got two! Barely...

    Only if he kicks out there first son.

    recent problem with IPAD on long range boat

    Whales are good

    recent problem with IPAD on long range boat

    I hope the beer was cold enough !

    1/27/15 78 anglers on the New Seaforth

    Just think of the JP that the crew got.


    Did I miss something? Target found his film?


    Target lost your film ?

    WD 40... good stuff...

    Same story I have heard for years.


    Drunk at the dock at 8:15 AM. Your staying on the dock!

    For Sale: Hi Peformance Lake Boat $500.00

    Perfect tow car cheap !!!

    Advice needed on boat

    Yep that's what its all about. Little skiffs are a blast just be safe!

    Whatever happened to Capt. Jim Slivkoff from AA???

    If we do it most likely kill the two of us now! But then again ya just don't know, do ya. 11-9-90 birthday trip for the ages.

    12 Days of Christmas Give Away-Day 4

    What's Facebook?

    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-Day 2

    Castaic 7-10-14

    12 Days of Christmas Give-Away-DAY 1

    But Officer I couldn't have gone that fast.

    A New Game by DFW

    More than enough, on the bright side if we get a little rain. Rumor has it trout in the lagoon again.

    A New Game by DFW> > California marine protected areas.

    Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass Pyramid Lake

    A few November bass from Pyramid Lake.

    A New Game by DFW

    With a speargun,but only in the SMCA not the SMR, good luck with that !!!! I have not seen 1 lobster trap in that area since the opener I assume you mean west of 118 47.260W. East of there yes hundreds, all the way to Malibu point

    Incredible Fisherman !!!!

    Awesome video thanks, if you would like to see these birds in action check out Balboa Park Lake in the San Fernando Valley. They are there every day. There is a yearling that is learning to hunt and is amusing to watch as it gets better at his trade. It's parents are amazing!

    WTF is this?

    yep but not on the I phone

    Morning pond hopping trip

    Nice fish. Don't worry your dad will be ok with it in time. a long time. I just had my 59th birthday and still don't like it. But I still go with him.

    Butts at the secret spot

    Free Beer when and where? Short fish that's just wrong.

    Butts at the secret spot

    Using a square draw a line 90 degrees from 0'' draw a line 90 degrees from 22'', and there you have it, Fish is 1/2'' short of 0'' and 2'' short of 22'' making this fish 19 1/2'' long. Now tell me this fish is legal. Now that I have done all this simple Geometry, I think I will go smoke a fatty.

    Live bait in MDR?

    Yes 310 822 3625

    Win a PENN SSV-10500! Contest Ends November 11th

    Action tackle

    lobster potting the SMB

    Just wait till he meets Lobster Dog and it shit's all over his boat, looking for where all his storage space is. The dog is not very respectful.

    F#@%!!! Bull Shit Lobster Citation!!!

    Poaching is Poaching, same shit only it was you this time. Who me, yes you and I hope your son learned something from this like a bit of math.

    CIH full day boats

    Somewhere west of Oxnard!!!

    leaking kill bag


    8/31 Catalina YT and Disrespectful sportboat

    Mike we can anchor in 5 million fathoms, love the I Pilot. Jim Bob said thanks for the invite, but has to work. We are taking the beercan to Dana Pt. sat or should we go on down to ? Good luck tomorrow and let us know how you did. Larry

    September sign for Spotted Bay Bass?

    I hope more people will get involved this month. You might even have a chance as we live 60+ miles from any good spottie Harbor. We are thinking about going down to Newport for a few days and camping at Newport Dunes as we have very few spotties in Marina Del Rey. Good luck everyone and lets see...

    Fish cleaning bill expolsion!!!

    It's OK he is a computer engineer.

    WTB small car...

    Here's one although it may be a bit of a drive for you, but I think you could get it for a good price. Sorry just had to. Larry

    Held Hostage on the Assembly Required! (Ready to Assemble)

    Was just talking with my CG buddy, he read the website and found it quite interesting to say the least. Sorry you guy's had go thru what you did , but most likely your post has put and end to this RTA crap once and all. At least you caught fish and lived to tell your Grandkids one hell of a...

    Held Hostage on the Assembly Required! (Ready to Assemble)

    USCG perhaps, but the more I think about it no, as it would probably affect his JOB!

    Blue caven MPA busted

    You have to know how read a map, where's north, the reason I ask as I often do of fellow fisherman is most have no clue. If you cant find North how the hell you going to find home let alone an MPA or what ever the fuck they want to call it. Learn to trust your compass and the sun or moon as they...

    Blue caven MPA busted

    Seems pretty fucking simple for example, we fish Malibu alot The Point Dume SMR says we can't fish west of 118 47 260 west. So we don' go west of 118 47 260. Pretty fucking simple, problem solved, well not yours. Good luck in court

    Bloody Decks acdcepting $$ from the Humane Society???

    I thank Ali, but how many of you tree huggers are still typing away at your HP. Enjoy your tofu. Larry

    It was 100lbs when I hooked it!

    I will give it 100!

    Ok here we go again Im a idiot 20ft Wilson

    Old Bravo 1 Castaic for many years. Towed us one time back in the day. Cant wait to see what you do with her as she is a classic. Good luck with the restoration.

    10lb on 10lb

    Good on you for fishing with your dad. And cool that he fishes the way he does. By the way you were at Santa Cruz. Larry

    A day I won't forget. Guess the weight, win a BD Tee!

    372.5 and I still don't have my shirt from the last guess the weight contest I won.

    4D battery in small vessels?

    We put one in our 16' beercan and it has all the juice we need. We use it for starting the out board, the Minn kota I Pilot trolling motor, for sometimes as many as 8-10 hours per trip also the bait pump. And we have a smaller deep cycle dedicated to the gps/sonar that could be used to start...

    AUGUST BASS CONTEST-Largemouth Bass-Throw up OKAY sign!-Presented by Okuma

    By the way all you guys we have a few this month, larger than a lot of the yellowtail pics I have seen lately. Come on I know it is HOT but you can still catch nice fish in August. Larry

    AUGUST BASS CONTEST-Largemouth Bass-Throw up OKAY sign!-Presented by Okuma

    As Ali said Let's go boys! I am pretty sure some of you are still fishing green bass. Let's see some pics. By the way Jim Bob nice bass for August. Larry

    Searcher 6-28 7-2 trip report

    Are all those your fish in the last picture?

    How to Preserve Bait Overnight? Catalina

    Another battery perhaps?

    90qt Cooler Seat with Backrest

    How wide is it? Thanks, Larry


    I think he needs to check his lug nuts and not the ones on the truck. Larry

    Bare Hand BFT Catch From the Beach?

    Hey smoke um if you got um. Larry

    I know its a big boat,but,153 anglers...!!!

    OK Champ yep we have fished second row on the New Del Mar. C Cool short trips sometimes with more than one hundred often times with many kids on board, including my own two sons, and my niece .So we have five spots and are fishing only three of them,all kids, and you do not believe I should...

    Aug sign for LMB?

    I think he is part goat.

    AUGUST BASS CONTEST-Largemouth Bass-Throw up OKAY sign!-Presented by Okuma

    Like I said Tip of the week Castaic. This fish was caught Friday. Had no sign or yall would be playing catch up. No problem there is always this evening, tomorrow and......... come on I would hate to see James win this without without a fight. This one don't count 8/01/2014

    Catalina Rats and finally something cool on the way back to MDR

    As James said it was a pleasure meeting you. Your fish was awesome and your boat even more so. And yes Blue Oyster Cult was rocking Burton Chase Park. If by chance you ever need a couple more to help put fuel in your boat let us know. Larry in the red skiff.

    AUGUST BASS CONTEST-Largemouth Bass-Throw up OKAY sign!-Presented by Okuma

    Thank you Michelle. Game on. Good luck Boys and Girls. Tip of the week Castaic.

    Aug sign for LMB?

    Sign or no sign?

    Aug sign for LMB?

    Us too cause we are going to wax you guys and gals. lets go.

    SMB Bass and Lightning, Scary Shit!

    Which house I will try to get a better picture on our next trip up that way.

    Pinhead in JP

    Ok all you folk out here are on some other planet. More than not you are NOT going to win the jackpot, sorry that is the way it goes some of the time. Pinheads minor threat, Deadheads well that's another thing. Did I just fix the coffee maker and the toaster so you could eat in the morning, well...

    Pinhead in JP

    So your pissed that some young punk out fished you and now you are going to whine about it here? Have you ever thought about what a pinhead has to go through to get to fish for FREE, well let me tell it's not FREE. Good job grom. Oh by the way how is the fishing and weather in Az land today? Bet...

    ventura albacore

    Watch out for lightning!

    SMB Bass and Lightning, Scary Shit!

    Well we ran up the coast to fish in the stringers so far so good, even caught a few. Hopscotched back down the line in light showers to not much success, not really thinking to much about lightning until we were looking for the right stone at Venice Reef to finish off the day. And then we saw...

    MDR launch fee increase

    Good luck with that

    Opah in Santa Monica Bay

    Ziggy don't weigh 155 either. Nice one Bud. Larry

    Penn 501 Question ?

    So how is it that I have a black one I bought in the eighties used, and a black squidder that I bought about the same time also used? Also have a black 114H from same era? Larry

    Mexico bans Bluefin Tuna fishing -- official thread till we figure it out....or implode.

    Kinda funny, I caught my first Bluefin at San Clemente Island and probably will catch my last one there. Then again I may catch one the Santa Monica Bay soon.

    Castaic even lower but still biting 7/9/14

    Not even near the car look at the pic. If YOU would go with us this evening you might learn something, but I know how much you like your afternoon naps. By the way Jim Bob says it was at least 8 or more. Larry

    Well they quit letting out out of the lake and I got a Fatty!

    No fish for me last night however there were a few caught, including this nice lineside caught by Rob, one of the local guys. Now they have brought the up lake about 4' in 48hrs WTF ? Larry

    Well they quit letting out out of the lake and I got a Fatty!

    Having fished the lake 3 to 5 days a week for what seems like forever. I caught a bass of larger than the normal 2 or 3lbs. She ate a brown 6'' plastic worm, split shot style. My largest in well over a decade, but not near my best maybe not even top ten, In the eighties this fish would not even...

    Castaic even lower but still biting 7/9/14

    Well they quit letting out of the lake. it came up about 2 feet in 24 hrs. Sorry no pics tonight. Larry

    Castaic even lower but still biting 7/9/14

    Well as I have said in the past the lake is going down, way down. On the upside fishing has continued to be pretty good. A couple from this evening. Larry

    Castaic low and getting lower but still biting.

    Thank you Mike!! Damm we need to fish again at least you and Jim Bob

    Castaic low and getting lower but still biting.

    Mike they took the car keys away a long time ago, but for some reason they still let me drive the skiff. Hey we are looking for a new Honda 50 who do I call ?

    Castaic low and getting lower but still biting.

    Still going down. The upside is the fish are still biting. I think when the lake stabilizes the fishing will go wide open. This is lowest I have seen the lake since the early 70s when they were first filled the lake. Sad but we are now able to see the structure we have fished all the years. Adam...

    Trolling Motor for Inshore Fishing -- A Must or Overrated?

    Agreed since the I-Pilot we have not had to pull the anchor once.

    Castaic low and getting lower but still biting.

    Even with the low water the Bass are still biting well after the spawn. Crankbaits and plastic worms. Lots of linesides on bait, most small.

    Fish Club raffle rod for kids trip

    Nice Stick I would love to fish it, how could I buy said raffle tickets?

    MDR launch ramp

    And bring cash as no CC.

    Torpedo Sinkers

    Torpedo Sinkers 3-4-5-6 & 8 oz. Mix what you want $4 lb. Will ship at cost ,Paypal fine

    Anyone know palm trees?

    Nothing like a good chainsaw to fix your problem.

    Big Calico

    And this one was about 6#

    for what its worth

    Which Jon's Mike?

    Mobile Trailer Guy Marina Del Rey

    My son just saw this and said he could do it Sunday morning if you take us fishing after he is done. Saturday we will be in our skiff so Sunday might work out. Let us know. He is a brake and suspension guy full time...

    Mobile Trailer Guy Marina Del Rey

    Thanks for the reminder Larry

    Mobile Trailer Guy Marina Del Rey

    It is not that difficult to do. I mean even I have done more than once , even on the side of the road. Do your a favor and learn to change them yourself. When you do if any still look good, save the good ones and put them in the truck, as someday you might need them on the side of the road. I...

    The wall and the wind 5/10

    A better photo.

    SMB Calicos, etc 5/10 Wind 5/11

    Good call on the abort. Looks like you guys had fun before the blow. By the time we launched 18:00 it was even worse if you can imagine. We ended up staying inside for a very nice night of fishing.

    The wall and the wind 5/10

    No but you know!!! Hey you need to stop by and check out the new skiff.

    The wall and the wind 5/10

    Oh thanks for teaching him that one. And fifteen years without fishing the wall it still bites pretty well. To bad we could not go to the outside, it was at best nasty. Fished Dean N Dana for the last hour hoping to get a spottie to complete the slam to no avail only a few sandies. Photos this...

    The wall and the wind 5/10

    James Jeff and myself. We launched the skiff about 18:00 in very Breeeezy conditions, oh well not the first time. Guess we will fish the inside. First thing Jeff gets bit and were on the board, next up is James and one calico in the . Then I get bit and it unbuttons then same thing happens to me...

    Rapalas, Iron Man & random Jigs.

    If you will ship them, I will take them And pay shipping. Thanks Larry.

    Trolling Motor on 18 Parker

    I Pilot

    fishing straight mono



    Is it black and red like the rest of mine? Get any tuna bellys this weekend?


    I thought we were talking about seabass.


    And his vast wealth of knowledge. All two years worth.


    I think they miss him and all of his talent.

    What LB Leader for Swimbaits/Bigbaits in Fresh...???

    It depends a lot on how much you value your plugs.

    The saltwaterguide Log for April

    Happy Birthday Mr. Hansen.

    Family Rescued

    I think what he was implying is you are a complete fucking idiot. Get real, stop leak in a boat when you already knew you had a problem? Well at least you did not hit any one while you were doing circles in the bay.

    Jack pole build?

    You Think? I been told I need some new tackle. Damn I just might see if any of that old stuff still works, ya wonder?

    Printer question

    Seems like you guys have short memories. Fuck Julie Packard !

    MDR 3/15/14 bass/cods

    At least the compass and radio worked.

    Bass/rockfish MDR 5-8-14

    DFW Jeff and yes she was very respectful. Not so much with Mike on the Betty Slow, I mean you don't really have to circle us to figure out I am on the spot ,and I don't really like it, next time just give us a call and bring us a burger and we will leave. So what did you think Mike about the I...

    Who's going out for rockfish opener???

    Thought you would be on the Thunderbird.

    Home Security tactics and simple solutions !!


    Home Security tactics and simple solutions !!

    A few years ago we were having the same problem so I asked so asked our local constable how to prevent this. His response was #1BIG DOG #2BIG DOG #3 BIG DOG #4 OUTDOOR LIGHTING #5 BIG DOG. Walk your BIG DOG as often as possible around the neighborhood and encourage your neighbors to do the same...

    Surf fishing with lucky craft

    Keep winding and then wind some more.

    Advise on DIY Electric Fishing Line Winder

    Watch your fingers

    Teak Suppliers?

    Just got back from Far West Plywood in Northridge ,$23.00 per board foot. Nice stuff!

    Teak Suppliers?

    I was just there and yes they do for only $27.00 per board foot. Kind of pricy !

    Bloody Decks or Advertising Decks?

    What ads?

    Anyone Buy Crawdads/ Crawfish?

    Don't do it, DFW would frown on it.

    Offshore 3.5 Day RANGER 85...9/13/13

    Hey Gomer just remember Fred is from Ventura, God bless him.

    Anybody know this guy?

    And now back to your hero the guy with the Bertram.

    Offshore RTA is back with a vengeance!

    Lets see 30 /11 N Seems to be in Mexico. I am thinking you might want to do you your math again. But then the pics say it all. POACHER!!111

    Anybody know this guy?

    And has for years! And now back to the Bertram, in all of the pictures I have seen , I have not seen the any DFW# on it.

    Malibu Then South Late Report 08/07

    You might want to look at the Pt.Dume MPA map before heading back up that way. The folks that live in those little shacks on bluff will call DFG in a second if they spot you!!!! The spot in your pic is fine though.

    Long Range Plane

    R.I.P Bill Poole !!!

    The Betty O today?

    Considering the BettyO is out Marina Del Rey I find this unlikely

    Camo Worms

    I cut the large 6" ones in about thirds but see if you can find the 2"baits and fish them whole. I seem to catch larger ones on these as well as a few corbina and croakers as well. Good Luck!

    Whats a good Jig stick reel

    My thoughts are that you should ask your friends on the Thunderbird!

    Lost rod

    Its OK he has his own 540 now. What ever happened to Bruce? Damn we are getting old.

    Lost rod

    My son almost had the same thing happen with my 540 good thing it did not, huh James! Could have ben one of these bad boys of the surf. Sorry for your loss.

    2 day trip CHEAP

    Is this trip on the Thunderbird by chance?

    PB Bean 6-14


    New jigstick reel.

    Does any place still have these "Teflon Bearings" as I could use a few pair.

    New jigstick reel.

    So the question becomes who might have a pair or these so called bearings for sale, as I recall I they are only a bushing or slave. If anybody knows of a bearing for a 500 please let me know. As I last upgraded my Jigmasters in the 80s

    New jigstick reel.

    WOW I get my 540 back!! Thanks.

    2 for 2......County Line - 6/2/13

    Wrong 3 times , and by the way to the original poster thanks for the LNL Aloha out.


    Try Target.

    wasted my day on the pursuit (5/25) the slowest boat in the fleet

    Back in 80s the Speedtwin pulled over 50 skiers at Malibu

    wasted my day on the pursuit (5/25) the slowest boat in the fleet

    Sounds like you had fun as far as da Plane it aint coming son!


    Sharp very Sharp. Just one question where is this $4 fuel you speak of? Not up here.

    North O.C morning report 5-20-13

    Fat one for sure, same LNL?

    Streched some line. 9 corbs and 4 spotfin 5-15

    Great job with the kid,he looks stoked! Oh and thanks for the LNLs

    Vintage Fishing Reels

    So what do you want in trade?

    Red Beach Camp pendleton

    All of us that do thank you! Enjoy your Tofu.

    Red Beach Camp pendleton

    Nice mixed bag glad you released the short. As far as the Luckycraft just keep casting it and you will get a legal. Too bad about the Tofu Eating band of gypsies on here as I recall the name of this is Bloodydecks! Here is James with a Luckycraft fish.

    pb surf report 5-13

    Good one, ever have problems with the kite surfers down there?

    Boat accident

    I realize that all of you have not seen the sun for years, but I think someone would make some glasses that you could see though.

    Reel Valuation

    The 349 has a H If so contact me. Thanks. Larry

    Coronado Islands 5-8-13

    Good job on the Lings, but I think you need a bigger gaff!

    Dockweiler 5/3 no beans but......

    I agree with you, we just got back from the beach. I will post details and pics tomorow.

    Dockweiler 5/3 no beans but......

    Mike actually Jim Bob does, he just came buy to pick up some swimbaits and rods on way to the pond. As he was leaving he asked is that Mullet fella Mike and I said yep, he responded DAMN I wanna catch a Seabass like the one his avatar as his largest to date is only about 30 ,hint hint. I just...

    Indian goes for sale...Friday 5/3

    As in not south

    Dockweiler 5/3 no beans but......

    Damm James my son caught his first legal halibut on his new rod and luckycraft 3rd cast . He also had a nice large yellowfin on krocodile, myself only 20+ perch most small but wfo all on crack. Nice sunset with all of the smoke to he north. Water felt warm compared to the last few weeks, no...

    Shimano Which shimano product?

    I think Capt G might be of some help. Good luck and Thank You for what you do for all of us.

    Shelter Island

    Looks like he had fun, good job pops!

    SCI 25, 26

    Always nice to see a nice bass about to be cooked.

    72nd street jetty

    Crack !

    Ventura 4/14

    Sunday my sons James, Justin and I fished Ventura beach across from the marina, Spinaker Dr. FREE PARKING with a short walk to the water. Very disturbed sea oh well, current was ripping to the south with a fairly large swell but still fishable. No sandcrab so fished the crack for only a few...

    Check out this Engineering Masterpiece

    I think el Toro needs to look this guy up!

    catalina new pb calico

    Nice fish, so how did you cook them?

    Real property tax assessment appeal

    Might try LA mens central jail

    castaic lake

    Forgot mention one thing of the snakes. I have seen more of them in the last week than in the last 5 years.

    castaic lake

    Lots of fish early morning eating spooks and the like.If you stay much past 8:00 DONT forget your sunscreen as it has been smoking hot this week.West ramp area. Have not fished evenings due to heat this week. Good luck.


    R.I.P. Charlie Long

    What Boat

    Legend but the pitbull is gone now, yeah!!!!!

    Wood Lures need help with parts.

    Jeff & Jim thanks for the info, I was able to get everything i needed between the two shops. Also Saltybugger has a lot of tips that will be very helpful.

    Wood Lures need help with parts.

    I have just started to make my own wood lures and need some help finding a source for supplies, wire, grommets, weights, props and and other supplies. Also right now I am using Defthane Polyurethane for a top coat it seems ok but is there something better? Thanks

    Island Spirit Calicos?

    Secret spot?

    DODGERS SWEEP ROCKIES...bring on the...

    I stand corrected it is indeed Arizona tonight,thats what I get for reading the LA Times.:zelfmoord

    DODGERS SWEEP ROCKIES...bring on the...

    Mr Abreu did just fine thank you, what were the anahiem Angels thinking? 15-19.

    DODGERS SWEEP ROCKIES...bring on the...

    Sweep? Rockies at Dodgers Monday 1pm. Go Dodgers


    Good for you, I should have bought them last night after your counter offer. I hope that who ever bought them will fish them as they are great jigs.

    SCI with the stupid switch ON!

    Nail bender, thanks for the compliment and yes I still fish the D8 for bass. By the way where did 540 John and Victor go.


    $200 I will pay shipping, right now. By the I am not a collector, just want to fish them as I only have a few left. Make me a deal!


    Pics ?

    SCI with the stupid switch ON!

    Long boat ride in skiff , I would think you guys enjoyed your Calico Bass dinner, oh thats right you had Tofu and thats just wrong. Sorry guys but I just do not get it. But then again I still love Calico Bass for dinner. A little rice and veggies, but no tofu. By the way nice fish!!!!!

    2 days, 2 fish

    Great fish, and you do not even have on tube socks.

    Where to take my large trailer boat to fresh water

    Try Castaic we took my friends Skipjack 262 a few times after service. Huge ramp and steep enough for a large boat, no problems launching. Have fun!

    White Sea Bass For Me From The Sea Carlsbad AM Report4/29/12

    It is not often that I agree with the band of Gypsies but this this time you have me with them. Damn what did I just say?


    And the band Gypsies returns. Nice fish Raul!

    Why I won't fish WA. (Rant)

    Good Lord dont invite the fool here.

    Rods and reel

    And the price is?

    Bow Fishing Makos - Your thoughts on this?


    10 heavy jigs

    Pay pal if so will take them.Let me know, will pay flat rate shipping USPS.

    Fishdog 4/29

    Duke , Here is a photo of my buddy,a little larger but just as cool. And he has bigger poop. Thanks again.

    Fishdog 4/29

    Maybe but he don't own a boat like Fishdog,does he?

    Fishdog 4/29

    Nope Buddy is the real deal,owns the boat.

    family lawyers

    Scott check if you have a fathers rights group up there, non profit. They have helped me a lot down here in so cal. Good luck.

    Fishdog 4/29

    Sunday 4/29 myself son Justin and brother in law Jeff had opportunity to fish on our friends 38 Mediterranean Sportfisher Fishdog, WOW what a boat. Left its slip in Marina Del Rey about 07:30 sorry Duke we wont be late again!! Stopped for a scoop of nice sardines at Inseine and we were...

    Lobster baits

    Roll up another one,just like the other one.

    LBC NOT the break wall

    By the way Raul nice fish

    LBC NOT the break wall

    Sorry why. Fuck Evan and his puke band of gypsies!

    irons for yellowtail

    The ones with no paint left ?

    Secret Spot bassin

    Hey kids here are a couple more as there are no secrets in this part of town.Just remember, there not not all rent a cops!

    A Little Good News

    Did he sign it?

    Secret Spot bassin

    Ok girls now that you have found that one,where is this one? Oh and by the way I just returned from your SPOT. 21 min 3 senko fish. Sorry no pics as at my age I just cant run as fast as you kids!

    Secret Spot bassin

    Jeff you forgot about the pond behind your house. The kids should enjoy the rent a cops there. Oh one last thing, While bike riding last night I noticed you forgot to clean up your nightcrawler boxes.

    Question for Big Pancho

    Thanks for the info,just ordered some. I have a few ideas so who knows. Thanks again.

    Question for Big Pancho

    Question for Big Pancho or any any of the the fine lure makers here. I am just wondering what bake clay you are using for your masters. I have looked on e-bay and the sculpy brand seems to have a bunch of materials,so if you could point me in the direction thanks.

    Best Color of Surface Iron For Tails

    The one with no paint left.

    Squidder 146 reel or spool

    Since your in Van Nuys check the pawn shop at Balboa and Sherman Way, south west corner. Sweet old black 146,mint condition.

    Central California Coast

    Maybe this will answer your question.

    kayak fishing in lake balboa

    Here is your picture, nice to meet you. To bad about no fish,but it was sure a nice day.

    Question about freshwater swimbait @[email protected]

    Google Butch Brown, watch some of the videos. They should give you some insight. Good luck with your quest.

    Iron Manufacturer Favorite


    Surf Fly Fishing Getting Better Each Week

    Thanks for the update. I fished Ventura saturday with good results, 17 perch 3 of them fattys. All C/R to bite again. The bite started 10:45 lasted 2hrs then died. Area fished was across from the Harbour Village . As Lee stated lots of structure, so please be careful when wading, as there are...

    Castaic strpers crank again

    Nice! Good job on limits, and killing them. If any of you go up to castaic, please do the same , kill them there are way over populated in this lake. The size continues to get smaller every year. KILL THEM!!!!!!!!!

    Harnell needs rewrap

    Looking for somebody in the san fernando valley to rewrap my old Harnell back to life. 8' nothing fancy 6 guides +tip. Would like it to look as original as possible. 818 687 3336 Larry

    Mi Peppers is no hot..

    Quit using so much water.

    Constitution or Pacific Star for albies next week?

    Mike Bullard Pacific Star. Never fished the Constitution,so no opinion there. I have fished with Mike for 25+years and always had a good time . Explorer,Blackjack&now the star. Hey Mike what ever happend to Murry ? If you do happen to fish with mike I am shure you will enjoy your trip, as he...

    where to find sand crabs

    Nick thanks for the information on sandcrab limits ,did not know that. Kids usually fill a bucket. Any body fish Dockweiler the last few days? Report please,thanks.

    Fish Magician Bars-Same as Archer's?

    Missed that one myself. Fred is a legend ! Steve,a legend only in his own mind .Just wondering if he worked for Indy Mac ?

    What are you in the market for?

    What`s the ?

    How big is too BIG?

    So you must know Butch? Sorry to report that the afterpuddle is not quite the fishery it was. But still fun, my arms hurt just looking at that thing mercy. And to think we thought Alan was crazy! They just dont know,do they? Big baits=

    I need some expert information


    I need some expert information

    #1 target beans #2 whatever eats the sandcrab! My sons& I fish from south bay to ventura . baits we use, sandcrab,and gulp,and no gulp does not outfish live bait,sorry Ronnie. Baits cheap&easy to catch thank god,because fuel prices suck! Last trip 2 yellowfin & a bunch of perch. Sorry to be so...

    I want to fish Morro you?

    Ah the princess, old ,well worn, worth the price of admission though. 11/8/82 first time to Morro Bay 5am departure,arrive to find this old well worn boat and this old well worn Lady,the Captain .She was short old and just did not look like the Captain of a fishing boat,let alone albacore in...

    "Fuck Yeah" has been on my mind recently

    Trailer parks in Japan ? Who would have of thunk?

    Weekend weather #$*&@!!!

    surf fish who knows?

    penn 500 jigmaster rebuild

    Dave Mount what other newell parts do you stock for 500 /501/99 . Maybe 349 parts ?
  431. close yet so far

    For sale 2 60s era 114 H ,1 black yes black ,1red both tricked out , 1 349h black also,500s black

    horror in west cove

    OK #1 without people like Larry Allen and many others there would be no white sea bass,none .In 1994 the people of california voted out gill nets ! Remeber our bumper stickers? A GILL NETTERS CREED KILLEM ALL BIG OR SMALL. With out people like Larry we would still not have any white sea bass...

    With Gas prices Crazy - Boat Ho?

    My sons and I have had the pleasure of fishing on an incredible machine. 26.5 skipjack. Payments $785 on the trailer,thats before we fish ! Thanks Spence! Even at5.00+ fuel its a deal for us . Food ,fuel, scrub wheel lets go

    might have to sell her

    What would 1/2 share be approx?

    "Other" website fishing reports

    Shawn is a dick, but he does not lie! bye the way Shawn we never recieved our passes, for Justin my son being on your ads on 976 bullshit .Nor did I ever sign a release,or waiver.earl took the picture ,you think he got his passes? Ad is from 05,one would think he could have come up with a...

    Which is the best 50# reel?


    first post & first bass

    I just on news its snowing at big bear !

    Still no beans,...

    No corbina in ventura sunday,but warming water 63. All you want 4-6 inch perch .Gulp vs. Bait ? BAIT! Highlite of the day was a dead seal on beach.

    Cell Coverage at the Nado's?

    Who are you going to call,your wife, why?

    spearing halibut

    I think I will keep my kids in L.A.U.S.D .

    spearing halibut

    Now just how many have you killed this week ? Still in freezer ? DFG ?

    Does anyone know where I can get a pre 1980

    all ready wraped 1983 540 cork tape clean blue gray + black jigmaster old 60 s price you tell me ? kills shit

    Squid boats off La Jolla

    what do you pay for buds think about it squid is cheep

    spear fishing advice

    just remember you become part of the food chain !

    Tips to refresh Gulp???

    try wd 40 seems to work