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  1. Joey805

    Calstar 700L Wanted

    Looking to buy a Calstar 700L in good shape. Please message me if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  2. Joey805

    Dreamer Stolen

    Just saw this posted on their Instagram page @dreamersportfishing
  3. Joey805

    Minnkota Fortrex 101# 52" 36v Electric Trolling Motor

    Minnkota Fortrex 101# thrust 52" shaft, 36v Electric Trolling Motor Works great, just removed from boat as I upgraded to the Ultrex. $400
  4. Joey805

    Open Spots on Fortune 2 day trip leaving 8/29

    Channel Islands Fishing club has open spots on a 2 day trip aboard the Fortune out of Fisherman's Landing leaving on 8/29. The trip is $600 per person and includes food. Limited load to 18. Seeker reps will be on board with raffles and giveaways. Contact Eric Huff at Eric's Tackle for further...
  5. Joey805


    Minn Kota Endura MAX 55 - 12 volt (55 Lbs. Thrust, 36" Shaft) Transom Mount - Digital Maximizer controls and optimizes power to extend battery life and reduce damaging heat - Endura Max motors with Variable Speed Control let you select the precise speed you need - Endura Max keeps you on the...
  6. Joey805

    Offshore Oceanside 95 - 8/10

    Jumped on the Oceanside 95 on Sunday night fishing Monday for an overnight trip. First time out of Helgrens and a much closer drive for me from Ventura County which was cool. We fished the bluefin grounds with 60+ other sport boats and everyone was drifting all day long, no trolling. We had 1-5...
  7. Joey805

    173# Bluefin 5 miles out of Dana

    Inside Sportfishing just posted this on facebook, saying it was 173 # and 5 miles out of Dana. That's gotta be one heck of a sleigh ride for the dude who shot it. Wonder if it's legit? Anyone know more details?
  8. Joey805

    WANTED: Calstar 90J eglass/west coast series jig stick

    I'm looking for an all glass West Coast Series Calstar 90J either factory or custom wrapped. Give me a shout if you have one for sale. Thanks :)
  9. Joey805

    Seeker 7X, GG690J or GG90J for 40# jig stick?

    I'm looking for a factory wrapped 40# jig stick to pair with a Saltist 35H. I want to throw Tady 45's and Salas 7X lites for local yellows and cuda. Has anyone tried the Seeker 7X yet? Or is the GG690J or GG90J the way to go? I've read some guys mentioning the Seeker SJ 90F but I can't seem to...
  10. Joey805

    WANTED: Calstar GG690J

    I'm looking for a factory wrapped Calstar GG690J. If anyone has one in good condition that they want to sell, please hit me up. :jig: Thanks!
  11. Joey805

    1994 Tracker Tournament Pro 18 Bass boat - SOLD

    Runs great with no issues. Single Console Mercury 60 HP outboard Minnkota Maxxum 80# trolling motor (24 volts) 3 batteries Custom cover Nice upholstery Clear titles & current registration Comes with two sit down seats and one leaning post $3500
  12. Joey805

    Shimano Teramar TMC-X80H

    I have a used but in great condition Shimano Teramar TMC-X80H that I'm looking to get rid of. Line Rating: 15-30 Lure Wt: 1-4oz Power: Heavy Action: Ex-Fast Length: 8' Price: $90 Payment in person or by Paypal only. Free pickup in Ventura County or you pay actual shipping costs.
  13. Joey805

    Puerto Vallarta - Maximus Video - Dec 2012 - Part 2

    Here's video #2 from our trip in December. This video includes Erika "Top Shot" , Mike "Hot Dog" Jewett and a bit of RickyRay's sailfish. Don't forget to change the quality to HD when you play it on youtube by clicking on the little sprocket icon at the bottom of the video...
  14. Joey805

    Puerto Vallarta - Maximus Video - Dec 2012 - Part 1

    For those of you would like to see some footage from our recent cow tuna trip in Puerto Vallarta, here ya go... The first fish in the video was caught by me, the second one by Hilltop Nate. More videos to come, I have alot of footage to go through.
  15. Joey805

    Mirage - August 13th spots available on charter

    <!-- google_ad_section_start -->I have a handful of spots available for an overnight Get Bent Sportfishing charter aboard the Mirage out of Channel Islands Sportfishing. Departs: Friday August 12th at 10pm and fishes on Saturday August 13th and returns that evening. Cost: $150 per person...
  16. Joey805

    Aloha Spirit - June 12th spots on limited load charter

    I have a handful of spots available for an 5am charter aboard the Aloha Spirit out of Channel Islands Sportfishing. Departs: Friday June 12th at 5am and returns that evening Cost: $120 per person (limited load to 16 people, its very comfortable fishing with this light load) Targeting...
  17. Joey805

    Mirage - June 18th spots available on charter

    I have a handful of spots available for an overnight charter aboard the Mirage out of Channel Islands Sportfishing. Departs: Friday June 17th at 10pm and fishes on Saturday June 18th and returns that evening. Cost: $150 per person (with possible fuel surcharge) Targeting outer islands...
  18. Joey805

    Ultimate farting LOL
  19. Joey805

    WFO Giant Squid in Newport

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  20. Joey805

    Boat Binoculars

    I'm torn between a couple different pairs of binoculars for the boat. Can't afford the stabilized ones right now so what are your thoughts on the following models? Steiner 7x50 Marine - $279 Baker 7x50 BIF-II - $339 Or any other recommendations under the $400 price range? Thanks!
  21. Joey805

    Intrepid 5 day Trip Fishing/Food Report 7/21 - 7/26

    Got a short notice invite to fish the Intrepid on a 5 day trip and there was no way I could pass it up. Worked some serious magic with the boss to get the time off, and 2 days later I was headed down to San Diego. This trip was a total blast! The boat and crew are absolutely amazing and the...
  22. Joey805

    The searcher is fishing Guadalupe

    Just got an email that the searcher is fishing Guadalupe this morning. It's about time! Hello anglers, BIG NEWS! Thanks to the tremendous effort by Ken Franke of the Sportfishing Association of California, we obtained our Guadalupe Island permits and here we are at the south end of the island...
  23. Joey805

    Mirage - August 2nd - Sunday - 2 spots open!

    I have 2 spots open on my Mirage charter on August 2nd. The boat leaves on Saturday night at 10pm and fishes on Sunday. The cost is $150 and limited to 20 anglers. We will most likley be fishing Santa Rosa Island and possibly San Miguel Island for seabass, halibut, rockfish, ect. Please...
  24. Joey805

    Cabo & Mag Bay Video Report - The Apple Martini 10/08

    Sorry for the late report but it took a while to edit the video. Here's the report from our Cabo / Mag Bay trip that me and a few good buddies were lucky to be invited on. Nothing like flying around in your own private plane and fishing aboard the super yacht "The Apple Martini"... The short...
  25. Joey805

    97 Wellcraft 190ccf - Where to mount a transducer? /w pics

    I have a 97 Welcraft 190ccf and cannot for the life of me figure out a spot to put a fish finder transducer. The unit is a Raymarine DS500X. I'm open for either thru-hull or transom mount. It has a stepped transom which only has about a 2 inch lip, not enough room to put a transom mount...
  26. Joey805

    Seabass Limits for the Old #7 - 6/22

    Chartered the Old #7 on Sunday and brought along 5 buddies... Aside from a wide open calico bite in the dark and one legal halibut, the morning was on the slow side with no exotics to be found. We made a few moves along the beaches for not much and then it happened. Captain Jeff ran across the...
  27. Joey805

    Offshore Pac Voyager has 7 on the boat!

    Fresh off the front page of SFR. Seaforth Sportfishing - San Diego, CA Captain Mark Oronoz on the Pacific Voyager had a stop this morning for 7 Albacore. They are 63 miles from port. Call Seaforth at (619) 221-8500.
  28. Joey805

    Wide Open Bass - Video Report

    Me and a buddy fished a local private lake yesterday for totally insane wide open largemouth bass fishing. No monsters were caught but we ended up with over 60 fish in about 4 hours between the two of us. Serioulsy wide open as it gets! Just about every cast, we were bit. Here's a nice...
  29. Joey805

    Pacific Dawn Charter Openings - May 11th

    The Pacific Dawn Pacific Dawn Sportfishing*-*San Diego,*CA Depart: Saturday May 10 - At 10 PM SHARP! Ventura Harbor 1583 Spinnaker Drive Ventura, CA 93001 * Must arrive to the landing by 9:00pm * Fishing: Sunday May 11 (Mother's Day) Return: Sunday May 11 at approx. 6pm Price: $135...
  30. Joey805

    We did it again! Seabassssssss 8/2/07

    We did it again! But this time the big boys came out to play. Same spot and bit at the same time. All fish were taken in the dark on a dropper loop on live squid. We went 5 for 6 on the larger models averaging 40 pounds. Not as many fish as last time but the quality was there. More damn...
  31. Joey805


    We departed last night at 5:30pm, destination upper Channel Islands area... We were only able to make about 20 pieces of squid for the night, it was tough. Felt like we were at Seaworld. The seals would not leave us alone. Then at 4am it happened... We were done in an hour an change for...
  32. Joey805

    Weather-Man Tourettes LOL
  33. Joey805

    Grande 2 Day This weekend! 5/18 - 5/20

    Hey guys! I have a few spots open on the Grande for a 2 dayer this weekend. This trip is all inclusive - fool, permit and fuel surcharge included. Leaves Friday night at 8pm, returns Sunday at 7pm. We will be looking for the tuna and doing the kelp thing. Killer deal here! Contact me for...
  34. Joey805

    Ventura County Hooping 3/18

    After several weeks of longs nights working on the boat, we decided to take it for it's maiden hooping voyage before the season closed. Met up with Mike around 3pm, loaded the boat up and we were on our way. After setting our hoops in various areas, we decided to see what the boat could do...
  35. Joey805

    SMB Hooping - Big Drum Style 2/19

    I was neck deep in work on the new boat Monday morning when I got the call from Vince. He asked if I wanted to go hooping and I thought to myself, screw the boat work! It was time to go get some bugs! We were on the water by 2:30 and it was game on for the bass. Almost every stop we got bit...
  36. Joey805

    Survey results

    A survey has determined that 9 out of 10 BD's have done this at least once in their life:
  37. Joey805

    Limit Style Hooping 10/2/06

    Hooped the open water in Ventura County last night for a steady but slow pic on the decent size bugs and a few monsters. We finally managed limits for 3 guys by midnight. Didn't get it done as quick as we did on the opener but it was still pretty good. Time to go melt some butter...
  38. Joey805

    Limit Style Seabass - Santa Cruz Island 7/7

    Departed early Friday morning and headed to Santa Cruz Island. Joined the fleet on the and tried to float squid but when they started to come up, the mackeral moved it and ruined the whole thing. We were able to jig squid as soon as the sun came up though and had plenty for the day using the...
  39. Joey805

    Offshore Condor Bluefin - 6/11/2006

    Couldn't stand seeing all these bluefin being caught and not getting in on a piece of the action. Me and a buddy hauled ass down to San Diego Saturday night and jumped aboard the Condor for a shot at it. About 45 miles from the point is where it all happened. Several casualities but managed to...
  40. Joey805

    Salute to Hanna

    Going down Rosecrans Saturday night about 8pm. Flew past the boat Hanna, honked and gave the mutiple person proper salute. :D :rofl: Nice looking rig by the way, hope you guys slayed'um. ~ Joey
  41. Joey805

    More Games!

    Just added a few more games to the arcade incase any of you were bored with the other ones. ;) Let me know if any suck or don't work so I can remove them. ~ Joey
  42. Joey805

    This is a test

  43. Joey805

    Rail pads?

    Anyone know of a place that I can pick up some pads that go along the inside rails where you would lean against, about knee height. It probably wouldn't be too hard to make them but I figured I'd ask... Thanks guys, Joey
  44. Joey805

    Gallilean 1.5 Day - What to expect?

    Hey guys, I'm headed out on a 1.5 day trip on the Gallilean this weekend. What gear should I be bringing? I hear the rat yellows are chewing within their range. Are their any yellowfin left or are they done? What should I expect? I have never fished this boat. Any opinions? Thanks guys...
  45. Joey805

    2 Boat hos looking to crew!

    Not a whole lot happening up in Ventura County right now and no warm water either. I'm not trailerable at this point so me and a buddy are looking to boat hoe down south. Anyone need a couple guys (not newbies) to help split costs, clean boat, ect? Available this weekend, let me know...
  46. Joey805

    Maptech Software

    Does anyone have or ever used the Maptech Digital Chartkit or 3D Charts/Marine Navigator for California/Mexico Waters? I believe it's Area 12 according to Maptech's site. This is topo software than you can run on a laptop or PC on your boat that hooks up to a GPS and you can navigate with it...
  47. Joey805

    Looking for some downriggers

    Hey guys, anyone have any manual downriggers they want to get rid of? Salmon season is fast approaching us up here in Ventura County and I want to take a shot at them this year. Thanks, Joey
  48. Joey805

    All in 1 California Marine Weather Forecast Map

    Hey guys, I spoke with Jason on this and he suggested that I post a link to the new California Marine Forecast Section I made on Get Bent Sportfishing. Just click on a number on the map of the area you are looking for and you have instant most up to date weather forecasts. You can also find a...
  49. Joey805

    Ventura County Buggin - 12/22/2004 - PICS *WFO*

    Hey guys, just a quick report for last night's hoopin trip in Ventura County. We hit the normal spots about 6pm and things started off really slow. I sense it was because of the poor water movement. Then around 8pm the swell kicked up and the bugs went on the crawl. From there on it was WFO! We...
  50. Joey805

    Ventura County Lobster - ROUND TWO - 12/12/2004 - PICS

    Just a quick report for you guys... Me and two buddies headed out about 5:30pm yesterday to our sacred rock piles for another round of ocean cockroach hunting. The weather was slightly overcast and cool with little to no wind. A much better night than Thursday for sure! Things started off...
  51. Joey805

    Ventura County - 12/8/2004 - BIG BUGS - With Pics

    It's been a few weeks since I last went buggin and I felt it was time to go again. The tides and weather looked good so we met up around 5pm and headed out to some rock piles in Ventura County. We had 10 hoops set by 6pm and the first pulled revealed a big fat skunk. Second time around produced...
  52. Joey805

    Recent Shark Trip Video

    I was out on a local shark trip last Saturday and brought my video camera along. After about 8 hours of raw footage editing, the final cut is done. We ran into some monster blues, makos and a HUGE hammerhead. I didn't get the makos on tape because I was guy video taping and also the guy who...
  53. Joey805

    Need Albie/Yellow/Dodo help please

    I will be joining Flatty Matty tonight/tomorrow on the Prevailer for our first albacore/yellow/dodo run. Matt asked me to put up a post and hopefully get some advice from you guys on where to head to and information on the fish. We will be trailering down south somewhere, yet to be determined...
  54. Joey805

    VHF Radios - Which one is better?

    I currently have a Icom M45 installed on the boat. There is some slight green corrosion on the heat sink fins and antenna plug on the back. It was like this when I bought the boat. The radio still seems to work fine. I also have a new Uniden Oceanus that I bought a while back. My question is...
  55. Joey805

    Channel Islands - 5/15/2004

    We headed out about 10:00pm Friday night in much less than ideal conditions with our destination being Santa Cruz. Just past Gina we really started to take a beating. At one point, the prop came out of the water while doing 8 knots so we had to slow down to 6. That was by far the longest...
  56. Joey805

    Channel Islands / Prevailer - 5/5/2004

    I met up with (Flatty Matty)Matt and crew at 3am sharp. We loaded the gear up and began on our way. The seas were bumpy and turned up. However the Prevailer made dinner out of the water and ate it up. We cruised at 20 knots all the way over to the backside of Santa Cruz where we were greeted by...
  57. Joey805

    Channel Islands - 4/17/2003

    Met up with Vince (Red Drum) at the ramp at 4:15 along with Josh (Leapinbass/Big Hammer Pro Staff). Also there was another friend there but I forgot his name. Anyway, we headed off about 5am and picked up a quick scoop of bait. As soon as we popped outside the Channel Islands Breakwall, a look...
  58. Joey805

    Rocket Launchers

    Hey guys - Does anyone have or know where I can get a pre-made set of rocket launchers /w bar to put on top of the pilot house of my boat? I just want a standard straight bar, nothing fancy with 6 or 8 rod holders. Maybe someone has one they arent using and want to sell it or something? Here...
  59. Joey805

    Any BD'ers in VC?

    Hey guys, I was just curious if any of you live or fish up in my neck of the woods around Ventura County. Anyone ever tap the Channel Islands for a few slimy ones? Joey
  60. Joey805

    Fisherman and the priest

    A priest decides to take a walk to the pier near his church. He looks around and finally stops to watch a fisherman load his boat. The fisherman notices, and asks the priest if he would like to join him for a couple of hours. The priest agrees. The fisherman asks if the priest has ever fished...
  61. Joey805

    Just a quick hello

    Hey guys - Just wanted to say a quick hello to you all. I recently ran across this board and decided to register. This looks like a fun place with some cool people. It seems that alot of you are down towards the San Diego area right? Living in Thousand Oaks, I mostly fish the Channel Islands...