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  1. jorgepelon


    Lopez Mateo is much closer to the ridge and a much smaller town than PSC. Not too many LM locals taking clients out to the ridge to fish and I doubt you will find anyone to do it for $400 unless you find a panga that will take you out. I have looked there and had no luck but things change so...
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    Wahoo as of yesterday are a no show in PSC and in LM same as of last week. Lots of dorado, small yft , sierra and the usual reef and mangrove fish too. I have fished with Jorge many times and he still skippers my panga. He is as local as they come, speaks good English and his wife is a super...
  3. jorgepelon

    Ensenada Charter Recommendations

    Another vote for Charro. That "kid" has been fishing the area since the 80's getting his start while a teenage working for his uncle. By the mid 90s he was the best captain in the bay. He still is. He loves to fish.
  4. jorgepelon

    Inshore Sometimes Inshore Birdschools aren't only Bones & Cuda

    Old school, class is in session, break out the Tady 45. Absolutely awesome. Ironman!
  5. jorgepelon

    Offshore Putting in the time for BFT

    Thanks for the report Doghouse26. Anyone who has been fishing on a Blackman as long as you have is sure to have valuable information to report. You did not disappoint. Next time. As we all know, you indeed have to put in time for BFT and sometimes getting lucky is nice too. Next time!
  6. jorgepelon

    Sentri processing time

    I used this app: It mines all the data on appointments in all the interview locations. If a cancelation occurs you are notified, depending on the search parameters you establish. Since we live close to border we plugged in Otay. My original appointment was 7...
  7. jorgepelon

    Loreto Hotels

    Know both quite well. If you are going with a gal, highly recommend the Misión. If you are going with the guys, the Oasis. 3 stars vs 1.5 stars. :-)
  8. jorgepelon

    BOLA internet down?

    Just came back from down south and fished with Papa Joel one day to break up the drive north. He is not exactly an email kinda guy but does use his cell. Try calling or texting him at Six46-1two4-0three09. The dates you posted are the infamous week of Semana Santa. It is a unique week in...
  9. jorgepelon

    Mag Bay latest report

    How is the delagado going to make any money if you do not take down at least one wire? Stay healthy.
  10. jorgepelon

    Mag Bay Update

    Pepe Beto and i, with the dope from Don Gabino, found the biggest marlin feeding frenzy yet and we fished that bite a couple weeks ago too. WFO on stripers feeding on mackeral bait balls. Don Gabino had a La Paz based film crew out there and they got awesome footage of the striped marlin...
  11. jorgepelon

    1991 Ocean yachts 29 Diesel

    Still for sale?? Called, message left, text sent. Standing by......
  12. jorgepelon

    Offshore SC basin bouy and pts SE of there Sat 11/18

    Left DP bait dock at dawn. Foggy but it blew out and up right after sunrise. We ran to the 118/33 cross at 20 kts in nice seas. From there we worked south and east. Conditions were freshening a bit but very tolerable. Two weeks ago we got 5 yft up the line a ways and we were hoping to score...
  13. jorgepelon

    SOLD>>>Sancha has to go...Clean Seacraft 25

    A beautiful boat and she is priced so right. Potter Seacrafts are classics. GLWS
  14. jorgepelon

    1984 Phoenix Convertible w/ twin 240hp Yanmar 4LHA-STP $44,900.00

    Only outdrive boats in consideration are Blackman Express or pilothouse, Anderson or a Radon with the latter two makes much preferred. No flybridges. Really prefer cash or good farm equipment. After the first of the year will post some pics and numbers as requested.
  15. jorgepelon

    1984 Phoenix Convertible w/ twin 240hp Yanmar 4LHA-STP $44,900.00

    This boat rides great, gets very good mileage and catches fish. The 29 ft Phoenix is a great West Coast fishing boat. The mechanical Yanmar 4LHA-STP are 240 hp per side and have roughly 1800 hours on them. These engines are great power plants, as good as any Deere or International diesels we...
  16. jorgepelon

    Sold, Moderator please delete post, Thanks Bloodydecks!!!

    Bump for the Seller. Phoenix 29s make sweet West Coast fishing rigs.
  17. jorgepelon

    K&M San Quintin Feb 5 "Rockcod"

    El Pajarito se parece su papa. Thought I was looking at you Kelly when I saw that picture. Nice fish report, would love to stock the freezer soon. Saludos.
  18. jorgepelon

    Rancho Leonero

    We fished there last week, same results excepting we caught nice tuna way down south. We had tuna limits by 10 am and fished outside the rest of the day but only scratched a few sailfish and smallish dorado, no marlin. Are beef burritos back on the menu? :rofl:
  19. jorgepelon

    To shock or not to shock ?

    Basically they are not teaching tools, they are reminders. My Labrador Retriever (they are black haha ), doesn't need one upland but does in the blind. My Brittany needs one just about everywhere, even if I hardly ever turn it on. Just having it around her neck makes her not stupid. I...
  20. jorgepelon

    Anyone been to BoLA lately???

    I just came back from down south and stopped in Bay of LA to visit friends. It has been mostly very windy and as reported the bite is north at the usual spots and smallish. Electricity is hooked up in town proper but stops short of Larry and Raquels and Daggets places. Of course, the...
  21. jorgepelon

    North Dakota Fall Report

    Still here and the hunting keeps getting better. We don't kill too many birds these days, the freezer is full of smoked delights and watching the fall show is reward enough. We hunt every day, fine tune the dogs, mine are still young and get better every day. Walking CPR and bustin birds or...
  22. jorgepelon

    North Dakota Fall Report

    Limit is 3 roosters per day. Posession limit is 12. I haven't shot a triple yet on a single flush/bust out but a double is common. Time to break out the 20 guage. Yes, deer are thick too for the same reasons the pheasant are and that season opens in mid November. There will still be plenty of...
  23. jorgepelon

    North Dakota Fall Report

    Season is on and the state is full of pheasants due mostly to a string of mild winters and a little to plentiful CRP acerage and of course the crop farmers who feed the birds. Limit shooting is easy and the damp weather is holding the birds tight and making the dogs look good. Waterfowl...
  24. jorgepelon

    K&M OFFSHORE, San Quintin

    Pues, parece que esta Kelly, hijo de George, un buen chef, pues, Kelly is a waterman. ¡NIce frigin report Kelly! Que tengo tanto imbidios huey! JAJA!
  25. jorgepelon

    Late season pheasants

    No dogs this trip. The drifts were deep and we were afraid of injuries to the dogs. And we didn't need dogs as the birds were really holding and the wounded ones couldn't run away through the powder. It only got down to 4 below, with no wind, so chilly it was but quite bearable.
  26. jorgepelon

    Late season pheasants

    Flew into North Dakota Dec 30, and came back to So Cal Jan. 5. Season closed Jan7. Hunted the farmstead and surrounding lands for limits of rooties daily. The 16" of fresh powder which fell that Saturday night kept the roosters tight and kept the winged boys from running away. Late...
  27. jorgepelon


    Nice report and good job Bill. Pesky dorado all season and now pesky sailfish. Loreto is a world class sailfish spot.
  28. jorgepelon

    bahia de los angeles

    Rafa de man!