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  1. Crzyboy180

    First trip BOLA

    What are to logistics of landing in BOLA? you mentioned San Felipe but where do you land in Bola?, How long is the flight?
  2. Crzyboy180

    Still have that Ttop

    Still have that Ttop
  3. Crzyboy180

    Adjustable T Top

    Do you still have this??
  4. Crzyboy180

    T top for center console

    CAn you PM me the information please.. im looking for a Ttop for a superpanga
  5. Crzyboy180

    1991 Parker 17’ CC sport O/B

    this would be perfect for my baja trip on thursday
  6. Crzyboy180

    Bahia de Los Angeles Captian

    I agree with these.. It usually depends on what group i go with, as to who i call first. If i go with my parents they like Alfredo Diaz, he has the cleanest boat in town and is my parents age. If its my American- English crew they like Igor, he speaks perfect english and knows that water well...
  7. Crzyboy180

    BDLA Marzo 15-16 Reportes

    Thanks for the Report.. trying to go back April
  8. Crzyboy180

    Proline 19ft CC

    Can you Private Msg me here?
  9. Crzyboy180

    BDLA Marzo 15-16 Reportes

    SE CANCELO.. por los vientos
  10. Crzyboy180

    BDLA Marzo 15-16 Reportes

    Vamos a Bahia Los Angeles la semana que entra. Como andan los reportes? Donde anda el pescado?.. por ahi dicen q ya se dejaron ver los jureles??
  11. Crzyboy180

    Boat is just siting

    Haver si esta temporade se hace la machaca
  12. Crzyboy180

    bola 5/27 & 28

    Fernando Rocks
  13. Crzyboy180

    headed to bola next Friday

    You can get your lisc in Bahia now.. Where you guys stayin
  14. Crzyboy180

    Any recent BOLA report?

    Perfect.. thank you
  15. Crzyboy180

    Reportese Bahia de Los Angeles

    Thanks guys I read the English forums too.. I was looking for the homies at Bahia to start posting too. Fernando Alfredo Igor, Guillermos Daggets
  16. Crzyboy180

    Reportese Bahia de Los Angeles

    Thanks taking the surface iron
  17. Crzyboy180

    Reportese Bahia de Los Angeles

    Que a salido esta semana! Reportes por favor! Vamos desde Tijuana para llegar el Sábado a quedarnos 3 dias.. Nunca eh llegado a pescar en Mayo. Q esta jalando? Vamos en panga, pero alguien me da informes de como esta la pesca de orilla enfrente del Hotel Los Vientos? Gracias de antemano. Ahi...
  18. Crzyboy180

    Any recent BOLA report?

    Any fishing reports for this week!!!???
  19. Crzyboy180

    BOLA May 21-22

    I go thru TJ I guess its the 1
  20. Crzyboy180

    BOLA May 21-22

    You wanna here something funnier.. We may just get there Saturday
  21. Crzyboy180

    Gonzaga Bay Advice

    The best attitude to have, when traveling Baja!
  22. Crzyboy180

    BOLA May 21-22

    Ill be in a white Tacoma, Ill keep an eye out for ya. Lets have a beer, talk fishin! Joe
  23. Crzyboy180

    BOLA May 21-22

    Anyone from here going down to Bahia de Los Angeles? Driving down from San Diego. We are going to be at Los Vientos Sunday thru Wednesday. Fishing with Alfredo Diaz on Monday and Tuesday, maybe doing an afternoon session on Sunday with Fernando. Se habla espanol.. haber quien mas va andar por...
  24. Crzyboy180

    Bajia de Los Angeles Hotel recommendations

    When its a guys trip. we stay at Guillermos.. when the Wives come, its Los Vientos
  25. Crzyboy180

    Punta Banda Reports?

    I went last thursday, fished punta banda.. found a nice school of small to medium barracudas early, went to the troll for YT, hooked 3 on deep diving rapalas, then came back to the spot for the cudas but they left. did get a short WSB and nice sand bass
  26. Crzyboy180

    Popotla Pesca Deportiva

    Esa es la branko con mi cunado.. trabaja in Tijuana y pues se le hace dificil juntar Yo si le entro,, ahi te paso mi numero en privado
  27. Crzyboy180

    Popotla Pesca Deportiva

    Saka las foto.. la bronka es juntar a los compas.. luego quedan mal.. Pero yo si le entro a la coperacha
  28. Crzyboy180

    15' Gregor Aluminum, READY TO FISH NOW!!!!

    I didnt read about a trailer??
  29. Crzyboy180

    18' Bayrunner 2008 Suzuki 4 Stroke

    Do you still have this boat, PM please
  30. Crzyboy180

    Offshore 20 Miles SW Out of Oceanside 8/20/17

    I was just wondiring if the bones were more dense or if the meat somehow weighed more. Thanks for the response,, I know camara angles can be tricky and I wasnt questioning it being 20 pounds,, Thats one more than I've ever caught so Great Catch!
  31. Crzyboy180

    Offshore 20 Miles SW Out of Oceanside 8/20/17

    Great Catch not talking trash.. but that looks small for a 20 pounder.. I never caught real tuna so what do I know. Are tuna heavier then say Yellowtail? Again, not talkin trash, its a legit question.
  32. Crzyboy180

    Offshore Late Report Sat Aug 12 for the Islands, the Rockpile, and the 101 and 425

    Yellows AND Dorado... sounds like a great day. Congrats
  33. Crzyboy180

    Late Report Sat 8/4/17 Coronado Islands YT Report - Limits

    WOW you guys got into em good.. Congrats on getting the boy on fish
  34. Crzyboy180

    Current BOLA Bite

    reports may slow a bit.. there is a tournament this weekend
  35. Crzyboy180

    Cabo report

    Ended up with an Amberjack my self and the boat landed pampano, triggers and some blunt headed purple and yellow trigger.. I felt lucky too, it was a slow day
  36. Crzyboy180

    Cabo report

    THanks for the report, going out on friday.
  37. Crzyboy180

    Green water dampens action

    I wonder how things will be for this weekend in San Jose... looks like things are shaping up
  38. Crzyboy180

    Check out this Bass

    looks like it was woonded and its scared over
  39. Crzyboy180


    is he still charging the same rates?
  40. Crzyboy180

    BOLA Report 06/20-06/25

    Great reporting.. thanks
  41. Crzyboy180

    San Jose Del Cabo boat recomendations

    He sd he was booked that week, maybe some cancels.
  42. Crzyboy180

    San Jose Del Cabo boat recomendations

    I hit him up on Facebook, sorry
  43. Crzyboy180

    My trip from HELL to bola & back

    Lo Q el dice (What he said)
  44. Crzyboy180

    L a bay tournament

    There is the state sponsered tournament tour... on july 22nd. Ill be there for that
  45. Crzyboy180

    In Cabo July 3-11 - Anyone want to fish, open to BD amigos there...lets talk

    Remember we got plans on the Friday the 7th out of Cabo...
  46. Crzyboy180

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Driving Baja at night has always been a No NO in my family, but this does go back to the late 80s in my house where we drove a huge VAN and towed a boat all the way to Mulege/Bahia Concepxion on the smallest 2 lane road ever. Thinking back on it today, the road to BOLA is not as bad anymore...
  47. Crzyboy180

    La Jolla........6/13

    Nice catch I fried up some whole rock fish and had a tiny pencil cuda in there.. after all was sd and done, the family prefered the cuda. (it was more moist) Of course it was bled and iced right away
  48. Crzyboy180

    bola is like a drug, you'll be hooked for life

    Shhhh.. dont tell anyone,,,,
  49. Crzyboy180

    Cd Obregon/Bacum Pesca en Canales

    Regresare en Octubre
  50. Crzyboy180

    Popotla Pesca Deportiva

    Orale,, gracias por la informacion, al parecer el es el unico
  51. Crzyboy180

    Fished Bay of LA June 4th and 5th

    Nice to no Veneno is still going Thanks for the report, sounds like you had an epic day Cant wait till next month...
  52. Crzyboy180

    July 4th weekend?

    Ill be in CABO,..
  53. Crzyboy180

    Hi there its Joe I asked about Cabo fishing ... I booked thru Jessica on the panga..and i needed...

    Hi there its Joe I asked about Cabo fishing ... I booked thru Jessica on the panga..and i needed 4 people so he offered a larger panga.. that made me think that they may have multiple boats and captains there??? do you know?? If so who is the better capts at Jessica,, specificlay the 28 footer...
  54. Crzyboy180

    Confused in Ensenada 06/04/2017

    Went out with Punta Banda Sportfishing again with Oskar as the Cap. We were optimistic, as the Saturday report were good with school size yellows inside the Island. Cruised out of Campo La Jolla around 7am, no bait in the area so we just tied on Irons and went our way. maybe 15 min in.. we saw...
  55. Crzyboy180

    5/31 LJ report

    Whats wrong old timers... not ready for change?? The Florida guys have been on spinners for years as well as Australia/New Zealand. Big fish on spinners, its like a thresher from a kayak...
  56. Crzyboy180

    Memorable Memorial Day...2017

    I would have liked to catch one,, I have yet to catch a legal flatty in SD bay... have really but my mind to it either. Willing to pitch in for bait and gas if there is anyone willing. Anyway, great catch
  57. Crzyboy180

    San Jose Del Cabo boat recomendations

    Yes, I will be spending weekends at San Jose with the extended fam, and during the week my little fam will stay in Cabo. I was explorring my options, thank for looking out
  58. Crzyboy180

    San Jose Del Cabo boat recomendations

    Thanks for the suggestions.. Just reserved a Panga with Jessica Sportfishing
  59. Crzyboy180

    toro hookup

    Did you take your own gear down on the flight?
  60. Crzyboy180

    In Cabo July 3-11 - Anyone want to fish, open to BD amigos there...lets talk

    Im gonna be visiting family in San Jose the weekend of july 1st and the weekend of july 8th, in between ill be at a hotel in Cabo San Lucas. I got a 14 year old boy but can fish solo. My plan is to hit up the surf fishing scene in the mornings while the wife and kid wake up,, they always wake...
  61. Crzyboy180

    San Jose Del Cabo boat recomendations

    I will be there visiting family in San Jose del Cabo the week of 4th of July. Looking for recent recommendations and experiences with boats and Pangas, I may fish solo a day so a Panga would be ideal. but I may also take the kids out on a cruiser. What are the rates looking like these days out...
  62. Crzyboy180

    Cabo San Lucas Help/Guidance

    any newer recomedations
  63. Crzyboy180

    Cabo Panga recomendation

    any others??
  64. Crzyboy180

    Cd Obregon/Bacum Pesca en Canales

    Voy a una boda esta fin, y siempre he tenido curiosidad si ay pez en los canales, me imajino tilapia, carpa o bagres. Alguien de aqui va pescar los canales el dominigo por la manana, y me le puedo pegar un rato. Aviseme por este medio
  65. Crzyboy180

    Ensenada (La Bufadora)

    I did Punda Banda Sportfishing out of Campo 7 a few weeks ago guy drives a solid boat
  66. Crzyboy180

    Who do I have to kill for a couple of Avet decals?

    Im currently in this race.. but for Shimano.. no response. This was my first try to look outside of shimano and it looks like its the same. You would think the free advertising would be incentive enough
  67. Crzyboy180

    Bola roll call for this summer

    July 20-22 stayin at Guillermos Place fishing with Fernando
  68. Crzyboy180

    Popotla Pesca Deportiva

    Alguin sabe en cuanto andan las pangas para pesca deportiva saliendo de Popotla?
  69. Crzyboy180

    Gonzaga Bay, Alfonsinas 04/8 and 04/9

    Wife not into fishing that much,, and that tony reyes trip never really peaked my interesest.. I do LA Bay a few times a year, do the panga thing with my son or with the guys. This was the wifes Idea, so I was like, lets go
  70. Crzyboy180

    Gonzaga Bay, Alfonsinas 04/8 and 04/9

    the comparison to San Felipe is exactly the impression that I got.. alot of local Baja plates and some Arizona... you dont see that deeper south.. I just hope the road doesnt reach Bahia Los Angeles
  71. Crzyboy180

    Gonzaga Bay, Alfonsinas 04/8 and 04/9

    Yes, but the bro inlaw lives in TJ
  72. Crzyboy180

    Gonzaga Bay, Alfonsinas 04/8 and 04/9

    Drove after work Friday from San Ysidro to TJ to Mexicali to San Felipe,,, first time past that to get to Bahia Gonzaga, getting there at 2am.. Saturday shore fished right in front of the hotel for nothing.. only fished drop shot, that got killed probably by puffers, and an old Kastmaster and...
  73. Crzyboy180

    1st Gonzaga Trip, Suggestions Please

    Looks like the wife pulled it off, so we are driving there tonight. Staying at Alfonsina in White Tacoma, if you got fish stories say HI
  74. Crzyboy180

    1st Gonzaga Trip, Suggestions Please

    What part of the bay is Papa Fernandez.. are there signs posted to follow?
  75. Crzyboy180

    1st Gonzaga Trip, Suggestions Please

    Buanas Tardes, I may be going to Bahia San Luis Gonzaga next week. Its my first time there and I will be without a boat, How is the shore fishing from there? The far south of the bay looks good from the Satelite pix, any suggestions on where to walk or mild offroad?? Any suggestions on where to...
  76. Crzyboy180

    2 Piece Spinning Blank, Custom?

    THANKS,for all the responses.. looks expensive, 300 just for the blank plus all the parts and labor,, soundl ike im looking at 500!!?!?!??! ouch
  77. Crzyboy180

    2 Piece Spinning Blank, Custom?

    Is there such a thing as a 2 piece custom blank for a spinning rod? If so, what are the better brands?? Price ranges?? and where? Thanks for the heads up!
  78. Crzyboy180

    headed to bola in June

    Duct tape and Electrical tape
  79. Crzyboy180

    Last nights Lobster for 10/6 trip.

    What chum did you use for the Macs
  80. Crzyboy180

    Lack of lobster reports

    Did Shelter Island Pier, nothing pulled all night but some tiny crabs and seals took all our bait.
  81. Crzyboy180

    Solid Yellowtail Action La Salina

    Not surprised to find you here!
  82. Crzyboy180

    BOLA Hotel Reccomendation

    Guillermos.. a Baja Classic. Right on the beach between the 2 launch ramps... has Pangas and A fully stocked bar and the beachside patio. Wouldnt stay anywwere else. Ask for Liz she speaks perfect inglish
  83. Crzyboy180


    Cost of that Panga rental?
  84. Crzyboy180

    BOLA next week 7/29 what to bring?

    Drinkin at Guillermos Wednesday night and Friday night.. fishing inbetween out of Guillermos
  85. Crzyboy180

    BOLA July 18/19

    Going next week again.. glad to see the fish are still going strong.
  86. Crzyboy180

    FISHED POPOTLA 7/14/16

    Did you try to go to the rockpile... its almost exacty due west from there. I was thinking of heading out for yellows?
  87. Crzyboy180

    Fair tip

    I just went to Bola, caught bunch of yellows,cap did well with my son...$50 tip Same boat was my cousin, got his personal best white seabass... $140 tip 2 years ago at cancun, got my personal best Wahoo...$100 tip Tip what you can Joe
  88. Crzyboy180

    You know the fishing sucks in SD when...

  89. Crzyboy180

    Girlfriend's first everything. WO 'cuda off IB

    blead and ice, thats the key. Thats gals a keeper if she is willing to fish with ya, congrats on both catches!
  90. Crzyboy180

    great fishing in san quintin!!

    My brother and his buddies just got back, very Happy! YFT offshore, these guys WILL get you on fish. Lastima, q no pude ir! Felicidades en la Portada! Joe-Pepe
  91. Crzyboy180

    by garciaspanagas fishing report!!

    Ya era hora:Death_To_Above:
  92. Crzyboy180

    Peyton manning and seabass

    LMAO Dude I meant the dude fishing. but that was funny.
  93. Crzyboy180

    San Quintin 7/17-7/20

    Asi se hace, compa! Awsome trip and even better reporting. Keep'm coming.
  94. Crzyboy180

    Peyton manning and seabass

    This post is kinda worthless without pics!
  95. Crzyboy180

    West of SD Thursday

    After being boatless for about 2yrs. My "little" 21 yr old cousin got himself a nice little 21ft trophy. It will be our first offshore trip on his boat, gonna play with the Garmin see if I can input some waypoints on it(100+ page manual??). The plan is to leave early and head west from the...
  96. Crzyboy180

    Wide Open Cuda!

    Davies? is this Up north long beach area?
  97. Crzyboy180

    garciaspangas 01-jun-09

    Ya mero estalla!! Estamos al pendiente a los reportes compitas, gracias. Joe (Pepe)
  98. Crzyboy180

    San Quintins first paddy yellowtail.

    Qonda dude! Bienvenido a Bloodydecks. Ya va empezando la temporada!! Haber si va la familia otra ves. De seguro vamos mi hermano y yo, haber si ahora me toca contigo de capitan. Gusto conocer tu family en el Walmart hace unos meses. Sigue nos manteniendo informados aqui. We'll be looking out...
  99. Crzyboy180

    Bonito hit the pier

    I tried to launch there once... wasnt happenin for me anyway! Great job!! Joe
  100. Crzyboy180

    10-13 PL Bonito

    i got into 'm last friday, WTG
  101. Crzyboy180

    Day of The Oceanside Bass

    i thought even that was still against the regs??
  102. Crzyboy180

    Offshore Albies at 26/40

    Quick someone start typing something up!! Welcome!
  103. Crzyboy180

    Offshore Wide open Dana dodos 8/16/2008

    Nice, I only had dorado action like that in Baja. Two days back to back, in Loreto, my avatar pic is from that trip. Crzy how they are so close to SD. Joe
  104. Crzyboy180

    Upper 9 and La Jolla Kelp

    Nice mixed bag, congrat on the new member.
  105. Crzyboy180

    8-17 - 14 & 267 Report

    Thats a nice first post, thanks for sharin. There is alot to learn from this crzy bunch!
  106. Crzyboy180

    Kayak Thresher and Yellowtail

    Nice! Way to go on that T. Joe
  107. Crzyboy180

    Beat Da Heat An Surf Fished

    Ya me too (what did you use), I went out today too, to beat the heat but I left the rods in the car having to much fun with the 6 yr old in the surf(dug up a few sandcrabs I wanted to use later), he did want to fish but we were too tired, wants to go back next week just to fish. Any tips for...
  108. Crzyboy180

    Sat.03/01 Otay/Sweetwater

    Went to Otay in the AM with my brother, but not much action, zero. Went home for food and picked up my son. Hit up Sweetwater throwing spinners from 1p-3p, only hookup was my son, 2 lbs female. He wanted to keep it, so we did, but at home I showed him she was full of eggs, so he decided to let...
  109. Crzyboy180

    Saltwater bassin using jigs and spinnerbaits seminar

    Sound like somethin I shouldnt miss. I like to throw swim baits but have been wanting to try these for some time now. This sound like the time to go learn from the wise. Joe
  110. Crzyboy180

    San Diego Bay help

  111. Crzyboy180

    Bugs at OB

    I tried the area around the diner for nothing a few days ago. Were you at the end of the pier or in shallows?? I might try it again this midweek. Joe
  112. Crzyboy180

    Hoopin The Mole...Cat. Isl. 10/4...w/pics and vids

    OH man, Im bustin a gut its so funny. The discovery channel comment style, classic. Joe
  113. Crzyboy180

    Nothing but Shorts 10/02

    I was out there with my son and brother on the pier Saw you guys out there, it was zero for us and most of the peir too. I only saw one legal on the walk back to the car. Joe
  114. Crzyboy180

    Kayak 4 Sale Malibu Extreme

    Might be the wrong place, but it is a kayak discussion. My cousins didnt really get into the sport and I wasnt impressed with it enough to get it from him so he wants me to get rid of it. Pics and info on c-list. Malibu Extreme Kayak Contact me here if you wish to. It has everything you...
  115. Crzyboy180

    Offshore BAD DOG'S BLUE MARLIN + 6 YFT w/pics

    WOW this thing still goin!!! CRZY NO comment here, just making my showing. Joe
  116. Crzyboy180

    K&M OFFSHORE, San Quintin

    Awsome reporte compas! Mis jefes y mis hermanos van este fin, lets see if they have as good a time as you guys did. I gotta stay with the wife, q mala onda. Jose
  117. Crzyboy180

    Mulege 7/26 - 8/1

    Man I love it down there. Thanks for sharing. Joe
  118. Crzyboy180

    Seiner cleans out Todos Santos Bay Today

    We went out of Gordo's on the Linda and had a bad day. Even the bottom fishing sucked. The deckhands were saying that the week before there was alot of yellows but that the net boat did its thing. Sucks for all. Joe
  119. Crzyboy180


    Doesnt the link above resume, after all was said and done, that it was a baskin shark?? Joe Did I mention Japaneese chicks are Hot!
  120. Crzyboy180


    Nice report and even cooler pictures!!Thanks for sharing, I cant wait to get back down there. Loreto is one of my favorite stops in Baja. Joe PS Japaneese chicks are hot!!
  121. Crzyboy180

    Islands 5/27.....

    Oh yeah!! Forgot about that. Bummer. Joe
  122. Crzyboy180

    Nados 29th Yellows are yummy

    Orale dude!! Nice yellows!!
  123. Crzyboy180

    Islands 5/27.....

    Why not???
  124. Crzyboy180

    WCW Kick Off

    Coolness, sound like Im in then... Ill hit up OEX tmrw. Thnks for the info. Joe
  125. Crzyboy180

    Gone to Baja trip report May 11-13. Finger on the trigger....

    Man I love these style reports. I take minivacations at my desk here at work. Thank you!! Joe
  126. Crzyboy180

    5/14 MIA Yozuri

    It least you got out there and pulled on some fish. Thats a great day. Joe
  127. Crzyboy180

    WCW Kick Off

    What if you catch 2 decent fish early in the month, say YT and then a bigger model late month. How will that work?? I like to post the day after fishing, do I have to wait to post till the end of the month?? Thanks for the info. Joe
  128. Crzyboy180

    WCW Kick Off

    Question guys, is there some sort of limit on how many fish you submit per month??
  129. Crzyboy180

    Point Loma inside the Kelp 5-13-07

    Hangover fisherman are crzy, I dont know how you guys do it.
  130. Crzyboy180

    Mo Betta "T" 5-11-07

    Awsome dude, simply awsome! Solo marlin and now solo shark, you are the man. Joe
  131. Crzyboy180

    LORETO 4/25 - 5/7

    WOW, I love this report, it reminds me of our trip. Same thing as your report. Wide Open!! (Actually my avatar is from that trip)Im glad to see its still going off over there, I love Loreto and cant wait to get back. Great report and awsome pics!!! Joe
  132. Crzyboy180

    LJ 5/6

    Yeah, the pig yellow not the pig Joe.:oinker: I really need to lose a few. Joe
  133. Crzyboy180

    LJ 5-6-07

    Did you get a weight on that?? Mine was about that big, but I never put it on a scale. Joe
  134. Crzyboy180

    LJ 5/6

    Yeah, thanks for the clarification there.:D Joe
  135. Crzyboy180

    SD Bay 5/6

    I wouldnt mind those "lost rod" fish. I loose a rod everytime its a trophy fish. Joe
  136. Crzyboy180

    LJ 5/6

    La Jolla 05/07/2007 Well seems like every time I take a new guy out and loose a rod, something good seems to happen. Well my cousin Omar is a crzy fisherman that throws a lure in any puddle of water her can find. I finally got him to get a kayak about a month ago and he’s been begging me to...
  137. Crzyboy180

    Hully rollers and mako saddles

    Im actually selling 2 sets of Mako Paddles (4). I got them used but I dont like the way they work on my rack and with my yak. How does $50 sound?? Joe
  138. Crzyboy180

    Cabo or PV

    PV, Cabo is not what it once was, so I here. Joe
  139. Crzyboy180

    La Jolla 4/28

    There's that lure again!
  140. Crzyboy180

    Rock pile off the chart!FULL SACKS!!!!!

    This is great news!!! I pulled on some nice bonies in Ensenada last week, but sure would like to pull on some yellows. Joe
  141. Crzyboy180

    East Cape trailer-boating 4/13-16 and questions

    I would love to check out the pics after a nice report. Joe
  142. Crzyboy180

    Punta Banda

    Went out of La Jolla Campsite in extremly low tide. Launching and landing was a real pain, but anyway. My cousin was testin out a bayliner he just picked up. We were only on the water for few hours, it was really choppy at the tip(Banda). Trolled rapalas in green and picked up 2 nice...
  143. Crzyboy180

    Lajolla Blows Up!! today!

    I had read it on the kayak sites so its all good. Congrats on the tail. Joe
  144. Crzyboy180

    Swing and a miss on Mr. T today..4/14

    I was trolling for yaks off my yak once. Just ran into this. Actually I was on the weigh boat for kayak tournament, I helped a guy back onto his kayak, dude lost over a grand worth of gear.OUCH! Joe
  145. Crzyboy180

    San Quintin 4/1/07

    Yeah that soup is awsome! Really hard to find, since its still banned or something, but I remember we used to stop there on our way to Mulege as kids.
  146. Crzyboy180

    So today I learned.....

    Frank, nice to see your on a yak now, HIT me up next time you go out. Joe
  147. Crzyboy180

    vintage baja

    Thanks for sharing, I grew up going to Mulege and Bahia Concepcion every year. Those pictures are way cool. Joe
  148. Crzyboy180

    We quit pulling on them at 0900 Tuesday

    Being Mexican raised in Chula Vista with family in TJ, and now myself living in TJ.... These type of threads always trip me out. There are the guys that want to be all by the book, afraid to go down cause something bad is gonna happen. And then there are the others guys that know how it is...
  149. Crzyboy180

    Reality check for kayakers

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: As I was reading all these wussies, I was thinking the exact same thing :rofl: :rofl:
  150. Crzyboy180

    Not a bad way to start 2007!

    Man, you guys rock! I need to dust of the old kayak and get back to it!! Congrats fellas!!! Joe
  151. Crzyboy180

    Humbolt squid are back and are wfo

    Wow man, never had calamari any where??? its good. Granted I've never prepared the ones I caught at Bahia Los Angeles, had the local guy do it, but it was awsome. Tastes great!
  152. Crzyboy180

    8/21 9M Patty Hopper

    Not worth reporting as all of you already know, water was cold!! Rough conditions out there didnt help, couldnt spot a single patty, and the islands. DRY not even a bonie. Had to come into the bay to get the skunk off the boat. Day late.... I guess. Joe
  153. Crzyboy180

    8/21 9M Patty Hopper

    Havent posted in a while, but I have gone out to the islands and hooked up on some yellows. I finally got a day off at work on Monday and will try for some Dorado on the patties, will be a first on this side of BAJA, hope the water hasnt cooled off too much. Ill be on 72 -crzyboy joe if anyone...
  154. Crzyboy180

    Offshore 7-24 302/230

    Nice to see you still putting fish on the boat!!! Congrats.
  155. Crzyboy180

    Bring the old Classifieds back...

    Yeah, what the hell happened to that!! Thats what makes Bloodydeck differ from the others!!
  156. Crzyboy180

    YT and DODOS 17 mi off Oside 7/19

    Awsome, congrats, I cant wait to see my son do that. Joe
  157. Crzyboy180

    Ran for Cover @ the Nados 7/22

    NICE way to save the day. Im glad to see the island bite is still there. Congrats.
  158. Crzyboy180

    WO Bonita Point Loma/6mi. Bank

    Thanks for the report. Taking the family out local for the holiday and some bonita action would be great.
  159. Crzyboy180

    SD Bay 1/30

    Cory, Your absolutly right on the money, I just wanted to get out and enjoy a day on the water! Squid V, I've read about it here all the time, just never experienced it myself. I was fine after around 9am. Joe
  160. Crzyboy180

    SD Bay 1/30

    Went out at about 6.30 with 3 of my cousins. I was thinking/hoping they would be late cause I had a few too many beers the night before but they were right on time. Anyway launched at 6.30 SI beautiful weather. They dropped me off and hit up Jack in the box for Bfast so I rigged up for a...
  161. Crzyboy180

    Sunday 1/30 LJ or SDBAY

    Finally the family klamath is back in action. Plan on heading out with my cousin, my 2.5 yo son and my DAD. I want to do La Jolla and then head back in the bay for some afternoon Sandies. Will probably launch at SI. Its been so long I will settle for any action, so bonies hear we come but...
  162. Crzyboy180

    Happy B-DAY, ICEMAN...

    You a old wise man!!
  163. Crzyboy180

    11/17 La Jolla, that 'll do...pig

    Iceman, Why you holdin out on us!! My daily forum surfing has been kinda dry lately, I'm goin thru withdraw. And now you waive this in our faces! Joe
  164. Crzyboy180

    Help! Cracked Hull in the Tin Klamath

    Talked to the old man and he really want to have it welded. I told him you about the guy in East Count and he says its kinda far. He want to have it done in the South Bay and told me get on here and ask for a south bay welder. So here I am, who can I contact in the South Bay? Joe
  165. Crzyboy180

    Barn kelp 11/11

    The key is ICE!! Really make the meat firm. I also thought it was pretty bad, but its actually pretty tasty if its blead right away and iced down. 2c Joe
  166. Crzyboy180

    11/7 40#+ Cardiff halibut!

    On a kayak no less.
  167. Crzyboy180

    Help! Cracked Hull in the Tin Klamath

    Thanks for the info guys. Frank, I want to go (wife, son & me)but Im not sure if the rest of my family is gonna go. And since they tow the boat... Im not sure what the plan is yet. But I know I want to plan something. I'll let you know if something develops. Joe
  168. Crzyboy180

    Help! Cracked Hull in the Tin Klamath

    Need some help guys. We were doin some end of season cleaning on the boat when we found a 3-4 inch crack in the hull. Thinkin back, I did have an run in with the rocks when a buddy shot me off the trailer and I wasn’t ready. Anyway I need a quality repair on that crack. Any suggestion???? I'd...
  169. Crzyboy180

    10/23 SD Bay Tourney

    Well, congrats first off to Ice for being one of the luckiest guys I know. He was just walking up there for all the great prizes. I just want to add that the raffle was killer!! I got a 50 Doller gift certificate to Dana Landing. Awsome food too, worth the entry fee alone. Cant beat the all...
  170. Crzyboy180

    10-24 lj kelp -offshore

    Dude, sorry to hear a BD bail on you.. but man that is a killer pix!
  171. Crzyboy180

    Sat Kayak SD Bay 10/16

    Them???Who's them??? (oh the bass, Yeah)Im keeping that "magic" all to myself, at least till after the Plastic Navy Kayak Fishing Classic III. Made me think of why your the "Bass Slayer", cause this weekend I was slayin'm! I hope you do well at the tourny Chris!! Joe
  172. Crzyboy180

    Sat Kayak SD Bay 10/16

    Sorry late report but no PC at the pad. Anyway Ill make it short. 2 hours of non stop actions 13 Sandies 3 Spoties Got there about 7.30 AM paddled from the Pier to and drifted with the current. One after another, it was the best day I've ever had in the bay. met a couple guys also...
  173. Crzyboy180

    La Jolla 9/23 (yakfishin)

    Yo Doc, And Johnny B, Im gonna hit up the nine like a mad man and run towards the 302. I here 10lbs Yellowfin are in the area. I gotta give it a shot. You guys gonna be out there, if so where you planning on droppin the lines?? Joe
  174. Crzyboy180

    important information about Hotel Serenidad

    Thats just it, that is the "true culture". Thats the way things are and will be. Ive grown up on both sides of the border and I have a mixed feeling about things. You get connected to powerfull people but its all in how you use those connection. My uncle was a cop, and he played both sides...
  175. Crzyboy180

    La Jolla 9/23 (yakfishin)

    Whats up surfdoc, like Shelly says, its yellow dude!(See above photo) and I was out on Thursday!! I hope to be out this Sat 10/2(but on the Klamath), Ill be hitting the nine for anything that will hit the lures. Hope to see some BD's out there. Joe
  176. Crzyboy180

    La Jolla 9/23 (yakfishin)

    Thanks guys for the informative replies. Johnny I was wondering if I'd see ya out there. Anyway hope to get out there on Sat. Maybe I'll see ya then. Joe
  177. Crzyboy180

    La Jolla 9/23 (yakfishin)

    Launched at 6:30 paddled out to make bait. Met up with the Tandem Assasin as his bro was hooked up with a yellowtail. Talked a bit while I made 6 baits and decided to take off. The plan was to flyline one rod and fish a kroc with the second. Went to the NW corner and started fishing. On my...
  178. Crzyboy180

    2 Ho's avail Sat. 9/25

    My buddy Tony is coming down from Vegas this weekend. We usually fish together either his boston or my klamath, but with little success recently. So he wants to see if we can HO with someone of more experiance, for the offshore tuna hunt. We got mexi permits in order, cash for gas, ice, beer...
  179. Crzyboy180

    Thursday Islands????

    Canceled. Im here at work.
  180. Crzyboy180

    Thursday Islands????

    Yeah, I saw some of those reports too, but I was kinda looking for suggestion in the SD Area. But thanks for the input. Joe
  181. Crzyboy180

    Thursday Islands????

    Im heading out Thursday provided the weather cooperates, but the reports the last few days have been kinda slim. Any suggestions where the bit might be and who's gonna be out there?? Joe
  182. Crzyboy180

    My First Marlin 9-11-04

    Awsome fish, Thanks for goin out there and showin that chick can pull on big fish too. I need to go show this to my Joe
  183. Crzyboy180

    YT/YFT/Dorado 9/9 Only 14 miles out

    Great dodo's there. WTG Joe
  184. Crzyboy180


    Ive fished in the kayak with Jeff before, good guys Joe
  185. Crzyboy180

    spooling machine

    I've fished with Jeff on the kayak and he's a good guy, he had this for sale. Joe
  186. Crzyboy180

    How fast do you troll??

    I figured it was a type of initiation to the board. Cool deal. Thats why I like this forum, alot more laid back!
  187. Crzyboy180

    How fast do you troll??

    Thanks for the input guys. Now about that avatar, How the hell did it get on my profile??? :mad: Joe
  188. Crzyboy180

    How fast do you troll??

    Im gonna be slow trolling for yellows at the islands and I got a pretty slow troll down, but how bout feathers?? How fast do you guys set up your trolls both fast and slow?? Any input is awsome. Joe
  189. Crzyboy180

    Local waters Friday and Saturday!

    Ill be out Saturday also, guys! Ill monitor 72. Our plan, weather permiting, is the nados till noon. then offshore patties. Hope we all do well. Joe crzyboy
  190. Crzyboy180

    Solo Marlin!!! 8-24

    Dude you rock. WTG on the Marlin
  191. Crzyboy180

    Las Islas de los coronados 8/14

    Chris, Ill give you a holler later. The old man is goin out with my brothers and myself for a PM run. You'll probably be heading in as we head out. Joe
  192. Crzyboy180

    8/1 PL/LJ Kelp Yellows/Barries/Checkerboards

    Like always, good job and getting the deck red. Only bottom taco fillers for us, the guy we went with had no notion of what a slow troll was even tho all around us everyone else hooked up at the nados. Next time you need a ho, hit me up. I should be able to get a weekday off now. Joe
  193. Crzyboy180

    Sunday Coronado I./9mile

    Cool thing, I met you once when I was fishing on the sportin wood with Chris. I hope you do good then, if not Ill see you Sunday. Joe
  194. Crzyboy180

    yellow tail killing 7/28

    Being a yaker it was cool that they had 5 bucks worth and none died on us at all. Until my battry died. Joe
  195. Crzyboy180

    Sunday Coronado I./9mile

    My buddy Tony just moved to Vegas and now has to drive down here to get into some fishing. He called me up and it looks like its on for sunday. I hope its not a parking lot out there, anyway we'll listen to 72 yell out for crzyboy Joe. Joe
  196. Crzyboy180

    Fishing Report w-pics

    Pampano and triggers, what is this a baja report. I didnt know either were avail. here. Joe
  197. Crzyboy180

    short trip 7/17 LJ

    Heck, most of the kayak fisherman are either afried of him or hate his guts.
  198. Crzyboy180

    East Cape Report

    Dude it was nice meeting you, Im glad you got into the fish. Unfortunatly for us it wasnt so great, a few barred pargo and thats it. For us it was all about Loreto. Here's the report and pics if any want to read. Sorry about your digi cam...
  199. Crzyboy180


    Right on at least you got out there. I wish I could get out but Im running around like a chicken with my head cut off getting ready for baja. My wife and I would like to thank you for your hospitality the day I picked up those reals. You have a beautiful home with killer view. Thanks Joe