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  1. BullFrogVI

    Port of San Diego COVID Facts FYI

  2. BullFrogVI


    Sorry for late report:) Where to go for facts: Port of San Diego; Click COVID-19: The Port of San Diego; Scroll down to FAQ. BullFrog Summary: On 3/4/2020 Gov Newsom passed various State laws pertaining to COVID-19 and inter-alia, granted local agencies, i.e., Port of San Diego, and other...
  3. BullFrogVI

    6yr Old "Made my Cooped up Day"

  4. BullFrogVI

    Messaged the Governor to Ease Fishing restrictions for 1-2 people in private boats after his speech the other day...

    If I hear anything back from Gov Newsom, will let you guys know - if not maybe we could all chip in to this 6year old's college fund to plead our case (for all of us)...she does a "knockout" argument to go to the "pub." Got a hunch she is a "chip off ole Hardcore's block.:)
  5. BullFrogVI


    Finally got out after months of surviving "getting old" medical issues. Bait at SD Bay was great (those guys always give me a little xtra). Zoomed Westward but could not find a paddy or any working birds. Hit the Nine (S) for NADA; turned left short of the 226 and set out to the 302. Just...
  6. BullFrogVI

    Offshore QUALITY REDS - CORONADO IS. 4-23-2018

    My son and I went to South side of Middle grounds looking for YT, birds, any signs - NADA. Water cold, dirty, foam everywhere, hard to troll ... kept getting kelp hookups trolling North side of N. Is. - so decided to try new 3D 4" Red Crayfish that really resemble the Red Tuna Crabs. Put 3 on...
  7. BullFrogVI

    REDUCED $100 - OBO -HUMMINBIRD Matrix 67 GPS Fishfinder/TRACKPLOTTER System with Transducer

    Black & White Matrix 67 Fishing System ships with a 200/83 kHz DualBeam PLUS sonar system w/ a wide (60degree) area of coverage. DualBeam PLUS sonar returns can be blended together, viewed separately or compared side by side. GPS is a satellite navigation system designed and maintained by the...
  8. BullFrogVI

    REDUCED $100 - HUMMINBIRD 788ci Combo Sonar/GPS with Transducer & Operations Manual

    640V X 640H, 5" Diagonal, 256 Color TFT Display. Wide 60" DualBeam PLUS Sonar Coverage Internal 50 Channel GPS/WAAS Receiver allows in dash Mounting Dual SD Card slots Savable Pre-Set keys allow one-button view changes Upgraded my electronics to larger screen and package radar dome addition...